The Ditto

Story by ichigo on SoFurry

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#1 of The Ditto Effect

Mika wiped her brow in frustration as she walked around the forest.

"I thought capturing pokemon would be easy!" Mika yelled and threw a pokeball angrily on the ground with a small crack. She picked it back up and threw it in her bag. She's been searching for hours to capture her first pokemon and she has not seen one pokemon since she left her village.

After walking around the forest for a few more minutes, she finally spotted a pokemon! She was so overjoyed that she didn't weaken the pokemon first and just threw the pokeball.

The pokeball connected with the pokemon and she waited patiently as the unknown pokemon struggled. She yelled something vulgar as the pokemon got out of the pokeball.

The pokemon, a ditto, looked at Mika quizzed and then ran off into the bushes.

"Get back here you!" Mika yelled after it with another pokeball in her hand. She was angry and sad to find that the ditto disappeared.

She was 17 years old, older than most of the pokemon trainers her age and she couldn't even catch a simple ditto! She thought about going back to her village, but then they'd see her as a failure again.

~*~The Day Before ~*~

"Mika you can't honestly believe that you can be a pokemon master. Look at you!" her father yelled. "You're 17 now! Start thinking about your future and stop with this pokemon nonsense!"

"But father you let my younger brother and sister go. Why can't I?" Mika asked furiously with tears starting to sting her eyes.

"Because that is merely a hobby. It won't get you anywhere in life," her father said and started to return back to his papers.

"That's your opinion. I want to travel the world and have fun like everyone else," Mika said, not giving up the fight.

"Do what you will then. Go ahead and go tomorrow if you want. Go pack your things now and if I ever see you again, you're not welcome in this house," her father said angrily and went to his study.

~*~ ~*~

She was alone in the world now. Alone and a failure. Depressed, she walked until she saw a small hot spring in the clearing.

"Finally," she said happily, something good to look forward to. After finding the place to be clear of peeping toms, she stripped off her clothes and folded them neatly beside a rock. She put her long brown hair into a bun.

As she lowered herself into the spring water, she thought she heard rustling in front of her, but the shrubs weren't moving.

"Must of been my imagination," Mika said and submerged herself in the water.

For an hour, she just swam about. Now she floated above the water with her ample breasts in the chilly air and she felt her nipples harden. She thought nothing of it and just wished that there were some handsome guy with her instead.

She was starting to get tired. She thought about getting out of the hot spring, but a chilly wind stopped her thoughts.

"I think it'd be better if I just stay in here," Mika said to herself. "I'd rather have pink skin for a while, than freeze to death."

So Mika did what she said and stayed in the hot spring. After a while, her thoughts started to drift and she fell asleep.

The ditto she tried to catch earlier watched her the whole time. It was simply fascinated by the girl. The way her body moves and how she looks. The ditto even watched as the girls' breasts jiggled slightly.

Then, the ditto saw something odd when she went to stand up. It saw her young lovely opening between her legs. Now that intrigued the ditto the most. It has never seen such a strange opening.

The ditto waited until the girl had fallen asleep to make its move. Slowly and quietly, the lone ditto moved away from its hiding spot in the shrubs. As it advanced towards the slumbering girl, its only thoughts were of that opening between her legs.

The ditto quietly moved its body underwater. It was a good thing that dittos didn't really need oxygen. The ditto reached its destination. Before it did what it wanted, the ditto floated up towards Mika's breasts and touched it. The ditto was greeted by a slight jiggle.

It played and touched her breasts fondly and was amazed how firm, yet soft it was. The ditto watched as Mika's nipples hardened again and fascinated by that the ditto pinched her nipple, which made Mika give a sharp intake of breath in her sleep.

Afraid, the ditto went back in between her legs. It was fully intended to do what it wanted to do in the first place.

Luckily, Mika chose that moment to spread her legs open and even propped one of her legs up like she was about to sit up with her knees up. The ditto looked up to see Mika's watery face still sleeping and it looked back at its goal.

The ditto slowly crept towards Mika's virgin opening until it was close enough for it to lick without moving. And that's what the ditto did; it tasted Mika that caused her body to shake slightly. It ran it's little hands around her opening and lifted the folds around it. The ditto gently tugged at one of the pubic hairs around her opening, but didn't venture further at what Mika's reaction would be if it continued.

Curious, the ditto went back to her opening and pressed one of it's little hand in it. It was surprised at how warm it was inside her opening. The ditto wanted to find out what was causing all that heat, so it pressed itself into her small opening.

At first, her opening was too tight for the ditto to go into, until it started thrusting and forcing itself in. Then, it had just a few problems going in.

Mika started to awaken from her slumber when she suddenly felt something force it's way into her birth canal. First, all she thought about was the pleasure. When she looked down in between her legs, she was frightened to see half a mass of lavender going inside her.

Frantically, she tried to grab at it, but then it started thrusting against her walls again when it reached her cervix. Those lone movements made her body weaken and lose her grip on the ditto.

The ditto forced its way into Mika's womb and started to roll around inside it, trying to find a comfortable position inside her.

Mika could not believe what just happened. "Did that just happen?" She was answered by another wave of pleasure from deep within. "Oh my gosh. What's going to happen?"

Frantically, Mika dried herself off and despite the cold air, she felt warm all over. When she finished drying herself off, she felt something leaking from her and was surprised to see a little blood. "Oh yeah, I'm a virgin," Mika said out loud. She groaned, "My first was a pokemon, let alone a ditto."

She threw on her bra and shirt. She was about to put her panties on, when she remembered about the ditto. She took out a small compact mirror.

"There better not be any peeping toms," Mika said and squatted with the mirror right below her opening.

She carefully parted her lips and was almost hoping for a little ditto face to be looking back at her. She was greeted with her fleshy self and groaned out loud.

Inside her womb, the ditto thought it found out where all the warmth was coming from. It also thought that if it moved, it would only get hotter. Right now, the ditto was comfortable with everything inside Mika. It was starting to get curious about the way Mika's breasts moved around. Was it possible for the ditto to get inside there too?

"Hey you in there!" Mika said a little fearfully to her abdomen. "Can you please get out?"

The ditto inside heard and understood her, but it didn't want to leave just yet. Instead, the ditto took both of its hands and ran it through the walls of her womb.

Mika fell on her butt from the pleasure of it. She even saw the little outline of its hands from her stomach. That freaked her out a bit, but she loved how the ditto moved inside of her!

"Fine you can stay, but only for a short while," Mika said almost regretfully. She had to get out the clearing. What if a powerful pokemon came around and she was just defenseless with a ditto in her womb? She shook her head and put on her panties and pants.

Every time Mika moved, the ditto would jiggle slightly in her womb and that caused Mika to falter in her steps, but she continued on.

Mika was refreshed from both her nap and the ditto violating her, but the ditto didn't feel the same. Soon afterwards, the ditto fell asleep.

Now and then, Mika watched the very small bulge from her stomach fearfully. What if the ditto was dirty when it forced it's way inside her defenseless vagina? She hoped that the ditto didn't give her some sort of STD or disease of any kind.

This is the furthest she's ever been from her home and the weirdest journey she's ever been on. Has anyone else ever been violated by any pokemon?

Once the ditto woke up, it wanted to get from fresh air. With its eyes, it looked for the way out. Immediately, the ditto jumped towards the exit of Mika's womb and then slowly made its way out.

Mika dropped to the floor and gasped for breath as the pleasure rode her. She could feel the dittos' squishy and thick body work it's way down her birth canal. She didn't have enough strength to remove any of her clothing, so she just writhed in pleasure there.

She felt the dittos' head pop through her small opening and struggle out. Oh how she loved this new strange feeling! She then felt the ditto rest against her opening and her panties like some sort of panty liner. Weakly, she wanted to feel the ditto again; she sat up hoping to force the ditto up inside her.

The ditto knowing the girls' intention, started to squirm around making Mika fall on her back.

"Wow," was all Mika could said as sweat covered her body.

The ditto slipped out and it felt like cool gel leaving her from underneath her. It came towards her again and lay on her breasts.

"What are you doing?" Mika asked when she saw the ditto poking her breasts. "You certainly are a perverted pokemon."

The ditto started to make circles on her breasts and that made Mika get turned on even more.

"If only there were more of you," Mika said wishfully. "One of you can force your way in again and the other can just massage my breasts."

The ditto stopped and looked at her. It jumped off her and started to lead her someplace else.

Mika got up and started to follow her pokemon lover. "Where are you taking me?"

The ditto stopped and made a sound. Mika looked around when she heard rustling sounds next to them. She was surprised to find two other dittos, but they were both light and dark purple.

The lavender ditto, the one that violated her first, started to talk to the other dittos in their language and they both looked at her hungrily. Mika started to wish that she hadn't said that. When they were done talking, the lavender ditto came back to her.

"You certainly know where to find your kind," Mika commented.

The ditto started to say something, but when it realized that Mika did not understand, it got a stick and wrote on the ground. How it knew how to write, Mika did not know, but at least it can communicate.

After reading it, Mika looked at the three eager dittos. "So let me get this straight. You'll pleasure me for as long as we live and all that, just as long as the three of you can stay inside me?"

The three dittos nodded their heads furiously.

"Uh, I know I'll regret this later, but you have a deal," Mika said and shook all their little blobs hands. They started advancing towards her. "What? You want to do this now?"

Her only reply was that they started to crawl up her leg.

"Fine, let me just take off my clothes this time," Mika said and took off all of her clothes. This time, however, she took out a larger mirror and placed it a few feet on top of a branch at a certain angle so that she can see how they force their way into her.

"This is so strange," Mika said as the dittos slithered up on her body.

At first, all three of them played with her breasts. Then, they played with her hardened nipple. One of them even grabbed a whole breast, lifted it as far as it can go and let go. They loved how her young ample breast jiggled.

The dark purple ditto moved up towards her mouth and tried to force its way inside her throat, but she kept coughing it up.

"How about you try a different opening?" Mika suggested.

The dark purple ditto went back to playing with her breasts. She liked how cool the dittos were compared to her warm skin.

It started to get cold. The dark and light purple made their way downward, but the lavender ditto stayed with her breasts. In the mirror, she watched how both of the dittos looked at her vulva curiously.

She propped both of her legs up like she was giving birth and gave both of the dittos a full view of her fleshy inside. It was the darker of the two that went head in first. The lighter ditto watched fascinated and horrified as the darker ditto struggled to get out, but only to be pulled in more.

The movements turned Mika on and the ditto's frantic movements only made its way in easier. Mika felt the coolness of the ditto slide inside her like someone was spreading gel inside her. She looked in the mirror and she saw that only a little bit of the ditto was left out. She used her hand and shoved the ditto in, hard. She felt the dittos rest in her vagina, but she wanted him in all the way and she used a finger to poke at the ditto to move. Then, she felt its head connect to her cervix and force it's way inside her uterus since it can't go anywhere else.

That made her feel so good and she faintly lost count of all the times she climaxed that day.

The lighter ditto looked into the dripping opening and licked it. Mika shuddered under its cool tongue. She let the ditto lick and lick her until it forced its way inside to lick at the rest, but she knew the ditto wouldn't be able to lick all of it out because she climaxed again. This time, however, the ditto fell right inside her womb.

She saw and felt the two dittos struggle inside her trying to find a comfortable position inside, but that made her move more and toss around more, making their movements even more pleasurable for her.

A few minutes later, she regained her composure and looked at the last ditto. "What about you?"

The ditto shook its head and transformed right on top of her breasts. It transformed into teenaged boy.

"Iss thiis better?" the ditto said with its speech slurred.

"Do you know how to work it?" Mika asked and looked at the ditto boys' now hardening penis.

"I can try," the ditto said getting the hang of talking like a human. He got off from her breasts and came in between her legs. He grabbed her butt and pulled her close. "Am I doing this right so far?"

"I think so," Mika said dreamily. She didn't know that dittos could do this, let alone have sex with her.

"What do I do now?" the ditto boy asked.

"You see that penis between your legs? You know where to put it," Mika said. She gasped when the ditto boy plunged himself deep inside her knocking the two dittos inside her.

They could easily see the two bulges in her belly move around frantically, which made Mika even weaker. The ditto boy laid her on the ground and started to pump in and out of her savagely.

When they both climaxed at the same time, the ditto boy forced his load into her womb, engulfing the two dittos inside with it. At that instant, Mika couldn't feel the ditto boy holding onto her anymore.

A few minutes later, Mika sat up from the ground and looked around. "Where did you go?" She looked at her stomach and was surprised to see that there was another bulge had made it's way inside her without her knowing.

She saw the ditto boys load leaking from in between her legs and gasped, "I hope he didn't make me pregnant."

Inside her womb, the three dittos laughed weakly knowing that they couldn't make her pregnant, even if they did take the form of a human boy.