Thrice bitten

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#2 of Stand alone

Very rare beast who is a doctor gets some interesting request from certain members of the community.

Sharpen your tools and make your torches, this story is coming in by parts. By all means hiss, spit, growl, rant and rave. I'm doing this story raw. Since it's been so long since I've actually uploaded a story, it's time to get one out, or at least a part of one.

Some people say that if you shake hands with the devil you'll get burned. Others say that if you sleep with the devil you'll wake up fucked.

In some ways that is true though for me it is not. Because I've shaken the hand of the devil he got frozen. And when I slept with the devil, I fucked him.Though I cannot say that I'm perfect. For starters let me introduce myself. My name is Jack Pantheruis. I'm 3905 years old my human height is 7'3", I weigh 200 pounds mostly of it is muscle. My other form is black panther which stands at 12 foot high and would give a bodybuilder a fit of jealousy, Did I forget to mention that my Form also has wings that allow me to flight for great distances.

My current place of employment is a veterinary clinic on Woodrow Street, my colleague James Crane is a Druid though he doesn't advertise that fact, I know it because I can see his aura.

For those that are wondering the world we live in has more than just humans about 200 years ago. A group of aliens known as morphs has come to this planet which many people have said has gone to shit. So in the galactic records our planets current classification, is shit. Though for those who are more polite it's called Earth two. The original in sol system regrettably blew up.

While my day started with a bit of a bang. It's not likely going to end with a whimper, but has while my public place of employment is veterinary clinic, my secret employment is with a government agency known as the agency. Their classification of me is death Angel four, because I have three other brothers that have wings and cause a lot of death.

(To be continued, this is a work in progress.)

I got into the clinic early in the morning, hopefully before James got in, needing some medicine that only the clinic has. Usually if I get injured while on my second job I head home. Not today though, because my adversary was able to stab me with a poisoned dagger, usually this is not a problem except for the fact that poison is designed to kill werewolves. Usually I try to stay away from the werewolves or their enemies, because I don't want them finding out that there is an winged cat in their territories. (Werewolves think that the sweat of a winged cat will cause the females to go into heat, true the sweat of a winged cat will give a boost to females receptiveness and give a male a raging hard on for hours, the problem is that having a dozen wolves smashing through your windows, doors, roof is annoying to the extreme. And if those same wolves are in company for too long winged cat is likely to end up dead, by fresh wounds or biting.)No such luck.


Hey Jack you're here early, woah the shit Jack what the hell you get into last night."

"Nothing that I want to talk about, sorry James."

"Are you sure Jack?" "Yes!!" I head over to the medicine cabinet, unlock the cabinet to get a certain vial of medicine, I also get a 3 foot wide 2 inch long 1 inch thick piece of iron wood. I look over at James and say as I placing the wood down. "I need to go to the examination room four, use the wood in the sockets until I call you. There are things that I can't talk about just as there are things that you don't like to talk about."

With that said I walked to the examination room four close the door and lock it. I set the medicine on one of the stands in the room opened the drawer of the stand takeout two 10 mL syringes, a small bottle of synthetic adrenaline, two ibuprofen's 500 mg, and a 100 mg Metro Tech CL. I pop the pills so that after the injections when my body purges poison all not feel as shitty later on. Load up the syringes with their prospective medicines and inject them into my left thigh. After tossing the syringes into the sharps box I lay down on the examination table.Now it's a matter of waiting.

** James's point of view***.*

I got into the office today very early. Because the alpha of the dark water lake clan of werewolves needed to get a member of his pack checked out. I got pleasantly surprised that Jack had also come in early

, because when dealing with werewolves of the local packs can be troublesome, and knowing Jack if someone were to threaten me with bodily harm he would definitely get involved with intent to be extremely painful.

Though when I turn around to greet him face-to-face I was shocked to see that he had a dark mark traveling up his neck almost to his left eye and he looked like he was in a lot of pain, though he hides it well and his usual friendly demeanor was almost 1000 miles away. He says a couple things that has me wondering what does he know and what's going on with him. When he walked into the examination room I put the ironwood board across the door, and immediately went to his closed-circuit television monitor to see what was going on. In the monitor I saw him swallow three pills and inject himself with the werewolf healing agent along with another syringe full of whatever, then he lays down on the examination table crosses his arms across his chest and closes his eyes, likely taking a nap, though truth to tell it might do him some good.

(Knock at door)

On hearing the knock I head over to the door and there on the opposite side of its glass is the alpha and four of his pack mates one of them wearing a curious set of underwear. For many years I've known that when a werewolf is in his form of fur they don't wear clothing so it's a rather odd experience to see one with a pair of Tighty Whiteties on.

I opened the door and escort them into the conference room. As soon as the door closes Nate the alpha practically screams at me about his beta being put in a chastity device by agency dickhead. The alpha also explains that the three pack mates with him want a chastity device of their own. Because they have a certain condition that unless they get a chastity device with the next 24 hours they will become sterile and insane. Alpha also asks me to find the agency dickhead for him.

(Front Door opens without knock. )

An agent from the agency walks into the veterinary clinic, he's trailing the path of one of the death Angels so that he can get the memory crystal of the mission that the death Angel has just performed. (The agents are genetically modified humans that act as the agencies special go to troops, because they can take a beating and keep kicking. Also point of fact that agents are cloned.)

The agent scans the front waiting area and reception and notices one of the examination rooms has a board across the door. The agent walks up to the door in question removes the board and opens the door. Inside the examination room Jack was having a nice nap until someone removed the ironwood. When the door opens Jack looks to whoever is stupid enough to enter the room that contains a winged were, he notices the agent, chuckles then reaches into his belt pouch for the debrief crystal. The agent takes the crystal nods his head and walks out the door out of the building. Jack hears voices from conference room and decides since his nap is ruined why not walk over.

(In the conference room)

James is giving the chastised werewolf an inspection to see if he can remove the chastity device, James is thinking that he's going need to get Jack's help.

James looks to the alpha pack shaking his head about what he was found on the chastity device of the alpha's pack mate.

The door to the conference room opens and the first thing that everyone with heightened senses notices is a very delicious scent, all the wolves look to the door giving it a hungry look though the facial features of chastised Wolf quickly turns to hatred, in which chastised Wolf charges the door giving a hateful howl. The figure in the door seemingly out of nowhere pulls a pistol dodges the wolves claws puts the pistol to the wolves head and pulls the trigger. The werewolf falls to the floor still alive in much pain and everyone else in the room can smell the fur burning and blood. Figured looks to the rest of the pack, pistol pointed in their direction though not directly at any single Wolf. Figured nudges its foot to the down Wolf. And says "Columbus you may hate me, and you have reason to hate me. But if you try charging me again I won't use a beehive round. And as far as your hatred towards me if you hadn't gone after the pups you wouldn't be in your plastic underwear."

The alpha of the pack of werewolves steps close to figure, about to ask who they are. (In reality it would be a demand, though after seeing his second-fastest enforcer laid low by a single shot, the alpha is going to use caution.) Before the alpha werewolf can speak figure says "James knows who I am. And as far as Columbus is concerned he knows who I am as well. That's all you need to know."

(To be continued, this is a work in progress)

(Still James's point of view)

James can't believe that Jack had shot a werewolf little alone moving fast enough to dodge an angry one. And the way that Jack had spoke to an alpha werewolf of the pack. Has James a little unnerved to the fact that Jack is almost willing to pick a fight with four of his most dangerous clients in the room at one time.

Jack looks down at the down the laid low Columbus notices a chastity device still functioning perfectly barring some scratches that didn't do any damage to the functionality.

"Oh James just so you know the chastity device that Columbus is wearing also has in it a urinary catheter and rectal catheter. So puppies going to have to learn when to ask a mommy to let them Pee."

The alpha of the pack attempts to introduce himself, Jack puts up a hand to signal hold a minute. "I know who you are or you are titled at least, as far as your particular name I do not need to know, just as I do not need to know your territory. All I ask is that we have a understanding you don't mess with me, I don't mess with you."

"Jack the alpha has a problem with three of his pack mates they need a certain a device similar to what Columbus has for their health. And Columbus once the device off of him."

"James Columbus is not getting out of that chastity device for at least 60 years. No and's ifs or butts about it. And that is because the agency has deemed that Columbus is a danger to children, so they gave him 10 years before every child that he has turned into a werewolf pup. And since putting him in jail would be a fatal mistake, they decided that public shaming would be the best option for all involved."

Jack makes a hand signal to the alpha asking permission to examine his three pack mates, the alpha nods signaling ascent. He also notices that there's a slight accent to Jack's way of speaking, and accent that only comes from great ages. And the last time that the alpha has heard that accent was from A thousand-year-old elf.

Jack motions to one of the lesser pack mates, one of the females to come closer to him he puts his hand before her nose and looks into her eyes deeply,

as if searching for her soul.

He nods his head, a small frown on his lips as if what he is found in her eyes is troubling him. He goes to the next wolf in line the male other than Columbus or alpha, does the same hand motion that he had performed for the female just moments ago. He lowers his hand and places it on the wolf's shoulder and gives it a squeeze, as if to comfort. He looks to the last female, the frown he has on his face seems to get deeper. He shakes his head as he walks out of the conference room and heads down to the hall of the secret exam rooms.

(Jack's point of view.)

With the introductions to the werewolf pack behind me. I did a quick magical survey of three werewolves that the alpha had with him, it is a good thing that they came to James, for they have a parasite that a Druid would be able to remove, though at a price that is rather steep. Parasite in question comes in three parts and It will always come in three parts. One case of this parasite that I've seen the male ended up with the parasite infestation all the way up to his prostate, the only way that an Elven healer and I were able to get it out and save the patient, was to remove the patient's prostate and the other organs that followed after it. (AKA, the testicles, sperm cords, and penis.) Though the healer had told me that if you catch it early enough you can starve the parasite, and that will allowed for easy removal, the problem with that is that it takes six months to starve the parasites. In the parasites do not starve that easily considering that they would vibrate enough to make the host aroused which in turn would feed the parasite.

I get to the hidden exam room records hall. I flipped through some of the treatment books that James and I have. One ritual that James might be able to perform if he is strong enough could be used to help the pack, if I were to use my skill set I could in six months get the pack of werewolves free of the parasite, though that would mean that the three infected werewolves would have to be like Columbus, in a chastity device that blocked or limited another person or being from giving the wearer of the device Anal pleasure, masturbation, or intercourse.

James looks to the book that I just read from he notices the entry that I had looked at and he goes pale, which tells me that he doesn't have the strength even with my help of performing the ritual with his druidic skills.

So that leaves me and my mundane set of skills to be the solution.

I tell the alpha werewolf that I can help his pack mates at the cost of them being chast for six months. He seems to take it in stride though he does ask can it be removed by a something less drastic. I tell him the only other way that the parasite could be removed would be to start cutting, and I doubt that the parasite would be fully removed for that parasite is rather vicious.James comes up to me and asked how is the treatment go about. I tell him six months of antibiotics along with the chastity device, only on volunteers would I actually do this course of action.

Columbus the werewolf that I shot, starts to whine because it's likely that his bladder is about to explode.

"Come here puppy, sit on the potty and we can show your pack how you use your diaper."

The thing is why I say this to Columbus, is because the chastity device that he wears, the agency that I work for calls the chastity device a C diaper. (The original engineer who designed the chastity device wanted to really stick it to werewolves when he designed the item in question, that Columbus has been made to wear. When he is in wolf form the device looks like a slate gray with silver's speckled Speedo, when he is in his human form the device would also shift with him during his transformation to look like a infantile garment made of hard plastic of the same color.)

The alpha werewolf growls an order to his beta to follow my instructions, Columbus the beta werewolf is not happy with this. (not that I blame him) Columbus sits down on a potty that is designed to integrate with the chastity devices sliders unlocking and opening the urinal passageway while at the same time opening the anal passageway.

(Because of the catheters in the a device full grown werewolf has no control over the muscles for his prospective organs of that area of his body. I almost feel sorry for the pup, almost.)

James and I explained the situation to the alpha and the other werewolves.

The three that have the parasite in their bodies are less than happy to hear that James cannot remove the parasite from them, though they are relieved that a Mildly painless method of removal is available to them. One of the females in particular the one that I had Ending up spending the most time with in examining, gives me a look like I had just made her decade brighter.

(More work to come. To be continued.)

(Columbus's point of view)

This day had just gotten fucking brighter, not only is the Druid advisor not able to get the infernal device off of me, that dickhead agency Bastard that put it on me actually works for the clinic. And now it seems that the Bastard device locks to the chair that the agency dickhead put me on.

Reason why I hate the device I'm wearing is because not only is there a tube around my sheath there is also a tube in my sheath that extends to my bladder which means I can't control it until the tube is removed and I can't get a hard-on without pain until my sheath is removed from the bigger tube, also the fact that I hate of this plastic underwear is that there is a tube in my rectum which means that when the sliding gate on the exterior of the underwear is open it means that I might be shitting all over the place with no control of it. Though the major piss off for this thing is that when I last changed to human form, the thing looks like I'm wearing a fucking diaper.

Slate gray with silver speckles but a diaper nonetheless. When I get out of this fucking thing, I swear I'll tear that dickhead's head off and shit down his neck.

(Jack's point of view.)

I noticed Columbus trying to get off of the potty chair that his chastity device is compatible with, He is not getting off until I let him off for two simple reasons the tabs on the front and back the chastity device have engaged the potty chairs locked tabs or slots, and the waste vacuum tubes that have magically connected to the waste carrier tubes.

The alpha notices my line of sight makes a inquiring face without speaking to me. I hand him a key that will allow the sliders on Columbus his chastity device to open so that from now on, until further notice Columbus doesn't have to come to the clinic to P or shit. What Columbus did with his first key is a mystery, that I don't care to understand.

I ask the alpha to come with me to my office in the secret hallway. The reason for this is because I need his permission to manufacture the chastity devices for his three pack mates. And for him to decide on the specifics of each device, unlike Columbus the three werewolves that are infected with the parasite get to choose the model of chastity device underwear they're going to get. Columbus is wearing basic secure device four. Device one through three of secured condition are not pleasant to look at or to wear long-term. Yes I know for fact that the other three werewolves are going to need a secure garment because six months without sexual release is going to be hell and if they take the garment off their life and health may be in danger. That is something that as a healer I cannot allow.

The alpha has a funny sense of humor about the device his male pack members are going to wear, urine tube, sheath lock of course and a scrotum ball. Which basically means that the poor male wolf is not going to be able to even leak pre-come. So the device that boy is going to be wearing in the thickness that the alpha has chosen he'll be able to see the outline of his genitalia without being able to touch them and if he wants to urinate, he is going to have to do it like a dog.

( more work to come later. )

The alpha makes his choices on the devices he's willing to tolerate, Jack tells the alpha that since he's not the one wearing them he's going to have to let his pack mates decide on the details.

"You can't tell me what to do medic!"

"Wolf, Don't ever, for one moment, thinks that you can order me around." In a tone of voice Jack says this, the alpha gets a shiver from it. (Author's note, for those who I've left behind. The tone of voice that Jack used on the alpha werewolf can be described as. You get me more pissed off, your going to die and is not to be anything left of you.)

Jack and the alpha had back to the room in which the werewolves and James are at. Jack shows the wolves his tablet which has the designs of the chastity devices that he and the alpha discussed. The male looks at the design that is alpha has chosen and accepts it. The females on the other hand want something that's a little more secure from a personal safety point.

They look through some of the options until they find the ones that they like. One of the girls chooses her device to be white based color with the locked tabs a bright pink. The second of the girls chooses one in which the base is baby blue in a locked tabs are a deep purple. They both look to Jack signaling their choices that they appreciate Jack giving them an option.

The alpha looks like he's about the birth a full grown Minotaur.

The girls look to each other, then they look at their alpha and say. "We respect you, but there are some things that are only known to a woman. And you are not a woman so you do not know." The girls asked Jack what makes this chastity belt different from the others.

"Ladies the difference between this chastity belt and others that might be purchased is the fact that this chastity belt has Druid like magic in it. It can be worn by a werewolf or human though when a werewolf changes their forms their body shifts or changes, this chastity belt will follow those changes or I could use a lock Gem which would hold you in the forms that you are in when the chastity device is applied. Also this chastity device has miniature computers that will clean and comfort your skin and fur that's underneath the device."

James asks which wolf will be going first.

Jack says that the male pack member will, because the male chastity device is easier to produce.

(James) Why don't we get this show on the road then.

Jack leads the group to his machine shop after putting a leash on Columbus and unlocking him from his potty chair. Much to the werewolf's displeasure. In the machine shop there's a curious set up in one corner.

The set up in the corner is a chair with multiple straps and braces. Next to it couple dozen straps hanging from the ceiling that connect to each other to form like a seat. And where the walls meet are two shackles of cloth that hang from a pair of bars.

(More work later)

(Jack's point of view)

Jack asks the male werewolf to stand next to him in the corner of the wall. "Now Mr. Smith I need you to put your hands on these bars and hold them. Yes I know your true name is not Smith, but it is a good name to work with and I do not want your true name."

The werewolf puts his hand on the bars and Jack puts his leather and nylon shackles on him. The werewolf tries to pull away shackles hold him. Before the werewolf can start to whine, Jack tells him that the only reason why shackles are on is that the werewolf does not instinctively attack Jack. Jack also attaches a spreader bar to the wolves ankles. The spreader bar is then chained to the floor. Jack attaches a clip to the corner of the wall in the wolves eyeline, on this clip Jack also places a tablet.

"Just so you know Mr. Smith, I am doing this to distract you from what I'm doing to your loin area, the tablets wand activated, and the wand is in the muzzle I'm about to put on you so that you can suck on it, in which will control the tablet, and the muzzle is for my safety. Sorry about that."

Jack slips the muzzle onto the werewolf, the muzzle is a reinforced nylon with stainless steel buckles at the back. As the wand that Jack promised( more to be added later.)

Slips into the werewolf's mouth, the werewolf gives the muzzle a test by trying to open his mouth, he doesn't get far the muzzle holds,

the wand the werewolf finds out has been flavored by a curious meat paste.

The werewolf gives a startled yep when he feels something cold on his loins.

"Relax Mr. Smith, if I were to try to put your summer sausage into a chastity device as is you would not likely like that feeling. So besides giving you a cold hand to downsize your little pup also I'm going to numb around that area so your discomfort is minimalized."


Jack walks over to his 3-D printer, opens the top lid and pulls the chastity device out of the forming chamber the complete device has three parts, front panel which has the sheath lock, ball holder, and urinal tube. Second part of the device is basically the waistband and holds the power cell and computer systems. The third part of the device holds the rectal catheter and cleaning bots.

Jack brings the chastity device over to the bound Wolf. Comparing it to the wolves fur, it matches perfectly.

"Now Mr. Smith the operation is about to begin, you're kind of lucky because Columbus your pack mate, did not get the option of having a comfortable Plasty lock."

The first thing that Jack puts on to the werewolf looks like a Cock ring, Jack slides it down the exterior of Mr. Smith's sheath and fits it snug to the werewolves body. Mr. Smith looks down at Jack with a questioning look. "The ring is to keep the parasite from attacking your prostate, the next part is going to protect your testicles from the parasite as well, you'll be able to have orgasms, but they'll be dry orgasms."

Mr. Smith suddenly feels a compulsion to look the tablet over. He's dimly aware of the delicious smelling Human that's putting his hands near his balls and ass. Jack slides the lock band up the werewolf's tail and attaches the front section on one side to it. The next thing that Jack does is slide the Urinal catheter through the front of the chastity device. The end of the catheter is drive for a moment, though Jack quickly remedies this by dipping the end into a small container. With the werewolf busy now Jack takes the catheter and slide it up the werewolves penis, Jack knows that he's numb the werewolf enough because the werewolf barely even shivers, Jack gets the catheter to the werewolves bladder, and locks it in.

Jack slides the testicle protector in to place and locks it. The next thing that Jack does is slide the werewolves penis into its tube once it's fully in he locks it.

This werewolf is not to be having any erections for the next six months. A pity. Jack thinks for himself.

Jack dips his finger into the small container of lube. And gets a good glob, which he starts to massage into the werewolves pucker. He lines up the back section of the chastity device and eases it in to place. Mr. Smith barely even notices this with the contents of the tablet shining before his eyes.

Chastity device is now fully assembled, now to fully activate it, Jack pulls out a PDA from his pocket that he had stashed earlier. It syncs up with the chastity device and gives him a full green. Which means that the chastity device will perform its functions for the next 10 years if necessary. Jack fully locks chastity device on. Uses his PDA to override the wand that the werewolf has in his mouth, and starts to put up pictures that would get any male that's of straight ways hard and horny.


The werewolf starts bucking and squirming in his bonds, the only thing that's leaving his body at the moment is urine from his bladder. The only reason why he is not able to face fuck Jack, is because Jack is out of range. This goes on for about 10 minutes or so before the werewolf finally goes limp with a sigh.

Jack unties the barely conscious werewolf, "I hope you know Mr. Smith that might be the last pleasure you feel until the chastity devices removed. Though I doubt it, because I'm going to be giving your alpha a vibrator that will be small enough to be slid into your rectal catheter."

(To be continued, a work in progress)

Jack carries the male werewolf back to his alpha, the alpha sees his pack mate in Jack's arms and starts to get anxious and angry, though the smile on the pack members face looks like one of pure bliss. A little box next to the alpha goes ding and Prints up a little pamphlet." Mr. Doe that pamphlet is the care and operators instructions for the device that Mr. Smith is currently wearing."

"Ladies if you'll follow me I'll be able to get your treatment started"

(A work in progress to be continued.)

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