Please do not use them without my permission_ there is something to be said about a laughing child. a child's laughter is a blunt reality into their innocence.

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The Laughing Lurkers

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Laugh of a Child

Joshua turned back to laugh at the silliness of a twenty-two year old who required a cane to walk. and then the truck. why wouldn't the nightmare end? he never wanted to see it. not again.

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The Last Laugh.

"we'll see who gets the last laugh." he hissed out, just loud enough for me to hear, before releasing my 5th appendage. i just waived him off again, "don't forget me when you leave, blake."

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No Laughing Matter

The just for laughs festival was great, mines, acrobats, stand up comedians of international fame, she had the time of her life. she had always wanted to go here, but she never had the money.....until now. and she always enjoyed a good laugh.

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Smile and Laugh

Nbsp; i don't know where i'm going from here i may live a short life, or i may live a long one a life lived without laughter is no life at all, no matter how dark it seems so i just smile and laugh

No Laughing Matter

I stroked it and she let off a little chuckle, that goofy cry that gives these guys their colloquial "laughing" status. apparently she was in the mood for some male company.

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Dark Gods Laughing

banned for piracy reason-sexual themes, futuristic, contains items from numerous copy-righted sci-fi books/movies/games (please no kill me) thanks PIPA AND SOPA


To Laugh Once More

Only to laugh once more, before my life is no more. a sonorous exclamation of my joyous emotion. without a single regret of weighted chains holding me down. just to laugh one more time, to feel that unrestrained joy.

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Commission: Laughing Stocks

Belph laughed out, feeling his strong chest swell and lift with the feeling of his laughter rolling through his body.

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Laughing All the Way to the...

A bank, a few friends, and one mistake is all it takes to ruin a good Halloween scheme. No matter how planned out, how perfectly theorized, there's bound to be a hitch or two. Those hitches could put the entire operation, and possibly the crew...

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Night of the Laughing Dead

This prompted laughter from the cutie mark crusaders, plus a sheepish grin and blush from silver spoon as she tried to avert her eyes.

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