Green power

Story by poke_max on SoFurry

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#2 of Strange family

Here we are again. Last time Jackson accepted the love of his pokemon Greninja in a long, messy night. Now he will meet someone new that may join his party while accepting the "love" of another of his group, making him realize that he love doing this (slut lol).

Thanks a ton to my editor meheggs without him i would never write this smut things XD

Greninja had woken up earlier today, stretching his limbs as the day seemed to start better than he would ever expected, still laying on the cold grass. Yawing loudly, he closed his mouth as he remembered every single moment of that night, hugging the sleeping human between his arm, still covered in what must be his dry cum all over him and with the same position from last night, laying on the ground and with him on top.He looked around, realizing the mess they did all over themselves, cum could be spotted in a large area around them and his body, especially his groin and legs.All that cum made him repentof not taking a bath right after their session but in that time, they were too exhausted.Trying to stand, Greninja felt his legs were weak, putting more efforts than usual to stand and gain balance, feeling the price of the rough pounding he gave to Jackson, unleashing in one time all the sexual tension he had inside.

He was happy.

He did not smile often and surely not as visible under his tongue, but today was different. The bond with Jackson was sealed and nothing could go against them, wishing to have done it before. The sex felt great and the love of his trainer was the only think that made him keep going, forcing himself to satisfy the needs of his master until the end when after the fifth shot, he just passed out, leaving Greninja free to do what he wished. He still remembered the sensation of his dick pumped in an already full ass, still tight around his dick and using his own cum as lube to then replace it with a much hotter dose of it, never saw someone so desperate of having more in him.He was not even sure if Jackson would be able to remember all of it but the important thing was that he accepted their love, so nothing could go wrong.

Withdrawing his long tongue inside his mouth another time, he laid on top of him gently, carefully placing his paws on the side of his head and kissing his still bloated belly, knowing that some of his cum was still inside him. He wished to be able to impregnate him like a real female Pokémonto have another excuse tofuck him senseless again.Greninja's lips caressed his smooth, warm belly, waiting for Jackson to open his eyes.

"Hey Jackson"

He whispered, letting the human wake up gently from his so peacefully state, shivering as the warm frog lips make contact with his belly."Mhhh" He had his eyes stillclosed, but this did not stop Greninja from continue, taking all his time to value his trainer's beautiful body.

He did not feel pain, or not too much of it.All his limbs seemed to weight like concrete, starting to feel a warm sensation provoked by his Greninja'slips that during the night, seemed to absorb his body heat.He tried to raise his head to look at him, hearing his Pokémon calling him but without being able to move a muscle.He forced his body too much last night and now he did not have control of it. It was like his own body was punishing him for the rough treatment he received last night. Oh yea... last night.

He could remember clearly what happened: Greninja kept fucking him all night, pushing his long dick so deep inside to make him actually cum multiple times without touching and came who knows how much cum in his stomach. He felt it bloat even if not like last night, his hole seemed to stop leaking in a certain time of the night.He was so full...he could almost taste it in his mouth even if not a single drop touched his tongue as Greninja said that all of his cum would go in his ass that night and he did. Hell if he did.

His memory started to get confused after the fourth time he felt his Pokémon explode in him, filling him with the same amount of cum everytime, blushing at the thought of what he said, begging continuously for his dick and cum. Greninja was still calling for him, now kissing higher.

"Good morning...Greninja."

His cheeks were red but he did not hide them, gazing at the Pokémon that stopped kissing him, but giving a long lasting kiss to his chest.

"Morning Jackson. How do you feel?" Greninja was truly worried about him, hoping to not have made their first experience their last. "Tired. Really tired and somehow...full, still."

Greninja chuckled, still on his trainer and looking at him with loving eyes."That is normal. You let me just go crazy on you last night and I would never think to enjoy it that much on our first time together."

Sitting to the Jackson's side, he offered him some help to get up from the ground, taking his hand but Jackson refused, telling him that he was fine in that way and that he could not move.

Greninja turned red, embarrassed to be the cause of that.

"Greninja...what happened last night?"

The frog, hoping to be cheerful and funny, raised his finger in the air and started to talk as his usual self.

"We fucked from dusk till dawn and you was the one taking it all the time."

He underlined "all" with a long tone of his voice, lowering his head.

"I mean, I do not remember well...after the middle part. I kind of...dozed off from my mind".

Greninja asked him if he wanted anything in particular before telling the events from last night, but Jackson just gave a nod, so Greninja began.

" should be when I was fucking you on the side. We stopped for a moment to catch your breath, but you just looked at me and kept asking to continue, with more sexy words that I do not remember well, but you were like a female in heat and complement about my dick all the time."

Jackson looked to the sky, wishing to be able to shut his Pokémon's mouth.

"Not in particular Greninja."He said calmly.

"Ok...we just kept going, all night. Your resistance amazed me by the way. I would never think about seeing you cum so many times and still ask.By my fifth load, you passed out. I did not knowthe pressure of my cum in your belly or the fatigue but you, like nothing, passed out in my paws. Then I was about to stop..."

He was tempted to stop, realizing he would put himself in a situation where he would look like a pervert.

"I saw you like that. Cum everywhere on you, the random twitching of your body and the constant squeezing of your ass around my dick...I had to give you some more love so...I kind of...shot another while you was passed out. I'm sorry"

He put a paw on his back and apologized,ashamed of being called a ninja on the thought of had taken his trainer in his unconscious state.

"I do not mind really, in fact...I guess I would not even stop you."

Smiling, he turned his head to the side, looking at his arm and legs: there were still lot of signs of their mating, from the marks on his arms and legs, caused by the strong grips of the Pokémon on his body and the dried cum, feeling like an insect in some kind of web.

"You could have cum in me another time instead of covering me in it."

Greninja did not seem bothered by the question.

"I had the need to...mark you as mine. All Pokémon have this instinct and I guess the others will do the same, if you let them."

He had a point. What will he do with the others? It was alreadycrazyto tell them that he had his way with Greninja but he will never do the same with the others, already imaging what could happen.

He did not find the idea crazy at all now, butit will be hard start a conversation about that topic. He would sure let him as they wish.

"I will not lie. I liked it...a lot. So I guess I will not have much problem with it even...if it is embarrassing."

Greninja was happy to hear it, pleased of knowing that he was not the only one to have fun.

"You should not. It may not be so common but we are your family. No secret between us."

Jackson could not hold a laugh.

"What a weird family I have. All Pokémon that want to fuck me...I hope that they find me cute at least and not just a hole know."

Greninja smiled another time and kissed Jackson deeply, placing a webbed paw on his chest and getting another taste of his trainer, not using his tongue this time to not tire him out and just sucking his lips.

"Believe me when I said that they find you a lot sexier than many other Pokémon they fucked.So you are in good paws Jackson. Happy to have you in our team now."

Jackson needed to stand up now to return to his camp, knowing that they will be soon awake and if he is not there, all of them will begin to search him and get worried about him.Placing his hands on the grass, he started pushing, using his arm to lift his heavy body from the ground, helped by Greninja that hold his back, knowing how hard it was since his legs were still weak by the recent fuck.As soon as his legs left the ground, he felt a deep sense of fullness in his stomach followed by sickness and pain all over his body, grabbing tightly Greninja's arm and stopped him.

"Wait. I cannot move"

Greninja was now deeply sorry about it, asking another time if Jackson could ever forgive him.

"Is not only your fault. I asked for it...oh god, your still so hot."

He could feel the cum In him and the pain of his not anymore virgin hole, increasing as he stands. He asked Greninja to let him sit against a tree, easing the pain.

"I guess we cannot reach the city today...or barely walk."

He was still naked, fully showing his naked glory to Greninja that, hearing all his words about feeling Greninja'scum in him.Greninja's slit was just in front ofhis trainer, and he could not hold his dick in his slit, poking out for the surprise of Jackson.

"Are you serious? Not get me wrong but put that thing away right now...pervert"

He found it funny as Greninja awkwardly hide it with his paw.

"I'm that you are still naked...and your scent is so good too."

Jackson cut him off, asking for something that would cover his body, so not to be rape by a pervert frog again. Greninja face turned red.

"You have to..."


Greninja was the one to shut him this time, looking behind the tree where Jackson was sitting.

"What is..."

Greninja created a water shuriken all of sudden, making it rotate it quickly in his paw while the other hand held a water blade, pointing it in the opposite direction.

"Show yourself and you better not do anything stupid."

Jackson was actually scared of Greninja's reaction, recognizing his battle stand and the fiery eyes he always made before a combat, trying to not move, fearing of being seen by someone in that state.

A low sound come out from the bush behind him, still not knowing what it was.


It was just a Pokémon passing by. Greninja made him get a heart attack for nothing, again.

"Is just a wild Pokémon Greninja, let him go."

Greninja did lower his guard but his sword was still pointing at him, hearing the call of the wild Pokémon, not understanding anything since only captured Pokémon were able to communicate freely with the human since, as soon they are captured, they get a permanent translator chip automatically. Science was weird.He did have an old translator too but was in his bag, so at the camp.

"He is saying that he needs to take some berries that grow only in this area. Need those for something...Go away, you are leaving right now."

Jackson reacted by slapping his legs, not recognizing their new friend.

"Greninja. He just need some berries; do not be rude wit him. Sceptile right? You can take all the berries you not pay attention to us"

Greninja was still looking at him, lowering his blade but always in his paw, following the path of the Pokémon until he get close enough to be able to see it, taking Sceptile by surprise as he saw the human in that state but without saying a word, looking back at Greninja and smirking.

He was a regular Sceptile, nothing in particular even if he seemed taller than average, his long green tail lifted from the ground. They had a strange body but it was still cute, especially with that funny head, receiving a look from the Pokémon that winked at him and get to work, collecting random berries near them, not paying attention to their words.

"See? He is so calm and harmless. By the way, you should call the others and bring them here."

Greninja moved his head, making the sword explode in water.

"I will not leave you alone Jackson, it can be dangerous. Anyone can just come here. Especially in this situation, you are literally fucked."

"I will be fine Greninja. He is the only Pokémon I saw in all morning and I do not think a human will just come here when you will leave...and you should take a bath too before going back there, you are a mess."

Greninja looked at his legs and groin.

"I will not leave you here alone."

Jackson tried to find a solution when it was already there, looking the back of the grass Pokémon, now distracted by the shot of cum that reached one of the bushed with the berries, taking the clean ones and still not believing what he found.

"Hey Sceptile?"The Pokémon turned around after begin called."Could youdo me a solid? Can you keep me company while my Pokémon call my other friends?" Sceptile simple nodded, not finding it a real problem but Greninja was against it.

"What? You want me to leave you with him. We just met him Jackson. I know grass Pokémon. You never know what they have in mind."

Sceptile made an innocent face, waving his tail.


Greninja turned to Jackson.

"He said he will not even get closer if you tell him to do it. He seem honest, I cannot Jackson. Send him to them."

Jackson copied his Pokémon, raising his finger and spoke

"You forgot of what is happening. You would really send a Pokémon to the others that will tell him that you just fucked me all night and now I cannot move for the severe pounding so they have to come here? Not be silly froggy...and that is a point for me."

Greninja was about to say something but he was right. Looking at the Pokémon behind him that was smiling and getting closer, he knelt down and gave a kiss to Jackson.

"I have no other choice I guess but I will go as fast as I can. Will take a bath later."

He received a rub from the human in response.

"Do not worry, just go"

Looking behind at the Pokémon, Greninja walked away since his legs were still aching, unable to jump and run on trees.


Sceptile did not get closer to Jackson as he sit down. He ate some of the berries while looking at the human, blushing duo the intense gaze of those eyes looking at his naked body, cover by just his shirt on the lower part.

He ate his berries slowly, almost studying the human and figure it out the situation, feeling a heavy scent of sweat and cum coming from him and it was too strong to be only his cum.


Jackson saw him raise his paw and offer him some of them, thinking that maybe he was hungry after all the work out he had, thanking him but rejected by rubbing his belly.

"No thank you. I'm already full...ngghhh"

His body was still angry with him, sending waves of pain and sickness directly into his brain, making him groan against the tree and shut his eyes.

Sceptile could feel the pain in his voice and tried to speak with him, putting his berries on the ground and stood up. "Sce?"His paws were pointing at him and then Jackson, repeating his name multiple timeand always using his paw to tell Jackson something.

"You...want to help me? I do not think you can but yes, if you do not bite me eheh...nggh"

The small laugh did not last long as the cum in him moved, not used to this feeling as no human should, holding his shirt against his belly, regretting to push himself so far.

His eyes followed the Pokémon that just knelt in front of him and touched the hand that was holding his shirt, trying to get the attention of those eyes.


Sceptile gently tapped his hand, asking if he could look at him without that shirt in the way, patiently waiting for Jackson response, unsure of that.

"I appreciate that Sceptile but I'm not injured. Is know, I overdid it on something last night."

The comment made a soft smile on the Pokémon that was still tapping his hand, not caring of what he and his Pokémon did last night, insisting but never without forcing him.

Jackson gave him the permission.

"Fine but I feel dizzy every time I move my arms. If you could do that for me, I would appreciate it"

Sceptile nodded and took the shirt away from his body, exposing him completely to the Pokémon that took a moment to see his groin, never had the opportunity of see a naked human, moving his head to the side to study his anatomy as well.

He had balls like some Pokémon but the dick was completely out, no sheath or slit like him.

Not much interested in that anymore, he then realize what was the problem by placing a paw on the human belly, initially thinking that was only his fat but then feel it stir under him, pushing some more and get another groan from the human.

"Do not push hurt."

It was obvious what was the problem now and who was the one to blame.

He immediately realized what had happened to them last night for all the mess around and the cum on their body the first time he saw them but it seem that Greninja did not cum on him but in him.

Sceptile massaged the human belly with circular motions, not putting pressure on it but just relax the tense muscles, trying to relief the pain.

Jackson just looked at him the whole time, seeing the surprised expression of the Pokémon as he figure out the problem but without leaving his side, rubbing his belly as he would do with one of his sick Pokémon and took delight of the nice massage.The green paw was gentle with him; his skin not to rough as he used only his palm, his three green claw tense in the air to not cut unintentionally his skin.

"I feel better thanks"

It was actually working as his body relax even more under the touch of the Pokémon as he get even closer, now on his side and smiling at him, taking something from his back.

He did not know that the Sceptile could remove those yellow orbs from their back, not even so easily as not even a grimace of pain appear in that muzzle, keep rubbing his belly and doubtful look at the orb and placed it on top of Jackson's head.

"What are you doing?"

Sceptile stopped rubbing his belly and open his muzzle, showing to Jackson what he had to do, showing his red large tongue to him and closing his mouth, gulping his own saliva.


Sceptile shook the orb, giving it a strong squeeze and making a drop of the liquid land on his chest, same color of the water and issuing a nice smell that remind him of apple juice.

"Are you sure is not poison? Can I trust you?"

He really had no problem with it but alone and helpless, he had to be hundred percent sure of anything.

Sceptile proved him that it was not poison by licking the drop...from his chest.

The large, flat tongue made him shiver, moaning with shame as his body was still sensitive at every touch,hearing the sound of the rough tongue against his skin and the Sceptile, clearly knowingthe effects of his lick on Jackson, tasting even some of the Greninja's cum.

He then smiled, jaw on Jackson's chest.


He still sound innocent; Greninja was right, grass types are strange.

" proved that is not poison. I hope is not some trick so."

Opening his mouth wide, he let the Pokémon squeeze with both paws the orb, closing his eyes as the first drop of the liquid start to descend on his face, most of it going on his mouth and some on his chin. He could feel it slide easily in his throat, same texture as water but just sweeter, not knowing what he was swallowing but trusting his new friend that put all his force to make all the water inside the orb come out.

His face start to feel weird, more of it pouring down on him in the wrong spot as he let his tongue come out and take more of it, tasting something that was like a mixture of fruits.

It was not much but Jackson could feel it already start to work as he felt better, his body reacting to the substance by sending it in his body and start some kind of healing reaction, his belly felt even lighter.

Sceptile could not stop staring at the human's face, blushing and glad he was closing his eyes because Jackson, without realizing, was putting quite a show, his mouth open. Tongue licking his lips and drinking all he get from his orb, intentionally covering with his face, getting aroused by all this and watch one drop slide down his body and reaching slowly his limp dick, getting almost an erection for only that.


He threw away the orb, gnawed, lowering his paw on the human face that at the touch, opened his eyes, looking at the blushing Pokémon but without saying a word and took one of his claw inside his mouth, licking away what was left of the sweet water.

He did not even think twice, not caring he was just a wild Pokémon but feeling that it was the right thing to do. Pushing aside the sensation of acting like a slut with him, he just sucked the claw, drinking the sweet water and having a taste of the feral Pokémon claw, knowing that Sceptile had the same idea, pushing the paw deeper in his mouth, moving his claw to tickle his tongue and be sucked by those tender lips.

He let Sceptile fuck his mouth with it, slide it away to then replace it with another claw, make him drink everything to not waste it, wishing to have more force to do more.

Taking it all to the knuckle, he let him decide how fast it invade his mouth, covering the whole claw in a warm sensation.

"I better drink it all, right Sceptile?"

He pushed away the paw from his mouth, licked his green palm like a good pet, cleaning it completely and then look at Sceptile, eyes half closed and with a grin on his face, taking another orb from his back without hesitation.

"Sceptile sce"

Not far away, Greninja finally arrived to the camp where all the other were waking up, already noticing the absence of him and Jackson, talking between them and figuring out what happened.

He was still covered of his cum, not having much time for clean himself and think of another plan if not just let them follow him.

"Hey guys"

He stayed at the edge of the camp, calling them out to get their attention. All three were in a circle talking when Pangoro looked at him, seeing his silhouette in the light of the morning, his black skin made him easily visible even for him.

"Greninja, we cannot find Jackson. Is he with you?"

Typhlosion called for him, thinking that he was with the frog.

"Jackson, I'm hungry. Come on, let's get something to eat."

He sat on the ground with his muzzle in the air, begging for food.

Greninja did not get closer and just asked them to follow him in the forest without questioning, trying to not let them see his body. Pangororealized before the other that something was not right: the absence of both last night, the fact he did not find Jackson near him as he woke up and the silence of the frog.

"What did you do Greninja?"

He got closer to him, his fur moved by the wind that was blowing on him and bring with it a strong scent of cum, forcing Pangoro to almost close his nose.

"What is this scent? You smell like cum Greninja, did you get in some kind of orgy in the forest tonight?"

He sudden stopped as his black eyes saw the body of the frog, covered with layer of dry cum on his lower body and connecting the pieces "Did you really...?"

He nodded, not feeling the need to say anything and turned around.

The reaction of Pangoro was immediate, calling the other.

"Guys, guys. Greninja fucked Jackson last night."

Greninja never saw them run so fast, leaving their spot and almost congratulated with him, just wanting to bury his whole head in some deep hole.

"I can't believe you actually did it frog...and I cannot believe neither that he let you fuck him as his first. He should had chose me. Whatever, I will make his head spin tonight" Typhlosion was already searching for Jackson, looking behind all trees for the little shy human, calling him out while the other were still talking with Greninja.

"Come here Jackson, do not be shy. Is now my turn. Bring that sweet ass over here."

Pangoro put his paw on Greninja's shoulder, proud as a father for him to have the courage he showed to do something like that.

"I will admit it. I had some doubt after last night for you but are really a great Pokémon. You could at least tell us before, the expression on his face was surely priceless and especially his sexy little body. How he was? Tell us"

Greninja pushed the black paw away, feeling his shoulder aching for the weight.

"Guys listen, we need to move. Take all our stuff and follow me I...did something bad" Chesnaughtwas the one to ask, "Bad? What do you mean?" He did not know how explain it without sounding like a sick pervert.

"He is fine but he cannot move from there"

They all got curious and got near Greninja, their head few inches away from him, a slight tone of anger in their voice.

"What did you did Greninja?"

Typhlosion was still searching for him, trying to track him with his nose but all he could smell was the cum on Greninja's body, sneezing."I...Guys, just follow me come on. We do not have much time."

Pangoro was almost kissing Greninja for how close he was but showing his teeth while Chesnaught placed himself behind him, blocking him with their immense bodies.

"Ok, I will talk but long story short. I overdid it and fuck him...too many times. He is now sitting not far away from here and asked me to come here."

Chesnaught passed his paw on the frog head, covering it.

"How many times exactly? Three times?"Greninja did not talk."What about four? He would sure be sore if you just went crazy without thinking of his sake.""Six times ok? I fucked and shot six loads in him. Are you happy?"

Pangoro and Chesnaught looked at each other without saying a word to Greninja that made his way between the two, sandwiched by their bodies and finally was able to breathe again.

"I do not know if be amazed by the fact you cummed six times or be extremely fucking angry that you already ruined that so tender ass. If he changehis mind for that...I will make sure you take his place.Every.Night."

Greninja turned white, looking down for a moment and remembering the stories about how Chesnaught could be rough with his partner no matter how, taking the distance when Pangoro made a step forward.

"What you waiting for? Let us go."

Sceptile was having fun with Jackson, pleased by his behavior and playing along, never thought about having some quality time with a human, passing a claw on the human lips, holding the orb in the other and thinking about something else.

Jackson stayed silence, waiting for him to make him drink that liquid and opening his mouth, letting the claw slip inside.


He wanted to have some fun as well so, displaying his action to Jackson, bite the orb that crack under the force of his powerful jaw and begin to drink the liquid as well, pouring it in his mouth and squeezing the remains, tossing it behind him.

Jackson did not understand why he was drinking it as well, for then realizing that he did not swallow still, holding it in his mouth and getting closer to his face, nose to nose.

Blushing, Jackson realized what Sceptile wanted to do "I guess...I'm ok with it. In this way will not..."

Sceptile took the opportunity to kiss him right away, opening his lips as he made contact and made him swallow every single drop to the human, aroused and feeling his dick start to get hard even if he get only half hard, still without energy.This time he could feel a different taste, still sweet but with something salty as well, thinking that as he was swallowing down even Sceptile's saliva, his tongue already in his mouth and tasting the human, rubbing his arms.

Their tongue intertwined for all those kisses, not caring if there was no more juice in their mouth. Jackson found the strength to grip Sceptile's neck with his arms, tilting his head to give him better access, their different mouths having problem to actually kiss as he did with Greninja last night.

Right, his Pokémon.Sadly, he had to push the Pokémon away, moving his head to stop the tongue in him.

"Stop Sceptile."

He immediately stopped, not wanting to rush with his new friend and licking his lips, waiting for something.

"I'm sorry; I should not had kiss you. I am grateful for what you had done, I even find you nice but...I have a team, I do not want do anything without their permission to go with other Pokémon. I want to be clear with them."

Sceptile did not hide his disappointment, lowering his head but understanding what the human was saying, almost finding his words honorable the fact that he really care about his Pokémon, not knowing the rest of his team. He placed a paw on his belly once more, pressing. This time Jackson did not seem to feel any pain from it, the cum in him already starting to be absorbed as his berry accelerate his metabolism, keeping rubbing in circle motion.

"I hope you understand and...whatever you did, it worked. You should be a doctor Sceptile ahah."

He laughed as well, hearing some steps behind him and finally meeting the team.

"Hello guys. Good morning."

They did not rush to him, kept walking normally, trying to stay calm to follow the instructions of Greninja that along the way told them about the embarrassment that Jackson could feel in that state.He asked just a bit of gentleness on approaching the argument and absolutely deny any sort of sexual intercourse until Jackson could walk normally.

Greninja returned to his side, looking at Sceptile that was rubbing Jackson belly without hesitation.

"What he is doing? Did I not tell you to just keep an eye on him?"

Jackson grabbed his paw, stopping him another time before he could say something stupid.

"He is just helping me. I'm better now, he made me drink some kind of liquid from the orb behind his back."

He said, rubbing the webbed warm paw of the Pokémon.

"I am feeling lot better thanks to him."

He did not talk about the way he took the medicine and neither Sceptile said a word when he stood up, knowing that his little adventure with the human came at an end.


Greeting the other Pokémon before go, he collected the berry he had left near a bush, looking for another time Jackson that smiled at him.

"I hope we meet again Sceptile"

Waving his paw, said goodbye to everybody, winking at him for the last time.

Without covering his naked body, Jackson stood, managing to do so with some help of Greninja, at his side.

"Do not move, you should stay down."

He said, making a wall with his body to not let him walk away."I have to take a bath, your cum is kind of making me itchy all over my body and you should too."He indeed saw a small river near them, happy to the idea of finally being able to clean himself, hating be dirty."Ok, I will help you if you wash my back"

"I should come too."

Chesnaught heard the conversation they had, not missing the occasion of being alone with his trainer after what happened between him and the frog. His large body got closer and casted a shadow on him, catching the scent of Greninja all over him.

"I could help you out too. You would need a really good rub all over you totry to removeGreninja's scent from you...maybe even some herbs since you may prefer to be covered in it."

As a grass type, he knew very well the kind of herbs, especially because Jackson caught him in a similar area with the same flora.

Typhlosion was about to tell the same, wanting to give an help too, searching for more than a belly rub as reward but Pangoro's paw hold his shoulder, looking at him as to say that was better leave them go, knowing that they will have their turn.

Chesnaught caught that and thanked him with a small smile on his lips, kneeling and rubbing his trainer's hair.

"You look cute covered of cum, you know?"

Greninja face palmed, trying to make him remember the small chat they had before comig here and his small request about not mention anything.

"Thanks, I guess"

Kneeling, Chesnaught's muzzle was in front of him, looking the red nose twitching as the scent filled his nose, not caring much about the frog's reaction. He did not think twice as his lips touched Jackson's one, tenderly pressing his bigger head against him and finally kiss his trainer as he always wanted.

He did not touch him or push his tongue in him, he just limited himself to feel the warm flesh of those little lips, kissing him much better than Greninja, melting Jackson's body for the immense heat he was feeling, holding the neck of his Pokémon as he made his move, remembering what it was like to kiss someone.

They both could hear the sound of their first kiss, closing their eyes and calling each other name.


That voice;it was so deep that he almost could not breath, catching his breath when Chesnaught called him again, moaning, easily turned on by it. His arms enclosed him by the neck, asking him to get closer, getting on top of him and continue, wanting to feel more of him and the inside of that muzzle, keep licking Chesnaught's lips but without getting his tongue out.They did not seem to want to separate their lips, continue for a whole minute under the eyes of the rest of the team, watched by those envy eyes as they were expressing their love for each otheras no word can do.

His human fingers moves between the fur of the Pokémon's neck, rubbing him and slowly letting him go, pulling away his lips from him that did not moved and letting Jackson catch his breath, all red in face.

"And this was for...?" He tried to joke about it, noting Chesnaught's warm smile."A token for what I feel for you." He did not say anything else, standing up and lifting Jackson easily from the ground, holding him with just an arm, showing his bare ass to the other Pokémon that watched that sexy, cum covered ass move as Jackson tried to jump off.

"I can walk Chesnaught...come on, it is embarrassing."

He tried to cover himself for the eyes of the other Pokémon.

"There is no embarrassment with us. You will get accustomed soon. Now let's go, shall we?"

Greninja, trying to be cool, pretend to watch the path to reach the small lake to clean themselves but he could not resist on squeezing that ass at least one time, making Jackson squirm.

" near..."

When they arrived at the lake, all three of the sat near the water, helping Jackson to sit.

Greninja followed Chesnaught with an excuse, sure of the fact that he was lying about the strange rumor he heard just behind those rocks, maybe already knowing the topic.

"What you have to tell me?"

As soon as they disappeared from Jackson's sight, Greninja leaned back on the rock, crossing his arms.

"Something about Jackson I suppose."

Chesnaught did not waste any time, approaching the frog and talking with him with all the calm he had inside, not hiding his plan.

"I would like some time alone with Jackson. So, if you can take a bath in another part of the lake, you will do me a great favor."

He did not want to sound intimating, trying to convince Greninja that Jackson would be fine with him and knowing that the frog was too protective of him.

Greninja tapped his arm.

"If you wanted only this why do not say in front of Jackson? He is not my property so I do not own him. Do as you want without going against his will. That's the rule."

Greninja was taken by surprise as one of the huge arms of Chesnaughtembrace him, making sure that the human was not near to speak of other thing with him.

"Is not only that. Tell did you convinced him last night? Not that I want to put pressure on him to give himself to me...even if I would like it."

Even if one of the team, Greninja did not appreciate such physical contact by other Pokémon for too long, pushing him away and taking a step back, just to maintain the distance between them.

"Don't know...just say what you really have in mind and you will be work pretty well last night but do not expect to do much today. You saw him, he is pretty sore...thanks to me."

A cocky grin appeared on his mouth as he left the spot behind the rock, calling out for Jackson that was still sitting where they left him, waiting for them and playing with the water, throwing a rock.

"Jackson, I will go to the other side. I think I saw another Greninja...and I am up for a fight. You do not mind right?"

"Just be careful and do not make me worry"

Jackson raised his voice for a response, not seeing his figure come out from the rock but immediately jump in the cold water. The only figure he saw was Chesnaught, finally alone with his trainer and getting closer, walking to him while Jackson threw the last rock.

"So...just us"

Chesnaught nodded, sitting next to him and doing the same, picking a bigger rock and throwing it in the water, surpassing the distance of the last rock Jackson threw by four times, creating a big shockwave in the water.

"You want to fuck me right?" Chesnaught's eyes went wide as those word came out from Jackson, throwing the rock with so much force that it actually landed up on the other side of the lake.

"Just because we are alone do not mean that we have to."

That sounded better in his mind, actually admitting that he was thinking about it, cursing himself and his big mouth, grasping the small rocks under his paws. "Greninja told me everything...I really do not mind if you...want to do me."

He gently moved his hand on Chesnaught's arm, rubbing it as he got closer, never figuring out how hot his Pokémon could be and how sexy all those muscle were.

"If you want of course. I will be honest as I was with him. I actually loved it"

Finding it extremely natural, he slid his hand lower, rubber the inner thighs of Chesnaught that open his legs wider, looking at the tiny arm gently caressing his leg and getting near his slit. Jackson never had the opportunity to study the slit of Greninja last time so he thought about going slower with him, overstepping the muscular leg and placing himself between the two.

He did not waste any time, lowering his head and looking at the smooth groin of his Pokémon, not noticing anything except for a thin line that look more swollen. His curiosity was fed by a sense of need deep in his body that he had felt only last night with his other Pokémon, wanting to see badly Chesnaught's girth.

His hand, smoothly caressing his leg, went for it, noticing an increase of heat as his very tip brush the swollen slit, making Chesnaught hump.The action made him slip his finger inside, soon embraced by warm and wet walls that welcomed him in, not fighting against the intruder and producing a strange liquid, similar to pre but limpid as water, dripping copiously to the ground.

It was like putting his finger inside a tub of hot water, trying to dig deeper inside by looking at Chesnaught to be sure of doing the right thing, nodded without hesitation, pleased on seeing his human play with his slit.

"You can push feel good to me"

Jackson smiled and continued to please his Pokémon, spinning his finger, fully buried inside, to make space and try to find Chesnaught's juicy cock, decided to pull it out.

Liquid continue to drip, covering his whole finger and staining the rocks under them but Jackson was not having much fun on playing with him like he was a female, pulling out his finger and bring it to his mouth, let Chesnaught watch it disappear in his mouth, touching his tongue and go all the way in, sucking on it as he did with Sceptile's claw long ago.

Whatever it was, certainly not pre, it was delicious for Jackson, not reminding him of anything he ever atebefore but he wanted more already, looking at his clean finger before going back down.Chesnaughtfound it hard to believe what was happening.Still dripping and swollen, there was no sight of his cock, making him a nut hard to crack but still enjoyable.Jackson started to lick from under the slit, cleaning the trail of liquid that was coming out. His nose could not avoid rubbing against it, making him breathe deeply the strong scent, intoxicating his body even further.

Chesnaught's nature was calm luckily, looking at the human pleasing him while he close his legs around him, a shelter for possible curios eyes.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

He could not just sit there without talking, wanting to know what Jackson had in mind.

"Totally...even If I would enjoy on worship something much bigger."

Kissing the slit, Jackson let his tongue do the rest of the job around that crotch, licking away all the trace and tease his slit with his tip the entire line.

"I will be sure you will get what you deserve bitch."

Chesnaught let that word come out from his mouth without thinking about the reaction, curling his lips and waiting for Jackson's shouts of disapproval.

Jackson just smiled at him, rubbing his cheek against the slit, rewarded by a good quantity of lub all over his face, licking it away from his lips.

"...Thank you..."

Today was a day full of surprise: it seem that Jackson was not only gay, but also one of the best submissives of all, sincerely thanking him.Tempting his luck, Chesnaught grabbed Jackson's hair with his three claws, pushing away his face from his slit and growling to him, Jackson barely at one inch away from those sharps teeth.

"I did not hear you. Say it louder bitch."

Jackson was not giving any resistance to him, moaning of pain but licking Chesnaught's chin, asking mercy to the stronger male

"Thank you for letting me worship your dick."

Yes, this was exactly what he needed for get hard, already feeling his dick getting harder enough to get out from his slit, open wide in front of Jackson, still in Chesnaught's mercy.

"This is what you get for being so weak human. Just be a tool of pleasure for me."

Using the right amount of force, Chesnaught pushed Jackson face again against his slit but this time his mouth was forced to kiss his swollen slit that was about to open. The slit got wider as the tip came out: Jackson was not able to see it but he could sure feel it, pressing against his closed mouth as he tried to make it stay out, but the pressure behind his head and on his lips was too much to bear, not wanting to hurt his Poké, his master in that moment, loving every second of it as Chesnaught seem to know what he really wanted and was.

He could feel it in his mouth as it spread brutally his lips, taking a dick in his mouth for the first time and letting it rest on his tongue, lapping the underside of it as it grew in size and girth, trapped in his mouth.

Jackson used his tongue to figure out the shape, already knowing that it would be too much for his mouth to handle, hoping to not choke to death with a Pokémon dick his first time but he would never doubt about his Pokémon, not else his Chesnaught that groan loudly.

The dimension of the cock were hard to tell still, wont stop growing in his mouth as the flaccid memberwas embraced by the wet inner cheeks, already filling every space empty in his mouth while the tip get deeper in him, touching a huge vein on the base.He had a pointed dick, different than Greninja but it grew in girth after few inches and the taste...he knew that his team dicks would taste good but not so much to actually make him drool, sucking it will all his might and drank the pre that the tip shoot down his mouth, making Chesnaught tense.

"I know you love the taste slut but not so hard. Suck it gently."

Chesnaught was already in heaven, wanting for so long to feed his trainer with his dick, looking at him between his legs and grinning, knowing that the fun part would soon start as the first spikes on his basestart to enlarge and inflate, spreading even more the lips of Jackson that never saw anything like that. He tried to push his face on him, willing to endure the pressure of the immense cock that now was bulging his cheeks.

Jackson found it hard to breatheproperly, the tip opening his throat wide as it continues to grow, bulging his throat from the immense pressure inside. Eyes watering and his gag reflex was kicking him, Chesnaught's member kept pushing,throbbing with more force, feeding him with a big load of pre that went straight in his stomach. It started overflowing from his mouth and made a mess all over his face, mixing the pre with his tears, not used to such rough treatment.

"Do not let it go waste." Chesnaught adjusted Jackson's head angle, making him bend his cock lower and have a better access to that throat, never feeling something like that and wanting only more, his member hard and completely ready for more.Jackson did not have much to think about; lack of oxygen was making his head spin but did not push him away, and holding himself by grabbing those legs and push, sending the pointed tip ever deeper.


He swallowed all tokeep up with Chesnaught's squirt, trying to not let any drop come out from him but was impossible. Nothing could help him swallow all the pre that he was receiving and for how much he try, it only make him spurt even more, his tongue pushing the thick cock on the roof of his mouth.


That thing leaved his mouth as Chesnaught pushed his head away, grabbing always his hair until the tip was on his mouth, finding it hard to let it go as the two big spikesare stuck inside since Jackson did not stop sucking him and tighten his lips around it.

"I say stop you little whore."

He did as ask, relaxing his sore jaw as the big dick come out completely, piss slit rubbing on his lips and marking him continuously with pre.

Jackson's eyes get wide for the vision of that meaty dick that went all the way inside: it could be more than 16 inches long, using his hand to hold the base and confronting it with his arm, finding out that it was almost of the same thickness, rubbing his hand up and down quickly, pushing his face on the tip.

He worshiped Chesnaught as a God, holding the base with all his force to only hear a moan by the Pokémon that appreciated the effort, sliding his pole against his face.

Smooth, hard and hot. Nothing better could describe it, moving his head so it could please him with the skin of his neck, kissing the numerous spike that were not just decoration on it.There were not many of them but they had a respectable size, making Chesnaught's dick LOOK more like a weapon of destruction...that will be surely tear apart his ass, knowing that sooner or later, the Pokémon would ask it.

"You never seen something like that, right?"

Between two hard places, Chesnaught's dick and his paw, Jackson could only nod, moaning and licking the spike on the on the side of the base.

"That Greninja is nothing compared to me...I will be the one who will take your real virginity. My dick will go so deep in your body that I will actually cum inside your stomach."

Grunting, the Pokémon placed the human slave in front of him, making him sucking the large head and pulling out every time he was going to take more inches, spurting all over his face and his open mouth, tongue completely out for reaching the dick and collecting all the pre that shoot on him.

"But you do not care. You want just my dick no matter what. I recognize those eyes. I never saw them on you but they are eyes full of lust...what did Greninja do to you?"

Jackson, panting on the gargantuan dick, collect all the pre he could get from the tip, sliding his fingers on each other and gathering a good amount of it, going for his ass and fingering in front of him, pushing his index inside without any pain.

"He filled me...I could not think anything else."

He wrapped his arm around Chesnaught's dick, supporting himself with something that seem to not bend even slightly, pointed at his face already white. Jackson thrusted that finger deep, searching for that spot he could not find alone, spreading his sore ass wide and finding it tight even after that rough humping with the frog, adding another one and moaning, feeling again something even if not as good as the real thing.

"His cock was so was big. He gave it all to me...he fucked me so hard and rough...never stopping."

Not giving a fuck of the previous order he get, Jackson returned to suck his dick, taking the big head inside his mouth. He pushed it against his cheek, feeling it bulge, covering his teeth with his lips.

"I liked it...praying to him to never stop rutting me. He own me, I was only his..."

Licking wildly the head without any technique, he took control over Chesnaught, interested in his confession and fapping his dick as Jackson was doing the rest of the job, hypnotized by him.

"I was only a hole to fill with dick and cum. He tell me that the third time he cum in me...I was so happy to be just that."

His body went on fire, something odd get on himself, pushing away all his feeling and just fuck like a beast, forcing his head to descend. The erect dick was hard to fit in his tight mouth, struggling for every inch he take, not having the help of Chesnaught, fell on his back and panting.

Every circle of spike that get inside his mouth made get the same shape on Jackson's cheeks, disappearing as they go deeper and cling on the warn walls as they expand his neck, bulging.

"Jackson...your so tight"

Hell if it was tight, even Jackson could not believe of how he could push something like that in there, stopping on the middle circle of spike, make them throb around his lips.His finger were still logged deep inside his ass, now all three of them were spreading his holewide enough to actually feel something that could be Greninja's girth.

"Deeper. I know you can take me deeper bitch."

His paw was pushed away this time as he touched Jackson's hair, confused on the now different behavior.


Jackson was confused as well...that was not him pushing his paw away, busy on milking the base with both hands.

He could not turn his head to see who was the third guestbut there it was, surprising even Chesnaught that, lifting his head from the ground to see who it was, grinned without saying a word, looking back at Jackson.

"I hope you do not mind if I invite a friend."

Jackson did not have a clue of whoit could be, wanting desperately to turn his head and see, to busy to stop sucking that delicious cock in his throat, betting it was one of his team at least.

Taking it as only possibility, Jackson raised his ass, spreading his legs to the guest behind him to make him look at his lonely hole and of how much he would like some company, pulling his ass cheeks apart and now gapping, wiggling his butt, begging. His hard cock leaking on the ground, ready to cum.

He did not get an answer, mumbling something with his full mouth, descending even more of his own, taking two thirds and closed his eyes, watering.


Sceptile was waiting for the right moment to strike, aiming one tip of his dicks on Jackson's hole without touching it, lucky to find the human in that particular position and anger to add even his load inside his body. Pushing his three clawed paw on top of his head, forced Jackson to deep throat Chesnaught that used all his willpower to not cum, his whole dick stuck inside by the spikes, swelling.

Jackson remembered the voice, his lips deep in the velvet warm slit of his Pokémon, his tummy swelled from the sheer amount of pre in him. He was not one of his Pokémon, only a wild male that seemed to need a good fuck in that moment, pleased and more than happy to help him out.

A sudden penetration made him sure of that as Sceptile, without even asking or preparing him, slammed his whole dick inside, the tip spread brutally insidewhile his other dick went under him, touching and pressing the human smaller one against his belly, rubbing them against each other.The pleasure was too much. He did not feel any pain from it, just waves of electricity that made his back arc, unable to breatheand imagine the two big dick touch somewhere in his body, tip to tip as they flood his body.

That was enough to make him cum, his ball aching and asking mercy for the abuse they had in just two days, make him cum weakly and throb his dick against Sceptile's one, moaning in his left ear as he embrace those two cock with his paw.The paw knew what to do, collecting the few drop of cum from his head as he squeezed it hard, covering his own dick with it.Both Pokémoncould feel for the first time the human climax while they penetrate him.

"Fuck...fuck...I cannot hold it."

Jackson, still in the middle of his climax, could not control Chesnaught dick, continue to expand in his throat and pulsing every second faster, feeling the heartbeat of his Pokémon. He knew what was about to happen and he was more than ready to accept all his cum, craving for the taste of delicious cum.Chesnaught did not disappoint him, reaping the grass under his claws as he lifted his ass, fucking Jackson mouth as he finally cum inside his trainer.Jackson's tongue was flat on the huge vein on the base of the Pokémon as he let it go, a potent hot load shot directly down his throat and filling his stomach immediately, as the hot, thick cum covered everything on its path. Jackson did not have to swallow as he was forced to drink all of it, soon so much in his body that his belly start to inflate for every load, the cum finding only his way out around his lips, covering Chesnaught's groin and legs of it, still fucking his face and send his seed everywhere, helped by the Sceptile that did not let the human separate his lips from that slit, pounding even harder inside the boy.

"Jackson...fuck, you slut. You are swallowing all."

Humping his face, Chesnaught was sure to have found a perfect lay for those lonely nights where he would spill all his cum inside, knowing that Jackson loved it as those human hands were squeezing his ass.

Sceptile found the human incredible talented, knowing the amount of cum that one of that size could produce and did not want to do a bad performance, fucking with all his force the human ass. Still far away from his climax even after the increase tightness of the human, he had more stamina and for sure would not let it end so quickly.


He put more of his weight on Jackson's back, slamming his large base against the abused ass.

Jackson swallowed all he could. The dick inside him, covered of cum, soon cleaned by his tongue as the sweet tasty semen went down his throat, leaving Chesnaught completely clean as he pulled out.His dick was still hard, his spikes swollen and making the extraction difficult, making a pop wet sound every time they come out.When it finally pull out, Jackson's face fell on the grass, completely exhausted from the face fuck he got but still awake, smiling and happy, licking some of the cum on his lips and panting hard, knowing he was far away from finishing.

The taste of the Pokémon dick was still intoxicating for him, craving for more and remind himself the pent up horny Sceptile in his back, fucking him roughly. He pushed himself up, at least his upper body, to see only the still hard dick of Chesnaught, rubbing against his face.

"That was great Jackson...I never thought you could be such a bitch. If I would know it sooner..."

His lips kissed the swollen tip, still dripping some of the cum.

"I could train you to be a perfect bitch, even if I see you are natural at it."

Jackson's high pitched moans were followed by his tongue lapping on the tip, still wanting that cock in his sore mouth.

"You are still so hard Chesnaught...I did not do a good job."

Opening his mouth again, he was pushed again on that dick by Sceptile's thrust, taking just the tip inside but enough to satisfy his need.

"I did not do a good job...let me fix that...cum again in me as much you want."

Chesnaught gave him half right, wanting to receive much more than a simple blowjob from him but not belittle the work he did with him, let him suck on his tip, still sensitive.

"You did good bitch, no doubt about it but yes, you will fix it...will fix it by take it all in the ass"

The Pokémon behind him moaned louder than usual as Jackson clench his ass, gaining another load on pre deep in his ass that loose him up more, making Sceptile increase his speed, spreading the soft humans cheeks.

That thing would never fit in him; it was too big even for him.


His Pokémon smiled as those big paws grabbed his side, lifting him up so that he was sitting on the lap of Sceptile, taking the change of position as opportunity to make himself worthy in front of the human by licking his neck and shoulder, placing his paws on his legs and giving slower but harder thrust, sending the human in another dry climax that clenched his wall harder around him, the second dick frotting his own vigorously.

His filled belly was visible to all of three of them, massaged by Chesnaught that enjoyed the movement and reaction of his body to the treatment of the other Pokémon, sitting in front of them.

"You do not know how much I like to see you filled so much."

His palm pushed the smooth, warm belly, feeling the cum inside gushing for the humping of Sceptile that wanted more attention by the human, drunk of pleasure from both.

He caught his attention by licking his cheek; his red tongue asked him to turn to face him, looking at the lusty eyes of the human. They kissed as soon Sceptile opened his mouth to talk, embraced by Jackson's arm that pushed his neck to have a deeper kiss with him, getting intimate and resuming the kiss they had that morning, this time without any berry juice inside their mouth but only their need to shut their loud mouths.

"Sceptile...harder, fuck me harder."

He made it slip while kissing, opening wider his mouth as the Sceptile did as asked, making the human go down on him every time he thrust his dick inside, sucking the tongue that had a slight taste of the other Pokémon's cum.The fragile body on his lap melt like ice under the sun, following the moves of his new friend and fuck himself on it, the exotic red dick touched spots that his finger would never stimulate.

"You...I want you to put your other dick in."

He did not expect that from the human, slowing down his thrust to be sure he heard that well, hearing even a laugh from Chesnaught that was beating off, jerking himself on the sight of his trainer fucked by another smaller Pokémon, knowing that this would make his turn much easier.

"Yes Sceptile, you heard the bitch. She want your other dick in. When will you have the opportunity to do this? Never with another male."

He never stopped teasing Jackson, licking the filled belly with his large tongue and taking his and Sceptile's dick in his paw, jerking them off together and use the pre for lube.

"Sce Sceptile."

Sceptile shut his eyes.

"What...he said Chesnaught?"

The lovely muzzle of his Pokémon was pushing his filled tummy, craving to already fuck his trainer.

"He did not want to hurt you. He enjoy even us only one if it bring you pleasure. Look Sceptile, you are just making some excuse. We are both males and I can tell your desire to bury this one in his ass to and you would only help him."

Spreading his legs and getting closer, Chesnaught confronted his erect dick with Jackson's body, pushed against it and reaching his chest, the tip located right under diaphragm.

"I will make sure he will take every inch of my dick and look how deep it will go. There will be no other male that will let him feel the real pleasure of being penetrated so deeply. I will the one to transform your body into what you wish for Jackson."

Jackson shook his head but kept holding the dick.

"A hole to fill with cum and dicks, always ready for any size and I will be sure you will prefer the huge size like me eheeh."

Sceptile felt almost sorry for the human and what will happen to his so tight and perfect ass, not wanting be in his place right now but he decide to help him, ease the atrocious pain will feel with that thing in him by stretch him up some more. He pulled out his dick for the place the human hole right atop his two tips.

Time stopped as the two looked each other,Jackson begging the Pokémonby only nuzzling his cheek.

"Please Sceptile; I will be it."

Sceptile was still unsure, trying to get some help by Chesnaught that only rubbed his dick against the human body, losing the same amount of pre as when he was inside Jackson's mouth.

"Do it, I want both your dicks in me."

Whispering and begging seem to not be good enough, pushing himself down the dicks but only probe them on his hole, his legs lifted by Sceptile.

"I know wanted to do this from the very first moment our lips touched. I'm begging you Sceptile, please...fuck me all the way and fill me up with your hot cum. You can dump it all in me."

Sceptile could not look at him as the human cheeks were rubbing on his neck, his two dicks hard and ready.

He lowered him, helped by Jackson gripping on both dicks so the tip could get inside, amazed by the sensation of two dicks, throbbing in different time in him.As they entered, Jackson grabbed Sceptile's neck with both arms, giving his back to him as he got more stuffed, crying Sceptile's name.

It felt really good, the dicks were throbbing, losing pre at different time and feel as he was continuously filled with pre that easily come out from his ass, already full and covering the legs of the green Pokémon, not so distant from the climax as the human was working both of them in his ass.

"Yes Sceptile, fuck him good, break his mind and make him be ready for me. I will be sure that we will find a place for you in our team. As you see, we are not enough for this bitch."

Jackson was panting in his ear, moaning and nodding.

"Yes, I need them. I want more from you guys."

He could feel pain, stretching wide around the two dicks but accepting them, his dick painfully hard against Chesnaught's one that was rubbing his dick on him.

Not much time passed before Sceptile buried both of them in him, making a bulge in Jackson's stomach for the thick and deep penetration, appreciated by Chesnaught as well that played with the protuberance, poking and kissing it.

"Seem that Sceptile Is already close. What happened? Cannot handle a bit of workout?"

Sceptile was not an expert as he claimed to be, never used both his cocks with the same partner, not talking a tight fuck like Jackson, motionless on top of him as he let him breed him as his own speed, busy on licking the cock of Chesnaught, stood in front of them and brutally fucking the human mouth but without making him deep throat, wanting to mark him.

"Sceptile, is can cum as much you want. I'm ready, I'm always ready"

He was silence by the dick in his mouth, stroking the rest that was not stimulated by his tongue, patting Chesnaught's leg as the pre was overflowing from his mouth, unable to breath.

"Now I will cover your body with all my cum, then you will go on all four and present to me that cute sloppy ass as Sceptile will finish. Gotcha?"

The human nodded, call him his master as he worked Sceptile's cocks with his ass, bouncing on him and keep asking to be filled quickly.

Pushing on his lap Jackson's round ass, Sceptile let a loud cry as he flowed Jackson's guts with his cum, ropes of thick cum getting deep in his ass, shut from both of his cocks in the same time. Jackson stop sucking as his body get hotter, opening his mouth to release moans for every burst he could feel in him, filled with virile and thick cum.

Chesnaught did not stand there without doing anything, stroking his dick quickly and aiming for Jackson's open mouth, sticking his tip on the human tongue that was still out.He beat off his dick fast, using the palm of his paws to bring him closer to the climax, reached as Jackson closed his mouth around his tip and with another loud moan, Chesnaught made a step back, covering the entire body of Jackson with his cum.

Since he was still on Sceptile's lap, even the grass Pokémon had to be covered of it, trying to cover his face behind the back of the human that accept all, opening his mouth and let the cum gather in there as his whole body got white and completely sticky.He did not swallow without the permission of his master, gulping the load to then receive another one, waiting for him to finish.He was covered of Chesnaught's cum in the end, looking his hands and arms, not leaving anything at the imagination.

"Now...get on all four bitch. It's time to make you mine."

Jackson tried to stand up, his legs shaking under his weight and fell back on Sceptile, still deep in his body, the two cocks limp but still out from his slit.

"I...yes, master."

He knew he had to do as ordered, clenching his teeth as he could feel the limp dicks coming out from his sloppy cum filled ass, dripping cum as it was left empty and not liking that sensation at all.

He was right; he had to continue because he wanted more. Is just his stupid body to block him, not letting him enjoy the real reason of having a team of only horny malePokémon.

" you...?"

He did not have enough air in his lungs to continue the phrase, looking the huge Pokémon walk to his side and get behind him, his cock still hard even after that.

"Do you what, bitch? If I like your sloppy ass? Of course...feeling someone else cum while fucking you will be really fun."

His claws went for those abused ass cheeks, spreading them just to see the mess on them, his hole, even after all that fucking, look still tight, not letting any of the cum come out.

"Love me...I need to hear you say it again."

Pushing aside the master/pet play they were having, Jackson took his paw, holding it tightly.

"Tell me that all this is more than just sex between us. I do not mind Sceptile presence or the fantastic sex we had but...I wanted just be sure that all not just an excuse to have only a way with me."

Chesnaught cut off his aggressive role and rolled on his back for the human, facing him as their face where close to each other, the big Pokémon nuzzling his cheek and kissing him more than one time, forgetting the presence of Sceptile as his tongue asked to gently enter in his trainer mouth, muffling the stupid idea of Jackson and show him his love.

"You are very important to me Jackson, as much as the other. There no other thing in this world more important that your happiness and safety. I would never hurt you and yes, I love you Jackson, with all the love that can exist between two males"

Jackson smiled back, caressing the white muzzle of his Pokémon and kiss back, looking between them as the enormous dick was rubbing against his chest.

"I will not force you to do it but I will be really happy if you let me do it. I dreamt for this moment for too long just to let it slip away Jackson."

His red eyes never leaved Jackson's gaze, assuring him that no harm will be made to him if not the indispensable, relaxing him with his tongue, licking him.

"Okay but...please be gentle with me."

He grabbed his neck

" can return to be the master and call me bitch how much you want. Not that you are not big fucking stud."

Chesnaught grinned, ready to prepare his trainer to his new life under him.

"Pangoro, come onnn. Let's go, come onnn."

Typhlosion was trying to push the heavy frame of the black/white Pokémon with his body, begging like a kid to go to the lake with the other.

"We can have a lot of fun there, come onnn. I wanna do splashy splash."

Pangoro was sitting in place, trying to meditate after the quick breakfast but could not with that spoiled brat Typhlosion.

"Yeah, more like pop with your knot in someone's ass. Let's wait here."

Typhlosion do not let him win, grabbing his cape like fur and pulling him flat on the ground, or at least try but failing.Typhlosion was the younger of them, hatched from his eggs way after his evolution on Pangoro and evolving too quickly due to the too many dose of Rare Candies Jackson gave him to make him evolve faster, as the fire Pokémon begged him to do.

"You know what?"

Without any more patience, Pangoto took Typhlosion by the arm, deadly serious.

"We will be the one to have some fun kid."

Blue doggy

The weather today is like all the other day: hot. Too much hot for him, especially in that bus, finally returning home after two whole weeks out with some old friends that called him, inviting him to stay for some days at their house. It would not be...

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In the middle of the forest, a young boy, named Jackson, decided to stop and stay there for the night. He did not see a single person on the road all day beside a single trainer that was there because he took the wrong turn. He ended up with a battle...

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Just a kid

The sun keeps shining in the area, a wild land where no human is allowed, perfect for a relaxing life in the wild for every kind of Pokémon. The vegetation is plenty, not allowing much sun to pass through, perfect for a lazy Pokémon like the...

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