Bound by Destiny 4

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#4 of Bound by Destiny

Tenchi learns that her old gun master is a family friend and learns next that her swordplay instructor is more than just a simple mortal, but what dark secrets will she dig out to counter her own worst fears?

This story IS connected to actual lore.

Alexander, Maria, Sasha and Story (c) Me

Jane (c) Me and

Peridot (c) Me and SedrinTheStar at FA

Sedrin (c) SedrinTheStar at FA

Tarja (c) Me and Clockwerk at FA

Tenchi (c) (Co-author)

Length: 3,973 words. 21,616 characters.

Time used to type: 1 hours 40 minutes (with corrections and cleaning)

Also, Seishin Senshi means Spirit Warrior.

Bound by Destiny 4 - The Seishin Senshi

This story is copyrighted to SashaWS/ArtisticEastern, containing characters owned by various people used with permission.

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Tenchi and Tarja was both looking at their mentor, as the bat herself looked at them with a soft smile, "I bet you both got questions for me now." she looked between them as Tarja tried to speak first, "What you mean with students? Is miss Tenchi here also a student of yours?" Maria couldn't avoid smiling before nodding, "Who do you think made her arm and also her gun?"

Tarja's eyes went wide before Tenchi shamefully covered the robotic arm of hers, Maria noticing the sudden change of emotions as she watched Tenchi trying to hide it, her eyes slowly closing as she nodded, "I see. Your arm didn't hold for as long as we might have wanted. I bet that since you are here, you had my friend repairing it or upgrading it. You are quite lucky, Tenchi."

Tenchi was in shock over how calmly Maria took it before Tarja dropped the ball completely, "She does not know the strength of her new arm though. She crushed Uncle Alexander's favorite blade." Tenchi's eyes closed a bit as if feeling the sting of the memory before hearing the heavy footsteps and the robotic arm being reached out to her, Maria looking at her with the piercing sight that Tenchi remembered as her tutor's way of telling her to get up and back to training.

It was like her body moved on its own as she got up and Maria grabbed a hold of her hand before a table was constructed and both arms soon slammed down on it, Tenchi looking confused before Maria gave her the same piercing look, "We gonna adjust your arm so you know exactly. Try and parry my pressure with your own, my hand's strength with yours and once you do that, it will be helping you." Tenchi couldn't do anything but simply nod before Maria began applying the first pressure, forcing Tenchi to apply pressure herself, quickly overthrowing her tutor in terms of strength, which quickly got her shocked lightly by Maria's arm until she loosened up on it. Tenchi grunted from every shock as they spent a few minutes loosening up or pressuring harder until Maria decided to put her to the test by applying her full strength into it, Tenchi quickly countering it until Maria loosened up to see how Tenchi could adapt to it, which to her delight was rather quickly when they both met on equal strengths before Maria let go off her hand.

"Very good, you learned rather quickly. I also witnessed that Tarja gave you a show. I got to admit I am impressed. However, I know you can do it too." Maria gave her a soft grin as Tenchi blushed, rubbing a hand behind her head before the constructed enemies began to show up again. Tarja and Maria quickly moved out of range as Tenchi pulled out her hand cannon before rushing in, moving quicker than Tarja had been doing before shots were fired and one by one the enemies fell and new ones were constructed, but Tenchi was nowhere to be found. Tarja was looking around, shocked over that she could not trace Tenchi anywhere, "She is fast!"

Maria just grinned as Tenchi soon did appear, the hand cannon seeming ready as she remembered what Sasha had done, her feet soon getting to work again as she rounded the enemies up in a pile until she appeared again, her arm moved back before she fired the round while thrusting the arm forward, punching out the shot with such a velocity that it decimated all twenty enemies bunched up in one go, something that even got Maria to whistle in amazement before the constructed copy of Tenchi appeared. Tenchi watched herself getting ready before they both began to fire off rounds at each other, trying to leap around to out maneuver the other, which was clearly a hard thing to do.

Tarja thought to herself while watching Tenchi fighting with an almost similar style as her, yet it seemed almost as if she was more proficient with the gun itself than actual fist combat. But there was no question about it to her, Tenchi was the predecessor student while she was the successor student, only in different styles of the same fighting art. Her thoughts were broken when Tenchi made a quick move in on the construct to rip the cannon out of its hand before ramming her own one into the chest to fire off a point-blank shot tearing right through it, leaving only the coding as it deconstructed itself, Tenchi standing there with a soft smirk as a round of applauds were heard from both Maria and Tarja, "Not bad of a show. But if your arm is new, then your cannon needs a new look too. I will speak to Sasha to make you an upgrade once you are ready for it." Maria said with a soft smile before nodding, "Either way, your training is done for today. Class dismissed."

As Tenchi and Tarja took farewell of their tutor, they noticed the moon had appeared in the sky and the warm breeze hit them as they walked back towards the apartment, listening to the crickets playing their melodies, watching the trees dancing in the wind and smelled the scent of the nearby lake. It was rather peaceful and for a moment Tenchi felt as if she wanted to pull Peridot outside and snuggle her under the embrace of the moonlight. Oh true, she had to check on Peridot, "Hey Tarja. I gotta check on your sister before I go and sleep. She might miss me." Tarja smiled before simply nodding, grabbing Tenchi by the shoulder before both of them had been quickly transported to Peridot's room, Tarja excusing herself to go to bed too. Tenchi simply smiled before opening the door slowly, hearing moans from inside before stepping in to the sounds of Peridot speaking, "Ohhh, Nessie. Harder." Now Tenchi closed the door behind her and grinned a bit softly, "What is this? Are you cheating on me with your toy? I am hurt about this. You better have a good excuse." Poor Peridot could not even explain herself before she was pinned down under Tenchi and soon loud moans were heard from the inside as Peridot got double-teamed by both Tenchi and her little toy at the same time for a near hour until finally they both collapsed in the bliss of the aftermath.

The next morning, Tenchi felt how Peridot kissed her, both of their tongues soon wrapping around one another while their breasts were rubbing against one another. Tenchi could not have asked for a better way to wake up than by someone she loved, her arms wrapping around Peridot who froze for a second until feeling that Tenchi had control of her arm before continuing their makeout session, rubbing herself harder against her, the need burning inside her and the need burned within Tenchi too, the need to fornicate. With a soft smile, Peridot broke the kiss and asked Tenchi, "Want me to do you for once, Ten-Ten?" Tenchi was smiling and nodded as she watched Peridot getting lower down on her body, spreading her legs eagerly to show off her pussy. Peridot couldn't avoid the look of such a tasty treat, her head quickly disappearing down to get to work on licking along the outer folds, making Tenchi moan very softly while Peridot also was stroking herself off.

Peridot spreads Tenchi's flower open, licking around at the exposed flesh, trying to tease Tenchi into giving up and allowing her more access before Peridot pulled her tongue away from Tenchi's folds, "Would you mind if I gave you a rimjob?" Tenchi looked at Peridot for a quick moment before smiling, "I guess, I never had someone actually asking me. Just make sure you use mouthwash afterward." both of them began to giggle before Peridot pushed a finger into Tenchi's pussy while pushing up her lower body a bit to get her into position, leaning in to give the exposed pucker a very slow lick which sent shivers through Tenchi. Peridot was giggling softly and even murred while she was rimming her lover and also fingered her at the same time, Tenchi just remaining there as a victim of pleasure, but she did not complain even if it was odd.

Reaching down, Tenchi was trying her best to spread her buttcheeks for Peridot, but it was needed as Peri was pushing her tongue harder against the pucker, trying to push it inside while Tenchi's whole body was quaking with the pleasure, her eyes slowly closing as she was almost hitting the peak from this new experience, "Breakfast time everyone, including the two lovebirds!" Sasha's voice called out as both Peridot and Tenchi groaned out in annoyance, "Awww, come on! We almost got to the good part!" Sighing, both of them quickly got up and dressed, giving each other a kiss as they made their way to the dining area where Maria, Sasha, Tarja and Alexander was sitting and having themselves a sandwich and a glass of orange juice, but also what seemed to be a huge wing.

"Ah, the two lovebirds have arrived. Sorry to disturb your fun, but breakfest comes when it comes." Sasha smiled before Tenchi and Peridot took a seat, but only Peridot was eating as Tenchi was merely looking over the food, "Why breakfast when I ate that huge feast yesterday? I only ate about once a month before I came here. I am good." Sasha was looking at Tenchi before nodding, "True, but your body still needs energy. Especially today when you will begin your training with Alexander. This means even if your body is used to eating only once a month, I still want you to eat like every once in a month is now three times a day." Tenchi was groaning, "I am fin..." She was cut-off by Peridot pushing the sandwich into her maw, "Just eat, Ten-Ten, for me." Tenchi looked at Peridot before sighing and biting down on the sandwich before noticing the large wing laying on the table, all grilled and smelling wonderfully, and how Peridot was throwing herself over it and tore one of the wing-bones right off, soon biting down on it and was nearly behaving like a savage beast before Sasha broke off a wing-bone and handed over to Tenchi, "Come on, have a bite."

Tenchi just sighed as she finished her sandwich and took the huge bone, biting down on the meat of it with a soft murr before she too joined Peridot on eating it like a savage beast, Sasha smiling as Tarja took two bones instead of one, leaving Sasha and Alexander to share the wishbone, both of them pulling hard to see who will get it, only to see it snap in half with them both hitting the floor with a soft laughter as Maria was yawning, "Excuse me a moment. I got to sleep now." Sasha just nodded to Maria before watching the bat leave for her room, waiting next for Tenchi and Peridot to finish their bones, which they almost did at the same time, laying them down before Peridot broke the secret, "Mom, that was the best wyvern wing you ever made!" Tenchi was looking at the wing, "That is a wyvern's wing? It is double the size of any I had!" It was a big laughter from them all before Alexander hit the table with the handle of his newly reforged katana, "No time for wasting training. Tenchi, it is time for you to learn the way of the sword from me. Get your blade and meet me outside."

Tenchi was quickly heading to her room to pick up the blade she had been given to practice with, just leaving as she noticed Jane standing near the door with Sasha, "I'll be heading to a car show, mom. I will be back in a few days. Love you." Sasha hugged Jane tightly before Tenchi was close to them and Jane bowed to her, rushing off before Tenchi could see her jumping into a sports car of some sort, the growl of the engine startling her before the car drove away with Jane and a fox friend of hers. Smiling to herself, Tenchi headed towards the area that Alexander had told her to go to, which was looking like a temple and dojo mixed into one.

Sliding the door open, Tenchi entered to see Alexander standing there with his katana sheathed, the door closing behind her as he nodded and undid his kimono, tossing it into the wind, exposing his bare chest before Tenchi noticed the marks of claws covering him, "Welcome to my dojo, Tenchi. I want you to unsheathe your blade and strike at me with it." Tenchi was confused, "Are you crazy? You know I will probably cut you down easily. I will not do it." He just sighed before unsheathing his sword, "I will parry it, you know." Now Tenchi felt stupid, but grabbed the handle of her katana to unsheathe it, taking a similar stance to him before taking a swing right at him, noticing him quickly parrying it and lowering it towards his face, making Tenchi sweat more and more before she was pulling away, "I can't."

It was at this moment when Tenchi noticed him leaping at her and she was quickly parrying his strike and this time pressed him back, causing him to land a few meters away, "I see now. You barely know me, and you already trust me, which is why you fear to go full out on me, but makes your defense aimed more towards actually making sure I do not injure myself in the process. I think that is enough of a reason to do this." Tenchi was looking confused at how he had read her, but her eyes widened even more when his body began to change, the dark purple-blue coat being replaced with a black coat with a dark purple-blue chest, the steelblue hair turning white and his eyes going from blue to white, the normal calm personality switching into what seemed to be a sadistic butcher's.

Tenchi was looking at him before noticing him moving quicker than anticipated and her katana was put to good use with parrying every blow he delivered, Tenchi barely keeping up while listening to his psychotic laughter, "Come on, fight back! Fight back! Fight back! This cannot be all you can do! Come on, hit me!" Tenchi was pressing him back before attempting a strike that he quickly parried and a punch struck her gut before he laughed, "You are weak. You are nothing but a simple pushover. What is it you truly fear?" He was grinning before swinging his katana, hitting Tenchi on the cheek with the blunt edge, sending her to the side on the floor, "That will not do. Come on, you gonna lay there and just surrender. Maybe your precious friends will help you release yourself once I gut them all!" Tenchi's eyes focused on him before she was getting up and quickly delivered a close strike towards him, watching him parry it and hitting her again with the blunt side, this time on the other cheek, sending her into one of the walls while laughing, "You think you can seriously stop me? You are not strong enough to even take my weakest swing!"

Tenchi was annoyed by him at this point, but his words had truth in them, she was holding back because he was still him inside. Getting herself up, Tenchi panted from how he had worked her to the bones already, but she noticed he was sheathing his katana now, grinning evilly at her while the chest seemed to be forming a dark aura. What happened next was something Tenchi was not ready for as a huge pair of mouth of his dark energy emerged from his chest quickly and ate her up while he was grinning, "Enjoy, your nightmares."

Tenchi groaned as she looked around the empty plane of existence she currently was in, the emptiness almost chilling her down into her bones. A sudden vision created itself around the emptiness that surrounded her, showing her everyone of her friends before a copy of her was moving in closer, one by one cutting them down, making Tenchi scream out, "No, stop! Do not do it!" The copy was not listening to her and continued to slay her friends, Tenchi running in to try and punch it, only to go through just as the copy came up to Peridot covering a young girl. Tenchi was looking shocked and scared as the copy ran Peridot through with her sword, next turning to the girl who tried to run away. It was first now that the copy acknowledged Tenchi's presence and turned to face her before running the blade right through the girl's chest and cutting upwards to leave her like an unfinished slice of bread. Tenchi's eyes began to water up and she screamed out in pain, sadness and fear before the scenario began to repeat itself.

Alexander was watching Tenchi writhing in agony from being caught inside the jaws of his energy, his grin widening before he began to laugh, "You are weak! No one can withstand the truth of their own fears! You are better of just accepting your fate, you are never going to be able to save them from yourself!"

Within the plane of existence that was now Tenchi's biggest fear, Tenchi was crying from seeing it all happening over and over again, her mind slowly losing itself to the acceptance before a voice began to speak to her, "Tenchi, your fear is to hurt the ones you love and care for. Accept it, embrace it, you can protect them and you might need to hurt them to be able to save them. Your fear only hurts them more." Tenchi opened her eyes to look at the copy that was now approaching Peridot, Tenchi noticing the fear in her eyes and the ones of the young girl. She got up from the ground before charging in, pulling her katana from the sheath and struck Peridot on the chest just as the copy was about hit her, parrying the blow while also hurting Peridot, or atleast the copy of her.

Next she parried the blow towards the young girl, but the scenario repeated itself once more, only now Tenchi blocked the blows to save all of them, injuring them with a few cuts in doing so. The copy merely looked at her before lunging at her, Tenchi just sheathing her blade before getting impaled on the copy's own katana, the expression on the copy's face changing from cold to a small sense of warmth as Tenchi embraced her, "Hush now, it is okay. You do not have to do it anymore. I do not fear... I do not fear this anymore. If I got to hurt someone to save them... I will. And who knows, hurting someone might also help me." The copy began to tear up before crying in Tenchi's embrace, Tenchi nodding softly, "I know what you feel. Let it all go, we have both been fools. But we got some to protect. We cannot let them die!" The copy merged itself with Tenchi before the surrounding turned dark again.

The jaws began to shatter before Tenchi broke free of its grip, Alexander grinning widely, "I see you finally broke free. Are you gonna be a coward or actually try and hurt me?" Tenchi merely smirked back at him before raising her katana and without hesitation leaped in closer to him, delivering a quick swing to make him parry before punching him right in the gut, causing him to stumble back with a wider grin, "Perfect! You are finally ready to be serious." Tenchi began to notice fires spreading across his blade, black flames emitting white light, a very strange sight. Sheathing her blade, she looked at him before leaving herself open, "Come on, strike me with all you got!"

This was all he needed to hear before he swung his katana at Tenchi, noticing her catching it before the fires died out and Tenchi merely looked at him, her hand holding the sharp edge before her free one grabbed the handle of her sword to pull it out and strike him right on the left cheek, but then using his own blade to pull him in closer, "You have been living your entire life as someone you have never been. Your fear is to be left alone and to be hurt by others. By allowing me to hurt you, I only fueled your fear even more. I do not fear to hurt you, I just do not wanna fuel your own fear more. But what you truly fear the most, is to not be accepted because you are different and always grew up being hurt for being different. You are an unique individual and you should take pride in it. You lacked it and no one truly saw how the true you really is. I got to see it for just a brief moment within your fires. Now, let it all out."

Tenchi could see the white eyes beginning to shake as he was biting together his teeth, tears slowly forming in his eyes before his katana fell to the floor and Tenchi could only hold him tightly to her as he was letting out all of his emotions in one go, Tenchi gently patting him on the back, "You are more than just a simple warrior, you are a victim of life's cruelties like many else." Alexander was slowly beginning to return to his normal self, Tenchi kneeling down a bit to let him have the time to release it all. And without them both knowing, Sasha and Peridot had been watching it all before walking away to leave them alone.

"Mother? What are you thinking about?" Peridot asked as she noticed her mother stopping, Sasha just giving a soft smile, "I am just thinking how remarkable Tenchi is. She faced her own fear and triumphed over it. And she even saw something that I could not see within him. She never ceases to surprise me." Peridot was about to speak before a light began to shine within the dojo and suddenly Tenchi's voice called out, "What the? Someone! Come quick, he is about to..."

Later that night, everyone in the family had gathered in the dojo to witness a sheer miracle. Sitting on a pillow with two bottles of milk, Alexander was feeding two newborn dragonlets, proudly keeping them safe while everyone was watching this. Tenchi mostly was seeing him yet in another light. He was not only a righteous protector, a tutor and now a cleansed soul, he was also a male-herm like Peridot's father. It was truly a family that would never cease to surprise her. Pulling Peridot and even Peridot's father in closely, they joined in when Alex began singing a lullaby for the two newest additions to the family, Yin and Yang.

But at the same time in a much darker place, "My liege, we might know where she is now!" The evil smirk on the queen's face only grew even more darker, "Then please tell me, my servant. Please tell me indeed."

The End.

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