Taboo Fantasies Abound! M Human X M Darkrai

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#12 of Taboo Fantasies Abound

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The smut-

Okay, who writes this script!?..

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The Real Reason-A Darkrai has had a past trainer that attempted to capture him on his mind for years now. When he sees the boy-now a teenager-once again, will he let his pride do the talking? Or will his heart become as pure as light just this once?

To The Constitutionalist: I agree completely. It WOULD be interesting.

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"Hi."-Human/Pokemon Speech

_ 'Hi.' -Human/Pokemon Thoughts _

_ Hi -Flashback _


"The Darkest Purification"-M Human X M Darkrai(Voyeurism, Masturbation, Disembodied Fingering, Oral, Anal, Bondage, Spanking, Kissing Involved!)

'Great...Just great...'

Darkrai was floating in the shadows of his haunted home when he saw...'him' the forest around the manor. The Pitch-Black Pokemon recognized him from that bowl of smoke-like hair, black shirt and pants, sapphire contacts('Probably contacts...' Darkrai thought) and a weird scarf he had on his neck. Probably some form of fanboyism, thought Darkrai, as he turned back into his dark room.

Inside the manor was all-black; the effects of being the remnants of a gruesome fire that started from literally nothing. And that's the way Darkrai liked it. It was deathly silent, save for the occasional breeze through the boarded-up windows. Humming to himself, the shadow floated down through the hole in the room, appearing in the boiler room.

The staircase was next to useless considering how the fire that ravaged the place targeted there more often, so imagine when a lone dust mite made the wood creak. Darkrai went into the kitchen, shooing away some stray Spinarak and floating to the broken window. It had many a hole in the panes, but it helped him view the human he loathed so.

It's actually been a while since he last saw this human...Met him a few years ago...

"I remember that day like it was yesterday..."

"Darkrai, I challenge you to a battle!" said a boy of 12, pointed accusatively at the shadow Pokemon as he floated in a tree's shadow for rest.

"Do you really think you can win, little brat?" Darkrai spat back disgusted. His tone threw the trainer off, almost scaring him. But the boy simply wiped his nose smugly and stared the shadow down.

"I DON'T THINK! I KNOW I WILL!" It sounded like common gibberish in Darkrai's ears, even as the boy called out an energetic Pachurisu who jumped around in excitement for the battle. The little electric rat was gone with a simple compact-sized Nightmare-as was the fate of the rest of his Pokemon.

Even though the boy was losing horribly, he still kept that smile...

All he was doing was looking around at the overgrown trees and bushes as Darkrai came back from Memory Lane to see if he broke in, taking notes on the horribly-kept garden in the back of the manor like some guinea pig for a Professor. Shaking his head, Darkrai resumed watching him...

As the last Pokemon this human possessed hit Darkrai with a lucky Karate Chop, the Nightmare Pokemon glared vehement daggers at both it and the trainer. The Pokemon he was facing was a real nuisance, even having the audacity to have the ability Vital Spirit. His bruises were really taxing on his vitality and he felt there was only a matter of time before one more hit makes him vulnerable...

'No...Fuck that...'

As the trainer called another Karate Chop for the finisher, Darkrai charged a Dark Pulse, not caring how much power he put into it. He was gonna it on his terms and his terms only. The imbuement of dark energy from his thoughts grew alarmingly, being noted by the trainer and the charging Pokemon in front of him. When it was the size of a beach ball.

Instead of shirking away in fear like Darkrai expected, both trainer and Pokemon kept at it.

"Hit him with all you got Paul!" the trainer called, 'Paul' charging faster with his beige-colored paw ready to hit Darkrai. The Pitch-Black Pokemon growled in determination, a sound not lost to his opponent.

"Take THIS, you filthy monkey!" At the same time, both attacks collided with each other, causing an explosion that shrouded the whole area in smoke. The trainer coughed loudly to keep the acrid stench out his mouth. It subsided some time later, revealing the end result of the one-sided battle.

Against the tree, panting as the last of his energy was gone with the wind was Darkrai, heavily bruised but still up. Paul was on the ground, smoke rising from his body as he didn't move. The human ran up to the monkey, thanking it for being strong and whatnot and recalling it back into those contraptions...

Darkrai watched as the human began to take a break, eye never leaving the trainer invading his territory. His attention never wavered as he started to make him some dinner for himself and his Pokemon-no doubt in his bag. As he bent over to grab the cooking material, his firm ass pushed against those tight-looking jeans...

'Wait, what?'

Darkrai did not know where that came from, considering he doesn't even like guys. Shaking his head to clear those thoughts, he turned away from the trainer and headed back to his room to think. But as he sat down on the burnt-to-a-crisp mattress, those thoughts didn't leave; in fact, they persisted and even more thoughts of that trainer in other... suggestive positions began to surface.

"Damn brain..." Darkrai deadpanned as the image of the trainer in the bent-over position with the absence of clothes began its run through his head as he laid down to take a nap. Growling to himself, he began lashing out at these thoughts, giving them a moment's glance before forcefully ridding them from his mind. But one of them stood out...

It was him and the human...kissing...

Darkrai had to kick it up a notch as he struggled to get rid of this thought. He was so enraptured, he didn't realize that the trainer was finishing up the dinner he planned on making. When the thought finally gave up, the Pitch-Black Pokemon began to relax onto the bed. He sighed in relief to rid of those-

'Hmmm...Wha-? How long was I out for?' He musta been lost in thought for a while longer than he imagined.

So lost in thought, he hadn't realized that not only had the sun started setting, but his member was tenting under his "skirt". Hearing some shuffling outside, Darkrai looked up to see the trainer heading inside his manor, rain clouds above in the night sky.

'Dammit! I better put him to sleep quickly...' Ignoring the throb in his "skirt", Darkrai got off the bed and floated out the door, making sure to keep in the shadows. He watched the human look around curiously in the foyer. Probably looking for somewhere with no hole in the ceiling, Darkrai thought, as even while inside the human was still getting wet from the rain. He chuckled as a sudden rush of rainwater dumped all over the human, drenching his clothing.

Just as suddenly, the human looked up to where Darkrai was, making him dash out of sight. Not like he could-being one with the shadows helped. But the action left Darkrai's heart pumping like a drum solo. That was a close one, although Darkrai couldn't help be feel a little...giddy..

Not sure why he was having such feelings, he retreated back to his room, certain that the trainer will find his way. In there once again, he laid down on the bed, looking down in thought. But this led to the discovery of his boner, which had not at all went down. Groaning, he made sure the door was closed and locked before lifting up the bottom cloth of his body.

Underneath the "skirt" was a folded pair of stilt-like legs that ended at a point, nearly invisible from the lighting. And in-between those was a rock-hard 8" member-the biggest endowment to date between Darkrai-and a pair of pent-up testicles the size of human fists. In the cool room temperature, his ebony member twitched with his heartbeats. He wrapped a hand around it to get started, already gasping from the contact.

He laid back on the bed to relax his body as he masturbated; it's best not to be so tense when you jizz. His legs spread out over the sheets and a hand cupping his balls, he fantasied about a few situations to get him riled up. Cresselia came to mind, her luscious body all over him as she lowered herself onto his member. His hand went faster as she began bouncing on him, making incoherent moans that he couldn't understand.

His climax was drawing near, as evident by his body tensing in certain places. She sped up, going in a blur. Just as his member started throbbing like mad, her moaning took a more...masculine tone. Looking into it, Cresselia was gone. In her place... was the trainer, bobbing up and down his member with his mouth wrapped firmly around his cock. The scene, despite is partner's gender, was just too much for him. Darkrai came right then and there, shooting his cum down the trainer's throat.

Panting, he rubbed the sweat that accumulated on his forehead away with both his hands...Wait...Wasn't he just jerking off? There's no cum on his hands. Opening his eye, he looked down to his member...And made eye contact with...

The trainer, mouth still wrapped around his cock.

"AHHH!" Darkrai panicked, yanking his head off and backing away from him. A drop of cum flicked off and hit the human in the face, nearly getting in his eye. "What are you doing here!?"

The trainer stood up near the bed and looked away in nervousness, blushing before he replied, "I...was just help...?"

Darkrai felt even more violated-and a tad bit curious-as he heard this. "I don't need your help!"

"Oh I BEG to differ..." Out of nowhere, there was a light in the room, hurting Darkrai's eye before he closed it. When it was over, he looked to see-

"Okay, why the hell are you here Cresselia?" The Lunar Pokemon in question was floating next to the trainer who had just got done sucking him off.

"I can be wherever I want to, Darky."

"Don't call me that if you know what's good for ya."

"Oh haha, you're rich. Anyway, my trainer here-."

"You let that brat CATCH you!? Have you no pride!? We Legends don't get captured!" That had explained why he hadn't seen her around the Hall whenever he went for meetings. Arceus just hadn't told anyone. Damn bitch.

"I came with him on my own word. When we met, he said that he wanted to meet my counterpart and wanted some "help". So I agreed in exchange for a favor, which you interrupted." That last bit was not lost on Darkrai.

"Say what now? You mean he was doing...that...because you wanted him too!? As a FAVOR!?"

"Whoa now, calm your tits!"

"I will NOT be calm! I don't swing like that and you know it!"

"But he does!" Now Cresselia was getting fed up with his attitude. It was only a matter of time before she snapped and just started spamming MoonBlast on him til he's dust. Course he'll just be resurrected, but the thrill will not be lost. "The boy clearly likes you! You're just too much of an idiot to realize!"

"So he shows that he likes me by sucking my cock while I'm jerking off!? How does that not spell "creep" in your eyes!?

"Because I told him to do it! He was just gonna ignore the fact that you were up here doing that and find somewhere else to sleep, but no. He wanted to see you again so he could confess. And-."

"So that was his confession? Sucking off a STRAIGHT guy?"

"Don't pretend you didn't enjoy it~..."

"I did not enjoy it and I never will."

"Oh I saw those little fantasies you just had. No need to lie."

"That was no lie. I didn't enjoy it and never will. Period, point, blank."

"Wanna bet?" There it was, the one thing that catches all Dark-types by the neck. Being involved in a bet was one of the few things that got Darkrai's interest. Trying not to sound affected, he replied,

"Bet what exactly?"

"If you let Tom here show how much he loves you and you enjoy it, you two HAVE to get together?"

Oh God, Darkrai thought, that'll happen when I'm on my deathbed. Finding that part of the bet too much of a contradiction to his lifestyle, he put in his two cents. "And if I don't like it when he's done, he leaves and never come back to bother me, releases you and you're my sex slave until Arceus casts her Judgment against it."

Cresselia shuddered when he said that. She's seen his fantasies with her...He's a real freak in the head.

"So...?" he asked, hand extended to seal the deal. He could practically feel her pussy wrapped around his cock as it will in the future. Cresselia thought to herself for a moment...before shaking his hand with one of her wings, being careful not to cut him. With that settled, Cresselia turned to the human, whose name was Tom according to her.

"Now Tom, I want you to try your absolute best in showing Darky here-."

"Never. Call. Me. That."

As I was saying-" she pretending like he hadn't said anything, "-just show him how much you love him and make sure to do whatever you can. He's stubborn." Cresselia nudged the teen towards the Pitch-Black Pokemon, making him stumble onto the bed. Glancing nervously ahead, Tom crawled towards the scowling Darkrai he loved so much, gulping almost audibly.

"Well?" Darkrai demanded, wanting to get this over and done with so he could have at it with Cresselia for all these years of waiting.

"So h-how do you wanna d-do this...?" Tom responded, blushing even more. That fact made Darkrai grin-in his head- and chuckle.

"Since you obviously want me so bad, I'm going to let you lube me up for you." The Pitch-Black Pokemon gestured to his member, which had not gone down the whole time they had been arguing. Tom looked a bit apprehensive at the sheer size of it, but he didn't really get much of a chance as Darkrai grabbed his head and brought him face-to-face with it.

As he was shoved into his balls, Tom could smell the musk that Darkrai exuded. It was mostly natural, with a hint of the saltiness cum pertained...It was like snorting a drug; the more you sell it, the more addicted you get to it. So when Tom started to rub his face all over the sack, Darkrai knew he was gonna comply with his demands.

"Having fun~?" the Pitch-Black Pokemon asked.

"Mmmm~..." was the response he got from the human. Deeming him nice and compliant, he yanked Tom up by his hair so he could see more than just black.

"Open your mouth." Almost instantly, Tom's dental orifice was wide open, tongue lolled out in front like a red carpet unveiling. None too gentle, Darkrai shoved the human onto his cock, going about halfway before he hit the back of the throat. He groaned, not expecting him to take this much on the first try.

"Enjoying yourself over there~?" Cresselia had not left. She was floating contently nearby, watching with keen eyes. Despite the scene-and the obvious stakes in the air-it still aroused her to see Darkrai like this. Even as he began forcing Tom's poor head up and down, she couldn't help but bit her lower lip.

Tom's eyes released burning tears that matched the pain in his mouth and throat. But amidst the pain, there was a budding pleasure that steadily grew the more he tasted Darkrai's girth. With time, his throat started to loosen for easier penetration, not going unnoticed by the wielder of the cock in his mouth.

Darkrai was busy showing this human who was boss, but at the same time was fighting the urge to be more careful. It's in his nature to be this rough, but why would he want to go gently? He didn't care about the state of this human as he used his mouth like a toy long overdue for repair. Feeling himself throb in his throat, he sped up his "guidance" on Tom's head. Darkrai knew this treatment would make him sore for a while, but he didn't care as his cock throbbed a little too hard and he was shooting cum into Tom's stomach.

To Tom, it was somewhat soothing on his throat muscles after having them thoroughly exercised. As the thick liquid coated his esophagus and settled in his stomach, he could detect the taste of dark chocolate with the salt semen. He pulled back-with a hefty struggle since Darkrai's grip was like a claw-grabbing crane- to the tip and let the rest hit his tongue. When the orgasm died down, he began to swallow it all like a dehydrated nomad in a desert.

"Wasn't that enjoyable?" Cresselia asked, eyes still challenging, but now with a hint of lust. Darkrai scoffed in reply and yanked Tom off his cock again, making a drop on his cock to once again flick onto his face. Beyond this point, anyone could care less about a messy face.

"Alright Tom. How about you do me a favor and just show me your ass?" Coughing up a bit and almost tasting copper, Tom shakily turned around, hands and knees pressing into the mattress as he presented himself to Darkrai. His ass, not being constricted by jeans, almost looked bubbly yet held a firmness that kept Darkrai's eyes on them.

"Do squats much?" the Pitch-Black Pokemon asked, sitting up only to kneel behind the unsuspecting Tom. He grabbed his cheeks roughly, kneading them more like a cat burglar than an expert chef.

"U-uh...Y-yeah...?" Being a trainer, you kinda had to exercise your body for your environments. Tom always stayed fit for someone of his age, even going as far as training alongside his Pokemon. Right now, the only thing relevant about his exercise was his ass being squeezed and that anal passage being breathed on.

'I don't exactly have a mouth so...' Indeed, there has been no recorded Darkrai to date with a visible mouth. The closest thing being recorded of interest about them was the void of darkness that covers as the right eye. But that part of his anatomy wasn't important to Darkrai. He reached by the burnt lampstand, going in the desolate drawer and bringing out a bottle of lube.

"I thought you... were just gonna get it over... and done with..." Cresselia was steadily losing it. She had a little kink with seeing two guys go at it; even going as far as saving whatever session she watches in little dream bubbles for her own fantasies.

"Quiet. I'm sure if I break him, you'll have my ass on a silver platter and the llama upstairs will have on a gold one." Darkrai squeezed a sufficient amount of the lubricant onto his hand, making sure his fingers were well soaked before simply inserting two into Tom's ass. This had caused some notable discomfort in the human, considering it was his first time even having something go up his ass. Darkrai settled his fingers in as deep as they could go, scissoring about to help stretch him for the real fun.

"M-mmmph~..." Despite it though, Tom couldn't help but moan at his ministrations, cock getting hard under him. He arched his back towards the bed when Darkrai brushed against a certain spot in there. "W-what... was that...~?"

Darkrai couldn't help but feel a bit more in control of this when he heard how submissive Tom's voice was. He was really good with those fingers of his. "That human...was what I would like to call the Slut Button... You're gonna learn why in a few..."

That sounded foreboding in Cresselia's ears, but she didn't catch Tom's shiver of lust as Darkrai resumed fingering him. The Lunar Pokémon's face was highly flustered and was literally a mix of a shade of tan and a shade of red. The only way this would be better was if she had-.

"MMMMPH~!" She had suddenly felt a pressure against her labia, almost making her blow onto the floor. Looking down, she saw a shadowy tendril digging into her mound. "D-d-dammit Darkrai~..."

"Oh you better not have thought you were just gonna sit there and watch. I prefer having my sex slaves nice and needy before I give them my fat cock~."

"O-only in your dreams..." He chuckled heartily at that, just as he wrapped one of his claw-like hands to his cock and lined it up with Tom's winking pucker.

"A dream, I'm going to make a reality, sweetheart~..." With that, Darkrai thrust inside Tom's anal depths. He may not be as well-endowed as Mewtwo or Deoxys, but unlike them he could fit all but one inch inside of Tom. And he was content there-

By the Gods was he tight.

It was like being massaged by the best masseuse in the universe. The way his sphincters muscles reacted to the intruding penetration was practically welcomed as they "fought to get rid of the intruder". They rolled all over him, even hitting some sweet spots he never knew he had. Darkrai hoped he didn't look too into it from Cress's perspective, but he made sure she was busy with those "helpers".

"P-please~..." The sudden, moaning plea from Tom caught the blissful Pitch-Black Pokémon's attention. Darkrai looked down only to make eye contact with Tom, whose face was contorted with desperate lust and impatience.

"W-what do you...want...?"

"I...[Murmur]..." Darkrai didn't catch that last bit; it was too quiet.

"Guess you don't want anything..." He began to pull out in response, trying to maybe crawl over to Cress and bang her like he always dreamed of. But right as he was almost out, Tom clenched down on the tip of his cock, nearly making him bust. Darkrai was sure this was what penetrating a cervix feels like.

"Don't...stop~..." Tom pushed back onto Darkrai, trying to keep him in. "I...w-w-ant it~..."

Darkrai, despite his side of the bet, decided to roll with this. "What do you want~?" As if adding onto the tease, he rolled his hips in a circle to rub all around inside of Tom.

"I...want your...c-cock~..." Tom moaned, trying to get the rest inside, but Darkrai held him still, making him whine like a little bitch in heat.

"You want my cock to do what~...?"


"I'm sorry, what was that~?" Darkrai shoved what he could fit back inside of Tom, making him cry out in surprise.


"Don't tell me what to do!" Suddenly angry, he used his free hand to shove Tom into the sheets of the bed. The acrid stench of burnt cloth filled Tom's nose, but he could care less. Nor did Darkrai as he began to drill his cock into Tom. Pre leaked from his ebony member to make this easier, but Darkrai wanted this done now. For leverage, e dug his fingertips into Tom's hips breaking skin and almost drawing blood.

"OOOOH~! Y-YES, FUCK ME~! FUCK ME LIKE THE LITTLE BITCH I AM~!" Even though it was muffled a bit, Tom's moaning could not be ignored. Darkrai smirked before snarling.

"I thought I fucking told you not to tell me what to do!" As punishment, he smacked him on the ass hard, leaving a handprint before doing it again on the other cheeks. He alternated between doing this and thrusting just to keep the momentum going and soon Tom's ass was as red as a cherry.

Alas, even what you deny can come back to get you. Darkrai inwardly cursed as he was close to cumming his third, copious load of the night into Tom, who was so far gone he looked silly.

"T-t-told you you'd enjoy...AHHHH~!-it...~!" Cresselia was also being stimulated to no ended, those tendrils working in and out of her relentlessly. A puddle steadily grew larger underneath her floating form, but she looked close to meeting the ground anyway.

"D-Darkrai~... I need to...c-cum~..." Tom told him, member leaking pre into the sheets. When he heard this, Darkrai immediately clamped a hand around the base, cutting off anything going through Tom's urethra.

"Oh no you...d-don't. You're not getting...anything on my bed...?" Even to prove this, he slammed his cock into his ass one more time before he managed to push in that last inch and came his last load of the night. It didn't go very far, just about to the end of the rectal tunnel before curving back and spilling out between their hips. The Pitch-Black Pokemon did not let go as he pulled his own cock out.

"Wh-what are you doing...?" Tom, despite being so close to blowing it wasn't even funny, was surprised as Darkrai suddenly floated beneath him, cock being aimed towards his hole.

"I told you...Not on my bed...And I don't have a mouth so my options are limited..." 'I cannot BELIEVE I'm doing this!'

This next part of their bout would surely make him lose the bet, but as he had gotten this far...Maybe...Just maybe... the bet didn't really matter...Just maybe he'd enjoy this...

"Okay...But...Won't I need lu-?"

"Just put it in already." Or not. Tom didn't hesitate for another second before pushing his sensitive cock head into Darkrai's pucker. Now, he wasn't exactly a virgin back there-he had a bi-curious phase and ended up in bed one night with a randy, drunken Yveltal; his ass took a while to recover-but that didn't mean he took it up the ass once a week to stay flexible. So it was within reason that Tom's member was suffocated by the tightness Darkrai carried.

Poor Tom didn't even last half a minute inside of Darkrai before cumming, shooting pent-up seed inside Darkrai's miniature body. The bend of his "skirt" distended a little bit as it all settled in his stomach. It was there when Darkrai realized something...

'Wait a minute...I never Bottom.'

As if it had been a trigger for something, everything went black.

Meanwhile, in a house in an unknown town, Darkrai woke up in a refurbished bedroom, panting for breath to calm his panicking heart.

'Man, what a dream...' Some shuffling in the nearby clump of sheets alerted Darkrai to the other presence in the bed. The smoke-colored hair of Tom peeked out before its owner removed the covers from above him, revealing a face that went through a few years of maturity.

"What's wrong babe?" Tom asked, voice a bit deeper than it used to be.

"N-nothing Tommy...Just having a weird dream about how we got together is all..." Darkrai replied, relaxing against Tom's chest.

"You know that was at least three-four years ago, right?"

"I know, but it's just weird thinking about it after all this time..."

"Heh, maybe it's a sign..." That got Darkrai to look up at Tom's face, chin stubble caught in the lighting of the sun as its rays penetrated the blinds of the window to their right.

"A sign of what?"

"Maybe you need another round~..." Tom's voice went seductive and he licked the side of Darkrai's face. The latter chuckled from how ticklish that action was.

"Hehehe...Maybe I do..."

Naughty, naughty children.

Consti, could I have did better? I need some expert critique.

I bet you weren't expecting that, did ya!? Yeah! I got y'all GOOD!

Anyway, this will be the last one-shot of the night. I have to get to work on my other stories. But hey, with writing all this smut I was able to come up with some ideas for my stories...


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