Introduction to the story series

I've seen many stories that talk about the characters in first person. But this story will be told in your eyes; what ever fur you are will be the fur in the story, which is the reason why in the story I never mention the species of the fur, mainly...

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untitled story series

The first chapter of my untitled story series why is it called that because i cant figure out a name for it yet chapter one the beginning thomas," called his mother claira from the bottom of the stairs. "thomas, it's time for dinner.

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The Empire of Planets Story series

The Empire of Planets Intro and history TEP stands for The Empire of Planets year. Ryan Benson was born in 1978 AD On Earth (Toronto, Canada) 2014 AD Ryan worked for the Toronto Blue Jays as a GM. 2036 AD He joined NASA. 2042 AD His ship went...

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Getting By, Intro (Short Story Series)

A flash of light illuminated the dimly lit room, golden eyes shifting away from the paper they had been focusing on for several hours to appreciate the storm outside the window. A cloud of nicotine blurred the view and brought them back to what was...

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Protectors Of Aeron City(Flash Story Series)

Hey guys. It's been a long while since I've been around, and I'll try and post a proper journal soon, but I've been experimenting with a different style of writing. I've been writing just a couple hundred words or so a day. (The \<\> mark where I ended...

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Protectors Of Aeron City Part 2(Flash Story Series)

The next part of my flash story series: the <> mark where i ended writing for that day. let me know what you think! "o.k., there's something i have to ask before this thing goes any further." "what?..."

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Protectors Of Aeron City Part 4(Flash Story Series)

The next part of my flash story series: the \<\> denotes where i ended for the day.

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Protectors Of Aeron City Part 3(Flash Story Series)

Well Dan, you did it. You finally got into the bedroom of a fine looking woman, with only the slight glitch in the plan is that YOU ended up being that fine looking woman. Still, #LifeGoals. Having awoken the next morning and confirmed the whole,...

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The Time of My Life Story Series Character Sheet 2

#7 of the time of my life story series season 1 (original) character sheet for upcoming characters: 1. name: james dihansen species: anthro wolf gender: male height: 6 feet 0 in. weight: 192 lbs.

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Rise of the Gods - Prologue

Somewhere in the endless void of space a being of infinite power pondered what it was to do. It had created the universe that it currently resided in as a means of alleviating its boredom. This being, this entity of supreme power, was not sure how it...

Genetic Children-Log 25- Tacita is woken

_"Niel, Wade has my family. I've been ordered to go after him by the Director." Niel was laying on the bed in the lower level of the Lab entrance, the same Lab where over a year ago, Korm and Niel along with Emu and a few other Med.Tec guards had...

The Quest For Fur Chapter: 4

Drew woke up the next day and stretched. "Ah. That was a good stretch." Drew said a loud. He went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. "Ah! What happ-" Drew remembered the wolfitis. "Oh. The wolfitis." Drew did his morning routine. Brushed his...