Luna Chapter 13 - Meet the Parents

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#13 of Luna

Luna Chapter 13 - Meet the Parents. It's every boyfriend's worst nightmare... meeting the parents. And especially meeting the dad. Even though Luna's parents brought her to this place specifically for her to have sex, Ethan still can't help feeling like her dad is going to be angry with him for deflowering his daughter.

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Luna and Ethan walked down the hall to the dining area and looked for the private rooms. After a minute of searching, they found the room her father told her about, and they stood outside the door.

"Still nervous?" Luna asked him.

"Yeah... a little. I should be used to being naked all the time here by now, but somehow meeting your whole family while being naked still weirds me out a little bit."

"My parents have been here a bunch of times, they're used to it. You have nothing to worry about. Besides, they've all seen your dick already."

"That's not helping," he grinned. "Okay... let's go in."

Luna opened the door and went inside, followed by Ethan. "Hi mom, hi dad. Hi Brandon."

"Hey, it's Luna's cute fox boy!" Anne, John and Brandon said in unison as Ethan walked into the room.

"Oh god you guys, why are you trying to embarrass me?" Luna asked with some exasperation.

She walked over to Brandon and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so glad you could join us," Luna's mother said. "Come, sit down. Ethan, you come sit next to me."

Ethan gulped and looked at Luna, who just nodded at him. He walked around the table to sit down on Anne's right, and Luna sat next to him on his right. Brandon was sitting to Luna's right, and John was sitting between Brandon and Anne.

"Hi Ethan, I'm John," Luna's dad spoke up. "Nice to meet you finally. I've heard a lot about you from Anne."

"Nice to meet you too... sir," Ethan said nervously.

"Aw, that is so cute," Anne said. "Look John, isn't he adorable? I just want to take him home and keep him."

"Now dear, we already have two kids. You can't just keep picking kids up off the street, you know you don't have time to walk and feed them all." He grinned at Ethan.

"He's joking, Ethan," Luna shook her head. "This is what I have to live with every day."

"Sorry, Ethan. Just trying to lighten the tension a little bit. Please call me John, or you can call me dad if you want. That is, if everything I'm hearing about you is true."

"Sorry, si- John, I- what have you heard about me?"

"Oh not much, just that my daughter loves you. And apparently you love her too. Any truth to that?"

Ethan was starting to sweat bullets now. He was really hoping to just ease into that subject after getting to know Luna's family, rather than being thrown into it in the first thirty seconds. But it looked like this was his opportunity to let her family know how he felt about Luna, so he didn't have a choice. Besides, Luna told him her dad was cool, and he trusted her.

Ethan took a deep breath, held Luna's paw under the table, and looked over at John. "Yes. I love her very much. And I want to continue our relationship after this weekend, out in the real world. If- if that's okay," he said quietly and looked down at the table.

John just sat and looked at Ethan for a few seconds, scrutinizing him. "That was a good answer, Ethan," he said calmly, and there was a softer tone to his voice. "I know you love her, Anne told me as much. And I know she loves you. I just wanted to hear it from you is all. I like to get important stuff like this first hand."

Anne nodded in agreement. "We've already talked about it, and you have our blessing to keep seeing each other. In fact we're really happy about it. We like you too, you know," she grinned and placed her paw on Ethan's leg, a little suspiciously close to his crotch.

"And John, you can drop the serious dad act now. I swear, he's been waiting for the opportunity to make Luna's first boyfriend nervous for years. He likes you Ethan, you can relax."

"Yeah, sorry Ethan," John grinned at him. "We do like you. We're hoping to see you a lot in the future, hopefully at our house. Given Luna's age we have to be careful about her having a sexual relationship, but inside our house it's like here - you do whatever you want. And we already know you're having sex, so there's no surprises and no sneaking around or unnecessary tension. Just makes it a lot easier for everybody."

"I- yeah. That sounds great, actually." Ethan said, a little surprised at the frankness of John's response. "Hey, um... my mom comes here too pretty often. She's the one who brought me here. She's not married and doesn't have a boyfriend, it's just the two of us. Maybe I could... bring her over to your house sometime so you can meet her?"

"That's a great idea," John smiled. "Hey hon, maybe she'd be interested in a three way?"

"Oh, I hope so!" Anne grinned excitedly.

Ethan stared at them like their heads were on fire.

"Oh, sorry if that was inappropriate, Ethan. We just figured, if she already comes here for sex on a regular basis, she might be open to it," Anne explained. "We'd love to meet her either way."

John nodded. "You may have noticed that as a family we're very... open, sexually. We started teaching the kids about sex and their genitals a long time ago, because we believe that without open communication and education you get bad decisions, sexual repression and tension. But when everything is already out in the open, like it is here, there's nothing to hide and nothing to worry about. And with good sexual education, like we gave Brandon and Luna, they are able to make smarter, better-informed choices."

"Proof of that is sitting right here," Anne said as she moved her paw another couple inches up Ethan's leg, almost touching his penis.

Ethan looked over at Luna with a somewhat worried expression on his face, and nodded down towards his crotch.

Luna saw what was going on and intervened. "Mom, please stop trying to seduce my boyfriend. We haven't even eaten yet."

Anne withdrew her paw from Ethan's leg. "I'm sorry, honey, I can't help myself. He's just so... delicious."

"Maybe later, okay?"

Ethan turned to look at Luna with surprise written all over his face.

Luna leaned over to whisper in his ear. "You said she was hot, right? So... maybe we can do something together again, later."

For the second time in as many days, Ethan thought he may actually be dead, and in heaven. Just then, the door opened and a couple staff members brought in their food. There were plates of eggs and bacon, waffles, pancakes, muffins, and all manner of breakfast delights.

"We didn't know what you liked so we just ordered a little of everything," John said to Ethan. "Please, help yourself."

"Thank you," Ethan said as he smelled the food and realized he hadn't eaten anything since early the night before, and he was starving. "I didn't realize how hungry I was until just now."

"Well you did burn a lot of calories last night," Luna deadpanned as she reached for a plate of bacon.

"Ha!" John exclaimed. "That's my girl."

"And... you guys are always like this?" Ethan asked.

"No, it probably has something to do with the atmosphere here," Brandon grinned at him. "We're all feeling a little less inhibited than usual, I think. Probably for obvious reasons."

"Sorry, I - I guess I'm just not used to being this open about it. My mom gave me the sex talk a few years ago, but we didn't talk about it much outside of that, and I've never really had anybody else to talk to about it."

"Well you do now," John smiled at him. "Any time, day or night. We'll give you our numbers and address before we leave here this weekend. And of course we don't want to interrupt your time with Luna, but if you need to talk while we're here, Anne and I are always willing to listen."

"Thanks... dad," Ethan said shyly.

"Oh honey, he called you dad," Anne said, nudging John.

"You're welcome, son," John said, beaming. "Man, did Luna pick a good one or what?"

"I told you they would like you," Luna whispered in Ethan's ear.

"Your dad does seem pretty awesome," he whispered back.

Ethan grabbed some waffles and some bacon, and he and Luna ate like they hadn't eaten in a week. They were both still growing after all, and they had burned a lot of calories last night doing the best kind of exercise ever.

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