When World's Collide: Chapter 3

Story by Cee-Jayy on SoFurry

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#3 of When World's Collide

Drake and Chris are separated from each other, and the humans could have just started a war with the dragons. Will Drake find his way back to Chris?

Chapter 3

"If you leave now, I won't hunt you down", said Drake in a voice that scared Chris more than these hunters did, it sounded like someone completely different. "Well shit, boys! I guess we better pack up and go home!" They laughed sarcastically. Chris felt like he was inside a powder keg, waiting for that one spark to ignite it. He'd never felt more scared in his life, but more for Drake than himself. He looked behind him, he could jump down and away from the clearing, but there was a big chance he could break his leg on the way down, or worse, his neck. The men were jittery, they had never faced a dragon as big and as built as Drake before. This would be no easy feat. "Enough talk, take them out!" screamed Darryl as he opened fire, which was followed by the gun shots of the rest of his team. It happened so fast that Chris lost his breath. In a fraction of a second, Drake had turned around, grabbed him, and dived straight off the clearing, gliding down to the bottom. Meanwhile bullets were racketing everywhere, Drake let Chris go "Run!" He commanded, and in the same second propelled himself off the ground with a powerful jump, and with a gigantic flap of his wings he was over and into the clearing in a gust of wind.

Chris was in shock; he froze. His legs didn't seem to want to do what his brain asked. He heard screaming. The kinds of screaming you hear from pigs at a slaughterhouse. Suddenly leaves were flying everywhere, echoes of gun fire rang passed his ears and coming down from the clearing were two men, one shooting at Chris while the other tried to climb down the rocks. A tree half a meter away from his face splintered into a thousand pieces, Chris could swear he could count each piece as time felt like it slowed down. Finally, his legs decided to keep up with his brain and he turned and ran as fast as he could. Shoes digging into the soil, kicking up dirt, he tried to zig zag his way through the trees, avoiding being an easy target. All he could hear was the wheezing of his breath and the pounding of his heart In his ears, which was interrupted every few seconds with a bullet flying passed him or hitting a tree with an echoing crack! He couldn't think of anything else, there was only one repeating thought in his mind: RUN. And that's what he did. He ran faster than he ever has, brushing against trees and bushes, not caring as they cut all along his legs and arms. His throat burned, legs ached and stomach churned as he pushed himself harder than he thought physically possible. He saw a clearing in the trees, and approached a creek. He ran across and headed to where the tree line was thickening, he had a good head start on them, not having to carry any weapons and generally being lighter and faster than them. He couldn't out run them forever, he had to get to his car but that was in the complete opposite direction. He knew he had to get behind them. He came to a stop and took in his surroundings and found a gigantic tree, with a massive hole at the bottom of the trunk, big enough for him to fit in but small enough to miss if you weren't paying attention. He crawled in, pushed himself as far back against the inside of the tree as he could. The adrenaline was coursing through his veins, his vision blurred and his heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. His whole body shivered with fear. Focusing on slowing down his panting, he tried to calm himself. He needed to be quiet.

The two men caught up with him and approached the creek. "Look, in the mud. Tracks. He crossed over, you stay here incase he doubles back, there's no way he'd get across the creek unnoticed. I'll flush him out". And so the bigger man trudged across the creek, searching for Chris. He could hear the man's footsteps. It was hard to tell where he was, but he knew he was close. The crunching of the leaves under his heavy boot got louder, Chris almost peeked his head out to see where he was until a boot landed in front of him. Chris' heart caught in his throat and his whole body tensed up, not wanting to move a muscle. His panting stopped quickly. Holding his breath, afraid to even breathe he just watched. His lungs burned and screamed for air but he did not respond. He quickly looked around for a weapon, a stick, rock, anything! Nothing. His back was turned away from him, he started walking away from the tree, and searched inside a fallen log for Chris. He very slowly let out his breath, but refused to move a single muscle. He felt so exposed. He was less than 10 meters away from him now. Chris felt his heart pounding out of his chest. A thousand things rattled through his head in the span of a second. He thought this is it. Who knows what they'll do to me. There's no one to call, he doesn't even know if Drake is still alive. Should he run for it? Or carefully and as quietly as he can move away? Maybe he should bum rush the man, and hit him with something. Another second passed. He had to make a choice. Move, lest he be seen, or wait it out and he might just over look him. He began to slowly try and move from the tree. Just as he was beginning to poke his head out the man turned around, Chris froze. He was looking directly in Chris' direction. He held his breath, his heart almost stopped. He stayed completely still. The man inched closer. He squinted his eyes and looked into the tree. Chris was still concealed inside the tree, but the man kept coming closer, and closer. That's when Chris saw the smile on his face. "Got you", he teased menacingly. Chris felt his heart drop to the bottom of his stomach. The man reached in, grabbed Chris by his shirt and dragged him out. Chris thrashed at him, scratched and punched to no avail. The man gave him a solid punch in the stomach and Chris had lost his breath. Seeing stars he keeled over onto his knees, grabbing his stomach as if it would ease the throbbing pain. Chris looked up, the man took out a knife and walked towards him, placing the blade on his cheek and pressing it hard into his skin. He could feel his cheek peel open as the man sliced into his face, Chris cried in agony. "I was supposed to bring you back. But they won't miss a dragon fucker" he said as he took a step back, pulling out his handgun and pointing it at Chris' head. Chris looked down and away, in a feeble attempt to protect himself. He heard a loud crunch, followed by a gurgling sound. He looked up, and the man's eyes went wide, blood bubbled out of his mouth. Sticking out of his chest cavity, Chris saw a clenched red fist. It was the fist of a Dragon. The man was dropped to the floor, and looking down at Chris was a gigantic red dragon, at least 8 feet tall, bursting with muscle and painted with splattered blood across his uniform. He smiled and said, "You must be Chris. We have much to discuss". Chris didn't know if he was better off with those men, or this dragon.

As the gunfire consumed the forest, Darryl grinned to himself, feeding off the hunt. It sustained him. It was_him. Watching the two fly over the edge he ran forward, guns blazing. Then just as quickly as the dragon disappeared, he reappeared in the same second. He moved so fast all they could see was a dark blur. With a flap of his wings he crashed straight into Billy, who was on the far most right of the group. He didn't see anything, but he heard the blood curdling screams. "You two!" He pointed towards the men on his left "Down there, after the boy!" He turned to where the screaming stopped. Then he heard a **_whoosh! Another of his men disappeared from behind him; all that replaced him was a trail of splattered blood. This Dragon was nothing like the others Darryl encountered, he was faster and stronger. Deadlier. He looked around nervously, finger on his trigger. "Everyone together, back to back, now!" They all huddled together, covering all sides. One of them shouted "Over there!" and started shooting with no target. The others followed suit. "Cease fire godamnit! I said CEASE FIRE!" strained Darryl, trying to talk above the guns. "I don't like this man, he's fast, he's real fuckin fast" quivered one of them. "Fred, go check that out" Darryl said, pointing towards the tree line. "Are you fuckin nuts? Ain't no way I'm fuckin goin there!" Darryl shoved the barrel of his handgun into Fred's temple, and cocked the hammer. "Check. It. Out". He strained a shaky smile, his scars twisting on his face. He looked crazed. Fred started walking slowly, holding his gun tight. "That's it, go on. Atta boy" coached Darryl. He aimed his weapon directly at Fred. Waiting. He reached the tree line, and there was another **whoosh! This time Darryl fired directly at Fred, hitting something as Fred was taken out in a blur of darkness. He heard a roar, followed by a loud thud and rumble. Bullseye.

"Move in boys!" gleamed Jarred, taking charge this time. On the ground was the dragon, blood streaming down his wings. He got hit where his wing connected to his shoulder blade. He was on his feet in an instant, and turned around. From head to toe, he was covered in blood; it dripped from his claws and teeth. He snarled at them, and within a fraction of a second was running in between the trees at an incredible speed. Even though he was grounded, they were no match for his agility. They chased after him, firing shots haphazardly. Darryl signaled them to halt, surveying the area. Silence. He waited for the dragon to make his next move. It was no use firing into nothing; they would only get a chance when the dragon decided to show himself. The ball was in his court. Out of the woods a darkness grew bigger at an astonishing rate. Realising in time what it was he hit the dirt, unfortunately for one of his men that was directly behind him, he was crushed underneath a boulder that seemed to appear from no where. "Fuck this, I'm outta here!" Screamed someone to his right as they began to turn around and run. Darryl got him right in the back. No one was turning away from this fight. "Any body else?!" He screamed, as he peered out from behind a tree. No movement. Then, a subtle shadow moved near the right, and he fired off a few rounds in that direction. It was starting to get dark, this was getting bad. Soon they would lose almost all visibility out in these woods. He never ran from a fight, ever. "Darryl, I think it's time to retreat and regroup", pleaded Jarred "Don't make me shoot you too, brother". "We're at a disadvantage here, we need to double back down the clearing so we can get our vehicles in this fight. Radio Henry, they should have the boy by now, we'll meet them down there with the trucks. They have weapons we need" Jarred tried to reason. "Fuck" Darryl clenched his teeth, and squeezed his gun tight. "Fall back".

They moved out into the clearing towards the edge, getting ready to climb down when suddenly out of nowhere from the right Drake came crashing through them like a freight train. He slashed at the closest man with his claws, ripping through his shoulder and almost taking his arm off, the body spinning through the air sideways. Before they could react he was upon Jarred, punching him so hard in the face you could hear the crack of his skull. They were down to four. He grabbed someone nearest to him and used him as a shield as the remaining men opened fire, he threw the now dead man at the others, causing them to fall down. He leapt to finish them off as they were on the floor, but Darryl had his hunting knife out and as soon as Drake landed on them, he sunk it deep into his shoulder. He roared in pain and saw the one of the left try and reposition his gun, but clenched his fist around his throat, crushing it and his spine instantly. In the same moment he whipped his tail at Darryl who was on his feet, throwing him down and over the edge. Darryl landed with a snap! One of his bones were protruding from his leg. Drake pulled the knife out of his shoulder and pressed his hand firmly on the wound, it was spurting blood but it would stop momentarily. Down bellow Darryl was writhing in agony, his face turning red and veins almost popping out of his neck as he tried to contain the immense pain radiating through his whole body. Before he blacked out, he saw a gigantic blurred figure, it was a dragon but not the one he just faced. It looked red.

Drake composed himself, remembered that it wasn't over, and got up. He jumped down and landed shakily. He sniffed the air, he could smell blood. He could see the foot tracks leading away deeper into the forest, and he followed them quickly. He approached the creek, and saw the remains of what once was a man. The trees were speckled in blood. Running across the creek he found the body of the other man, looking as if something burst out of his chest. Chris' tracks lead here, but none lead away. And there was only one creature that could do that to a person. It was time to pay his father a visit.

"Call the military. This just got a whole lot bigger than us" said Detective Carter, looking at the massacre laid out before him. After the crime scene was documented and combed for evidence, the bodies were all lined up. They'd need to get dental records to identify some of them. He leaned down and observed one of the bodies, whose rib cage protruded out of its chest. "Jesus fucking Christ. They had no chance. This couldn't have been one dragon. If they managed to take out those other dragons, assuming these are those guys, how did they end up like this? They must have stumbled into a nest or something. Do they even have nests?" he asked himself. He moved on. Amongst the evidence he noticed a back pack that didn't seem to fit this equation. Didn't look like any of theirs. In it, he found some papers on biology, snacks, and a wallet. He found some I.D, it read 'Christopher Robertson'.

Darryl awoke in a chair, with his hands bound behind his back. He looked down at his leg, it was concealed in some gel-like cocoon. Looking around he was in the middle of a room, with one dim light hanging from the ceiling that was shining upon him. The rest of the room was in darkness, he couldn't see how big it was. He had a feeling he was not the only one there. Then appearing out of the darkness a steel chair was pushed into the light, but whoever pushed it there was still concealed in darkness. Then slowly walking out into the light appeared a gigantic red dragon, who took a seat on the chair in front of him. He completely dwarfed Darryl, who was a fairly bulky man. Suddenly Darryl felt very, very exposed. "Mr Barricks, we've got a bit of a predicament here. Is it ok if I call you Darryl?" the red dragon spoke in an unnervingly calm way. How did he know his name? Darryl looked around again, looking for any escape route, or something other than this dragon. But there was nothing. Everything else was complete darkness, forcing him to draw his attention to the dragon. "How rude of me, I haven't even introduced myself, have i? I guess in your tongue, I would be called something akin to Alvanax. I am the General in the Senates army". Darryl stared at him, forcing himself to think of how to get out of this situation. He wouldn't allow himself to guess what was waiting for him if he didn't co-operate. Or even if he did. "Darryl, now you're just being rude" said the general, in a deepening and threatening tone. He loved these little games. That's why he patched his leg up before commencing. After all, who wants to play with broken toys? "What do you want from me, lizard", spat Darryl, with detest and hatred behind his last word. Alvanax chuckled. "I want you to be truthful Darryl. I hope you like this room; we made it specifically for humans. The concrete, these shitty old lights, even these rusty chairs! No high-tech tools or equipment. Just us." Darryl was getting tired of these games, if he was going to torture him, fucking do it already. "Get on with it you freak". Alvanax stood up abruptly, and walked up to Darryl until he could feel the heat radiating off the general. "That eager? Ok, Mr. Barricks. We know your group isn't the only human group hunting down dragons. We've tracked more down but can't find the source of whom these orders are coming from and where these attacks are being organized. Who is organising the attacks, and where are they". Darryl smiled at him, "Fuck you". Alvanax smiled back. "Thank you", he kneeled down and grabbed his hurt leg, and squeezed. Not hard for the general, but Darryl felt like his leg was put inside a compactor. He screamed in utter agony, could a leg pop? "IS THAT ALL YOU CAN FUCKING DO YOU PIECE OF SHIT?! HARDER! BREAK THE FUCKING LEG OFF!" He thrashed against the chair screaming, his head swinging with pain. Alvanax let go. Darryl didn't shed a single tear. But he hunched over, his body looked like it was convulsing. He looked up at the general, and he was smiling. No, he was laughing. He wasn't going to break him. He was a warrior.

"If I can't break your body, I'll have to break your soul". The general had an eerie smile on his face. "For some reason, humans cannot stand the thought of sex outside of their species. I wonder, do you detest that boy because you thought he was fucking that dragon? Does the thought of a human and dragon together make you so sick it would drive you to take the life of one of your own species?" Not at any point did Darryl consider giving up any information even if it meant the ending of this game. Until now. Why was he talking about this? Darryl started to become agitated. Alvanax walked behind Darryl, and placed a hand on his shoulder. Darryl flinched away as much as his bound hands could let him. Alvanax chuckled. "Why are you so tense for?" he began to rub his shoulders. "Get the fuck off me you faggot!" "Well, maybe you like it rough" He ripped Darryl's clothes off, exposing his flesh. He had a nice build; muscled, but under a small layer of fat. He was beefy. Darryl struggled harder than ever now, swinging his weight about in any direction, trying to break free of his bonds to no avail as the chair was bolted down. The general gave him a solid backhand, dazing him and calming him down. He moved to the front of him, kneeling down. Slowly, he started from the edge of his pants and worked his way up his body, kissing and licking all over. He stopped at his nipple, twirling his tongue over it, sucking it and nipping at it. Darryl, still dazed from the hit barely knew what was going on. He continued up his chunky chest, lathering his saliva all over his body. Stopping at his neck he gave it a lingering lick, feeling his pulse in his mouth. "W-what the fuck... Are... Are you..." Darryl barely managed to string a sentence together. Alvanax grabbed his jaw, and positioned it up so he could see the generals face "Now now. You'll want to see this" he stood up, and Darryls eyes widened. Protruding from his ever tightening pants, his enormous throbbing member almost burst out. He unzipped his pants, and let his cock handle the rest. It ripped out of his underwear and it swung in the air, inches away from Darryl's face. Darryl pushed so far back into his chair he almost broke his spine. Snickering, Alvanax grabbed his head by his hair and held it strong. With the other hand he grabbed his growing manhood from the base and slapped Darryl in the face from the side. And again from the other. The musk of it hit Darryl like a truck; it was so potent that he almost puked then and there. The general let the underside of his penis rest on Darryl's face so he could get a proper whiff. "Inhale what a real warrior smells like," he said as he dragged the head down Darryl's face, smearing him with slimy pre. "Ok!" Darryl said, trying not to open his mouth too much, "I'll fuckin tell you everything!" Alvanax smiled. "I know you will. We have serums that will make you tell me anything", "Then.. Then why the fu-" "Foreplay" was all he said. He started to pump his enormous girth up and down, squeezing out more pre onto his lips as he did so. "If you bite, I'll rip your jaw out and continue anyways" he said as he pushed the tip of his head into Darryl's lips. "Mmmmm! MMMMM!" Was the only thing Darryl could muster, but the general put a thumb and finger on either of his cheeks and squeezed, forcing his mouth open "AAAH-mmmm!!" He bellowed as Alvanax pushed his rock hard length inside his mouth, hitting the back of his throat as Darryl gagged. His hefty balls jiggled in front of Darryl's face, swaying with each thrust of his cock. He tried to push further into him, feeling the tip of his cock slip down his throat, further and further. Darryl's entire body quaked, unable to breathe all he could do was heave. He pulled out slightly, allowing him to breathe. He didn't want him unconscious. Yet. After a few seconds Alvanax dove straight back in, building up a rhythm. He placed both hands on Darryl's head as he face fucked him, slamming harder and harder into his throat, going deeper each time. Darryl's body couldn't even do what his reflexes wanted to and puke, because the generals cock was so thick it allowed for nothing to pass it. His balls grew heavy, they sagged as they filled up with his thick seed. They slapped Darryl's chin with each thrust. He picked up his pace, pouring pre directly into Darryl's stomach. Darryl stopped moaning, he distanced himself from his body. He didn't even know if it was him this was happening to. He went some place far away. All that was heard was the slick of the generals engorged cock throat fucking Darryl's face and the groans of Alvanax nearing his climax. He was now half thrusting into his mouth and half bringing his face down onto his thick member, muscles tensed and straining as he dove in as far as he could, almost breaking Darryl's jaw as he was fucking him faster and faster until with a loud roar, he completely shoved his entire length down Darryl's throat, to the base of his cock. Darryl lost consciousness. Alvanax emptied himself into the now limp body of Darryl, pouring his sticky cum into his victim. Pump after pump, he pushed even deeper into his throat, unloading the enormous amounts of semen from his heavy sac. He stayed there moaning, spraying his insides, allowing his throat to milk out the last drops of his potent seed. He pulled out, cock covered in saliva and cum. Darryl's body convulsed and coughed out copious amounts of the generals thick juices. His breaths were jagged. "Hmph. He survived," said Alvanax, with a smirk. He was still rock hard. "Time to go have a talk with Chris". The entrée was finished; the main course is about to be served.

To be continued...

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