Social Studies

Story by Lion of Shadow on SoFurry

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Tyris is in need of tutoring when the teacher calls in Kyler, a jock, to help him. When Tyris gives Kyler a ride home little did he know the ride he was in for.

Note: This is a fully edited republished short story. Please Enjoy

     East Fairmont was not your typical high school. Where there were typical cliques everyone moved from one to the next making friends with everyone. Then again it wasn't hard since the typical graduating class was only one hundred and twenty five. Everyone got along except for the occasional fight erupting due to dating drama.

     Kyler was a jock even though everyone liked him. He was welcomed in every circle since he wasn't the typical stuck up kind. Then again no one tolerated anyone who was snobbish. Those kind of people were few and far between and became the so called outcasts. There were many who adored the jock including one particular saber-toothed hyena, though he looked closer to being a feline. He was always shy and wanted to be close to Kyler. His name was Tyris.

     "Tyris, do you need help?" The teacher, a Cheetah, asked Tyris one day after class. "We do have a tutor program that can help you. I just don't want to see you struggle anymore." Tyris sighed and looked at the test score from yesterday's exam. It was a low D.

     "If you think it will help. I can't seem to keep dates and events in my mind." He said looking at his History test again. The teacher got up and moved over to the class room door and pressed a button on the wall. After a few seconds the intercom roared to life.

     "Yes, Mrs. Forte?" Came a voice from the box on the wall.

     "Could you find Kyler for me and send him to my classroom?"

     "Sure thing." The voice said before the speaker went dead. Tyris nearly fell out of his seat when Kyler's name had been mentioned. Tyris completely forgot that Kyler would be class Valedictorian at graduation. His grades where always perfect A's which was unheard of from the Jocks. Usually all they cared about was the game that happened every weekend. That weekend Kyler would be playing the Homecoming game and it was rumored that, although he would be crowned Homecoming King, he didn't have a date. Tyris wanted so much to go with him but he didn't know if Kyler was gay or not and the thought of talking to him at all made him nervous.

     There was a knock at the classroom door and Mrs. Forte opened it to welcome in the person behind it. Tyris knew exactly who it was since only one person had been called to the classroom by the office.

     "Hello Mrs. Forte." Came the sultry sexy voice of Kyler from the doorway. "You wanted to see me?"

     "Yes, Kyler. Please come in and have a seat." Kyler had a smile on his face which only grew wider when he saw young Tyris sitting in the front row of the classroom. It could have been a trick of the light or a figment of the youth's imagination. Kyler sat down in the seat next to Tyris and looked back at Mrs. Forte as she sat down behind her long desk.

     "Tyris here is needing some help with his studies and I was wondering, if you're not busy tonight, if you could go over to his home and tutor him?"

     "It would be my pleasure." He replied looking at Tyris who turned red. Tyris caught glean in the jocks eye but thought he had imagined it. There was no way the captain of the football team would ever be interested in someone like him.

     Mrs. Forte shut the door as they left the classroom. Kyler looked Tyris in the eye then grabbed his ass.

     "I look forward to seeing you after school." He said turning to leave the stunned saber-hyena. Tyris couldn't help but wonder if it had been on accident or intentional. He couldn't take his mind off it the rest of the day. The youth spent all of Study Hall pretending to be reading when his mind kept wandering to the otter. He was so far gone in his own thoughts that he didn't even hear the dismissal bell. He didn't even realize anything until someone bumped into his chair jolting him out of his reverie. Gathering his belongings he made his way to his locker. Luckily for him he only had history for homework over the weekend despite everyone assigning work. He had completed those during lunch. There was no issue with his other classes. It was only in history that his grade had dropped and needed help.

     He grabbed his World History book and shoved it in his backpack crumpling old graded worksheets to the bottom.

     Tyris was glad he had his own car though not one of the newer cars everyone else had. It wasn't in bad shape and wasn't unpleasing to the eyes which was good because it didn't stand out as either good or bad. It was a red 2001 Saturn S, although not under manufacturer's warranty, it would occasionally still have to go back to the manufacturer to be fixed as there wasn't much space under the hood to do anything but change the oil. Tyris changed the oil often to make sure his car never broke down on him.

     "Hey Tyris, wait up." Called a voice from behind him as he unlocked the car doors. When he turned around he was surprised to see Kyler running towards him. "Mind if I get a ride from you? I really don't want to take the bus today and I live just right next door."

     It was true they were in fact neighbors but it was the first time he had ever asked for a ride. His parents never let him have a car since they couldn't afford the insurance for a teenage driver. Then again who could? The only reason Tyris had a car was that he payed for it himself and the insurance by working at McDonalds every day. Luckily he didn't have to work that night.

     "Sure." He purred then opened the passenger side door and flung both of their backpacks in the back seat. Kyler hopped in and put on his seatbelt while Tyris shut the door and entered on the driver's side. He made sure to buckle his own seatbelt before putting the car in reverse to join the mass exodus from the school grounds.

     The ride home was silent and uncomfortable so Tyris turned on the radio and put on a CD he hoped the otter would enjoy. He put on the most recent album he bought which was NKOTBSB (New Kinds on the Block and Backstreet Boys). They were touring and soon they would be stopping in Pittsburg which was only an hour and a half away from where they lived.

     "I didn't know you liked New Kinds." Kyler said with a smile. I heard they got back together and immediately got tickets to see them in concert next weekend." Tyris was taken aback and just about rear ended the person in front of him but avoided having a wreck.

     "Really? You're going?" Tyris asked surprised. He didn't know anyone who even knew who the New Kinds were. They had been a boy band started back in the late eighties. "Well I also like the Backstreet Boy but wow I would give anything to get to go."

     "You know I have an extra ticket if you want to go with me." Tyris swallowed and attempted to clear his parched throat. Could Kyler be asking him out on a date or asking a friend?

     "I would love to go. I'll even drive. Who all's going?"

     "Just me. I only bought two tickets." It felt like more than a coincidence. It seemed he just asked him out on a date. Only time would tell.

     "Alright I just need to see if I can get time off from work." They didn't talk anymore after that which was fine since they had reached the house. Tyris pulled into the raised driveway to his parents' house which was a powder blue two story house that had been built for the Manager of the coal mine when the town had been growing. He grabbed the mail before heading inside and placed it on the coffee table in the huge living room which had a hidden dining room off to one side. He slid open on of the panels and peered in to see if his mother was home.

     "Mom, I'm home. I'm not alone I have Kyler from next door here with me. He's going to tutor me tonight."

     "Will he be staying for dinner?" She asked with pins in her muzzle. She had been sewing all day. Tyris looked back at Kyler.

     "Want to stay for dinner?"

     "Would love to." He said with a smile. The hyena turned back to his mother to confirm the dinner date.

     "Good, 'cause I don't want to waste anymore food on leftovers, which no one eats." Tyris shut the slider and guided the otter up the main staircase to the second floor then up the stairs behind another door leading to the attic.

     The room was huge with a queen sized bed pressed in one out cove next to the window. It wasn't much of a view since it was blocked by the dentist's office next door. In one corner sat his computer which seemed to look out of date. It was only a HP slim-line that had been top of its class back in 2003.

     "It's not much but this is my room." Tyris said looking over the immaculate room. He always kept it as clean as possible since his parent's still stored stuff in the makeshift closets that were his walls.

     "Wow, cleaner than my room. I can never fin what I'm looking for." Tyris pulled the computer chair over to his study desk and pulled out the other chair for his guest.

     "Before we start studying mind if we just chill out and listen to some music?" Kyler said sitting down on the bed. Tyris' heart skipped a beat and nodded. He went over to his five disk CD changer and put on some *NSYNC. The jock smiled again singing along to the song "It's Gonna Be Me". The Hyena sat down next to the otter nervous about what he wanted to do but he couldn't help himself as he grabbed his friend and kissed his to which Kyler didn't put up a fight. In fact he put his arms around Tyris and kissed him back pulling him down on top of him. Tyris pulled away blushing again and sat up next to his friend.

     "I'm sorry." He said wringing his hands together. "I shouldn't have done that."

     "I'm not complaining. I've been wanting to do that to you for a long time." Tyris looked away turning bright red again. "I've had my eye on you for some time, you know. I was just too nervous to approach you." Tyris looked at him shocked.

     "You have?" He asked unsure if he should be happy, excited, or overjoyed. He had in fact been asking him on a date.

     "I've been wanting to ever since you came to Fairmont last year. I'm glad I can finally be with you now that we're seniors. I didn't know if I was ever going to get a chance after graduation."

     "I have a confession. I only moved to Fairmont when I saw you like two years ago. We were at Chooches teen club just before it closed. We played pool together, if you remember. I kinda let you win that night."

     "That was you?" Kyler asked incredulously. "I wasn't even out back then I was only fooling myself. I was with my girlfriend at the time." He looked away. Now that everything was out in the open neither of them were sure of anything. Tyris took that moment to break the mood and change his plans.

     "You know there is something I've been wanting to do with you for some time."

     "What's that?" Kyler asked curious now.

     "Lay back, relax, and I'll show you." The otter didn't have to be asked twice. He laid back on the soft bed and waited as the hyena unbuckled Kyler's belt then pulled it out and used it to tie the otter's hands. Kyler smiled and laid his hands above his head as his friend exposed his already hard pulsing shaft. Tyris purred as he rubbed the seven inch member before he took it into his muzzle taking care not to hurt Kyler with his saber teeth. The otter gasped and started to moan while the hyena bobbed up and down on his engorged penis. Tyris licked up the salty shaft reaching the tip to lap up the beads of pre. Kyler was cut so it made it easier for the hyena to enjoy the otter's complete length.

     "Wow that feels so good." Kyler said with his eyes closed unable to help himself. Tyris took it back in his muzzle and sucked on it like a hungry little cub drinking a bottle. Kyler whimpered and pulled his arms close to him letting the belt buckle grind into his wrists. He couldn't help but cry out in pleasure. Tyris stopped and looked to the door.

     "Shh, every noise can be heard on the floor below us." He whispered then looked around for something to help. "I have an idea." he got up off his knees and went to his sock drawer and found the ball gag he kept hidden at the back. He turned back to the prone otter and shoved it in his maw buckling it behind his head.

     "There now you'll be quieter." Kyler felt the gag was somewhat excessive but didn't complain. It just intensified the experience though it was harder for him to swallow. The hyena returned to sucking hard on the pulsing shaft while Kyler cried out in pleasure through the gag, struggling with his hands to grab onto something other than his friends head. He didn't want to have him choke on his full length so he twisted himself and grabbed hard at the pillow tears streaming from his eyes. His breathing was labored now as he grew close to climax but being unable to tell his friend he was about to blow his load in his muzzle he arched his back and filled the hyenas surprised muzzle.

     Tyris tried to swallow what he could but the amount that came out filled his maw and he pulled off the otter's member taking a shot in the face as he gasped for breath. After a final wave the semen fell down the sides of the otter's shaft matting his fur where it landed.

     "That felt so good." Tyris said wiping his face off with a shirt he kept under his bed. Now it's my turn." He grinned and ripped off the otter's pants. Kyler helped by kicking off his shoes. The hyena pulled his pants all the way off but left his friends socks on then pushed his legs up onto his shoulders before leaning down and undoing his own pants. Kyler looked down to see his friends own member and gasped in complete surprise. Not only did the hyena have a knot like a canine but like the feline that he had in him he had barbs on the tip of his eight inch penis. It would be a new feeling and with any luck the otter would be tied with him. A feeling he had always wanted to experience. He just hoped there would be enough time since a knot tended to last for a couple hours, at least that's what he had read somewhere.

     Tyris licked his lips as he prodded the tied up otter with the tip of his shaft testing how hard he would have to push before he could penetrate his friend's tight hole. It seemed he did something in his spare time since it didn't take much pressure at all to slide in up to his knot. He purred as he pulled back out, just not all the way, letting each and every barb grind at his soft insides which only drove the otter crazy. Kyler struggled once more holding the pillow tighter to his chest while the buckle of his belt bit more into his wrists drawing a small bead of blood. It was a new experience for Kyler, even though he had feline style toys at home although none of them had barbs.

     Tyris slid the otter's legs down around his waist as he changed positions and placed his hands on his friend's waist to help him with every thrust. The extra traction made it so much easier and felt so good with the friction from the tight hole. Kyler's body rocked as he was pushed and pulled with the rhythm of the hyena's movements.

     "Oh, my. You feel so good." Tyris growled as he sped up his thrusting wanting to fill the otter's hole with his hot stick seed. His ball sack started to draw his balls close to him ready for the great climax seeming to come soon. He tried to slow himself down to hold off the sensation but it was too late he leaned back thrusting in deep popping his swelling knot into the hole pushing his shaft so far in it felt like it entered another hole. Kyler tried to scream out through his saliva covered ball gag as he arched his back and came again covering his shirt with a hot sticky mess.

     Tyris room the otter's hands in his and undid the restraint before removing the ball gag and kissing his friend using his tongue. Kyler rubbed his tongue along Tyris's and wrapped his arms around the hyena's neck. As they pulled away a strand of saliva connected their tongues together for a moment then broke off as they pulled further apart.

     "That felt so good." Kyler said laying back pulling his friend down on top of him. They both panted trying to catch their breath. "I've been wanting to ask you, since Mrs. Forte brought me to the classroom, if you would go out with me?" Tyris purred and kissed the tied otter again before answering.

     "Of course. I thought you'd never ask." Dinner was still an hour away and they were both exhausted so Tyris yanked hard on his cock popping his knot out of the otters tight hole causing him to yelp then they both laid half naked on the bed holding one another close. They bother never felt as good as they had when they were in each other's arms.

     Before long they had fallen asleep. Neither of them had stirred when there came a knock at the door and Tyris's mother called up to them for dinner. When they wouldn't answer she walked upstairs to find that they were both under the covers in each other's arms. She smiled to herself and let herself back out the door at the bottom of the stairs. She was happy her son found someone he could love.