Wolf Daze: Sex, Coffee and Honey Rolls, Part 1

Story by FurryGuy99 on SoFurry

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*Note: I'm not much of an artist but I would give anything to see certain aspects of this story drawn out, so if anyone wants to make the attempt let me know. I can't pay as money is kind of tight right now but I'd be happy to do a commission free of charge. If you like my writing style that is. Just throwing that out there. *

The Silver Meadow College; home to over 10,000 students from all walks of life with a plethora of career fields to work towards, the campus a mixture of secular buildings with a lush green exterior. Nature was the hallway, providing the students with an aesthetic place that they could enjoy on a daily basis; a unique environment that combined the atmosphere of an educational facility with the calm, beautiful scenery of a painting.

Scott, along with his best friend, a puma named Ricky; made their way out of a shared math course that neither of them enjoyed but were still passing regardless. "I'm telling you, if there was an Olympic event for boring classes, Professor Provo's math class would take the gold. Still, I wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into that sweet ass of hers."

A snicker and laugh escaped from the wolf. "You're a fucking pervert, you know that right?"

"Oh, come on! You can't tell me that you wouldn't hit that."

Professor Elizabeth Provo, an unmarried but long engaged, thirty two year old zebra with the body of a Greek goddess happened to be one of the most coveted female professors on the campus. Not just by students but the faculty too. Everyone knew that the only reason anyone signed up for her course to begin with was simply to catch a glimpse at her voluptuous ass through the skirts she loved to wear and the two striped size D breasts practically jumping out at you like a 3D movie through her midway buttoned dress shirts.

A smile could not help but form on Scott's face, recalling just how many times he had fanaticized about her late at night. "Okay, you win. I would definitely hit that. But she's over a decade older than us."

"You're point? Thirty two isn't that old. Besides, the Stallion doctor she's been betrothed to for the last two years won't pull the trigger on marriage. Guy's not stupid. She'd divorce his ass in a heartbeat and take half his shit."

"That's why there's a thing called a prenuptial agreement." Chiming in, tapping his head with an index finger. "So what's yours stays yours."

Ricky smirked eccentrically at the response, and replied, "Please...you really think she'd be dumb enough to agree to that?"

"The two of them aren't married, so my educated guess would be no." Scott glanced down at his Rolex watch, a bribe gift given by his parents before he began college as a last attempt to sway him to their way of thinking. "I got to get to work but we should definitely hang out over the weekend, maybe pizza and a movie at my place?"

"On that 60 inch 4k TV with surround sound you got for Christmas!? You know I'm down for that." The two of them exchanged their traditional high five, spin, jumping fist pound combination they perfected what seemed like ages ago. "You know, I don't get it. Your parents practically give you a house, a shit load of cool stuff on your birthdays and holidays, not to mention paying your tuition. So, why settle for working a shit job while becoming a teacher if they would just provide you with everything anyway?"

Scott patted his friend on the arm and smiled. "Another time...I got to get going. See you later."

Ricky eyed the watch on his friend's wrist as it rested on his shoulder then watched him disappear around the bend. "Ice, Ice, baby...lucky SOB. Wish my mommy and daddy got me a watch with that much bling."

Right across the street from the campus main entrance stood the No Beaner Coffee house, similar to Starbucks but with more of a concentration on what made old fashioned, privately owned places like it so enticing: a relaxing atmosphere with a great customer-employee relationship by all who frequented the establishment and a place that he had been employed at since the tender age of sixteen years old.

The manager, Aunty Leena as she preferred to be called, a hefty panther in her mid-forties and of African descent, carried with her an accent as big as her heart and was known by all as the happiest, sweetest woman in Silver Meadow. Though, only her workers knew how stern, but fair, she could be on the work floor.

As he entered, she immediately spotted him and, in a boisterous manner, yelled "Scotty, honey, Aunty Leena is so happy to see you!"

Leena had always considered him her favorite since the moment he first put on an apron as she was particularly gifted at reading people and getting a sense of whether or not they were kind hearted. The two were like peas in a pod then as they are now. "Hi, Aunty, how's it been today?

"Oh, it's been a slow morning', honey." The panther replied, taking off her apron, ready to hand the managerial duties over to Scott who became her assistant manager only in the last year. "If it stays like this you can close up an hour early if you'd like. As always, take any leftovers you like sweetie. The honey rolls came out perfect today."

Her sentiments always hit a soft spot in his heart. She showed a care for him that his entire childhood was void of and he loved her for it. "Why are you so good to me?"

"Cause you're a good boy." She placed both of her paws on his cheeks tenderly. "God blessed me when he sent you into my life. There isn't a thing anyone could ever say, or do, to make me believe otherwise." Reaching into her pocket she produced and handed to him the store keys, giving him a wink before taking her leave. "See you next week."

Charlie, a seventeen year old white rabbit and the only other employee on duty, chuckled a bit which Scott overheard, shooting him a glare riddled with massive amounts of sarcasm. "What? We all know how sweet on you that woman is. But she was laying it on pretty thick. If you ask me, I think she wants that..."

"Alright, Steve Buscemi..." He interjected; calmly stopping his co-worker from turning an innocent exchange between friends into something of a sexual nature. "...get back to work. Sarah should be here in a little while. If you can behave yourself, I'll let you leave early. Okay?"

"You got it, S.C."

Three o'clock had rolled around faster than Scott had expected it to. Lately time seemed to fluctuate from painfully slow to surprisingly fast, all dependent on his mood. He was an emotional timepiece, the chronometrical equivalent of a bipolar mood ring. His once a week sessions with a therapist, along with those he surrounded himself with, provided just enough aid to keep the bouts of depression in check though he did have antidepressant medication lying about for the really difficult days.

A silver Toyota Prius stopped directly in front of the place. Scott heard the brakes screech slightly, while cleaning off tables, and glanced upwards just in time to watch Sarah, 20, a gorgeous blue eyed Golden Retriever with long, flowing blonde fur exit the passenger side of the vehicle almost in slow motion; every inch of her curvaceous body catching his full attention. The skin tight blue jeans and the low cut grey shirt detailed her like a statue. There was just enough meat on her bones making her neither overweight nor grotesquely skinny like many her age. Not even great artists like Michelangelo or Raphael could capture her beauty.

Sarah had been working there around the same time Scott had, so he had come to learn she was from a similar background. Her parents, not as wealthy as his but still quite financially proficient, had high expectations for their daughter. She enjoyed excelling at anything she set her mind to and her folks were not control freaks like his so life was not as difficult.

That is till the day, nearly one year earlier, when Sarah revealed that she was bisexual and had been dating Aria, whom had used to work at No Beaner as well, where the two met, for several months. Her parents were stunned by the revelation and not in a good way. They believed strongly that only a man and a woman should be together and, naturally, envisioned her having an extravagant wedding to a strapping young man at some point. A colossal argument ensued which eventually led to Sarah packing her bags, moving in with her girlfriend and never looking back.

Aria stepped out of the driver's side door. A twenty two year old golden fox with long, flowing black hair whose style could be considered gothic save for the more eccentric aspects of that personality type and a very bold demeanor, the complete opposite of her Sarah in that aspect, with a tell it like it is attitude but an overall kind individual whom Scott had gotten acquainted with well enough to call her a friend and a confidant about aspects of his life he did not care to discuss with others.

As the two shared a kiss just outside of the shop's window, Scott looked on in a zealous fashion. The truth was he secretly had feelings for both of them: Sarah because of her kind heartedness and Aria due to the flamboyance, the fire in her spirit. Desperately he ached to be on either side of that spectrum or perhaps even in between it. But, seeing that both women cared deeply about one another, and how much he cared about their happiness, fantasy was all he allowed himself to have.

Aria waved to him, abruptly ending the dirty thoughts playing in his head, to which he smiled then waved back in return before she got back in the vehicle and casually drove off.

"Hey, Scotty...!" Sarah happily exclaimed and hugged him, a common theme to their every meeting. "I missed you."

Scott hugged her back, and replied, "You only saw me two days ago."

The warmth of her body pressed against his was a feeling that he always enjoyed the experience of. Numb to just about everything else her touch was the only cure, the only thing able to crack the shell around his heart and allow his humanity to flow through.

"Aw, how sweet..." Charlie mocked from behind the counter, separating the hugging duo.

"You like music, Charlie?" The rabbit nods, pretending to play an air guitar ala Bill and Ted or Marty McFly. "I got a song for you. Goes a little something like this: Hit the road, Jack, before I give you a smack...go home, go home, go home...go home!" Charlie, taking the hint, removed his hat and apron then made a beeline for the back door as Sarah laughed heartily. "Kids...come on; we should be getting the evening rush any minute."

The café was spotless, not an ounce of dirt in sight. Floors, even garbage cans, clean enough to eat off of; spotless like the establishments reputation. And though scheduled to close at 9 P.M., the remainder of the night had been slow enough, as Aunty predicted, for Scott to shut shop a little early as he had been given permission to.

Sarah emerged from the back with her hat and apron rolled up into a neat little ball and bag on her shoulder. "You ready to go?"

"Not yet." Scott replied while cleaning one of the espresso machines interiors with a wet rag. "I got a few things to finish up here. You can get going though. Just make sure the door's closed behind you. I'll see you on Monday."

Upon pushing the kitchen door halfway open to leave, she stopped. There was something about the lupine's loyalty, dedication to making sure that his job was complete before clocking out, especially an hour early, which touched her. She found it cute that he was that much of a good guy. And the sight of his rear end through the khaki's he was clad in helped complete the package. "Would you mind some company?"

"Sure. I appreciate it." Scott's smile could barely contain how happy he was not to be left alone, as that had become commonplace in his life. He motioned towards the bag of pastries he had set aside for himself. "Try one of the honey rolls. Leena told me they were especially delicious today. I wouldn't doubt it."

Hopping up onto the countertop to take a seat, she reached into the brown paper bag, found a honey roll and promptly took a bite. "Mm...she was right. They really are good. I can't believe I never tried them before."

"Yeah, she's a great cook but a better person. I'd do anything for that woman."

"You would, wouldn't you?" It was a rhetorical question to which she already knew the answer, taking another bite of the pastry. "How's school by the way?"

"School's good. I got another semester after this one and then I am done. I can start looking for a job if I want but I don't know if I'm ready to leave this place. Too many good memories here, I get treated well and I really don't need that much money."

Sarah, usually silent on certain matters, found the courage to speak her mind on this occasion. "Would that decision be based solely on your parents letting you to live in their house for free? I mean, it's still their property. They can tell you to get out at any time."

"True. They could. But they won't." The casualness and confidence in his voice was based off a lifetime of experience, growing up in a household that forced him to adapt to his parents tactics and learn to manipulate them to get things the way he wanted them to be. "They're too wrapped up in their own lives and concentrated on trying to win me over that they would never be as bold as to throw me out in the street; wouldn't look too good for their image or my little sisters for that matter."

"Yeah but you want so badly to distance yourself from your mother and father yet you still live in that house and accept things from them, all while allowing them to believe you'll one day come crawling back to become who they want you to be."

Scott dropped the rag abruptly and turned to look at her, getting a bit heated by her argument. "You're point? They deserve to wallow in the same kind of misery they put me through since I was a kid. And neither of them ever cared about anything that I wanted out of this life. While all the kids in the neighborhood were playing touch football or tag, I was given no other option but to stay in and practice Beethoven's 5th Symphony in C Minor. I wanted so badly to play in a baseball league. Instead I had to play hours of chess with an instructor to see if I could become the next Bobby _Fucking _Fischer of the world!"

Out of rage Scott threw one of the shot glasses across the café which collided with the wall, shattering into about a hundred different pieces. A frightening reflection of the man he had become.

Sarah wasn't scared by his anger. If anything she felt terrible for having mucked up so many bad memories for him. She hopped of the counter, sauntered over and placed a hand on his shoulder, having never seen him in such a state before. It was the first time he had ever expressed any real emotion about his upbringing; a dormant volcano of pent up frustration ranging back twenty years, ready to erupt at any moment, that exploded into a fireball. "Oh, Scotty..."

Head down, arms on the counter and tears beginning to well up in his eyes, all he could do emotionally was finish revealing the truth he had kept buried for so long about the subject. "All I wanted was for them to love me...to be my parents. But the truth is I was never their son...just their art project from conception to cradle. They'll never love me for who I am."

"Is that why you stay? Because you hope that someday they'll change? They won't Scott, same as my parents. They're set in their ways." She turned him around and wiped the tears from his face with her thumbs, then looked him right in the eyes. "And you can't keep punishing yourself by waiting for that day to come. You need to let it go and move on with your life without them in it."

"What life? I'm all alone. They made sure of that a long time ago."

"You are not alone! You'll never be alone! You have friends: Ricky, Leena, Aria...me!" She embraced him. Only this hug felt different. It had something more to it. "You are an amazing person. And you got that way all on your own. That's your greatest accomplishment." She let go to once again look at him with a smile. "Be proud of the man you are...because I am. I love you."

The room fell silent after she said that. Sarah's arms were still draped over the wolf's shoulders. His hands rested on them, tightening a bit on the fabric of her shirt. They slowly became drawn towards one another...closer...and closer...ever so slowly. Time seemed non-existent as their eyes closed and their lips touched together like magnets. It ended as fast as it had begun but felt as if it lasted an eternity.

*Things are certainly heating up. This chapter got so long due to all the backstory I needed to delve into to give readers more of Scott's backstory as well as the particulars of the newly introduced ones that I had to break it up into two parts. I hope no one minds. All these details were integral to the plot and I didn't want to make this too long. I felt it would get boring if it did. And Magic Rule #4: always leave them wanting more (If you get the reference, let me know). *

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