High School Homecoming

Story by Feno on SoFurry

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#2 of High School

I feel much better about the quality and story of my second upload. This is the following piece of my series and I would like to create more if it does well.

Together Tyler and Alex left the house, walking in the late morning sun to Tyler's truck. Alex had never felt this good, having just gotten a full muzzle job from Tyler and spending a whole night with him. Together they both got into the truck and Tyler turned to Alex before starting the car. "Alex . . . You really can't tell anyone about any of this, last night, me. If anyone found out, I'd be a wreck just as much as you, football, band. Everything, even my parents don't know"

Alex nodded in response. "Of course, your secret is safe with me. However; I've been thinking of coming out more and more recently."

Tyler raised an eye at the younger tiger. "Well. If you do, than best of luck, the school is full of hard asses." The large bear started the car and the two rode in silence most of the trip. The cool air had fogged up the glass some and gave Alex an uneasy feeling.

Alex watched the familiar roads as the two made their way on the short trip to school. Tyler pulled into the parking lot for Green State's High School and found his regular parking spot. Alex sighed and let out a soft stretch and yawn, arching his back as he motioned to open the door. Tyler grabbed his other arm before he could manage to open the door and the two faces met for a moment. "Alex, remember." He rolled his eyes and pushed open the door "I know you big lug!" Alex made his way down the path leading to the school's central building while Tyler stayed in the truck, sighing.

"Fuck! . . . Why did I go that far this morning?" He laid back against the seat and rubbed his head, the smell of Alex still on his paw. A part of him truly did enjoy the moment they shared but another part of him said it was wrong, false hope for the kid. If he wanted to maintain his reputation he couldn't be seen associating with a soon to be out kid. He pressed the emotions back into him and opened the door, collecting himself up as he walked the same path as Alex.

Tyler rummaged through his locker, finding his chemistry book. A bulky wolf from the football team came around the corner and promptly shut it, scowling. "What the hell man, what happened to picking me up this morning? Now you show up to school?" Tyler's chest rumbled a bit as Kevin stood a foot away, a good friend but not always the brightest.

"Fuck of Kevin, I told you last week I had regionals. I'm not getting 3 hours of sleep to come take your ass to school."

Kevin huffed and frowned a little. Tyler is the only one that knows about Kevin being gay after a simple mistake of not clearing his browser history. Tyler confronted him and told him about himself and ever since they have been friends with benefits. Something always seemed to be missing though and that's why they never went further, he never felt that honest connection and romance. "Don't give me that look." Tyler sighed as Kevin asked "Why do you even do band, you're in football. Those two things really don't mix well, you even missed practice and you're co-captain. Priorities man." As he spoke, the words came out shaky, sounding maybe a bit rehearsed. "Kevin." His voiced was stern but not rude. He looked around to see if anybody else was in the hall before talking again. "What the fuck is this really about? I know it's been a while but I've been busy, it's senior year." Kevin met his eyes, his body was shaking a bit as he tried to find his words.

"Tyler, I miss you. Yeah it's been a while and I don't know what to do on weekends. I'm lost without you. I've been trying to find the courage to tell you how I've felt for a long time now."

Tyler's face was blank now as Kevin stood a mere inches apart now, tears welling in his eyes, he didn't know how to respond, he was always terrible with these emotions. "Tyler. Please." Kevin was slowly falling to his knees as he sobbed shamefully and faintly. Tyler was worried another fur might catch the two here and he reached down, grabbing Kevin's arm and hoisting him up. "Pull it together Kevin. I know you like me and I like you too, just not in that way." Kevin nodded, wiping away his tears. "But, that doesn't mean we can't still be friends or spend time together." Kevin's ears raised brightly and he started to smile. "You can come by Friday after homecoming, nothing funny though, got it?" The wolf's face brightened as he heard the words from the other male and both of them smiled. "Thanks Tyler, I won't." Tyler pat his shoulder a few times and hurried down the hall before he was late to chemistry.

Alex sat at the lunch table, playing the morning over and over in his head and barely touching his food. One of his only friends Ivy noticed his awkward behavior, nudging him with her paw. "What's wrong, you're being quiet today?" Alex glanced up from his seat, blushing a deep crimson. He felt his stomach knot tightly as he struggled to find the courage to let everything out. "Um. . . Well I h-have something to tell you. I'm gay." He mumbled it softly and peered away, unprepared for any reaction she may have.

"You're gay? Fuck Alex, like you haven't made that one obvious before." His eyes went a bit wide as he looked at her, the deer giving him a big grin, trying to lighten the mood. "But in all honesty, I've had my share of presumptions, never bothered me one bit." He smiled to her and she gave him a soft hug. "I've been wanting to be open for a long time, but I've never wanted to deal with the backlash and hate." He glanced around the ringing lunchroom and then back to her. "Well honey, if that's what you want than just do it, no reason to keep hiding yourself and being a miserable person who isn't you. Plus, what better time to come out, it's the 21st century." He nodded, feeling a new surge of confidence, he was going to finally be himself.

"So what's new with you?" Alex asked Ivy, eager to change the topic. "I really don't think you want to know, mostly just farming junk out at the ranch. Anyways, congratulations on your band trip, heard you guys are going to state?" He nodded and finally began to eat his food, the collywobbles and pain subsiding. "Yes, but not until later in the year, we have a lot of prep time and as much as we want to win, we have some other concerts and fund raisers to do for bus and lodging funding." She nodded in response "It really doesn't surprise me that the board didn't give you more funding, all these tool heads here just think about football and pussy. Shit, even FFA doesn't get anything for money and we live the middle of nowhere, farming is our forte." As she spoke she noticed he wasn't fully there. "Whatcha' thinking about?" She poked his side and he snapped out of it again. "Oh sorry, just have a lot going on." He glanced over at the sports table, seeing Bruce and his friends sitting together around the table, than back to Ivy, smiling. "Excited for homecoming than? He had completely forgot that it was homecoming week, despite the decorations filling the walls. Normally I'm not one for school events but I think this one might be something special." Alex glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. "How so?" She giggled some "You know, I have no idea, just a weird feeling. Anyways, I got to go, meeting with FFA, officer positions are voted for tonight sooo~ Good luck with your . . . coming out stuff!" She said this all, struggling to pick up her stuff and move at the same time, Alex was fairly impressed with her balance as she juggled her bags and tray. "Thanks!" He yelled as she was already running off, a little late to her meeting.

Alex grabbed his own things and made his way out of the lunchroom, sighing. He had made his choice and before he knew it, he stood outside the doors of the schools only LGBT club, an annoying gay rainbow sign hung by the door, vandalized with sayings like "God hates fags" And "Stay Queer of here." He grabbed the door handle and with all his courage, entered the room.

Tyler climbed aboard the float entitled to seniors. Friday had rolled around and everyone got out early for the parade and pep rally. He took his place on the throne, his Big Man on Campus medal hung low against his chest, he truly already felt like a king. He smiled wildly and watched over the crowd of furs organizing themselves into their class or club float. Never before had he thought of himself as prince material but the sudden change felt great. He wore a suit that contrasted his fur perfectly but proved a little hot in the hot sun and air, forcing his body to breathe stale air at the tightness. A gorgeous fox made her way across the float to her own modeled throne, a tiara upon her head and a purple that went down perfectly, just enough to not cover her shoes. It was obvious she paid a fortune, perhaps even had the thing custom made for the event. The head prince and princess sat side by side now and Tyler struggled to make small talk with her.

"You . . . Um, look great in that Beth."

She smiled at him and studied his outfit.

"Thanks, not so bad yourself, Tyler."

His cheeks burned a hue of red and she giggled, taking notice. Thankfully, the crowd was dispersing and rearranging, quickly filling the float. It wouldn't be long before they began.

As great as the attention was, the heat and constant smiling was work for the polar bear. He tried his hardest, having close to zero experience in any social event like this, before he was always ahead with the football kids showing off, masked behind a helmet. Crowds came and disappeared, faces becoming a blur as he got plenty of compliments and cheers. Signs were held up for him and Beth, making his heart flutter like never before. Beth was reveling in the moment, blowing kisses to the crowd of on goers, an obvious choice for princess. She was practically made for this, she had the personality, grace, looks and intelligence of a queen. Tyler just felt a bit awkward but that didn't stop him from waving at the happy furs and enjoying his moment.

The class floats parked beside the town's main park, a surprisingly large amount of sections were laid out across the park, booths, music. It was almost like a miniature fair, or perhaps exactly that, thought Tyler. The sun was still bright and Tyler decided to take off his jacket, exploring what there was to offer in his still nice white undershirt and black tie. A few friends pulled him over to the apple bobbing booth, laughing the whole way.

"You have to try this!" Yelled one

"It feels great too!" Exclaimed the other, pushing up to the barrel.

Carefully he lowered his head, not wanting to get his shirt wet and he dipped it into the cool and familiar water. His paws gripped the rough wood as he struggled to find an apple, growling and causing a few bubbles before finally clenching his teeth into one like prey. He pulled his head up and turned, dripping water and spat the apple into his paws, laughing himself now. He managed to break the ice with a second best substitute, water. He got pulled along to a hefty amount of other booths, one took the apple he acquired earlier and made it into a caramel one that reminded him so nostalgically of his childhood. The fall breeze rolled through the trees and brought the fresh scent to him, his body and all worries fading away with the slowly dipping sun. Tyler glanced at his clock and sighed, he needed to head back and get ready for practice or else the coach would chew his ass out, maybe kick it. No literally, kick, he wasn't a tiger you wanted to mess with.

Alex was pushed forward against the wall, grunting somewhat at the roughness as his shoulders hit the lockers. He growled at his assailants which ranged from a beefed up lion to a smaller rat. In his vision the main attacker was a massive lion, bright mane and easily 6 foot. His muscles outreached on either side of his body by the shoulders.

"Listen here, faggot. We don't want you coming anywhere near these lockers or the whole football team."

His heart wavered as the lion gripped harder, a look of determination on his face.

"Don't fucking flatter yourselves, I came here for other reasons."

His stubbornness despite the obvious outnumber lead him to a swift punch in the gut. He gasped in pain as all the air left his body, the surge of pain and adrenaline coursed his body but any revenge was failed as his movements restrained.

"We don't care what you came here for, your kind aren't-. . ."

His words were cut short as the crowd of 6-7 players were shifted and moved away.

Alex's vision was blurred from forced tears but he could see the white paw reach around the huge lion's chest, turning him around and shoving him against a row of lockers close by. He quickly wiped the tears and noticed Tyler, one paw on the top of the lion's upper chest, the other around the lions chin.

"Everyone, get out . . . Now!"

Alex was still shaking from the incursion and kept watching the scene, a few of the other jocks booked it out of the room and a couple remained before Tyler glowered at them.

"I fucking said, GET OUT!"

The remaining few hastily ran out and the three were left in the stale locker room. Tyler's chest rumbled loudly in ferocious anger, Alex had never seen someone this angry, especially not Tyler, and he always kept his cool in band. Markus struggled wildly against the larger bear and bared his white teeth.

"Let. . . Go . . . Now. Or else."

Tyler tightened his grip on the helpless lion.

"No, you listen here. As co-captain you listen to me if you know what's good for you. You're going to apologize to Alex over there,"

He nodded to the quivering tiger now on the floor, sitting on his rump with his arms around his knees, watching the scene.

"And then you're going to go tell your buddies to lay off too, and if I catch you , or anyone else harassing anybody, you're getting kicked off the team for good or they are!"

The bear's fist slammed against the locker and left a small indent, releasing the lion from the lockers and he fell to the floor for a moment, picking himself up. "You're lucky I don't report you either" The bear's face was redder than anything Alex had ever seen as the lion walked over to Alex, rubbing his own shoulder to relieve the stress put by the bear.

"Sorry kid. . ." He looked at Tyler who reluctantly released him, taking his leave to join the remaining members at practice.

Tyler walked over and reached down, pulling Alex to his feet. "What are you doing here? I heard about you coming out, dangerous idea to come around the most homophobic part of the school." The two stood close together, Alex raising his head at the larger male, meeting his eyes, holding back as many tears as he could. His breathing was a little rigid still from the attack and Tyler awaited his response. They stood in silence for a moment before Alex spoke to his savior.

"I. . . I wanted to congratulate you on being picked for Homecoming king, and well. I missed you, I've been think- . . ."

Tyler cut in "Alex, I know what it is you want, but I don't think you truly know what it is you're wanting. Relationships are cruel, I'll only end up hurting you, and I'm leaving for college in the fall." Tyler sighed and looked down at Alex, the tiger had tears streaming down his face. His paws were clenched hard into balls beside him and Tyler reached forward, grabbing his arm tenderly. Alex knew it was right but it was the last thing he wanted to hear. He had hopes that somehow this would work out. Tyler understood the pain and loneliness of the smaller tiger, he truly felt bad for the kid. "Alex, you know I would if I could, some things just aren't the best fit though."

The tiger nodded and Tyler smirked "Thanks for the congratulations too" He slowly let go of him, taking a step back. "I've been dreading this conversation all week and I didn't mean to lead you on. Fuck. . ."

Alex rubbed his tears aside and shook his head. "No, I have to admit, I expected this. It would be selfish to expect you to say yes. And thank you for saving me there; I didn't expect them to jump me." Alex grabbed his bag and went to leave, holding back his feelings from showing anymore.

Tyler wanted to call him back more than anything but he knew it was right. He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning back against the locker as he composed himself. He was still a bit shaky and his paw hurt from the locker he hit in anger over Markus. Tyler had no idea how long it had been but he snapped out of it, pushing his thoughts away to head back to practice.

Alex shut the door to his room, grabbing his phone and checking the time. Four shone across the top along with a reminder to be at the football game before 7 for band. Sighing, he laid down in bed, wanting to stay there for as long as it took rather than watch Tyler and his teammates play. He thought back to the attack earlier and the large arms, how easy it was for him to get assaulted. Never would he let himself lower his guard like that again, especially around the jocks. Alex speculated telling his parents, his whole family knew he was gay already but the last thing he wanted to do was make a big deal out of it all and upset the players more. Anything he did would easily result in revenge and seeing as how well today went he sucked up his pride, plus he had Tyler to protect him. The bear had shone such care and protection that he couldn't help but blush again thinking about him. Grunting, he rolled himself out of bed and made way to the shower, figuring the relaxing heat would help more than pointless thinking.

He shed his pointless clothes while the water warmed and he waited, testing occasionally. Already did he feel the steam soothing before stepping in, feeling all the muscles in his body relax and the bruise on his shoulder unwind. His legs and arms soothed, raising his spirits. His thoughts slowly returned but in a different fashion, he realized things could be worse. Much worse. He didn't get his crush but maybe better things were in store for him, or at least that's what he kept telling himself. Stretching himself around and yawning, the hot water did wonders and before he knew it his whole body, mind and all, felt new. Amazed at how life's simple pleasures could bolster himself, he prepared for tonight, smiling to himself. "Homecoming will kick ass."

Tyler was sweating by the end of practice, it may have been the start of fall but being a huge bear in pads didn't help either. Because of the earlier scene, he asked the captain to require doubles of almost all the exercises and that included himself and anyone not involved. Parameters had to be set, and followed by all men. His muscles ached but they had a game in 3 hours, he could deal with it. Walking down the same path, he approached his locker and was already stripping his sweaty pads off, feeling the slick mesh he dreaded this whole time come free. Piling everything into his locker, he soon stood bare, beside his black jockstrap.

He was preparing to take it off when Kevin come up beside him, slapping his ass. "Watch it Kevin!" He snapped at the wolf who was entertaining himself. "Why you gotta be like that? It's all fun and games." He grinned widely and licked his lips, making Tyler sigh and shake his head. He pulled off his jockstrap and stretched his arms, pulling on his tender muscles. He knew the other male was watching but he didn't care, at least he could contain himself in public. Shutting his locker he made way past the shining black wolf, he wasn't bad looking. He hovered at around 5'8 and 160 pounds, the team's main running back and occasional safety. Tyler himself was an offensive and defensive guard, fairly confident in his role too.

Tyler stepped into the showers, finding his usual stall and relaxing himself like Alex had. The water soothed his muscles and Kevin followed short, taking the spot next to him. "Are we still up for tonight?" Kevin questioned, his eyes boring into Tyler. "Of course. . . Unless you keep pulling gay shit on me." He grinned a bit, showing his white teeth to him and they both laughed some. It felt good to have someone to talk to, even just joke around with after being caught between school and sports and everything else. The place was filling up with typical male musk and sweaty bodies by now, voices echoing off the stone walls.

"Hey Tyler, what happened earlier before practice? I heard some of the gu- . . ." Tyler shot Kevin a hard stare, shaking his head slowly.

"Save it. It wasn't important, just assholes being assholes." He instantly pushed the conversation away.

Kevin picked up on it, a bit curious but he knew better, not wanting to upset Tyler, particularly not on this night or before the game. "No worries." Some other furs entered the shower and took their places, most naked as can be but a few preferred the comfort of underwear to cover their insecurities.

"You ready for the game tonight?" Asked Kevin, handing Tyler the bottle of shampoo.

"Oh yeah, can't wait! Gonna squash some kiddos tonight!" He flexed his bicep momentarily, the bulging muscles popped out wide released it and poured on the shampoo. Kevin blushed like mad and turned away, compelled to say or act and get himself in trouble. Both males quickly finished up, wanting to spend the next hour or more relaxing and prepping for the game.

The high school rafter seating was filled with over a thousand screaming students and parents. Despite being a smaller town, this wasn't a rare occurrence. Alex took his place among the band section, watching the hoops and hollers of all the nearby furs, cheering for Greenville's home town football team. Each team's coach was taking his place on either side of the field and the casters prepared their equipment. Alex checked his phone and to see it was 6:53. Only a little longer before the game started and he could warm himself up, the fall air was rigid and brisk, nearly leaving cuts beneath his fur. He spotted a familiar face a few rows down despite the growing crowd. It was a grizzly bear that he had met in the LGBT club, a sophomore. He was rather sweet but Alex and he knew nothing about one another, he actually didn't even know the bear's name yet. The bear turned, glancing at his surroundings amongst his small group of friends and classmates, who were busy yelling and bolstering the crowd. He saw Alex and waved at him, turning Alex a bit crimson that he remembered him returned with a bashful smile. He felt a little warmer now and his friend beside him nudged him, forcing him back in focus. "We're about to start." When Alex glanced over he was already focused back on the field.

The nation anthem filled the ears of all within a mile, ringing off the covered seating. Any fog in the area had now dispersed or the flood lights cut directly through and lit up the whole field. "Welcome to Greensville high school everybody. Tonight's home team sporting green and blue, the Greensville chasers!" The crowed went into a massive uproar as the favorited team rushed out into the field and across to their coach. "Featuring tonight's seniors, Number 7 Tyler Macri, sporting in 6'2 and 240 pounds. The team's most successful guard and defensive tackle, holding nine sacks already this season." The crowd exploded again for their prince, he ran sideways and bashed his chest piece proudly, drawing up more attention. Alex smiled and cheered along, rooting for the bear to do great tonight. "Following that is number 16, Kevin Miles, 5'8, 160, and a lean machine, his hobbies include long walks on the beach, reading, and crushing his opponents." The majority got a kick out of that one, even the drummer gave a pity 'Ba Dum Tss' for his troubles. "Moving forward, Markus Warner, number 29," Alex instantly recognized the name and body of his attacker, feeling his stomach knot again and his bruised shoulder became apparent. "Marking in at 6'1, 200 pounds, this receiver holds over 800 yards ran already this season." The lion rose his arms and roared, sending the whole crowd into an instant burst and cheer. "On the other side is Woodlands best, red and green away team, the lumberjacks!" They still received a surprising amount of cheers for an away team but as Alex noticed, there was a decent section split for the lumberjacks' student and parents section.

Tyler composed himself on the line, he knew this game meant a lot more than just a game to most people, especially on the homecoming match. To his side was a rowdy crowd, entering the 4th quarter. The score was 32 - 28 and if they could keep the team from scoring and delayed a short time, they would win. Hearts were racing and Tyler gazed directly at the enemy teams bulkiest lineup, the majority of their team was now seniors as they pressured for the win with their most experienced lineup. His arms and paws were sweating badly, the cool air doing nothing as he wasn't exactly hot but also nervous. As soon as the center snapped the ball back Tyler charged forward, challenged by two others, another bear and a rhino. It was ineffective, Tyler broke through and bore down straight on the opposing sides Quarterback, clearly not prepared and he froze like an animal in a headlight. Tyler tackled the wolf over three feet back and sacked him for the second time this match, turning it over to his team. The wolf's uniform was stained with grass and a little mud as he pushed himself away, unaware of the sheer excitement of the crowd. His parents were somewhere up there too and that made him relax. It was as if the whole world were on his side. Alright, we have 30 seconds left on the clock and possession of the ball, we just can't do anything stupid, he thought.

The infuriated opponents took place on the line of scrimmage, Chasers vs. Lumberjacks. The ball snapped back again and Tyler took his ground, fighting back the same bear and smaller deer but his eyes darted to the side, seeing the defense collapse and a grey wolf dash out, tackling his quarterback with more power than Tyler had given their own. He wasn't prepared for the rough assault and entire crowd had frozen, the ball fumbling back chaoticly and the lumberjacks were headed full bore at it. Kevin snatched it, inches away from another set of paws. Full speed forward, he attempted to dodge the blitz but they were ready, three larger players tackled Kevin onto the rope set up to keep back the standing crowd. Instantly they moved and a few screams were heard from shocked members of the mob. Tyler recognized the aggressive behavior and dirty play, wanting the show to go out with a bang. He was over in an instant, grabbing the player in top by his red 86, throwing him backwards at the accumulating crowd of players and coaches. He worked the other two off, his face redder than earlier in the locker room as he shook his friend's body, taking off his helmet. Kevin coughed and slowly sat up. Tyler went to ask him if he was ok but it was pointless, the crowd was so loud with anger and relief that you could barely hear your own thoughts. Tyler looked at his legs and body for injury before sliding his paw around his shoulder, easing him up to his legs and helping him over to the benches.

Coaches resolved the incident by ending the game, the players were growing too violent and there was only ten seconds left, Chasers 32 -28 Lumberjacks. Tyler and Kevin laughed hysterically, sitting side by side. "Nice one man, nearly got yourself killed." They both laughed some more and Kevin smirked. "Your fault asshole, you got them all riled up!"

"Regardless, good match."

"Yeah, good match."

Tyler helped Kevin up, his leg was examined by the standby medics who claimed it was nothing more than a sprain thankfully. The last thing he wanted to see was one of his best friends be knocked out of the season. He eased Kevin to his locker and sat him on the bench. "See you at the dance you big lug, don't wait up." Kevin played as Tyler stripped his dirty pads and uniform off, preparing his suit. "Sure thing." He pat Kevin's sweaty shoulder on his way to the shower and looked back at the shirtless wolf, shaking his head. It was just genuine care right, any friend would worry that much.

Alex walked out of the band room, fidgeting with his tie and growling as it refused to go on right. The cool air returned to wash over him and bring the woodland scents to his nose, something that never got old. He looked around before grabbing his tie, throwing it on the ground, he was getting ready to walk to the dance hall when someone spoke behind him. "Need some help?" His body froze in place, that voice sounded familiar and he slowly turned. It was the larger grizzly from earlier. He was stepping towards Alex, tie held in his hand. He still couldn't find the words to talk but he didn't need to, the bear smiled. Inching forward, the grizzly pulled up Alex's collar, sliding the tie around. Unknowing of how red his face was, he stayed quiet as not to draw attention to it. The other male was so close he could smell his scent, a mix of cologne and sweat, undoubtedly from the cheering and tight crowd. His paws worked similar to those of Tyler, making him tense as he felt his occasional touch, working the knotted neck slide up and hiding it. "There, all good." "Thanks, um . . . I don't actually know your name?" He pegged the shabby bear in front of him, his own dance attire on. "It's Grizz, and har har, yes, I know. Grizz is a Grizzly."

Alex burst out laughing followed by Grizz, a light hearted moment easily broke the ice and gave Alex a reason for red cheeks. "Well Grizz, thanks for your assistance." He bowed politely, like the setting was that of an 18th century gala. The bear grinned and outstretched an arm, looking at Alex. "Well, I must ask, if you aren't occupied this evening, might you want to fancy it with me for the dance?" Grizz played right along, enjoying the change in tone. The prosperous language worked wonders at making it all less awkward for both. Alex however still looked fairly uneasy. "I . . . well, don't kno-" Grizz cut in. "Don't worry about it than. But, I do expect a dance with you, got it?" He played at him expertly, normally not able to compose himself this well and flirt with guys. He winked at the tiger and headed towards the dance, the warmth he had felt rushed and was instantly replaced by the cool night's breeze, the only thing different was he could still smell Grizz.

He entered the dance hall, looking at all the lights strung around the ceiling. It was a bit lonely and odd being to a dance alone and he was starting to regret his choice of not going with Grizz when Ivy bounced up, grabbing Alex's arm. "Hey stud! Come dance with us!" It was clear she made up his mind for him, his feet stumbled across the floor as she drug him into a pile of other furs, mostly girls. The few guys gave him an uncomfortable look but it didn't bother him, he came to enjoy himself.

Tyler walked in with Beth around his arm, the two had decided it would be a good option to go together. They were on their way to join up with the other seniors when a deer pulling a tiger by the edge of his feet rushed by. He didn't even notice it was Alex from the quick blur in the already dim room. He felt Beth move in front of him and start to grind up against him, it felt . . . unusual and not as arousing as he had heard but he played in, letting his paws fall to her side. She had a remarkable body and he cursed himself for being gay, not every day did a guy have something this gorgeous in his paws.

The hall filled with party animals.

"Welcome everyone to Greensville's homecoming dance." The court had all been announced and they results impatiently. Tyler's heart beat fast, for once this was something he wanted. To be recognized and not judged. "This year's Homecoming king . . . Is . . . Tyler Macari!" Cheers went up and the whole senior section pushed Tyler up towards the front of the room, up a few steps onto the stage. His face shone brighter than ever as they placed the king crown on his head. Alex watched from the crowd, smiling himself and enjoying that Tyler had something he deserved. The spotlight was directly on Tyler but to the side he could see the squad of guys that attacked him, making him feel a bit uneasy. They were all laughing and talking together close. "This years' homecoming queen . . . will be . . ." The suspense was killing everyone in the room, especially all the girls awaiting the crown. Normally it would go to the senior but "Alex Martin!" The entire crowd was silent, Tyler's face went from the happiest he'd ever seen to sheer horror. The spotlight moved from the stage to the freshman section, hovering over Alex and making him the center of attention. Each of the contestants faces were that of disgust and dismal. Ivy pushed Alex forward towards the stage, whispering to him. "Don't let them show you up." All eyes in the whole school were on him and no one dared to speak except for his assailants who were laughing hysterically. He was sure it was something they planned as he was pressured into the front of the room. Had it not been for the pure shock factor and Ivy, he would have ran out crying. His body shook some as the queen crown was placed on his head.

Tyler took a step forward, Alex had never seen him more hurt as the music came back on. Whispers could be heard and Tyler reached forward, putting his paw out. "Well, are you going to dance with me, queen?" Everything hit Alex at once and he set his crown down, denying the invitation, running out of the room and to the bathrooms. It was clear to everyone the whole thing was rigged. Beth took her stand on the stage while the outraged teachers came back with the actual results. The principal grabbed the microphone as she spoke. "After that cruel escapade, we will be finding out whose fault it is. Meanwhile, tonight's actual winner is Beth Harmony!" The half enthused crowd gave her applause, the tone was different now for everybody and some contemplated leaving. The music started again, encouraging Tyler to offer his paw again. Beth accepted it and together they danced on stage. He wanted to go after Alex but he figured he would work it out on his own.

Alex sat outside on the school steps, wanting to go home and forget the whole night. He enjoyed that breeze this time, it did wonders to make him think other things but suddenly it stopped. He looked up to see Grizz in the way, blocking the wind. They spent the moment in silence before Alex finally spoke. "You here to make fun of me too?"

Grizz rolled his eyes and extended a paw to Alex. "Come inside."

"Why should I?" Alex looked away, his eyes red.

"I still never got my dance." He shook his paw in front of Alex more as an indication to grab it, he was reluctant but he reached up, taking a hold. He didn't let go when they got up, he lead Alex down the hall and back into the dance, making him blush the whole way. He could see Beth and Tyler on stage now, the couples dance had just started and Tyler melted his cares away, or so it seemed. Grizz took a hold of Alex's side and pressed closer. In middle school there was rules about distance but here he had almost never felt closer to someone as they lightly swayed. He sighed and placed his paws on Grizz's shoulders, swaying back with the male. The thick arms held him secure to him and he could once more take in that same smell from before, melting against his body. He longed for attention like this his whole life and Tyler had only given him a glimpse of what that could be. But here, in Grizz's arms, he felt content.

"Hey Alex, can I use your phone, mine died during the game?" Alex nodded, pulling his phone from his pocket and handing it to Grizz. "Did you have fun tonight?" Grizz pressed, smirking. They had spent the last hour dancing away and Alex had never danced that close with another guy, his body felt great on own. "Honestly, yeah. A lot." He blushed red and Grizz handed the phone back. "Heh, well I'm glad. I had a great night too you know." Alex was beet red now as Grizz stepped closer. "Can I just ask this one thing?" The room was starting to clear out as the dance ended and Grizz was now chest to chest with Alex, gazing down at him. He nodded slowly before Grizz asked his question, their eyes meeting. His body felt hot to the touch but comforting as ever.

"Kiss me?"

Tyler helped Kevin up the stairs to his house, laughing some as he struggled up the first few. He opened the door to the empty home, his parents had gone out to celebrate and left the house to him and any friends.

"So~ you want to watch a movie or something? Also I have food in the kitchen if you're hungry." Tyler glanced at Kevin, still feeling great after his day turned out to be so great. He felt bad for Alex and his little moment but he knew that kid was already through worse.

"Uhh, I'm not too hungry right now, movie sounds good though."

Tyler guided him down the hall, watching him limp a bit. "You sure you're fine?"

"Yeah man, medics said it was nothing, just have to take it easy." Tyler nodded and opened the door for him.

Kevin glanced at the room, the whole room had been cleaned up in preparation for him by Tyler. He sat on the bed and watched Tyler move over to the TV, watching the bear's large frame move. He bit his lower lip and glanced back to the TV rather.

"Any movie in particular?" Asked Tyler, focusing his gaze on the wolf.

"Eh, I'm not picky. Maybe something scary?" Tyler raised an eyebrow at him. "But . . . You're like the biggest chicken I know." A pillow hit his face and both of them laughed. He switched it onto the scary movies channel and flicked off the lights, moving back to sit beside the wolf.

Kevin was holding onto a pillow tight between his knees and chest, arms wrapped around them. Tyler was laid back, watching the movie and at this point struggling to keep his eyes open. His muscles were exhausted after all he had done today and it was past midnight but Kevin was so keen on watching the movie. His eyes were starting to close when the other male yelped, launching them both up. Tyler was wide awake again and Kevin was laughing some from the terrible jump scare that got him. He sighed and sat up, scooting a bit closer to Kevin and watching the movie better now. "Hey Tyler. . . Did anything go on between you and that Alex kid? The way you offered him that dance and I heard about the locker room incident from th- "

"Yes." Tyler remarked bluntly, looking at Kevin. "We had a thing that lasted for literally 30 minutes Kevin." Kevin's heart sunk at the words. It felt like someone stabbed his chest, Tyler had been his crush for years. "Right. . . I see now." Kevin went to stand up but Tyler pulled him back by the arm, his body was shaking.

"I'm sorry Tyler, maybe I should go home." He reached over the bed and grabbed his bag. Tyler's own heart sunk, he was having the perfect day. Homecoming king, they won the football game. The only thing missing was sitting right beside him, he had just never realized it, how much he really did care for the wolf. He almost always put him before anything, they used to fool around before senior year occasionally. By the time he made his choice Kevin was putting on his shoes. The large bear reached out, turning Kevin around, who had a few more tears. He pushed forward and kissed the wolf, feeling his lips tight against the others. It had been a long time, too long.

Kevin pushed back into the sensual moment, his ears pinned back against his head as the bears soft lips made with his. He tasted a bit sweet after the candy he had eaten earlier and left him craving more. Tyler brought Kevin's body to a relaxed state from a quiver. The male had a tight grip on the bear's arms now and they flexed against the touch. Their breathing was rugged as the room began to heat up, Tyler's paws finding themselves exploring down the smaller wolves body and gripping him by the rump. He squeezed slowly, breaking the kiss with a soft strand of spit between the two. Kevin opened his eyes to take in the handsome polar bear, letting out a low moan as the bear touched his ass.

"I promise Kevin, I'm not leading you on this time. If you want things to be different, they can be different. . ." Kevin softened up against the thick bear, his paws moving from the thick biceps to the bear's chest, his head resting peacefully against it. "I'd like that Tyler . . . More than anything." Both of their hearts beat rapidly and close together. Slowly the large bear tilted the wolf's muzzle upwards, kissing him again. This time, Kevin felt the bear's tongue push inside his maw, sliding around and tasting him. The bear rather enjoyed this kiss more than the last. His paws were firmly holding the wolf while he got the access and freedom to explore his new man's taste. His lips tasted sweeter than the last time, a bit musky too.

Tyler reached backwards and turned off television, leading the wolf through the darkness and back to his bed. Sight was no longer an option as their eyes were adjusting, both males laying together in the bed now. Kevin rest his head on the thick bear's chest, taking in his musky scent. His body had been working overdrive to produce pheromones and adrenaline today after everything that had happened. The shower he took earlier didn't do much to mask any of it as Kevin nosed his way in, drawing a buried rumble from Tyler's chest. During this time, Tyler moved his paws up and down the wolf's hips, moving upwards and rubbing his waist slowly. His eyes had adjusted to the lack of light, now able to see the clothed figure beside him in the dim moonlight from outside. With little force he moved the wolf backwards on his bed, shifting so he was on top of him and his paws worked on removing his shirt.

Tyler leaned down to sniff his fresh prey, smelling nearly the same thing, perhaps a bit more fiery and hot compared to his own arctic and musky bear nature. His paw nestled against the wolf's abs while his mouth went to work, caressing his neck gradually. His actions rewarded him below with a faintly moaning wolf, his breath hot and arms resting at his sides.

"Tyler . . ." Kevin called, feeling his groin start to bulge in his pants.

Tyler knew the plea, he was always the dominant one and the one who pushed the nature of the sex. He released the male's neck and moved his face up, lips a mere inch away as Kevin reacquired his sight. Kevin made eye contact with the stud above him, gazing into the serene green, forcing his body to unwind as he got lost. The contact was truly something special, his paws lowering to undo Kevin's belt. He slid the jeans down with care, Kevin assisting and wiggling slowly below his beast of prey.

"You sincerely are something special, I don't know why I never realized it. I'm sorry" Tyler's words were tender and warm, heating the wolf's cheeks literally, and making him blush. The polar bear's paws moved south, a place he's familiar with. He caressed the growing cock of Kevin under the boxers teasingly, drawing a few exasperated moans. He groaned Tyler's name again and he sighed, moving on.

"You know I like to play with my food." He smirked and pulled down Kevin's boxers, leaving him in the buff below. His cock shot out to its full 8 and a half inches, leaving Tyler's chest to rumble at the sight. He wrapped his hungry paw around the hardening wolf cock and leaned down, giving Kevin a few soft kisses, his body shaking. He reached his arms up now and stroking Tyler's shoulders, grunting at the soft touch and playfulness of the bear tonight.

"Sure know how to treat a guy don't ya?" Kevin grinned up at Tyler and started to unbutton his shirt. He watched the wolf work his paws before speaking

"I'm just getting started." He pulled the unbuttoned shirt off and worked off his slacks. The bear was left in nothing but black briefs, normally contrasting his fur if there was more light. The wolf licked his lips in anticipation, feeling the bear move around in the dark, awaiting his demands. Tyler fluffed out his bulge and peered at the waiting wolf. He inched forward and winked at Kevin, sliding his briefs down. He climbed up and straddled his chest with ease, his musky cock growing in size with each second. Now, his cock was a mere two inches away from the wolf's muzzle, unable to reach. He wiggled some and Tyler responded with a few strokes, letting his ebony shaft thicken up and expand more, the final thing resting at 10 inches and thick, about 3/4ths that of a soda can. He gripped his full length now and eased it towards Kevin's muzzle, watching as he accepted it openly and let his first few inches slide in. He groaned and rubbed the others cheek, his cock sinking in another few inches into his friends wet mouth. Kevin smiled up at him, lifting a paw to lightly stroke the base of his heating cock. It took most of his paw to wrap around the throbbing flesh while he played with the other half, causing Tyler to tense and start releasing some pre. The salty solution coated his muzzle and added a whole new sense to the regular muskiness of the situation.

Tyler's chest rumbled louder, he placed his paw behind the wolf's head and encouraged him along, watching his cock sink gradually into the willing muzzle.

"Fuck Kevin. . ." The bear tensed up, feeling the wolf's tongue wrap around different parts and massage the head. A light burst of pre shot to the back of his mouth, causing Kevin to murr loudly over the length and attempt more. Tyler was gasping above and slowly but carefully pulled himself back, not wanting to climax so early.

"Holy shit you're an expert." Both males blushed and there was just enough light to see it on each other's faces from their position. Kevin slowly nodded to Tyler's nightstand, knowing Tyler had to have lube, it was nearly impossible to get his monster in any other way. Tyler knew what he was asking for and opened the bottom drawer by the bed, leaning over Kevin and pressing his cock against his thigh as he did so. He retrieved his bottle of lube and squirted the cool gel onto his paw, rubbing the contrasting viscose and drawing a light groan. With his free paw he smothered some excess lube on, shifting his friends legs and placing a couple of fingers at his tail base, moving his gaze up to meet his. Kevin nodded slowly.

Tyler applied a little pressure while rubbing the hole, threatening to push in at any moment as the cool gel made Kevin squirm. Finally, the larger bear slipped a finger inside, drawing a hot gasp from the others lips and forcing him to tense. Tyler waited until his body relaxed before pushing in the second. The fingers and cool liquid made him feel on fire, his arousal was shooting through the roof as the mature polar bear had his way. He spread his legs for the bear and moaned once more, his cock dripping pre be now as Tyler proceeded to stretch him out. The massive bear leaned up and gave him a kiss on the lips, his free paw wrapped simultaneously around Kevin's back. Both lips were hot with arousal and wanting more. Tyler removed his fingers, feeling the muscular wolf tense and groan below in their moment. It was quickly replaced by the tip of his polar shaft, prodding at his tail base once more. Kevin kept his eyes open, relaxing himself, wanting to experience every second of this moment to its fullest.

His cock slid inside the tight wolf's rump like butter, being careful not to go to fast as he could already tell is was much from the wolf's cry. His chest rumbled louder than ever as he waited for his friend's hole to adjust on his length. Kevin leaned up and kissed his friends a few more sloppy times, his paws wrapped around the bear's shoulders sensually and rest there, their bodies pressed together. Tyler leaned his head down and sniffed the wolf's neck, taking in his scent once more while moving his own paw down to grip Kevin's lower back rather now. He started up again, shifting his hips forward and pushed another few inches in, causing his friends cock to drip against both their fur. He pulled out most of the way and slid back in, groaning deeply against the pressure on his cock. His shaft was squeezed tightly by the male's cheeks, causing a whole new wave of sensations to burst inside. Kevin grunted below and took it all in, feeling inch after inch of the massive bear push in and slam his prostate.

"Tyler!" Gasped the wolf, his cock pulsing and throbbing below as the bear found the right spot. He wrapped both paws around his friend's body and pushed him farther back on the bed, laying completely flat. Tyler leaned down and kissed him again, starting to rock his hips and jolt the wolf below. A series of groans and gasps followed his friend as he bashed all over new places, picking up speed. The room smelled profoundly of sex and musk as the two large males made love. Kevin closed his eyes at this point and took the senses in. His cock pulsed once more before he couldn't hold back, his eyes forced back open as he arched his back widely and shot his first spray of cum.

Tyler gasped, just enough light to see his friends face. His orgasm caused him to clench down on the thick bear's cock, forcing a deep roar followed by a torrent of cum. Kevin's shaft pulsed wilder and sprayed between the two's chests, coating them in seed. Tyler shaft pulsed a bit more and his fingers stroke through his friend's sweaty back, feeling the wolf latch harder around his neck. Both were breathing hard and staying completely still, lacking energy to move again or speak. It was pure bliss for either male, Tyler had never cum so hard in his life to make himself roar like that, no idea the size of his load either. Kevin was the first to move, unlatching his paws from his neck and sliding them around the bear's thick torso, hugging him close. The bear's cock eventually softened and pulled itself from Kevin, forcing him to tense for a short moment and shudder. Tyler calmly shifted beside the wolf who still had his arms tightly held, breathing much softer now. He nosed his way up against the wolf and took in his scent again, slightly less musky and spicy and now a little sweet. He chuckled to himself and pulled a blanket over themselves, resting his paw on Kevin's side.

"Tyler, I love you. . ."

Tyler tensed slightly at the words but this time, he knew it was what he wanted.

"I love you too Kevin. Things will be different."

High School Regionals

Alex stood a short 5'3 and 130 pounds of tiger and a proud freshman band student. His fur coated in your regular black and orange stripes from pointy ears to toes. In his arm he held a bag full of dress wear for the band performance but worried as he...

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