Fifty Shades of Tan: Bonding Within the Undersea Cavern

Story by LeiLani on SoFurry

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#14 of Fifty Shades of Tan

Congratulations to Raptor052 for winning the raffle some time back to have his character included in one of Leilani's "Dear Diary" entries. He wanted underwater bondage to be a focus. As it so happened, someone else requested I use underwater bondage and breath-play as a possible paid story project. (yes, my first paid "50 Shades of Tan", I'm so excited!) I effectively killed two birds with one stone. ^^

Leilani finally takes to the Atlantic Ocean for a little free-diving and exploration. Little does she know something dark, ominous, magical, and highly erotic is waiting for her in the treacherous depths...

Talon the lifeguard courtesy of Raptor052

Project for Kira Kitanya

I spent the next few days acclimating to the hot, sticky Florida Keys' weather, with its burning rays of sunshine in the heat of the day, and cooler, less humid and more comfortable nights. During that time, I managed to shop for more suitable attire, and settled on a pair of tropical sundresses, a few bikinis with wrap-around sarongs, midriffs, two pairs of white Capri pants for walking, a few vanity t-shirts, and open-toed sandals. I stopped by Gerald's apartment to model a few of the items, and I can happily say the tiger approved very much of them - once we untangled from one another.

Rhonda and Roxanne sent an email to me, including a picture of both of them naked in a hot-tub, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful female otters. One, who had her paws around Rhonda's breasts, was circled, and there was writing next to it: "Wish You Were Her". I laughed softly and replied with an email, letting them know when I thought I would be back in Tahiti again, and how anxious I would be to show my lovely companions around the island.

Before I knew it, a week had gone by, and I still had yet to take in the beauty of Calusa Beach. I woke up, munched my last pastry, then tried on one of my new bikinis, a light blue thong with a pretty floral design, showing just enough cleavage and crotch. When I inspected myself in the mirror, I noticed my butt was nearly fully exposed, draped with only a small triangle flap under my tail. I wrapped one of the floral sarongs around my hips to cover that little indiscretion, picked out a large fluffy towel, and left the apartment to head down to the beach.

Luck was with me. There were not too many others out this morning and I found a cozy area close to the surf to spread out my towel. As I got to my feet and watched the waves, a young dark brown sea eagle in red Bermuda shorts and carrying a large plastic rescue can walked up close to me.

"Careful of the waves today, ma'am," he said, "Water's been really rough lately. I've had to pluck two people out already this morning."

I nodded. "I will be careful." I removed my sarong wrap and laid it on the sand. "Could you tell me about the depths here?"

The avian blinked a few times at me and his gaze traveled over my body briefly. "Oh. Well," he pointed a blue-feathered wing out towards the endless horizon. "About 100 yards out, it drops down to maybe twenty feet, then there's a drop-off to around fifty. That's about as deep as I go, I'm afraid. I'm not like you." He chuckled, still looking at me. "Usually I just swoop in and pick up anyone struggling on the surface. Although sometimes I like to dive, just to see how far I can go."

I smiled. "I like that too. So, fifty feet then? What if I want to go deeper?"

He tilted his head. "How deep can you otter-girls go anyway?"

I shuffled in the sand, trying to maintain modesty. "My species? About 500 feet, perhaps more? I really have never measured. I go as deep as I want to."

He swallowed hard. 'Wow." He seemed to take considerably more interest in me. "What's it feel like? I mean...being that far down...?"

I noticed the lifeguard had a growing erection and I looked away shyly. The last thing I wanted to think about now was sex. Gerald and I had been, in his words, 'going at it like bunnies' for the past few days, and I was a bit sore.

After composing myself, I returned to look at the eagle's innocent face, perhaps a little older than Cody, but still younger than I. "It feels wonderful. The deeper one goes, the more the water pushes against your body." I hugged myself to demonstrate. "Like it is squeezing from all sides. And as you go, the water turns colder and more arousing. And you feel as though the sea is trying to push out every breath of air in your lungs, until there is nothing left to hold...and it is so very difficult to ascend because your body is heavy."

The lifeguard was staring at me dreamily and I unconsciously crossed my arms and pushed my breasts together until they threatened to nearly spill out of the bikini top. "There is a saying my ancestors have imparted to us for centuries, about our ancient sea god Takaroa. When we dive into the sea, we are immersing ourselves into the god himself. They say, 'dive too deep into Takaroa and he will never let go of you'."

The lifeguard was decidedly uncomfortable now, licking his lips. "Well...I...I could d-definitely see why your sea god would never let go of someone like you..."

Now it was my turn to be uncomfortable. We were very close together by the surf, and our hips touched. My ruddertail dropped down timidly and bumped against his leg. "Well, I do not really believe much in gods or goddesses, I confess."

"That's okay. Takaroa? Is that Hawaiian?"

"Tahitian," I corrected gently.

"'s a really nice place too, I bet. Do you swim there a lot?"

I nodded and sighed. "I do, but..." I toyed with the bikini string at my hip. "These swimsuits are very impractical. I much prefer swimming without them."

Something in the eagle's voice clicked and he suddenly looked a little faint. "Oh...yeah. I, wow, yeah...that must be that...I've done that before with someone." He had a vacant expression in his deep blue eyes and I was worried he was getting too much sun. It did not occur to me at the time that we were both flirting with one another shamelessly. Casually he asked, "Maybe we could swim later, when I get a break?"

Gerald had asked me earlier in the week for a swim-date, but I had politely turned him down. If I was going to really enjoy the tranquil and mysterious depths of the Atlantic, I had to do it alone. I had met no other sea otters like myself, and I did not want to have to rely on someone wearing SCUBA equipment to keep up with me. Besides, I was entitled to some alone-time. "I really am flattered you would ask me, and I find you very handsome, but I would much rather be alone in my explorations." My mother had once told me, 'Say no, but with kindness'. I touched his arm and I could feel how warm he was. "Thank you for asking me though." Then I dabbed my paw against his beak. "You make me feel quite attractive."

The eagle nodded and smiled warmly. "You are...exceedingly attractive, ma'am." He glanced behind him. "I...I should probably go shower. Thank the sea gods for cold water, right?"

I laughed, not understanding at all what he meant. "I agree. Especially when it is so hot."

The lifeguard nodded slowly. "Yeah. So very hot..." He rubbed at his groin and I saw he now had quite a bulge in his board shorts. "Ex-excuse me. I need to go. Enjoy your swim."

I watched him stumble towards a row of shower stalls in the distance, still fussing with his groin. I did not realize, until he rescued me several minutes later, just how aroused he had been.

Oh yes, Diary. It seems laughable that I had to be pulled out of the water by a lifeguard, but I was. I should really explain what happened, because you would never believe it.

Oh, my hero just woke up. I will come back to this momentarily. I owe this avian my life - or at least a few more hours of love-making.

I will return.


We just finished making love, and he stayed hard and deep inside me, holding me in soft feathery arms until he climaxed. Afterwards, we nuzzled and kissed while we shared our intimate aquatic adventures. He told me about a beautiful vixen he had met at a swimming pool during training camp, and how they had spent several minutes taking turns in the deep end arousing one another orally. She would sink down underwater and take his member into her mouth, and then when she was short on breath, she would surface and push him down between her legs to work his tongue into her flesh. Being that they were both apprenticed lifeguards with exceptional lung power, orgasms were apparently achieved before anyone caught on to the intimacy.

I was hesitant to describe my undersea adventure in the Atlantic earlier that day, because even now I still do not believe what happened. A part of me is convinced I must have gone far too deep, suffered a black-out, and dreamed everything.

Except for one thing...


After Talon, the lifeguard's name, left me on the shore, I looked at the pounding surf. The sea spray felt cooler already. I am so accustomed to the warmth of the South Pacific and spending a lot of my waking hours there, that cold, even cooler water, takes some time getting used to. I bit my lip nervously and waded in a few steps, feeling the cool ocean lick up my calves to my knees. When I was out about neck-deep and could still feel the sand beneath my toes, I immersed myself and swam along the shallow bottom, using my thick tail to sweep back and forth. Here and there, I saw a few crabs, shells, small rocks, and algae-covered refuse. The water was actually quite clear.

I followed the sand out into deeper water, until I came to the first drop-off Talon had mentioned. Looking down, I saw the outcroppings of reefs and larger rocks, but nothing really noteworthy or eye-catching. I continued on until I reached the next drop-off, and followed the 50-foot incline down until I felt a pleasant bit of pressure against my body. At the bottom, a few large fish greeted me and then scurried away in terror, obviously afraid I was in huntress or predator-mode. I swam up to a colorful coral reef blazing with red and blue stone, orange and yellow sponges and fronds, and several different varieties of ready-to-eat seafood. Was sustenance my intent, there was a veritable "Trader Vics" down here.

I stayed down for several minutes, poking curiously through the reef and along the bottom. I found a rather large conch shell half-buried in the sand, and dug it out, setting it atop one of the reef walls to collect later. All in all, the Atlantic lacked a lot of the pristine water and beauty of my homeland sea, but I was just happy to be swimming, and to be this deep.

My lungs soon started to tire, and I pushed off the bottom and ascended. As I did, I chanced a look down and saw that about 100 yards from me, the bottom dropped off again, and this time I could not see where it ended. Excited that perhaps I had discovered much deeper water, I hurriedly kicked for the surface and stroked further away from shore, now more than a mile or so out.

I put my face in the water and looked down. As I had hoped, I could not see the bottom, just dizzying, endless blue. Taking the deepest breath I could, I dove and kicked steadily downwards, using my tail to aid in my descent and to conserve energy and air in my lungs. As before, the cool water squeezed at my body as I passed the 50-foot level and continued making my way deeper into the Atlantic.

I became more excited the deeper I went. The water seemed to go on forever. It never occurred to me just how deep I had gone, but I began to imagine I was going as far as I might have gone during one of my recreational dives back home. I am usually careful if I am diving with a companion, especially one I am amorously attached to. There have been times when extreme depth has aroused me to the point of near-insanity, and I am not prone to making love down there. Indeed, now as I write this, I remember a risky encounter with Aidan, my favorite panther, who insisted on showing me his lung power when he became affectionate about one hundred feet underwater and buried himself deep into me, pinning me to the bottom of the sea. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, lost in the throes of multiple orgasms, and nearly drowned the poor feline in my ecstasy.

Lesson learned. Never seduce a sea otter without wearing SCUBA gear.

Thinking about that time made me smile as I descended ever deeper. What little sunlight was still left faded completely, and the blues and purple hues became dark and soulless violets and blacks. The water, starting out cold on the surface, was now almost freezing, and I fought the urge to halt my descent and start back up.

But I wanted to reach the bottom.

The water became a constant pressure and I could feel my body being squeezed ever tighter. My head started to pound and I realized I was at the very limits of my diving abilities. I stopped descending and waved my arms upwards to steady myself and look around the cold, dark water surrounding me.

In the far distance to the right of me, I saw what looked like blurred light, and I was immediately intrigued. It could not be sunlight, and the thought occurred to me that perhaps I had ventured into an area where light-bearing lesser creatures swam and played. My lungs still pleasantly full, I kicked strongly towards the source of strange light about 50 yards from me. As I stroked, a few bubbles escaped from my mouth and nose, and I realized the long swim might tire my lungs sooner than I would have liked.

I would have to be careful. Judging from the length of time it had taken me to dive down this deep, and the familiar pressure on my body, I estimated I was perhaps 500 feet down. Even with the use of my tail, to swim back up to the surface would take me at least another two or three minutes.

How long had I been underwater already? I had no idea. Curiosity got the better of me however and I swam onwards. Ahead, the light dimmed and then brightened - and then dimmed again. Something was not just glowing in these deep waters after all, and as the water lightened and I could see for myself, I was stunned by what it was.

A large cavern, seemingly out of place in these tranquil ocean depths, loomed just a few yards away, decorated by nature itself with an intricate lacing of coral, crystals, shells, and other small rocks of various colors. But that was not the only beauty. From the mouth of the large cavern, glittering, hypnotic light shimmered and swayed, as though I was looking at a million reflections of sunlight jewels coming off the surface of my private lagoon back home.

The strange light fascinated me so. I forgot all about the treacherous depths, let loose a tiny trail of bubbles from my mouth to ease the pressure on my lungs, and swam to the opening, holding onto a section of rock and peering inside. I could see the unusual light dancing even brighter, but I could not tell what was causing this remarkable phenomenon. I noticed one thing more. The water was warmer, in fact nearly as warm as Rhonda and Roxanne's hot-tub, and as it spread through my body, an incredible feeling of euphoric arousal suddenly swept over me like a tropical storm.

The light beckoned to me. But I had been underwater for so long, and I was very deep. Part of me wanted to push off and swim for air, but the other part of me enjoyed this mysterious hot springs at the bottom of the sea, hundreds of feet down.

With a wiggle of my tail, I pushed forwards, penetrating the cavern and kicking slowly as the opening gave way to a much larger shelf of rocks and coral. Above me, I saw the top of the cavern glittering with that same light. I kicked up slowly, tilting my head back, and tried to take air from any pockets there might have been, but there was none. The cavern was completely filled with water. I ducked back down and took a frightened glance back to the opening.

Another burst of bubbles came from my mouth and again I released a little more tension from my tired lungs. I was not in dire need yet, but I could feel the first stirrings that I had been underwater a very long time. Normally, I would have swam to the surface by now. I looked back towards the huge cavern and peered into the fantastic light ahead of me. I had to find out what was causing it!

Taking another quick stock of my lungs, I let out a little more air and then turned and kicked slowly into the cavern's depths, using just my legs and tail, to conserve energy and oxygen. As I swam deeper into the cavern, the lights became even brighter, and the water even warmer. And Diary, it felt so good, I cannot describe it. I was so aroused I was ready to succumb to the pleasures, kneel on the bottom of the cavern, and get myself off with my paws.

But before I could begin to touch myself - something else touched me first.

A soft, thick strand of silk brushed across my right leg and up my thigh. I stopped swimming and twisted until I was looking back, curious about what I felt - and my eyes widened.

It was a creature unlike anything I had seen. It looked like a floating tendril of white kelp, the way it moved and rippled, yet it was most certainly alive. A short, bulbous head glowed with considerable illumination, and attached to it was a transparent tail of light stretching out over a foot long. As I stared at it in utter fascination, it moved to my leg and wrapped itself around my calf. The feeling was incredible, like the world's softest silk, the finest velvet, or the foam of white-capped waves. I gently shook my leg and it let go, then found a new hold around my thigh and squeezed.

Ohh, the pleasure was unbelievable, Diary. I cannot describe how it felt, not in words. I have never felt anything as soft and silky as this. While I watched, spellbound at my unusual visitor, another wispy tendril appeared and hugged my footpaw, wrapping its sinewy, slinky form about my ankle. Whatever it was, it became enamored with the anklet I was wearing. As I continued to look on in amazement, it glowed even brighter and removed my collection of puka-shells, then darted off with it farther into the cavern.

Another tendril came out of the misty white, and then another, until there were about ten of them, all dancing around my form, dipping and swaying around my body. More wrapped about my legs and squeezed. One tendril touched my hip and seemed to inspect my bikini string. It glowed, I felt a little tug, and then my bikini bottoms were yanked off from me. The warmth of the water, and the glow of these strange creatures was felt between my thighs now, and I bubbled my delight as the warm water pushed hard against my mons. I threw my head back and moaned in ecstasy as a sudden orgasm came over me, and I gushed a little of my sweet release into the water.

The strange tendrils took notice of my orgasm, and I watched them approach between my legs, surrounding the little streams of my gushing and enveloping them. One of the tendrils, apparently wanting to know where my release had come from, rubbed against my mons, and I let out another bubbly gasp as the silken warmth titillated my labia and then my clit.

By this time, several more strange tendrils had appeared from deep inside the cavern, and had now surrounded me. I felt them wriggle against my body and then dart away again. One lit upon the back of my neck. There was another tug, and then my bikini top was free. I shimmied my breasts slowly, feeling absolutely beside myself as the warm water now took over my nude body, caressing it, stroking it, getting me hotter than I had even been underwater.

A few of the tendrils now brushed across my breasts. One tendril, much smaller than others around it, latched around my left nipple and squeezed. It felt like heaven. I moaned, completely forgetting about my limited air supply, and floated back in the water as the tendril massaged my nipple with rhythmic pinches. Another tendril wrapped around my left breast, joining its tiny companion, and then other tendrils savagely went after my other breast, surrounding it in silky light.

I suddenly felt something else. My breasts were bouncing and swaying, but I could feel them against my chest too. Something was wrong. I looked at myself and saw that the tendrils were now holding onto my breasts for dear life as they sprang up and down. Somehow they had grown to nearly twice their size!

I gasped as I watched my heaving, full breasts rock and sway like liquid against my chest. The tendrils around my nipples squeezed again, and it felt like they were now vises. As I watched, my nipples grew as well, becoming hard, thick points against my areolas, nearly the size of silver dollars.

I moaned at this sensation, this seemingly magical engorging being done to me, releasing even more of my air, and tendrils raced up to collect my bubbles, enveloping them in that same bright light. More of the exotic wisps darted between my thighs, stroking my aroused mons, and I instinctively clamped my legs around them, as if trying to capture them. I slowly rubbed my thighs back and forth, and felt my mons now thick and full against my fur. They were swollen to twice their size at least too, and as I kicked, my mons were stroked and caressed each time. Truly I had never experienced such pleasure below the sea!

The tendrils continued to massage my heavy breasts and nipples with reckless abandon, as another tendril and then another seized my wrists and then my feet, holding me prisoner. Before I could cry out, or realize I was now in a life or death struggle, one more tendril, much larger than the others, floated in front of me, dipped between my thighs, and poked at my engorged labia.

I closed my eyes as the urge to gush filled me. The bulbous head pushed against my swollen folds with all its might, and I suddenly felt my sex give way, and the silky heat penetrated deep inside me. When it was buried almost its length, it swelled to double its size, filling my entire vaginal passage with its length. It started to piston in and out of me, as gentle as any lover could be, with precise, deep, hard plunges.

Another of the glowing wisps brushed over my butt-cheeks, and then glided effortlessly across my tail-hole. I burbled in surprise at this new, sudden intrusion, and wiggled and flexed my bare cheeks against the wisp, almost an invitation to explore me. I struggled to hold the stale air in my lungs as the wisp poked up against my pucker, and I moaned a few bubbles, closing my eyes tightly as new pleasure filled me. I suddenly felt a warm, prickly feeling there, and stole a paw between the back of my thighs to stroke. The flesh around my tail-hole felt thicker, hotter, and I realized it too was as engorged as my other spots. The silky tendril pushed against my swollen pucker again, and I bit my lip hard as my tail-hole opened, and it entered me deeply from behind.

I could not stand it. Both of my orifices were deeply filled with firm, slick heat, and I threw my head back again and screamed. I came so hard, oh Diary, so much cum came from me. I just lay back and gushed, and gushed, and gushed. My body jerked and writhed with each orgasm, and as each one hit, another burst of bubbles shot from my mouth and nose. I wiggled and moaned as the tendril between my legs and behind kept up with my orgasms, timing each one with powerful thrusts. The tendrils around my heaving breasts clung to me, riding my huge, bouncing breasts through every climax.

In time, my erotic stupor passed, replaced with the sudden burning need for a breath. I wiggled from my captors in terror, trying to fling myself against the cavern wall to get them to let me go, but they held me fast, like bonds of soft steel. I cried out now, as the last of my air trickled from my lips.

I was too deep. I would never make the surface in time.

Just then, another tendril came towards my face. I tried to swipe it away, but it dipped and then pushed against my mouth. In revulsion, I cried out. With my mouth open, the tendril took its opportunity and jammed into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged as water and slime went down, but I felt something else too. The tendril stiffened in my mouth, and I closed my lips around it.

I could suddenly breathe! Without thought, I grasped the hardening tendril and sucked upon the length, filling my lungs with three or four quick breaths before the tendril pulled out of my mouth and seemed to blush hot and white against my face.

I smiled.

Two more of the glowing tendrils came close to my face, holding items out to me. Suspended in one of the tendrils was my anklet. I reached out to stroke that tendril, and it seemed to curl up sheepishly and glow brighter. I giggled and took my anklet back, slipping it around my foot. Another tendril held something else close to it, and it sparkled amidst the electric life around me.

It was an amulet of some kind, round like a pearl, but still oddly shaped, almost like a peanut-shell, and attached to it was a small silver thread. The tendril came to my paws and placed the amulet into them, and then all the other tendrils unhooked or let go of my body and swam around me, in unison dipping and swaying, before curling up, twisting and taking off like lightning bolts into the cavern and disappearing.

One last tendril, much larger, stayed and floated in front of me, and it seemed to almost wink light. It then dipped around my breasts and between my legs, and I felt my flesh returning back to its normal size, and not as engorged. I floated there, incredulous over what I had just experienced, and touched the tendril gently. It wrapped around my paw, squeezed, then let go and zoomed after its companions into the cavern depths.

I floated there for some time, still tingling over what had been a truly remarkable event, the most erotic time I had ever had below the sea, then slowly kicked towards the cavern opening, clutching the amulet. As I started the long swim up, I realized I was still nude. My bikini was still down in that cavern. It would not bode well for me to wade out of the Atlantic bare.

But before I could think about swimming back inside to collect it, the intense pressure of the water coming out of the cavern hit my body like a hammer. I became dizzy and very light-headed. I tried to kick upwards but felt like I was going up into dull, bright light, and then I blacked out entirely.

I remember coming to once, and I was still underwater, but not as deep, and Talon's wings were wrapped around me, swimming me up in his arms. I hugged around him, welcoming his warmth, before I lost consciousness again.


I opened my eyes against blinding sunlight and Talon was atop of me, straddling me and giving me resuscitation, and I coughed and spat water as I shakily sat up in the surf.

"Oh gods, otter, you okay? I was so worried!" He hugged around me tightly and I churred, nuzzling his beak.

"Thank you...thank you...I...I do not know what happened to me. I was too deep...too..." He kissed my mouth, parting my lips, and our tongues met and explored. When we finally let go of our embrace, we were both breathless once more.

"Come on..." he smiled, helping me up and wrapping a towel around me. "You really shouldn't be out here without clothes."

I nodded, biting my lip nervously. I looked down at my feet and noticed the strange amulet lying in the sand. I casually picked it up and slipped it around my neck. It fit perfectly, like it was made for me. The piece tucked snug against my wet cleavage.

"Wow, did you find that?" Talon smiled as he took my paw.

I nodded then looked curiously back at the ocean. "I...I guess so."

"Well, at least your dive wasn't a total loss." He snickered. "What is it?"

I smiled faintly then squeezed his talon. "A gift from the sea," I whispered, and arm-in-arm we headed for the lifeguard tower.

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