Leilani, of Arcania?

Story by Sovereign Kyle on SoFurry

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After reading a few of Leilani's stories, I found myself wondering how she'd fit in on my world. After reading her bio, I realized that she wouldn't be that much different, and found myself wanting to write this.

So, with her permission, I wrote... Leilani is of course, her character. Kaa, is mine.

The brown otteress walks out onto the beach. She smiles. The sun is setting. Time to dive.

Her name is Leilani, and she'd originally come up here to help teach the dolphin people how to use the resources of the lake. Now, she's back to doing what she loves.


It's not just for fun, she also makes a living at it. What she finds she'll either sell at the meat markets, to the jewelers, or keep for her personal collection. She used to do this in the Rock River, near her home in Three Lands. It's nearly cleaned out, but this great lake is virgin territory, and she's here to stay.

She's dressed only in her swimsuit and a strap-like belt, and carries with her only the essentials; her pouches and a jar of glowing moss--a rare prize from one of her deeper dives into a cave. The pouches are filled with rocks, providing her with weight to sink to the bottom. Once there, she'll be replacing their contents with what she collects. The jar of moss will provide her light while under the water.

As she walks out into the water, she adjusts her belt for comfort, then lets enough water out of the bottle to give it a small air bubble. This will allow it to float above her. There's a string attached from her belt to the bottle to keep it nearby. Surrounded by silence, she slips out into the water.

The water is cool and refreshing, invigorating her, and she swims along the surface for a few minutes, then dives under. The weight of the rocks help her descend to the lakebed, where she immediately starts finding precious stones.

After quickly filling her first pouch, she surfaces. Not because she has too, she's by no means short on air. She surfaces to keep track of her position and the time. With a quick look around, she notes both the position of the two moons, and the glow from New Aquia's street lamps, then with a flick of her tail, she dives back under.

On her third dive, she sees a light below.

Curious, she swims towards it. She soon sees that the light is moving, crawling across the lakebed, as if searching for something. Nearer yet, she sees that it's a male cheetah.

Using his hands, the cheetah walks himself along the bottom of the lake. He wears only a pair of trunks, and belt for his dive weights. On his right wrist he wears a light. Unlike her green tinted moss-light, his is white, and much more effective.

As he shines it around, she sees that he's overlooking several small prizes. She watches him in disbelief for a while, then swims down to start collecting what he skipped over. She quickly fills one pouch, and starts on another, not wanting to miss out on the treasure he's overlooked.

A light shining on her startles her. In her surprise she lets out some of her air. She quickly realizes that she's been down too long to let out that much air. She fights off panic as she looks up for the surface.

She's much deeper than she thought. In an effort to conserve air, she relaxes, then drops some of her weights, hoping she can float up before she passes out.

Something grabs her tail, and pulls her back down.

She screams.

Having spotted a glowing thing following him, the cheetah turns around to see what it is. He drops a few rocks from his weights, turns off his light and swims up to it. He spends a moment examining the jar of moss before it moves, then he notices the string attached to it.

Swimming back down, he sees the otteress sifting through the rocks and shells that litter the lakebed. He watches her curiously as she fills pouch after pouch.

Feeling his lungs start to burn, he lets out the old air, then inhales through a clear membrane covering his nose, refilling his lungs with fresh air. The sovereign had given him that, and the flashlight, for this job. Apparently there's something down here that the sovereign wants him to find.

As he watches the otter, he find himself marveling at her beauty, and in an attempt to get a better view, he bumps his light. It shines right at her.

Seeing a plume of bubbles rise, he realizes that he scared her and starts towards her. When she goes limp, dropping several of her pouches, he nearly panics.

Thinking she's blacked out, he reaches out and grabs her tail, pulling her back to him. When she screams, he nearly lets go, but, knowing she's out of air, and too far from the surface to breath, he quickly puts his muzzle over hers and exhales into her.

His breath is welcome to her lungs, and she relaxes, taking it in.

Her drowning prevented, he gently holds his forehead to hers, hoping she understands he has no intent of harming her.

She smiles, understanding his gesture. She puts her hands to his cheeks and works her fingers in, letting him know she understands. After a moment, she pulls back. She wasn't aware of any cheetah's in New Aquia, and wants to get a look at her new friend.

Like most cheetah's, he's athletic, but this one's taller than most she's met, and that's not all. He has long hair pulled back in a tail and he wears the sovereign's symbol. She's knows of this one.

His name's Kaa, and he works for the Sovereign. She's wanted to meet someone of that house for some time, and had hoped it would be this one.

She starts to bow, or as best you can underwater, but he stops her by putting his fingers to her chin. She looks at him curiously and he shakes his head no.

He lets out a few bubbles, and she sees a few bubbles enter his nose. Curious she touches his nose. There's something on it.

He smiles and peels the something off his nose. In the water it seems invisible but she feels him put it over her nose. He then cups a hand over his mouth and works his chest a couple times like he's trying to breath.

She gets the idea and takes a tentative, short breath in through her nose. She gets air, and in her surprise she laughs. She catches herself quickly and inhales again through her nose.

He smiles at her and nods, then she takes it off, returning it to his nose.

With her at arms reach, he can't help but admire her beauty again. it'd be so easy to take this creature in his arms.

Through the water, she hears something. She hears...a purr.

She reaches out and touches his chest. He's purring.

He puts his hand on hers, holding it there.

She blushes and lets her air out.

His eyes widen for a moment and he reaches for the membrane on his nose.

She puts a finger there, stopping him, and then moves in close, putting her muzzle to his. Their tongues begin to play as he gently blows air into her lungs.

Emboldened, he holds her to him, enjoying her presence.

Slowly, her hands begin to roam across his body. She wants to know this male, and not getting any resistance from him, she quickly finds his trunks.

Feeling them get pushed down his legs, he knows what she wants. he slides down and pushes her top up, revealing her breasts. Like a hungry cub, he eagerly latches on to one.

Controlling her gasp reflex, she wraps around him and holds him there, enjoying the sensation of his rough tongue on her breast. He licks slowly, stimulating her nipple to it's full erection, before switching to the other.

Wanting more, she pulls him up for a moment, and lets her air out. She wants a breath of fresh air for what she's about to do.

Seeing her exhale, he does the same, then he inhales a fresh breath through the membrane on his nose. In a kiss like fashion, he again gently blows it into her. They can't help but actually kiss in the process.

With a flick of her tail, she turns over. He immediately moves her suit aside and dives into her sex. She looses focus for a moment and closes her eyes. She hadn't expected him to be this eager, and that tongue knows what it's doing. She again wraps her legs wrap around him, holding him in place.

Opening her eyes she sees that he's unsheathed, and pulls him to her.

The warmth of her muzzle makes him pause, and his purring intensifies. He loses himself for a moment, enjoying her soft tongue's ministrations, before returning to his own feast.

She had feared his barbs would be sharp, but she's pleasantly surprised to find that they're actually soft and blunt. She spends a moment on each, carefully running her tongue around them, and his maleness. He's swelled considerably since she started, and she thinks he may be ready.

He opens his jaws wide and takes her inside, pushing his tongue deep into her sex. With one hand at the base of her tail, he slides the other down her belly, toward his chin. With some gentle rubbing from his tongue and his hand, she starts to tremble He knows he's found her spot.

Leilani shivers from his treatment, and returns it in kind. Closing her mouth around him, she begins to swallow. She also begins to gently rake at his sack, stimulating him. Feeling him lightly buck, she knows she has him.

Both are nearing their release. Both are trying not to lose their control.

Neither are successful.

Their bodies tense, and in a storm of bubbles, both scream out their orgasms.

Spent, and free from each other, they start to drift apart.

Her tail brushes his hand.

He grabs it, and slowly pulls her back to him. Once again, he covers her muzzle with his and gently fills her lungs with air.

She wraps herself around him and hold tight for a moment. When she lets go, she sees sadness in his eyes.

He once again puts his forehead to hers, then slowly rubs his muzzle along hers.

She closes her eyes, savoring his touch and the sound of his purr.

He soon pulls away, and with a kick descends back down to the lakebed.

When she opens her eyes, he's gone. She looks around, but doesn't see him anywhere, so she fixes her suit, and slowly lets herself surface.

The moons are high, and Arcania's shadow has hidden the rings. It's midnight. Time to get out of the water.

Sitting on the beach, she slowly takes her pouches off. Only five left. She'd dropped some after he scared her.

Abruptly she stops, this pouch isn't hers. It's too small. She dumps it's contents into her hand.

Pearls of all colors spill out into her hand.

She sits in awe for a few minutes. This pouch had been tied to her belt. There's no way it could have snagged.

To be sure, she quickly check her belt, only to find his signet. She pulls it off and looks at it. The stone is round, black, with a number of colors swirled into a white center. The part that strikes her is the setting holding the stone. It's a golden clawed hand, or rather just the finger tips of a hand.

Smiling, she picks up her things and heads home.

One day, she may just pay the Sovereign a visit. She did just get invited after all.

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