Taking the Wrong but Right Path- Chapter 1

Story by Kenfox on SoFurry

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Taking the Wrong but Right Path

By Fox Nadir 2015

The story below is fictional no persons or animals were harmed in its writing. It is an adult story so if you are not of age do not read. If you are do not complain if you don't like it as I did not force you to read it

Multiple species main characters Fox, Snow Leopard. Gay. Solo, Body Mods, Sounding, Enema, Growth, Cum Inflation, Magic, Non-consensual, Anal, Oral.

Ash got off the Wagon and looked up at the Wolf who spat over the side "If you take the path here it will lead you between those mountains at the top of the pass you will be able to see Westwater in the distance. It will take you about two weeks on foot"

Ash took his pack and staff as the wolf handed them down to him and started up the team of oxen again as he turned them to follow the road. Leaving Ash to look at a path that wound its way into the forest and eventually up into the pass. He paused to hook his pack of his shoulders and started to walk swinging the wood staff he carried.

He travelled quickly working his way along the valley floor stopping to catch fish in streams and picking berries and wild fruit from the trees. Camping at night a small fire to cook and keep him warm.

He was 4 days into his walk when he heard the sound of a waterfall he followed it stepping off the path and found a small waterfall flowing down into a sunlit glade looking around at the deep pool of water and the water flowing down a long sloping slab of rock to drop from its lip onto a beach made up of small stones. To then flow into the crystal clear pool of water with a shrug and feeling in need he set up an early camp getting a small fire going on the beach next to a patch of gravel small enough to make a good sleeping area.

As he was alone she stripped off his travel cloak leather pants and cotton shirt walking around in only his fur. He looked into the almost still pool taking in the reflection of his Snow Leopard body,White fur covered his chest and down to his stomach, his legs and arms were of a darker grey covered with rosettes of black fur his head was topped with Black fur. He stood a little over 5"6' on digi-grade legs with sharp extending claws on his toes and fingers. Between his legs hung two egg shaped balls below his short feline sheath. His body was slim, effeminate not as heavy and bulky as his brother or the other males of his family.

It was why he had left home to find a trade and he had worked for the last 2 years for a Jeweller and had been learning the craft, he was skilled for his short time and could weave silver and gold threads into artistic designs that had been sort after. But his old Master had sold his shop ill health preventing him from finishing the young cats apprenticeship. He had been kind and found another to take on and continue teaching him, he just had to walk to the city of Westwater.

Turning away from the pool he marvelled at this little glad it was as if nature had decided here was a place where any would feel at peace and wish to rest. Around the glad were rocks that invited you to sit grass banks that begged to be laid upon. With a smile he did just that shaking out his cloak and resting upon a gently sloping bank feeling the sun warming him. He glanced around checking but knowing he was alone and moved a paw to his sheath.

Rubbing the short length he felt himself with shift the small damp hole at the tip of his sheath opened as a pink spot appeared. The pink spot stretched the skin and slipped out warm and slick into his paw as he teased his length. A soft growl in his throat as he gripped his shaft and rubbed it in his paw growing to his full length, He purred as he let go and looked at himself he was just over six and a half inches in length and thick enough to make a nice paw full. He watch his cock as it bounced with his heart angled up from his stomach Flexing his muscles he made it twitch and jerk. The shaft slightly thicker at its base where it was hugged by his sheath it it became a little thinner but remained a nice size until you got to the short head of his cock a nicely shaped crown covered with soft the soft bump bristles that made up his feline spines.

He gripped his shaft again stroking up and down every now and then rubbing his thumb over the head of his cock groaning at the feeling of the barbs tugging and dragging as he teased them. He hadn't had time to enjoy himself for a few weeks and he could feel it building fast. When he felt the itch and knew he was about to come he let his hand slip up and stroked the whole length of his cock from sheath to tip. Looking down he watched as the small hole in the tip of his cock beaded up with clear fluid that dripped and was followed by a long spurt of white cum. Seven long jets of thick white cum sprayed out leaving streaks from navel to throat some had even landed on his cheek. He continued to dribble and leak cum for a few more strokes until he he let it go and panted purring as the scent of his cum filled his nose.

Lifting his paw to his muzzle he licked the cum from his fur enjoying the sweet taste from all the fruit he had been eating. His ears picked up something and his head jerked around to see he was no longer alone. Sitting by the pool was a Fox relaxing he watched the fox that was staring at him even from this distance he could hear the fox sniffing scenting his feline excitement. The fox stood up walked to a rock and lifted a leg adding its own thick musky scent to the glade as of claiming ownership.

With a shrug Ash stood up licked the last of his cum from his paw as walked over the stones and into the water of the pool feeling it soaking into his fur four strokes and he had made it to the other side of the pool. He turned and swam back to the other side standing up and pushing the water out of his fur. Stopping at his pack he found a packet moving to the falling water stepped in and used the herbs and water to rinse his fur clean.

Stepping out from the waterfall he again pushed the water from his fur and moved to his pack finding a small brush and a bottle. Tipping a few drops from the bottle onto the brush he worked the oils into his fur as he sat in the sun drying off.

Before it got dark he scouted around found some food plants and berries and went back to the small fire a small pot dried meat and he soon had a stew cooking. He ate and went to sleep relaxing knowing his senses would waking him if anything approached in the night.

Morning came and he found a thick fog in the air packing his belonging he set out back into the forest head for Westwater. As he walked the fog thinned and eventual vanished but his ear started to pick up foot steps behind him. Gripping his staff tighter he carried on and started to worry when another set of feet joined the first then a third and a fourth. The tree's thinned and he was able to get a glimpse of what was following him.

They were large wolves larger than any he had ever heard of, looking at them they moved taking up positions around him. It took him a few minuets to realize they were herding him. Directing him to where they wanted him to go just as he was about to try and make a break for it he saw a stone wall in front of him with double gates. The wolves kept on pushing him towards the gates until he could put a paw out and touch the wooden planks strengthened with big black Iron studs.

He paused at the gates until he heard a growl and the wolves stepped closer, he pushed at the gate that swung open without any sound and closed it behind himself. He was standing in a courtyard surround by an 8 foot wall of stone. Some yards away of the cobbled courtyard was a house single. A single story building with a tile roof glass in the windows built in a style he had never seen before. He heard the wolves behind him howl and he made for the door scratched on the scratch plate knocked and let himself in.

Turning he looked at the door saw a heavy bolt and slid it home locking the door behind him.

"Why hello there" said a voice

Ash whirled around lifting his staff and saw a Fox standing in a doorway part way down the hall "I see I have a visitor my name is Kennet welcome" said the fox

Ash looked at the fox dressed in a silk shirt and pants " I am sorry to have barged in but I was afraid the wolves would get in"

"Oh you don't have to worry about them, they probably thought you were lost and guided you here" Kennet said.

"What are they I have heard of wolves but never of any that stood nearly 4 feet tall" ash asked

"They are Dire Wolves they come far from here I guess you could call them my guardians they make sure I am not disturbed in my work, You look tired and worn out I gather you are travelling some where and became lost. I will help you onwards with your Journey but we are going to have a Storm tonight and at this time of year in the mountains they can be particular bad. So I will offer you a bed for the night and I will guide you on your way tomorrow." Kennet said.

Ash looked at the house and shrugged "Are you sure it didn't feel like a storm was coming "

"The weather hear is not as easy to predict to those who live in the mountains we know but more often than not city folks get caught out by them. Follow me I will show you to your room and then give you a tour of the house" Kennet said leading the way down the hall and around a couple corners

"This will be your room" Kennet said as he opened the door onto a room that held a large bed a couple chairs and a table and other odds and end of furniture. "That door over there leads to the bathroom and toilet the windows open onto the Gardens" the foxes paw gesturing.

"I will let you settle in I will return to my private apartment you are welcome to join me Just pull that bell rope and one of the servants will guide you to me" The fox added as he walked out the room and closed it behind him.

Ash looked around the room and marvelled at the furniture it was the most expensive and highest quality he had ever seen. He turned to look out the windows and was about to step out when he noticed one of the huge Dire Wolves was seated next to his window almost as if it was a solder standing to attention at his post.

Ash put his pack down found his dagger at the bottom and attached it to his belt leaving his pack on the bed and his staff leaning next to he run the pulled the bell rope.

A short time later he heard a tap tap on the floor come to a stop outside his door and a scratch "Come in" Ash called.

The door opened and a Fawn stepped in "The lord said you would ring young sir, do you wish food, brought here his Lordship asked me to say you are invited to dine with him, he also said to remind you he invited you on a tour of the gardens"

Ash looked at the Fawn soft brown fur still showing spots standing about a foot shorter than himself he was wearing a small waist coat open to reveal the cream fur of his chest his stomach was uncovered at his waist was a half kilt below which he could see the tips of a pair of large balls showing think to himself that the youngster was hung for his age.

"Lead the way to your master" Ash said the fawn turning to reveal a heart shape patch of cream fur over his buttocks and below his tail. As he Followed the fawn his large balls were visible from behind between his legs rolling and swing as he walked. The cute little tail kept twitching revealing the tight buttocks and little puckered hole beneath the tail. The fawn had a strange flowery herbal scent that was erotic and enticing.

The Fawn stopped at a door and looked up at Ash with a cheerful smile "The Lord is waiting within" he said as turned his kilt flipping up flashing what was hidden below and trotted off Ash could have sworn the fawn knew what he had done and had been teasing him. Showing off his thick sheath and the hand filling deer balls below.

He stood at the door breathing hard his throbbing cat hood erect beneath his pants took a while to relax and withdraw back into his sheath. Knocked and entered when he heard the call from within.

The fox was seated at a table filled with scrolls and books a quills an pencils rested in stands and over the table.

"My young guest you never gave me your name" the fox said as he stood up offering his paw

"I am called Ash"

"do you wish anything to eat or drink now or later. I guess we should take a walk around the gardens before the storm hits" Kennet said as Ash shook his head

"I am alright, this a strange house I never heard of anyone living up here, no one told me about a house either" Ash said.

"Most people would never know it is here they just walk on past, I think the fog made you loose your bearings and by luck you found your way into my little hidden valley" Kennet said as he led him out of the windows and onto a patio revealing manicured lawns squat hedges bordering flower beds with statues and fountains dotted here and there.

The fox led him around past strange plants some which seemed to move of their own accord, Ash noticed that the statues had a couple things in common. They were all male each and every one was naked showing off large genitals some were even erect. One of the fountains showed two males engaged in sex another the large overly endowed male wolf was obviously masturbating

On the way back to the house following a long pond ash noticed the scent of the flowers growing in the water had that same strange scent that the fawn had carried.

As they were about to enter the house Ash felt something his his arm then another as large droplets of water started to come fall from the dark clouds that seemed to have come from no where.

By the time the windows were closed the garden was soaked and a stiff breeze had started in a short time the sky had grown dark apart from when lightening flashed as huge storm raged outside.

They ate a simple meal together meats vegetables biscuits and breads and a fine wine "I hate to say this but I have work I need to attend to Sil will show you back to your room" fox said as the Fawn seems to appear from no where and moved to open the door.

The fawn once again led him back to his room let him in and said "I will bring the rest of the wine you seemed to enjoy it sir"

After he returned Ash had another drink from the wine and got into his bed and went to sleep.

Ash felt hot at the same time he felt movement at his side snapping his eyes open he was laying on a bed, propped up and supported almost sitting up. He was naked his arms pulled up and to the side his legs spread cloth wrapped around his wrists and ankles a soft rope tied around them so as not to rub or burn him. Beside him the now naked fawn was checking the knots of the rope that held his arm.

The fawn turned noticed he was totally naked at the same time as the thick scent of the Fawn hit his nose glancing down he could see the tip of the fawns cock poking from his sheath below it rested the fawns balls at least 5 inches in length looking like they belonged on a much larger male.

The fawn looked at him and smiled as he took a small vile from under the pillow removed the cork and tipped it onto a cloth and before Ash could react wiped it over his muzzle.

"What are you doing" Ash asked panic rising in his voice.

The fawn Sil as he was called looked at him as he backed off the bed rubbed his semi hard cock and said "I remember when I was where you are now, relax the Lord will teach you much and you will enjoy it, He will be here soon I should not be talking to you" he added as he walked away obviously playing with himself.

Ash lay on the bed the scent of what ever had been wiped over his muzzle filling his nose and senses even if he tried breathing with his mouth he could still taste it. Not unpleasant but thick as though with every breath it grew strong and thicker within his body.

Ash could feel his heart beating in his chest blood rushing in his ears his whole body felt warm at the same time relaxed as he could feel his strength leaving his arms and legs. At the same time he started to feel more alert and sensitive as if he could feel every strand of thread in the sheets he was laying on.

He heard a door open and close as Kennet came into view he to was naked and was carrying a box setting it down beside the bed he sat down and looked at Ash "You really are a beautiful young male I wanted you from the first moment I saw you. You see we have met twice before about a year ago I was given an object in payment and I wanted to track down who made such a well crafted necklace. I was told where it came from and I had you craft two object for me. One was just a test and you accomplished it remarkably well the second project was something I designed for you again you did a wonderful job you are remarkably gifted artisan for one with so few years. I made arrangements with your master to acquire your services permanently and insured you would find your way to me."

Ash watched as the fox took a small bag from the box and tipped something into his paw when he saw it remembered the small flexible band he had made. Thin threads of Silver and Gold threads woven in and intricate pattern that held tiny Gemstones Diamonds Ruby's Emeralds and stones he had never seen before. It shone in the Foxes paw like fish scales and seemed to flash with a light from within.

"I see that you remember this, that is good" the fox said as he leaned in grasping Ash's balls pulling them down and looping the tiny belt like flexible ring behind them and closing it with a soft click. Rubbing his balls the fox looked at the felines new decoration and smiled letting go of his intimate parts.

Ash felt the band as his balls pulled back in his sack the strange new feeling making his balls raise and lower against the constricting band. Then as he watched the a glowing light started to emanate from the band. A tingling warmth started to come from the light that grew spreading over his sack and into his balls then flowed up and twisted down towards his tail hole. The tingling warmth moved on again threading its way through his body to concentrate in his sheath flowing along his cock and into the skin of his sheath. The band of light seemed to grow brighter around his sack and the then faded. The once soft flexible band had grown smaller and now appeared to be a solid tighter than before loose enough so as not to hurt him but too small for his balls to be removed without cutting. The Tingling warmth remained behind focused on his sheath cock balls and what he could guess was his prostate. Ash moaned a little as his balls continued trying to pull up into his body but came up against the ring.

"Don't worry my little kitten you will come to enjoy your gift soon" the fox said as his hand moved to cup Ashes now trapped balls. The gentle touch made Ash growl and jerk his hips up at the intense pleasure he felt his cock and sheath throbbed as it surged out of his sheath twitching and jerking.

The fox smiled as he looked down at the reaction "we are almost finished just a little more to do" as he moved to the box picked up a small Vial of some blue glowing liquid "If you haven't guessed I am not a normal fur. I am a Mage and I have certain tastes and needs,as you are now my apprentice you need a few augments before you will be able to fulfil your duties to me."

his other hand now holding what looked like a small Funnel but one with a long and very thin tube putting the vial down on Ashes belly. The fox grasped Ashes cock and it felt like an electric shock had hit his body. Ash could feel his cock growing harder than ever before need for release building in him. As he watched the fox moved the small funnle to his cock the tiny tube touching his urethra then slowly entering spreading the hole open and sliding down into his body. Feeling like he was cumming in reverse he could feel the tube now about half way down his cock that seemed to still be growing harder as he watched the fox picked up the small bottle popped the stopper off and poured the liquid into the funnle.

Ash growled again as he felt the cold liquid flow into his shaft and then deeper into his body he could feel it moving within him the cold seemed to pool at his throbbing prostate and then into his balls. He could feel the two spots of cold within him "Calm kitty we are nearly finnished for tonight you can cum now" was all the fox said as he felt the cold metal slip from his cock.

The fox leaned over to kiss the tip of his rock hard cock so hard it was almost purple, the soft lips moved to kiss each of his balls and then the muzzle moved up and the foxes tongue flicked out to lick him from sheath to tip.

Ash felt his balls contract and his hips jerked as the orgasm burst upon him he roared out hips jerk up and down over and over he felt the surge from his balls he writhed and twisted on the bed and then collapsed panting barely able to catch a breath. He opened his eyes and looked down at his softening cock and belly something was missing.

Then it hit him he was dry not a single drop of cum anywhere in site his balls felt tight in his sack glancing lower they looked larger, swollen feeling tender and heavier in his sack hanging lower than normal.

"You did well kitten, I will leave you now the others will help you and I will see you in the morning" as the fox packed his toys away in his box and headed out leaving behind the strong scent of his own excitement.

Ash woke up to a movement to see a Fennec Fox tidying away the ropes "your awake at last My name is Trent who are you? You are the new apprentice. Where did you come from? Your are going to like it here" Trent said.

"Slow down" Ash groaned, his body felt stiff all over yet he could still feel the tingling and throbbing from his intimate parts "What's he doing to me?"

"Didnt he tell you" trent asked but not waiting for an answer "The Master is making some changes so you will be able to Serve him better." The small Fennec shifted and looked at Ashes crotch then down to his own.

Ash glanced at his sheath his cock tip was poking from his sheath and below his balls held by the tight ring looked a little swollen. Ash moved his paw to them and touched the metal ring feeling it was warm and then to his balls. He whined a little as they were incredibly sensitive even the lightest brush made his hips want to thrust. Taking care he gingerly felt his balls they were a little larger and a lot heavier than normal feeling more dense.

The Fennec spread his legs for a fur who was about 4 feet tall his balls were large and hung low between his kneeling legs they were about the size of large apples. His sheath seemed thicker than it should be for his body size holding more within it than it should. "Do not be angry at the Master we all were at first but what he gives us makes the changes more than worth it"

The sound of a door opening stopped them followed by clawed feet as a wolf came into view Ashes eyes were drawn to the wolfs crotch his sheath was thick and below hung enormous balls that would probably have looked more suited to a Stallion "Don't mind Trent here, he has probably been talking your fur off, Hyper little fox that he is" the wolf said as he petted the small foxes head.

"I will carry you to your room I know your going to be too weak to walk" the wolf said as he bent over the bed and scooped Ash into his arms.

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