Revelations - Chapter 27: The Second Revelation

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#27 of Revelations

After dealing with the events at school, Raenne takes Alex home for the evening. Over dinner, the Andreyevs discuss how to deal with the repercussions of those events.

WARNING: This story contains adult-only content. Check the tags before you continue reading.

Author's Note: This story alternates between her/she and hir/shi in reference to Alexandrea Andreyev depending on the perspective of the character each paragraph is written from. This is intended to demonstrate how each character perceives Alexandrea's gender by utilizing alternating third-person narrative.

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Julia tucked her paws under her arms, watching with both guilt and satisfaction as the two squad cars drove away from the school. Raenne didn't do anything by halves, that was for damn sure. The tigress had filed assault charges and sexual abuse charges against the goat boy, and Julia herself had filed assault charges against both the goat and badger at Raenne's prompting. It blew her mind to watch children that young being taken into police custody. It almost didn't seem right.

A car door shut across the parking lot, and she glanced over. Raenne was walking around the other side of her car after having helped Alex into the front passenger side, getting ready to take Alex to the hospital to have the poor girl's leg x-rayed again to ensure there wasn't any further damage to her broken leg. Actually, Julia had to be headed to urgent care to get Elizabeth's arm examined just in case as well.

"Okay, Princess," she said, tussling the fur atop her daughter's head. "Let's go see what's wrong with your arm."

"Okay." Elizabeth said, holding the pack of blue gel to her wrist.

As they walked across the parking lot to Julia's burgundy sedan, the first of the school buses were just starting to pull into the driveway in front of the school. It wasn't surprising to see the buses, really; they'd been sitting in the office for over forty minutes while the police officers had taken statements from everyone involved. Julia sighed; these past two weeks had been utterly hectic. At the rate at which everyone seemed to be getting injured, she'd be surprised if any of them managed to survive until the end of school.


Raenne sat down in the driver's side seat, taking a second to fit her tail into the tail-gap so the tip rested on the floor mat between her feet. She sighed as Alex sniffled again. The poor cub had been dabbing tears from hir face with the soggy stack of tissues in hir paws since Raenne had arrived almost forty-five minutes ago.

"It's okay Alex, we're heading to the hospital now," Raenne said as she took hold of the ignition switch housing and twisted, starting the car. Keyless ignition was a blessing, she thought.

"It's not leg doesn't hurt much," Alex said, sniffling after a second.

Raenne turned her head to look at the little tiger cub, hand on the gear shift. "What is it then?"

"It''m sorry!" Alex wailed, ashamed that she had accidentally revealed her greatest secret to the whole school. "I didn't mean to! It just happened! And he...he...he saw it..."

Sighing, Raenne flipped the car back off and undid her seat belt, pushing the armrest back. The tigress awkwardly swung one leg over the footwell divider and pushed herself over the parking brake, then pulled the sobbing cub against her chest.

"Shhh, it's okay Alex. It's okay. I know you didn't mean to. Shh..."

Alex continued to sob against her chest as Raenne held hir tightly. She hoped the little cub would get over this quickly; the parking brake didn't exactly make for the most comfortable seat.

"Alex...Alex...look at me, Alex." she said, tapping the bridge of hir nose. After a moment the tiger cub looked up, wiping at hir eyes with the wad of Kleenex. "It's okay, Alex. You didn't do anything wrong. Honest. David and I just didn't want anyone else finding out you're a hermaphrodite because we were afraid they might bully you for it. That's all."

"You'''re not..." Alex tried to say through the sniffles and hiccups that shook her thin frame, "mad at me?"

"No, love. I'm not mad at you at all," she said with a tender smile, "I'm just worried that people might try to bully you. Like that goat did."

"...oh...." Alex said, fighting back hiccups. "can...can we go home? Please?"

Raenne blinked. "Sure, love, if that's what you want. Your leg's not hurting?"

"Kinda. I just want to go home."

"Okay, love." Raenne said, giving Alex a kiss before she crawled back into the driver's seat, watching as the buses started to pull in front of the school.


David sighed as he watched Alex stirring food around on hir plate with a pair of chopsticks. Alex's mouth was turned down in a slight frown, and shi hadn't even looked at him since he'd gotten home. The bowl of tom kha sitting next to hir was growing cold.

Raenne had quietly explained things to him after he'd gotten home, but he had yet to discuss it with Alex. Since shi'd been exposed at school, it was probably time that they discussed gender with hir. First though, he had to get hir out of the mood shi was in.

"Rough day, Alex?" He asked, trying to get hir to at least say_something_.

Alex nodded; today had been miserable. She felt like she had let her parents down in the worst possible way, even worse than wetting the bed. Not only that, but now everyone at school would think she was a liar, a freak, or both. It didn't help that mom kept saying it wasn't her fault; it was_all_her fault and Lizzy had gotten hurt because of it.

"Want to talk about it?"

Alex shook hir head, then rest her chin on one paw. David frowned; usually Alex was at least willing to talk. Unfortunately, the talk they needed to have wasn't optional. He sighed, setting down his eating utensils.

"Alex, your mother told me what happened today at school. Neither of us blame you at all, love. We knew it would happen at some point. What matters_now_is what to do about it."

The little tigress continued to stir the pad thai on hir plate, head still propped on one paw. Hir eyes shifted to look at him though, which was, in it's own way, more of a reaction than he'd gotten since he got home.

"When you were a little cub, we asked you if you wanted to be a boy or a girl in school. You chose to be a girl. It's time for you to make a choice again, only_this_time you need to be fully aware of what the consequences will be."

Alex stopped stirring the pad thai, glancing for a moment at her mom, who nodded slowly. Her eyes shifted back to David's as he continued speaking.

"You're a hermaphrodite. That's your sex, and it's not something you can choose. However, you_can_choose how you want to look, how you want to act, and how you want others to treat you. That's your gender, and it can be whatever you want it to be."

David took a deep breath, then continued. "That's not to say that everyone_will_treat you the way you want. The kids at school know now that you aren't just a girl. Some may think you're a herm or intersex female. Some of them may think you're a transvestite, a boy wearing girl's clothes. Either way, some of them may pick on you..." he trailed off as Alex looked back down at hir plate with a whimper.

"Why did this have to happen to me?" Alex asked, nearly in tears. "I just want to be normal, like everyone else."

"Dunno, kiddo." Raenne stated calmly, drawing Alex's attention. "It doesn't matter, either. What matters now is what_you're_going to do about it. If you get bullied, make sure you're near a teacher or tell a teacher if it happens. The more important question is: what do_you_ want to be, love? Do you want to be a girl, a herm, or a boy?"

Alex stared at her plate, silent for a moment, going back to stirring the cold pad thai sitting on her plate. Then she spoke, quietly enough that both her parents strained to hear her. "Lizzy asked me if I feel more like a girl or more like a boy...and I still don't know." The little tigress was silent for a few moments, then finally looked back up again. "What's it like being a herm?"

A slight smile formed on Raenne's lips. "You've been one every day of your life, and you want to know what it's like? Just wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do. The only difference is that you don't have to pretend you're just a girl. Since the kids at school know you're might as well tell the truth, and see how things turn out. If you get bullied, tell a teacher."

"You'll be okay?"

"Eventually. You won't know until you try, though. The only problem is that you're stuck wearing skirts until that cast comes off, kiddo," Raenne said, just before eating the last of the noodles off her plate.

Alex sighed, thinking to herself. She hated being thought of as a boy who wore girl's clothes and she didn't even like wearing dresses and skirts. Being a boy might not be that bad, but she didn't really think of herself as a boy at all.

Raenne finally broke the silence. "Well?"

Alex pursed hir lips. "I'm not a boy, and I'm not a girl, and I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not," shi said, making both Raenne and David break into wide smiles. "And I don't want to wear that stupid skirt to school anymore. Can I get some loose capris, pleeease?" Alex asked with a plaintive whine.

"Sure, kiddo. We can go shopping on Sunday if that's what you want. All three of us," Raenne said with a pointed look at David.

The white tiger hung his head with a look of defeat. "Okay, if that's what you want, love, we can all go shopping on Sunday."

"Oh! Also, umm...can I take Lizzy on a date sometime?" Alex asked. "Like to the movies or shopping or something?"

"A date, huh?" David asked with a smirk.

"Not this weekend, kiddo," Raenne said, setting her fork down, finally finished with dinner. "You're going over to Lizzy's tomorrow night, and they're having a barbeque on Saturday for all of us. And all three of us need to get some shopping done on Sunday. How about next weekend, after school gets out? You two stay here next Friday evening, so I can take you two over to Bridgeport on Saturday morning. You two can do some shopping, poke around a bit, have lunch and then go see a movie."

Alex's eyes lit up. "Reeeally?"

"Yes, really. Though I'm not going to let you two go out all on your own."

Hir gleeful expression faded somewhat at that, but it was still a far cry from the look of defeat that shi'd worn sitting down to dinner. Shi finally picked up hir fork and stabbed a bit of pad thai, sticking it in hir mouth. "Yuck. Cold."

Raenne laughed, getting up and snagging both the plate and bowl in front of hir. "I'll go microwave it for you, kiddo."

David smiled, relieved that his daughter was somewhat back to normal once again, and went back to finishing the last of his own dinner.


As she walked up the stairs, Raenne wiped her sweaty paw pads on her yoga shorts. David had collapsed on the living room couch after their workout, but right now she wanted a shower. She paused at the top of the landing; the light from Alex's bathroom was on. Wondering if shi had left it on or something, Raenne quickly glanced in.

Alex was standing in front of the mirror, turned sideways and facing away. Hir shirt lay on the bathroom countertop, and shi was running hir paws down hir sides. Raenne smiled; she remembered doing the same thing, wondering when hir own boobs would finally start growing.

"Nothing yet?"

Alex jumped, whirling around, then caught the edge of the sink as shi started to lean. "Jeez, mom, can't you give a little warning?!"

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," she said, stepping into the bathroom, and leaning against the door frame. "I used to do the same thing. I couldn't wait for mine to start growing."

The little tigress looked down, mouth twisting slightly.

"And just why don't you like skirts anyway," Raenne said, pointing to the one Alex had on. "They're perfectly fine, and that one looks adorable on you."

Again, Alex said nothing, this time turning away from the mirror and staring back at the bath tub and it's sliding glass door.

"You were perfectly fine with wearing skirts this morning, so... oh..." Raenne's voice trailed off for a moment. "I see."

The taller tigress stepped over, pulling Alex into a hug, gently rubbing the back of hir head. "We'll get you some loose capris on Sunday. I promise, kiddo." When Alex still didn't say anything, Raenne pushed hir back and knelt in front of hir. "Look, there's nothing wrong with skirts. They're no more of a weakness than jeans or capris. Besides," Raenne said, running her fingers around the top hem. "This one has belt loops. You can just wear a belt to school, and nobody will be able to pull them off. Okay?"

Alex was still frowning, but at least it looked like shi was thinking now. After a moment, shi nodded. "Okay."

"Good. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go take a shower. And you need to stop worrying about when your boobs are going to start growing. They'll start growing eventually...provided you keep taking these pills to keep your hormones balanced," she said pointing to the orange vial on the counter. "Just don't take any extra, since they won't_help_them grow."

"Okay, mom." Alex said, hir frown finally fading. After a moment, shi hugged Raenne. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, kiddo," Raenne said, hugging hir back. Then she stood up, ruffling Alex's headfur before turning around and stepping out.

"Wait!" Alex said, grabbing hir shirt and tugging it on.

Raenne paused at the doorframe, turning around and watching as Alex tugged hir babydoll tee back on.


"I wanted to talk to you...about...maybe...umm...doing karate stuff."

Raenne chuckled. "Okay kiddo. How about you follow me and I'll tell you the basics while I take a shower," she said. Alex quickly picked up hir crutches and followed.

"So, I practice Shotokan karate." Raenne said as she walked back towards the master bedroom. "It was formalized by Gichin Funakoshi in 1924, and is based on the two older martial arts: Shorei-ryu and Shorin-ryu, both of which were formed shortly after the Meiji restoration in 1868, when the samurai class was abolished. Before that, most samurai practiced kenjutsu and jujutsu; the art of the sword and the art of the unarmed."

Alex followed along behind on hir crutches as hir mom walked into the master bathroom. Raenne continued explaining even as she shucked her damp yoga shorts and sports bra, sliding open the glass door and turning the shower on.

"Shotokan Karate has five principles, known as the Dojo Kun. First, seek perfection of character. Second, be faithful and sincere in everything you do. Third, endeavor to do your best. Fourth, respect others. Fifth, and in my opinion most importantly, refrain from violent behavior."

With the water finally warming up, Raenne stepped into the shower and slid the door shut behind her. Alex, meanwhile had sat on the fluffy white toilet lid cover, idly watching as water streamed over hir mom's fur. The principles actually seemed pretty straightforward. Shi was following most of them already, though the first wasn't something shi had thought of before. "What's the first one mean? Perfection of character, that is."

Raenne paused in the middle of squirting shampoo into her paw, thinking. " many it's considered the ultimate goal of karate. The other four principles are just expressions of it. Be the best person you can be. Set goals about what you want to be in life, then meet those goals. Once you've met them, set more goals and accomplish them as well. Always improve yourself."

"You mean like...snowboarding goals?"

"I guess. You already know how to snowboard, so the next goal would be to try to learn how to do a 180, or 360...or eventually a 1080 with a double backflip," Raenne said as she began lathering her fur. "But it refers to all your goals in life. Learning karate might be one of them."

"So, why would the karate rules be about your whole life, not just about karate?"

"Because karate isn't_just_about learning how to defend yourself, kiddo. It's about being a better person, and learning to defend yourself is just one step on the way to becoming a better person."

Alex frowned, "Why didn't you start teaching me earlier?"

"Because you weren't ready, kiddo." Raenne said with a sigh. "You weren't interested, and you didn't need to know how to defend yourself. I didn't want to teach you something you weren't invested in and possibly make you dislike it. I teach dozens of cubs every day. They may know the motions, but they don't know_why_they do them. They may know the words of the dojo kun by heart, but it doesn't mean that they've taken them_to_heart. I'd much rather that you _want_to learn karate, and understand _why_you need to learn karate-"

"Which is why you were waiting for me to ask?" Alex interrupted.

"Yes. Which begs the question...Why are you asking?" Raenne said, turning to stare Alex in the eye through the clear glass door. "I think I know why, but I still need you to tell me. Not just so I know, but so_you_know too."

Pursing hir lips, Alex tried to explain. "I...well...I don't want anyone to pull my skirts or pants off, or push me around...or push Lizzy around. Ever. And...I don't want to be afraid of people doing that to me or Lizzy, either."

"So you want to be able to defend yourself, and to defend others who you think need protecting. Good. Very good," Raenne said, turning back to begin rinsing her fur off. "Starting Sunday evening, you're going to join your Dad and me for our evening workouts. You won't be able to do much with that cast on, but I'm sure we'll be able to think of something."

Alex was quiet, watching as hir mom continued rinsing her fur off. With her fur all slicked down, she was even prettier, if such a thing was possible. Shi couldn't_wait_until hir own boobs looked like that.

"We'll get you some workout clothes while we're at the store on Sunday as well as those capris you want, and I was thinking we can probably have you do some basic exercises and maybe cover some simple moves, like how to break a wrist hold. Once your leg's better, we'll start covering stances, blocks, and punches. Maybe kicks after that..."

By the time Raenne's voice trailed off, Alex had zoned out a bit, simply watching as hir mom rinsed the last of her fur out. She was_really_pretty. Hir eyes followed as Raenne stepped out of the shower and over to the fur dryer, realizing that shi'd been staring only as the door to the dryer unit closed. Alex blinked, then glanced down, realizing that shi'd gotten yet another erection, tenting hir skirt. Shi sighed, then covered hir ears as the dryer unit turned on with a roar.

A few moments later, the dryer unit turned off and Raenne stepped out, stepping over to the counter and picking up a broad brush, running it over her face and head. She stopped when she felt Alex poking her hip, glancing down. Shi had hir paw out, palm up. Raenne smiled, handing hir the brush, and knelt down on the rug in the middle of the bathroom.

Alex hummed to hirself as shi brushed hir mom's silky fur, making hir way down from her shoulders to her waist, being especially gentle with the fur on her front. "Okay, stand up."

Raenne stood, holding her arms out as Alex brushed the rest of her fur out all the way from her hips to her knees. She smiled to herself as Alex began combing out her tail, still humming...actually more like purring to hirself.

"You like brushing fur out?"

"Mmm-hmm," Alex said, nodding. "I brush Lizzy's fur too. It's relaxing."

"Me too. I brush your dad's fur out when he takes his evening shower."

"Can I brush his fur too?" shi asked, pulling a clump of fur out of the brush and dropping it in the waste basket next to the toilet.

Raenne laughed. "If you really want to, kiddo, I doubt he'd object. You'll have to ask him though; he's got some strange hangups over things. Especially if they involve being naked."

"Hmm...Do you think...maybe...Could I take a shower with him or with you? Your shower is big enough for all three of us. It's hard for me to get my back on my own, even with the long handled brush thingie."

Raenne frowned. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea. We'd probably take twice as long to take a shower; so that's definitely a no for morning showers. If you really want to take one with us in the evening, I don't mind. Actually, ours is probably big enough that we can all take a bath in it. Your dad and I use it as a hot tub sometimes since we don't have one down with the pool. Maybe once you get your cast off, we can do that," she said, walking over to the dresser and pulling out some sweats. "Let's go downstairs, watch a movie with your dad before bed."

"Okay," Alex said, grabbing hir crutches.


Alex yawned as the credits began rolling for Night at the Museum. "I still think we should have watched Star Wars."

David looked down at the cub under his arm with exasperation. "You've watched all six movies probably a dozen times by now. Don't you ever get bored of it?"


"Well, I can't say that it's a bad series, but I will say that I do get tired of watching it continuously. Would you be okay with watching Indiana Jones next week?"

"Umm...Sure. Or Lord of the Rings," Alex suggested. "We haven't watched either of those in a while."

"Done. And now, it's time for bed," he said standing up with a groan. After taking a few seconds to stretch, he reached down and picked Alex up by the waist, slinging hir over his shoulder.

"Eep! Lemme go!"

Raenne giggled as she watched Alex thump hir dad's back as the tall tiger took off, carrying hir down the hallway towards the stairs. "Nope. It's time for you to be getting ready for bed, kiddo," she heard David say as he walked off. Smiling, she picked up the crutches off the floor and followed them upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, David made a quick detour to drop Alex off in hir bathroom. "While you get ready for bed, I'm going to go take a quick shower.

"Oh! Is it okay if I brush your fur, dad?" Alex asked sliding off the countertop where he'd deposited hir.

David frowned, slightly taken aback. "Uhhh...I don't..."

"Hush, love. Just say yes," Raenne said from just behind him.

He blinked, glancing back at his wife. "Um...if you say so." He shrugged. "Just don't forget to brush your teeth, Alex."

Alex nodded, picking up the toothbrush as David stepped out.

"What was that about?" David whispered as they got back to their bedroom.

"Apparently shi likes to brush people's fur...enough that shi sounded like a diesel truck by the time shi was finished with mine," Raenne whispered back.

Raising an eyebrow, he looked back at his wife, clearly expecting an explanation.

"Well, shi asked about karate when I came up here to take a shower, so I explained a few things to hir. When I got out of the dryer, shi asked to brush my fur. Apparently shi brushes Lizzy's fur too." she said with a shrug.

"Oookay..." he said, blinking. Strange. Why someone would like to perform a chore like that, he didn't know.

"Just go with it, love. It does no harm and makes hir happy, so..."

A few minutes later, David was sitting on the edge of the bed with Alex behind him, purring contentedly as shi ran the wide brush down his back. He had to admit, the thought of it might have been awkward, but it did feel pretty good. Not quite enough to make him purr, though.

"Okay, back's done." shi said, crawling around behind him. Then shi tugged on his shoulder. "Here, lay down so I can get your front."

Feeling decidedly uncomfortable at being exposed in front of his daughter when shi was still fully clothed, he lay on his back. Almost as if she could sense his feelings, Raenne snickered from where she lay on the other side of the bed, watching. He turned and stuck the tip of his tongue out at her, and the snickers turned into muffled laughter.

Alex ignored both of them, running the brush across his broad, fluffy, white chest, still purring to hirself. After a few strokes shi pulled a clump of loose fur out of the brush, and started working hir way down his sides and belly.

David was desperately trying to think non-sexy thoughts as his daughter reached his hips, brushing the fur around his groin. Algebra, calculus, algorithms, data didn't work. By the time his daughter had made it past his thighs, half his dick was showing. Surprisingly, Alex wasn't paying any attention to it. Raenne certainly was though.

"Problems, love? Perhaps you like being brushed a little too much," she said, snickering once again.

He snorted and stuck his tongue out at her once again, then glanced down at Alex. Shi apparently must have taken notice, as he caught hir occasionally glancing at it while shi ran the brush down his legs.

"Here," Raenne said, pulling her sweatshirt and sweatpants off. "I'll take care of that while Alex finishes brushing you."

Raenne rolled over, kneeling next to him and taking hold of his almost fully exposed dick. Then she bent down and gave it a few tentative licks, careful not to scrape his tender flesh with her rough tongue.

David frowned, feeling like he'd taken a trip into the twilight zone. It wasn't often that Raenne decided to give him head, though he didn't quite know why. She didn't find the taste bad...or that's what she said anyway. Still, this was...weird. Perverted too. Despite having committed incest with his own daughter, it almost seemed even_more_perverted having sex while shi was watching, still clothed.

Alex continued to brush hir father's legs, glancing over at hir mom's head as it started bobbing up and down. Shi was starting to get a slight tingle between hir legs just watching them. After a few moments, shi had completely forgotten about the brush in hir hands, staring as hir mom began to slide her mouth down his length, further and further.

Raenne paused for a moment, pulling off his length and swinging one leg over his chest, laying her tail off to one side. "This," she said, looking up at Alex for a moment, "is what's called a sixty-nine. You can do it on your sides too," she said with a grin. It was obvious Alex was more engrossed in watching them than brushing anyone at this point.

Alex's mouth hung open slightly as shi watched hir mom swallow hir dad's dick once again, this time not even stopping until her nose was flush against his sheath. Shi didn't even think that was possible. Leaning to one side, shi stared in amazement. Shi could literally see the bulge of hir dad's dick going down mom's throat.

Raenne would have moaned to herself, but her throat was stuffed full. David must have pulled open the jar of coconut oil that was still sitting on the nightstand, cause he was certainly smearing something across her pussy. Then she felt a slender finger worm it's way into her tight passage. It definitely wasn't his thumb; that would have stung if it were the first thing to enter her.

Alex didn't even realize when shi started rubbing hirself, mesmerized as shi was by hir mom doing what shi would have thought was impossible. Shi couldn't get more than a few inches in hir own mouth, much less down hir throat. Shi idly wondered how she did it without gagging.

Meanwhile David was using his left thumb to rub his wife's clit while he slowly ran his right index finger in and out of her tight pussy, trying to find her g-spot. That was when he noticed Alex sitting next to them, rubbing one paw over hir panties, stroking hir 'flower', if he remembered right. He smiled to himself; kids said the funniest things sometimes. Then he blinked when he realized what was just above it. No wonder shi'd been found out at school if shi'd sported a boner like shi was right now. Apparently girl's panties were substantially less, er, protective than a boy's briefs were.

For once, Raenne wasn't practically choking on David's thick meat. She might not have a gag reflex anymore, not since she was fourteen, but bad memories still made it difficult. Maybe it was the fact that her daughter was there watching; for some reason she felt both more relaxed and more aware with Alex nearby. Relaxed enough that it didn't sting at all when David switched to using his thumb.

Alex gradually became aware that hir paw was growing damp and looked down, realizing what shi had been doing. Glancing up again for a second, shi decided that it was probably a better idea to take hir clothes off just in case, and undid the snaps over hir tail before rolling over and tugging hir skirt and panties off. Almost as an afterthought, the tee-shirt followed them onto the floor.

"Love, I'm getting close," David said, feeling his arousal steadily creep into the danger zone. It didn't help that he was watching as Alex stripped naked in front of him, and it_definitely_didn't help when shi sat back down with hir good leg underneath hir and began stroking hir slit with one finger while squeezing hir dick with the other. The fur between hir legs already slick with arousal, and even as he watched, moisture beaded on the tip of hir penis before rolling down onto hir paw.

Smiling to herself, Raenne began swallowing, knowing that it would probably be enough to get him off. The only question was, did she want it straight down her throat, or did she want to taste it?

David groaned as he felt her throat constrict around his length, practically milking him. It was almost enough to make him forget that he was supposed to be rubbing his wife's g-spot, which wasn't exactly easy with a thumb. After a few moments he gave up and switched back to his index finger, quickly finding that slightly rough patch of skin a few inches inside of her and stroking it while quickly rubbing his thumb in a circle over her clit.

Raenne swallowed again even as David switched fingers, and almost moaned. Or would have if her entire throat hadn't been stuffed full. He groaned yet again, trying to say something, and she smiled to herself, constricting her throat a third time. Then she felt his length pulse against her tongue and pulled back, not wanting to risk having it go down the wrong tube. Even before he was all the way out of her throat, his dick began shooting his hot, sticky cum, and she began swallowing as quickly as she could, trying to avoid the taste altogether.

"Mom, how'd you get him all the way down your throat?" Alex asked after hir dad's length stopped twitching.

Raenne swallowed one last time, knowing that the gummy residue would take a while to go away no matter how many times you swallowed, then pulled off. "Umm...lots of practice. You've gotta learn how to keep from gagging, and that's not easy."

Alex frowned, slightly disappointed.

"And who said you could stop back there?" Raenne asked, looking over one shoulder.

"Sorry, love. Got distracted." David said, going back to rubbing his wife's g-spot.

Raenne relaxed, leaning back into his tender ministrations. She'd been close, but when he stopped, it felt like everything he'd done had just...disappeared. It was frustrating...doubly so because Alex was sitting_right there_next to her with that beautiful, perfectly sized dick on display, and she didn't want to suggest anything. After last night, she'd realized that what she'd done came frighteningly close to abuse, and she was afraid that recommending, or worse, telling Alex what to do would cross that line.

" Do you think, maybe...could I join?"

"Of course, kiddo. Whatcha wanna do?"

" you think maybe...would you be okay with me licking you? I like licking Lizzy...and...well...maybe dad could lick me while I'm licking you..."

Raenne almost sighed with relief, and looked back at her husband. "Well?"

David pulled his paws back, looking up at Alex. "I'm down for that," he said with a smile.

"And...umm...I don't know if it's possible, but I was thinking earlier at it possible to mate with more than one the same time?" Alex asked hesitantly.

"Yes, kiddo," Raenne said, rolling off her husband. "It most definitely is. Three, four, even five people at once...if you're creative enough."

" does that work?"

David sighed rolled onto his side, looking at hir. "Alex, please don't take this the wrong way, but...that's kind of advanced. Especially for a cub like you."

Alex got a stubborn look on hir face, and David mentally facepalmed. Shi'd taken it the wrong way, just as he expected.

"Okay, okay... Sex with three people is called a threesome, and it's called an orgy if there's more than three people. But as far as threesome's go, there's a couple of ways to do it. Double-penetration is where one person, usually a female, is in between two other people, usually males, and being mated by both of them vaginally and anally. For example, if both you and I were mating with your mom. Another option, called a train, is where one person is being mated from behind, and that person mating them is also being mated from behind."

Alex had a puzzled expression on hir face, trying to imagine it, and failing. Raenne, looking up at hir, took pity. "Maybe it would be better if we just show you...but...Alex?" Raenne paused until Alex looked down at her. "Don't have sex with too many people. It's far too easy to catch sexually transmitted diseases, especially by having sex with a group of people. If any one of those people has something, the rest of the group can catch it, and then the people they have sex with can catch it. If you catch it, then you could give it to your dad and me as well. Your dad and I don't have anything. Neither do you or Lizzy, or her parents, presumably. But don't have sex with anyone else unless you're sure they don't have any STDs either. And please, please discuss it with your father and me before you do? Promise?"

Alex blinked. "Okay mom. I promise."

"Your mom's got a really good point. Also, there's one more reason for not having sex with multiple people: you can get a reputation for being a...well...being easy-to-get. It's not generally considered a good thing, and people will call you names like slut or whore. You should really only have sex with people you care very deeply about, like Lizzy."

"Or you two?" Alex asked innocently.

"'re really not supposed to have sex with someone you're related to..."

Alex rolled hir eyes. "We already covered this, remember?"

Raenne snickered as David lay there with his mouth open. "Er...right."

"So will you lick me already?"

This time David rolled his eyes. Alex had a one-track-mind at times. "Yes, love. Come lay up here near the pillows, so your mom can move over."

After Alex crawled up towards the pillows, Raenne rolled over to where she normally lay, albeit with her head at the foot of the bed. Feeling slightly self-conscious, she rolled onto her side and spread her legs.

Alex pushed hirself over, taking a few moments to inspect hir mom's flower. Just as shi had noticed earlier, it didn't look like hirs or Lizzy's; it was more a tiny hole with a little nub near the front. Shi leaned forward, sniffing. It didn't smell bad...mostly like coconut, with a slight spicy undertone. Shi stuck hir tongue out, leaning forward, when dad caught hir attention, tapping on hir leg.

"Lay on your side, love, and lift your leg a bit like your mom is."

Alex did so, watching as hir dad stuck his nose between hir legs, then shivered when shi felt his rough tongue against hir flower. "Daddy? Be careful, please? Your tongue's really rough."

David winced, remembering how he'd lost control last night. "Sorry, love. I'll be gentle."

As Alex felt his tongue rub over hir flower, shi relaxed. Much better than last night. Turning hir head around, shi stuck hir tongue out again, touching the tip against hir mom's sex.

Raenne smiled as she felt her daughter began exploring her pussy with a delicate tongue. She was surprised at how gentle shi was, especially considering how rough a tiger's tongue could be. Actually, it almost felt like the little girl had curled hir tongue in on itself so only the smooth underside was exposed.

That was exactly what Alex was doing, having learned the trick from hir many sessions with Lizzy. Shi wasn't paying too much attention though with all the stimulation that hir dad was giving hir, running his tongue deep inside hir flower while he gently rubbed hir clit with one finger. Alex's eyes went wide when shi felt the underside of his tongue press firmly against a spot a few inches inside hir, somewhere just behind hir pubic bone. Shi pulled hir face back. "What was that?"

Shi felt him do it again, just before he pulled his head back, asking "You mean that spot I pressed on?"


"That's your g-spot, love. I wasn't even sure you'd have one, being a herm. It's a spot a few inches inside on the front of your vagina. Your mom has one too. Just poke around a bit until she tells you when you've found it."

"Cool." Shi turned back around and stuck hir tongue back inside hir mom's flower, trying to find the spot that hir dad was once again licking deep within hir own.

After a few moments of searching, mom gasped. "Ooohhh, right there, kiddo. Perfect."

Alex took a bit of time exploring with hir tongue, memorizing that exact spot before moving on to other areas. Every few seconds, the girl would return to that slightly rougher patch and give it a lick, then go back to exploring deeper and deeper.

"My God, Alex. Just how long is that tongue of yours?" Raenne eventually asked. She was almost frightened by just how long it was. Hell, she'd had dicks inside her that weren't that long. Then she gasped as Alex pushed hir tongue another two inches inside of her, literally licking the deepest parts of her passage. The shock of it was enough to bring the woman to the edge of climax. She was almost shaking as her baby girl licked the inner recesses around her cervix, then felt the tip of that barbed tongue press against the opening to her womb itself...and she wailed and started shaking as her climax hit her like a freight truck.

Both Alex and David pulled back, watching with eyes wide as Raenne lay there, one hand pressed against her belly as her whole body shook, clamping her legs together seconds after Alex had withdrawn hir head from between them.

"Damn, kiddo. You definitely did something right," David commented. "Maybe you could teach me a thing or two."

Alex grinned down at him, pride written plain across hir face before shi looked back. Hir mom had rolled onto her back and was gasping for breath, mumbling incoherently as she twitched.

"Hmm. I think you deserve something special for that, love," David muttered half to himself, glancing down at Alex's hips. Hir cock was throbbing in front of him, and just as before, he had the strange feeling that if shi had been a guy he'd have been turned off by the sight of it. But shi wasn't a guy, not by a long shot. The taste of hir sweet and spicy pussy juice on his tongue was more than enough to convince him of that. Afterwards, he'd never remember exactly what possessed him to do it, but he found himself leaning over and giving hir maleness a gentle nuzzle, sniffing it, and giving hir a gentle lick.

Alex sucked in a breath as shi felt something warm, wet, and unexpected touch hir penis, and glanced down. Dad gave hir another soft lick, then glanced up at hir, questioningly. It definitely felt good, and shi gave him a shy smile, nodding. Shi watched, smile growing wider as he lifted it and wrapped his lips around the tip, sucking gently. Shi shivered at the delightful sensation.

Raenne, still recovering from the aftershocks of that mind-blowing orgasm, was stunned. She'd never have thought that her husband would ever have done something like that with his strict Catholic upbringing. It was even more amazing when he brought his other hand up to pleasure hir and began moving his head back and forth, taking Alex's length deeper and deeper into his mouth.

David himself was surprised as well, but for a totally different reason. Alex's taste wasn't bad. Actually, shi hardly tasted like anything; clean skin with a hint of spices. He'd half expected...well, actually, he didn't know what he expected. So he pursed his lips and tried sucking hir in deeper, and gently pushed a finger up to the first knuckle into hir tight pussy. Or flower, as shi called it, he thought to himself with a grin.

He quickly discovered that spit did not make for an adequate lube when fingering a nine-year-old cub, and pulled his finger out of hir, taking a moment to put a dollop of oil on his fingers, rubbing it around until it melted.

Both Raenne and Alex watched as he stroked his finger across hir female sex, then wiggled the tip in. Deciding that wasn't quite enough, he scooped another fingerful of the waxy substance out and gently pressed it into hir.


David blinked, pulling his muzzle back and looking up at his baby girl's beautiful face. That shy smile tugged at his heart.

"Umm...could you...I mean... Can we mate now? Please?"

"Of course, love. Just you and me?" He asked, realizing just then how stiff of an erection he had. He'd been so focused on pleasing hir that he hadn't even realized when it had come back.

"Could...could we try one of those threesome things you mentioned?" Shi asked, looking questioningly over at hir mom. Both mom and dad smiled reassuringly.

"If that's what you want, then sure, kiddo," Raenne said. "What did you want to try? Do you want yourself, me, or your dad in the middle?" She asked, throwing a wicked grin at David as she mentioned the last option.

"Umm...could I be in the middle? Is that okay?"

"Of course it is, love," David said, patting hir thigh. To be brutally honest, the thought of fucking their little girl while shi fucked hir mom had him hard as steel, and little trails of pre were dripping down his dick.

"Here," he said, pulling out one last scoop of coconut oil from the jar on the nightstand, "Hold on a sec."

David smeared the waxy substance across his palm, watching it liquify, then reached down and wrapped his paw around hir dick, pumping it a few times. "There you go, love. All set." Then he repeated the process on himself, just for good measure.

Raenne, meanwhile had sat up on the bed and then rolled over so her head was back on the pillows. " you want to do this on our sides? Or with one of us on the bottom?"

Alex looked puzzled. "Which one is better?"

"Well, it might be easier with your dad on the bottom the first time. Then if you like it, we can try it with me on the bottom the next time, or on our sides."

"Um...okay," shi said, biting hir lip. "Actually, can we do it on our sides? Please?"

David smiled. "Okay, love," he agreed, taking hold of hir hips and tugging hir down toward the middle of the bed. "Why don't you start with mating your mom. Once you're set, I'll mate with you."

"Oh...okay. Is that okay, mommy?"

"Yes, love," Raenne said with a smile as she pushed herself closer to Alex. "Here," she said, spreading her legs when her hips were next to Alex's, laying on her side. Then she wormed one paw under Alex and pulled hir into position with both hands on Alex's butt.

Gingerly taking hold of hir mom's slender hips, Alex moved hirself closer, until shi felt the tip of hir penis touch the fur between her legs.

"Hold on, love," she said, reaching down between them with her uppermost paw. She gently took hold of Alex's slick shaft, moving it back a bit until it lined up with her opening. "Okay. There you go."

Alex pushed hir hips forwards, feeling hir mom's wet warmth envelop the tip of hir boy parts. Shi was almost achingly aroused at this point, and the sensation was almost a relief of sorts. Once shi was sure shi was in the right spot, shi pressed firmly, sliding slowly, but surely into hir mom's flower. About halfway in, shi stopped as it got a bit too tight. Shi pulled back again slowly rocking hir hips, gaining a few millimeters with every push.

Raenne smiled as she felt her baby girl make hir way back inside her passage. It felt just as wonderful as it had last night; just the perfect size. Not too big, and definitely not too small, especially for someone with her...heritage trait. She felt a surge of guilt as she realized just how much better it felt than her own husband's monstrously huge dick...well...monstrously huge for a feline, anyway. She moved her other paw back around, both paws on Alex's tight butt, helping hir get that last inch inside. She sighed as she felt Alex bottom out, hir sheath flush against the opening of her pussy.

"Mmm, you feel really good, mommy," Alex said, wrapping hir arm around hir mom's chest, nuzzling her wonderfully perky boobs.

"You do too, love," Raenne whispered back. She was rather surprised at just how intimate it was, mating like this. Last night had felt just as wonderful: in that brief moment between waking and sleeping just after they'd finished, she'd felt closer to Alex than she had since she'd held hir the very first time. Alex was right: sex_was_a better way to express your love for one another. "All set, love?" she whispered,

"Mmm, hmm. Daddy?"

"Okay, love. Give me a second," he said, rolling over and giving hir a kiss before scooting back behind hir. He smiled at the sight of Alex's tiny butt cupped so perfectly by hir mom's paws. The tip of his length grazed them as he moved into position, trailing pre across the back of her hands. Almost as if she'd read his mind, she pulled Alex's ass up, giving him the extra inch or so he needed. He gripped his shaft and slid it under Alex's tail, then pushed it forward until he felt the slick lips of his baby girl's pussy part around his pointed glans.

Almost effortlessly, the tip slid the first half inch into hir, aided by the generous portion of lube he'd applied moments earlier. It wasn't friction that stopped him, was the fact that shi was so damn tight. He groaned as the end of his dick was squeezed painfully tight. "God, Alex. So tight. Relax, baby girl. It'll feel way better."

Alex whimpered slightly. He was right though; shi'd tensed up when shi felt his tip enter hir flower, almost subconsciously trying to keep him from going too deep too fast. Shi had to force hirself to relax, feeling hir flower stretch wide around hir dad's penis. It only went in another inch or so before stopping. It didn't sting quite as much as it had last night though...just a slightly uncomfortable stretch.

"Hold hir up until shi's ready, will you, love?" he asked, glancing up at Raenne, who nodded. David simply held himself steady, trying not to apply any more pressure than he already was. Knowing that he was stuffed in his nine-year-old daughter's pussy was intense.

Alex gasped as shi felt his penis throb, stretching hir even further. It was almost enough to distract hir from the wet warmth of hir mom's flower. Every slight motion made hir tingle. Eventually the stretching feeling faded, and shi took a deep breath, relaxing a little more. Daddy didn't seem to be pushing anymore. Just...there. And very, very large. Shi felt him twitch again, and almost bit hir lip as the stretchy feeling came back.

Raenne had been holding Alex against her for probably a minute, delighting in the subtle sensations of her daughter's every movement, when Alex finally looked up again at her. "Ready for a bit more, love?"

Alex gave a curt nod, almost a slight jerk of hir head even as shi tried hir best to relax. Relaxing definitely worked, both to stop the pain and help with the stretchy feeling. Mom loosened her grip on hir butt, and shi felt hir dad's penis press a bit further into hir. Not much though. Shi took another breath, and tried to go limp.

David felt the tightness ease noticeably as Alex finally took his advice. He rubbed hir arm, saying "There you go. Just stay relaxed like that, love. It'll feel_much_better, I promise."

"Okay, daddy. It doesn't hurt anymore."

David felt his heart wrench. "God. Sex isn't supposed to hurt, love. Do you want to-"

"No! I'm fine, dad. It just took a bit to get used to, that's all. It's totally worth it. Promise. And I'm ready now," shi said, concentrating on staying totally relaxed.

David nodded, slowly pushing further into his baby girl. Surprisingly, he didn't really have to move back and forth; just apply a steady pressure and wait as hir insides slowly stretched around his length. At least he knew he'd used enough lube.

Alex had almost forgotten the fact that hir penis was still inside hir mom with the intense sensation of having hir father pushing into hir flower. He was gradually filling hir up, just slowly enough to let hir adjust without the stretchy feeling becoming painful. Another long minute passed in silence before shi felt his pointy tip press against the end of hir flower, somewhere a few inches below hir belly button. "Stop."

"I am, love. I felt it too." David's dick throbbed, probably spilling pre like a leaky faucet, for all he knew. Last night he'd been totally out of it, dazed at the fact that he was actually committing incest. The sex had been great, sure, but it felt like he'd been dreaming. Now, felt like the fog had cleared, and the thought that he was literally fucking a nine-year-old, and his own daughter at that, had him so horny it was a wonder he hadn't blown his load already. He gave a few tentative pumps, pulling back no more than a half inch before pushing back in until his tip pressed against hir cervix. Just that was enough to bring him practically to the edge of climax.

He held still, hoping that he wouldn't go off prematurely. Then some perverted part of his brain decided to remind him at that point that he wasn't wearing a condom, and the thought of blowing his load against hir cervix, pumping his baby girl full of cubs flashed through his mind. That by itself was enough to tip him over the edge. Almost subconsciously he pressed himself deeper into his baby girl as his dick began leaking thick, viscous cum for a moment before his orgasm started up.

Alex gasped in pleasure as shi felt hir father's penis twitch and swell within hir, then he pressed firmly, almost uncomfortably so, against the deepest part of hir vagina. Shi moaned as shi felt a rush of liquid heat spill within hir, and hir eyes went wide as shi felt that wet warmth squirt hard against hir insides, pooling within hir belly. Then his hips jerked slightly, pressing even harder, and the next squirt filled hir up and began leaking back along hir father's length, filling hir with a strange sensation of did the next several squirts, spilling out of hir flower and dripping onto the fur of hir leg.

Raenne smirked. The look on David's face was unmistakeable. Though the fact that he'd blown his load so quickly after she'd sucked him off was...unusual. She blinked, wondering if it was because of his...cub issue. Still, she couldn't resist teasing him. "A bit premature, love?" She asked as his face began to relax.

David blinked, coming back to reality. "Oh, shoot. Damn, I'm sorry, love." He said, rubbing Alex's arm.

Alex was still recovering, hirself. The warm semen deep within hir actually felt...good. For a moment shi wondered if that was what Lizzy felt when she mated with her father Terry, and felt slightly sad that shi couldn't help Lizzy feel the same way hirself. Then shi realized what dad had said. "Umm, it's okay dad. Could you...umm...just stay in me for a bit though? It feels good."

"Sure, love," he said with a small smile.

"Well, since your dad's out of commission, think you might spend a bit of time with me then?" Raenne asked, giving Alex's cute butt a squeeze.

Alex nodded, still slightly distracted by the feeling of hir dad inside hir, and began thrusting in and out of hir mom's flower. The sensation was incredible; every time shi pushed forward, shi felt hir dad's length pull out slightly, and when shi pulled back it went back in. It didn't feel like he was getting much softer though.

Between the thought of Alex and Raenne both bearing his cubs...and feeling his daughter from the inside as shi rocked back and forth, fucking hir mom...there was no way he was going soft at all. It didn't matter that his dick was overly sensitive from having just cum; he just grit his teeth and waited for it to pass.

On the other side of the bed, Raenne was biting back moans as Alex continued to push in and out, gradually using longer and longer strokes. Without the almost painful feeling of fullness that came from her husband's overly large dick, she was able to concentrate on the more subtle sensations, like the tiny bumps on the glans of Alex's dick as they rubbed against her vaginal walls, the tickle of the fur of hir sheath every time shi bottomed out.

Alex hirself was almost as overstimulated as hir dad. Pushing in left hir feeling empty, and pulling back out left hir feeling overly full. Moving either direction set the nerves in both hir sexes afire, sending sparks that went ricocheting all throughout hir groin. Like a feedback loop of pure pleasure that kept hir from moving too quickly, lest it overwhelm hir.

It wasn't more than a minute before David's libido had returned in full force, just from the utter pervertedness of the act they were performing. Alex was moving a bit too slow for his tastes, but it was still erotic as hell. Every time shi pulled back and he felt his tip hit the end of hir excruciatingly tight channel, shi stopped for a moment, and every time he felt his dick throb at being so deep inside a cub as young as shi was. It was almost unbelievable that he was actually doing this, much less that shi could take as much of his length as shi could; almost the same as his wife.

"Alex?" he whispered, rubbing hir arms.

"Hmm? Yes, daddy?" shi asked, concentrating on keeping hir rhythm and not going too fast.

"Want me to take over?"

Alex blinked. It took hir a moment to understand what he was saying, given how overwhelmed shi was by the sensations of mating and being mated at the same time. Shi tilted hir head back. " I...I'm fine."

"Okay, love," he said with a slight smile. Then he kissed the tip of hir nose and grabbed a pair of pillows, one for hir and one for himself, tucking them under their heads. Raenne already had her own, so he settled for giving her a kiss as well.

Another minute passed as Alex slowly pumped hir hips forwards and backwards, trying not to let hirself get overwhelmed by the powerful sensations. Mom's moans became more frequent with every passing second.

Raenne was practically in seventh heaven; it was almost sinful how good it felt to be mated by someone who she loved as much as Alex...and who fit her so well. The strange combination of tender love and fierce lust that were at the forefront of her emotions right now was more powerful than anything she'd experienced before. She wanted to wrap Alex in her arms and hold hir tight, and at the same time wanted to mate with hir until they both fell unconscious from exertion. "Mmm...keep going, love. You're doing wonderfully; I'm starting to get close," she said, moving one paw between her legs to rub at her tiny clit even as Alex continued thrust.

" I...I think...I'm getting close...too," Alex said between pants. Shi'd been mating with them for a couple of minutes now, and was starting to get a bit tired.

David was paying hardly any attention to them at this point, rapidly approaching his third orgasm and enjoying the heady emotional high of mating with a cub as young as shi was. He'd been harboring a secret lust for hir best friend Lizzy for the past two years; ever since she had started visiting them during the summer. Despite that, until two weeks ago the thought of mating with his own daughter would never have crossed his mind. Now, the thought of mating with the little stoat didn't hold a candle to what he was experiencing this very moment with his daughter.

Not only had he come to see Alex as shi truly was, he'd come to accept it as well. The loving sex they'd had yesterday had eased his internal conflict over pedophilia as well, though he still worried he might accidentally hurt hir. That was the reason he was hardly moving at all right now, simply letting Alex ride his dick while shi mated with hir mother. It felt like shi was probably getting close as well...hir tight little cunny was beginning to spasm around him.

"M-mom? I...I..." Alex gasped out.

"Me too, love," Raenne said, rubbing her tiny feline clit faster. "Go for it. Fill me up."

Alex finally hit the tipping point, feeling almost every muscle in hir lower body tense all at once. For a split second shi hung in the balance, waiting...and then everything started to spasm as both hir sexes went off at once. Thin, watery semen squirted hard from hir maleness, pressed as deep as shi could go into hir mother's flower. Over and over with each twitch of hir entire lower body, shi bathed the entrance to Raenne's womb, the very one shi'd been born from over nine years earlier.

That initial squirt was enough to set Raenne off as well, triggering her own orgasm, making her shiver and moan. She wrapped her arm around Alex's back pulling hir close as she once again was overcome by that bizarre combination of love and lust. Her own sex squeezed down on Alex's member, trying to milk it of every last drop shi could produce.

David was relishing, savoring the feel of his daughter's orgasm. Hir pussy was rhythmically clenching around his length over and over, painfully tightly. He'd been close before, and every time shi tensed it brought him closer and closer to his own release. For a second he thought it would be enough to get him off as well, but the spasms began to fade leaving him agonizingly close to his own release, but not quite there. He couldn't help it; he had to thrust.

"Alex, I'm sorry, baby," he said as he drew back almost to the tip and gave several quick, sharp thrusts. His tip grazed the very end of hir vagina with each one. With the sixth one, he felt himself finally reach the peak and tip over, his balls tightening once again. Once again, his subconscious took over and he instinctively pressed hard into his baby girl as his dick began to dance within hir tight little pussy.

Alex whimpered as shi felt dad press deep within hir. If shi hadn't been pumped so full of endorphins from hir dual climax, it might have been painful. As it was, it was just one more intense feeling amidst the utter chaos of sensory input overwhelming every part of hir body. Just as hir orgasm started to fade, shi felt warm wet semen spray inside hir again and again, almost instantly filling hir up before flowing out of hir flower and running down the fur of hir legs. The feeling left hir warm all over, and once again left thinking wistfully of sharing that feeling with Lizzy.

Raenne was thoroughly enjoying the feel of Alex's sticky deposit. She could feel it running down the inside of her vagina, eventually spilling out around the edges and dripping onto the bed cover beneath them. She sighed, making a mental note to clean them in the morning. "Mmm...that was wonderful. Thank you, love," she said, kissing the top of Alex's head.

"You're welcome, mommy. I love you," shi said softly, tilting hir head to look at both of them. "You too, da...ddy," shi added, interrupted by a yawn on the last word.

Both mom and and dad smiled, and dad reached over, pulling all three of them closer as they all basked in the afterglow of their unorthodox family bonding session. Alex closed hir eyes and relaxed against the pillow under hir head as shi was hugged tight by both hir parents. Mating with mom and dad was wonderful. Knowing that shi was bringing them the same pleasure that Lizzy gave hir was the best thing in the whole world. It was almost enough to forget everything that had happened to hir at school that day. With a contented smile on hir face and a purr in hir throat, Alex slipped into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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