Life 8, Day by Day

Story by Kalagar on SoFurry

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#8 of A Little Thing Called Life

Chapter 8, Day by Day.

In this chapter, we learn a bit more about the day to day life of Draco and his family, and Diesel has a special surprise in mind for Draco, which ends with a big bang!

For Draco, the days seemed to pass by without a second thought, with no two days the same. He had managed to earn more respect on the bus than he had thought possible, and his reputation among the high school staff solidified and unwavering.

It was the second semester, which meant that it was time to start working on his second production of the school year with his advanced class.

Draco would spend his evenings in his study reading over scripts of various plays, looking for elements of comedy, drama, and suspense. This was, without a doubt, the hardest part of being a theater teacher, because he rarely found a play he didn't like. He thought from time to time about writing his own, but decided each time that there just wasn't enough time for him to make it good.

On some evenings, Marco and Diesel would sit in with him and read over the play with him, which was helpful to say the least.

When he finally stopped to take a break, he and his family would talk over dinner at the kitchen table, after which he would help Marco with his other homework. Draco wasn't the brightest when it came to math, but he was better at it than Diesel (who managed to barely squeeze through high school math).

Draco had grown quite comfortable with his life. He didn't mind the day to day, because he never had the same day twice. He loved his family, he loved his job, he even loved driving his big yellow 2008 International school bus.

On Saturdays, he took the day to spend time with his family, which after a while seemed to find it's own structure. In the early part of the day, the three of them would sit down to a home cooked breakfast, then they all went out for a family activity, such as catching an early movie, or walking through the park. After that, diesel would go into work and Draco and Marco would spend the day together. They usually went to Mane Event Entertainment and engaged in laser tag battles, or a game of glow golf.

The last part of the evening was time devoted to Draco and Diesel, and they always took advantage of this time to be at least a little naughty, Diesels favorite time of the week.

The two of them tried to find a different nice restaurant each week to eat at, then they would head home to finish the evening with a bang, and it certainly was a loud bang every time!

Marco spent the night with one of his friends every Saturday night so that the adults could have their special time. On Sunday morning, Marco would go to church with his friends family. After church, his friends parents would drop Marco off at home, and the rest of the day was spent playing catch up on different things.

For Marco, he would spend his Sundays finishing any left over homework, Diesel would pay any bills that were due, and Draco would catch up on housework that usually fell behind during the week.

Sometimes, if they got done with their usual Sunday chores, the three of them would move on to do outside yard work, which was long and tedious. There wasn't much to be done during the winter when the grass was dead, but there were leaves to rake and trash to pick up.

It took him a couple weeks, but he finally managed to select a play for his advanced theater class. It was a dark production, but 'The House of Blue Leaves' had plenty of suspense, and more than its fair share of drama.

He decided that he would do a brighter play at the start of the next year to offset the dark content of this one.

Draco managed to pull Marco, and a couple other students who were passing their other classes out to help him with the set during the school day, and tryouts were held after school on a Tuesday evening.

Diesel had been trying to plan find a good time to really do something romantic for Draco, but it was difficult to do so when everyone seemed content with the way things were. Diesel had learned from Draco to try to find something different about each day so that no two days are exactly the same, but he had to admit to himself, each day may be different, but the way each day was structured was always the same.

Diesel wanted to break the structure for just one day, because he wanted to do something new and extremely special for the dragon. He then had an idea just how he was going to do it, so he talked to Draco about one Saturday in the month following where they would start their alone time early and go on a couple's only trip.

Jason listened to Draco talk about his life and his families lives, and could tell that something big was about to happen, something that would change everything. He knew that he should be happy for his dragon friend, but he couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy and guilt.

If he had made his move sooner after he and Jacob had separated, then he would have the dragon for himself, but instead he waited and that husky took him.

Jason tried not to let it get to him, and he kept dwelling on the conversation between him and Marco. He had to hope that Draco did like him deep down, but it was starting to seem like the dragon may never see it now. Nonetheless, he managed to stay positive at the thought that at least Draco was in his life, an eternity in the friendzone was better than a life of not knowing Draco.

On one particular evening, they had gotten a slightly earlier start to their personal time, and Diesel took Draco out to Balmorhea, a natural springs in west Texas. The water was just starting to cool down from the summer season, and the two of them managed to find a small cave that gave them a bit of privacy.

The cave was masked by a small waterfall, making it the perfect atmosphere for the two of them to be alone together. Draco leaned back against the stone wall as Diesel cuddled against his cool scales. They spent what felt like hours in perfect, blissful silence, using their touches and looks to communicate with each other.

Every now and then, they would start to kiss, though neither of them wanting to ruin that perfect moment, they would eventually break away before it got too intense.

Draco basked in the warmth of the moment as they slowly ticked by, cherishing each second, knowing too well that he would never experience this day again for as long as he lived.

At a time, when the moon shone right through the falling water and into the cave, Diesel pretended to shift and fall into the water, causing Draco to laugh, his heavy chuckles echoing around the small cavern. When Diesel resurfaced, however; he was holding up a box with a stunning gold and silver wound ring, Draco could hear both of their hearts start to race as Diesel started to speak.

"Draco, I love you, and I may not know what's going to happen tomorrow, or next year, but I do know that I don't want to go through it without you. You are my world, and it is with much love that i come to you today to ask for your hand. Draco, will you marry me?"

Draco sat at the edge of the water, shocked beyond belief, yet at the same time, thrilled. With his heart hammering inside him, he felt a tear well up in the corner of his eyes. He went to speak, there was so much that he wanted to say, but he could only manage just a few words and hoped that his expression told the rest.

"Diesel... I... " he started but couldn't find just the right words and said only what he was able. "Diesel... Yes, of course I will!..." was all he could squeeze out, but just as he had hoped, his eyes said the rest.

Draco helped his fiance out of the water, at which point Diesel locked Draco into a heated, very loving kiss.

Draco picked the husky up as they continued to kiss. He stepped down into the shallow water and with his future husband in his arms, walked through the curtain of water, and took flight back to their tent where they had planned on spending the rest of the night.

Once Draco set his husky down on his feet, Diesel pushed him down onto the air mattress and crawled on top of him. Since they were both only wearing swimming trunks, it was easy work for the husky to pull the dragons trunks off, to reveal his rock hard, ribbed cock jutting straight up.

Diesel slowly removed his own speedo, allowing his large dominant cock to rush forward and slap Draco on the tip of his nose.

Draco needily wrapped his forked tongue around the shaft in front of him and began to massage the length of the husky's large dick as he used his reptilian tail to tickle at the canines tailhole.

Diesel gasped loudly as the scaled tail tickled at his hole as he reached down and firmly grabbed the dragons taut ass. He then pulled his large dick away from the dragon's mouth and lifted Draco's legs up.

"I hope your flexible Mr. Blaiz" Diesel said with a large grin, causing the submissive dragon to take a large gulp. The husky started to push on Draco's hips, causing the dragons back to arch, bringing his own dragon dick closer to his own mouth.

Diesel reached around and grabbed the dragon's cock, forcing Draco to suck on his own manhood, while Diesel placed his slightly larger cock head at the dragon's tailhole and slowly started to push in, causing Draco to moan around his own cock.

The husky then started to slowly thrust in and out of the dragons hole. with each thrust, he got harder and faster, the momentum of the husky's thrusts pushing Draco's own cock further into his mouth.

Draco was lost in sex heaven, the love of his life was fucking his brains out, while at the same time forcing him to suck on his own cock, his pre juices flowing into his mouth, a climax building up inside his concealed orbs.

Diesel started to growl softly as his own climax started to build up, getting louder as the coming orgasm grew more and more intense.

Draco sucked his own cock longingly, wanting the double orgasm more than anything else at that moment.

All at once, Diesel gave a long, loud howl as he shot his load into his dragons awaiting tail hole, his orgasm triggering Draco's own orgasm into his mouth.

Draco moaned loudly as his tailhole was stuffed with Diesel's cum, and his mouth was filled with his own.

The two of them were able to re-position into a comfortable laying position, despite Diesel still being stuck inside the dragon.

Draco coiled his tail around the husky as Diesel licked the dragons cum from around the scaliles chin. Once Diesel had Draco cleaned off, the two of them drifted off into a blissful sleep, ready to move forward together.

Together forever.

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