Escaping Wilderness

Story by Cole Stryker on SoFurry

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#4 of Commissions

Request for Cienfuegos about a German, German Shepard going on a camping trip with his close friend Devin, a husky geology major who has helped the Shepard get through his first year of college. Enjoy =)

And it was an absolute joy to write this!

It has been at least a year since I've known Devin, and everyday he still surprises me. Like today, he offered to take me to his "favorite camping spot". I didn't even know he went camping, let alone enjoyed it. Sure, he was outgoing but...well, he didn't seem like the camping type.

But, as we drove up to the parking spots before a vast forest of evergreens, he seemed to be anxious to get going. His tail hadn't stopped thumping on his seat and his ears flicked around in all directions as we neared. The guy at the little toll booth before the lot greeted Devin with a friendly hello and didn't even ask for ID, giving him a wink when he saw me.

"I told you I come here often," Devin said as he got out of the car.

I looked up into the bright blue sky, shielding my eyes from the sun. I'm surprised it hadn't rained yet. "You just never seemed the...the...camper type."

"'Camping-type'. And no, it's not something I talk about a lot."

"Why is that?"

He paused while taking the compact ten out of the trunk, replacing it with his shirt. "I just...don't like to talk about it that much."

That was that. We got all of the gear on that would take us all the way to tomorrow and we set off. I had never really been to the woods often, even back in Germany. I lived very close to the Black Forest, as it was called. The name, of course, scared me as a child. My parents would also tell me stories of little children that ran off, never to be seen again. They said Abnoba's followers, hunters who worshiped the goddess, offered the kids up to her. That did not sit well with me.

"How are you doing back there?" Devin called back to me.

We were about an hour in, the campsite still not in sight. "Fine. How're you?"

"Doing fantastic!"

A smile crept along my muzzle. That was Devin for you. Even the first time I had the pleasure of meeting him, he had such a...chipper attitude. Was that the right word? I'd have to ask him when we take a break.

The university I was starting at was big, very big. I was so disoriented my first...month, but mostly on my first day. My parents had stayed back in Germany so the only person helping me was the designated "guides". Even I knew that word was a stretch. All they did was point me to my room, give me some numbers of classrooms and left to go screw with other freshman. But, I guess I kind of owe it to them. If they hadn't confused me even more so then I was, I wouldn't have run into the big pile of husky muscle I was following now. I fell, he stumbled. I got up and quickly apologized in my broken English, getting a smile out of him.

He asked if I needed any help, after apologizing of course, and before I could say anything he grabbed my papers and told me to follow him. He helped me unpack and even showed me where my classes were, all the while laughing about a German Shepard who was actually from Germany (he still does to this day). We went out to dinner that night, his meal was covered by his parents. He offered to pay for mine but, out of courtesy, I refused. He told me he was going to major in geology, which helped my uncertainty a little. We were both going for the same genre: science.

I bumped into Devin, almost sliding down the wet hill.

"Hurensohn!" I yelled.

"You and your German. What did that mean?"

I took a long breath and smiled. "Your name."

He snorted. "Sure. Well, we're here."

About a couple minutes later (at least I think it was, could've been longer for all I know) Devin outstretched his arm to an ovalular patch of dirt surrounded by trees. Most of the oval was surrounded by trunks and bushes that held the smell of summer year round. Juniper is what Devin called them, and I learned to love their smell. It reminded me of home somewhat, but the scent was much more heavenly. It created a mental picture of a mountain covered in sunshine and emerald green trees, with blue skies and birds surrounding it.

The other part of the oval was barely covered, the tree branches were too high and the trunks not as thick. It created an almost portrait like beauty to the serene landscape behind them. A lake, a bright purple lake that reflected the sky as the sun was just setting over the mountains beyond. A single rock jutted out of the water, a lone evergreen sat atop the jagged boulder.

Devin turned with me, his coiled tail wagging along with mine. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yes. Very. It How come you never told me about this place?"

When he turned to me, I had never seen a bigger smile on his face. "You'll see. Now come on, let's build the tent. It's going to be dark soon.

Sure enough, right as we finish putting the tent up and the sleeping bags down, the sky turns a dark shade of blue. The moon, as Devin said, wasn't at it's most prettiest phase, but the stars made up for it. And as he made a fire (something he told me not to do) he spoke of the different constellations. I tried finding them, but I was only lucky with a few.

And after he got the marshmallows, a "stereotypical camping snack", I didn't care much. The stickiness proved to be a fun couple of minutes work to get off the roof of my mouth, all the while Devin laughing at me.

"It's not that funny," I said once I finally gulped the food down.

"It kind of is."

"So, c'mon, tell me."

His ears perked my way. "Tell you what?"

"Why you never told me about this place."

He smiled and finished off the marshmallow on his stick. "I just...I don't know. I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

"Ruin our friendship?"

The sigh that came from Devin was long and drawn out. "This site is...y'know what? Fuck it. This is where I bring guys to- well, to you know."

" the conte-contellation-"

"Constellations. And no, not to do that. To...y'know. This." He made a hole with his index finger and thumb and stuck a claw through the hole. But the look on my muzzle must have been enough for him to understand. "To fuck."

My ears flicked as I tried to understand. "You a girl?"

His shoulders drooped. " a girl."

I know Germany had a...rather bloody past when it came to this, but they have changed a lot. That for me was heartening. My parents always disapproved of my orientation, but that really didn't stop me. Some traditionalists were still around but, hey, that's everywhere. And it was fun. I loved the feel of a nice hard chest, opposed to a ball sized, bouncy one.

"Do you not want to be gay?"

"No, no, no I do. It's just...I didn't know how you would react. I kind of guessed you were when I saw some of the pics on your phone. But...I just wasn't sure."

It finally clicked. "Oh! You wanted to- Ooooooohh."

His smile was faint but cute nonetheless. It would be a lie to say I had never thought of having sex with Devin. A few of us got drunk once and he hilariously stripped for everyone (a looooong story). His body was amazing. He was wearing tight briefs that really brought out his bulge.

"So," I broke the silence after my revelation, "you really want it with me?"

"Why wouldn't I? I've always thought your accent is adorable and your ass is...otherworldly."

I was glad I had such dark fur so he couldn't see me blushing. My pants were becoming increasingly tight, and I could see Devin was getting a little more confidence. "So what would you do. If we were going to do something I mean."

His smile was visibly brighter as he inched towards me on the log we were sitting on. "I think it'd be easier to show you."

We filled in the space between us and sat for a moment, tails flicking nervously. He made the first move, his paw gliding gently over my thigh. I looked at him, and he at me before I closed my eyes and went for it. The moment my lips touched his I became enveloped in his arms. They curled around me and held me there as our tongues explored each other's mouths. My fingers explored his fluffy chest, the muscles underneath shifting ever so slightly at the touch. His fingers explored too, lifting up my shirt and softly rubbing. They dropped lower, caressing my backside. I arched my back to give him more room but he pulled away.

"Maybe it'd be easier in there," he nodded to the tent. "And less dirty."

I get up, paw in his paw, and as he zips the tent closed behind us, my heart beat faster. He turned to me with a coy smile and hovered over me, his eyes moving slowly along my body. I pull him down and continue the kiss. His body weighed heavily on my own, his bulge rocketing along side my own.

Devin undid my pants as we kissed. It took him only seconds before he was caressing my bulge through my briefs, his claws toying with my balls. My tail thumped against the bag. He smiled through the kiss and continued to play, my excitement only rising.

Whimpers escaped me when he began kissing down my lithe body and towards my briefs. He slowly pulled back my briefs, my excitement flopping onto my stomach. Shivers run through my body as his claw drags across my balls and lightly against my cock. He wraps his paw around my organ, stroking slightly before his muzzle is parallel. He licks the base first, wrapping a wet tongue at my already hard member. His tongue was magical. It slithered up my length, making sure every inch of my cock was covered in his warm saliva. I inhaled a sharp breath when his lips purse over my tip.

He pulled up a moment later and laid on top of me again, cupping my balls in his paw. "You didn't think it'd be that easy," he breathed into my ear.

I throw him over and sit on his bulge. He looks up wide eyes at me before I lean down and nuzzle his neck. "I didn't," I said. Moving down I reach into his shorts and work my paw pads over his cock. "But don't expect it to be easy for you either."

The low chuckle resonates through me. I kiss the base of his member, the knot beneath barely making a ripple in his sheathe. His musk was strong, even stronger now that my nose was on his glistening organ. It sent my heart beating faster, a thrill I missed for so long. How long has it been? Two years? Sounds about right. I hope I still have it.

By the soft moans that escaped his throat, I think I did. The pre that now coated my tongue was a welcomed guest. The salty liquid was something he longed to taste, and it was only the beginning. It was like the appetizer before the main course. Hopefully Devin's main course was saved up for a couple weeks. The imagery drove my mouth faster, all the while my tongue wagged at the underside of his shaft. He grabbed my head and held me there while I worked, arching his back until his knot, now fully formed and out of his sheathe, bumped up against my snout.

I withdrew my head to his disappointment, smiling up at him, his cock still in my paw. He looked back at me, his tongue lolling out.

"You're good at this teasing thing," he said. "But I'm better."

He grabbed me under the armpits and hoisted me up to him, my cock rubbing against his silk fur. He gave me a quick peck on the nose before turning me on my stomach. I felt something hard fall between my cheeks and my stomach churned with anticipation. But his cock left my ass just as suddenly as it fell upon it. His paws wrapped around my waist and hoisted me up. I grew anxious. What was he-

I bit my bottom lip as a wet tongue lapped at my pucker. If Devin would just keep doing this, I could get off in a jiff. He did, to my excitement. He licked at my hole, making sure everything surrounding it was drenched in his spit before his tongue explored deeper. The great thing about canine tongues: long and smooth. He cocked his head to the side to get me at different angles, the moans coming out of me audible to probably the guard at the toll gate. His paws came up to massage my balls, when my knot popped out of my sheathe and he began playing with that. The wet puddle of pre from my dripping cock mixed with Devin's to create a contained musk that would drive anything with a nose wild with arousal.

"Well, you sure liked that, didn't you." He sat up, his cock pressed between my cheeks again. "And now that you're all good and wet..."

I looked sideways and gave him a nod to continue. A moment later his tip was pushing its way into me, spreading my hole. He stopped when his knot bounced off my butt and sat there for a second, petting my back. "Ready?"

"Mhmm," was the only thing I could utter. The pain was now replaced by the pleasure of having someone inside me. And the pleasure of having someone rest over my prostate.

He began slowly, inching his way out and then inching his way forward. I gasped when he drove forward suddenly, which began the rapid succession of thrusts. He was parallel to me, one paw resting on my butt, the other digging into the sleeping bag. I hid my muzzle in my elbow and moaned as little as I could, mostly because I didn't want any unwanted attention from passerby's. Nocturnal species and all. I ended up rearing up high and howling in pleasure when he buried his cock in me, his knot beginning to stretch me further. His head came to rest on my shoulder. He buried his muzzle into my neck ruff and the wet sensations of his tongue filled my moans again. The paw resting on my butt came up to ruffle up my chest fur and I interlocked our fingers. His chuckle thrummed through me again, the closeness amplifying the effect. I couldn't help by smile and hold his paw tighter.

His muzzle disengaged from my neck. The string jaws of the husky dug into my shoulder, not drawing blood, but just enough force to show domination. His knot was getting dangerously close to popping. With every hard thrust, it bounced further in.

He grabbed my cock and started to stroke, my hips in perfect sync with his thrusts. I was so close...he was was only a matter of-

"Scheiße!" I screeched.

A pop rang out from behind us and the pain of invasion was quickly calmed by Devin's cum quickly filling me. He gave quick, desperate thrusts, draining himself completely. My own cock throbbed under the huskies warm paw pads and I quickly joined him, my musk filling the tent with the smell of dead arousal. My hopes of him saving the main course up for weeks looked like I had been right.

We both collapsed on the clawed bag, panting and tongues hanging out of our mouths. My stomach quickly became wet from my own liquid, but I was too lazy (and Devin was a dead weight) to care to get up.

The husky licked the side of my face. I smiled through the panting and reached back to hold his other paw, sticky from my spunk.

"Th-that was amazing," I breathed.

He nuzzled his way into my perked ears. "It really was." My ears flattened on his muzzle and he anticipated my question. "Yes."

"'Yes' what?"

"Yes, I want to do this again. With you, Jaye."

My tongue fell back into my muzzle, a toothy grin forming. "Good. I'd like that a lot."

He stretched over, making me moan from the slight pain of his knot and the pleasure of him hitting my prostate again. I turned back and our lips met. The kiss before meant nothing now. Being tied together, it...I don't know how to describe it other than: that kiss was the first real kiss where I truly felt Devin's passion. And it certainly wasn't the last.

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