Akita's Jobs

Story by kaleemmcintyre on SoFurry

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#1 of Akita Jobs...

Under the light of a streetlamp were two figures conversing with one another. One was a fairly tall man whose body dwarfed the other's and yet the smaller male seemed to hold more presence between the two. The other was an Akita with orange fur and a curled tail wearing a loose button up vest that heightened his muscular frame down to his thin waist where his tight fitting pants clung onto his hips in a last ditch effort to cover the other but were failing miserably.

Standing before him was a nondescript man with dark brown fur, a long pointed muzzle, and two pointed ears standing up in attention as he spoke to the boy. The man's own garments were less than impressionable as his clothing seemed almost haphazardly put on as if there whole purpose was to be stripped clean from the man's furred body of which held power and grace through the illusion of civility.

When the chatter between them had ceased the man pulled the Akita close to him and kissed the other full on while opening the boy's muzzle with his tongue, pushing the fleshy appendage into the Akita's muzzle and raping his muzzle. The boy seemed to take it all in stride but he did shed his vest to the side of his body out of the way before taking the man's own shirt and splitting it with his claws. What was revealed was a map of barren fur marred only with gaps of missing fur where something had parted the fur on its way to hide and bone.

The two broke from their interlocking kiss before the man took his ruined shirt off and threw it away and then returned to plundering the Akita's body with hard grasps and fine trails of his tongue against the boy's muzzle and snout. Soon the two were breathless and stared at one another through eyes laden with need. The man then took the Akita and spun him around so that the other faced the wall and after a moment's respite rammed the boy's form into the bricks where his snout smacked against the material bouncing off before his neck was snatched into a rough muzzle.

The Akita breathed rapidly as he felt the man's large, scratchy paws run up and down his slender torso down to his wide hips. The Akita was thrilled for some unknown reason as he felt a trail of blood run from his nose down to his lips where it was wiped away by his pink tongue. The taste of his own life made the boy shudder as he realized that the ride he was about to take was going to leave him without thought after it ended; just the way he had wanted for his first time.

Knowing nothing of this nor caring if he did, the man gripped the beltline of the Akita's pants and snatched them from over his curly tail and then down off to puddle at the boy's legs like the covering over a stalk of corn revealing the silk like fur of the Akita's lower body. The golden orange fur was ripe for the picking and the man wanted it all. Behind him his dark coffee colored tail wagged like a freedom flag as he dropped his own pants and released his aching package.

The Akita yowled and groaned when his throat was savaged by sharp fangs and held within a death grip. There was a need for domination by the man as he wanted to take his prize's innocence with hard, brutal control while listening to those throaty noises making his pulse jump with the need to breed the dog. There was little love in this act, just the all encompassing need to take what was given from both sides of the spectrum.

The Akita murred low and raspy like a giant feline as the roving pouch that was the man's sheath and large, swollen sac bunched and pushed against his anal cheeks trying to seek purchase inside of the hidden depths of the boy. Clenching his eyes the Akita placed his paws flat out on the sides of his head, widens the stance of his legs, and pushed his hips backwards ushering the man into his hidden valley.

The man growled in pure pleasure as the boy recognized his purpose and accepted his role in their little tryst with total submission. Lifting his muzzle and there in by the boy's scruff, the man began to shuffle his hips back and forth like a large saw as he ran his overheated, sweaty sheath up and down along the crest of the Akita's tail end. His loins filled with his desire and soon the man couldn't stop his blood red tool from poking free from the opening at the height of his sheath.

The Akita raised his muzzle until his muzzle was vertical with the wall in front of him and moaned loud and long as the tip of the man's cock peeked out and dipped into his overly sensitive tailhole. Too excited by his first time to relax the Akita's body was thrumming like a live wire as his blood pounded inside of his veins and his heart hammered the vital fluid to every artery of his body causing massive tingles to run over his fur and skin. Like a fever the boy felt his muzzle begin to flush and his entire body heat up and sweat formed under the fur making the Akita's natural musk seep out from his pours.

The downy fur in his paws, the snug entrance of the boy's inside and the knowledge of his power over the Akita made the man slam his body harder into the Akita's. The resounding smack of the Akita's form hitting the wall before bouncing back off of it filled the night along with the pair's grunts and groans and the wet, sticky sounds of the man's cock growing and slinking inside of the boy. The boy was so young and fresh that his virginity would be a treasure he would plunder and claim for his own while instilling his mark into the Akita's ass and guts.

The Akita growled when the flesh of his anal muscles expanded around the man's girth and then bowed before the oncoming length of maleness that sunk inside of him. It was almost to the point of bursting, how he felt right then as he was taken for his first time and the man behind him gave no mercy to the boy. Instead the man kept on penetrating further into the Akita, deeper and harder until he had full buried himself into the other.

The man released the Akita's neck and nuzzled the boy while sniffing at his sweat slick fur. The sweet scent of earthy cinnamon and ground cloves assaulted his senses and the man found himself wanting more. Licking the Akita and tasting the soury-sweetness of his fur the man found his own instincts raging through him causing him to clench his paws onto the Akita's waist and hold him steady while he readied himself.

Nibbles on the Akita's scruff and a bite down on the lower line of his neck leaving a bleeding mark was the only forewarning for the boy as the man pulled back and snapped his hips forward in a single thrust.

The sharp bite made the Akita moaned and claw at the wall, dragging his claws down the face of the bricks and then pulling back to return his paws to their original place. It was exhilarating how the nerves inside of him danced and then sparked all over from that rough treatment. He never knew he would feel anything like this but he wanted more...more of the sharp pain that fired through his system...more of finely coursed pleasure that accompanied it...more of the man...more of his cock...more everything that the he was being given until he spiraled into oblivion.

Both of their senses were alive with pleasure and in that moment their silent lust reawakened tenfold to become something greater.

Sliding his enlarged piece of flesh from the Akita's body the man let his half hard lance slip free of the wet and tight insides of his conquest letting the unconquered tailhole of the Akita recover from the first intrusion of his cock. In the second that he was outside of that burning tunnel of flesh the chill winds of the evening slapped at his cock causing the man to force himself back inside of the boy and listen to the howl that parted the Akita's throat. The wet, raw sounds of lust unbidden by morals and etiquette of the so cal civilized world but the unconfined need of two males rutting in the dark light of the night together as they became one.

The wail of the boy was like a song of euphoria that belonged only to the Akita and he sang and sang as the man behind him asserted his dominance with harsh snaps of his hips and rough thrusts of his pelvis into his swelling hole. Like a sculpture molding his clay together the man squeezed the Akita's body and kneaded his sides between his rough, cracked paws leaving claiming marks beneath the fur that would cause the boy to ache in the light of tomorrow.

The Akita found his body acknowledging the man's forceful dominance in their primal dance when his own sheath began to bloat turning softened doghood into a mighty spear of red ornamented by thick blue and red veins and a large bulb at its base. A transparent film of slime coated the Akita's cock from where it had been inside of his sheath and from his place between the man and wall the substance rubbed onto the wall in front of him making a makeshift cushion that the Akita could rub on without his dick becoming a bloody pulp as he was smashed into the bricks. Between his knees hung his two balls swinging and tapping against the man's own like four furry pendulums as the twin sacs boiled over with cum from their respective owner's ministrations.

The fire that emanated from the Akita's body sent the man's own body into a fury of berserker like rut. He was far too gone to care about hurting the boy or trying to ease the Akita away from the wall to try and stroke the other. This was about his pleasure and as he grabbed onto the Akita's neck and pressed him forward into the wall his fangs sung into the slick fur opening a well of blood to run down the Akita's neckline and over his tongue. Tightening his paws, biting harder, and thrusting faster the man was lost in a stupor want and heat.

The hollowed tunnel of the Akita's body made a second home for the man as his foot long maleness traversed inside of the Akita breaking him open and splitting him wide. The sultry, drenched echoes of mating between them were only matched by the shuddering moans and tense, bitten off yips. The man gripped harder into the boy's waist sinking blunt claws through the orange fur the same as with his fangs on the Akita's neck breaking the flesh and exposing more blood while the Akita's hips were pounded into the wall leaving clear lines of pre to mark the height of his pleasure. The subtle line of desire rose farther and farther up and grew muskier and thicker as the Akita neared his climax. Biting his tongue and holding himself back did little more than confuse his growing lust into absorbing the pain he caused himself and turn it into a heady ingredient to sky rocket his blissful feelings of arousal.

The two breathed harshly as their dance dragged on with the both male's knots growing fuller. The larger cock inside of the Akita grew and grew as it stretched open his passage making the boy throw his head up to the sky and sing to the stars above with all that he was. Not able to get away and yet not wanting to the boy craved the new pain that crawled up his backside and into his mind as the man's knot tore inside of him without restraint widening his tailhole to new dimensions.

The man ground his hips into the Akita's tailhole before pulling out of the boy fully making a shrluping pop resound through the night. When the Akita turned his head to pant and breathed his curiosity as to why the ride had stopped, he could barely see the first wisps brown fur of the man's face before he was impaled again. This time he screamed as he was breached once more and the giant fist that made the other's knot jammed inside and held there.

The man had finally taken and claimed the boy now that his puppymaker was buried inside of the Akita to the hilt tying them together as one. His scratchy sheath kissed the raw opening of the boy' tailhole as his entire cock was buried into him leaving nothing out not even the few hidden inches behind that fat ball of red flesh. Taking his paws from around the boy's hips and grabbing the pup's own which had broken through the bricks and held onto them the man finished their dance with uneven humps and staccato slaps. His grip on the Akita's neck having never let up and now the man's fangs were deeply fissured into the boy's jugular. The trails of blood that had slowly been seeping out before ran free now and coated against the roving tongue that slapped at the Akita's neck.

The Akita wailed as he felt his body succumb and obey the other's might with his head held high while his cock and knot stuck to the wall before him unable to move. However the Akita found a perverse delight in the fact that he had taken such a beast into his depths and was bringing it to its destined end. His own hard length of caninehood pushed against the scratchy wall hurtling him farther and farther into orgasm until he saw light dance before his eyes and his seed shoot up the face of the wall to his chin spraying against his neck and the man's muzzle.

With seven hard jabs into the boy the man howled like his wild brethren as his balls churned and rose up delivering his unborn children into the Akita's body. Though they would have no purchase to bear and become his young the man still found rapture in seeding his mark for the night. So much was his pent up load that it was able to slip around his seal and drip out onto the Akita's leg and the man's own thighs gluing them together in an ironic sort of way.

The Akita's climax had been intense to the point where he had fallen into the pit of darkness where sensation was the only governor. He felt the pain of his lost virginity, the sparkles of well earned contentment, and the pike of the man's loins inside of him and yet there in the sea of nothingness was his own explosion of feeling. His cum had drenched the wall leaving a paint splatter of white along the dark red and grey bricks he was forced against though he could see none of this however the scent of it slowly roused the Akita as he blinked through the darkness back towards the fuzzy light.

The man eased his fangs free of the boy's neckline, licking up the blood that was there, before bringing the Akita back into his arms and then licked the boy's face. He so wanted to be able to take this one home and drive his domination into the pup's soul but alas there was no chance of that. Taking the Akita and holding him the man shook his head along the other's neck to fully rouse him from his dead zone and watched as the Akita's shimmering eyes opened up to greet him. Still connected the man breathed deep the other's scent before shifting his groin backwards and easing his moderately inflated knot out making the boy groan and whimper.

The resounding pop was nothing compared to the flood of white that trailed from the Akita's body as the man watched it trail down to pool between their feet. The Akita watched as well as his curled tail wavered above his loose tailhole which gapped open a like a fish, opening and closing at the same time while trying to return to its original diameter. When the man pulled away fully he watched the boy move on unsteady feet to center himself before the Akita turned to look at his employer for the night.

The two stared at one another as the older man's muzzle broke into a devilish smirk before he nodded and lifted his own pants up and over his still enlarged puppymaker fitting the gargantuan tool inside. Walking off into the darkness of the city's shadow the man turned to say something to the other before he was met with the empty space where the Akita had been save for the runny brick wall still flooded with Akita spooge.

Shrugging and continuing on his path the man wondered if he could afford another dance with the boy this month.

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