The Pro

Story by hooves on SoFurry

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A couple of friends spot a pro in the bar and decide to make a purchase...

The Pro...

"No... really I'm positive shes a prostitute." The handsome young Zebra whispered to his incredulous Panther friend, as they starred across the almost empty bar at big sexy Frisian mare. "I mean I've seen her here every Thursday, she picks up a guy splits and then comes back an hour or so later and gets another one."

"You're wasted Toby, ya don't know what yer talking about." The sleek tall black feline smirked at his shorter Zebra friend. "I know she's fine looking and I know you want a piece of that action... hell so do I."

"Why don't you ask her?" The horny Zebra grunted blushing a little at his friends dismissive words, and feeling more than a little embarrassed. The tall Panther looked ill at ease himself at this suggestion, he didn't have the nerve to do that and maybe get his muzzle slapped in public.

"Ummm... fuck. You asked her... for the both of us and... and I'll pay for the both of us." Avery offered shoving a wad of cash into the Zebra's startled paws, Toby's eyes widening in shock. "Here c'mon buddy." Toby gulped and looked at the money, and then sat his muzzle with a determined look. Standing up he quickly took a sip of beer to wet his throat and then walked slowly over to the sexy mare.

"Hi ya's." Toby said shyly as she noticed him standing beside her, the nervous Zebra trying not to stare at her sleek equine body and failing miserably.

"Hullo... whats up handsome?" The big sexy equine asked those soft expressive lip's turning up into a slow sexy smile as she looked him up and down.

"My friend and I saw you over here... and we were wondering if we could buy you a drink." The Zebra explained shyly, as his right hoof pawed at the floor as the big Frisian smirked.

"Naw I'm all set..." The sleek sexy mare answered, gesturing to the full glass on the table in front of her. "Is he from out of town?" She inquired, that knowing smile played across her expressive lip's again as the Zebra pawed nervously.

"No, this is just the first time he's been here. Now I..."

"I've seen you here before..." She cut him off, licking her thick black lip's slowly as she glanced over at the Panther and then back to the Zebra. "Your friend's all eyes... How about you?"


Across the room Avery was chuckling to himself under his breath, thinking that it was just about time for the muzzle slapping that was sure to happen. When suddenly the big mare stood up, taking the Zebra's arm as the two of the headed for the door. "Damn they're off!" Outside on the street the pair of equines ducked into the ally beside the bar, the big mare snorted as the gloom surrounded them. Noise from the street fading, as the brick and dumpster came between them and the bustle.

"If we do it here, you pay me first." The tall Frisian snorted, as she looked around at the dark filthy ally, clearly she was not use to the low kinda action.

"Of... of course." Toby mumbled shoving the cash into the mare's big three fingered hands, watching her count it and then shove it into her purse. "You know most guys around here don't ask for a blow-job." She said pulling a shiny condom packet from it, and tore the wrapper open with her big square equine teeth.

"Why?" Toby asked, as he watched her shimmy her hip's, sliding her sexy skirt down those shapely thigh's. The Zebra's malehood straining at his jeans, hot pre-cum running like river down his shapely equine leg.

"I guess they think I only carry lubes." The big Frisian snorted, as she unrolled the condom down the length of her long black equine cock. "I can't blame them I hate the taste of that slimy shit myself." She admitted flexing that huge fucker as she looked over at the eager Zebra. "You ready?" Toby sank to his knees on the dirt asphalt of the alley, as the big black Frisian pranced over to him. That long black cock bouncing and jerking up and down, as she grasps the Zebra's long pointed equine ears.

Toby's mouth opened eagerly as that latex clad cock flare pushed passed his lips, sliding over his broad tongue caressing it. Sexy black Zebra lip's sealing around the throbbing shaft as the big Frisian began fucking his muzzle slowly. "Ammmm you are talented at this." Toby working his hot mouth over the big Frisian's cock head lustfully, soft velvety lip's and long slick hot tongue making her breath come in loud rasping gasps. As those velvety lip's sealed themselves over that hot smooth cock flesh and began to suckle smoothly and powerfully. The zebra swallowed her whole length, and then opening his mouth to flick his tongue over those tightening ball's. That huge sexy latex covered Frisian cock fucking down his throat more brutally sexually excited. Hard hooves clapping loudly on the filthy asphalt, as she leaned over the submissive Zebra rutting his handsome muzzle harder.

Toby began to bob furiously up and down on that long needy shaft, even as his own sexual excitement at last got the better of him. Reaching down the Zebra undid his own trousers, and shoved them down so he could blindly fumble for his cock to frantically fist his long thick shaft in time. As he sucked real hard on the base of that hot equine cock, and then drew his velvety lips slowly to the flare suckling hard all the way up. The Zebra pulled his hot velvety lips up that throbbing shaft, to suckle and lick at that sensitive equine flare; while keeping it clamped firmly between velvety soft eagerly suckling lips. "Ummmmm!" Toby moaned, as he bucked his powerful hip's, and squirts a massive load all over the dirty asphalt under him. While above him the big sleek black Frisian moaned and whinnied, hip's battering Toby's nose and lip's roughly.


'Damn... How long does it take to suck a dick?' The sleek black Panther thought as his fingers drummed the table top restlessly, just the the door opened. Toby and the pretty black Frisian strolled back in, the Zebra heading to his table as she returned to hers. "Hey... I was beginning to think you'd left. Did you?" The sexy black feline asked suggestively, his big green eyes growing even bigger as he glanced from the Zebra to the Frisian.

"Yeah... oh yeah." Toby moaned, sitting down hard in his chair as flashing his buddy a big happy smile on his black and white muzzle.

"Oh sure... and?" Avery grunted lustfully at the Zebra, who was obviously amused at his friends need.

"She's great!" Toby assured, deliberately teasing his horny friend taking another drink of his now luk-warm beer.

"Oho hehe... Did she say anything about me?" Avery asked, flashing his friend a dirty look, even as the Zebra smiled at him again.

"She said I should tell you that she thought you were cute and if you gave her a few minutes she'll be ready for another blow-job." Toby snickered, as the Panther almost creamed him pants, Avery looking over at the big Frisian lustfully.

"Damn... I'm soooooooo ready." He moaned fondling himself through his jeans, even as he looked back at his zebra friend. "How much?"

"Relax it's on me." The smug Zebra assured.


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