Whatever a Prince Wants

Story by Sleths on SoFurry

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#8 of How Royalty Works

Well, once again we have a story following Anken. The story is a follow-up of the series but reading the other stories is not required at all. I would highly recommend reading at least the first story featuring the coyote scribe, which is The Woes of Working Hard. If you enjoy one of them you're very likely to enjoy the other as well.

Another fair warning: the amount of smut in this story is quite high! For those reading this for the plot (is anyone really reading these series for the plot?), my apologies!

Last but not least, as always, refer to the tags to know what to expect and, really, comments and thoughts are always greatly, greatly appreciated! Thanks!

In this document, it is registered the discussion resulting from the meeting taking place in Sirius Castle, at the capital of the honorable wolf kingdom, happening on the third day of the second ne-

"You don't have to go through all the formalities every time, Ank. Nobody here uses the castle's formal name anymore."

The coyote stopped writing to look up at his fellow scribe, who had whispered.

"I like to do it anyways. Keeps things tidy."

The husky just shrugged.


Anken smiled and kept on writing. He liked to have his documents well prepared before the actual writing began. He glanced at the husky, who was just toying with the feather of his quill. Even if the meeting still hadn't begun, both of them sat in the royal meeting room. The room consisted of a small, extremely well-crafted podium which faced a big table that formed a semicircle against it. The circular table featured six red chairs lined with velvet for the members of the meeting, which in this room meant usually the high royalty and whatever noble of great importance happened to be of importance to the reunion. At the very side of the room, right behind the podium, stood a small, simple table with two wooden chairs destined to the scribes who were tasked of recording the meeting's development and that is where Anken and the other scribe who was working with him, Dewer, sat.

It was still pretty early in the morning. Nothing new for Anken, as he usually woke up way earlier than that for his duties, but it was kinda unusual for the wolves to have a meeting this early. Him and Dewer had been called on short notice and, while Anken didn't like the fact that he'd have to catch up with the rest of his work later, being seen by the high royalty's eyes was never a bad thing.

So far, other than him and Dewer as the two scribes, only the second wolf prince, Rael, stood in the room. The mostly brown-furred wolf stood by the podium, with his back turned to them, while he himself wrote a few notes and prepared whatever it is he was calling the meeting for. Anken could see his tail swishing lazily as he wrote, concentrated. The wolf prince wore an expensive set of clothes, which clung tight to his fit build. He was not too tall for a wolf, nor muscular, but had a slender, fit build that didn't match all the time he spent in his office writing letters and reviewing documents. Both his shirt and trousers had several golden-colored linings that showed his status to anyone who even as much as glanced towards him. Anken had never seen second prince Rael underdressed. The second prince was also by far the hardest prince to deal with. He was extremely strict, always demanding that every formality was met in his presence and having a history of severe punishment to those who didn't. Rael was in charge of most political arrangements regarding the kingdom, which kept him busy every hour of every day. Those who worked at the castle knew he worked even harder than his elder brother, the king himself, in his obsession to keeping everything in order.

At that moment, the door opened, and all three of them looked up to see fourth prince Rowell walking in and closing the door behind him. His eyes went by Anken and Dewer before stopping at his brother and giving him a small nod of his head.

"G' morning, brother."

"Good morning."

Rael went right back to his writing after the polite response, while Rowell took his usual seat in the third chair of the circular table and yawned. Fourth prince Rowell had his fur mostly grey, as his father did before him, but with several small patches of darker or lighter grey scattered through it. His clothes also looked expensive, but he wore a robe rather than the usual noble garment, as that was to be expected of the castle's Grandmaster of Magic. Anken didn't know him very well. Rowell spent a whole lot of time in the castle's library, which he also did, but that was pretty much all he saw of him since, being a scribe, he had never known or had any real interest in magic anyways. Magic was a chaotic thing and Anken had always preferred the natural order of things.

After a little while, prince Rael looked up from his papers, seemingly done.

"I'm glad you came so promptly, Rowell. We have a few things to discuss regarding the castle's magical wards."

Rowell looked up at him, his ears perking up. "I'm listening."

Rael turned back towards at Anken and Dewer. His eyes with an obvious annoyed hint signaling he wanted privacy.

"You two. Go get Regnar and Raenn. Tell them to be here for the meeting in half an hour and not a minute later."

Both the coyote and husky stood up from their chairs and bowed with a quick "Yes, my lord.". They walked fast out the door to carry on with their task. Standing at the hallway, Dewer stretched himself.

"Man... Now we gotta be message boys! Like slaves."

The coyote raised an eyebrow to him.

"Yes, well, we better hurry. If the princes run late the fault will fall over us. You go get Regnar in his room and I'll go get Raenn."

"Alright." The husky nodded and they both went on their separate ways. For what Anken knew about fifth prince Raenn, he would probably still be asleep, since it was still the middle of the morning. Waking him up would be unpleasant, but it was still better than going to see third prince Regnar. Anken's muzzle grew with a tint of a blush when he thought about what prince Regnar put him through the day before. It had been... challenging, to say the least. He felt like he should personally feel anger towards the prince for joking with him like that. Putting his whole job, which he worked so hard for, at jeopardy. Yet, when he thought about the big black wolf prince and that typical smug smile in his muzzle, it wasn't anger that came first to his mind.

Still, all of that was even more of a reason to avoid prince Regnar. Anken was a scribe and he considered himself a smart one. He knew his place very well. Having the prince's good favour was a good opportunity for him, but he'd have to play those cards carefully as that particular prince's favour also came with a risk.

The coyote took a deep breath as he stood before prince Raenn's bedchamber's door. He hesitated for a moment. Prince Raenn would probably not like to be waken at all, but he had no choice. He brought his paw up, knocked on the door loudly three times and waited. Nothing. Probably not enough to wake up the wolf. He knocked again, several times, and then his ears perked up as he heard a shout from inside.

"Go AWAY! We're busy!"

"We"? That meant prince Raenn was awake and had company. It was even worse than he'd thought, but he definitely couldn't afford to wait until the wolf prince was done with whatever he was doing. Probably using slaves. Anken leaned towards the door, calling up the most polite tone of voice he could muster.

"I'm terribly sorry, my lord, but it is urgent."

The coyote waited. He heard a rumble from inside. A growl? His ears folded back slightly at it. Steps followed. They got closer and closer and then the door swung open and Anken's eyes widened seeing the tall black wolf, third prince Regnar, growling and completely naked save for a small bunch of rolled up pants held against his cock, which was obviously rock hard, as the red tip of it escaped through the side of its cover.

"What the HELL is... Oh, it's you."

Anken's ears folded back completely and he couldn't help but blush. What was prince Regnar doing in prince Raenn's room? The answer was quite obvious. Looking past the big black wolf Anken could glimpse prince Raenn standing next to his bed... with his cock inside a slave's tailhole, who in turn seemed to squirm and let out small moans for it. The coyote took a few seconds to recover from his surprise and bring up his manners again. He made a deep bow.

"I am very sorry to interrupt, my lord, but prince Rael requests your and prince Raenn's presence in the royal meeting room in half an hour."

A smile slowly grew on Regnar's muzzle. He leaned on the doorframe, apparently not minding at all the fact that he was naked and there were other slaves who could walk past the hallway. Nor minding how uncomfortable it made the coyote.

"I see. And you are a message boy now? You're doing the scribing crap for the meeting, aren't you?"

Anken's ears folded back a little more. He didn't like where this was going.

"Yes, my lord. As by lord Rael's decree there must always be two scribes in official meetings to record the discussed topics formally and keep a copy in the library's vault."

Regnar just chuckled at his explanation. "It's so cute when you go all technical about that formal crap."

Anken flushed. He felt it was mighty irresponsible for a prince to call the governamental organization system "crap". Yet, it didn't matter. That was just how prince Regnar was. Anken just made another bow and tried to ignore his statement.

"Please, if you would, my lord, prince Rael would ask that you and prince Raenn do not be late."

He turned to leave. He'd had enough of all of that. But he wasn't blessed with such an opportunity.

"Not so fast. You're coming with me. I'll swing by my room to dress up properly and then we'll go to the meeting."

Anken's ears folded back once more and his tail betrayed his anxiety, tucking down between his legs for a moment. He quickly tried to hide that. "I'm sorry, my lord, but if you will allow, I have many preparations to do before my duty transcribing the meet-"

"Nope. You're with me. Wait here while I throw my clothes back on."

The black wolf interrupted him, blurted his orders and went inside before he could answer to pick up the rest of his clothes on the floor besides prince Raenn, who apparently was now... knotted to the slave. And jerking him off. The slave moaned as he cummed all over himself. It seemed Raenn's reputation regarding slaves was true.

Nevertheless, a small growl grew inside Anken's throat. Prince Regnar clearly didn't care about his problems. Or about anything other than his own fun, apparently. There was nothing the coyote could do about that since, after all, Regnar was a prince. Still, that very fact meant that he was supposed to be an example for his subjects. Once again, Anken felt like he should be angry, but he could only blush and stare as he saw the big black wolf talking to Raenn and stuffing his big, still hard cock inside his pants, making a clear outline under them when he succeeded.

After exchanging a few more words with his brother, Regnar returned fully dressed and closed the door behind him. He had that smug smile of his on his muzzle. "Let's get going, lil' yote."

The wolf gestured and Anken followed. Regnar's room wasn't on that floor, but it was close enough from Raenn's room so that their walk didn't take long. Reaching Regnar's room, Anken made another small bowing movement when the wolf prince went inside and stood by the door to wait, but soon felt the wolf's paw grab his shirt to pull him inside. "C'mon! No need to be shy! Come in!"

He stumbled inside and heard the door closing behind him as he regained his feet. Looking around, the room was as big as prince Raenn's room, but less... organized. The prince's bed was a mess of sheets and covers. There were several pieces of clothing lying on the floor and trays with plates of what had probably been his breakfast were still lying over the small, circular table on the corner.

"Don't mind the mess. The slaves usually come to clean it after lunch when I'm training," the wolf spoke casually, moving towards his wardrobe to open it and already start taking off his shirt. Anken blushed once again and looked away. It took a few seconds, but he did look away.

"That is quite alright. I appreciate it, my lord, but I think it'd be appropriate to wait outside."

That brought a snort from the black wolf. He was shirtless now and had some fancy clothes laid out for himself over his bed, but he stopped and looked straight at the coyote.

"I knew you'd say that. You're so predictable."

The wolf walked towards the coyote. Anken took a step back, his ears slowly folding back as the wolf approached and he could feel his muzzle hot from his blushing. He couldn't help but glance at the wolf's bared chest. It was huge. His muscles visible and his abdomens clearly defined under his ebony black fur. As prince Regnar stood right in front of him, Anken took another step back and found himself bumping against the door behind him. The wolf was still smiling wide.

"I'd let you go if you wanted to. I really would. But we both know that's not what you want."

Anken looked up at the wolf's eyes. He had an aura of dominance that made his tail tuck between his legs. He did want to get out. He really did. ...Didn't he?

"I... I'm sorry, my lord, but I don't think... I don't..." The coyote was having a hard time keeping his composure. He couldn't find the correct, appropriate words to say in that situation. Or maybe these words simply didn't exist. He knew what he should do. Deep down, he also knew what he wanted to do. He just didn't know which one did he... And then, his thoughts got cut out as the big wolf leaned in to kiss him. He withdrew at first, his head pressing against the wooden door behind him, but the wolf advanced even further and soon, their muzzles met. Anken felt Regnar's tongue invading his muzzle and, closing his eyes, as if it was almost an instinct, kissed him back. Their tongues intertwined with passion. Even in a kiss prince Regnar had complete control. The wolf's bigger tongue danced between their muzzles in a hard but gentle performance.

Their kiss went on and the smaller coyote soon found himself pressed even more against the door as Regnar stepped closer once again. The wolf's paw went under his shirt, caressing his fur and then finding his nipple, which his claws begun to toy with while they made out. Anken couldn't help but let out a soft moan through the kiss. The wolf's body felt so hot pressed against his. After a few more moments, Regnar's paw went down. Down to squeeze the coyote's erection over his pants. He moaned once again. Regnar's paw groped at the outline his cock did over his pants and underwear and went on to feel and rub his balls as well. Anken felt his cock leaking, but then, Regnar withdrew. He was left panting hard, with the wolf's taste still in his mouth and glanced up at the grinning wolf. His ears now flat against his head.

"M... my lord... I..."

Regnar gently closed his muzzle with two claws. "Shhh. You don't have to say anything. Stay right here."

The wolf prince let go of the coyote's muzzle and went on to his desk, opening the bottom drawer and digging for something. Anken stood there as ordered. It was all he could do, still speechless. He felt his heart racing. He'd kissed, made out, even had sex plenty of times before with slaves, companions, dates, all kinds of people, really, and yet he'd never felt quite like he was feeling at that moment. Was it because Regnar was a prince? He found out that he just couldn't pinpoint his feelings from a logical viewpoint.

Regnar apparently found what he was looking for, as he walked back to the small coyote still standing against the door with his smile still wide in his muzzle and a paw behind his back.

"I have a little something for you. I think you're gonna be all cute and serious and not like it, but I promise it'll be worth your while."

The wolf stood right in front of him again, towering over him. The coyote realized he still didn't know what to say. Regnar's hand went back to his chest, caressing it slowly, then going down and down until his claws were feeling and toying with the coyote's still rock hard cock over his pants. The wolf chuckled.

"I knew you'd still be hard. Dirty little 'yote. I was right. You wanted this as much as I did."

That made Anken blush even more. He could feel his face hot and this time he made an effort to muster up an answer, but when he looked up again to speak, the wolf's muzzle was already leaning in for another kiss. Another kiss that he gladly received. This time Regnar was faster. His tongue bolder than before, and at the same time, the wolf's paw started undoing the laces on Anken's pants. He didn't take very long to get through them, even one-handed, and then proceeded to yank the front of the coyote's pants and underwear down, revealing his bouncing, dripping cock to the open world. Anken moaned through the kiss again, specially when Regnar's paw grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly. So slowly. Anken could feel his muzzle on fire once again even through the kiss, but he was now too lost in his immense lust to care about it. He kissed Regnar back with a passion that he could swear the wolf seemed surprised with for a moment, but seemed to enjoy even more.

The coyote barely noticed as Regnar's second hand joined the first in handling his cock. Everything was just so hot. He could feel himself dripping pre all over Regnar's playful claws. They felt sticky, smearing his pre over his own length as he continued to stroke, but then, he felt something else. It was something warm, very warm, almost hot but not hurtful encircling his cock at the very base just above his knot, which he now realized was quite engorged already. The feeling broke his focus on the kissing and he opened his eyes glancing down to see it. At that moment, Regnar broke the kiss again, withdrawing from the coyote and taking a step back. His natural smile of superiority on his face again as he licked his lips. Anken could finally look down properly to see his pants and underwear at his knees, his red, canine cock hard and throbbing with most of his knot out of his sheath as well and, widening his eyes, he saw a small black ring stuck around his cock, just above his knot as he had felt it, and with glowing runes pulsing all over it's surface. He brought his paws down to feel it. It felt like... leather. And the runes, that still glowed in a dim, blue pulsing light, felt like they weren't even there. He tried tugging it, but it was far too tight around his hard cock to come off. He had absolutely no idea how Regnar had managed to put it in there in the first place. All he could do was look up at the wolf with a genuinely confused expression. "W.. what is this? Some sort of magic?!"

The wolf prince chuckled once more, turning his back towards him and going back to his desk.

"You guessed it, genius. It's a very special little toy I had made years ago. Expensive stuff, but top notch! Take a look," Regnar brought up what seemed to be... a sex toy. It was considerably small, about 3 or 4 inches long, and wasn't shaped quite like a cock, but by the way Regnar was holding it, the coyote could tell that's what it was. He couldn't quite make out the material it was made of, but it was completely black as well. Regnar seemed proud of it, and brought a finger to touch its tip gently, like it was something special, but nothing happened. He looked at the thing with a raised eyebrow and an annoyed look.

"Huh. Stupid thing is too old to work properly. I should have Rowell take a look at this to fix it..."

The touched it several times, all over it's length, with his claw, but nothing seemed to happen. Annoyed, he started shaking it in the air.

"I'm sorry, my lord, but what does that has to do with this thing on my... " Anken coughed, embarrassed. "Please, I don't know what this is, but I'd prefer if you could t-"

"AHA! It works!" The wolf prince interrupted him as the thing in his hand started glowing with the same dim, blue light as many runes appeared over its whole surface just like the ring Anken was wearing around his cock. They pulsed a few times, almost in synchrony, and then the runes on both faded completely. Regnar opened a malicious grin, now holding it in his paw with care again, and then slowly brought his other claw up to softly pass it over the toy's length. Anken gasped. His eyes widened in confusion as he... he felt it. He felt in his still hard cock exactly what he was seeing. Regnar's claw going up from the base of his cock all the way to his tip, earning another spurt of pre that now dripped down to the floor. He was dumbstruck.

"...How? That is... It means..." Anken's muzzle burned in a hot blush. His ears folded back and his tail instinctively tucked itself between his legs as he realized what that meant. It meant Regnar had more control over him than ever before. He grabbed the ring around his cock again and pulled. He pulled stubbornly, trying to take it off, but his cock was just too engorged and it felt completely stuck. Regnar just stood there, watching him try with an amused expression.

"Heh. Don't bother. It's magical and it's not coming off that easily. It's also keeping you nice and hard, in case you didn't notice."

Anken felt himself blush even more, giving up on his attempts to take the ring off of his cock and looking up at the big wolf once again. Regnar's hard, considerably sized cock could still be clearly seen outlining his pants. He was definitely enjoying the whole thing.

"Please, my lord, please take this thing off of me! There's no need for these kinds of toys! We could just... I mean, we were already...!" He felt embarrassed just saying it. He didn't really know what exactly they were doing, but he knew he would have gone through with whatever Regnar wanted to do if they had kept going.

"Oh, I know, little 'yote. I know. And trust me, I want that as well. I really do. But I think we have a meeting to attend to, right? Wouldn't want to keep my annoying big brother waiting, would we?"

The meeting! Anken had almost forgot about it. He gasped, his ears perking up. Weren't they late already? He could almost picture everyone in there except for him and Regnar. Dewer would have to cover the entire meeting himself. Prince Rael would be furious at him for failing to bring Regnar and attending a meeting and he'd probably lose his job. At best. Anken quickly grabbed his pants and brought them up, but didn't lace them together, as his hard, throbbing cock was still sticking out and pointing up.

"Please, my lord, we're gonna be late! Take this... 'toy' off me and let's go! Lord Rael will punish me harshly if we make him wait. I beg of you!"

Regnar just snorted. He walked up to Anken again, too slowly and calm for his liking, and his paw grabbed Anken's cock once again. That made the coyote let out a very soft, involuntary moan, but he looked up at the wolf. Regnar tugged at the ring on his cock, feeling its shape, and for a moment Anken felt relief coming over him as he thought Regnar was going to pull it out. The wolf, however, let go of it and, after giving his throbbing cock a few pats, stuffed it inside the coyote's pants and closed them, lacing them up again.

"We're going to continue this from where we stopped after the meeting. You'd like that, wouldn't you? But I can't have you going all soft on me just 'cause you have to write a few pages of boring bureaucratic stuff. I already know you can do this, and it'll be looots of fun, eh?"

The coyote's ears glued down to his head once more. The whole meeting like that? Regnar would put him through that embarrassing endeavor yet again? Looking down he could see a bulge in his pants showing his hardness. He didn't even feel his cock softening. Probably also the ring's doing, like the wolf had said. He shook his head fast. No way.

"No! I can't do that again!"

Regnar's eyes narrowed towards him and he realized he'd been too imposing towards the prince, but as always, the wolf just smiled.

"C'mon little 'yote. Pull this off for me and I'll make sure you are..."

The wolf leaned closer to him again. Their muzzle almost touching. Anken could feel his warm breath brushing the fur of his muzzle as Regnar let his own muzzle hover very close to his for a few seconds. He could swear they would kiss again, the hotness in his chest starting to rise up again, but then Regnar's muzzle moved up close to his ears to whisper.

"I'll make sure you are handsomely rewarded."

The wolf followed up with a small lick to his ear. It made Anken tremble and his cock throb inside the enclosure of his pants. He swallowed hard. He wanted it so badly, but... his career was too much to risk for it. The logical part of his brain screamed at him, and yet, he gave the wolf a small nod. It was all he could bring himself to do. The big wolf ruffled his headfur at that with a very satisfied smile. The black-furred tail swishing behind him in a wagging motion.

"Good boy! It'll be lots of fun! You'll see!"

Anken still couldn't find words to say. He just stood there, leaning against the door and watching the wolf go back to the clothes he had lined up over his bed to put them on. He changed shamelessly in front of the coyote and Anken could even swear the wolf slowed things down when changing his pants only so that the big bulge of his obviously not sheathed cock was at full display. Still, a little while later Regnar was fully dressed in a set of shirt and trousers that matched the noble looking of Rael's clothing. It did, however, look a little out of place over Regnar's broad chest and muscular arms. His bulge also didn't look so obscenely obvious in those pants.

"Now, one last thing."

The coyote's eyes followed the wolf as he went to the desk and grabbed the strange, cock-shaped object again. As his paw enveloped it with a quick movement, Anken gasped, feeling as if a paw had actually grabbed and held his cock inside his pants. He even looked down, in reflex, and that brought a small laugh from Regnar. The wolf picked up a small leather bag from the floor near his desk that already seemed to contain a few pieces of parchment and some other things and stuffed the 'toy' inside. Anken could feel parchment rubbing against his hard dick as if it was his cock that was being stuffed in the bag. As much as it made his muzzle grow red, he had to admit it was pretty amazing.

"Please, my lord, you're not taking that thing too, are you? What if someone sees it? I can feel everything on my... my..." The coyote looked away, even more embarrassed, and the wolf just grinned, walking up to him.

"'Course I am. You should stop worrying. I know how to be careful."

Anken doubted that very much. The wolf pushed the small bag to his hands and he let out a small grunt, feeling every big movement of the bag as it made everything shuffle inside. He stepped aside letting the prince open the door.

"You carry that. C'mon, you don't want to be late, do you? The earlier we get there, the earlier we can get out."

The coyote could only nod, looking down, as he hurried outside with prince Regnar.

When they got back to the meeting room, Anken swallowed nervously seeing that everyone else was already there. Dewer was back at their table, prince Rael was leaning over the semicircular table across Rowell while they talked and 5th prince Raenn was there as well, sitting close to Rowell and seemingly busy gnawing at one of his claws while inspecting it every now and then. Rael glanced up at them as they arrived, but went back to his conversation with prince Rowell. The coyote let out a sigh of relief. They weren't late. He felt Regnar pulling and taking the bag off his paws with a quick movement and that made his ears go down in reflex as the bag was his biggest asset in hiding the bulge in his pants. Not to mention what was inside. He didn't have time to protest as looking up at the big wolf, all he could catch was a small wink in his direction before the prince walked up to his brothers with a loud greeting.

The coyote moved fast back to his table, glad no one even bothered to pay attention to him, and sat back on his chair making sure his belly was almost touching the table's edge in order hide the what was in his pants from Dewer. The husky seemed happy to see him back if his wagging tail was any indication of that.

"Thought you'd be late, Ank! Where the heck did you find lord Regnar? I asked like ten slaves where he was before one pointed me to Raenn's room and then they told me he'd left with you! Hah, who would've known? Lucky you that lord Rael has been talking to lord Rowell about magical wards and stuff forever."

Anken just smiled at the husky politely, preparing the ink in his quill one more and tidying his parchment.

"Yeah, he turned out to be with lord Raenn. Uhh, I have to finish the preparations here. Meeting should start soon."

The husky rolled his eyes, but smiled, leaning back on his chair.

"Yeeeah, yeah, too serious as always, Ank."

It seemed to be enough for Dewer as he picked up his quill and started writing a few things on his parchment as well. Anken looked down to his own document and started writing to finish his introduction. His legs were restless. He kept readjusting them under the table, feeling his still fully hard cock inside his pants and afraid it'd become too visible. He glanced up to see Regnar sitting next to Rowell, talking to both him and Rael. The small bag was set over the table, right in front of him. Anyone could just grab it. Anken tried not to think about that.

It didn't take long for prince Rael to go back to the podium, organize his documents, clean his throat and start the meeting.

"Greetings. As all of you should know, I called upon this meeting to discuss the coming of the dragon highlords to our kingdom, which should happen soon enough. We received the letter announcing the start of their travels seven days ago. It takes about sixteen days to reach us from the dragon lord's castle. A little more in a carriage. That means they should arrive in roughly nine days. We have many preparations to handle before that."

The wolf prince stopped talking and looked up and turned his gaze to Regnar, sitting in his chair with an arm over it's back. Anken couldn't see, as the scribe's table was behind the brown wolf, but he could feel Rael's glare at him.

"You're not on your usual assigned spot."

Regnar just shrugged.

"So? You're up there, our little brother is too young for these things and I don't see our elder brother, the oh-so-honorable king, here either. Plenty of room today. I felt like sitting here."

Rael just shook his head. Anken looked at Regnar and met his eyes. He knew full well that the only reason Regnar wanted to stay in that place was that he was sitting straight across the scribe's table and that allowed him to see his frustration from a privileged viewpoint.

"The king is... busy. He said we should go on without him."

From behind prince Rael, Anken heard a low rumble from his throat that matched how unquiet his tail was, showing how much it bothered him. Living for such a long time in the castle, the coyote knew the king was probably "busy" sleeping or with a heavy hangover. Or both. They rarely saw the king on business early in the morning, unless it was really important.

"At any rate, I already discussed a little bit of the terms regarding magical warding with Rowell. I don't have to remind you that we had been at war with the dragons for a long, long time and our peace treaty is still quite recent. Dragons are highly magical, so we need twice the reinforcement on the castle's wards to make sure we don't miss anything they do regarding magic. Of course they'd never try anything drastic here, in the middle of our lands as exposed as they are, but we will still be cautious nevertheless. Rowell, I understand we might need to hire magic users from the free lands for labor with the magical wards. I'd like to start by discussing how much gold we can spare..."

Anken wrote about what Rael talked about with the mastery of years of practice. His ears stayed high up, listening, and he transcribed everything in short words he would understand later when he rewrote the whole thing in detail. As prince Rael went on and on about values, gold, numbers, he would catch everything into his parchment. Dewer did the same at his side. The husky with his tongue slightly over his lip lost in his concentration. The coyote managed to almost ignore the bulging erection down his pants between his legs. That is, until he felt a touch over his cock. It made him jump and stretch a line too far with his quill. His ears folded back in instinct and he pulled himself to keep writing, but glanced up at Regnar to see the big wolf looking at him with a grin. The bag had vanished from the table and Regnar had his paws down where no one could see them. As their eyes met, Anken couldn't help but blush, feeling a small claw trailing over his length, from the base all the way to the tip, slowly, teasing him.

The coyote swallowed hard and looked away from the wolf hoping he'd stop. He focused his eyes on his writing, still catching the conversation between Rael and Rowell regarding the magical wards. He felt his muzzle grow hot and knew he was blushing again, but he couldn't help it as he felt the claw trailing along his cock once more. Very slowly it went. Up and down, left and right. Circling his length, caressing it. It made his shaft throb harder in his pants and caused him to pull his chair further into the table.

They went on and on for a while. Anken had to make an effort not to start panting. Despite the constant teasing, he was able to keep up with the details of the meeting. He was starting to get used to it. He could feel his cock slowly dripping inside his pants, messing up his underwear, but he could do it. For a moment he found himself thinking about Regnar while listening and writing almost automatically, having done that so many times before. About his "reward". About the big black-furred chest, that smug smile on his muzzle that radiated confidence. About the kiss they shared. The taste... And then, he felt what seemed to be a whole paw grabbing his whole length in a firm grip. Once again, it made him stop for a second and almost miss a few words. He glanced up at the black wolf again and this time, he wasn't looking at him. Both his paws were down under the table, though. He felt the gripping paw squeeze his cock softly. He had to hold back a groan then, but his breath quickened. He brought a paw down, passed it over his shaft and felt nothing but his pants and cock. The magic was amazing. It was as if... As if there was actually a paw holding his cock out in the open. He was having trouble keeping up with the new feeling. The paw would sometimes flex over his cock, tightening the grip, then loosening it. Sometimes it would move its claws back, scratching it softly. Sometimes it would just rub the underside of his cock, always so lightly... He could feel his underwear wet and sticky with his own pre, but he kept his head down, trying his hardest to focus on his writing. Until prince Rael turned his attention from Rowell.

"I suppose that settles that, for now. We'll have to talk again about gold more specifically once you see to the details. Regnar. We have to talk about the guarding duties during their time here. It's obvious we must both show them we are well-armed and make absolutely certainty nothing happens to them while they are our guests. I want at least twice the number of patrols in every..."

As prince Rael turned his attention to Regnar, the paw gripping his cock let go. He sighed in relief for a second as they started talking about military business. Guards, soldiers, patrols, he caught everything with renewed dexterity. His relief didn't last too long, though, as he soon felt a claw trailing over his shaft once again. He actually stopped to look up and see Regnar focused, talking to Rael about his business and still with one of his paws under the table. It was amazing how shameless he was. That thought brought a small growl from Anken's throat while he kept on writing.

Rael and Regnar didn't talk for too long. Regnar seemed to just agree to whatever Rael told him to do with, at most, some clear grunts of how troublesome it would be. They talked about improving the equipment for the guards on patrol, increasing the guard numbers at the slave quarters to ensure there'd be no confusion and mentioned a few scout parties that were delayed in returning, but didn't go deep in any subject. Prince Rael sighed, stopping for a while to write in his own parchment. Silence fell over the room. Anken took the opportunity to complete and tidy up some of his transcription and make a few notes to himself for later, but it didn't take very long for him to feel that paw gripping his cock again. This time, he was kind of expecting it, and it brought nothing but a wince and a small frown when the paw started rubbing over his shaft once more. Finishing his notes, he looked up again with his ears folded back and his blushing muzzle to find prince Regnar looking at him this time. It was only a side glance, but the smile at the corner of his muzzle showed he was fully aware of what he was doing. Prince Rael lifted his head again to turn to prince Raenn.

"And last but not least, Raenn. First, I trust you will be at your best behavior as to not do anything that would embarrass and damage the noble name of our family in the presence of such renowned guests, right?"

Anken could see Raenn's ears fold back at getting a warning in front of his brothers, but he nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, of course."

Rael just nodded as well.

"This is rather unusual, but we need all the help we can get to ensure this hosting runs as smoothly as possible. Dragons are known for their considerable amount of... lust. I thought that since you seem so well acquainted with that sort of thing you could assist the slave master in ensuring the slaves are well prepared to serve them. They will probably want canine slaves and we cannot have them..."

For the first time, Anken wasn't completely sure if he should write that down. Insinuating Raenn was good with slaves and giving him a task like that was almost an insult, but then again, prince Rael never missed an opportunity to point out another's failures. And he always did it with... grace. The coyote continued transcribing the awkward dialogue between the princes even through the insistent, gripping paw that wouldn't let go of his shaft. He could feel his knot very engorged out of his sheath after so much teasing and he wondered for a moment just how would he step up after the meeting was done and hide his big bulge. The paw was now teasing his cocktip. Regnar couldn't possibly know how much more it made him leak. Or could he? He wasn't sure, but he knew it was working very well. As the minutes went on he felt it harder and harder to keep his breathing steady. Dewer was too close and would surely notice if he didn't. He felt the paw enveloping his whole length once again in a grip and then... start stroking it.

He couldn't suppress a grunt this time, even gritting his teeth to keep himself from making any sound and the paw started to lightly stroke his cock. Up and down, up and down, as if jerking him off. So much touch. Much more than before, and it took a great deal out of Anken to keep himself calm and steady. His ears were constantly pinned down against his head, his muzzle felt hot and his pants a sticky mess. He was having a hard time keeping up with their talk now. He'd have to ask for Dewer's notes later to make sure he got everything right. And after being pent up for all this time he could feel himself slowly getting dangerously close to his edge. He looked up at Regnar, who was now staring at him with a grin. His paw was clearly moving under the table, but all the eyes were focused on Raenn who sat at the opposite side of him. The coyote looked at the wolf pleadingly, shaking his head in a very discreet but urgent way. That made Regnar's grin widen, and he felt the wolf's paw stroking his cock even harder for a few seconds. It made him close his eyes. Regnar couldn't possibly want to make him cum right there, in the middle of the meeting... could he? He would never be able to keep his cool if he did. He opened his eyes again urgently, suppressing a whine from his throat as the strong stroking continued over his cock and then, his eyes grew wide.

Regnar had both paws over the table now and the bag was standing right there too, untouched. Yet the strokes over his length continued. Regnar still looked at him, but his grin slowly diminished to a confused stare as he met Anken's desperate eyes. The coyote saw the wolf prince pick up the bag, bring it back down to his lap under the table and look inside. The wolf's paws moved, and then he felt what seemed like a second touch over his cock, along with the feeling of the paw stroking him. It was just prodding it. Several times. But the stroking wouldn't stop. He felt himself close to cumming. Far too close. But he had to hold it back. His breath was coming short now. He looked at Regnar once again, who looked at him with a serious expression and a raised eyebrow. Something was clearly wrong. Something was clearly wrong and he couldn't hold himself back much longer.

His ears perked up as he heard a whisper coming from his side.

"Are you okay, Ank?"

He turned to see Dewer glancing at him with an expression of genuine concern. The husky still kept his eyes mostly at Rael and made his notes, since they were still speaking, but stole a glance towards Anken every now and then. Of course he would notice something was wrong. Anken's only hope was that he didn't figure out exactly what.

"Y.. yess.. just... just a little dizzy, that's... that's all."

He managed to whisper back to the husky between his panting. Dewer didn't seem very convinced, but he nodded, still with a worried look on his face. It's not like there was anything he could do, either. Anken realized he had lost a whole few sentences between the prince's dialog and hurried himself to keep writing. His quill trembled in his paw. The stroking wouldn't stop. Up and down his length it went. Always exactly the same, continuous movement, but it wouldn't stop. He tried thinking about a thousand things to stop himself from cumming. About his career, about Rael's furious expression if he ever found out what was going on. Anything, but it didn't help. He knew he wasn't going to last.

As he looked up again towards Regnar, his eyes widened once more. He saw prince Regnar leaning towards prince Rowell, whispering to him and handing something, obviously the bag, to the other prince under the table. Prince Rowell looked down at it for a few moments, and then looked up. Looked up at him. Their eyes met for a moment and the coyote felt his muzzle burning on fire. A smile opened up at the corner of prince Rowell's muzzle and the wolf slowly shook his head a few times. It was too much. Anken looked away and knew he couldn't hold it any longer. His paw gripped his quill harder, he pressed his muzzle tight, gritting his teeth hard doing his best not to make a sound out as he felt the pleasure of climax rushing through his body. His cock erupted inside his pants, bursting jet after jet of spunk into his underwear. He could feel the stickiness of his cum enveloping his whole crotch fur. He couldn't hold a small hint of a moan from erupting from his throat and he moved his legs uncomfortably. The stickiness spreading more and more, and worse of all, the stroking still wasn't stopping even through his release. The pleasure made his whole body tremble and, when it finally started subsiding, he gasped, realizing he'd been holding his breath through the whole thing.

"Are you really okay, Ank? Anything hurting?"

His ears folded back again. He looked at Dewer, and nodded quickly.

"Y..yes, don't worrry. I'll be fine."

He couldn't keep his voice from trembling. He felt his cock fully hard, still spasming the last weak spurts of cum into his ruined pants and pressed himself even more against the table, forcing himself to write a little more at least to keep Dewer from getting suspicious about what just happened. He had lost much of what they had said. Worse of all, even after his cumming, the stroking still didn't stop. He could feel perfectly the grip of the phantom paw stroking his hypersensitive cock. He kept moving his legs and hips over the chair, in a reflex to push it away, but it just wouldn't stop.

Looking up at the two princes again, he found Regnar looking at him with an expression of concern, biting his lips. It was the first time he'd seen that. Meanwhile Rowell still looked down and fiddled with what must've been the bag under the table. The coyote knew he must've been looking terrible. He was trying his hardest just to keep his breathing steady, his ears couldn't come up anymore through his embarrassment even if he tried and his tail kept itself tucked under the chair in a reflex to go between his legs. Once again, he felt some prodding on his sensitive cock along with the stroking, a claw passed over it and then, finally, everything stopped.

He looked up to see both princes smiling at him as Rowell handed the bag back to Regnar. He had to look away in his extreme embarrassment, shifting his eyes back to his parchment to resume his writing... just as Rael seemed satisfied. He heard an agreement between both him and Raenn and realized he had missed most of the business between them. That bothered him immensely. The whole room went silent once more and he thought about the whole thing. This time, he SHOULD be furious with Regnar, but when he stole a glance towards the black wolf again all he could feel was... he didn't know. Rael raised his head from his parchment to speak up again.

"That should be all for now. I will check on each one of you about your tasks soon and we will have another meeting in three days. Earlier if I find it necessary."

Everyone relaxed with the dismissal. Dewer let go of his pen and stretched his paws. Prince Raenn got up from his chair and went on to talk to prince Rowell. Regnar stretched himself still in his chair and Rael gathered his documents and stepped down from the podium towards the door to leave without a word.

"Whew! That wasn't so hard. Are you alright, Ank? You looked like quite a mess earlier. How are you feeling?"

The coyote sighed. He was able to answer the husky in his perfect voice this time.

"Yes. I told you, it was nothing. Just stomach cramps. But I'm alright now."

The husky still didn't seem convinced.

"You sure? You look like you might have a fever. And hey... you smell something weird?"

The dog sniffed the air with his ears up. Anken closed his legs tightly and felt the mess of cum in his pants getting even worse. His cock still felt hard even after all it went through. No doubt still because of the cursed ring. "Err... Smell? No, I... don't think I do."

The dog kept sniffing the air vehemently, but stopped suddenly. His ears folded back and Anken followed his gaze to see prince Regnar approaching. It made his ears fold back too. The wolf didn't even look at Anken, but instead focused his gaze on Dewer with a stern expression in his muzzle.

"You. Dog scribe. I'm in a big rush and out of time. I want you to run all the way down to the training grounds and tell the guard captain that today's patrols are to be executed as scheduled. Got that?"

Dewer's ears folded back even more, pinning against his head. He nodded and stood up, but seemed confused.

"M... me, my lord? But I... I mean, the slaves are t-"

Prince Regnar interrupted him putting his paw over the table with considerable strength and giving him a small growl along with a very subtle display of teeth.

"I have no time for slaves! Are you questioning a prince? I said GO!"

That brought a whine out of the poor husky, who nodded quickly and started gathering his parchments under his arms. The wolf growled even louder.

"Are you deaf? Go! Leave that crap behind! This other scribe here can take them to you later!"

Dewer nodded , letting go of his stuff and making a very clumsy, fast bow before almost running outside. His tail could be seen well tucked between his legs as he left. He had barely walked out the door when Regnar broke into a laugh.

"By the gods, I always love doing that." He looked down at Anken. The wolf prince had his usual grin in his face again, but something felt different this time. It seemed almost... tender. Maybe it was something about how the wolf's ears were lowered. The coyote couldn't quite tell.

"Sorry 'bout that, little 'yote. Thing went a little out of hand, but don't worry! I think you just got enough material to go over whatever you might've missed during the meeting. We'll go do that in my room. And I think you really, really earned yourself that reward this time."

Brotherly Love

Once again, Raenn found himself walking almost naked through his own castle's corridors with his hands tied behind his back. The bull was right behind him, towering over him. The cursed traitorous slave master who had ruined his life. Just the thought...

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Another Kind of Torture

Dog whimpered as he entered the cold room, crawling alongside his master. His knees and paws hurt from crawling all the way from the master's bedchamber down to the dungeons across the castle's stone floor, but his master liked his Dog to crawl, so he...

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It was still early. The morning chill bristled the wolf's fur as he waited. He stood straight, with a towel hanging over his lifted arm and looking at the bathroom door anxiously. The wolf knew his master would be coming anytime now and he couldn't...

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