Always Try New Things

Story by Drataya on SoFurry

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If you are NOT of legal age please look absolutely no further than here at your own risk. Yup. Turn back. Don't do it! Everyone else, please, continue :D

Mmfff, yeah not much to say here. Just experimenting a little with different topics. As always, critique and suggestions welcome :P

~New Experiences~

Talara shifted fitfully in her sleep, groaning as she pulled the blanket over her head. Her dream was pleasant enough; she was being pleasured by some unidentified stranger, though as dreams went, he was not a stranger at all. That sense of familiarity that had a tendency to work its way into dreams took whatever fear away from her imagined encounter. And yet, something was not quite right. Her eyes fluttered open a crack, lazily shoving the blanket off the bed she slept on. Almost immediately she let out a soft, slow moan, head tilting back briefly as the feeling of something long, flat, and smooth gently lapped at the slit between her open legs. She heard a heavy panting, and as she looked down, she woke up quite abruptly from her lingering dream.

"DREK! GET DOWN!" She squealed in surprise, scrambling back on the bed, leaning against the headboard as she watched, wide eyed, as the Shepherd mix hopped off the end of the bed and sat, staring at her, tail thumping, licking his chops. Her mind raced. What the HELL just happened... I was NOT imagining that... "What are you staring at?!" she snapped, her cheeks flushed a dark scarlet, quickly brushing a very long strand of brown hair from her face, only to have it fall back into her eyes.

_ Thump thump thump._ Drek's tail whacked happily on the carpeted floor of the bedroom, ears perked forward, panting heavily. Talara's eyes narrowed as she glanced at him, shivering at the lingering feeling his tongue had given her. The shepherd edged forward a little, placing his chin on the end of the bed, looking at her with forlorn, adoring eyes.

No. No she was not going to give in to that look. Look at him! He wants to come back up here that little lech of a dog! She thought, semi angrily to herself. His tongue snaked out as he licked his chops again. Talara and he, sat like that, alternately staring at each other for almost fifteen minutes, and as the time passed, she found herself entertaining the idea of letting him come back up on the bed.

"Ahhggg No!" she exclaimed, her hands smacking either side of her on the bed in frustration. Drek startled, head tilting at an almost ninety degree angle, his tail ceasing its thumping. Her expression softened. "No not you Drek...silly thing..." she hesitantly leaned forward, crawling to the end of the bed and flopped down, stroking behind his ears as she pressed her forehead against his.

"Not you, you sweet thing. Just a little perplexed is all." She murmured, giggling as his tail started thumping the ground again, licking her face happily. She caught the sweet scent on his breath. As dogs went, he did not have bad breath; his owners took such good care of his teeth. But that sweet scent was the familiar smell of herself. She paused in petting his soft ears, scooting back to the other end of the bed again. Maybe...maybe she should try... just one time. No one would know right? And... it was not as if Drek was fixed, so if he randomly started humping the air in front of his owners... well... that's... explainable right?

Talara looked back at the shepherd mix again, who let out a brief whine, ears forward. Her cheeks red at even having the thought, she patted the bed in front of her. "Up Drek, come on..." she said softly. Drek immediately leapt up onto the bed, tail wagging, panting happily as he sniffed over her legs. She caught his head gently in her hands, his tongue lapping at the air as she pet behind his ears. Taking a deep breath, she leaned back, opening her legs a little, and let go of him.

Drek panted, sniffing over her bare abdomen, up to her chest, tongue lapping out all the while. His smooth flat tongue caught at her bare breasts, first one, and then the other before he licked furiously at her face. She gently pushed him back a little, guiding his head down more. Drek, as if on queue, buried his muzzle between her legs. She moaned softly, feeling his long tongue sliding along her wet slit. I can't believe I'm doing this... Her mind thought wildly, arching her slender back as the canine dug his tongue into her.

This was nothing like the friendly licking a dog gives someone when they were happy to see you. She recalled a similar frenzy of hard licking when a dog was bound and determined to lap every last tidbit of peanut butter off the floor. Evidently, he wanted every last drop of her.

Gods it felt so good! There certainly was a large part of her that felt so very wrong doing this, but, then again, most of the fantasy stories she had been writing the past couple years had to do with exotic, bestial intermingling. So there was also a large part that could not believe she was living a fantasy she never thought possible to experience. She felt herself getting close to release, he was so furiously lapping at her, and within moments she was clutching at the sheets as she cummed, her juices likely flowing into the dog's mouth.

Drek was happily lapping at her slit, tail wagging, when he suddenly stopped, walking up over her to lick at her bare chest, his hips humping the air slightly. That's when she had the most daring thought of her life; what would happen if she turned over? She pondered this over, between little gasps of pleasure as his tongue cupped against one nipple and almost suckled. I wonder if he's done this before... No, no lets not think of that. She'd heard of accidents happening when humans tried...coupling with animals. Suppose Drek bit her? He certainly had the jaw power to cause some serious damage. But she was more turned on then ever before and banished the thought as soon as it came.

Talara pushed him gently away, pausing a moment, unbelieving as she thought, I'm actually going to TRY this? But she did. She looked at him, stroking lovingly behind his ears. He was a beautiful dog, and she had just groomed him last night, so his iconic black and brown coat shone healthily. " be a good boy...o-ok? Don't hurt me..." as if the damned dog could understand and follow her words.

She grabbed a pillow, sliding it behind her and took a deep breath, before slowly turning over; grabbing her loose, incredibly long hair- she really had to cut it- and pulled it over one shoulder. She was on her hands and knees, half hugging the pillow to her bare chest, eyes squinted shut tightly. "I can't believe I'm trying this..." I mean, there's no guarantee he will actually---

But he did. Drek did not hesitate. The moment she was on her hands and knees, her rounded rear presented to him, he hopped up on her, hooking his front paws tightly around her slender waist as his hips prodded and searched for an opening. And he certainly did not care WHICH opening that was.

"GODS! NOT THERE!" she grunted, jerking forward as his slick hot member prodded at the entrance to her virgin ass. Oh no no no no. She was not about to let anything in that hole! She was about to reach back and try guiding him, when he found his target. "Hhhhnnaaa!" she cried out loudly as his canine cock plunged into her wet slit. That was unexpected! She had always assumed that dog dicks would be smaller than humans. She clutched at the sheets beneath her, forcing herself to bite down on the pillow she was using to prop herself up, as Drek swiftly found his rhythm.

Over and over the dog slid in and out of her, and he was not small by any means. Talara did not think she would even feel it, but she did, oh gods she did. Drek panted heavily, gripping around her abdomen as he buried his throbbing hot member belly deep into her slit. The hard, quick pace he set as he pummeled into her had her squealing in surprised, intense pleasure. Purely on instinct, she tried to match his pace, leaning back as he thrusted forward; and her whimpering cries must have sounded remarkably close to a Bitch in heat because his pace quickened to a frenzy she simply could not match.

"Nahhh! Ahh! Aaahh!" Talara squealed, starting to feel slight pain as the full length of his cock became rock hard. Gods she had no fucking idea how long and hard a dogs cock could get. But she certainly knew now! Her cries became staggered as Drek leaned his upper body forward, his tongue lolled out to one side, right next to her shoulder as his hips thrusted into her over and over. For a moment Talara wondered if she should have shut the windows of the cabin.

Talara yelped in terrified surprise as she felt his sharp toothed maw, mouthing at her shoulder, trying to find a grip. "Fuck no! You are NOT clamping onto me!" she more then gently shoved his mouth away from her shoulder, more than a few times. "Naah! Ahh Drek cut it out!" she squealed in panic, her heart hammering in her chest. Ok, she was a little frightened now. His jaws could do serious damage to her shoulder if he bit her in a mating clamp. Gods but it was starting to hurt, his cock was so hard and long it was slamming against her back wall, which was both intensely pleasurable as well as uncomfortable.

"Damnit-- ahh! -- Drek slow- nahh! Easy! Slow d-down!" she squealed in a pitched, paniced voice and tried to pull away, despite the vice grip his front paws had on her waist- and stopped dead. Drek's head was immediately beside her face, lips pulled back fully and completely as he snarled at her. She squeaked in sudden fear, shrinking back on herself. I knew this was dangerous! Fuck my stupid curiosity! She thought angrily to herself, unable to keep her hands from trembling in fear.

So she had to endure it, or face the possibility of getting her face ripped off by a horney shepherd mix. She was actually being dominated by a fucking dog! She tried to lessen the uncomfortable jamming of his cock against her cervix wall by pulling herself slightly away as he thrusted forward, however that was not about to work. His mouth was again at her shoulder, fighting for something else to grip on to, and were it not for her squirming, he might have punctured all the way through her shoulder.

"Naaah! D-Drek! D-damnit no! Aahh!"The dogs teeth scratched at her tender skin, elicting sharp cries of panic from her mouth. Talara tried relaxing her body, and to her releif, that action made his grip on her shoulder lighter than it could have been.

Soon she was squealing loudly, the open windows completely forgotten, as Drek was violently bucking into her at a ridiculously fast, hard pace. Every damned inch of his cock was mercilessly stuffed into her tight slit, the bed squeaking with such an assault as Talara squealed, whimpered, moaned and cried out in high pitched wails.

Drek's claws had started digging into her stomach and her hips as he plowed over and over into his new Bitch, panting heavily as he began an excited whimpering. He's close! She thought; she could feel his cock thickening hugely; it was getting far harder for the dog to pull out all the way before plunging in. Oh gods...he wasn't.... no... He was. A huge knot had formed at the base of the canines shaft, and that, was the source of most discomfort. Now the head of his throbbing cock was slamming repeatedly, rapidly, against her cervix, every inch of his rod rubbing at her sweet spot.

"Nnnaaaahh! Ahhh! F-f-ffffuuuckkkk naaaahh!" she wailed out in almost choked out sobs, the intensity of pleasure, and pain, brought to heights she never expected as the dogs steel hard cock smashed into her tight slit. She cried out, almost in pain, as Drek gave a shudder, hot seed quite literally shooting against the entrance to her cervix and every other inner surface. But he was not done with her. Talara soon realized that this dog was not like a human, who most of the time, during climax, slowed their pace as their seed spilled out into their partner.

No, Drek, the devilish brute, gripped her waist and slammed his cock into her repeatedly, ropes of thick seed filling up every empty space and then some inside his human. He seemed to be making sure her tight entrance milked every last drop into his Bitch.Tears were streaming down her face, it felt both incredible and a little painful, though her body jerked violently, long past her own climax she was now overly sensitive to the shepherd's attentions. She moaned so very loudly, shuddering, her front half collapsing in exhaustion, her voice pitched into hoarse squeals as the motion shoved her ass hard against the franticly whimpering, bucking dog.

A few more strokes and he was finally through with her. He stopped his thrusting, and just collapsed on her, panting heavily. Talara dared not move. She had no idea how long it would take for his knot to loosen enough for him to remove his dick from her now tender, though touroughly pleasured slit. Her entire body shuddered; sweat glimmering on her body, her long waist length hair splayed over her face and the bed. She could feel, and hear as Drek adjusted himself, just how full she was of the dogs cum.

It was a full ten or fifteen minutes before Drek decided to get off her, and when he did, his cock still stiff from his arousal, she squirmed, letting out a shuddering moan as she felt him slide out, and the following massive globs of cum dripping down her inner thighs.

"Fff-ffuuck...." she groaned tiredly, while simultaneously thinking laundry in her head. Well, this had certainly been an eventful morning. Talara carefully rolled onto her back, having to also slide over lest she land her ass in a sticky puddle of human and dog cum. Drek lowered his muzzle between her legs, sniffing whilst wagging his tail as his long smooth tongue lapped at her slit, driving a few more squeals out of her. She weakly used one leg to push him aside, shivering, to get him away from her tender, slick flower. I think, she thought as she looked at Drek, who had moved to the other side of the bed licking his crotch oh so casually, I will have to do this again...

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