Aleu's love part 2

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#2 of Balto's family's love

Here it is, the new, updated, improved version of "Aleu's love 2". Two times bigger, with more context and I think with a better written English language and a new kink, as well as a new more suitable tittle, I hope this new version is going to please you all.

Have a good read ;)

Steele woke up on his bed. He was inside his abandoned home. He didn't left it since three days. He was recovering slowly from the exhausting hot exercise he performed with Aleu, the daughter of his worst enemy. Dreams about him and her were haunting his sleep. He couldn't take her out of his mind. Steele sighed as he got up and walked on the cold floor of the old house. It's true Aleu was pretty. She was beautiful, in fact. She was protective with her family. And she was the best fuck he ever had in all his life. He was falling in love with the gray female wolf. Steele was experiencing feelings he never felt before toward a female. When he looked back at his past, he saw all his life as nothing but a butt-hole. Before Aleu 'raped' him, he was lonely, cruel, desperate... She willingly gave him the best thing he could wish in a female. Steele sure knew he had a lot of good fuck with a lot of female before, and he surely had more than two dozen of cubs everywhere in Alaska, but Aleu was different. She was the first female to take control over him like that. She was the first female who was able to take fully his knot inside her without crying of pain. She was the first female to give him so much fun and pleasure at the same time.

Steele knew he was becoming old. His strength was decreasing, his stamina too. He wasn't anymore the strong powerful dog he was some year ago. He needed to set himself with a mate, to really raise a family. He was too old to keep fighting every dog he crossed. The younger generation took his place in the sled teams. Even the female dogs of Nome felt he was old and used. All the females who wanted to mate with him in the past were now turned toward younger dogs. Steele didn't fucked since a while, before Aleu 'raped' him.

All those thoughts brought back the memory of what she did to him. She willingly fucked him, and she did it with pleasure, with lust, she fucked him hard... He loved to be taken care by a female like she did. She fucked him with so much pleasure, so much wilderness, so much tenderness. Steele began to wonder if she didn't wanted to do it with him since long time ago. Maybe she was attracted by him. In any way now, HE was attracted by her. He wanted her again. Only the thought of him fucking her again made the tip of his cock slide out of his sheath. He grunted wildly. It was bad, she was a wolf. If any dog discover he had fucked a wolf, he would be rejected by all the dogs of Nome again. All the town would want him to stay away.

Steele was now stuck in this situation. If Aleu was in heat, he impregnated her so she would certainly be pregnant with his pups. He would be the father of wolf-dog puppies. He did the mistake he hoped to never do. Aleu would give birth to half-breed. Like Balto is. He remembered that Balto never had any close parents. He just knows he had a wolf as mother and a sled dog as father. A wolf and a sled dog. The story was repeating again. Steele felt shame upon his soul. He remembered what he did to Balto when they were young, what every dogs did to the half-breed.

"No, I can't let that happen to my cubs!" He said out loud. "I must do something. I must protect them." He thought then. "Because... Because I love... I love Aleu."

He was dazed. He really thought it. He was in love with the daughter of his enemy. This time, it was true love, deep into his heart. Aleu took care of him, pleasured him to protect her family. Now, he had to take care of her, to protect her and his future family.

So Steele decided it was time to set himself with the she-wolf of his life. A young, beautiful she-wolf. Maybe she was the daughter of his enemy, but Steele didn't cared anymore. She was the female his heart choose.

Steele left his abandoned house at midday. He headed right to Balto's boat. Aleu was surely there with her father. It was perfect, he needed to speak with Balto too. He was nearing the old boat when he heard Balto's voice on the bridge.

"Stay inside the boat Aleu. You know very well you can't go to the town while your heat, every dog would try to mate with you."

"I know dad, but I must go see someone." Aleu replied.

"Well, tell me the name and I'll bring that someone to you." He said.

"No. It's personal. I can't tell you, you wouldn't understand." She replied.

"So go back into the boat. I'll guard here and I'll make sure no one try to hurt you." Balto replied.

Steele heard Aleu come into the boat, taking the stairs to come in the lower level. He decided to go talk to Balto first. Steele made his way to the bridge of the boat and was welcomed by growls.

"Go away now!!" Balto snarled to the big husky.

But for his big surprises, Steele didn't tried to growl back or attack him. The husky sat in front of him and said:

"Balto, we need to talk."

"I have nothing to talk about with you!" Balto growled.

"Oh yes you have. It's about your daughter, Aleu." Steele said calmly.

"What do you want to her?!"

Steele sighed deeply before replying.

"Your daughter and I... We had an adventure, three days ago."

Balto froze.

"Your daughter... discovered me while I was making plans to take Jenna away from you. She ordered me to stop everything or otherwise... Well, she would tell to everyone that I was gotten excited by her."

"You what?!" Balto asked, a tone of mad wolf inside his throat.

"Aleu... kinda raped me. She forced me into her. And I loved the feeling. I impregnated her, and I never felt the way she made me feel before in my whole life. I'm thinking about it since three days, alone in my shelter. And I found something new inside me. A new feeling for your daughter. I found that I fell in love with your daughter. I fell in love with Aleu, Balto."

"What?! You're kidding, right?" Balto said.

But Steele moved his head to say he wasn't kidding. Balto was shocked.

"Aleu... will surely bear my cubs. And I want to be here to help her, to take care of her, to make her happy. I fell in love with your daughter. And I'll never leave her alone. I want to be her mate. I want to be at her side." Steele said, whining softly as he grew desperate for Balto's agreement.

"I'm gonna kill you." Balto said calmly.

"Dad!" Aleu called coming up the stairs.

She stopped when she saw Steele next to her father.

"... Steele?" She said after some second, surprised to see him here.

The tone in her voice wasn't aggressive. It was in the contrary kind and sweet. She came near the two males and looked right into Steele's eyes.

"What are you doing here, Steele?" She asked peacefully.

"I came to ask you if you would like to become my mate." Steele replied, his eyes were filled with kindness and love.

"Do you... really love me?" Aleu asked, hope in her voice.

"I love you Aleu. You're the first female I feel that way for. I want to be at your side, to help you while your pregnancy, and to see our pups grow happy and safe."

Steele rubbed his head under her muzzle, loving the feeling of her thick warm fur against the fur on his head.

"I love you Aleu, I love you the way you are. I don't care anymore that you are a wolf, a half breed or a dog. I just love you."

"I love you too Steele." She replied, rubbing her muzzle on the thick fur on his neck, behind his head.

Balto looked the two lovers as they hugged.

"So, you think I'm gonna let you two be mate that easily?" He said.

Aleu approached her father and said:

"Dad, I love Steele. I know he made a lot of mistakes in the past, he tortured you... But I know he changed. I want to be his mate. I'm sure he is the good one. Please dad. Please."

Balto sighed deeply. Steele approached him and said:

"I promise I'll take good care of your daughter, Balto. I'll take care of her like my own life. She changed me. She helped me when I needed it the most. I need her and she needs me. I can't let go this opportunity to be really happy one time in my life."

"I'll need to talk with Jenna about this. And I don't think she will like that. But it's the choice of my daughter. If Aleu wants you, I'll help you too." Balto said.

Suddenly, Aleu hugged him.

"Thank you dad! Steele is really the male I want to live with." She said next.

While he was hugging her, Balto looked at Steele.

"If you hurt my daughter, you're so dead." He whispered.

"Don't worry, I'll never try to hurt her." Steele replied.

Aleu finally drew back and snuggled against Steele. The pure-breed husky brushed his tail around hers. But then, his nose caught a thick sweet scent in the air. He quivered slightly, and Aleu felt it. She looked into his eyes. He had that lustful look he had last time they met. She knew exactly what he wanted to do, and she wanted it too.

"Hmm, dad, can you lend me the boat for today and tonight?" She asked, turning her glance toward her father.

Balto looked at her, then Steele, and then back at her.

"Ooh, I see. Well, now I know you're well protected. I can leave you the boat. But you must promise me you'll clean the place before I come back tomorrow."

"I promise you dad." Aleu replied smiling.

"Moreover, I must go see Jenna. Yesterday, she asked me if I wanted to have more heir."

"Ooh, you want to make me some little brother and sister?" She asked happily.

"Well, it could be the idea." He replied.

"So, go fulfill your destiny, Balto." Steele said. "You're the best one for that duty."

"... Okay, well, see you... tomorrow then." Balto replied, feeling awkward.

He left the boat and headed toward the town. Aleu turned toward the stairs, her tail high upon her rear. Her hot lustful scent came right into Steele's nostrils.

"Follow me." She said with lust in her voice.

He immediately obeyed and followed her inside the boat, led by his sex drive.

The two canines arrived into the lower level inside the boat. There was some old pillow here and there, and some old multicolor blanket on the ground. Steele approached Aleu's rear and licked her back with lust. She gasped, surprised, and looked toward him with lust in her eyes.

"You can't wait, uh?" She asked lustfully.

"If you want to wait, I'll wait for you." He replied with kindness in his voice.

She giggled and approached her muzzle from his right ear and whispered:

"Can you do something for me?"

"Everything for you my beauty." He replied.

"Take off your collar."

Steele was dazed. Aleu wanted him to take off the only thing he ever kept from his old life as a sled dog. He wanted her. He wanted to pleasure her. So, he asked:

"Can you help me?"

"Of course." She replied smiling.

Aleu slowly slipped her muzzle against Steele's thick fur from his ear to his throat. With her fangs, she pulled the buckle of leather out of the little iron square, the pressure around Steele's neck disappeared. Aleu pulled the collar away and looked at Steele. He breathed deeply, and then said:

"I feel free."

She snuggled on his chest and cuddled her head into his thick fur. It was soft and warm.

"It's all better that way." She said.

Steele gently licked the big scruff of fur upon her neck. He loved her so much, his heart could explode of happiness only by being close to her. He couldn't let her go away. Then, Aleu suddenly stepped back, turned around and raised her tail high to let him see her horny awaiting cunt. He was amazed by the view. Her pink slit was all wet and ready for him. Steele slowly approached and licked her wet lips, making her let out a loud moan of pleasure.

"*Gasp* It's really... great! I love that! I love you Steele!" Aleu moaned.

Steele licked her slowly, taking his time to enjoy the sweet taste of her warm juices.

"God, she is wet! She must have been waiting to do it again since last time." He thought.

"Please Steele, I can't wait anymore. I beg you, fuck me hard!" Aleu whined.

His tail wagged excitedly. He gently mounted her rear, shifting the position of his paws a while to make sure she didn't have to support all his weight on her hind legs. He positioned the tip of his fully erected member at the entrance of her hot wet vulva, but didn't penetrated her right away, despite his strong desire to do so. He had to make sure she really wanted it, to make sure she was really ready for this.

"Aleu, you're sure you want to do that?" He asked.

"Go on Steele, please, make me yours. I love you." Aleu replied.

"I love you too my dear!" Steele replied, pushing his entire length into her awaiting pussy.

She yipped painfully at first. He was thicker than last time, and more longer. His cock was now thirteen inch long, and his thick knot was already formed. Steele forced all his length into her until his knot prevented him to go any further. Then, he wasted no time. He humped her wildly. Each time he thrust his cock inside her, his hips collided with hers, and her back paws left the floor some second. The tip of his cock was already penetrating her cervix and sending little load of precum to lubricate her hot vagina.

"Aaah!! So deep!!" Aleu shouted.

"Aaarrh Aleu!! You're so hot!!" Steele replied.

The two lovers continued to fuck like wild animals.

In that while, inside Aleu's reproductive part, something important was happening. Her ovaries were finally ready to release the eggs they produced this year. And suddenly, it happened. Aleu's ovaries opened and the fertile eggs were released into her Fallopian tubes, A special hormone was released into her blood. It reached her brain in two humping of Steele. Her brain traduced it as 'Fertile eggs released, need seed to impregnate them'. Her brain send a hormone to her hips, saying 'Need seed immediately'.

Steele was now pounding Aleu at a fast pace. She was wet and hot. He wanted this time to be the best for both of them.

"Ooooh Steele!! You feel so great inside me!!" Aleu shouted.

"Aleu! God you're so tight!!" Steele shouted.

The hormone arrived to Aleu's sexual part. It spreads its message, and her sexual part reacted that way: Hot, Wet, Tight.

Aleu shouted her eyes wide open, her pupils constricted, and she raised her head and howled. Her vagina tightened strongly around Steele's member and waves of female juice sprayed all over his crotch. Steele was very surprised by all the great feelings hitting him at the same time. He almost released his own orgasm, but he stopped to move just in time to prevent that. Aleu was panting really hard. She was hyperventilating.

"Aleu *pant* Are you alright?" Steele asked worried.

"*Pant pant pant* I'm *pant* I'm well.*pant* Please *pant* Keep going." Aleu replied.

"You sure?"

"*Pant* Yes. Fuck me hard.*pant* Give me every load of seed you have.*pant* Please Steele."

Steele resumed his thrusting. His chest and his crotch were burning. He was almost at the end of his stamina, he knew he won't be able to hold his orgasm much longer. But he knew too she wanted him to knot her, to ensure she'll become pregnant. And he wanted to make her fully happy. He thrust harder and deeper. The tip of his cock was piercing her cervix. Each time he thrust inside her wet, hot, tight pussy, his two big balls were slapping against her rear end. His knot was almost full grown, and her pussy too tight. Steele knew it will be very hard to get his knot inside those hot clamped lips.

"Aleu *pant* relax yourself *pant*" He said.

"I want you Steele! *pant* Please, give it to me!!" Aleu shouted.

He gripped her hips harder, and Aleu bucked her hips back harder against his crotch. She wanted his knot so badly, she needed it. Food was nothing compared to that need. She needed to be impregnated by the strong pure-breed husky behind her.

"Give me your seed Steele! Give it to me!!" Aleu shouted.

"I'm close my love!!" Steele shouted back.

His crotch was burning.. He suddenly felt her tight lips clamp down harder on his cock. It was wrong, his knot wasn't inside of her. He pushed more harder against her rear.

Aleu's front legs finally gave up and her chest fell to the ground, but she kept her rear high in the air for Steele. It was all Steele needed. When her chest fell on the ground like that, everything became easy. It gave him a better access to hump her hips, and her vagina's lips opened wide to let his knot enter. Steele buried his cock hard and deep into her, and his knot finally hit home. Aleu's lips immediately tightened on it, and the knot grew larger at the same time, tying them together. Four inches of his cock were buried inside her womb. Then, orgasm hit both canines at the same time. Steele exploded inside her. Aleu's womb was filled in four seconds, And his balls were emptied in ten seconds. It was the greatest orgasm they both knew. Aleu howled of pure wild ecstasy, and Steele did the same. They howled together. Steele continued to push Aleu's hips against his crotch with his front paws, making sure his entire dick was buried deep inside her.

After all that, both canines were panting hard, both exhausted by their session. Three minutes after Steele filled her, Aleu felt her hind legs too exhausted to maintain both canine in this position. She collapsed on the ground, Steele following her thanks to his knot tied inside her. He was lying on top of her. Aleu didn't cared as she was in fact enjoying his weight on her exhausted body. His soft warm fur was brushing and petting her own, keeping her warm and safe from the coldness. She was feeling loved in his embrace.

"I *pant* I love you Steele." Aleu said.

"*Pant pant* I love you *pant* Aleu." Steele whispered into her ear.

Aleu smiled and allowed her tongue to hang out of her mouth and onto the ground. Her stomach was burning. Her womb was two times bigger than usual. From the outside, it looked like she was already pregnant.

The two canines continued to breathe deeply. When they finally calmed, Aleu snuggled her head into the thick fur of Steele's chest.

"Eight." She said.

Steele's ears perked up slightly.

"What?" He asked.

"I want to have eight pups." Aleu replied.

Steele smiled. He rubbed his muzzle on her head, caressing her tenderly.

"So, I hope I sent enough seed inside you." He said then.

"Hihihi, silly! Aaah, I feel like a balloon. It's so hot." She said.

"Glad you like it, I worked hard to make it the most pleasurable for you."

"Hmm, I want to stay like that until the end of my life."

"Me too. But let's just stay like that until tomorrow. I'm kinda hungry." Steele replied.

Aleu chuckled.

"Hehe, me too.*sigh* I hope our pups will be alright." She said next.

"Inside of you, they will be like heaven. And I'll protect you to make them safe." Steele said.

"They're gonna be healthy like their father." Aleu said, licking his muzzle.

"And they're gonna be as beautiful as their mother." He replied, licking her back. Then, the two lovers stayed tied in a love embrace and fell asleep peacefully.

Inside Aleu's womb, all the eggs that her ovaries produced were now fertilized. They were slowly making their way through the mixed sex juices of Steele and Aleu toward the wall of the womb of the young new mother, where they will set up and they will begin to transform into adorable puppies. Now it was official. Aleu was pregnant, she was carrying the pups of the old enemy of her father. And she was happy.

To be continued

Balto, Aleu, Steele ©Universal

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