Given Bliss

I find myself asking why, why do I think like this? My mind, filled of fog and mist, thoughts of why I live. With how I give, I wish at times - die. Though what could I miss? Importantly, who will miss this, this person, who lives, who thinks...

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Darkness-Afraid of the Dark

"no i didn't," he replied, confused, "i told you i was afraid of the dark." "scani..." she said, "haven't you figured it out yet? you did say you were afraid of me. scani...i am...darkness." "what?" scani laughed, "you can't be darkness.

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The dark corner

#4 of life there's a cold dark corner in the back of my room, it speaks to me and says i'm coming for you. as i lie on my bed in the fetal position, my eyes are closed hoping and wishing.

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The door was sort of strange as well, it was a dark, crimson red wood with gold embroided writing. the wood around it, forming the doorway, was a bright pinkish white, which was out of contrast compared to the dark sorroundings.


Absol m tf x absol f darkness "yahhh..." ethan yawned loudly as he stretched his limbs. he lazily swung his feet out to the side of the bed and planted them on the floor. the rest of him eventually followed. "good morning..."

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Into Darkness

"We're here." Chuck stared out the car window. The clinic wasn't exactly what he was expecting. Before him lay a large brick colonial. An awning held up by doric columns framed the front door. Were it not for the parking lot out front, and the sign...

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darkness... my old friend darkness... an old friend. you have come close to making me end my misery. but the light has found me, i have friends, i have family. but even then, you still make an appearence.


In The Darkness

He tilts his head and shakes his head, his dark brown fur covered in mud.

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He whimpered in his sleep, unknowingly pulling dark against him and waking the little wolf. jason never knew how far that dream would have gone, because just as the dream dark wrapped his paw around his erection the real dark did the same thing.

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The Darkness

The best fuck possible. the dark panther had shown his tigeress something she had wanted all her life. he was as amazing as anyone could have ever imagined.

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In the shadows what lurks? If hates when the light brursts? In the light what shines? Does it gleam with all the brights? When togeter what do they make? They make the sunrise and sunset. Umbreon and Espeon poem

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In The Darkness

So they waited quietly in the car on the dark expanse of road. there was a moon out, and because of the thin layer of clouds covering the sky, it let some light shine to the ground and let them see the trees gently swaying in the breeze.

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