The werewolf and the praka (small pred/large prey sex and vore)

Story by Strega on SoFurry

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The prakafemme said she could get rid of the werewolf raiding the woods, and the village agreed to pay her if she succeeded, but they never guessed how she'd do it...or that this wasn't the first Were she'd done it to.

The werewolf and the praka

By Strega

It was a plump little prakafemme the werewolf happened across in the woods, and that was just the way he liked them. When big males happened across the little raccoon ladies in town the response was often to offer a handful of coins and tilt their head toward a convenient alley. There, if she were interested, the male would crouch down until her muzzle was just at the right height. Her bright little eyes would look up at him cheerfully for a few minutes, she would swallow a few times, and they would each go on their way, she a little richer and he having scratched that itch every male feels from time to time.

But the werewolf was not in town. He'd been hunting these woods for several weeks now and it was just him and the lone prakafemme fishing in the creek. He licked his chops and considered that he was rather hungry. It would be the fourth solitary praka he'd met in that time and if he had anything to say about it she'd be the fourth to go missing.

He placed his paws carefully lest he leave tracks. The goal was to make it so there'd be no way to connect him to the act unless someone picked through his droppings - and those he buried after a meal like the one he was about to have. With his flexible lycanthropic body he'd have no trouble swallowing her whole. It wasn't as fun or tasty as tearing her apart but why leave evidence when all he craved was a full belly?

Well, perhaps he craved something else too, to be honest, for when the little raccoon-lady leaned forward to apply another worm to her fishing-line her loincloth shifted and he saw she was wearing nothing beneath it. It had been a while since he saw that and the stiffness was immediate.

Strike while the iron was hot, he always said, and the prakafemme found herself suddenly gripped by a pair of powerful clawed hands. She had time for one yelp of surprise as his fingers wrapped around her hips, followed by an even more startled yawp as she was pulled backwards onto rather too much werewolf cock.

With no need to be polite he slammed his hips against hers, fully expecting to get perhaps halfway in and stop cold. Praka males are well endowed for their size, he was told, but they topped out at a hand or so above five feet and he was more than eight feet and five hundred pounds of lean, powerful werewolf. He was far better hung than any praka and even an older prakafemme who'd borne children, who could take his girth, couldn't take his length.

Surprisingly his shaft went in to the hilt as he unsheathed and he looked down, expecting to see blood pouring from her. Surely something must have ruptured inside her to let so much werewolf shaft in through her pussy. He'd never fucked a woman to death but then he'd never mounted a prakafemme this violently, and even though he planned for her to spend the few hours making her way through his digestive system he grimaced at the thought of killing her that way.

Somehow she was still alive, with no sight or scent of blood, so the pause after that first thrust was only momentary. With a bark of laughter he began to hump, working his shaft in and out of the amazingly flexible little prakafemme. Somehow his entire formidable length fit into her and even when his knot began to swell the elastic lips of her sex took it in. Instead of shrill cries of pain - he'd heard those before - she was churring in pleasure and it was not long before the slippery raccoon flesh wrapped around a foot - plus knot - of werewolf cock had the inevitable effect.

She was still letting out chirps of excitement when he let out his own long growl and shuddered, tail lashing, and filled what should have been an unwilling lover with great gouts of werewolf semen.

Were he with a female wolf now the grapefruit-sized knot would lodge in tight, and he'd spend the next half hour or so tied to her and oozing further semen whether he liked it or not. That required special muscles on the female's part or a tighter pussy than this stretchy little raccoon had, and with a pop and slurp he pulled her off. Up until now she might not know who or what had taken advantage of her, pressed against the grass by his huge hands as she was, but as werewolf shaft thick as her knee slid from her sex he turned her in his hands. She got her first good look at her assailant as he lifted her high, grinning. Then the grin widened into a yawn as he pushed her toward his gullet.

It was not part of the plan for the little raccoon in his grasp to grab her lower jaw and pull, yawning vastly, impossibly wide, wider than his own gape by far. With a startled grunt of his own he found his muzzle and skull wrapped in wet flesh and felt the scratch of little fangs as her narrow muzzle wrapped around his far thicker neck. The startlingly tight grip of her gullet forced his own yawn shut and for a moment he just blinked in dull confusion.

It didn't last. He knew there were predatory praka out there and it seemed he'd encountered one. Maybe this was even a trap set by the nearby raccoon/halfling village. If so it was a poor one. A 'gulper' praka might manage prey a little larger than itself, maybe even twice their weight if it were tied up or helpless, but he hugely outweighed this little lady and was all wiry muscle and claws. His hands had never left her, as he had himself pulled her close and gotten into this odd situation, so he simply straightened his arms and pushed her off.

At least he tried to. The flesh around his head gripped down tighter than any whore's asshole, and the suction was such that push though he might the little raccoon could not be dislodged. She wasn't biting down, not that she could in any case with her jaws stretched so wide, but rather it was as though she were sucking so powerfully as to seal herself to him. It also made the air inside uncomfortably thin, and with his patience exhausted he dug in his claws. If he couldn't pull her off he would simply tear her apart.

That didn't work either. She was so thin-stretched around his huge head he could hardly feel the fur on her skin and her pelt dimpled under the pressure of his sharp claws but did not tear. It didn't seem to hurt her at all, though he felt the dig of his own sharp claws through her hide. Beginning to get a bit concerned at last he bore down with all his might, and still her flesh did not rip. What was this little raccoon lady made of?

Then the pink-tinged darkness around him shifted and his eyes went wide, for the flesh wrapped around his head began to slip downward. Little disjointed jaws slid over his muscular shoulders with impossible ease and he felt the tickle of small but sharp claws as she dug her fingers into his fur to help pull herself even further over him. At the same time the horrible sucking grip grew still tighter.

Gasping for breath he struggled, only to have the unnaturally stretchy raccoon keep right on pulling him in. It should have been impossible. A predatory praka might manage his head, but even if it got its jaws over his shoulders there was a limit to the elasticity of a body. A stomach can only stretch so far.

As more and more of him was pulled down her throat he realized that she was not like a normal praka. There was no creak of bone as her ribs expanded to let the next few inches of him in. No gurgle as organs moved aside to let her stomach expand a bit more. He'd heard all of those as he swallowed his own prey, but this raccoon was not like that.

She didn't have bones, or organs. As the wet folds of flesh slipped over his face and her torso expanded to accommodate his shoulders he realized that her whole body was a stomach, an immensely elastic and tough one at that. Somehow she expanded herself, swelling her hollow body, and as the wet folds of stomach pulled away from his sodden face the resulting void created a vacuum that pulled even more of him in. She was not so much swallowing as sucking him in, and though he struggled and squirmed he couldn't stop her.

When his hands were drawn into her body-stomach he began to thrash and claw, ripping at the walls and biting down on any flap of stomach wall he could get his teeth into. His claws and teeth left dimples in the flesh that gradually filled back in; the stomach wall was so tough he couldn't do any real damage. Gradually he was sucked in, swelling her body grossly around twice her height and tenfold her weight in werewolf. Twice he managed to get his hands against the rubbery walls and push a few inches of himself back out, but the pull of her gullet was relentless. Each time he fought to escape he eventually tired, and each time he faltered he was pulled back in further than before. It was a slow and horrifying end for a proud wolf, but in the end he simply could not stop her.

When her impossibly distended maw was wrapped around his waist the suction became, if anything, more pronounced. His rump and the root of his tail were sucked in with a long slurp and all that was left outside but a set of long, strong, kicking legs and a tail lashing with frustration.

Other praka were there to see the end of it. They'd skulked in the undergrowth for some time, having arrived in time to see the werewolf pull a knot the size of a man's head from her sex and try to eat her. That had not gone well for the wolf at all, and by the time there was nothing left of him but a pair of huge padded paws and a tailtip they were grinning and pointing.

But nervously. When, finally, with a series of herculean gulps the wolf's paws and tail were taken in and swallowed, the eldest of the raccoon-folk approached just near enough to leave a bag of coins by her side. Curious though he plainly was he did not stroke her distended pelt to feel the struggles of the wolf trapped within.

Instead he watched from a couple of yards away until it was plain from the weakening movements beneath her pelt that the werewolf would not escape. Then he spoke.

"I don't know what you are, but thank you," he chittered in prakaspeak. "I thought you were one of us, that you would use magic to overcome the wolf when you offered. I didn't expect...." his voice trailed off as he looked at the massive bulge of curled-up wolf inside her. Her arms and legs and head and tail hung from the bulge like afterthoughts. Impossibly elastic pelt rippled as the doomed wolf sought to escape a slow digestive fate. Pink skin showed where the fur was stretched thin.

"Thank you," he said again. "But please do not come back to our town. You are not like us."

She could not reply, stuffed to bursting as she was. There was no way to emit a sound beyond a long, high-pitched belch, though she had managed to rehinge her jaws. Ambulatory stomach that she was she had no lungs, just a bellyful of air - or wolf, at the moment.

Soon the praka left, casting last nervous glances at the inexplicably predatory little raccoon woman. None approached close enough to touch, not even from the end opposite her arms. They were wise enough to know how little they understood her, and from a lack of understanding comes mistrust.

Completely justified mistrust, in this case. When the last rustle of undergrowth stilled from their departure, and some minutes past that, she finally stirred. little clawed hands felt over the barely moving bulge, feeling how the wolf was curled up. When she knew which of her openings his muzzle was closest to she let out a chirp and tensed.

A ripple moved through her pelt as the opposite of swallowing occurred. It was not just an expansion of her hollow body and the attendant suction that had let her consume the wolf. Her strange body was muscular in its own way and as her powerfully elastic stomach walls tensed as the bulge that was the wolf's muzzle was forced down between her legs. Moments later a wet black nose, followed by a gray muzzle covered in slicked-down fur appeared from her sex.

With a long churr of pleasure she pushed again and the werewolf's entire head burst impossibly from her vagina. Even this part of him was nearly as large as her whole body as the pink lips of her sex stretched like elastic around his neck. The werewolf gasped for air and blinked at the sudden light, his pelt sodden with her inner fluids and the copious volumes of seed he'd spent in her not so long ago. As the swollen little raccoon lady tensed again one of his hands appeared, wet as the rest of him, and quick as a flash he reached out and grabbed a nearby stump.

Powerful lupine muscles went hard under his fur as he tried to pull himself out, but all he succeeded in doing was dragging her a few inches closer to the stump. It wasn't until the raccoon chirped in pleasure and bore down once more that his shoulders appeared. The bizarre birth continued as his furry body was expelled from her sex, and when the stretched pink lips were wrapped around his hips she let out a long shuddering squeak and squeezed one last time.

The werewolf looked over his shoulder wide-eyed as he was squirted forth with such force that the much lighter raccoon was propelled away from the stump. His legs appeared in one long slide and finally his hindpaws, which at one point he'd have bet were about as much as a praka predator could manage, popped loose from her snatch.

Feroz sat up, shaking droplets of unidentifiable fluids from his arms and the little raccoon resumed her previous shape. It was obvious now that she didn't have hip bones, or any bones in her torso at all. When he had emerged from her sex it had pushed her legs so far apart the resulting gape was three feet wide. Now she sat up, shrugging her shoulders and moving her legs as her body gradually returned to its original shape. A minute after giving birth to a werewolf ten times her mass you would never have known she was anything but cute, moist and slightly chubby prakafemme.

"I didn't believe you, Ria," Feroz growled. "And was I wrong. I thought you were just going to swallow my head and then I'd play dead. When you said you'd swallow me whole, well, I was sure you were exaggerating."

The raccoon giggled and picked up the heavy pouch of coins. "Oh, the Maker made me well. You'd be amazed what I can swallow."

"I doubt that," Feroz said with a smile as she began to count out the coins. It had taken a week of raiding to convince the village to hire her to deal with the werewolf threat. It had taken weeks before that to find just the right target, since a town closer to the Maker's lands would have gul warriors or volpa adventurers within easy reach. The villagers would never know that only two of their missing people had met their end thanks to him. Ria had spent a week digesting the first one they caught. Her present plumpness was largely due to her cannibalization of a fellow praka - if she was really a praka at all. The werewolf wasn't sure any more. She looked like one, smelled like one, her pussy tasted like one, but....

"We should probably move on. Try a human town this time," she chittered. She couldn't speak Common, which was normal for a praka. About the most normal thing about her, Feroz now knew. She produced a second pouch from somewhere - he decided not to think about that too much - scooped half the coins into it, and handed him his share.

"I haven't eaten a human in a while," Feroz growled. He had long since stopped wondering whether that counted as cannibalism. He only returned to human form now when he needed to blend in, greatly preferring his strong, durable and far more exciting wolf-man shape. "Digesting them takes a bit longer than praka, since they're bigger."

Ria shrugged. "So it takes a couple more days to convince them to hire me. We have time. Or you could just rip them apart. You don't have to swallow them whole."

"But it's fun when they wiggle," Feroz said with a grin, and Ria threw back her head and laughed.

"Yes, it is," she giggled. "Now, we should probably go before someone comes this way. You've eaten enough praka for one week."

Feroz looked pointedly down at the thick pink tip protruding from his sheath. The lips of her sex had squeezed and stroked it as he was expelled, and his erection still hadn't gone down.

"Well, I suppose we can't have you walking around with that hanging out," said the little raccoon-femme with a smile. "Lie down, dear."

Feroz lay back with his head on his hands and watched her climb up atop him. It wasn't the first time he'd seen her impale herself but it always filled him with amazement. Ria settled down, her flexible sex sucking in a cock the size of her lower leg, and began to rock back and forth. Stretchy as she was she still enjoyed sex. The first night he met her he had spent himself in each of her three holes, and though he'd never seen her do it he was sure she could swallow a man - or a werewolf - with her ass as easily as with her mouth or sex. A stomach with arms and legs and face and tail, was Ria.

All she was swallowing now was his cock, and Feroz growled hoarsely as his knot began to swell. It never took her long to milk the seed out of him. He pawed her roughly, squeezing those little breasts in the sure knowledge he wouldn't hurt her. When the wizard made Ria he'd made her tough.

"Good thing werewolves are tough," he said to distract himself and prolong the inevitable a bit. "Even so, your stomach acids sting a bit."

She let out a little chirp each time she rocked now, for elastic as she was his growing knot pressed against her in pleasurable places. "I'm little," she chittered. "Even humans take forever to digest, and they don't heal like you do. That's why I asked you in on this - you can take it. We can do it again and again, town after town."

Feroz groaned. The squeeze her sex was applying was irresistible. Try as he might to hold back it was only a matter of seconds now.

The werewolf snarled and arched his back as he came, lifting her into the air, and Ria let out a long whine of pleasure as his knot swelled to its full size inside her. This time she'd let him stay mounted for a bit, for Feroz was a good lover.

She'd be sorry when impulse finally overcame her and she couldn't bring herself to let him back out. He was the third Were she'd run this con with. One werewolf and one werebear had preceded him, and they'd thought she couldn't digest them, either. There would come a time when she'd cough up a mass of wolf fur near the size of her whole body, and then she'd have to find yet another partner.

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