Love Anew : The heart wants what it cannot have

Story by catsithx on SoFurry

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#6 of Bonds

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Author notes: This is the last of this series. This will be the final chapter to a story that I had written.

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A machoke stretched as he warmed up in the early dawn hours. This was a ritual he did everyday, to the point where it was like clock work. He only missed it when his trainer had them on the road early or in his pokéball. He smiled, knowing one day he would evolve into his final form, then all the females would swoon over his glorious body given to him by the grace of Arceus. He started with some basics he had learned from the 'net. His trainer's phone was a great source of information, and he had always wondered why other pokémon did not abuse what their trainer had. Of course, now that he thought of it, there was one fire-type who abused it...

"Well, more like abused said trainer," he said to himself with a smirk. He looks towards the tent where his trainer and his lover are at. He knew one pokémon who loved her trainer despite the taboo. He adored her despite how rough she was when they mated. He knew his trainer was lucky to find them both, and as he thought on that, his thoughts drifted back to when they met many years ago. Their trainer seemed so broken that day...

~a week after the events of love lost ~

He was a simple machop. He had little aspirations in life besides strength. Like most of his kind, he only believed in becoming stronger by any means. It was why many always went with any trainer to find that so-called path to strength. He was playing with some shinx and poochyena when he first saw his future trainer. He seemed lost. It was not in the sense of a child having no sense of direction, but in the sense of being lost in his own world, as if he was not really there, so to speak.

He seemed to be ignored by much of the nearby ranch staff. He was sitting down, looking defeated before he even got started. The machop decided to see if he could do anything for the young man, but before he could get to him, he heard a loud yell, some cursing, and the sound of things breaking. He then saw a fennekin run around the corner with a mischievous grin on its muzzle. Recognizing her, he grabbed her and hid her behind his back, knowing she was always doing this. It was as if she was born to be a troublemaker. Being someone who knew her, he was always trying to make sure she was safe from her own destruction. It wasn't like he cared for her, but she was the only one who loved to fight him with his full strength. She was a good sparring partner as she was tough in battle.

Yet... she was like a human child in a sense. If one told her not to do something, she would go ahead and do it. As a result, the machop always had to cover for her, and today was no different. The fennekin struggled a bit, but stopped when she saw who it was. They hid behind the depressed-looking trainer. As their pursuers ran by, one of them stopped and asked the trainer if he saw a pokémon run by, and for a moment the machop figured he was going to give them up.

"They went that way," he answered nonchalantly, pointing in a vague direction. The other human thanked him and ran off. The trainer sighed, not really caring.

"You can come out you two. " At his words the machop came out with the fennekin who was smiling as she barked happily. She broke free from his grasp and leaped to the trainer's lap. He hesitantly pet her, and she purred in appreciation of his touch. The machop was surprised by this sight, seeing as she disliked everyone. He could barely do anything without her breathing fire at him or biting him. He looked at the trainer more closely. He seemed to have a sadness born not of loneliness, but of loss. He had seen it on many pokémon here, specifically abandoned pokémon who seemed to lose the will to live or do anything else. The human seemed to look better after petting the fennekin.

"I am going on a journey again...I lost something that meant a lot to me. I think I need to find where I need to go from here, and I need new friends to come with me. Would you and your furry friend like to go with me?" he asked them. The machop thought about it.

"I could stay here and one day evolve into a machamp," he muttered to himself. "Or... get there faster by traveling with the human. He seems nice enough." Fennekin seemed to like him and would bark angrily when he stopped petting her. She was such a drama queen, always wanting to be the center of attention. When he asked her if she wanted to come, she was more than happy to say yes and bark happily.

From that day forward, they started their journey with the human, who introduced himself as Carter and named both of them. The machop became known as Kerr, who took it with pride as it meant strength.

<Actually means man of strength but hey I want it simple. >

Fennekin was named Fia, and she took to the name fast. The adoption went fast as many at the ranch were more than happy to see Fia go. They were a package deal. At first they had a fun time, but at times it was hard for him to open up. It was clear something from Carter's past had hurt him. He was nice to them, but he seemed to have closed his heart.

Fia did her best to test his patience. She would do things like hide his pokédex and chew his clothes to shreds. She would also mark what she believed was her's which, as far as she was concerned, meant Carter. He awoke one morning to a nice warm shower, responding to her antics with a flurry of curse words as she ran from his tent laughing.

Carter turned out to be awfully patient. He never once raised his hand in anger to any of them or said he was going to let them go. At times, he would stop, clutch something the machop couldn't see, and close his eyes, calming down in a matter of seconds. He eventually confessed that it was a necklace, but said nothing more about it.

Kerr evolved into a machoke and Fia evolved into a feisty braixen. She got worse, not wanting to do anything unless he was paying attention to her at all times. It was one thing when she pulled pranks as a fennekin, but that seemed to stop as she became like a child wanting their parent to pay attention to them all the time. In that time three more pokémon, a pidgey (named Jet), a buizel (named Cara), and an axew (named Drake) joined them.

Despite his efforts to make sure everyone had his attention, Fia would do things that would force him to pay attention to her, good or bad. She wanted him to herself. The others didn't seem to care much that she was like this as long as they were fed and taken care of. Drake even admitted he would love to see the drama unfold between them. Kerr pulled her aside one day and asked her why she was being such a brat as of late. Since the last few battles, she had been showing off instead of just taking out the opponent. Needless to say, she just ignored him.

'He's happy when I win,' she replied, 'and that's all that matters.'

Her personality came to a head one day. The leafeon she was fighting was powerful, but she had a type advantage. She dragged out the fight until she basically drop kicked the poor leafeon out. As usual, she expected him to pet her and praise her for winning the way she did. To her immense surprise, Carter scorned her for her rash actions, telling her she could have been hurt. It was not something she wanted to hear. She bit his hand and then ran off. Jet and Kerr went after her, eventually finding her crying behind some bushes.

'It's not fair,' they heard her mumble as they got closer. 'He's mine! I marked him as mine and he had best pay attention to me!'

"Don't do that," Kerr said as he approached her. "He is trying to be nice to you and the others. You're not the only one on the team."

'But he's mine!' she replied, sobbing. 'I am the only thing that matters. I am his and he is mine. Carter is the only one who can stand me.'


'Listen, I heard him say some female's name, Ruby I think it was. I tried to take the necklace once but he had actually shoved me away and told me never to touch it. Of all the nerve!' He knew why she was mad now. Fia felt that he would not give her the time of day. The braixen was not one to be put off by anything.

Kerr sighed as he walked over to their trainer. He had Jet take her back to the others. One thing Kerr learned was to speak English, mostly so he could take over Carter's cell phone. It had all of Kerr's workout music. He chuckled as he thought back to how confused the trainer had been about where all these workout songs came from. The machoke had fessed up, saying he did it, and eventually Carter gave up and let the machoke have his way with the phone. Using the phone, he talked with him about Fia and her feelings towards Carter.

Carter knew she had a crush on him, but he was afraid he could not love the little braixen. Before he could say anything, Carter showed him his necklace. He learned that there was a ring on it and that it belonged to his first and only mate Ruby. He told him she was a lucario.

It was then Kerr knew why his friend was depressed. It wasn't that Carter couldn't love a pokémon, but that a pokémon had broken his heart. Carter didn't want to feel that pain of loss again. Kerr understood where he was coming from but told Carter that Fia would not be put off and she wanted him. The braixen was a childish sort, especially with this issue. This needed to be resolved before it got worse than her actually ignoring his commands during battles. Kerr had them hash it out.

Kerr walked off as Fia and Carter sat across from each other in front of the fire. The fire burned as the wood slowly became white and broke apart sending hot ashes into the air.

"You could have been killed by attacking that golduck the other day," Carter stated flatly. "Your attacks were rash and unrefined. Then, with the leafeon you wanted to show off. You could have been hurt, Fia."

Fia turned her head and raised her nose into the air. 'I bet RUBY would have listen to you and got the battle done?' Carter sighed.

"Why do you bring her up every time? She is not here, you are. Why do you have to be like this?"

'Because you still wear that thing like a collar. She still holds power over you. Were you the master or her?' Carter winced as her felt her anger through the psychic link. Ever since she learned how to do this, she had been constantly berating him about the necklace.

"You think I want to remember what I had with her? ...I gave up a lot for her. I ... I wanted her to be happy with me," He said sadly.

'I am here. You don't need her. I will give you the love you need. Stop holding on to the past let her go otherwise... Look, I don't care about her. I WANT YOU!!!! ME!!!!' She stomped her foot hard on the ground like a child not getting their way. Carter couldn't help but smile a bit. It reminded him of how Ruby would throw fits like this as a riolu.

"You do not show any signs of maturity little one. Have you ever loved someone before?" Fia, with tears in her eyes, shook her head no. Carter kneeled before her and dried her eyes. "To love someone means to give all you have to that one as they will give all they have to you."

Fia sniffed as she looked at him. 'She is not here. I am! Why do you hold onto the past like this?' She stomped her foot angrily again. Her tail fidgeted, exposing that iconic stick of hers. She, like all of her kind always stuck their sticks there when not in use. It was an odd quirk, he thought. Kerr told him it was better there than up her ass, and that sometimes he thought she would do that in her other hole. Carter had shaken his head at Kerr's statement.

Still, she was young, and she had a crush on Carter for a while. It began from the day she accepted him as her trainer. She seemed to love him to the point that he refused to show her any anger. The past he held onto was upsetting her. He knew he should let it go, but... it was not that easy. He still felt a pain of loss from what he thought was Ruby, but she was no where near where they were, yet it seemed that the bond they once held was still there. Did he want to hold onto something? He said himself that it was over, and yet... the bond was still there. It was unfair to open his heart to anyone without letting go.

"If you stop acting like a little brat..." Fia cheeks puffed up in anger, "I will put it away...the necklace that is."

'No, get rid of it. I AM HERE NO ONE ELSE MATTERS!' She actually flailed like in one of those animes he used to watch when he was younger.

"No one likes a big baby, understand?" He removed the necklace and put it in his bag. She calmed down when he did this. "You have to prove this is not just something for you to get your way. If you truly want to be my mate, this attitude ends. This little petty stuff ends." Her expression showed she wanted to say something, but he put a finger on her muzzle. "That means no more fighting with the others. No more destroying my stuff. No more doing what you want, understand?"

'.....' She lowered her head as she shifted her feet in the dirt. 'Yes, master.'

"It's Carter, little Fia, not master. If we are to be mates then we are equals." Fia smiled and barked happily as she hugged him around his neck. He could see her tail wagging happily.

~Present day ~

Kerr sighed as he thought about how their relationship had its rocky bumps. Both seemed happy, yet it seemed Carter couldn't let the past go. It still pissed off the drama queen to no end. Oftentimes, Kerr was on the receiving end of her outburst, especially when she evolved into a delphox. Oh, if she was pissed before, many trainers' pokémon were on the receiving end of her outbursts more than ever. She would never hurt her lovely trainer, but she would let him know how mad she was with the brutal beating of those whom she battled with. She loved to make them suffer, especially those who had a type advantage. He recalled the vaporeon she battled last week. He was one who pissed her off, saying he was going to make sure she begged for mercy and bend her over and take her as his.

He couldn't help but feel sorry for him, for that was likely the last mistake of that vaporeon's life. After thoroughly beating him with her psychic powers, she walked over to the exhausted vaporeon and gave a swift kick to his male extremities, making sure he knew who had the true power. The whole battle, she smiled. Not once did she show a hint of anger. After that, she walked over to her lover with a smile that said he was still in the dog house.

"Better the pokémon than him," Kerr told Carter. Fia was a brutal pokémon, to be sure, yet never once did she ever do anything to hurt her love. All she wanted from him was praise. She kept her word to him, stretching the limits of that word from time to time, yet she would listen to him in battle. She would execute the commanded move with a certain excessive force behind them. As a result, Carter would try to calm down the other trainer, who often claimed his pokémon was being abusive towards their own.

Fia was going to be Fia.

Kerr looked at the quiet tent and knew he would never hear the end of it if he didn't wake them up since they tended to play all night and sleep in late. The other pokémon had their ears covered, anticipating what he was going to do. He set up a Bluetooth speaker near the tent. After his workout it was his duty to wake the love birds up when they slept in. Hey, he was not going to feed the others. That was his trainer's job. Just as before, he selected the song of the day, Eye of the Tiger. It was one of his favorite songs to work out to, and he was going have the lovebirds wake up now.

Jet sighed. "(You love to court death with her, don't you?)"

"Hey, you all are hungry and it is your trainer's job, not mine, to feed you. Just because he gets lucky don't mean I have to feed you all. Anyways, I get fun seeing her trying to get out of that cramped tent. Maybe he should have bought me those bluetooth headsets, then I wouldn't have to do this." Kerr smiled as he pushed play on the cell.

The song started off slow and soft at first 'til the first riff Nothing happened, so he figured they must be trying to ignore it. Mischievously, he raised it to the highest volume just as the singer began the song. The first part of the song was ironic.

"<Risin' up, back on the street>"

Kerr could feel the bloodlust emanating from the now-moving tent. He could hear his trainer trying to calm her down already. She would not have it as she got out from the small tent. Faster than he would have thought, the others already went into hiding as Kerr smiled. Fia stomped towards him with eyes ablaze.

"Morning, sunshine," he greeted her cheerfully as he turned off the song. "You do realize it is breakfast time and we have to eat, right?"

Fia had a vein pulsing on her forehead. 'I was sleeping with my mate getting some much needed sleep. How dare you overgrown muscle do that every time you want to be fed. YOU DO IT IF YOU ARE SO HUNGRY!!!!'

"I would but ...," he said slowly, still smiling at her as she looked ready to attack.

"Stop! Stop it you two!" a tired-looking and nude Carter called out, walking over to them. "Fine I will buy you the headset. Just stop it already, jeez. You know the rules, Fia, no attacking your teammates." She was about to say something as she pointed at Kerr, but he was quick to interrupt. "No, he is right. I have a responsibility to take care of my pokémon. I know Kerr can do it, but it is not his job really. It's mine as a trainer."

"(I know why Fia loves him)," Cara whispered to Drake, pointing to her trainer's limp cock. Drake just rolled his eyes in response.

"You know, it is nice today, Carter. Do you plan on going commando today?" the machoke said with a big grin. Carter looked down, only now realizing his naked state. His face turned red as hell as he tried to pass it off as normal.

'It doesn't matter to me. He looks sexy without his clothing,' Fia responded, hugging Carter from the side.

"Easy for you to say, Fia. You have a fur skirt to cover you." Carter tugged gently on her fur as she giggled. Fia's expression changes as she suddenly looked sullen.

'Do we have to meet her?' she said with a bit of venom in her tone. Carter winced a bit, her mental link actually hurting as he felt her anger rise.

"Look, she is coming here. It's best to settle this once and for all. ...Or are you afraid of her?" Carter said with a bit of a smile knowing how prideful Fia was.

Fia growled loudly. 'Fuck no! She is a mutt who needs to know she is no longer an alpha. She isn't part of your life. I know you won't tell her no, so I will do it for you, because I love you. I know you are too kind-hearted to tell that bitch to get lost.' Carter sighed as he went to get dressed and get the food ready. Drake looked at Fia.

"(Are you afraid she will take your place as the master's mate and become his new alpha female?)" the axew asked her. Fia glared at him as he hid behind Cara, who laughed.

"(Fia, you are such a drama queen)," the buizel said. "(You get mad over everything. It's best to get this over with. Once he talks to her, then we can move on to another gym battle. I am bored and want to kick some butt. And no, you can't battle. You tend to want to take all them out and we don't get to do anything.)"

Fia huffed as she raised her head to the air. 'It's not my fault you are weak. I am the true power on the team.' Kerr laughed at her statement.

"You know what? I think she is stronger than you are. I think you are really afraid she would kick your ass and take her position as his mate." She was upon him in a flash.

'I will beat her ass to prove I AM THE STRONGEST!!! NOT HER!!!'

Carter sighed as he tended to the other pokémon, giving all of them their food. Kerr was eating a health bar as he made Fia madder with each passing minute. The trainer saw her stomp her foot in anger, and for a brief second, she looked like the little braixen that confessed to him and acted like a little child, constantly vying for his praise his love.

He put on the necklace again wondering if, when he meets her, he would have the resolve to give it to her and tell her of the past which he had held onto for so long. It was time to let it go as it was over for them now, that she should move on as well.

"I still hold resentment towards her for what she did with that fucking zoroark," he muttered to himself. And yet... if she asked to be with him once more, he would take her back in a heart beat. As much as he loves Fia, he still loves her. Was it unfair for him to be like this, to just throw everything he had with Fia away? How would she take it? She would most likely try and kill Ruby. He was sure that was not a joke, given her fiery personality. Ruby was weak towards both fire and Psychic attacks and would likely be destroyed.

Ruby was a cunning battler, but that was a different time. How would she fare now? No, it was best not to dwell on it. He loved Fia now. He had to tell her that. He had to sever the ties that binded them together.

They waited at the meeting spot, tension rising as the time went by. Fia walked back and forth as if awaiting a battle. Kerr was having a mock battle with the others all at once. They seemed to be able to hold their own against him. Carter noticed a group of pokémon and a human walking towards where his group were. He saw a liepard who seemed to be very close to her trainer. She smiled up at her trainer, who had a dour-looking expression.

Wait... he knew him as Jeff 2. Jeff, his oldest friend, had finally got ahold of him and told him that Ruby was back and looking for him. She had gotten in a fight with the other Jeff's pokémon, leading to a vicious battle. Carter couldn't believe that she would do that, scratch that she had a short temper. Just like Fia...

Dear Arceus, he was in love with a female who acts like a child. Just like Ruby ... Maybe he liked that... a female who threw a fit for his attention...

When he first traveled, he went through too many girls that all seemed to be too self-involved or wanted his money, which wasn't much. Naturally, those relationships didn't last long.

Ruby changed that. She brought a light and companionship to his travels. At first, he treated her like a close friend. When she evolved, their relationship changed. She looked at him differently, and she acted different around him. She became possessive of him. As a lucario, she would always be at his side, but the funny thing was that she was tall for a lucario. 4'5" wasn't much to humans, but to her kind she was a giant. She never wanted to be left alone at the daycare center, and she would fight through her heat as if to say something. She never told him why, but she would go nuts when he tried to leave her there. It was another trainer who told him what was wrong. She wanted him.

That trainer was Jeff. He told him about him and his ninetales, how she was always making moves on him when they traveled and would always "accidentally" set any female trainers' stuff on fire. She was very territorial with him. Jeff explained that when pokémon pick someone, they would show how devoted they were by scaring any females away from the mate they have chosen.

Carter thought that was excessive. Jeff noted that trainers with more than one lover was possible thanks to the pack mentality of pokémon. The first mate would become the alpha, and any other females after that were subs to said alpha. The male could have the other females if and only if the alpha female allowed it.

Now that he thought about it, he realized that neither Fia nor Ruby would allow this. They were both selfish and wanted him to themselves. Maybe he could make it work, convince Fia to allow Ruby to be a beta to her.

Yeah, when psyduck fly. Fia was selfish and would never allow that.

He had to tell Ruby no, that it would never work. She had to move on. That bond they had was no longer a reason to be together...or was it? He kept the ring. All these years and he held onto it. He still thought of her. Despite his promise to Fia, he would still wear it when she didn't see.

He had to make a decision for all their sakes.

Returning his thoughts to the present, he saw the same group walking towards the camp. He could hear someone's voice getting louder as they got closer, and from what he could make out they sounded like they didn't want to see their family. He could see a liepard whom seem to be laughing, yet looking at the human with the love struck adoration he had seen from Fia. Looking closer, he saw a mienshao who seemed to be glaring daggers at a lucario who looked depressed and timid. Wait a minute...

That couldn't be Ruby. She was proud, she would never walk like that. She gave off a minor aura of depression at first. Then, it hit him all at once as they came closer. The link he had with her became stronger. The hatred, the shyness, the love, the loss... All of these emotions came across the link. Carter slowly started to walk towards her. He didn't know why he was doing that, but he had wanted to run to her and hold her once more, kiss her, inhale her scent, take her as she had wanted when she confessed to him about wanting to be his mate.

Before he got a step further Fia stepped in front of him. In an instant, he snapped out of his daze.

'No! I will not allow this shit to happen,' she snarled angrily. 'YOU ARE MINE!!!!' Carter looked confused for a second, but then all the memories came back to him, what had happened, why he was with her and not Ruby, the hole that was left in his heart... The dark hole in his heart...Ruby was the cause of it. He sighed as he lets Fia keep him away from the approaching group.

Ruby visibly brightened upon seeing Carter, but scowled once she saw Fia.

Kerr walked over and talked to the group, surprising Jeff. Kerr simply laughed and told Jeff that he was actually speaking to him. Both groups' pokémon took the opportunity to get acquainted with one another. The mienshao and liepard decided to play while the alakazam stood beside Jeff. Carter looked at him and realized he was the kadabra whom he'd seen with the umbreon the day they left. He never got his name. Curious, the machoke asked him whether things worked out between them. He had heard it from Carter about them .

'It has gone good,' he replied proudly. 'I have two adopted daughters and a son by her. The mienshao is my beloved daughter.' Carter looked startled as the alakazam just smiled. Jeff sighed in exasperation.

"Okay, I brought her. Now we are heading back," he stated flatly as he looked at Ruby. "Be happy Kai kept Lin at bay. She wanted to see if you could swim or sink like a rock." Ruby looked startled.

Kai laughed. 'Don't be mean ...Greg.' Jeff looked at Kai devilishly.

"Call me Greg again and I will tell Gale of your secret stash of videos you made of her sleeping," he threatened. Kai read his thoughts, believing him to be bluffing, and was astonished to find he wasn't.

'Lin, we are leaving,' he said quickly. Lin looks sad as she caught the axew in their little game of tag.

"(Aww, but we just got here daddy.)" Jeff smiled as he called over the liepard. He hugged her in front of the others.

"Look, Carter, I don't know the full story between you and your pokémon. But know this..." He looked at Reava, and the liepard looked away on cue, knowing what he was going to tell him. "Both of you were wrong. Both of you knew what your relationship entailed. All the pitfalls and struggles you had to endure..." He scratched behind Reava's ears, making her purr loudly. "Carter, I know she did leave you, but did you try to find out why she left you? Ruby, did you even give him a chance to set things right? I don't want an answer as it is your trouble, not mine. You both need to find out if it is worth it to try again. Otherwise, trying to start over again will fail since you both have yet to address the real issue here."

He stood up and waited for Lin to come back. Kai smiled at her and looked at Carter.

'I told you once you would find love again. I was right. Now you must find out if you are willing to let the past go and open your heart for her once again or close it off from the one who sought you out from the past.' With that, they vanished thanks to the alakazam teleporting them away.

Carter sighed, knowing he had his work cut out for him. As if on cue, he heard the telltale shouts and growls of anger. He turned around and saw Ruby charging up an attack as Fia had her stick out, ready to battle.

"Move, bitch. I am here to make amends with Carter," Ruby growled. Fia laughed as she lowered her stick.

'You lost that chance, bitch. He is mine. You have to give up on him. He is with his true mate. He gave up on you and...' she stopped and looked at him, noticing the necklace with the ring on it again. To her shock and anger, he was wearing it, and upon noticing her staring, he looked away ashamed. Fia glided over to Carter and grabbed it in an attempt to break it off. 'YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD NEVER WEAR THAT AGAIN!!'

Carter saw her anger and tears of betrayal. She shoved him away and looked at Ruby, her eyes ablaze. 'Best way to take care of a problem is to destroy it.'

Ruby took a battle stance as Fia grinned, knowing she had the type advantage. Ruby learn one thing: she was not as strong as she always believed, as her fight with the mienshao ended badly for her. And yet... against this fire bitch, she knew she could take the damage and fight through it. Fia smiled smugly as she got ready for the lucario to charge. Her kind always charged power before unleashing an attack, and when she did, she would destroy her.

To her surprise, Ruby did none of that. She held her pose, waiting for Fia to attack. Fia grew impatient as she readied a confusion attack. As she aimed her stick, a large clump of dirt flew at her. She was quick to dodge it, and briefly thought that was a cheap trick, though she was too late to realize it was her foe's ploy. Ruby flew at her at blinding speed with a roundhouse to Fia's head. The delphox felt the foot connect with her head and instantly knew she was in trouble because of the pain that shot through her head. Usually, a fighter would hit her, but she either blocked it or used her powers to keep them at bay. Fia was not used to pain, having grown used to overpowering her opponents.

Ruby did not miss a beat as she continued her assault on the fire type. Her main objective was not to take her out. No, to do that would require her to use her move base, but it would take too long to do so and would leave her open to an attack she could ill afford to take. Even Close Combat would require her to set up for the attack. The delphox's main problem was that the stick they used was not just for show but also a channeler for their power. For some reason, when they evolved from their first evolution, they lost the ability to use their mouth to use their flame attacks. Like the alakazam and hypno, they had to use an item to channel their powers correctly. Only a few could overcome this, but only through years of intense training.

Ruby continued to hit her and then went for a hard chop to Fia's hand, causing her to drop her stick. She smiled, thinking it was time to end this with Close Combat. At the last second, she was blasted away with a Psychic attack, flying back about 10 yards. She looked at Fia in surprise. The fire-type looked exhausted, as if it took all she had to use that move.

This was bad. Fia was extremely weakened from the blitz attack Ruby delivered. Her last attack was out of desperation. If she didn't use it, Ruby most likely would of have had her in checkmate. Using that move as she did left her open as she looked for her stick. Without it, she wouldn't be able to counter with a fire move. Ruby was back on her feet and charged at her. Fia wasn't going down like this, she was going to kick this mutt's ass. Then she did something no one expected. As Ruby charged at full speed, Fia lunged at her and tackled Ruby.

Ruby had little time to comprehend what just happened as she was tackled like a football player. The sound of their bodies colliding made all watching wince in pain as if someone had broken something.

Carter watched his former lover fight his new love fight in what seemed to be a death match. He just wanted to talk, not for this to happen. The pride of both females drove them to do this. They were fighting for his love, his attention, for him to say he loved one of them over the other. And now... both were trying to choke the other to death, all other moves forgotten. Victory by any cost was all that mattered. This feud of the the one who broke him and the spoiled princess hit the wrong button. He was not a prize for someone. He was someone who wanted love, but not like this!

"BOTH OF YOU, STOP THIS NOW!!!" Carter roared. Startled, both of them stopped and looked at him. Ruby had a busted nose while Fia had a swollen eye.

"Both of you are insane! I just wanted to talk to Ruby, but as usual, Fia, you jumped the gun and attacked, not wanting to hear anything. Your ego can't take anything." Ruby looked smug as Fia moved off her, looking dejected.

"And you, Ruby! You came here wanting to start over. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU DID TO ME?! I LOVED YOU AND YOU LEFT ME FOR ANOTHER MALE! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING AND THAT WAS APPARENTLY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU." Ruby's ears drooped as she looked down about to cry, feeling the sting of the truth to those words. Carter was breathing hard as he looked at them.

"To be honest, I should leave you both..." They looked like they were about to object. "I would not be that cruel to the next trainer, and you both belong to me in a sense. This is the best way to stop this and teach you both a lesson. Ruby can stay."

Fia looked like she was about to explode as Ruby beamed with happiness.

"I am not done yet. Ruby, I may take you back, but you are nothing more than a pokémon now. You are neither my mate nor lover. You lost that chance when you stepped out on me as you did. You have to earn it again. If anything, all you will be able to achieve will be beta status to my alpha mate." He walked over to Fia and helped her up and kissed her. Ruby watched in horror, but something inside told her she did make this happen.

Fia gave Ruby a smug look of victory. Ruby knew she had to wait for her chance. She would prove she was worthy to be his true mate once more. Deep down, however, she knew it would be a nearly impossible task. She destroyed her chance with him so long ago, but being near her love once more was enough for now.

End notes: I hope you all enjoyed this as I never intend to have a squeal to Love loss. Yet here it is. I know some were expecting a big sex scene but no it really had no place here. Still I am happy with this one. To all who have read this thank you and to Tamati. I hope you're happy.

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Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon. They are the sole property of Nintendo /GameFreak. Also if you adverse to rape death and well death stop reading now and find a good love story. This is not one of them. If you prick us do we not bleed? If you...

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