Counter Earth Chronicles Chapter 32: Inside Out

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#33 of Counter Earth Chronicles

Last Chapter-

Alex started serving his punishment at Lady Ursa's direction. He cleaned Sir Ram's Lair bottom to top and top to bottom. As a reward, Sir Ram introduced Alex to his new girlfriend Mara a product designer and tester who took a instant liking to the little human. So much so she experimented on him....

Counter Earth Chronicles

Chapter 32: Inside Out

Day 105 continued

It was late Saturday afternoon when I left Mara's lab- I had just enough time to make it back to Lady Ursa's lair. Upon my arrival I combed the domicile to see if my mistress also had one of those automated cleaning systems. I didn't recall ever seeing one before, but if she did- we were going to have some things to talk about that evening during dinner.

Unfortunately there wasn't so I started cleaning the regular old way. After that, I started dinner and continued researching ONE. My mistress arrived home a little after 7 PM. Quite late for a Saturday mind you.

"Greetings pet and how was your day?" She said as she walked in carrying some items.

"Tiring mistress. Very tiring. Dinner will be ready in a minute."

We sat down to dinner which was tunafish on top of pasta with green peppers, tomatoes, red peppers and onions that evening. My she beast admired how clean our domicile looked and that I was able to make dinner and clean our lair despite my weekend servitude.

"So who did you visit today pet?" She asked as she started eating.

"Sir Ram." I responded simply. "I spent all morning cleaning his lair and in the afternoon I met his girlfriend Mara and helped her with some outstanding experiments she had. I got back a few hours ago and had just enough time to clean and prepare dinner." I said to her.

"Interesting. You know Mara is a cousin of Billy, Sir Ram's protege."

(That made sense. They are both goats.)

"You did an outstanding job as always pet. But you know that means you will be spending Sunday cleaning Lady Vermin and Lord Tiger's lairs."

"Yes mistress. I know." I replied as I started eating.

"Don't sulk pet. It is not becoming of you." My fierce ursine warrior said placing her paw on my hand.

"So how was your day?"

"Tiring as well pet, I had several meetings to attend in Lord Tiger and Lady Vermin's place. I also had many errands I had to run in and around the city."


"I also went shopping and in fact, I bought some new clothes for you to wear around the lair." She said frankly.

"Really mistress?"

"Yes, pet I bought you a new loincloth. I think some of your others are becoming quite warn and thin."

My she beast had me try it out right there at the high table while we were eating dinner. This new loincloth she bought me was quite different than my others- it was comprised of a white cummerbund that fit comfortably around my waist right at my hips. Extending down the front was a long flap of white fabric (like a flag waving from a pole) with two stripes on either side just long enough to cover the front of my genitals. Anyone standing next to me could easily see behind it. Speaking of behind, I noticed that mine was quite drafty while I was trying out my new clothing. It was then that I realized the frontal flap was the only protection the thing offered.

"I think it looks adorable on you!" My lady bear cooed.

"Mistress this barely covers my boy-bits and my hindquarters are completely exposed!"

"Precisely!" My she beast laughed.

"My punishment is complete." I said as Lady Ursa squeezed my butt. "Mistress how many times can someone say they are sorry?!"

"Now pet I told you all is forgiven."

(Yeah my beloved she beast had forgiven me. But she had not forgotten a fact that she was going to remind me of for a long time to come.)

"Besides unlike your other loincloths this one exemplifies your assets!"

My she beast explained that my new loincloth made my rump all that more cuter and allowed her easier access to my privates when she was in need. I begged my mistress not to make me wear that thing when she had company in the lair. She thought about it for a minute before she decided that I needed a matching set. My mouth hit the floor and she burst into laughter at seeing my reaction.

(At least she was enjoying herself.)

That night my fierce she beast cuddled me tightly after removing my new clothing and I did manage to sleep rather well. Which was good because I was going to need my rest for my labors of the coming day.

Day 106

I arrived at Lady Vermin's Lair around 9 AM. It was also on the east side of Castle Wundagore. But was a floor above Sir Ram's lair and a floor below Lady Ursa's. After knocking on the door. I heard a rustling inside and then a "Come in it's open."

I walked into the she beast's lair where I found her on a couch watching the hub.

"Thank you for visiting this superior being- to what is the purpose of your visit today little human?" The rat lady asked me.

"I am here on the orders of my mistress to assist you with all your cleaning needs- rooms straightened, floors mopped, windows washed, messes organized and dust dusted." I said to the beastial warrior and scout.

"Ah yes Ursa did tell me that you would be assisting me with spring cleaning this weekend. You can place you cleaning supplies over there and start in the bedrooms Alex."

Unlike Tauren's, Lady Ursa's and Sir Ram's lairs, which were townhouses- Lady Vermin lived in a apartment. Slightly larger than Lea's with a kitchen, laundry, bathroom, living room and three bedrooms. One was used for exercising and another for storage. All of it was on one floor.

"So how is your recovery going?" I asked the rat lady while I studied each room of her lair.

"It is going well little human. My physical wounds were healed upon my return."

"What about the emotional wounds?" I asked her.

"They will heal with time. That is why Lord Tiger and I have taken some time off."

"That must have been some mission!" I added prying for details- any details.

"Nice try little Alex. It's classified."


"Can't blame a guy for trying."

"Find what you are looking for?" The rat lady asked curiously as I continued to look around.

"I thought you had an automated cleaning system like Sir Ram."

"That is only in the larger lairs like his. You won't find it in the smaller ones like mine or Lady Ursa's." The rat warrior responded amused.

Lady Ursa was indeed cunning- if I would have bothered to look- I would have gotten a break yesterday cleaning Sir Ram's lair. But it wasn't to be the case today. Damn! I surmised that I would spend half the day at Lady Vermin's then the other half at Lord Tiger's. As Sir Ram had said to me, there were worse punishments than this.

I started cleaning the three bedrooms first dusting, mopping, then moved to the bathroom and then laundry room. All the while Lady Vermin was comfortably resting on her sofa engrossed in some movie on the hub:

_Sunset was upon the jungle one lazy evening. In the clearing a female jungle hare was enjoying her evening meal when she was suddenly disturbed; she had caught a sound on the wind. The female listened for a moment- then thinking nothing about it went back to eating. As she did there came a loud rustling noise from behind which spelled her doom. _

The hare was pinned on the ground under a paw, which belonged to a brown wolf. A female brown wolf. All too soon the female hare realized she had made a critical error in judgement that had cost her her life.

"Help! Help! Some one please help me!" The female hare shrieked.

"There is no one here to help you." The she wolf calmly said to the scared hare.

_The female hare lowered her gaze and started crying. She knew her life was now at an end. _

"Now my young will perish without me to take care of them!" She said to the wolf defeatedly.

"What happened to their father?" The she wolf asked.

"He disappeared some weeks ago which left me as their sole provider. It has been quite hard caring for them all by myself." The jungle hare said to the wolf.

_The she wolf then stared the scared hare directly in her face. _

"What was the name of your mate?"

_"Clover." The scared hare responded. _

Hearing that the she wolf lowered her head to meet the face of the scared rabbit. Gently she licked the away the rabbit's tears and then kissed her.

"What was that for?" The hare asked point blank. "Some sick ritual you perform before you devour your prey?"

"I know what happened to your Clover." The she wolf said to her prey. "I ate him."

The jungle hare upon hearing this started shaking- badly.

_"I promised him that his death would not be in vain; I would not waste any of his meat and that he would fill and completely nourish me. But an hour later I was hungry." The she wolf said to the hare. _

"He was on a diet."

"So that explains it! What is your name hare?" The she wolf asked.

_"Rose. I am also on a diet." The female hare quickly responded. _

The female wolf gently kissed the hare again. "This is your lucky day little rabbit. If I were to eat you. I do believe that an hour later I would be hungry as well. Further, I believe that without their mother your brood would die affecting all of my future hunts. So I will let you live today and probably for some time to come as well until you fatten up. I guess it is also the least I can do seeing that I made a meal of you mate."

_The female hare was shocked that the she wolf had let her go. _

"Thank you?"

"Yes you are welcome. If I were you, I would give your brood extra hugs and kisses this evening Rose and stay on your diet- that way you will stay off mine." The she wolf said as she released the hare. "Now on your way."

The hare didn't have to be told twice, she fled as soon as the she wolf lifted her paw.

"With an attitude like that- it is no wonder you don't starve!" Came a voice from behind the brown wolf.

"Not when I have a brave a noble hunter looking out for me!" The she wolf said as she trotted toward her companion and lover a grey panther.

I had just started cleaning the kitchen and was only half listening to the movie when I took a quick peek from behind the wall into the living room.

(Oh my gosh there was a sequel to Jungle Adventure?! Damn!)

I quickly wiped the counters and cabinets so that I could slyly watch the movie while Lady Vermin did the same unawares that she had company.

"Besides that she was on a diet and scrawny; if I had devoured her I would have been hungry an hour later." The she wolf said as she nuzzled her panther.

"Speaking of food Maki, I brought dinner." The panther said as he returned the nuzzle. "This way."

The panther escorted his mate back to their lair where he had dinner ready and waiting, two lizards and a side of parrot. He watched Maki eagerly feed with a delicious lusty look in his eyes.

Maki looked up from her feeding. "Don't you want anything Kala?"

_"Watching you eat is good enough for now." The panther replied. "You have come a long way from the gaunt, thin, weak creature I met weeks ago. That pelt of yours now has the softest fur, and the nicest color and your ribs are no longer protruding either. In fact you are blossoming into a nice adult female." _

"You have changed too Kala, you don't seem so lonely anymore- in fact I notice you seem to be smiling a lot lately. Like right now."

"That is because I found something very special my little wolf. I found a friend, a companion, a lover and mate. I found you." The panther said licking his lips approaching the brown wolf.

Kala kissed his mate licking the blood from her lips. He hadn't been entirely truthful though he was hungry- but not for dinner. He was hungry for something else- his wolf!

"Maki! Do you hear that?" The panther asked as he pushed his mate into a crouching position.

"Hear what?" She asked.

"I think we are in for some weather."

"I don't hear anything?!" The she wolf added listening carefully for thunder or lightening.

"I think it is going to rain!" The grey panther said with a wicked smirk on his face. "In here!" The panther swiftly and deftly mounted the crouched she wolf burring his thick cat meat into her into most depths.

"Mrrr!!!!" The she wolf said surprised. "You have been quite horny lately stud."

"It is not often one can have such entertainment right after dinner my love. Sorry for the abruptness."

"As long as I can feel those orbs of yours. You may be quite lithe and agile for a cat- but your equipment is quite huge my love." The she wolf managed to blurt out in ragged breaths as she was humped by the grey panther.

"OHHH SO SO GOOD!" The pair moaned in unison.

The panther was pounding the she wolf for all she was worth preparing to 'rain' inside of her. The she wolf for her part was enjoying every bit of the rough mating session and the scenic view of their jungle from the promontory.

"I hope you're ready my love, I think this torrential storm is going to bring massive flooding!! Grrr!" The panther snarled as he prepared to empty himself into his mate.

The she wolf was preparing to receive her lover's torrent as she casually observed a party of nine wolves emerging from the river into their jungle in the distance.

**RAWWRR!!!** Kala roared as he emptied his essence into Maki.

"Invaders!" Maki squeaked.

"I wouldn't quite describe it like that sweetie more like seeds- cub seeds."

"No Kala, we have invaders!"

_The panther peered over his lover's shoulders to see what she had been looking at. He saw the nine wolves who had emerged from the river, his river! They were followed by five more. Their territory was under assault! _

"BORING!" The rat lady said as she abruptly ended the movie.

"Wha?! Are you kidding me!!! THAT WAS HAWT!!! They were just getting to the good part!!! How could you do that?!" I screamed at Lady Vermin.

The rat lady stopped what she was doing, turned around 180 degrees to look at me and I looked at her. I felt an inch high at the moment. There was a *very very very awkward pause_*_ and then she said:

_"_There wasn't enough romance in there for my taste- just sex. Say, shouldn't you be, I don't know- cleaning, my cleaning slave?!"

"Ah yes my lady. I should. But you should have seen the first film it was great! I wasn't aware that there was a sequel." I said hungrily.

Lady Vermin said nothing as she started up another movie and I returned to finish cleaning the kitchen.

(So she likes movies with romance in them? Interesting...)

I managed to finish the kitchen and move onto the living room around the time she started to get engrossed in a new movie which took place on a passenger ship in the ocean. The film appeared to be some sort of period piece perhaps from Counter Earth's past:

_A lone woman, a human female sat at a private table in a luxurious dining room over looking a window that provided a fantastic view of the ocean. The attractive woman in her early forties, was wearing a yellow dress with a red bow. _

She had just finished her lunch amid a spectacular view of the ocean and was contemplating eating the last portion of her fish meal. But something was bothering her- she was bored. Bored with her lunch, bored with the view, bored with her trip she had taken on this vessel and even bored with her life.

"Excuse me is this seat taken?" Came a voice from her left.

"No," The woman replied.

_"Mind if I joined you?" _

"Do whatever you like." The woman responded looking at her plate.

A handsome gentleman dressed in a period grey suite and tie sat down on the opposite side of the table. "So what is a pretty thing like you dining alone on such a big ship on such a wonderful day like this?" He asked.

"Contemplating my existence." The woman responded stoically. "I am bored."

"Bored?!" The gentleman asked. "With what, your lunch, this view, your trip?"

"My life." The woman said simply. "I feel like I seen everything and done everything and there is nothing left to experience or do."

The gentleman studied the woman intensely. "Let me guess." He said. "You were born into nobility and you are a member of wealthy family. This nobility allowed you to do things, experience things a commoner could only dream of. I take it, in your short time on this planet you have lived and done so many things that the average person couldn't accomplish in several lifetimes. How many times have you taken a cruise like this?"

"More than I care to recount." The woman said simply.

"So from your perspective every road has been traveled, every trail has been forged, every book has been read. Your wealth has seen to that and now you are bored with your life." The gentleman said studying the woman. "You have lost your sense of wonder, your sense of discovery and there is no thrill or excitement left in your life at all?"

The woman nodded playing with her fork. "You are a very good judge of character. Sir."

"So you have lived as and helped those much less fortunate than you? Traveled the world? Seen every film, play and musical?" The gentleman asked the woman.

_"Yes, yes and yes." She responded wistfully. _

"My poor, poor dear." The gentleman said condescendingly. "You may think you have seen, done and experienced all there is to experience in this life but you haven't even scratched the surface."

"Oh, and you know this how?!" The woman asked.

"Trust me, I know. My dear there are greater things in Heaven and Counter Earth than what you have experienced in your so called life."

"Damn!! This is getting interesting!!!" I blurted out loud. Hearing that Lady Vermin turned around to give me such a look. I quickly ran to her sofa. "I think I got everything here except this sofa you are on, it looks quite dirty and may need some extra cleaning!"

Lady Vermin watched me clean all around her.

"You know little Alex this movie is starting to get interesting and that is just within the first 20 minutes. You have worked hard cleaning my lair. I tell you what, hurry up and finish cleaning and we will watch it together. Think of it as this superior being's reward to you for doing a fantastic job."

"All right." I said.

I quickly finished the sofa and the rest of the living room. While Lady Vermin drew the curtains darkening the room.

"What was that for?" I asked. The rat lady.

"I have a feeling the rest of our morning is going to be shot watching this." She said slyly opening her shirt up and resuming the movie. She was right:

"Oh and you know this how?" The woman asked the gentleman again.

"Meet me here for dinner and maybe some dancing later. Bring your prettiest dress." The gentleman said as he kissed the woman's hand as he arose from the table and departed.

"Been there, done that and bought the tee-shirt!" The woman snapped back at the man as he left her table. The wealthy female thought about it- she was bored with her life why not? It may offer an interesting diversion and at the very least she would only be wasting her evening.

That evening the two did meet for dinner and dancing. The gentleman arrived dressed in a period black suite and tie and the rich woman was dressed in a pretty red dress.

During dinner the gentleman asked the rich woman about herself. In doing so he learned that her family's primary business was travel- arranging vacations and trips for clientele. The rich woman had indeed seen the world all of it. For her part she could have asked the gentleman his name and anything about his background but she didn't care- she had heard it all. But she did ask the mysterious gentleman what he had meant by the statement he had made to her earlier. He remained evasive.

Dinner concluded and the pair went to one of the upper floors for some dancing in a private ball room over looking the bow of the ship. Music was playing softly in the background as the woman noticed that the room was quite empty.

"Where is everyone else?" She asked her mysterious companion for the evening.

"I thought you would appreciate some time away from the crowd Lisa. It is just us here." The gentleman said as they started to slow dance hand in hand.

"So my mysterious companion, are you going tell me what you meant earlier? Or leave me wondering what are these so called things that are greater than in Heaven and Counter Earth things that I haven't experienced in my life?" The woman said resting her head on the man's shoulder.

_"Yes sweetie." The gentleman said kissing the woman on the check. "We are all alone, now is a good time as any. So my darling, do you know who you have been eating with? Do you know who you have been dancing with this evening?" _

The woman stopped for a moment and looked at her companion. "A dashing and charming nameless gentleman who appears to be in his late thirties and early forties." she said curiously.

"Wrong." The gentleman replied. "I am not a dashing gentleman in his late thirties or early forties. In fact what you see is a false form; I am not human at all."

_The woman watched in awe and horror as the man she had been dancing with moments before morphed from what she perceived was human to a hulking brown furred anthropomorphic wolf beast- thing with huge paws, sharp claws, pronounced ears and snout, fangs and bushy tail! _

"You haven't seen anything like this in all your years of life have you?" The creature asked. His voice sounding deeper and a sharper than before.

_The rich woman was horrified. She stepped back to truly look at the hulking creature before her- his clothes had disappeared during the transformation and all that remained was- a brown tall werewolf-like creature with quite a build. But how?- There wasn't a full moon this evening. The shock was too much for the rich lady. She passed out right there on the ballroom floor. _

_She was promptly caught by the wolf-beast thing who moved swiftly to catch her. _

"Not bored anymore are we?!" The creature responded as he carried her off.

_Some time later Lisa awoke. She was in her cabin on her bed. The mysterious gentleman by her side. _

"Dearest are you ok?" He asked.

_"How did I wind up back here?" _

"Your scent is all over this room. I assumed it was yours." The gentleman replied.

"What happened?" The woman asked.

"You fainted when I did this...." The gentleman said as he transformed before the woman again.

Lisa shrieked again as she stared at the hulking were-creature. She looked him over again as the creature gently lifted her hand and kissed it.

"Who are you? What are you?!" She asked regaining her composure.

"I see you are no longer bored my dear." The creature said condescendingly.

The woman studied the creature again and again. He looked like a anthropomorphic wolf with more pronounced features- paws, claws, tail and thick bushy mane around his neck.

"You are no longer scared of me?" The creature asked the astounded woman in a low voice.

_"No, if you wished to harm me you could have easily ripped me in two in the ballroom or thereafter. But instead you brought me here after I fainted. So what are you? You looked like you were human but you are clearly not. This form is reminiscent of lycanthropy. But there isn't a full moon tonight and your transformation while not painful, was at your own will." _

"Ah, it looks like someone has regained her sense of curiosity and wonder!" The creature said releasing the woman's hand and standing up from her bedside. "Your kind calls my kind and creatures such as I chimeras. You- may call me Keith."

"Why did you come on this cruise?" The woman asked as she studied the creature again- admiring his muscular physique. "Do you like to vacation with those not of your kind or are you on a mission?"

"My dear." The creature said taking the woman's hand again. "I am on a mission for your kind. You could say that I am on a hunt." The creature said simply.

"You are a spy for our government?! Given your given abilities that would make you one hell of an agent. But why work for us humans?" Lisa asked Keith.

"I have my reasons." The creature responded cryptically. "I have been working for your kind for a long, long time."

"Thank you for your service. But what is your interest in me?"

"Simple my dearest." The creature said kissing the woman on the cheek. "When I chanced upon this bored female this afternoon I became smitten. Upon learning that she found her existence boring and tedious, I couldn't help but show her a good time by shattering her so called hum-drum reality. I think I did a good job don't you think?"

"You did my mysterious gentleman. You rekindled my curiosity and my sense of discovery and wonder."

"Well thank you for a wonderful evening my dearest. I have to get back to my mission." The creature said preparing to leave.

"Where do you think you are going dearest?" The woman asked. "You are the most interesting thing- the best thing to happen to me in a long long time! Your mission can wait. I want to know all about you- where you come from, what is life like there. How you ended up meeting our kind. Why you decided to come into our service, whether those clothes you were wearing were real or an extension of your false form..." The woman said removing her dress and sitting on the creature's lap.

Hearing that the chimera decided to delay his mission a little longer to entertain his special lady of the evening. He told her as much about him as he could without compromising his mission.

_After that Lisa kissed her companion passionately and deeply. Later that evening the rich woman personally and intimately thanked the chimera for his service to human kind. _

Very carefully Keith picked up his lady friend up and placed her on the bed in her small cabin room. He took his time and was quite careful not to slice the woman with his razor sharp claws. But her undergarments weren't as lucky.

"Uh sorry about that dearest." He responded.

"Those rags? Don't worry about it." She said removing the remnants from her exquisite feminine form. "Now come here my muscular companion. This female wishes to explore your exquisite physique and ah, thank you for your service."

Lisa reclined on her bed in such away that it left nothing to the imagination and Keith did study her form before joining her. For a human female she was magnificent. He thought to himself as he crawled into bed with her. He paused just as he was about to enter her trying to align his thickening member before taking the plunge.

Lisa studied his expression and realized that he wasn't sure how to proceed. Apparently he had never mated with a human female. Gently she grasped the creature's penis with both her hands. It was pointy and huge! She also noticed that it had a developing knot at its base. She soon realized that they would be together for some time after their coupling if she allowed this creature to enter her. She very carefully guided the creature's member inside of her, enjoying each moment as its length entered her passage. The creature planted both arms of his at either side of the female to support his weight.

After hilting his penis into her, Keith was concerned. "Dearest are you ok?"

"Just wonderful my chimera!" She replied wrapping her arms around the creature's strong furred back. She then moved her hands down to that fluffy tail and then his hind quarters which were very shapely and very muscular. He must be very athletic she thought to herself. Having completed her survey of her furry lover, Lisa wrapped her legs around Keith. She wasn't going to let this one get away.

Keith was still unsure if he would injure the woman if he started vigorously mating with her and lost control. But she reassured him. "Dearest, we humans have an expression in situations like this."

"What's that sweetie?"

"No deposit no return! Now begin my stud; because I already have!" The woman said as she started squeezing the chimera's shaft already buried within her.

_Keith didn't need any other invitation. He started thrusting vigorously into and out of the woman who throughly enjoyed the vigorous mating she was receiving from the creature. Before she knew it, she was rapidly approaching her peak, but she couldn't allow herself to cum just yet. She moved her hands down past the creature's back again to grope his butt feeling it stretch and contract with every thrust. _

"I am going to cum dearest!" She warned her lover. "Uh Ohhhhhhh!" With that her vaginal muscles spasmed.

_"As am I sweetie!" Keith growled as he came inside his human female. "AH! *gasp* AH! *gasp* AH! *gasp*" Keith moaned as he splashed her insides with his chimera goo. _

Shortly there after a wolf-like howl echoed through out the ship. The passengers and crew were quite perplexed because the ship was not transporting any animals of any kind or were they?

Afterwards that the lovers cuddled. "I think that I will be spending a little more time with you this evening sweetie." The chimera announced.

"How is that dearest?" She asked.

"We are tied." Keith said simply.

"That is fine dearest." Lisa said groping the magnificent creature's butt once more. "Say has one of your kind and one of my kind ever...?"

"Not that I know of my dear. We are in truly undiscovered territory. Although we may be able to copulate- I doubt that our union will produce offspring either intentionally or unintentionally."

Lisa fell asleep on her lover's chest. As he did soon afterwards. When the morning came Keith gently kissed her awake. "Good morning sweetie. Thank you for a truly wonderful evening and a fabulous night. But I think that it is time I depart."

"You can my lover- but I want one more thing." The rich woman said stirring.

"One more thing?! Let's see we had dinner, went dancing, we talked, cuddled, made love and slept together. What else could you possibly want from me dearest?" The creature asked perplexed.

The woman kissed her chimera right on his snout- he returned the kiss. Then she replied: "A relationship."

_"Ah but my lady- my line of work isn't conducive to long term relationships- even if it is with beautiful females whose company I enjoy." He said modestly. _

"You need to open yourself up to new experiences dearest." Lisa responded smiling. "You may have heightened senses, but you failed to sense something I did."

"What was that sweetie?"

"That I wasn't the only one growing bored with the same old routine. You needed some spice in your life as well- otherwise you would not have sought me out like you did. Besides I am also curious about chimera mating practices- perhaps we can explore that sometime. Like our next date."

_"Until next time sweetie." Keith said rising from bed. He kissed the woman on the forehead and then transformed. But unlike his human false form she had seen earlier, This new one was different- a bald middle aged human male with a big gut. _

The rich woman realized that her new lover was indeed the ultimate spy- a shapeshifting chimera. As he departed- she couldn't help but wonder if the hulking were creature she had seen and made love to was his true real form....

The sex scenes between Lisa and Keith were quite graphic and left nothing to the imagination. Seeing the chimera cum inside his female companion left Lady Vermin and myself quite hot and bothered.

"You just might be right about that romance thing my lady." I said to the rat warrior. "As long as it leads to fantastic sex afterwards- wow what a beautiful, entertaining and HAWT story! By the way, what was the title of the movie?"

"Lady Vermin pressed a button on the remote. "The Chimera That Loved Me." She said in ragged breaths- real ragged breaths.

"That was a fantastic film! I hope they make sequels. Fascinating concept a chimera and human- an interspecies couple with a spy theme twist. What will they think of next?" I asked the hot and bothered warrior.

"How about another interspecies couple a human and bear beastial with a servant- pet twist?" Lady Vermin teased me.

Just then the view screen flashed red. There was a bulletin being broadcast across the empire. The rebel known as the spiderman had been spotted near World Four. He was wanted for questioning. The public at large was urged to be on the lookout.

"That is one beastial I wouldn't mind romancing." The rat lady said.

"He is a wanted rebel." I said to the she beast.

"I also want him as well, for... personal reasons." The rat lady quipped. "Anyway Alex, I am going to bathe and fantasize about that hot chimera and that rebel. You on the other hand still have another stop to make if I remember correctly. Oh and quit pointing." She said gesturing to my crotch.

(Thank goodness I wasn't wearing my loincloth.)

I departed Lady Vermin's lair with my cleaning supplies around 1PM. Before going to My last stop- Lord Tiger's lair, I decided to head back to the science wing to wash out my mop and to grab some more supplies. Although I did manage to wash out my mop at a wash closet, I couldn't find anymore cleaning cloths. I decided to check Room A. When I couldn't find the supplies I was looking for, I started checking each of the other labs ultimately winding up in Room F, one of the largest labs in the wing.

The lab was very dark as I entered it- I ended up turning on the lights in order to find the supplies I needed from one of the cabinets in the front. As I was about to leave something caught my eye on a table at the rear of the room. There was someone else in there- a rebel! I was not alone!

"Uh hi! Could you offer a guy some help?!" He said nervously.

To Be Continued....

Next Week: A Chance Encounter!

Counter Earth Chronicles Chapter 33: A Chance Encounter

Counter Earth Chronicles **Chapter 33: A Chance Encounter** Day 106 continued I turned around to look at who was addressing me. On the table at the far end of the room, I noticed a masked something or someone in some weird type of clothing....

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Counter Earth Chronicles Chapter 31:Wicked and Evil

Counter Earth Chronicles **Chapter 31: Wicked and Evil** Day 98 continued "Who told you?!" I asked Lady Ursa as she continued to rub my back. "Was it the trio? Sir Wolf? The High Evolutionary?" (Talk about being caught with you pants down.) "That...

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Counter Earth Chronicles Chapter 30: Something Is Out There (And It Is Coming...)

Counter Earth Chronicles **Chapter 30: Something Is Out There (And It Is Coming...)** Day 98 continued Traffic in World One that afternoon was busy, but not overwhelming and I managed to take in more sites as we departed castle Wundagore on...

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