Cold Hearted: The Dealer

Story by Glacier on SoFurry

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#3 of Cold Hearted

A corrupt man is forced to meet with a creature that shows no mercy

Noah walked through the plaza, sighing as he looked around at all the political posters that were up. There were three candidates running, but only two seemed to be really going head to head. Noah stopped to look at a political poster of a handsome wolf before grinning and laughing to himself.

"He sure looks more charming when he's on a political poster" Noah spoke to no one in particular, always finding the wolf to be quite the looker. If only he would be allowed to fuck him. That would make his day. "Eh, maybe on my birthday I'll ask." Noah whispered to himself before continuing along. He didn't have any particular place to be, and was just wandering around at the moment. It was starting to get late, but it was still early enough where not too many 'fun' things were happening. He had started to walk through a park, his purple eyes scanning for anything that could remotely offer entertainment. The only people that caught his eyes were an officer, a jogger, and a business man who was reading a newspaper.

"Hm." Noah thought, trying to pick his prey. As the jogger ran past he looked down at the ass of the male, grinning to himself. "Nice ass on that one." He thought before deciding to pursue. Just as he was about to take off behind the jogger in an attempt to flirt his ass off, his phone rung. Judging by the ringtone, it was a call he could not skip. He pulled his phone out of his pocket while keeping his eyes fixated on the jogger, burning the image of the male into his mind. He would find this one later, and have good times with him. Hopefully the jogger was straight. That would make the hunt even more fun. Noah grinned, shelving his ideas for later as he answered him phone.

"Where am I needed?" Noah spoke, skipping the normal formalities of a conversation. He already knew that the one on the other line needed him for something.

"Straight to the point are we, Noah? What's the matter, were you about to chase after some piece of ass?" The male voice on the other end spoke in a strangely serious yet joking manner. Noah had become accustomed to it, so could easily tell how the male meant it. Others who weren't so used to it would find themselves struggling. Noah grinned, glancing around to see if he was being watched, even though he knew he wasn't.

"You know it, Kita. I don't mind going after him later on if you just so happen to need me now though." Noah replied.

"I do have need of you old friend. I need you to go pick up some 'merchandise' for me, over on the East End. I've already sent a few of the 'guards' there, and they are all expecting you." The voice spoke. Noah's ears perked up, finding that to actually be something that could be fun.

"Who am I getting it from?"

"Arsen Darren."

"Arsen?" Noah spoke in surprise. "You mean the bloke who's known for betraying those he deals with?"

"Good, you know. That will make things go quicker." Kita spoke, causing Noah to gain a questioning look.

"Kita, is this your way of trying to lay me off?" Noah spoke with concern noticeable in his voice. Kita only laughed heartily, understanding the caution of the male.

"No, it's legit. You're going to have several guards with you. Is that not enough?" Kita responded.

"Eh, knowing Arsen's track record I don't think it is." Noah spoke with a sigh, unsure about this. Normally he didn't complain, but he knew this was going to be trouble.

"Noah, I've never seen you this concerned about things like this. Normally you jump at the chance to do them. If you don't feel safe however that's fine. I'll tell Glacier to tag along. Will that ease your nerves?" Kita spoke in a friendly and actually concerned manner. Noah's ears only perked up at the mention of Glacier.

"Ehh, that would make me feel even less safe. Alright I'll go, without Glacier if that can be helped." Noah spoke into the phone, now turning and heading towards where he was supposed to. Kita only laughed at hearing the comment, finding it amusing.

"Alright. The guards will be waiting for you in the alley of the abandoned Casino. Arsen and his men should be there in about half an hour. Should take you twenty minutes to get there. Should give you time to set up. Good luck Noah." Kita spoke before hanging up. Noah shook his head, heading off to where he needed to. Not surprisingly, it took him twenty minutes. Kita always had a great sense of time. He had a great sense when it came to a lot of things. Probably explained why his influence was so strong. Noah had always admired that about him.

The sun had gone down by the time Noah arrived, and the alley was barely lit by a few lights. The alley was a long one with only two possible entrances, one on either side of it. When Noah arrived, the 'guards' were waiting for him in the alley. There were about 6, and half of them were Dobermans while the other half was Panthers. They were all dressed in black suits and wore black shades, and they all had a firearm on them. One of the guards approached Noah and handed him a suitcase full of cash.

"Here's the money for the merchandise. The boss said you should be the one to make the transaction." One spoke to Noah, simply getting a nod from him.

"Alright fellas. Was the plan to actually try to complete this without incident? Or are we going to be the only ones walking?" Noah questioned, realizing he didn't have much information on this one. That was normal when he suddenly received calls from Kita. Kita had a habit of being very vague when it came to Noah. That was mainly due to him seeing Noah as being highly competent. The only other person who Kita was vague with was Glacier, who he also viewed as being competent. Though in many ways, Glacier was more dangerously so.

"We're supposed to leave without incident if possible sir." A Doberman spoke, getting a sigh from Noah.

"Damn, would of been way easier if we just had to kill em. Ah well." Noah spoke before one of the guards offered him a pistol. Noah shook his head and waved at the guard dismissingly. "You better keep it. I expect you to keep me safe though." Noah wasn't concerned about having something to shoot with. If the situation escalated, he would be the first to be wounded anyway. Better to have the weapon with someone else who would be able to get more use out of it. "Right then, now to just wait." Noah spoke to the others.

Noah and the guards would have waited about another fifteen minutes before they heard a car pull up in the distance. Shortly after, nine figures would appear at the other end of the alley and would began walking towards the group.

"Alright gents, be ready." Noah spoke and moved a bit ahead of the guards who blocked the entrance on their side. They stood behind Noah spread out, each taking hold of their firearm. Noah stood in the center of the line the guards formed, standing confidently. Soon the other group would have stood a few feet away from the Noah and the others, a fine light mist starting to surround the area. Noah grinned to himself, looking to the ones ahead. Eight of the members of the other group were German Shepherds, and they all looked vicious in their own right. They were dressed similarly to the guards, and they were armed. Behind the eight Shepherds was an Alaskan Malamute, dressed professionally.

"Well well. Arsen you look dapper as ever behind your coat of German Shepherds. How's the little ankle biters?" Noah spoke sarcastically. Getting growls from the Shepherds. Soon, Arsen stepped forward, looking unamused.

"Where is Kita?" The Malamute spoke, looking impatient.

"I don't quite know mate. I fancy he's fuckin his pet. Wouldn't surprise me actually." Noah said with a grin, Arsen now growling in response and giving an annoyed look.

"Cute. He sent his little errand boy. Must not care much for you. Where is the payment?" Arsen asked, getting Noah to roll his eyes.

"What? No foreplay?" Noah spoke to an irritated Malamute. "Relax mate, It's right here in this briefcase. Where's the merchandise?" Noah inquired, his guards behind him remaining ready.

"Likewise, here." Arsen spoke, snapping his digits. Immediately a German shepherd holding a handgun and a briefcase stepped forward. He held the briefcase up and opened it, revealing some type of crystal inside. Noah had no idea what he was supposed to be getting and became slightly irritated, now starting to see how stupid this mission was sounding. Something didn't seem right about it, and he couldn't help but shake the feeling that this was supposed to be his grave. Noah turned to one of the guards behind him and spoke softly.

"What ya think?"

The guard didn't know what to say and gave a shrug. Apparently, they had not been told what they were attempting to get either. Noah only sighed and shook his head, holding up his briefcase and opening it. Naturally, it contained stacks of money. Arsen looked into the case from his spot a few feet away and nodded.

"Bring it over." Arsen spoke, his look serious as ever.

"I don't think so." Noah said in response. "I'll bring this case to you. Have your guy bring it to the guard behind me. We walk together." Noah proposed, getting a nod from Arsen as he motioned forward with a paw. Both Noah and the guard walked forward, passing each other before heading to their respective targets. Noah noticed that the mist that had surrounded the area was particularly heavy on Arsen's side of the alley. For now, he paid it no further mind, approaching his target. Without any words he handed Arsen the briefcase, getting a grin from the Malamute. The German Shepherd had also handed his case to one of the guards at this point. As Noah was about to turn to head back, several shots highlighted the area, causing Noah to gasp. He remained still though, seeing as how five of the guards still stood behind Arsen, guns aimed at Noah. Two others had fallen to the ground, and went silent in a pool of their own blood. Noah shook his head with a look of heavy agitation. He knew if he looked behind him, the sight would not be pretty. Arsen noticed and laughed.

"Go ahead, look." Arsen spoke smugly. Noah sighed and hesitantly glanced back, seeing in his peripheral vision bodies slouched on the floor.

"Why do we even bother with the mooks?" Noah sighed to himself. Arsen laughed, hearing his words

"They work wonders for me." Arsen spoke before nodding at the briefcase the dead German Shepherd next to the guards held. One of German Shepherds who was still alive retrieved it and returned. "What happened to that sense of humor you had?" Arsen asked Noah tauntingly, only getting a glare from him in response. "No worries, I'm sure they will love it in hell. Enjoy your trip there." Arsen spoke, gesturing to a guard who stepped forward with a pistol in hand and took aim at him.

"No wait!" Noah yelled out, causing Arsen to gesture to the guard to stop momentarily.

"Last words?" Arsen inquired.

"Ya bet. Let me live ya bloody wanker." Noah spoke boldly, though probably didn't help his case. Arsen only laughed, and started to gesture for the guard to pull the trigger to end Noah, but found himself looking at him intently. Arsen would quickly stop laughing and tilt his head at the one before him before flashing him a quick glare.

"Leave him, and move out." Arson spoke, turning to take his leave. Arsen's guards looked at him surprisingly, with one going as far to say "Uhh...sir?". As soon as the guard spoke, Arsen took a pistol from one of the nearby guards and immediately shot the guard who spoke in the head, heart, and crotch without even looking at him. The other guards looked startled, but said nothing, following behind their employer. Noah looked shocked, stunned by what just happened. He hadn't moved the whole time and ended up watching the group take their leave, the fine mist that coated the area seeming to have disappeared with them. He guessed that Arsen must have had a thing for being talked to like that, and combined with Noah's charm it let him off the hook. It took Noah a while, but he finally snapped out of his state of shock when he heard police sirens nearing.

"Shit." Noah spoke to himself before quickly taking off, trying his best to get out of sight. Not only did he have to avoid the police, but when he got back he would have to explain his failure to his boss. Not something he was looking forward to at all. "And to think, I could of had a nice piece of ass." Noah thought to himself as he weaved through buildings. "What is my bloody life?"


Arsen maintained a serious look as his limo pulled up to the entrance to his corporation. It was about time he made it back. There was plenty of work to be done, and he had no time to fool around. Arsen didn't wait for the driver to get out and open the door, instead doing it himself. Two of the guards that were with him stepped out, following their boss into the building. Arsen didn't wait to be cleared at the front desk, instead going directly to his office on the thirteenth floor. As he entered he closed the door behind him, putting the two briefcases he carried off to the side while his two guards took their places outside and kept watch. Arsen immediately took his seat at his desk and picked up papers that were on top of a stack, reading over them before going to work. He had a lot to do, and he felt compelled to get it done. Arsen was somewhat of a perfectionist, and needed things to be done perfectly and within a certain frame of time. If it wasn't, he would lose his shit. As Arsen began to get into his work, he heard a knock at his door and immediately growled.

"Come in!" He yelled to whoever was outside. The door opened, and soon he was met by the gaze of a gorgeous cheetah whose bust was particularly large. She was wearing a blouse and a skimpy skirt that was highly inappropriate for work, but what one could expect from certain girls at a high school.

"Sorry to bother you sir, but I have more papers for you that need to be dealt with ASAP." The cheetah spoke, getting a grin from Arsen.

"Ah, Sheilah is it? You're that new high school intern, right?" Arsen spoke, looking at the female who stood before him.

"Yeah I am. You know me Mr. Darren?" Sheilah spoke while placing the stack of papers as neatly as she could on the desk.

"Of course I do dear, how could I not know a beautiful thing like you." Arsen spoke, getting a blush from Sheilah.

"Oh my. Well, thank you for the compliment. You are handsome yourself for a dog your age." She spoke. Arsen stood and walked over to her with a murr

"Oh trust me darling, there are a lot of things about me I'm sure you would be surprised by, but love nonetheless." Arsen spoke, getting pretty close to the cheetah. Sheilah wasn't sure how the Malamute heard about her, but she knew about him all too well. The other female workers that she worked with her first day warned her about him. Even though he was married with children, Arsen was known to flirt with his female co-workers. Even worse, there were rumors that he actually raped one or two of them. On top of his shady dealings outside of the corporation, Arsen was seen as being a less than favorable creature to be around. The only reason he was kept within the corporation was because his family helped create it, not to mention the fact that he managed to bring in a lot of revenue and support a positive image of the establishment. Sadly, that image of him was only positive outside of the building. Inside the building, everyone knew he was not to be trusted.

"Oh, I'm not too sure about that sir." Sheilah said with a light gulp, backing away towards the door. "But I am sure that you are a busy man, and my presence is only being a distraction. So I must go now. It was nice seeing you." Sheilah spoke, getting a grin from Arsen. She didn't wait for a response and immediately turned to leave, hearing a whistle from Arsen as she opened the door. She didn't look back, but her eyes went large as the two German Shepherds in front of the door snarled at her, one visually reaching for a gun that was now visible. Sheilah gasped, placing her paws over her mouth.

"Come sweetheart. Close the door and have a seat." Arsen spoke, now sitting back down behind his desk. Sheilah was in a state of shock and had tears rolling down her face. Without much warning, one of the German Shepherds guarding the door snarled at her and yelled "Move!" to her. She did and quickly shut the door, locking it. Arsen only laughed, watching the display of fear the female put on. Sheilah was noticeably shivering now and didn't know what to do. If she called out for help, she would no doubt be killed. There was a reason no one called Arsen out for his antics. Those that did normally ended up missing. "Come." Arsen reiterated with a smug grin, Sheilah still not moving. "Should I call in my two friends over there?" Arsen spoke, getting Sheilah to shake her head. She would listen, moving over in front of Arsen's desk and taking a seat. "There, now isn't that better?" He would ask. Sheilah said nothing, staring at Arsen in complete fear with tears streaming down her face.

"Tell me, do you have a boyfriend, darling?" Arsen asked, staring at the female with obvious lustful intent. Sheilah did not want to respond, but knew that it would go a certain way if she didn't.

"N-no." Was all she spoke in response. Closing her eyes and wishing she could be anywhere else right now. She only had this job because one of her classes required that she work somewhere to get "real-world experience". She had no idea that things were going to get this real. She only chose to work here because the company was so highly spoken about. In fact, when she got the job she was excited. Everyone had spoken and said that it was their dream job, and of the low odds, she managed to get it. Now here she was, effectively at the mercy of this...creature.

"No? That's too bad. One would expect a gorgeous lady like you to be taken." Arsen spoke before relaxing in his chair. "Relax sweety, I'm not going to hurt you. Well, as long as you keep me happy. Do you know how to keep me happy?"

Sheilah shook her head 'no', even though she knew perfectly well what the male would end up wanting. In a way she was stalling, hoping that something or someone would come to remove her from this nightmare. Arsen flashed a quick grin in response, murring softly now.

"That's fine darling. Why don't you come and sit on my lap?" Arsen spoke, getting a shocked look from Sheilah. "And no, that's not a choice beautiful."

Sheilah ended up sniffing her nose, knowing full well where this was going to lead. She couldn't resist however, not unless she wanted to be the next one missing. She got up hesitantly, walking behind the desk of male. When she did, her eyes went wide and she froze in place. At some point, probably when she tried to leave in a hurry, the Malamute had removed his pants and underwear. He was sitting at the desk with nothing but his business shirt on. He was noticeably half erect, with an average sized sheath and cock, but massive balls.

"Come, take a seat here." Arsen patted his lap. Sheilah whimpered before taking a deep breath, adhering to the wish of the male and taking a seat on his lap. She sat at the very edge of his leg, making sure to keep as much distance as she could between her and the creep, even if that distance was very small. That would prove futile as Arsen wrapped his paws around the feline, moving to grope her bosoms while his muzzle moved to the side of her neck and kissed it gently. Arsen was in turned met with shivers from her "Mm, now isn't that better?" He spoke, acting oblivious to her fear. Sheilah said nothing, keeping her eyes closed and trying to keep her breathing calm. Arsen would grin, his paws moving under the skirt of the feline before swiftly pulling down her panties. Normally, Arsen found himself being gentle with the ones he came onto. He found himself calming them, if not only to have a variety of things available to do rather than just having them bend over and either get fucked by him, or forcing them to blow him. This time however, he was finding himself enjoying the fear that was displayed. He was enjoying seeing this female in a helpless state and wanting nothing more than to be rid of him. It was turning him on, something that never happened in regard to those.

Arsen held Sheilah's panties in one paw and brought it up to his muzzle, sniffing at them deeply. His dick throbbed, and it was leaking a generous amount of pre. Sheilah in response was completely creeped out. Arsen was a handsome male, and it normally helped that he had influence, but in this situation Sheilah could not find herself attracted to him at all. There was no way she could like this.

Arsen ended up throwing Sheilah's panties to the side, moving his paws under her blouse. He reached both up towards her bra, unceremoniously ripping it off of her, causing Sheilah to yelp. Arsen would then whistle, calling to the guards. Sheilah, upon seeing the two men burst through the door immediately covered her mouth with her paws, thinking that she just sealed her fate. She shivered heavily, causing Arsen to laugh.

"You. Come in." Arsen said, pointing to the guard on the right. "You. Close the door and guard it. Though if any females need to get in, let them." Arsen spoke to the guard on the left who nodded and complied, closing the door once the other had gone in. "What's your name?" Arsen asked the German Shepherd who nonchalantly replied "Tyren." Arsen grinned, looking over the canine.

"Tyren huh? Well, take a load off. Get comfy and relax." Arsen spoke with a look that gave the canine all he needed to know. Tyren grinned, giving a nod to his employer.

"With pleasure." He spoke before unzipping his pants, taking out his furry sheath and balls. Arsen murred with pleasure, playing with the bare tits of the feline while once more kissing her neck. If Sheilah was uneasy before, she was completely uncomfortable now with another set of eyes watching her. With the way this was going, she was expecting this new male to play a role at some point.

"Relax my dear. Just keep complying, and we won't hurt you. Now get up, and bend over my desk." Arsen ordered, watching the female as she hesitantly did so. When she bent over the desk, Arsen growled playfully and slapped her ass roughly before getting up out of his chair and getting on his knees behind her. He then lifted her skirt, revealing her wet pussy. Arsen would grin at it and speak "Seems like you're ready my dear" before moving his muzzle to it, eagerly lapping his tongue at it. Both his paws would move to either of her cheeks and spread her wide, his tongue penetrating through and exploring her warm moistness. Sheilah in response would gasp out and blush, finding herself squirming on the tongue of the male. She tried to think of something else but would only end up noticing the canine with the growing erection in front of her, playing with himself. She tried to resist giving him any kind of show but couldn't, finding herself moaning as the male penetrated her deeply with his tongue. He would stop only for a moment to speak.

"Do you have enough of a view, Tyren? Come, get closer if you need to." Arsen finished before returning his muzzle to the succulent cunt of the feline, his tongue worming its way back into her and making her moan and gasp in a pleasure that she hated herself for feeling. Tyren, following the words of his employer, moved behind the desk, getting a better view of the action. He licked his muzzle, his dick completely hard by that point. He stroked his meat, releasing happy pants with tongue hanging.

Arsen found himself enjoying the pussy of the feline way more than he normally would. In fact, he found himself doing a lot of things that he normally didn't care for, or was normally repulsed by. He would never let someone else watch him having 'private' time with his female cohorts, especially another male. He also hated to see the sight of another guys sheath and balls, but he was strangely ok with it now. Of course, he still would never do anything with another guy. It was interesting to him though how many new things he was willing to suddenly try. Must have been all the money he was 'earning'.

"Fuck, that pussy sure looks good." Tyren spoke, still beating his meat. Arsen listened and grinned, getting up from where he was kneeling and bringing his own hard erection into full view.

"Why don't you give it a taste?" Arsen spoke in reply before moving around the desk and in front of the feline, tears coating her face. Tyren would grin big, not hesitating to get down on his knees behind her. He would spread her cunt as well before roughly lapping at it. In comparison to Arsen, Tyren was far more aggressive, having the feline effectively ride his tongue. He would occasionally slap her ass with a paw, his hard erection leaking a lot of pre.

"Come on my dear, give it a taste. Make sure you're gentle, or else." Arsen spoke while holding his cock in front of the bent over female. Sheilah said nothing and complied, now hoping to get this over with sooner. She was still releasing cute moans and squirming on the tongue. She reached a paw out, replacing Arsen's paw on his throbbing erection with her own. She stroked it gently before leaning forward and taking the tip into her mouth, her soft delicate lips bringing a wave of pleasure that was soon fortified by her tongue. Arsen murred, his paws moving to play with her tits while she played with him. Below her, Tyren was enjoying himself, finding that he never quite got the time to do this. Tyren was a young canine, but was always busy with this job so much so that he never got the chance to find a lady friend. In what seemed to be a stroke of luck, he got to do that now.

"Fuck, her pussy tastes delicious. I wish Matt could taste this." Tyren spoke, getting a curious look from Arsen. Sheilah on the other hand, got a look of fear.

"Who is Matt?" Arsen asked, prompting Tyren to stand. He would replace his tongue with one of his digits.

"Matt is the other guard." Tyren spoke, grinning as the female squirmed from the fingering. Asren grinned as well, giving a quick whistle. Soon Matt entered with a bulge noticeable in his pants. It was obvious he had heard the moans from outside. It looked like his pants were about to burst open.

"Yeah boss?" Matt spoke hesitantly.

"Close the door behind you, and free that beast in your pants that's begging to get out. Then, go behind the desk and get a taste of this little darling." Arsen spoke in response, placing a paw at the back of Sheilah's head and forcing her to go deeper on his cock. She did so without problem, causing him to think that she wasn't exactly new to this.

Matt did as he was told all too compliantly. He closed the door and pulled out his hard cock and balls without hesitation, moving behind the desk.

"You're going to love her pussy man." Tyren spoke with a grin, getting one back in return from Matt. Matt got on his knees behind the female and didn't wait, immediately and eagerly diving into her cunt. He wasn't as rough as Tyren, but he did it strongly enough where she ended up moaning once more and riding his tongue. Arsen smirked at this, moving his paws to either side of the felines face before thrusting forward at a relatively slow pace. Sheilah hated this. She hated everything that was going on and did not derive any pleasure from it of her own choice. She could not stop her body from reacting to it, and hated the fact that her reactions somewhat encouraged them. She knew there was no choice in the matter though, and had no choice but to continue. She sucked on Arsen's cock, hoping that he was nearing his climax. There were three males in the room, and each had average size cocks with the exception of Tyren who was bigger than the two. She knew they were only here due to Arsen's arousal though. If Arsen finished up, there was a chance this would abruptly end for the other two. So, doing the best she could, she attempted to give the Malamute the best blowjob of his life, using every trick she knew to help speed it along. She was not a virgin, but she definitely wasn't a slut either. She tried her best to work the cock in her mouth with that tongue in her cunt, and the paws playing with her tits.

"Ohh, I love the enthusiasm my dear." Arsen spoke through light moans, picking up the pace in the feline's maw. He found himself starting to grow near to his climax, but before he could get to that point, he pulled out of Sheilah's mouth to her surprise. "Stand boys. It's time to watch me fuck this little pussy." Arsen spoke with a grin. He normally didn't speak like this either, but again found himself feeling compelled to this time around. "Face your pussy this way dear." Arsen said, stroking his dick. Matt stood and moved to the front of the desk along with Tyren, allowing the feline to comply. She naturally did so with hesitation, but soon had her cunt in front of Arsen, herself looking up at him with uneasy eyes. Arsen looked at her with that lustful gaze she saw earlier, and without much more words rubbed his throbbing cock against her wet cunt. Both Tyren and Matt were on either side of him, stroking their dicks to the sight of the feline. Arsen didn't wait, immediately trying to stick the tip of his cock into her. His knot had already begun to form, and it wouldn't be long before he was shooting his seed into the pussy. The two on the side of him were also getting close, and it didn't seem to be long before they released either.

Arsen gazed down at the feline, finding himself compelled to do many things. Even if he wanted to resist them, there would be no way he could. He found himself almost instinctively forcing his cock into the feline without warning. In response, her eyes went wide and she virtually screamed. He quickly clamped a paw on her mouth and growled however, both silencing her and sending a threat all in one. Unlike before, he found himself not caring much about his future. He just found himself wanting to bring himself pleasure in the present.

Arsen would continue to force his cock into Sheilah until it was in to the hilt, himself immediately pulling out and repeating the process, thrusting into her with no mercy. He found himself growling at her instead of moaning, keeping her screams silenced with a paw. Both Matt and Tyren were surprised by the actions of Arsen, who they knew would normally never treat a woman like this. Yeah, he was a scumbag, but he did have respect for women. This was out of character for him. They were surprised enough to take notice, but not enough to stop or intervene. Instead they panted happily, beating their meats while watching their employer ruthlessly fucking the feline on the desk. Arsen didn't show any sign of stopping, and continued to growl. At one point he removed his paw from the felines mouth while she was still pretty much screaming, using both his paws to effortlessly rip off her blouse. He then used a paw to force her down against the desk while he wildly fucked her, speaking a simple command to the two next to him.

"Both of you, suck one of her tits." Arsen spoke, his knot fully formed by that point. The two canines complied happily, both moving forward before latching their muzzles onto her tits, each one playing with it with a paw and sucking on it as if they were nursing. Sheilah in response found herself moaning loudly, the pain from the initial fucking calming down and being overtaken by the pleasure. There were audible sounds of sucking and slurping and each one gave her tits their full attention, only being slightly drowned out by the plopping sound of Arsen fucking her. Arsen was panting heavily now, starting to find the sensations of the feline's insides way too much to take. He gave a few more deep thrusts before finally getting his knot into her, groaning loudly as he began to shoot his seed. Sheilah in response went wide eyed and nearly screamed once more when the knot slipped into her, blushing and gasping almost immediately when she realized what just happened.

"N-no! You can't!" She yelled out, not wanting at all to be impregnated by this male. As she spoke, the two males on her tits found themselves moaning before each pulling off, replacing their mouths with a paw. Tyren found himself moving to her face while Matt found himself moving closer to his tits, both beating their meats until they each reached their respective climax. Tyren groaned in pleasure as he shot load after load of his sticky seed over Sheilah's face, while Matt found himself groaning and releasing his load over her tits. Sheilah was in complete shock, closing her eyes as all three males released their seed somewhere on/in her. They each panted as their loads eventually came to an end, both Tyren and Matt high pawing each other.

"That was fucking awesome dude!" Tyren said to Matt who agreed.

"Yeah! You're telling me. Fuck, I haven't had an orgasm like that in forever." Matt replied.

Arsen grinned, watching the two. Without much warning or care, he found himself tugging at his knot and trying to get it free from the feline who was silently crying to herself. Once he started to pull at it though, she began to scream again. Without much of a problem, he forced his knot out, a pool of cum forming on the desk under the feline. Almost as if nothing had happened, he went to get his pants from behind the desk, putting them on before moving to pick up the two briefcases.

"You two. You know what to do with her." Arsen spoke in a noticeably more serious and harsh tone. The two that had been laughing stopped almost immediately and looked at Arsen with confusion. They knew what he wanted them to do, but they didn't know why. She hadn't done anything wrong.

"On top of that, meet me at the Shallow Woods in an hour. No matter what happens, be there. Or else." Arsen spoke harshly before opening the door to his office, letting the scent of sex waft into the hallway "Oh, and clean up in here." He spoke before leaving the two confused canines and the absolutely horrified feline without looking back, immediately heading down to the lobby and out to the parking lot. A few guards attempted to follow, but he coldly dismissed them. He didn't need them anymore.

Arsen got into his own personal car and drove home without a care in the world. After all he did, he felt compelled to go home to his wife and kids. He needed to see them, and be around them. He couldn't explain it, but he needed to do certain things. He just...needed to.

It didn't take Arsen long to get home. He parked his car in the dark driveway and got out, walking to his front door. He found himself smirking for no particular reason, and when he did notice he tried his best to suppress it. He opened the door, immediately being hit by the delicious smell of dinner.

"Daddy!" A little pup spoke, running to the door and hugging his father. The little one was in pajamas, and looked to be about seven. Arsen smiled and hugged the little one back.

"Hey Champ!" Arsen spoke, the two hugging a little longer before separating.

"How was your day, daddy?" The little one spoke with a smile. Arsen laughed, walking over to a table and putting the briefcases down next to it.

"Oh, it was one of the most fun days I've ever had. Gotta show your mother how fun at some point. "He spoke before heading into the kitchen, giving his wife who had just finished cooking a kiss. She had been wearing a nightgown. She raised a brow at the comment, but paid it no mind for now.

"Hello dear." She spoke after returning the kiss. The little cub ran up to his dad and hugged his leg. "You're not going to believe what happened. Right Tommy?" She spoke, looking to the pup that hid himself and gained a sad look when she finished speaking. Arsen looked at him curiously, then back to his wife.

"What happened?" Arsen questioned, causing Tommy to run off into the living room and lay down on the couch.

"Tommy went to the pool with your older son." She said in an annoyed voice. "Tim was supposed to be watching him, but wasn't. He was off talking to some girl apparently. "Anyway, Tommy, feeling adventurous and seeing his older brother do it, jumped into the pool near the deep end without any flotation device or anything." Arsen's wife continued with an agitated tone "Since no one was watching him, and the lifeguard himself was distracted, Tommy nearly drowned. He had to go to the hospital and everything."

"What!?" Arsen spoke in shock at hearing that his son nearly drowned. "Jesus, why didn't anyone call me Alice?" He asked, getting another sigh from his wife.

"Because this apparently happened a week ago. Your crafty son managed to prevent them from calling. I don't know how, but he did. Tim also managed to convince Tommy to keep it a secret. That's why Tommy has been so scared to take baths lately. He was traumatized by it Arsen." Alice spoke to Arsen, causing his eyes to widen. It made his heart increase in speed, but for odd reasons.

"W-what?" Arsen spoke. Finding himself feeling things he shouldn't have been at the moment.

"I know. I feel bad about it too. All those nights we forced him to bathe even though he was crying and having a fit...yeah." Alice spoke with a notable hint of regret. Arsen however, still found himself feeling things that he truly shouldn't have been at that moment. "I was going to punish Tim, but when Tommy started to bring it up after not being able to take it anymore, Tim said he was going to see a friend. He hasn't picked up his phone. I'm sure he's hiding out at one of their houses. I haven't gotten around to calling, but I'm going to first thing in the morning if he doesn't come back on his own. I'll give him a chance to lower his punishment by coming clean." Alice spoke, holding her head as if she had a headache. "I tell you, I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy." She spoke. Tommy had been whimpering on the couch, now knowing if he would be punished too for lying.

Alice took a deep breath before finding herself about to say more. Before she could, Arsen randomly and suddenly kissed her deeply. Of all the things he could have done, this seemed to be the weirdest. Arsen had found himself concerned for his son, but when his wife started to mention them forcing Tommy to bathe, it made him...horny. He didn't know why or how, but it did. It wasn't so much the act of forcing Tommy to bathe that got him going but more so the thought of the psychological torment they unknowingly inflicted on him. It was that in particular that got him going, and before he knew it, his cock was once again straining to be released from his pants. Alice felt it, and was shocked by his sudden arousal. Especially more so since Tommy was around and actually peeking at that. Arsen reached down to undo his pants with a paw, causing Alice to try to push him away.

"A-Arsen! What are you doing!?" She virtually yelled out, failing at actually removing him from her. Without much effort he lifted her onto the counter, effortlessly ripping her panties off of her. She gasped, looking at her supposed husband in shock. "Arsen!" She reiterated, her wet pussy out and visible to both Arsen and Tommy. Without many words he found himself getting on his knees, immediately placing his muzzle at her cunt and eagerly lapping at it. Alice wasn't much of a fighter, and normally submitted to the whims of her husband. She didn't know what got into him though. Trying to salvage the innocence of her son, she quickly looked at him and motioned with a paw and spoke "Go to your room Tommy!"

Tommy was kind of shocked by the situation. He had never seen this happen before and was curious, but also scared. It seemed like his dad was hurting his mom. He didn't want them to fight because of his lie.

Alice would soon re-iterate in a more harsh tone. "Room. Now!" She yelled at him. Tommy would whine and begin to comply getting off the couch and running towards the stairs that led up to his room. As he did Arsen took notice, glancing at him from the corner of his eye before removing his tongue from his wife.

"Hold it. Come here Tommy. I'm going to fucking teach you how to be an alpha and how to fuck a bitch." Arsen spoke with a grin, his words causing Tommy to freeze in his place. His ears were flattened against his head as he looked at his parents. Alice's eyes went wide as she heard the words of her husband and quickly spoke.

"No! Arsen what is wrong with you? Whatever you are thinking, he is too young!" Alice yelled at her husband, but was met with deep intense growls that were not characteristic of him at all. In fact, her husband almost sounded like someone completely different! It was enough to scare her into silence.

"Come here, Tommy." Arsen re-iterated in an anger filled tone. Tommy had never heard his father sound this mad. He complied though, and moved over next to his parent with whines. As he came close, Arsen suddenly stood up and embraced his wife, rubbing his cock against her cunt. Alice flinched, taking notice that her husband's paws were exceptionally cold. It was pleasurable in its own way though.

"Do you want me to penetrate you?" Arsen spoke, pulling his wife into a deep and passionate kiss. He would keep rubbing his cock against her cunt before aiming it with a paw and slipping the tip in. The whole time, Tommy was watching from a few feet away in his own state of shock. "Do you want me to penetrate you?" Arsen asked again, his wife starting to fall victim to her lust. She would begin to moan lightly, finding herself wanting her husband deep inside of her. He would slip more of his cock in until it was at the hilt, kissing his wife again. Alice found herself wrapping her paws around Arsen, indeed wanting to feel her husband fuck her now. She would find herself softly whispering in his ear.

"Yes, honey, I want you to penetrate me." She would speak through moans, getting a wicked grin from Arsen.

Warning: The story gets somewhat gory and really fucked up past this point. Don't say I didn't warn ya

Without any words, Arsen would pull back and begin to push forward again. In response, Alice laid her head back, closing her eyes and waiting to be taken to that special area that only her husband could. As he thrusted into her she moaned before suddenly and quite randomly releasing an ear piercing scream. The scream would be really short, and towards its end a gurgling sound was added to it. In no time flat, blood and a few guts would fly in all directions and coat the kitchen as well as certain parts of the living room. Tommy had begun to scream, his paws moving to hold his muzzle as his bloody parents began going motionless in front of him.

Tommy had seen what had happened, but had been confused and shocked. As Arsen was thrusting back into Alice, large ice spikes suddenly burst out of his body in all directions, apparently impaling his wife and completely decimating his internal organs. The two were wide eyed, staring at each other as blood flowed from their lifeless eyes. Tommy couldn't take his tear filled eyes away from the bodies of his parents, mortified to high hell. He couldn't even bring himself to move. He stood there, shaking in place as any possible thoughts he had went lost into the silent abyss of his horrified mind. He didn't know what to do, or how to do anything at that point in time for that matter.

As Tommy stared at the lifeless forms of his parents, he was brought out of his state of shock by something happening. The spikes that were sticking out from Arsen begin to retreat back into his body. Once they did, Arsen slouched forward down onto his wife. Soon enough, a fine mist would appear around their bodies, and in an absolutely unbelievable moment for the pup, the mist would quickly take on the shape of a large canine before becoming solid, changing to a growling naked male standing next to his parents. The male had unique markings that Tommy thought was tattoos, and was wearing only a collar on his neck and spiked bands on each one of his wrists and ankles. As the male became fully formed, Tommy's eyes went completely wide as if they weren't already. The male ended up laughing, and with a grin spoke to the lifeless body of Alice.

"There, I penetrated you bitch." Glacier spoke, his gaze averting from the two bodies to the little pup. He looked at him with a friendly smile, still laughing from his twisted little joke. Tommy was absolutely stunned. It was a surprise that the little one didn't faint. As Glacier stared at the pup, his laughter started to turn to deep growls, and his friendly smile at the same pace turned to an intense glare. He found himself slowly moving towards the pup, snarling at him as he did so. Out of nowhere, the pup regained his ability to move and immediately, turned, screaming as he ran around the railing and up the stairs to his room. Glacier snarled at him, following behind him quite aggressively. He allowed the pup to actually stay ahead of him, enjoying the fear that was being displayed. He followed the little one up to his room, making sure to do so in the most intimidating way possible.

Tommy burst through his door in complete tears, running towards his bed with Glacier right behind him. Once he was next to his bed, Tommy immediately got on his knees, attempting to hide under. The moment he got half way under, a paw gripped him by his nape and forcibly removed him. He was immediately thrown down onto the bed facing upward, screaming as the large Wolfsky hovered above him with a terrifying look. The Wolfsky did not remain still, and immediately forced his prey back into the air by his neck with a paw. The pup placed his paws over the one on his neck, trying his best to breathe. His eyes were as wide as they could possibly be, and they stared into the murderous eyes of his predator.

Without warning and in one swift motion, Glacier used his free paw to forcibly rip the pajamas off of the young pup. He would then roughly throw the cub down to his bed with a paw, leering over him. The poor cub had nowhere to go, and his little heart was racing wildly. He crawled backwards in vain, only going back a few inches against the wall. As he was forced to look at the male he noticed his markings more prominently, but he also noticed that the large creature was hard as a rock, his cock covered in quite an amount of pre. Aggressively, Glacier grabbed the cub once more and pulled him to the edge of the bed so that his ass was hanging off of it and his tail hung down, his tail hole completely exposed. Without hesitation, he bought the tip of his cock to the cubs entrance and begun to push into it. The cub screamed once more as the large male begun to slip into him, feeling a wave of pain. Tommy found himself losing control of his body, and in a moment found himself losing control of his bladder. The pup began to piss, it coating both him and Glacier. In response, Glacier released the pup, jumping onto the bed and on top of it with deep growls, snarling at the pup. The pup instinctively held up his paws to push back Glacier, screaming loud enough where the neighbors could definitely hear him. Glacier had his muzzle a few inches from the pup's face, snarling and biting at him with his signature glare. The pup closed his eyes while screaming at the top of his lungs, his face drenched in his tears and his body shivering with great force.

As Tommy was pushing at Glacier, he suddenly felt the weight of the male disappear, and the sounds of his growling and snarling suddenly vanished as well. Tommy peeked open an eye to look, and saw that the male was gone. While shivering, Tommy sat up, moving back against the wall next to his bed. He was mortified, and didn't know what to do. If he decided to leave his room, the last thing he would have wanted was to run into that creature again. Tommy got into a fetal position and remained that way for quite some time. He had no plans on moving at all. It wasn't until Tommy heard a voice that he moved to the edge of the bed.

"T...tom-my. C-come son." Tommy heard a voice barely speak from downstairs. It sounded like his mother.

"Mommy!?" Tommy called out to the voice, hoping that his mother was actually still alive.

"" The voice spoke once more, prompting Tommy to quickly jump out of bed and run downstairs. He was still terrified as he had ever been, but that was his reason for wanted to see his mother so badly. She was the only one that could make these bad times potentially go away, and she was the one who he would so fervidly rush to. As Tommy got downstairs, he quickly glanced around for the creature and then towards his parents' bodies to see if he could notice anything.

"M-mommy?" He spoke, hearing the sounds of painful moans in response.

"Tommy..." Alice seemed to speak, causing Tommy to race towards the bodies of his parents.

"Mommy! Are you ok?" Tommy spoke as he neared the body, looking into his mother's eyes that were filled with tears. Tommy whined and laid his head on his mother's body, causing her eyes to slowly shift to look down to him. Alice then began to struggle to speak, saying things that Tommy couldn't understand.

"Mommy! I can't understand you. What's wrong?" Tommy asked, starting to cry again. He moved his head closer to his mother to hear better. Only then did he truly understand what she had been saying.

"...Run." Alice spoke before the tears the fell from her eyes turned to thick blood. A piercing psychotic laugh was then heard from somewhere in the area, and Tommy immediately started to look around, his fear returning to its peak. That laugh had to be the creature, but he had no idea where it was coming from. Looking back to his mother and seeing her body return to its completely lifeless state, Tommy tearfully turned and ran towards the door to the house. As he ran to it the laugh increased in volume, and the area became filled with a thick mist.

Tommy reached the door and turned the knob, but when he pulled at it he found that it would not open. The door was unlocked, but did not budge. Tommy pulled at the door frantically, whining as he tried to escape the sudden nightmare. When the door truly refused to open, he gave up, turning and instead running back past his parents' body towards the open window in the kitchen. As he approached it, the mist suddenly grew strong at the window and suddenly a thick coating of ice surrounded it, preventing any form of escape. Tommy immediately turned and looked for another window, but each one he looked at had the same thing happen.

Tommy was breathing heavily, panicking from the situation. He immediately turned and ran back towards the stairs, trying his best to get to his room. As he made it half way up the stairs though, a torrent of water came from upstairs and forcibly knocked him back downstairs. Tommy's eyes went wide as it happened, and he began to scream the moment he was able to stand in the water. Tommy glanced around the house, seeing water flood in from various places. It most prominently flowed from upstairs and the ceiling. Tommy stood idle in the same spot he was knocked to, screaming as the cold water quickly began to fill the house. It less than a minute it was up to his knees, and in about the same time, it made it up to his neck. Based off of his past experiences, Tommy was absolutely mortified at what was going on. He had gained a fear of being submerged in water, and now here he found himself in that exact situation. He was screaming as loud as he could for help, but naturally it didn't come. Once more his bladder forcibly emptied what little it had, Tommy finding himself struggling to get his head above the water. In a short instant it would began to fill his lungs, and he would find himself panicking in the water, trying to get himself free. Everything would start to go black for Tommy as he fought against his painful inevitable death. Soon enough, his struggles would come to a stop, and his lifeless body would float in the water.

Outside the kitchen window, Glacier had been watching. His eyes were glowing an icy blue, along with his markings. He had simply been staring, watching the struggles of the pup with a grin. The whole time his dick was as hard as it could have been, and was literally coated in his pre-cum. When the pup stopped struggling and found himself without his life, Glacier's ears pinned down against his head and he released soft whines, his cock throbbing under him as it began to release load after load of its seed onto the wall. Glacier had not been touching himself, but the sight of the torment he inflicted on the family was enough to get him off. As his orgasm died down, he began to pant happily, tongue hanging from his mouth as his markings began to lose their glow. His eyes would glow slightly brighter before the water within the house began to turn to mist and then disappeared altogether. The pup was eventually brought down to the floor as the water completely dissipated. The ice that had blocked the windows had also disappeared, and Glacier then re-entered the house through the window when it was all gone, his eyes returning to normal. Glacier walked over to the pup, grinning over his lifeless body before getting down onto all fours, raising one of his legs before allowing his piss to flow out onto him. In his mind, he was returning the early favor of having the pup piss on him. He sighed in relief as a pool of his piss surrounded the pup. When he was done, he got back up and walked over to the kitchen table that still had the two briefcases under them. Glacier placed his paws on each one, and they soon evaporated into a thick mist. Glacier walked towards the window again, glancing back at the lifeless form of the family. With a happy grin, his body would evaporate into a cloud of fine mist that quickly exited the house and headed off towards the Shallow Woods.

That marked the end of the fucked up part. End of gore will be marked.


"What's been up with the boss lately? I've never seen him order someone to be taken care of that complied with him." Tyren spoke to Matt.

"Yeah, I felt bad for the girl. I wouldn't of mind having her stay around" Matt replied with some guilt in his voice. Both him and Tyren were in the middle of the Shallow Woods, waiting for their employer to make his appearance. They were standing face to face. They had gotten there early, but found themselves waiting for Arsen longer than they should have been. They didn't know why Arsen wanted them there, but they did know that he probably would explain later on. He normally kept them updated on plans as much as he could without creating any 'liability.' They were getting impatient, and wanted to head out, but they knew that would only end up badly for them. As they waiting, they noticed that the area began to become covered in mist. Tyren glanced around, getting an uneasy feeling.

"More mist? I find it really fucking strange that the only areas that seem to have mist are the ones we end up going to. Is this a sign from some higher up or something?" Tyren spoke, recalling the mist from earlier that randomly appeared when it shouldn't have. Similarly, there was no reason why the mist was here now.

"Yeah, I agree man. Mist is fucking rare in this area, and it's been showing up like nobody's business lately." Matt replied, releasing a deep sigh. "I hope Arsen appears soon. I'm ready to get out of this creepy area."

"Ha, you sound scared Matt. You can run home to your mama if you want, I'll just let the boss know you turned tail and ran." Tyren spoke mockingly to Matt. In response, he rolled his eyes, and stuck his middle digit up to Tyren. As he did so, the mist seemed to become thick around Tyren.

"Fuck you man. Not my fault that the area is cre-" Matt started but stopped when the mist behind Tyren became solid and immediately took on the form of Glacier. Glacier wrapped both paws around Tyren's head and swiftly snapped his neck. Matt immediately reached for his pistol and drew it, attempting to aim at and shoot Glacier as Tyren's now lifeless body slumped down to the ground. As he began to pull the trigger Glacier's eyes began to glow once more and he started to raise his right paw towards Matt. As soon as Matt actually pulled the trigger and the bullet began to fly, Glacier effortlessly and swiftly turned to the side, the bullet flying directly past his eyes. During the motion, his paw came fully up and the mist that had been in front of it rushed towards Matt just as fast as the bullet, turning to water and knocking Matt to the side with extreme force. Matt ended up hitting a tree, and when he did the water that struck him turned to ice and pinned him against it. The pistol that had been in his hand went flying into the air and landed off to the side next to Glacier. Without any words and with a blank expression, Glacier walked to the pistol and picked it up. The ice that pinned Matt to the tree immediately began to form an opening around his heart. Without hesitation, Glacier shot Matt in his head, his heart, and his crotch, killing him instantly. He then dropped the pistol, his eyes returning to normal as the ice turned to mist and then dissipated. Matt's lifeless body slumped to the floor as the ice was removed from him, causing Glacier to laugh to himself before once more evaporating into mist, quickly heading back to his master.

Normally, Glacier did not use his abilities so extensively and got around like anyone else would. There was a reason why he was -supposed- to show restraint with them, but today was different. Things worked better this way for what he had to do.

It didn't take long for Glacier to return to the entrance of his master's base of operation. He changed from his mist form into his solid form outside the door before entering, two small thick clouds of mist still following him. He walked past the guards without any acknowledgement, but ended up stopping and growling when the guards did the same to him. The two guards in front glanced up when Glacier walked in, but immediately put their gaze on something else when they realized it was him. They tried to pay him no mind, but ended up watching him from the corner of their eyes. One guard gulped and began to lightly shake when Glacier suddenly stopped and growled, unsure of what to do. Glacier immediately picked up on it and turned to face that particular guard, his eyes starting to glow as he glared at him. The guard was starting to visibly sweat now, hoping to himself that this wasn't going to be the day he died. Unfortunately for him...Glacier started to walk over without warning.

In one swift and effortless motion, Glacier grabbed the sitting guard by his throat and lifted him into the air, snarling at him. The guard placed his paws on Glacier's own, gasping for air as he tried to escape his grasp.

"Glacier...please" The guard in Glacier's grasp tried to mutter out. "I-I'm sorry for offending you" He spoke with a strained voice, hoping to appeal to Glacier. The other guard who quickly looked at the incident stood up and reached for his radio. He reached for his radio rather than his firearm because he knew better than to draw and aim any weapon at Glacier. That would have been a guaranteed fool proof way to die. Instead, he radioed upstairs, trying to alert the others to Glaciers 'mood'.

"I need help here! Glacier is here and h-" The guard started but stopped when Glacier raised his free paw and quickly threw it towards the other guard without looking, his markings glowing as the band that was on his wrist quickly turned to mist and raced toward him. The mist entered through his throat, blocking his airways and causing him to immediately gag and choke, gasping for air. That guard would soon fall to the floor and began wheezing as Glacier focused on the one in front of him, his cock reappearing from its sheath and starting to grow hard. His grip on the guard's throat would tighten until he started to draw blood, glaring at the Rottweiler with a look of intense hatred while his claws dug into him. In his mind, the guard's failure to acknowledge him meant that he was seen as being inferior. His assault on them was both revenge for that perceived slight, and a way for him to show them who the truly inferior ones were.

The thought of their slight drove Glacier mad, and in almost no time he would let out a terrifying snarl before his markings began to glow a bright icy blue, spikes suddenly and rapidly reappearing and disappearing within the guard, impaling him and sending blood and guts flying everywhere. This would continue until Glacier's ears suddenly perked up, him hearing his master summoning him. He would swiftly through the guard he held to the side as his markings stopped glowing, the spikes that were impaling the Rottweiler disappearing. He would make his way to the elevator without giving much thought to what just happened. The guard that was on the floor unable to breath would find himself about to black out. Just before that happened, the mist that was in his body ended up leaving back out through his throat, returning to Glacier's wrist and turning back into his spiked band. The guard would end up breathing heavily, gasping for the air that began to return to his deprived lungs. As Glacier entered the elevator and headed upstairs to his master, the guard found himself crying just a bit. This time, he had been spared.


Safe to read beyond this point.

"Kita, what exactly was I supposed to be getting if that odd crystal thing wasn't it?" Noah asked of the muscular Silver Wolf that had been sitting down in front of him at his desk. The Wolf was very handsome, and had an extremely charming look. He was dressed professionally in a black business suit and tie. He had a friendly smile on his muzzle, one that could easily fool someone into having a false sense of security around him. He had a small scar over his left eye, but that seemed to only make him look more charming where with anyone else, it would make them look sinister. The eyes of the Wolf were a piercing icy blue, similar to Glacier's. His silver fur was absolutely divine, a true sight to behold. All in all, the creature was a complete Adonis.

Upon hearing the words of Noah, Kita only smiled wider. He didn't quite know what to say to Noah, because he technically wasn't supposed to get anything.

"Noah, if you had returned here with something then I can honestly say I would have been surprised." Kita spoke, prompting Noah's eyes to widen a bit. There were several ways to take that, and Kita saw it the moment Noah's mind went to the worst. As a result, he immediately clarified. "And by that I mean I did expect you to return here, just empty handed. I apologize for not elaborating on the plan earlier, but I like to think that certain things go better when a true natural reaction is given." Kita spoke, his voice itself charming. It was calm, soothing, and serene. It was a bit deep, but not that much.

When Noah heard Kita's words, he immediately became relaxed. It wouldn't have taken much either way since Noah knew Kita for quite some time, and even though Kita was his employer, he knew he wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to him. Sometimes that didn't stop Noah from being a bit paranoid when he was having an 'off day' though.

"So I was supposed to fail then?" Noah questioned, prompting Kita to shake his head 'no'.

"No, you didn't fail Noah. You completed your mission like you were supposed to. I understand this is strange, but-" Kita spoke to Noah but found himself interrupted when Glacier walked in. Kita looked him over, seeing his naked body splattered in blood. Kita had grown used to seeing Glacier covered in blood. Glacier normally stayed around him in only his collar and bands, so Kita was also used to seeing him naked. He took note of Glacier's hard cock and grinned, connecting the obvious pieces.

"Ah, welcome home Glaice." Kita spoke to Glacier who walked up to the desk. "I take it you did what you had to?" Kita inquired, causing Glacier to nod to him with a grin. The two small clouds of thick mist that had been following him moved on top of Kita's desk before starting to become solid, changing into two different briefcases. Kita checked both and then smiled, nodding to Glacier. "Good job." He spoke and then looked to Noah. "Both of you."

Noah smiled, but was confused at what was going. Kita saw, and finally began to clarify exactly what was happening.

"The mission here was to eliminate Arsen." Kita started, causing Glacier to get a wicked grin and Noah to continue to show his confusion. "Arsen was one of the ways my political rival paid for campaigns as well as several forms of advertisements. There is a reason that Arsen was able to do so much and get away with it unscathed. With the loss of Arsen, this will make things way easier for me in the long run." Kita finished, causing Noah to understand the why part. There were things he was still curious about though.

"Why did we have to go through all of this though? Couldn't we have just killed em outright?" Noah questioned. He knew they had to be careful with certain people, but certainly Arsen wasn't one of them. He had done so many corrupted things it would only make sense for someone to take him out.

"We could not have just killed him." Kita started. "Arsen just dying would pave the way for my rival to use sympathy to inspire votes on his end. Even though Arsen has done a lot of shady things, that doesn't change the fact that most of the public knows him by his 'clean' appearance. Something I'm sure my rival would milk all the way. No, it had to happen this way. Your mission was to bring Arsen out into the open. From there, Glacier could easily 'assert his influence' over him, causing him to act reckless and do things that could easily be uncovered by someone willing to look deep enough, and effectively tarnish that 'clean' appearance he has built if the need arose. After doing that, Glacier here was supposed to kill him. Since I'm sure Glaice used his creativity with that, it should have definitely hampered my rival. Though naturally I have to ask to make sure you didn't get too creative." Kita spoke and then turned to Glacier. "How many did you kill?" He asked with a curious look. Noah looked at him curiously as well.

"Six for the mission with a single guard who aggravated me as I entered here. Of the six, all can be pinned on Arsen or his direct accomplices." Glacier spoke with a light growl.

"And who exactly did you kill for the mission?" Kita asked, wanting a bit more insight.

"One of the guards that questioned his orders, two guards that were witness to and took part of the rape of a girl, Arsen, his wife, and...his kid." Glacier spoke, his tone and expression turning dark when he mentioned the kid. His cock jumped a bit at the thought.

"Kid?" Noah questioned, somewhat shocked from hearing that.

"Yeah, he watched when Arsen was raping his wife. He was there when I killed them both so I had to kill him. I had the most fun with his death though. I scared him senseless first." Glacier spoke, his expression becoming full of malice. "He was terrified of pools of water and things like that. So I tormented him, and made him drown to death in his own house. He screamed endlessly until his death. It was fucking beautiful to me though." Glacier finished, causing Noah's eyes to go wide in disbelief. Kita's eyes did the same, but only for a split second.

"You what mate!?" Noah spoke, glaring at Glacier. "That's...that's fucking wrong! Killing the little pup is one thing, but fucking tortured him!" Noah yelled at Glacier, causing him to release deep growls and began to glare.

"Should I have let Arsen kill you then." Glacier spoke, his eyes focused on Kita at the moment. Kita said nothing though, and simply watched the two with a small grin.

"What?" Noah spoke, realizing that Glacier had been the reason for Arsen's sudden generosity when it came to his life. Still though, that was irrelevant right now. "I knew you were fucked up in the head, but I didn't think you would do something that cruel!" Noah yelled once more, getting Glacier to release extremely deep growls. His eyes started to glow and he started to tense. "I can't believe you're proud of that shit either!" Noah continued, causing Glacier to speak.

"You're..." Glacier started and slowly turned his head to face Noah before continuing. "IRRITATING ME!" He yelled at Noah, though Noah did not back down. Noah knew how dangerous Glacier was and knew that talking to Glacier like he did would be fatal for anyone else. Even though he had a special place with Kita, he did not use that for encouragement to speak up. Noah was actually pretty brave at most times, and did stand up for what he believed in. In this case, he believed what Glacier did to be an incredible wrong, and wanted to make that as clear as possible. He knew he would probably end up in a battle, one that would probably end his life, but he did not care.

"Yeah, well you torturing that poor kid is fuckin irritating me!" Noah yelled out before Glacier quickly turned his body towards him and threw his paw at him, the band that had been on that particular wrist turning to mist and then water before immediately flying towards Noah. Noah quickly ducked down a bit and dodged to the side, the stream of water barely flying past him. He wasted no time and attempted to run up to Glacier for an assault. Noah himself, while not being a hellhound like Glacier, was pretty strong and agile. In normal situations, he could easily overpower anyone who dared to face him. In this instance, he knew it would be futile to try to harm Glacier, but he didn't care. Coming up to Glacier, he would try to swiftly punch him in the gut, but as he prepared to Glacier caught his paw with his own and grabbed Noah with the other, easily throwing him over his shoulder. While he was in the air, Noah noticed that the water stream he dodged was heading right back towards him, and since until he landed he had no way to redirect himself, he knew it was guaranteed to hit. As expected, the stream ended up hitting Noah dead on, forcing him against the wall while he was upside down and immediately changing to ice to freeze him against it. Glacier's markings began to glow and it was evident that he was about to do something to kill Noah. Before he could though, Kita finally intervened.

"That's enough! Release him!" Kita stood and slammed his paws on the desk, yelling at Glacier. Glacier, upon hearing the words snarled at Noah, but stopped his assault. His markings became dull again along with his eyes, and the ice that bound Noah turned back into mist before returning to him, reforming into his spiked band. When Noah was released, he fell to the floor, growling before getting up. Kita had sat back down, looking to Glacier who continued to growl at Noah, and then looking directly at the now standing Noah.

"Noah, I'm sure you know better than to try to attack a hellhound. Especially a psychotic one." Kita spoke back in his calm tone, watching as Noah walked back in front of desk next to Glacier.

"He started it!" Noah yelled out, causing Glacier to snarl at him once more.

"No he did!" Glacier yelled back, causing Kita to sigh and shake his head. He turned to Noah again before speaking.

"Regardless, you should know that only another 'elemental' creature like him can actually hurt him. That or a divine creature. Neither of which you are. So in other words, don't attack Glacier again." Kita spoke, causing Noah to sigh and nod in agreement though with an angry look.

"Yeah alright Kita. But still, shouldn't he be punished or something?" Noah asked, glaring at Glacier. In response, Glacier glared back. Though Glacier's glare told a far darker story about what was going on in his mind. Something along the lines of, 'if Kita wasn't here to save you, you would be joining the pup in torment'. Kita didn't acknowledge Noah's comment, but did turn to speak to Glacier.

"You should be more careful next time Glaice." Kita spoke, getting Glacier to perk his ears and stop his growls for a moment. He turned and faced Kita, looking at him with only a bit of an angry look. "I do have to admit, that sounded like a pretty cruel thing you did. The last thing we want is to catch the attention of certain...creatures." Kita spoke, causing Glacier to gain a still angry, but also saddened look. He knew what Kita was referring to, and knew why he cautioned him. "So in the future, try to exclude pups from your murderous gaze. Alright?" Kita questioned, getting Glacier to give a slow nod. "Good boy." He spoke, getting Glacier to smirk. Noah watched and shook his head, somewhat upset that all he got was warning. He turned to leave out the office.

"If you need me, you know where to find me." Noah spoke before leaving annoyed without another word. Kita couldn't help but smile, happy to see that even with everything, Noah retained that part of him that didn't take things like this so kindly. It was refreshing to see that every once in a while, albeit for Kita's own personal reasons. He looked over to Glacier who looked at him, waiting for an order.

"You did great today Glacier. Though it seems you're little killing spree left you horny." He spoke, glancing down to Glacier's still somewhat hard dick. It had gone down just a bit when Noah spoke out against him without fear. Kita got up from his seat, walking behind Glacier. His own pants were heavily tinted, and it was obvious that he himself had been turned on by something. He placed a paw on Glacier's ass and rubbed it gently before roughly smacking it. "It also got me horny my little pup. So why don't we spend some much needed time together?" Kita spoke with a smile, murring softly as he unzipped his pants with one paw while using the other to run the length of Glacier's ass, getting deep growls from him. It was a habit of Glacier's and it grew to become one of his main ways of communication. Though what Kita learned over time was that not every growl he gave meant hostility. Kita had been around Glacier long enough to tell which meant what.

"It's time to show you just how happy you make me, at least while we still have time." Kita spoke to Glacier before placing a kiss on his neck and embracing him, both the males about to have a pleasant time

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