Sexy Farm Shenanigans

Story by Raul on SoFurry

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SO this is the thing I have been working on for far too long. Well, I say working on. I mean I worked on it a bit, then spent WAY too long on hiatus, before coming back to it. But here it is! In all of it's porny, goopy glory!

And yes, I will be making two new Smut Shots from this. One staring Mason and Ben, the other starring Mason and Victoria. Don't worry, you'll find out who those guys are in a moment.


Sexy Farm Shenanigans

Mason locked the tool shed and wiped the dirt from his hands. The late afternoon sun was still hot enough to make you sweat just from standing outside. He looked down through the fields at the farmhouse, thinking how nice a cold shower would be right now. His third season on this farm was coming to an end and soon it would be time to head back to the city. Mason wasn't looking forwards to leaving. He liked working on the farm. The outdoors agreed with him and the physical, intensive work was tiring, but satisfying. The company didn't hurt either. Not the other seasonal workers though. They tended to keep to themselves. It was the permanent staff who Mason got along the best with. There were four of them. Lucas was in charge of the seasonal workers. He was a big white stallion, at least half a metre taller than Mason and rather gruff in a good-natured way. Mason knew it was just because he had to deal with back-talkers and lazy gits all day. In private he was rather amicable.

Noel was the mechanic. A rather slender dragon that disliked spending too much time outside. He preferred to spend most of his time in the workshop. He was cheerful and gentle (which surprised people, given his profession). He was even a bit of a spiritualist, a living example of how stereotypes could be bullshit. Then there was Victoria. She was... well, Mason didn't actually know what her official title was. But if it grew in the ground, Victoria knew how long it would take to fruit, what soil conditions it needed, how long the growing season was and - perhaps most importantly ­­­- how to cook it. The wolf was the same height as Lucas, and had a scary, dominant air about her. Finally there was Ben, the owner of the farm. He was a big middle-aged alligator with arms like coconuts in a sack. He was the only one on the farm who could beat Lucas in an arm wrestle. He'd developed a bit of a gut recently, but Mason thought it looked kind of cute. In a 'bend me over the desk and fuck me', kind of way.

There hadn't been a day on the farm when Mason hadn't thought about one of the permanent staff in a carnal fashion. He felt himself blush and his cock twitch in his jeans. He sighed and readjusted himself. All the other farm hands had left the day before, but Ben had given Mason an extended contract as he was a 'regular'. Mason was hoping there was a chance of getting a permanent contract. His final meeting with Ben that evening would give him a chance to ask. He was about to head back to the farmhouse for a shower, when he heard Lucas call out to him. Mason squinted as he looked up the field towards the barn. Lucas was waving at him. "Be right up!" Mason called, grabbing his keys and stuffing his sweat rag in his pocket. He walked through the field to the barn where Lucas had already gone inside.

It was almost too warm in the barn. Bales of straw were stacked almost up to the ceiling. Light shone through gaps in the walls, though Mason couldn't see Lucas. There was a creak as the door closed and Mason turned to see Lucas standing by the door. He was shirtless as usual. Mason felt his heart beat a little faster. "You called?" Mason asked. "Yeah. I did. No messin' around. We all like you here. Good worker, strong, skilled, don't complain, eat whatever is put in front of you, Vic likes you for that alone. So Ben wants to offer you a permanent contract." Mason felt his stomach jump. "Really?" He replied, his voice twinged with excitement. "Yes. Really. Now, I got a few tasks for you to do before you join the family, but I'm sure you'll do just fine." "Sure! Great, whatever you need!" Mason said excitedly. "Good. Get undressed." Mason's heart almost exploded. It was suddenly too hot in the barn. "I... err... what?" He managed. "Get undressed, lie on those bales and spread your legs. I'm going to fuck you." Mason was somewhat speechless. He tried to stammer something out but his brain was refusing to engage. It also didn't help that his dick had gone rock hard. Lucas walked up to him and slid an arm around his waist, pulling him close. Mason could feel the bulge of the horse's member through his jeans. "Don't pretend you don't want this. We've all seen you and those toys you got. Time you got some real horse cock." Lucas said with a grin, sliding his hand down the back of Mason's jeans and squeezing his buttocks. Mason squeaked and arched his back. This caused the bulging horse dick to press against his own throbbing cock, which just made matters worse. "I guarantee you'll never go back to a rubber dick after you've had the real deal." Lucas murmured into Mason's ear.

Mason swallowed and pulled off his vest. Lucas' grin widened as he slid his hand out of Mason's pants. The horse stepped back to let Mason remove his jeans. Mason undid his belt and slid down his jeans and underwear in one go, his stiff cock bouncing free. He stood there in the barn, naked, aroused, and more than a little self-conscious. Lucas undid his belt and slid his jeans down, his large, black equine cock and balls dropping free. The member twitched in the air, and a thick bead of precum dripped off the tip. Lucas smirked at Mason, who was staring a little. "Better in person, ain't it?" He said. Mason nodded. Lucas grabbed a pot of petroleum jelly and took the lid off. "Lie down." He said, gesturing to a bale of hay with a towel on top of it. Mason almost skipped over to the hay and lay down. Lucas straddled the bale, his cock bobbing above Mason's face. Lucas smeared the grease over his cock, generously coating it, giving it a slippery shiny sheen. "Turn over and spread your legs." Lucas said. Mason did so, turning to lie on his front. He felt Lucas move, and then hands on his buttocks. Mason's cock throbbed and his heart pounded. That touch was like a wake-up call. This was actually happening. He was about to get fucked by a thick horse dick that wasn't made of (high grade) silicone! "Wider." Mason obliged, feeling even more exposed. And excited. And aroused. More than he had done before, if that were at all possible.

Lucas smeared the grease over Mason's asshole, slipping a finger inside. Making the human gasp and squirm. "Save it for the main event." Lucas chuckled, pulling his finger out. He got behind Mason and began to run his cock between Mason's buttocks, letting out a sigh. Mason loved the feeling of the thick cock sliding back and forth over his slippery hole. He arched his back to press the member deeper between his cheeks. Lucas grunted and pushed him back down. Mason felt a pause, and then the head of Lucas' dick press against his sphincter. He let out a loud moan as Lucas pushed down, his cock slowly penetrating Mason's anus. Mason could feel it pushing deeper, the thick shaft stretching him open. Lucas grunted and paused. "Goddamn... I guess playing with them toys is good fer' something!" He said, his breathing slightly heavier than before. "Yer ass feels great." "Ahh... t-thank... oh fuck..." "I ain't even all the way in and yer' a mess!" Lucas chuckled. He placed his hands either side of Mason and began to lower himself again. Mason felt the cock completely fill his rectum, and push deeper. He was breathless and squirming by the time he felt Lucas' hot balls press against his own. Mason groaned as Lucas lay on top of him, pressing his chest into Mason's back. Lucas letting his bodyweight drive him deeper. Mason could feel the cock in his abdomen, feel it throbbing deep inside. Lucas slid his arms under Mason's, locking his fingers around Mason's chest. He kissed and nibbled his neck and shoulders, making Mason arch his back and gasp. The horse cock had him stretched to capacity, and it felt fucking amazing.

Lucas Lifted his hips, drawing his cock out about half way, before sinking it back in with an oily squelch. The angle was perfect to grind his thick dick against Mason's prostate. "Ah! Ahhh... fuck..." he panted. "Feels good, don't it?" "Yes... fuck..." Lucas pulled out again and thrust back a little harder this time. The gentle slap of his crotch against Mason's butt could have made the human cum then and there. "Ohhh god!" "You sound great with horse dick buried in yer ass." Lucas murmured in his ear, pulling out again. "I'm gonna fill your slutty ass with thick, hot, cum." The stallion settled into a steady rhythm, his cock sliding in and out with ease. The petroleum jelly made it all the better, the thick grease giving a unique texture to the friction of their fucking. "I'm gonna fill you right up. My cum is gonna be oozing down yer legs all the way to the showers." "Ohhhh... yes please! Oh god yes!" Lucas began to build up speed, lifting himself up off Mason and placing his hands either side of him. He pulled his cock out further now, sliding it back with long, expert strokes. Mason moaned and squirmed, gripping the towel and burying his face in it. He was sweating, drooling and almost out of his mind with pleasure.

Lucas kept up the pace, driving his cock down and in. The friction against his prostate was near constant, and Mason couldn't keep it back any longer. He gasped and tensed, his orgasm making his body shake and quiver. He could feel himself cumming into the towel. Thick hot spurts of cum spreading over his stomach and soaking into the hay. "Heh... good boy." Lucas grunted. "Lasted longer'n most!" "Guh... great..." Lucas kept his steady pace but Mason could hear his breath become ragged and uneven. He was so close. "Ohh god... fill me up!" He moaned. "Ah... fuck!" Lucas hissed. Mason's plea was the last straw. He pushed forwards as he came, tightly gripping Mason's hips. Mason moaned as he felt the hot cum filling him. There was an almost audible glugging sound as Lucas unloaded into Mason. Jet after jet of hot, sticky cum. Mason could feel it deep in his bowels. His gut felt warm and full and it was glorious.

Silence came to the barn, broken only by the sounds of heavy breathing. Lucas gradually pulled out of Mason with an obscene slurping squelch. Mason felt slippery warmth dribble down his legs as some of the horse seed oozed out of him. He sat up, feeling the cum inside him slosh and move. Lucas stood, his legs looking a little shaky, his cock covered with cum. Mason slid forwards on the hay bale and stuck his face in Lucas' crotch, between his balls and his cock. "Hey! What're y- ohhhh..." Lucas' incredulity was silenced when Mason slowly licked the cum off his balls and worked up to his shaft. Mason licked all the way along the underside of the thick dick, reaching the head. Lucas' cock was already semi-soft, allowing Mason to slide his mouth over its length. The fleshy member filled his mouth, the strong taste of horse cum making him a little dizzy. He pulled his head back, keeping his lips tight, sucking off all the cum. It made for a decent mouthful, which he readily swallowed. He sat back and gasped as the now limp dick flopped from his mouth. "Damn... I should'a fucked yer mouth!" Lucas laughed.


Mason closed the front door to the farmhouse and sighed. The pink light of the setting sun streamed through the windows. Most of the temporary staff lived out in a converted barn beside the main farmhouse. But Mason had a room in the house itself. It was up in the attic and quite spacious. It even had it's own toilet, though no shower. He kicked off his boots and climbed the stairs. The farmhouse was large. Built over three floors with several wings added to the ground floor over the years. The shower in the main house was on the second floor. Ben had converted it and an adjacent bedroom into a miniature locker room. It had a small shower area with four showerheads, two sinks and two bathroom stalls. There was a wooden bench in the middle of the room and everything except the floor was tiled. Ben had said that five grown people living together couldn't be expected to fight for the shower. Might as well shower at the same time if necessary. Mason reached the top of the stairs and smiled to himself. He'd be staying here from now on. He could now say he was going to his shower. A shower he needed as he could feel cum oozing down his thigh.

As Mason walked down the long corridor to the shower room, he noticed that Noel's door was ajar and the light was on. Noel wasn't usually back in from the workshop until dinner. As he approached the door, it opened and Noel stepped out. He was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. His blue scales shone in the mellow light from his room. His pale chest and belly seemed to glow in the gloom of the corridor. "Oh! Hey Noel! Didn't think you'd be back from the workshop yet!" Mason said cheerfully. Noel smiled at him. "Yes. I came in early today, had stuff to do." He replied. His voice was quiet and gentle. Calming almost. "Oh? Like what?" Mason asked. Noel grinned. He stepped forwards and slid a hand down the front of Mason's jeans, fingers curling around his cock. Mason gasped and froze. There was a jingle of a belt buckle and Mason's jeans slid to the floor. Noel's tail slid up Mason's leg, stroking between his thighs. "You." Noel breathed into Mason's ear. Mason's cock grew immediately hard in Noel's hand. Mason felt his underwear get pulled down by Noel's tail, and then the tip slide between his buttocks. He let out a little gasp as it slipped into his anus, accompanied by a quiet squish. "Lucas is great at fucking." Noel murmured. "He cums a huge amount all in one go, but the poor boy only lasts half an hour at best. Not to mention normal orgasms are so boring." Noel's soft, quiet voice was making Mason feel hotter than it should. He found he was paralysed in Noel's grip. He couldn't move at all. "I've completely dominated you, just by touching you in two places." The dragon cooed into Mason's ear. "I'm going to give you multiple orgasms, all without spilling a drop of cum." "H-how?" Mason stammered. Noel withdrew his tail, releasing another small flood of warm horse cum down Mason's legs. Raising his cum slick tail tip to Mason's lips. He smiled and pushed the appendage into Mason's mouth. "I'll show you!" He hissed, eyes gleaming.

Mason found himself lying on Noel's bed, naked once again. The lighting in the room was mellow. Noel preferred dim lights in his room, as the lights in the workshop were bright and harsh. Noel climbed onto the bed beside Mason, sliding one leg over his waist, straddling him. Noel's scales were warm, soft and smooth. He slid himself up Mason's body until he was sitting astride Mason's chest. "Uh... Noel?" He ventured. Noel looked down at him and smiled, placing a finger on his lips. He lifted himself up, and shuffled forwards until his thighs were either side of Mason's head. Mason felt unbelievably relaxed. Warmth radiated from Noel's skin. The gentle pressure from his thighs was comfortable and reassuring. It took a while for Mason to realise that directly above his face was Noel's erect cock.

It wasn't close to as big as Lucas', but it still wasn't that small either. "Open up sweetie." Noel said with a smile. Mason found himself doing as he was told before he had time to process it. It was like his body had bypassed his brain completely. Noel lifted himself a little higher, angling his cock down. A thin stream of pre-cum landed on Mason's tongue. Mason didn't even flinch, which was odd. Noel lowered himself, his cock sinking deep into Mason's open mouth. The dragon let out a soft moan, guiding his cock with one hand and holding on to Mason's head with the other. Mason was surprised that he could take all Noel's cock. He was sure he would have gagged. But the way it filled his mouth and throat with its silky, throbbing length made him just feel good. "Mmfh... there's a good boy. Just suck on my cock. Let it fill your mouth. Taste it and just lie there, so relaxed..."

Mason sighed around the member in his mouth, his own cock growing hard and aroused. He appeared to have lost control of his body, but that was fine. He was warm and relaxed and he felt so good. Noel slowly started to rock his hips in a smooth, sensual fashion, almost riding Mason's face. Mason felt Noel's tail (or what he assumed to be Noel's tail) coil around his cock, gently squeezing and stroking it. Mason gulped and huffed, his body tensing at the new sensation. "Ah... just relax. Relax. Feel the pleasure rolling through you. Sucking my cock just makes you feel so good. The waves of pleasure wash over you, making you go deeper..." Everything Noel was saying seemed to be such a good idea. Why wouldn't Mason just go along with it? Mason's mind had gone blank, unable to think or move. His eyes had glazed over and drool trickled down his chin. His body felt hot and his cock throbbed as indescribable pleasure assaulted him. His instinct was to squirm and writhe, arch his back and moan, but he couldn't. Not without Noel's say so. Noel rocked back and forth, nice and slow. His face was becoming flushed. "Oh... your mouth is exquisite!" He moaned, sliding his fingers through Mason's hair.

Mason huffed a little; his breathing was otherwise steady, despite the dick in his mouth. He could feel something warm and wet dribbling down his chin and out of the corners of his mouth. Given the circumstance, there were only two things it could be. "I imagine you're feeling pretty good now, aren't you?" Noel asked. Mason responded with a small gurgle. "I guess you'll be ready for your first orgasm then? Don't worry, you won't cum because I haven't said you can, but orgasm is fine. Are you ready?" Mason didn't have time to respond because Noel leaned forwards, completely smothering his face. "Orgasm for me." The dragon said. It was the most peculiar orgasm Mason had ever experienced. The pleasure seemed to radiate from everywhere at once, like waves crashing over him. His body shook and he moaned. And then just as suddenly as it had arrived, it was over. It felt odd to be so quickly devoid of that all encompassing pleasure. There was a bizarre emptiness in place of it. Noel leaned back and slid his cock out of Mason's mouth. "Swallow." Noel said. Mason did so and discovered his mouth was full of cum. Noel slid back, looking somewhat flustered and out of breath. His cock was wet, and a thick strand of cum dripped from the tip. "Oops... maybe I got a little too pent up." He said with a small smile. "Though that still doesn't solve your little problem, though I'd hardly call it 'little'."

Noel got to his knees and shuffled himself backwards. Still straddling Mason's body, he stopped when he was poised above Mason's erect cock. Mason felt his body tense with anticipation. "It's a good thing that I prepared before you arrived." Noel giggled, before slowly lowering himself. Mason's cock slid between Noel's buttocks with a wet squelch. Noel had liberally lubricated himself in preparation for this. Mason squirmed despite his trance as Noel teased his cock. The dragon straightened up and leaned back. Mason felt his cock slip inside Noel's anus. He gasped as Noel's bum slapped against his waist. "Oh god! Oh god! That feels so good!" Noel gasped, his cock springing back to life. Mason wasn't sure what Noel was feeling, but it certainly felt good to him. His cock surrounded by hot, soft, slippery flesh. Noel clenched up around Mason's shaft and to began rocking his hips back and forth. "Here, let me make it feel even better for you." Noel said with a grin. Mason gasped as Noel's tail slipped back inside him. Noel began stroking his cock as he rode Mason. His buttocks slapping wetly against Mason's waist. The assault of sensations was becoming too much for Mason to deal with. His body burned but, much to his annoyance, he still couldn't move. His body still refused to obey him. "Is... is it frustrating? I b-bet... I bet it is." Noel said breathlessly. Mason could see his composure was slipping. Then everything went white for a few seconds. Noel was tailfucking him, making sure his prostate was getting most of the attention. The intense pleasure surge was enough to snap him out of his trance.

He moved to grab Noel by the hips, but Noel was faster. The dragon grabbed Mason by the wrists, pinning them to the bed. He planted a kiss right on Mason's lips. Mason felt hot dragon tongue fill his mouth and he kissed back. Noel still somehow managed to dominate him, pushing him down with just a kiss. They broke the kiss, saliva dripping from Noel's long tongue. "We're gonna have to work on that trance!" He gasped, openly panting now. "S-sure!" Mason replied. Noel leaned back and started stroking his cock again, riding up and down. Mason gasped. He didn't know what to concentrate on. The hot, wet sensation squeezing down on his cock or the thick tail filling up his ass. Noel gasped, his cock throbbing and squirting hot cum over Mason's belly. He sank down and clenched up around Mason's cock, driving his tail as deep as he could. Mason hadn't been expecting the orgasm. The sudden tightening around his cock took him by surprise. He arched his back and opened his mouth, but no sound came out. He came hard, flooding Noel's ass with semen. Noel whined and arched his back, his ass flexed around Mason's dick, almost like it was milking him. Mason's thighs quivered as his orgasm began to subside. He'd never cum quite that hard before.

Everything was quiet, save the sound of the two of them panting. Noel slid off Mason and onto the bed beside him. They stayed there for a minute, not saying anything. "So that whole hypnosis thing." "Heh... I'll have you eating out of my hand inside a week." "Does anybody else in the house... y'know..." "Vicky." "Really?" "Yep. Oh she'll tie you to the bed, spank you raw then fuck you 'til you pass out. But she loves being the mindless little slut from time to time." "Little?" "Oh shush. You should go have a shower." Mason moved to get off the bed, then stopped. He looked behind him. "Do you mind?" He asked, looking up at Noel. "No." Noel replied with a grin, withdrawing his tail from Mason's ass with a squish. Mason got to his feet and staggered out of Noel's room. He headed down the corridor, finally reaching the shower room. He flipped the lights on and dropped his towel on the central bench. He looked at himself in the mirror. "I am such a state..." He muttered. His hair was messy, his face and neck were shiny with sweat, saliva and cum. Everything from his bellybutton to his knees was soaked in cum, lube and other sexual fluids. He went over to a shower and turned it on. He closed his eyes and sighed as the warm water hit his oversensitive body. He wouldn't be walking straight for a week after this. He didn't turn around when he heard the door open and close. Neither did he flinch when large, green, scaly arms wrapped around him. "Welcome to the family." Ben murmured.

Ben's belly was warm and soft as he pulled Mason against it. He slid one hand down his front and cupped Mason's entire package. Mason was pulled against the big alligator, his buttocks pressed into Ben's crotch. He could feel the big, thick cock and balls rubbing softly against him. "Thanks..." Mason replied quietly. "Noel and Lucas given you the welcome?" "Oh yes." "Good. Wasn't sure you was into it, but I guess if they both got ya..." "Is... is Victoria going to..." "Only if you're cool with women too." "You know, I think I am." "Good. I'll let her know... tomorrow." They stood quietly in the cascade of water for a while. "Get on your knees." Ben said quietly. Mason stepped away from Ben and turned, kneeling as he did so. He looked up at the naked gator. Ben's dick was substantial. It was only a little shorter than Lucas's, but quite a bit thicker. Ben turned around and lifted his tail, exposing his sphincter. Mason had no doubts about what to do. He buried his face in Ben's soft ass and licked over the tight muscle, pressing his tongue down on it. Ben grunted and lowered his tail, curling it with surprising dexterity around Mason. Mason found himself trapped in a scaly prison, the base of the tail pressing his head against Ben's ass. "Keep going." Ben growled. Mason did as he was told, licking the soft skin and pressing against the sphincter, coating it in his saliva. The water was still flowing over him as it ran off Ben's scales in tiny waterfalls. This was a welcome change of pace to the fairly rough fuckings he had got from Lucas and Noel.

They stayed like that for a good five minutes, Mason kissing and licking Ben's ass. Eventually Ben lifted his tail and Mason rocked back, panting a little. "I'll have to get you to do more of that." Ben said, turning around. Mason found himself staring down Ben's erection. It was pretty huge. Mason got to his feet around. Mason leaned forwards and braced his hands against the wall, spreading his legs for Ben. Ben reached around him and turned off the shower. Mason felt the large head of Ben's cock press against his ass. For a moment he wasn't sure if it would fit, but after a few seconds of gentle pressure, it slid in. It stretched him wider than anything else had that day, but it felt incredible. It felt like it took an age to sink down the entire length of Ben's shaft. But he eventually made it, heavy balls pressing into his buttocks. "Shit... I ain't gonna last long..." Ben growled. "I don't... I don't think I can..." Mason felt hot and dizzy, and suddenly he orgasmed. He moaned Hands clenching as he came, cum oozing from his cock and splattering on the floor. Ben chuckled and began to fuck Mason, holding his hips. His cock slid back slowly, the friction and the tightness was perfect. "The others really did a number on you, huh?" Ben said, gliding his hips forwards. Mason shuddered and sighed, not saying anything.

Ben leaned forwards, placing his hands either side of Mason's, pressing his big body down on him. Mason groaned, and Ben could feel the human's legs trembling. Ben could already feel himself approaching climax. It had been a long, pent up day after all. Mason could feel Ben's huge gator dick throbbing inside him. Each pulse stretched him out a little bit, before relaxing again. Ben slid forwards, completely filling Mason before coming to his climax. With a long hiss, Ben came, pumping an almost obscene amount of cum into Mason. Mason groaned as he felt the hot semen flood his insides. Warmth washed down his legs as cum oozed out of him and onto the floor. Lucas had filled him with cum, but Ben was like a hosepipe. Mason could feel each jet travelling up Ben's shaft before it exploded inside him. His legs shuddered and gave out, but Ben caught him before he fell, still pumping thick cum into him.

After a while, Ben pulled out. A wave of gator jizz splashed like an obscene wave over their feet. The strength began to return to Mason's legs and he shakily put weight on them. He was once again covered in cum, though this time he was already in the shower. "F-fuck..." He stammered. "Yeah, I get that quite a bit." Ben said with a grin. "That's amazing!" "Oh don't worry, today was a welcome present. I'll give you a real fucking later." "Well that sounds awesome." "He's got to survive my tender mercies first." Said Vicky from the doorway. Ben looked over at her, then burst out laughing. "Good luck kid!" He said, walking past Vicky and out of the showers. Mason looked over at Victoria. She had a somewhat predatory grin on her face. "Tell me, Mason. Have you ever been tortured with pleasure before?" "No?" Mason squeaked. "Excellent!" "Oh no..."

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