World of Chaos: Chapter 10

Story by HowlingNightWolf on SoFurry

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#10 of World of Chaos

This story has scenes of a sexual nature, and often depicts violent and bloody battles. Creatures of different species often times engage in sexual acts. If such things offend you, or you are not of the legal age, then you should not be reading this story. Otherwise, enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think!


The sun rose high in the sky as we peered down into the tundra below. Far to the east, We could just make out what appeared to a human city, what must have been Drifa.

I glanced off to the west, beyond the tundra, where the Sutvalds curved up along the coastline. Somewhere over in that direction lay my homeland.

"I fear this is were we will go our separate ways." Fornvarr said, gazing out over the tundra.

"We've come a long way." I stated, seeing the sun reflect off the remnants of the snow far off to the northern edge of the world.

Fornvarr broke his gaze, looking to me.

I was now a monster of a wolf, standing as tall as a small horse. He didn't have to crouch when he brushed his hand up against my face.

"You've been the best apprentice I've ever had the pleasure of teaching. Furthermore, you've proven a noble friend." He stated, tears swelling in his eyes.

I took a deep breath. My chest seemed to hurt as my heart thudded heavy.

"I'm glad to have met you, Fornvarr." I said in the common tongue, looking him in the eye. "I would have never found my packland without you."

He smiled, embracing me about the neck in a tight hug.

"Perhaps one day we shall meet again. You are always welcome in the Circle of Autumn." He said, breaking the hug.

"One day, perhaps." I repeated. I hadn't expected our goodbye to be so difficult. He was only human, after all. I laughed at the thought.

He reached into his pack, pulling out a strange bead and feather fetish. I could see the familiar wooden beads with the carved wolves encircling it, as well as leather and antler adorning the feather fetish.

"I've been making this for you, friend. It is a focus for spells. If worn, it helps you draw upon your inner wisdom." He said, wiping a tear from his eye. "I would be honored for you to have this." he said.

"The honor is mine, Fornvarr. I don't think I could ever repay you for all you have done."

He braided the fetish into the fur behind my ear, letting it hang down along my jawline.

I gave him a wolfish grin.

We descended the mountain together, coming to the crossroads in the tundra below. One forked off to the east, towards Drifa. The other, northwest. I had vague memories of this crossroad. Last time I passed through here, I was in a cage.

"Well, good friend, Aatu Wintermoon." He stated, referring to the name he had given me on our first meeting, "One last shred of knowledge before I venture off."

I turned from the westward trail, looking back at my unlikely friend.

"Your mother, you said her name was Eluniss?" He asked. I nodded.

"She is a beautiful wolf with a pelt of silver moonlight, with eyes to match?"

Again, I nodded.

"Remember the story I told you, of the Frost Witch?" he asked, before turning to the eastern road.

I sat, deep in thought as I watched him slowly walk away into the distance, the large owl, Noctu sweeping down to glide silently above him.


The elves camp was well disguised, though comfortable, with beautiful silken tents and a large fire that cackled merrily against the cold of the night. Magic had to be at work, as the entire area seemed to be shrouded a certain distance from camp.

Aklys and I were quickly ushered to the fire, where warm meals were instantly provided.

I stuffed my face with little regard to manners. Warm venison, coupled with a mixture of wild berries, a warm hunk of bread, and a goblet of wine. Possibly the finest meal I'd ever had in the wilderness. Perhaps ever, even.

"So, you seek knowledge of this arena." Livillios asked, taking a seat beside me and Aklys.

"M-yes!" I managed through large bites.

He gave me an amused look.

"Well, we also caught wind of this arena in our travels. It didn't take long for us to find it's location. Our royal guard, led by my sister, Lady Aralyn, left just yesterday, to see this arena for themselves." he continued.

"Any word?" I asked, swallowing a large bite of meat.

"Not yet.They should return soon, however. I'm confidant in my sister and her abilities." he replied.

"My lord, may I ask what brings two elves of royal blood out on such an adventure? Would not a warband be sufficient?" I asked.

"Perhaps, though the captive the slavers hold is no mere noble, but the Princess Vailadriel herself." he replied, glancing into the flames.

I wanted to desperately ask how one of the heirs to the council of Rainhaven was captured, but Aklys gave me a look of warning. Sometimes it seemed like the cat could read minds as well as project her thoughts.

"I'm sorry to hear that, my lord." I said instead. "It would seem these slavers have a far reaching grasp." I added.

"This time, they've over reached." He said, a hint of anger in his tone.

We conversed a while about various things, the slavers, he questioning me about how Aklys and I came to travel together, my brother, Camden, and many other minor things.

As the night began to grow later, the sound of horses emerged from the darkness.

Livillios leapt to his feet, rushing to greet his sister. I quickly followed behind. A small elf girl rode on a horse with a tall, reddish-orange haired elven woman. The poor thing was filthy, appearing as if she had worn the same gown for months.

"Lady Vailadriel!" Livillios exclaimed, rushing forward to pull his niece off the horses back.

"U-uncle Liv." She sobbed, embracing the elvish man.

I couldn't help but smile at the reunion.

"Aralyn, did you find any sign of a Halfling with fiery hair to match this one?" Livillios asked, nodding towards me.

Lady Aralyn considered me for a moment.

"I'm afraid not. We did, however, find books of accounts. It's no small wonder that such a brutish people can be so meticulous when it comes to record keeping." She gave me a reassuring grin. "Your brother?" she asked.

I nodded, feeling that dread creeping back up once again.

"I'll have the records poured over. If there is any sign of your brother, you will be informed immediately." She said.

"What of these two?" a guard asked.

I glanced back at the horse he led, which carried an unconscious gnoll, and a nude orc woman with large antlers protruding from her head being led by a tether binding her wrists.


Strange dreams assaulted me. I could not make sense of them. Sometimes, I was naked in the darkness, a hideous cackle sounding from somewhere beyond my sight. Other times, I sat at the edge of a beautifully serene lake, the cool water slowly washing up around me, calming my wounds, letting the fear and hatred wash away.

And like that, it was gone. The world slowly drifted back into view, as if the sun rose up from the eastern sky.

I felt like I was sinking into a cloud. The sensation was uncomfortable, as if I was falling and could not stop myself.

The room, or tent rather, came into focus. I was laying in a large down-feather stuffed bed, the sheets and pillows made of a fine silk-like material, elegant leaves and vines embroidered across them in intricate patterns.

The tent appeared to be of similar design, as spiraling scenes of nature, all gracefully rendered through the decor.

An elf sat in a fine wooden chair at the base of the bed where I lay, a strange look on her face. She glanced up when she saw me stir.

She began to mutter something in a strange, guttural language that sounded more like yips and barks.

"W-what?" I asked, closing my eyes against the light.

"A gnoll that doesn't speak the tongue of his ancestors. Interesting." She said, rising to her feet. Her voice was as smooth as a gentle breeze, as she spoke in the common tongue. She was dressed in an elegant gown of reds and oranges, a laurel of autumn colored leaves upon her head.

"We would have cut you down, Rekkdyr of Duskshire, had it not been for Lady Vailadriel's intervention." she stated, golden eyes considering me warily. "That can easily be remedied."

"Vailadriel? Where is she!" I said, memory of my battle with Krell flooding back to me. I sat up quickly.

"Lady Vailadriel is safe at last. She tells quite a tale." the elvish woman said.

"Lady? She's of noble blood?" I asked, confused.

"She claims you saved her, despite the great risk to yourself, from the hands of werebears and crocodile monsters. That you behaved as honorable as one could expect in such depraved living conditions, and that you were always kind, and even left her modesty and maidenhood intact, despite the lack of appropriate accommodations for a lady of her position."

"Lady Vailadriel does me much honor. I did what any should do in the circumstances." I replied, calming down. My mind was still reeling from the knowledge that Vailadrial was of noble birth.

"I disagree." the woman stated, bluntly.

Here came the disapproval, the disgust, at the monstrous hyena-man. I couldn't blame her, especially after the events of my last fight in the arena.

"You behaved far beyond that which many full fledged knights of Duskshire would." she stated, a warm smile coming to her face.

I stared blankly at the woman.

She gave a soft chuckle.

"Many would-be knights are far from the saints they're portrayed to be by the king of Duskshire. You know this as well as any. Yet, you're not even a knight, and you upheld their honor and their code. You fought bravely, and stood for what you believed to be right, even when the easier path was the safer one. More importantly, you returned to me my daughter."

All I could do was stare blankly.

"I am Lady Aralyn Autumnsong, the Lady of Autumn of the city of Rainhaven." she announced.

"M-My lady, I'm sorry, I should have known." I stuttered stupidly.

She merely smiled.

"Much has happened to you in the last few months. I think you may be forgiven for not recognizing someone you've never met before." she laughed.

"Now, we are returning to Rainhaven. You shall remain with us for as long as you need to recover." She said, turning to leave the tent.

"My lady, might I inquire about a strange orc?" I asked suddenly, thinking of Skempta. Elves and orcs often have a troubled relationship, to say the least.

"The antlered orc is safe, and currently housed in her own tent, at Vailadriel's insistence." She replied.

"Thank you, my lady."

"Now, get some rest, we have a long road ahead of us back to Rainhaven."


I burst into a run, sudden recognition coming to me. This was the very clearing that I was taken from.

Racing through the trees, I came out at the sight of an old kill, long since picked clean by scavengers. I could almost imagine the young pups from so long ago frolicking around under the supervision of the elder wolves, Haeko and I wrestling, Melrakki and Cadno sitting off alone like they always did.

My heart was pounding, this time in excitement. They had to be nearby!

I ran onward, following the trail that led back to the our den.

Anticipation gripped me, and emotions grew strong. I was home!

A silver blur slammed into me, sending me crashing to the ground.

"Why have you come here, outsider!" A growl behind me in the tongue of my kin.

I cautiously took my feet, glancing over at the large, silver she-wolf that stood firmly before me. She was beautiful, complete with glowing silver eyes, and that quick, slender form I remembered.

"Istas?" I asked, hopeful.

She eyed me suspiciously, taking a wary step towards me, sniffing the air.

"A-Aatu?" she whispered at length.

"It can't be!" She exclaimed, rushing forward quicker than I could anticipate.

I crashed backwards as she sniffed at my flank and face, licking my muzzle, and examining every inch of my body. She gave extra notice to the feather and bead fetish braided into my fur.

"You were dead! The raven had taken you to the other world!" she barked happily, emotion taking her voice.

She had grown into a truly beautiful wolf.

"Istas!" I cried indignantly, sitting back from her.

"I'm sorry, it's just, you smell so strange! Like human! How you've grown! I think you're bigger than Haeko now! What happened?" she asked, excitedly. "And what's that in your fur!"

"It's a long tale. Where is father?" I asked, "Where is Mother?" Fornvarr's parting words echoed in my mind.

Istas sat back, sorrow filling her gaze.

"Father's dead. Fur traders from the southlands. They came, killing many and capturing others. Mother, Cadno, and Melrakki were all taken, as well as many others. That was nearly a season ago. Not long after you disappeared." She said, moisture gathering in her eyes.

I fought the sudden weight in my heart.

"Who now leads the pack? Feris?" I asked.

"No, Feris was one of the fallen. Haeko is in charge." she replied, watching me for some reaction.

My brother, just like me and my sister, was still a young wolf, even if he was fully grown. I hadn't known him for a long time, however, when we were pups, he was more of a brute than a thinker.

"How many remain, if our brother is alpha?" I asked, shocked.

"Me, Haeko, Orlo, and four pups of four moons." she replied.

I stared in disbelief. Our pack once had near 20 members, strong hunters and warriors each. Now, it was reduced to one aging wolf, two young adults, and four pups.

"Hard times befell us after you left." she continued, watching me. "A litter of pups was born to Krey and Feris, just before they were killed. It is left to me and Orlo to care for them. Haeko and I to hunt. We cannot face the hide-hunters whenever they come around, so we have been forced to hide, moving the den constantly."

"Istas. How is Haeko?" I asked.

"Quiet. Keeps to himself mostly. Orlo tried to give him advice when he took lead, but I fear he is too proud to listen to the old wolf." She replied.

"Can you take me to him?" I asked.

She hesitated.

"Yes," she said at length, turning suddenly. "This way."

"What is it?" I asked, noting her reluctance.

"I'm afraid Haeko will not think your return so favorable. He may fear you will challenge him for alpha." She replied.

"I have no intention of taking on that role. I merely wish to help my home, my pack." I stated, shaking my head.

"Are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"What, why do you ask?" I asked.

"Your head just shook, kinda side to side." She said.

I cursed to myself. Wolves typically don't use head nods and shakes in their body language. That was a human trait.

"Yeah, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. A habit I picked up in my travels." I replied.

She gave me one final look of concern, before turning once again to lead the way.

Much had changed since I'd been gone. All hopes of a warm welcome home and a good conversation with my mother, Eluniss, disappeared.

I followed my sister off in what once was my homeland. Somehow, it seemed as alien as ever.

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