[R] A Warm Shower

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#8 of Requests

Friends are friends...but, what happens when both parties loves each other? Well, now Serena has to face some love that, she wanted, but, she can't say it aloud since she's too shy...or not?

Request by CoreyPeters163 on Inkbunny

Thank you!

Serena: Oh...Ash... Ash: Shh, just...let it go...

It was a sunny day in region Kalos, after winning the Kalos' tournament, Ash, always with Pikachu, finding new adventures, always cheery, alongside with Eureka, Citron and Serena, are in the nature. Citron and Eureka, as well Pikachu and the others pokemons, weren't there, though both Ash and Serena were asleep, Ash woke up first, then he goes where Serena's sleeping Ash: Hey Whispering, he wakes her Ash: Sorry, were you dreaming? Serena: Hmm? Yeah, i was -She said in a low tone, barely heard by Ash Ash: Sorry, it's a bit late Their eyes meet each other Serena's thoughts: Oh my...he's so beautiful Serena: Where are the others? Ash: They went to find some food for breakfast -He said it, ignoring what have just happened Serene: Oh... She blush, and tries to hold the breath Every single night, since Serena had saw Ash by the first time at the Professor Oak' camp, she had dreamt with waking up and seeing him first, but this time was the first time that he woke her Ash: Are you feeling alright? Serena's thoughts: Yes, i'm always fine with you, but i can't tell you, i dunno if i'm already enough for you Serena: Uh..yeah! -She say it releasing the air inside her, nodding At the background, they can hear Eureka and Citron coming Eureka: Hey!! We've got the food! Ash: Jeje, looks like we've got company! -he smiles, and Serena looks disappointed Serena's thoughts: Oh, no! I wanted to be alone with him, but it can't be Citron: Hey! both of you are awake, here, we bringed the breakfast. Pikachu and the others formed a circle to eat, and Eureka, with bliss, gave them the food. Ash felt very distant after that awkward moment with Serena, but still, he looked for the others like nothing had happened. When the pokemons felt asleep, Ash, Serena, Citron and Eureka started to eat Ash's thoughs: Oh gosh, Serena, you're so cute, how can't i say it aloud, i mean..., hmm, this sandwich is delicious! Serena's thoughts: Ash, you looked like a dream, and still, you don't feel anything for me? Is that 'm a newbie for you? hmm, this sandwich is delicious! Ash: Where did you find this food, guys? Citron: We...- Eureka: At the Pokemon's Center Serena: I didn't remember that they made such a good sandwich Citron: Ejem, i made them, with the food inside there Citron blushes Serena: Why do you blush, Citron? Citron: Amm, i was remembering when i made them, a girl appeared, we chatted for awhile and Eureka asked her if she wanted to get married with me Eureka: Onii-chan, i won't let you end alone, i'll get a gorgeous wife! She said that with such confident that Citron blushes and he looks like a tomato Citron: Eureka! Eureka seems to get fun, even against his sibling, Serena, while eating the sandwich, she started to look Ash, more carefully, but, trying being unnoticed by Ash and the others...

The day passed without much troubles, the Team Rocket wasn't around for a while, it is said in town that Officer Jenny has caught them trying to fool some newbies at the Pokemon Center and they will be off for a long season, but, who knows? At the noon, both Eureka and Citron (and their pokemons) fell asleep pretty soon, which, gave both Ash and Serena an unique chance for them. Serena: Umm, i'm gonna have a bath in the river Ash blushed, but, he nod to say that he understood well. As soon Serena has gone, Ash asked his friend, Pikachu, to get inside the pokeball, and, naturally, he didn't like the idea, and naturally, they started to argue about it, not loudly (to not to wake up their friends), but, at the end, Pikachu agreed to take care both Citron and Eureka for a while, since, with the Team Rocket, you'll never know when they'll appear, and Ash goes to the river.

Serena's thoughts: I know i'm still a newbie, but, why i have to fall in love with a boy whose only goal is become a Pokemon Master, why i'm hurting myself, why i love him, why? Okay Serena, try to not get too excited, he'll be your friend, and try to understand that...

Serena hears something

Serena's thoughts: I know is not Ash, he's probably sleeping, but...

Both Serena and Ash saw each other, and Ash got a nose bleed, Serena: Oh gosh, Ash!

Serena's thoughts: What's he doing here, at this hours? Oh, he saw me...naked Ash's thoughts: Doesn't matter how i see her, she's so beautiful!

Ash starts to get undressed, but keeping the briefs, and he goes where Serena is, getting inside the river. Serena: No!, What are you doing?! She tries to hide her breast, with some success Ash: Shhh...take it easy, i'm not gonna do something weird Both got blushed Serena and Ash's thoughts: Here we go Ash's hands lies in the Serena's cheeks Serena's thoughts: Oh...gosh...it's happening, at last! Ash start to examine carefully Serena's face, and she, naturally let him do, closing her eyes Ash: (whispering) Hey... Serena: Yes (whispering as well) Ash: Y'know, i had a dream, becoming a Pokemon Master was a dream too huge to think, if you think it now, but... Serena's thoughts: Oh, c'mon, say it already! Serena: but? Ash: I fell in love of someone, and i love that feeling, y'know?, it feels like you can do whatever you want, that...you are the Master of your own Universe and you can see everything through it He smiles like he was talking about someone else, and she knows that Serena: Really, who is that special girl? (She look disappointed) And Ash, before that question, he smiles, with such a joy... Serena's thoughts: Oh, i'm quite sure i'm not that "special girl" Ash: Oh, if you just knew who's that special girl

Ash: You, you're that girl who can made the sun shine, you're so innocent...i've been trapped by your charm a long time ago, and i don't want to leave such a gorgeous place Serena's thoughts and Serena itself can't believe what's going on, actually, both are speechless, and Serena looks like she's gonna cry from joy Ash: I got an idea -He said with Both of them goes close to a waterfall, and Ash turns on his cellphone, and, after a few start to hear a song. "The World is Our___" shows the screen as the song name Serena: It's so... Smiling with such a joy that, she'll cry eventually from joyness Ash:...Perfect, as you are Ash' fingers starts to play with Serena' soft lips, then, he kissed her. A shy kiss, at first, then, their kisses started to get warm and warmer, and the Ash' hands start to play with Serena's hair Serena: Oh...Ash... Ash: Shh, just...let it go... And there they are: almost naked, kissing each other, and fulfilling each other's feeling to be loved

At the next morning, same scenario: Citron, Eureka and the Pokemons are gone, probably at the Pokemon Center, but this time, Serena woke up first, smiling and whispering, she said Serena: Good morning Ash wakes up, when each other eyes meets again, he smiles, as well whispering Ash: Good morning and both kiss each other


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