Everyday Life With Otter Girls: Page 1

Story by LeiLani on SoFurry

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#1 of Text Comic: Everyday Life With Otter Girls

I got the idea from watching "Monster Musume". ^^ If this catches on, I'll keep doing these while I write other things.

Art by Demona: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/demona69

Panel One:

A young, handsome college student named Hiyaki Azumi lies sunning himself poolside outside his deluxe hideaway mansion, reading through a small pamphlet with the words "Proper Care of Your Lutraina" on the cover.

Panel Two:

As he reads, his deep blue eyes widen as a slosh of water splashes down on his back and shoulders, drenching short blonde hair, getting the pamphlet wet in the process.

Hiyaki: What the-!

Panel Three:

Angrily, he leaps to his feet and shouts out of frame towards the water.

Hiyaki: Lani! I said no splashing! You-

Panel Four:

Close-up of his face as it suddenly screws up into a look of shock and awe.

Hiyaki: Y-y-you...

Panel Five:

We see a wide view of an anthropomorphic creature known as a Lutraina, a genetic cross between a common sea otter and a woman, floating naked on her back on the surface of the pool. Water dribbles down voluptuous breasts, a slim tummy, and smooth nethers, all covered in dark-chocolate fur. Below the water, a thick, lithesome rudder-like tail sways to and fro, and webbed paws and plantigrade feet move gently to keep her afloat. She is smiling up at him, glittering dark-green eyes regarding him with a playful gaze through tangled locks of black hair.

Hiyaki: (off frame) Took...off...your bikini...?

Lani: Yes, it was very uncomfortable and slipped right off the moment I dove in. That was probably your intention the whole time, hmm? You naughty thing.

Hiyaki: (off frame) No! Not at all! I didn't mean for that to happen!

Panel Six:

Lani approaches the edge until we can only see her breasts above the water, as she presses close to the side of the pool, giggling up at Hiyaki.

Lani: Well, I forgive you, my love.

Hiyaki: Will you please stop calling me that?!

Panel Seven:

Close-up to Lani's face, and her eyes are much more seductive, water dripping from short black whiskers, and a thick tongue poking out around sharp fangs.

Lani: Since you are wet anyway, come swim with me now, yes?

Hiyaki: (off frame) I...n-no...I can't. Do you mind? I'm trying to study this book!

Everyday Life With Otter Girls: Page 2

**Panel One: ** Lani has stepped from out of the pool, dripping wet, water sloshing over her breasts, down her legs and feet. A splash of water comes from her ruddertail. She reaches for a towel, smiling good-naturedly. _Lani: Well, then I will join...

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