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Uh, well, this turned out longer than expected!

I haven't written any smut, furry or otherwise, in a very long time, so please be patient with me if the story takes a little while to get to the good parts. I promise it won't be boring.

There's a pretty long list of tags on this one, and trust me they're all here, so you've been given fair warning!

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Banaras was not a small bear by any measure, but training and experience had taught him how to move quickly when the need arose. And right now, the need had most definitely arisen.

Banaras' robes fluttered and twirled as he spun out of the path of huge, gooey arm-like appendage. The gelatinous beast bellowed in frustration, lowering its huge, vaguely cat-like head and opening its slimy jaws wide. Inside it is gooey body floated random items that were formerly scattered about the hospital basement: boxes of exam gloves, unused hospital scrubs, rolls of toilet paper, and what Banaras was fairly certain was a bedpan, among other things. They didn't appear to serve any purpose in the creature's gelatin body, except perhaps as a perverse way to organize the storage area. Banaras decided it could best be described as the world's worst, most homicidal jello mold.

Banaras ended his spin in a crouch, and tensed himself to move again. Sure enough, the creature roared again and charged towards him, its arms spread wide, its thick goo fingers flexing and reaching for its intended victim.

Like a coiled spring the ursine monk bolted to the side, out of the creature's path and behind a tall shelf full of unidentified boxes. The bulky creature, unable to alter its trajectory in time, smashed head-first in the bare concrete wall, exploding in a shower of transparent blue-green goo and sundry goods.

Banaras took a moment to just breath and collect his thoughts. The main mass of the creature was spread out along the wall, with smaller globs sprayed out all around it. But those smaller globs were already starting to move back towards the main body, which itself was slowly but surely beginning to regain its former shape. Banaras knew he wouldn't have long to plan his next move.

He wasn't too proud to admit that this encounter had not gone at all according to plan. It had begun well enough: the Order had been tracking a rogue spirit all across town for weeks, unable to pin down the spirit's physical locus until now, following the spirit's trail of chaos back to this dimly lit basement. The rite to force the spirit to assume a tangible form was successful, but after that everything went off the rails. Materialized spirits normally took a form resembling a normal, living creature, albeit one made of ectoplasmic pseudo-flesh. But a goo monster made of gelatin and the contents of a supply closet? That one was new to Banaras.

None of his weapons would prove very effective against such a beast. Neither cutting nor shooting holes in it seemed like a winning strategy, given the whole "goo monster" thing. He risked a peek around the edge of the storage shelf. The creature had almost totally reconstituted itself, nearly all the scattered globs had rejoined the parent mass, and its shape was becoming more defined by the second.

Alright, time for some lateral thinking. If I haven't got anything on me that can hurt a goo monster, is there anything around here that can? Fire? Maybe, but I don't see a furnace or a boiler down here. As he crouched and pondered, he could hear shuffling noises, perhaps the beast trying to get back on its feet.

Damnit. Okay, I know it's not impervious to all harm, or it would've come after me as soon as it bounced off the wall. I can't tackle it because I'll probably just end up a part of it or digested or something equally horrible. He took another peek. The creature was definitely reformed, but slow and seemingly still confused. It might have even forgotten what it was doing, but Banaras doubted that would last for long.

_ What is goo's natural enemy anyway? Grease remover?! He just barely resisted the urge to snort, when suddenly it hit him. This IS a hospital, after all!_

Quickly, he scanned the contents of the boxes around him, looking for bleach or disinfectant or some kind of cleaner. On the bottom shelf he spotted a box of multiple jugs of Chlorox. Unfortunately, the box was still sealed and unopened, and he could hear the heavy, reverberating thump-thump of the monster's gelatin feet getting closer.

Need to buy some time. As silently as possible, Banaras rummaged through his robe pockets and pouches. Like all wonderworkers, he carried a number of mystic tools, arcane materials, and generally weird shit.

Absolutely none of which mattered, because the first thing his fingers closed around and fished out turned out to be...his car keys.

Whelp, can't drive if I'm dead... Banaras took a deep breath, pulled his arm back, and flung his keys as hard as he could. The ring sailed over the top of the shelves and out of sight. For a split second he was afraid that he had beaned the beast right in the head, but then came the deeply satisfying sound of jangling keys striking a hard surface across the room.

The creature let out an ear-splitting roar and hurled itself towards the far end of the room, overturning crates and smashing through shelves in its path. Banaras sprang up and lunged for the box of bleach, pulling out of the shelf and onto the floor as he knelt beside it. He reached over his shoulder and grasped the hilt of his sword, drawing the weapon from the black scabbard strapped to his back.

Like all the weapons issued by the Order to its wonderworkers, Banaras' sword was a work of art. Laser-straight and single-edged, the medium length blade was razor sharp on one side, thick and blunt for bashing on the other. The metal gleamed brightly, an arcane alloy made for both physical and spiritual strength. Dark damascus patterns covered the flat center of the blade in intricate waves and whorls, and engraved on the midline were complex arabesques, inlaid with pure silver. It was both weapon and tool, a killing instrument and a vessel for spirits and spiritual energies.

But right now, it was a boxcutter. He brought the sword down overhand, splitting the cardboard box clean in half. He grabbed one of the bleach jugs and placed in before him, and with a horizontal slash effortlessly sliced the top off. An outside observer might have assumed he was about to throw the jug at the creature, but Banaras wasn't so foolish. You couldn't clean up a dirty bathroom just by throwing bleach at it, let alone this mess.

The first and most profound truth taught to all initiates in the Order of Intercessors is this: in every particle of matter in the universe there is a living spirit. From a pebble to a skyscraper to the Earth itself and beyond spirits great and small dwell in all things, a grand tapestry wide and deep, full of energy and awareness. The overwhelming majority of these spirits live in perfect contentment in their niches and pay no heed to the world beyond. It is the function of the Order to protect the mortal world from those few spirits that transgress their natural boundaries and pose a danger to others. And the greatest allies any wonderworker of the Order could have are the spirits themselves.

Banaras reverently lowered his sword until the edge just touched the surface of the liquid inside the jug, and began to whisper as softly as possible in the secret tongue that all spirits comprehend.

"Hear me, spirits of Scourging, of Dissolution, I seek thy aid. One of your kind has abandoned its place, and now does harm to the World. Lend me your service, and thou shalt receive thy just reward."

A faint white mist began to form on the surface of the liquid. Inside the bleach, in the very atoms that composed it, lived spirits brought into this world for the express purpose of cleansing the unclean and removing taint and tarnish from whatever they touched. And they were eager to fulfill their purpose.

The mist extended itself like a tendril, coiling itself around the blade and traveling up its length. As it passed it seemed to be absorbed into the etchings along the blade, the silver shining blue-white and the edge gleaming even brighter. The spirits had taken up temporary residence in his sword, ready to lend him their gifts to accomplish this particular task.

But the power of the spirits in a single jug of bleach were modest, to say the least, and the spirit that animated the beast had grown in power out of all proportion. Banaras raised his sword up to the vertical, held in both hands with blade set between his eyes, and concentrated. His dark green robe was covered in runes and patterns just as his sword was, woven of bright silver thread, and these patterns began to glow with blue-white light as well.

The light emerged all over his body in waves, coalescing and brightening as it traveled towards his shoulders, down his arms, flaring brightest at cuffs of his sleeves as he channeled the spiritual energy of his own being into his weapon. The spirits readily accepted this offering and the etchings of the sword shone proudly with blue radiance, their patterns clear in the dim room, and even the cutting edge of the blade gained and thin blue glow.

Thus armed, Banaras stood and emerged from his hiding place. The strode towards the creature, which was still looking for the source of the noise it had heard. He stopped for a moment to study the creature in its distraction. It was truly a beast, massive and hunched over, its bulky torso supported on thick, squat legs, arms and huge paws almost long enough to reach the floor. Its true body was made entirely of nearly-transparent bluish green goo or gelatin, with no visible internal structure save the items it had absorbed. Those seemed concentrated in its torso, with only a few pieces scattered about its limbs. Its head was pure goo, and though it was difficult to make out the exact contours, seemed to have the head of a tiger. It towered over Banaras, and moved like it had double his mass at least.

Alright, if I'm going to do this, lets do it properly. "Hey, you!" he shouted at the beast, in English. It spun around to face him, a look of what seemed for all the world to be surprise on it's face. Banaras, continued, this time in the Spirit Tongue.

"Hold, Nameless One!" He raised his sword into a ready position. "Thou hast transgressed thy natural bounds! Thou hast imperiled life and limb! Those hast cruelly and unjustly stolen from thy fellow Spirits! By the power vested in me by the Order of Intercessors, by the right of all beings to live in order and harmony, I judge thee to be guilty of crimes meriting punishment. Submit now to judgement, or into the Abyss with thee!"

Rogue spirits never go down without a fight, and this one was no exception. It roared at Banaras and charged. As it came it raised its right arm high, preparing to strike Banaras down with its claws outstretched.

Banaras swifted his weight to the side and brought his sword to meet the monster's paw with an upward sweep. The sword bit into the creature's hand just above the knuckles, and in a single motion cleaved all three fingers right off. Where the blade touched goo, sparks like static electricity flew, a myriad of little blue flashes, and the transparent greenish goo turned an opaque, ashen white.

The creature howled in pain, pain it had never experienced before, and it clutched its mangled hand in its other hand. On the floor the severed digits hissed and sizzled, the ash-whiteness started from the point of injury and spread upward, completely consuming the matter as it passed, leaving nothing but vapor. As it reached the tips it revealed a small metal screw embedded in each claw tip, explaining how the creature had planned to hurt him with claws made of gelatin. The creature's arm rippled and its injured hand bulged as if it was trying to force more mass into it, presumably to replace its missing fingers, but the opaque white matter at the end of its hand was thoroughly dead, and no regeneration occurred.

Banaras had no intention of relenting now. He brought the sword down and across in a great horizontal slash towards the beast's waist. The blade bit eagerly into the surprisingly dense mass, and as it cut it loosed more sparks and converted more living green goo to dead white ash. The death spread out from the surface of the cut in little tendrils, deep into the beast like veins of white, growing with each blue flash. The blade went deeper and deeper into the monster when before suddenly stopping with a bone-garring jolt.

It's that damn bedpan! His sword had struck the firmly embedded bedpan and stopped cold against the metal, not quite a third of the way through the beast's waist. The creature viciously backhanded Banaras with its injured paw, sending him flying and leaving the blade stuck in it's flesh, still sparking in the wound.

Banaras hit the floor hard and rolled, his vision swimming with stars. The beast continued to howl in agony as it tried to remove the blade from its flank. Finally it grasped the handle with its good hand, twitching and roaring as sparks attacked it even from the hilt, before wrenching the weapon free and tossing it across the room. It clattered and skid along the floor, coming to a stop on the far side of the room, with the creature between it and Banaras.

Banaras struggled first to his senses, then to his feet. The creature spun to face the dazed Banaras, its head held low, its jaws snapping. From the deep gash in its side extended a network of white veins reaching deep into its core. As Banaras recovered his wits he could see that the beast was enraged beyond anything it had been before, and in obvious pain. It wobbled unsteadily when it tried to put forward the foot on the side side as its wound, and it pressed it's good hand against the injury.

In that moment, through the haze of his own pain, Banaras felt a stab of pity for the creature. Whatever its previous sins, the creature now attacked out of pain and terror, in true fear for its life. If Banaras could have spared the beast this suffering, he would have gladly. Sadly, the best he could now do for it was to end this battle as quickly as possible.

They regarded each other before the creature finally overcame its hesitation and rushed at Banaras, its arms and jaws spread wide, intending to crush the life out of the disarmed bear.

Banaras, quicker than anyone would have thought possible, also charged towards his foe. As the monster began to sweep its arms down to catch him, he dove forward, towards the gap between the creature's mighty legs, landing on his knees, torso bent over backwards as he slid along the floor right through the opening.

Once clear of the creature's looming bulk he sprang to his feet, stooping low to recover the sword as he passed by. The thundering footfalls of the creature following behind him rang in his ears. The sword firmly in his grasp he continued his charge; just before he collided with the wall he leapt up, his momentum carrying him up into a wall run before exiting in a backflip that landed him right behind the beast. With his sword arm extended he spun in place, pulling the sword in towards his body as he turned, building up tremendous speed before thrusting the blade with both hands straight into the creature's spine.

The slanted tip of the blade erupted from the creature's chest, the beast run clean through. The monster screamed as storm of blue flashes exploded from the length of the blade, sending thick new veins of ashen death through all parts of its body. The scream trailed off into a gurgle as the beast fell to its knees, its body wobbling and shuddering, before dropping to all fours.

Banaras felt another pang of sympathy for the poor creature, and withdrew the blade from its body. A vast new forest of tangled white had joined with the previous injury, and the creature convulsed and shook as it struggled just to maintain cohesion. Banaras regretted what had to come next, but there was no alternative.

As the creature lay bent over and twitching, just barely holding itself up with its arms, Banaras took his sword in both hands again and stood beside the monster, raising the blade high in the air.

With a mighty executioner's chomp he brought the sword down on the beast's neck. The sword left a luminous blue trail as it plunged through the air, and this time there was no obstacle to its path in the beast's flesh. The blade sliced so fast it seemed there was a single massive blue flash as it lopped the monster's huge head clean off. The head fell to the ground with a sickening *plap*, actually bouncing as the goo hit the floor, wibbling and wobbling, before coming to rest in a wide gape, or noiseless roar.

In a dying reflex the decapitated body lurched up, still on its knees, its stump of a neck pointing to the heavens. Banaras uttered a sigh of genuine remorse and reversed the blade in his hands. The tip now pointing down, Banaras again raised the sword high above his head and this time plunged the blade through the smooth stump of a neck and into the body's core, all the way to the hilt.

The silver designs on his robe glowed again as he channeled more of his energy into his weapon. This time the sparks were more like small blue explosions, the body visible bulging and rippling with each burst. Not veins or tendrils but a solid wave of ashen white erupted from the sword, totally consuming all the goo-flesh as it passed. Limbs fell away as the core disintegrated, but the consumption had already spread to them as well, evaporating them away so fast that the only things which survived to strike the ground where the supplies that the creature had ingested.

The destruction was total, and nothing remained of the once hulking beast, save for a disorganized pile of hospital stuff, and the creature's severed head. The head twitched continuously, still alive in some way, but wholly incapable of useful action.

Banaras lowered the sword to his side, nearly dropping it, as he reach out and grabbed a shelf for support. He was physically and spiritually exhausted, barely able to stand. For a long moment, he did nothing but breathe. In, out, in, out, waiting patiently for his adrenaline and heart rate to go down. As he calmed down he regarded the severed head; it seemed thoroughly vanquished, but it never paid to be careless.

Once he felt sufficiently calm, he slowly straightened up. Christ, I am going to feel ALL of this tomorrow. He rubbed the side of his face the creature had struck with his free hand, already feeling the swelling. He shuffled over to where the open jug of bleach sat, undisturbed through the whole confrontation. He raised up his sword, and again just touched the edge to the liquid inside.

"Well met, my friends. Go now, return to your places in peace and righteousness."

This time, the white mist formed around the blade and flowed down it back into the bleach, returning the spirits to their rightful home. As compensation, he made certain the spirits left with more energy than they had arrived. A wonderworker always pays his debts to the spirits.

His weapon and his duty now discharged, he shuffled back over to where the beast's head lay, still twitching and gasping. That was actually a good thing; if the creature's body had dissipated totally the spirit would have reverted to a wholly ephemeral form, and could have almost certainly escaped. As it stood, he would be able to capture the spirit and return it to the Unseen Temple.

Although his sword no longer hosted any spirits, Banaras still had one last task to perform with it. He stood before the severed head, and rested the point of his sword on the floor just in front of it, both his hands resting on the sword's pommel.

"Nameless One, thou hast refused to submit to judgement or renounce the harm thou hast done. As penance for thine sins, thou hast been vanquished and will now be taken into custody to face judgement and thy just punishment. Prepare thyself, and strive to be at peace."

The head showed no distinct reaction, nor had he really expected one.

Banaras raised the sword once again and, as gingerly as possible, pierced the goo monster's head with the point. There was no destructive reaction this time. Instead, the etchings on the blade began to glow with the same blue-green color as the monster's goo-flesh. The light started from the tip and spread up the blade towards the hilt. As it spread, the severed head seemed to deflate and shrink rather than disintegrate. The goo flesh slowly dwindled until it disappeared entirely, just as the glow spread the full length of the blade.

The rogue spirit was now imprisoned in Banaras' blade. Unfortunately, this spirit was inhabiting the blade against its will, unlike the spirits of earlier. To keep the spirit trapped in the sword would require a continuous, uninterrupted exertion on his part, to say nothing of the fact that he would have to keep ahold of the sword at all times. An impractical solution, to say the least. Fortunately, that wasn't his plan.

Banaras raised his sword up and held it close to his face, closing his eyes. He would need to focus for this next part. The glow in his sword began to waver, flickering most strongly at the tip. As the glow in the tip wavered, the silver runes in the cuffs of his sleeves flickered to life with blue-green light. Banaras' brow furrowed and he grit his teeth, growling in exertion.

Slowly, reluctantly, the glow drained out of the sword and into the designs in his robe, in just the reverse of how he channeled his energy into the blade earlier. As the glow spread out over his body it dimmed and ultimately faded away, before being replaced with another wave of energy. Wave after wave, until finally the last of the light in the sword was drawn away, spreading out and disappearing in a final pulse.

Banaras unclenched his teeth and let out a gasp. His whole body tingled and felt like it was on fire as he absorbed the last of the rogue spirit into himself, feeling its energy pool into a deep place within himself. The sensation was nearly overwhelming, but it passed quickly, and Banaras' body gradually relaxed.

With the spirit now housed in himself, he could keep it contained without the need to focus constantly on an external object. It still required effort to hold the spirit inside, of course. The body's natural reaction is to expel such a foreign presence, but after years of training and discipline the effort was nearly automatic and unconscious, and he could go about his way back to the Temple.

He let out a long, satisfying groan as he tentatively stretched his battered and bruised body. His everything ached, but worst of all were his face where he'd been bitchslapped, and the side he'd landed on after said bitchslapping. Slowly, gingerly he reached up and began the process of removing his mystic robe. He winced nearly every moment it took, but he was ultimately successful in removing the exquisitely crafted garment, removing his scabbard and resheathing his sword at the same time.

Robe bundled up under his arm, he shuffled off towards the door to the supply room where the whole affair had taken place. Up against the wall next to the door was a non-descript duffle bag. He unzipped the bag and removed a simple black hoodie before carefully placing sword and robe into the bag. He pulled the hoodie over his head--not a painless process either--and was about to zip up the bag and leave when he remembered something.

Shit, I forgot I threw my keys at that thing. With a grumble he shuffled his way towards the end of the room where he presumed his keys had landed. Wouldn't be surprised if I spend more time looking for those damn keys than I spent fight that monster...

As luck would have it, Banaras didn't have to spend long searching. The room was a total mess, with collapsed shelves and debris strewn about, but his keys had come to rest out in the open, rather than buried under an avalanche of crap. He sighed in relief, and bent over to pick them up.

Without warning, Banaras felt his legs go weak underneath him. His arm shot out to steady himself against the wall, only just preventing himself from falling to his knees. Heat, like a sudden fever, washed over his entire body. His skin felt like it was on fire and he immediately began to pant and sweat.

And then, just as suddenly, it passed. Banaras stood breathing heavily for a moment longer, then straightened himself up. What the hell was that?! Christ, don't tell me that thing was poisonous to boot... Reflexively, he touched the cheek where the beast had make direct contact and felt...nothing unusual. In fact, it felt perfectly normal, not swollen or painful in the slightest. That was... worrying.

Almost as an afterthought, he finished scooping up his car keys, pocketing them in the grey sweatpants he had been wearing underneath his robe. As he walked back to his bag and the door he noticed the previous pain in his lower body was gone as well. At that point he was almost certain what was happening, but didn't yet want to admit it.

Quickening his pace he grabbed his bag and pushed his way through the door and into the basement hallway. As he walked he didn't just feel recovered, he actually felt good. His step was lively and full of energy; he almost wanted to jog the rest of the way back to his car. Well, that cinches it, I definitely--


Banaras clutched his sides as if in pain, although it wasn't truly pain, but more of an intense sense of tension or pressure, like his whole body was clenching. His muscles quivered as if exhausted, despite being full of energy a moment before. He sank to his knees in a grimace. Heat again enveloped his body and he continued to shiver and hug his torso.

Without warning he heard a tearing sound, and suddenly realized that it wasn't his body that felt tight, but rather his clothes. He looked down at his legs and saw that his formerly loose and comfortable pants were now hugging the shape of his thighs, he outline of his quads clearly visible in the taut fabric. At the same time he could feel the fabric of his hoodie digging into his armpits and pulling tight across his back.

He was sweating and trembling still when he felt the heat in his skin ebb. Or rather, it seemed to drain from his skin and flow into a deeper place. He groaned as he felt his cock stir in his pants, blood rushing in as it too began to swell.

It was the fastest erection he'd ever experienced. His pants were so tight he could easily see his meat snaking down his pant leg, thickening and hardening as it went. Soon it he was fully boned and throbbing hard, his dick trapped in the strained cloth. Waves of pleasure washed down his overstimulated cock and he had to bite his own lip to stifle his moans. It felt so incredibly good just being hard, his thick boner jerking even in the confines of his sweats.

His throbbing and jerking increased in pace, as did the waves of erotic stimulating that continued to crash over his mind and body, until he felt his balls pull up tight in his scrotum. Without further warning his dick erupted in his pants, cumming hard, harder than he could remember for a long time. Ropes of bear seed shot right through the fabric surrounding his swollen glans, splatting on the floor and leaving long dark trails down his leg where it soaked in.

Banaras couldn't keep totally silent, letting out a series of choked-off gasps as his hips involuntarily thrust along with each spurt. He felt like he would never stop cumming, shot after shot going down his pants and onto the floor. But eventually his shots tapered off, slowing down to a lazy dribble as he kneeled in a small puddle of his own semen, just trying to recover his breath.

God...that was...amazing...and super, super embarrassing.

Mercifully, there was no one around to witness his sudden release. He had made certain before confronting the spirit to cast a Charm of Aversion on himself and the part of the basement he was in. It had proved more useful than he ever expected.

And speaking of spirits, he now knew without a doubt what had happened.

That damned spirit is leaking. I hate it when that happens. The entire point of forcing a spirit to manifest a physical form was that it forced the spirit to invest almost all of its energy into creating a body. When that body was destroyed, the spirit lost that investment, leaving them almost totally depowered. But sometimes the captured spirit had a bit of a reserve left, and the poor entity was usually in such a beaten and battered state that it couldn't hold on to all of the energy, slowly leaking it into the host.

And, since it was the very same energy used to build a body from scratch, when leaked into a living host the energy tended to make the host...grow. Particularly in the ways that bodies most naturally grow...

Slowly Banaras stood up, and took stock of the "damage". His penis was still squeezed tight against his muscular thigh and tight sweatpants, although it was softening at last. His legs were huge; his pants were now too short, he had swollen so much. The bulging teardrop shape of each quad muscle was clearly visible, pressed into the straining fabric. His calves too had grown enormously, almost rending the fabric apart. Despite their huge size, they weren't the legs of a bodybuilder; even under the pants he could see there was a generous layer of fat sheathing his huge muscles. He had the lower body of an Olympic powerlifter.

Well, that's to be expected. Muscle and fat are the two most mutable parts of a body. The magnitude is well beyond anything I've seen before, though...

He didn't have a mirror handy, but Banaras could tell that his upper body hadn't been spared either. The sleeves of his hoodie could barely contain his huge new arms. His shoulders looked nearly as large as his head, or at least they felt that way. His biceps and triceps bulged so far on either side of his arms that an experimental flex actually ripped the fabric. He refrained from testing that any further.

His chest had expanded to the point where the zipper on his hoodie had split open, revealing his undershirt, and his massive pectorals. The size of his chest pushed the neckline of his tank top down low, pulling the straps tight and exposing the deep cleft where his pecs pressed together. Banaras couldn't see his back but he could feel his lats pressing into this shirt, threatening to split it down the middle, and his hulking traps didn't help matters much either.

All this new muscle was also covered in a generous layer of fat, and nowhere was this more evident than around his middle. Where he might have hoped to find a set of chiselled abs, Banaras was slightly disappointed to discover instead a big, round belly. He could feel the hard muscle beneath, but the ample gut on top was large enough to push up the hem of his shirt and protrude from the bottom. One might almost describe the peeking brown-black fur as cute.

Banaras had gone from a large but fairly typical bear to the ultimate hulking brute of an ursine. It wouldn't be permanent, since the energy that transformed him wasn't really his, but it would last as long as he was carrying the rogue spirit. More importantly, the more abnormal he looked, the more it would strain the Charm of Aversion should he be seen.

Time to get the hell out of Dodge. Quickly he gathered his stuff and made his way to the stairwell, reluctantly leaving a pool of cooling cum behind. That should give the janitor an interesting story, at least. He pushed through the door and started up the stairs, trying his best to ignore the way his enlarged thighs rubbed against each other as he climbed.

He didn't make it past the second step before the next damn thing struck. A warm wetness blossomed in his pants and trickled down his leg, and for a terrifying instant Banaras blushed bright red under his fur as he thought he had pissed himself. Reflexively he touched the dark patch spreading down his leg, already much enlarged from when he had earlier jizzed in his pants.

But the fluid that came away on his fingertips wasn't urine. It was warm, clear, and slightly slimy; it was, in fact, precum pouring down his leg. Banaras stared dumbly at the transparent fluid for a brief moment, before he felt a jolt of pleasure burst from his groin and shoot down the length of his dick.

He looked down to where his cock was still trapped against this muscular thigh. His jaw literally dropped at what he saw. His semi-flaccid dick surged down his leg, lengthening before his eyes, growing longer and thicker in waves from the base to the tip. The shaft and bulbous head were starkly outlined in the failing fabric as his manhood inched its way down, now halfway down his thigh and not even hard, at least 7 or 8 soft inches. Pre leaked down like he really was pissing himself, his pant leg was soaked and his sock was starting to feel wet.

Each growth spurt was accompanied by an intensive surge of erotic sensation. It felt like getting an erection, but dialed up to eleven, and it just wouldn't stop. Further and further it creeped, its girth growing along with it's length. The tightness around his leg became almost painful as his cock swelled to the thickness of a soda can. Finally a tear formed above his throbbing flesh, splitting slowly in time with his growth, and gradually revealing his veiny black penis as the cloth pulled apart.

What the...erf...fuck is going on here?!? There's no way...this much energy...

With a final rend the overstressed pant leg split wide enough to release Banaras' trapped member. His cock lurched and sprang free of its prison, flinging a thick rope of pre in wide arc as it swung about. Unconfined his dick surged and bucked, rapidly hardening as it continued to grow in size. Soon he was fully erect, his dick jerking and pencil-thick veins pulsing in time with his heartbeat. A full foot of black bear meat rose proud from his crotch, his urethra bloated large along the bottom as he gushed pre like a faucet.

He heard the sound of further tearing, and looking down the length of his monster cock towards his groin, realized that his balls had grown too. Already they were the size of oranges in his taut furry sac. The growing balls had split his underwear at the fly and were overflowing out the hole torn by his massive dong.

Banaras had never felt anything so good in his life. His dick was like steel; he'd never been so hard, his overstimulated nerves sending almost orgasmic levels of pleasure back, just from being erect. His balls sloshed and rolled in their sac as they grew and forced wider the hole in his pants, until finally his entire scrotum spilled free and swung huge and ponderous between his legs. The sheer weight of the orbs pulled deliciously at his crotch. It all felt so good he thought he might cum just from existing.

Fuuuuuck...gotta...gotta figure this out...later. Now, just...get outta here...

With a tremendous effort of will, he forced himself to resume climbing the stairs. Each lift of his legs was accompanied by more ripping noises, each flex of his massive leg muscles doing further damage to his already devastated pants. A sharp constriction and an extra loud tear heralded the total destruction of his seat, revealing his now-titanic and shapely ass, and his cute, stubby bear tail.

Banaras staggered to the halfway landing, still managing to hold on to his duffle bag but with little more than tattered shreds still clinging to his waist. He stopped here, put a hand against the wall and leaned against it, trying to catch his breath as his body was wracked by sensation. His dick continued to grow slowly, now 13 or 14 inches long and still impossibly hard. Just a glance at its shiny black mass caused it to jerk and spasm, and a thick jet of pre sprayed down the concrete wall.

What the hell is happening to me? Spirit leakage can't make your dick bigger! That doesn't change naturally like muscle and fat... unless... a truly massive amount of spiritual energy...

"Ow!" Banaras couldn't keep silent as he felt a jolt of pain, real pain, for the first time since his strange transformation began. Without warning his feet ached, like someone had stepped on all of this toes at once. He looked down at the sturdy boots he always wore on missions like this one, and was shocked to see that the normally comfortable shoes were bulging and straining to contain the feet inside them. The leather creaked audibly, and he could see the laces slipping in their loops as the foot ware continued to swell.

The pain was becoming terrible as his toes were crushed against the walls of their prison, curling under themselves in the tight confines. Reflexively, he tried to uncurl them, and with a sound like a series of small gunshots the leather popped and tore free from the soles, the boots splitting open from the front. His brown toes tipped with black claws burst out and splayed far over the edge, his feet now several sizes larger.

Now released his feet accelerated their growth, overflowing the soles on all sides, completely severing the tops from the bottoms. But it wasn't just his feet that were growing, he realized as his expanding ankles and calves shredded the clinging remains of his boots. He was now totally naked from the waist down, letting him clearly see the waves of growth travel down his legs as they too expanded. He could see and feel his feet inch across the floor, slipping and sliding along the smooth tile as they grew. His feet weren't just becoming bigger either, but proportionally wider and thicker, more powerful looking.

The growth wasn't limited to his legs and feet. He could feel the wall move beneath his hand as that too expanded. As it grew it also changed in appearance, his fingers becoming thicker and meatier in comparison, more paw-like than before. An increasing sense of constriction in his remaining clothing told him that his upper body was catching up with his bottom half.

His whole body trembled with energy, with excitement, with barely restrained power. He couldn't help himself, he raised up his free arm and flexed it as hard as he could. Hi sleeve literally blew apart, his bicep was so massive that it tore the fabric to shreds like it was wet kleenex. He couldn't guess how many inches around it would measure, but he could tell at a glance that his upper arm was wider than his own head. Waves of expansion continued to travel down his arm; soon his bicep muscle alone would be bigger than his head!

A particularly intense wave washed over him, and he hunched over slightly. That little motion was too much for what was left of his hoodie, his colossal lats and mountainous back were already straining it in every direction, and with a pop the garment exploded like a burst balloon. Banaras tried to look behind himself, only to discover that he couldn't even turn his head far enough, let alone see anything, because his huge traps blocked his way. His neck was slowly being swallowed up by them, they had grown so enormous.

Looking down produced no better results. His lower gaze was blocked by an impossible shelf of pectorals, huge mounded slabs of bear flesh that completely obscured everything below them. Lowing his head caused his chin to embedded itself in the deep chasm formed by the clashing muscles. Banaras resorted to feeling up his abdomen with his free hand to discover anything about it. His roaming paw encountered his big round belly, jiggly and massive but still concealing brick-like abs underneath.

Touching himself was a mistake, he quickly discovered. Wherever he touched his sensitive skin it seemed to burst into flame, an intense heat that further fuelled his growing lust. It was like every inch of his body was now an erogenous zone. His hand roamed further, feeling the curves of his gut, squeezing and playing with his fat belly, before moving higher. Even with his enlarged paws he failed to get a grip on his incredible, overhanging pecs. He grasped and clenched, the soft layer of fat squishing gently but the muscle beneath was iron hard and unyielding. His entire body tensed with each delicious squeeze.

Banaras didn't know it, but he had started to drool out the corners of his mouth, and every breath was a gasping pant. His mind reeled under the relentless assault on his senses, making focus impossible and any kind of logical thought difficult. He still knew, however, that he had to get out of here. To that end, he pushed himself off the wall, staggering to keep his balance with his huge, hulking new body. His giant feet helped a little, but his gigantic quads and overall ponderous mass forced him to spread his legs and squat just to stand up.

Both hands now free he doubled his explorations. His hands quickly found their way to his big fleshy nipples, twisting and pulling on the swollen nubs, sending spasms of pleasure through his body and eliciting a string of deep growls. His dick, now 16 long and thick as his old forearm, jerked hard and sent ropes of pre in high arcs, painting long stripes on the wall. One jerk was especially hard and sent precum so high it flew backwards, causing the hot liquid to land on his face with a juicy-sounding splatter.

He couldn't help himself, as the fluid landed on his face he eagerly lapped it up, his big tongue slurping up and down his muzzle as more pre rained down. He quickly found that he wasn't satisfied with mere pre, however, and let go of his hard, erect nipples, in favor of another erect organ.

With ferocious intensity he grabbed his giant throbbing tool, now so thick that even one of his enlarged paws couldn't wrap all the way around it alone. His dick was incredibly hard, the turgid flesh not giving a millimeter despite his crushing grip. Every pulsing vein showed in stark relief on its ebony surface, and the whole massive organ glistened with a slopping wet coat of precum. He put that slick layer to good use, thrusting his monster hips into his hands, his rigid cock and mighty hands more like a steel piston firing in its cylinder than any organic.

Banaras growled and snarled in ecstasy as he mercilessly fucked his own hands. His great round belly and massive fleshy chest bounced and heavied with the violence of his thrusts. Below, his enormous expanding testicles had surpassed the size of grapefruits, fast approaching basketballs, filling his scrotum to the brim, the skin of his nutsack taut and conforming. His mighty fucking caused his tremendous sack to heave back and forth, seed roiling inside as his nuts smacked the bloated underside of his dick and his giant bubble butt in rapid succession.

His mind was nearly lost in a haze of pleasure, the erotic intensity of his masturbation causing veins to pop all over his body as his vast musculature flexed and contracted, huge fleshy mounds bulging all over as he strained to bring himself closer to orgasm. As leaky and massively overstimulated as he was, his release was not going to come easy. The body-shaking need to cum pushed out all other thoughts from his mind; his mission, his current predicament, and his need to escape were all forgotten in the total animal pursuit of ecstasy.

He gasped and moaned, growled and grunted, drool ran down his neck and pre ran down everything else. Heat suffused his being and sweat poured out of every pore. His great hands squeezed hard enough to crush a regular man's throat but did nothing more than provide friction for his unstoppable cock. He pulled and tugged at his engorged mushroom head, stroked the vein-covered shaft, even gave a squeeze or two of his gigantic ballsac whenever he wasn't simply thrusting into his grip.

A whine tore its way out of his throat as he felt a sudden spike of pressure built up at the base of his cock. His dick was relentless in its growth, at least 20 inches long and now so girthy that both of his hands wrapped around it could barely touch each other. His balls, swollen to the size of watermelons between his tree trunk legs, churned with seed and pulled close to his body in anticipation.

The pressure continued to build and started to crawl up the length of his shaft with agonizing slowness. Banaras was now open-mouth panting, his fat tongue lolling out of his maw as he furiously fucked his hands and tried to urge his impending orgasm on faster. Impossibly his dick grew even harder, a black throbbing diamond in his paws. His swollen urethra, already protruding along the bottom of his dick, bloated even further with the massive quantity of bear batter building up.

His body trembled, barely under control, spasming with every bob of his dick. As his impending release built he clenched his teeth, his face a mask of strain as he growled like a beast in heat. His hands were a blur up and down his shaft in his mind-breaking need to just CUM.

"Aaahh....aaaahh....errr....err...err..err...ah! Ah! AH! AAAAAAAAAAGGH!!"

Banaras screamed out his ecstasy in an earth-shaking roar of primal joy as the pressure finally reached the tip of his dick and his monster cock EXPLODED.

The force of his tremendous ejaculation literally knocked him on his ass, his massive glutes shattering the tile as they struck the floor, his entire body propelled to the floor by his massive cumshot. Ropes of bear seed thicker than a man's arm rocketed from his cock, accelerated to a blur by the tremendous pressure.

His first shot totally painted the wall in white goop, rolling down the cement surface in thick sheets. His next shots struck the underside of the stairs above, the metal steps ringing from the impact, cum ricocheting off and raining down in giant globs. More shots sailed clear across the stairwell and smacked into the far wall.

With each eruption his dick kicked like a mule. He managed to keep a grip on it through most of his colossal orgasm, until his rod became drenched in his jizz and the massive piece of meat slipped free. He had already covered the stairwell in a tidal wave of spunk, but his dick wasn't finished. The bucking organ slammed into his jiggling belly and enormous slabs of pec flesh with a resounding "slap" and the next cumshot blew straight into his face, much weaker than this first several shots but still enough to land like a punch on his jaw and completely envelop his head in jizz.

His dick flailed wildly, drench him from head to toe in semen, but his orgasm was all but spent at last. The last few spurts went only a few feet before tapering off to a dribble of cum, sliding slowly down his wet shaft. His heavily muscled chest heaved up and down, obscuring the lower half of his vision with its size. He lay there, gasping for air as the cum slowly trickled off his body, adding to the vast pool of cum surrounding him.

"Ho. Ly. Fuck." he managed to get out between breaths. Around him the stairwell lay in ruins, his torrential emissions dribbling and dripping off stair steps and rails, walls and ceilings. There would be no passing this off on the janitor, you'd need a whole cleaning company to take care of this mess.

His overwhelming lust and animalistic need to sate himself had practically blanked out his mind earlier, but now he was slowly returning to lucidity. Still lying on the floor he tried to look around himself, but found most of his view blocked by his own body. Between his pecs, his titanic shoulders, and his neck-swallowing traps he could see little further than straight ahead, which in his current position meant watching cum drip from the ceiling.

Banaras was truly dumbfounded by what had just happened. He'd just sprayed an impossible amount of his own seed all over a hospital staircase, squeezed out of a grotesquely overmuscled body. It was obvious the captive spirit had something to do with this, but he'd never, ever heard of anything remotely like this before.

Slowly, carefully he used his huge hands and gigantic arm muscles to gingerly push himself up to a seated position. He held up his hand for a moment and marvelled at the change in it. It was huge, easily capable of clutching his entire head (which seemed to be the only part of him that hadn't grown), his fingers now thick and blunt, like great sausages tipped with big, sharp-looking claws. Even the pads had grown larger, thick and rough and paw-like.

Mindful of the slick fluids covering everything, he tried to stand, and found it far more challenging than expected. His body practically exploded with strength and power, but his balance was totally wrong, and parts of him had grown so large than it limited his range of movement. His quads and calves in particular were so enormous than they almost prevented him from reaching his feet, they left so little room to bend his knees. Still, with a hand firmly wrapped around a handrail, he managed to do it. It helped that his feet hand grown even more freakishly large than his hands, making it easier to hold up his unnatural size.

It took him a moment to find his bag; it was as white now as everything else. He did his best to scrape the cum off before opening it. It took him a moment to fumble with the zipper thanks to his new hands, but eventually he managed to open the bag and pull out his phone.

"Well," he said, regarding at the tiny-looking phone in his paw, "thank goodness for voice commands." He used a claw tip to hold down the button. "Text Temple, 'Code Eleven'."

"Text sent," the phone replied. That code would alert his brothers and sisters that he was in need of extraction and clean up. He tossed the phone back into the bag and zipped it up. He tried to sling the duffle bag on his shoulder, but he was now so gigantic that the shoulder strap got stuck on his bicep, so he resorted to simply holding it.

There was still one set of stairs to get up. Banaras took the steps three at a time, his feet so big that only his toes fit on the steps. Each step was like thunder resonating through the stairwell. He was lucky this staircase had double doors, as he wouldn't have fit even going sideways through a single door frame. Even hunched over as he was by his hulking traps and back muscles he still had to squat to get under the top of the frame, simply barreling through the double doors with his sheer bulk.

He made it through the doors easily but he grossly underestimated his own momentum, lurching across the hall and smacking into the opposite wall, smashing into it so hard he sent cracks spreading through the concrete. Pain blossomed in his shoulder, but a split second after his shoulder his monster cock and pendulous balls struck the wall, and sent a different kind of jolt through his body.

What the f---not again!

His dick surged again, shooting past two feet. It throbbed and jerked, arcs of pre flighing as it smacked hard into his chest. His balls swelled further, reaching the size of beach balls. He groaned and shuddered as his body convulsed, thrusting his hips forward as his cock exploded again. More shots of cum fired down the hall, sailing dozens of feet before splattered on the floor. It was nowhere near as huge as his last orgasm, but still almost sent him to his knees.

"Fuuuuck..." This could be addictive if it wasn't so damned inconvenient.

"Why the hell is this happening? This can't be random..."

As the high of orgasm faded, Banaras felt a twinge deep inside himself. The spirit, it's trying to...escape? That's hopeless, no matter what it's condition. Unless...

Suddenly, understanding dawned him. It had a plan, it had a plan all along! That's why it manifested as a weird goo monster filled with random shit, such a goo body would have cost less energy to form, and it was stealing spirit energy from the spirits in those items to further offset the cost. When he captured the spirit, it wasn't nearly as weak and depleted as he thought. And it was flooding him with its energy, trying to...

Trying to do what, exactly?

He could figure it out later, right now he had to leave. At the far end of the hallway there was an exit to an alley between two of the hospital buildings, and eventually the parking lot. Although he might be a tad too large to fit into his car now. Well, he'd stomp across that bridge when he came to it. Right now all he had to do was get to the end of the hall.

Right now, that seemed a long ways away. He made his way towards the door, one plodding, massive step at a time. Each footfall caused his achingly hard dick to bounce and surge a little bit larger, dribbling out a little more fluid. When he glanced at it, he discovered to his shock that he wasn't leaking out pre, but actual cum, a slow dripping flow of semen that seemed unending. His cock tingled with a ceaseless feeling of afterglow.

His body was too massive to actually see his balls, but he could feel them slap against his shins as we walked, having long since passed his knees, although his hunched over semi-squatting posture wasn't helping. Even his hands reached down to his knees in his current stance. He was hulking, brutal parody of a bear, as wide as he was tall, a guide to muscle anatomy gone insane.

Each step now covered great distance, and the far end of the hall wasn't more than a dozen of his new strides away, but he didn't get more than two before he felt the pressure start to build up again.

" more...ugh, ahh," As the pressure increased it again became difficult to think, he couldn't help but speak out loud, although words were quickly being replaced by whines and groans.

His dick swelled further, now almost three feet long and thicker than his old thigh. In fact, it was quickly catching up to his new thighs; his cock and balls were growing much faster than the rest of him. He could now see his mushroom head above the level of his pectorals, a short arc of white jizz streaming out, despite the fact that he hadn't orgasmed yet. But he was definitely going to, right... about... now.

"GuhhhhRAGH!!" he bellowed as he threw out both arms to steady himself, so large that he could brace himself with one hand on each side of the hallway. His first shot painted the ceilings again, erupting with enough force to dislodge the ceiling tiles and flood the space above with his cream. A few of the overheat lights actually shorted out and went dark as he blasted hole and after hole into the ceiling, his unrestrained cock pointing upwards and pumping load after load, putting firehoses to shame.

Rational thought was once again washed away by the screaming ecstasy of release. His overloaded nerves fed ceaseless signals of pleasure into his endorphin soaked brain. He couldn't think, couldn't speak, hell he could barely breath, rapid heaving gasps the best he could manage. He had no choice but to ride the tsunami to its end, and hope he could still remember his name afterwards.

Jizz leaked from the holes in the ceiling, from the gaps between the panels, and from the light fixtures. As his shots weakened they failed to reach that high, instead rocketing down the hallway in great long splashes, hosing down the floor and creating one hell of a slip hazard. One after another the fat ropes kept coming, striking the ground with great plopping noises. The splatter climbed halfway up the walls, some of it even landing on the exit door he was so desperate to reach.

Gradually his latest explosion slowed down, his last parting shots painting a trail from the door to himself. His body twitched and trembled, his impossible string of orgasms left him simultaneously exhausted and full of energy. Or, more precisely, physically pumped but mentally exhausted. His climax was over (for now) but still his mind swam, unable to focus on anything but his own heaving body and the warm afterglow of his release.

With the back of his paw he wiped off the drool that had dribbled down his chin, when he noticed something strange. His pleasure fogged mind couldn't process it at first, so for moment he just stared at his cum-dripping hand in confusion. Then, slowly, the haze in his mind cleared, and the pieces came together.

The cum on his hand looked almost normal. Almost. In the mass of sticky off-white goop he could see tiny flecks of blue-green.

The spirit...yes...of course. The wheels in his head turned slowly but inexorably. It can't escape on its own, no matter what it does. But if slip up, if I get so distracted... The force of will needed to hold the spirit in was unconscious at this point, like holding one's bladder at night. But if the spirit kept hammering him with these mind-blowing climaxes, sooner or later he'd completely lose it, even his subconscious mind losing its grip. And then it will be free. That was its plan all along...

Each orgasm was taking its toll, wearing down his mental fortitude. He didn't know how many more he could take before he had a lapse big enough to let the spirit escape. His only hope was to get out, get outside and meet up with his fellows, and hand off his burden to them. More than ever, he just needed to get down that hall and out that damn door.

He steadied himself on his feet and tried to stand up straight, only to discover to his horror that he could feel the ceiling brush against the fur covering his hulking trapezoids. It didn't feel like his proportions had changed, he just got bigger. If he got any bigger, he wasn't going to fit through the double doors of the exit, even going sideways.

"Fuck it." The time for thinking was over. Banaras simply grabbed his shit and charged. His massive paws cracked the floor tiles with each booming step. He barreled forward, heedless of his slippery mess on the floor. Even if he slipped his titanic mass would probably keep sailing towards the door anyway. He put in all the explosive power his gigantic legs could muster, huge quad muscles flexing as he thundered down the hall.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Another wave of heat crashed through him, pooling deep inside, pushing down and out, right into his monster sac. His balls surged in size, engorged with a truly frightening volume of seed. Every time his meaty shins smacked into his scrotum it dropped lower, descending towards the floor and forcing his legs further apart, until he was catching and lifting the giant sac with the tops of his feet.

He couldn't help but stumble as literally tripped over his own balls. His towering, overmuscled body teetered on the brink. Banaras summoned all the physical training he possessed, years of skill and practice, and almost managed to stay on his feet. But at that moment, his dick surged again. It lurched forward, adding additional feet with each wave of growth, reaching for the sky as his cock tip rose past his face and the shaft expanded until it was as thick as his waist. Great gouts of cum burst from the head, as big as some of the real shots from his previous orgasms, but he hadn't actually climaxed yet.

The sudden change was too much, and his mighty body toppled like a felled redwood tree. The whole building shook as his enormous bulk hit the floor. He landed hard on his dick, and his body seized up. A truly enormous blob of cum shot out from the impact, straight into the doors. The doors were blown open by the force of his ejaculate, slamming into the outer walls so hard they jammed into place. And still he hadn't hit his peak yet. But as he struggled atop his grossly overgrown organ, he could feel the inexorable rise of pressure in the base of his cock.

If he came here and now, it would be over. At the rate he was growing, his next orgasm would swell him so large he would become physically stuck in this hallway, and he'd be doomed to cum over and over again until his resolve broke and the spirit would be free to run amok. To say nothing of getting caught by the mundanes still somewhere in the hospital.

Banaras clenched his teeth hard in a fearsome snarl as his climax slowly built. But, despite his tortured expression, this time he held on fiercely to his concentration.

"Not. Today. Fucker." With a terrifying roar, he lashed out with his inhumanly large arms, his mighty claws embedding themselves into the concrete walls. He used these new fingerholds to yank himself up right in a burst of savage strength, actually carving furrows into the wall as he pulled.

His giant form upright again, he crouched down, flexed his massive legs and dug his his toeclaws into the floor. With another bellowing sound he charged towards the exit, ripping furrows in the floor and sending shattered bits of tile flying into the air behind him. This time nothing was going to stop him, his was a living wrecking ball and nothing could stop this much mass in motion.




Metal screamed and masonry shattered and crumbled as a furry freight train tried to smash its way through a door frame just a smidge too small for it. Banaras' brute form wedged itself half way through, the metal warped and twisted with cracks in the wall radiating outward, but still his incredible torso and titanic shoulders still couldn't pass through. His arms were pinned at his side, unable to help. And through it all his cock towered over him, wildly spewing a geyser of cum as his real climax fast approached.

It looked like he was stuck for good, but if there was one thing he'd realized by now, it was that no mere piece of architecture could withstand his strength. With a mighty snarl he clenched his hands into fists, and flexed.

Veins popped into existence beneath his skin as everyone of his hulking muscles erupted in size. Indescribable strength and power coursed through his body as he swelled even larger, hills of muscle became mountains by comparison. His body pushed further out from the frame by sheer growth, a mass of pumping veins and twitching muscle.

Thunderous cracks and pops issued from the wall. More fissures spiderwebbed out from the doorframe, accompanied by screeching sounds of failing metal. Banaras bared his clenched teeth, a grimace which turned, for a moment, into a smirk.

For an instant, there was silence. Then, without further warning, the doorframe and much of the wall exploded in a shower of shattered brick fragments and grey dust. Banaras burst free in an avalanche of destroyed masonry, like a roided-out Kool-Aid Man.

He tumbled head over gigantic heels, practically bouncing off his enormous ballsac before landing on his massive ass in the middle of the dirty alley. For a moment, he simply sat there. He had grown so much he nearly defied description, a mountain of muscle so large that he was almost cubical, as wide and as thick as he was tall, which was pretty damn tall now given that his head was nearly to the level of the second story windows...sitting down.

He could help but let out a few short laughs at the sheer absurdity of his situation. His face quickly went from "ha ha" to "uh-oh", however, as he remembered something.

Oh, right, I'm about to cum.

His dick kicked, hard, and he let out a moan of pleasure that rose in pitch and volume until it became a wail of orgasmic bliss. He tried to grab his dick with both hands but it was like a normal man trying to clutch an oil barrel. That didn't stop him from trying, though, as he squeezed as hard as he could just behind his cockhead, all his strength barely making a dent in his turgid manhood.

His dick had towered over him earlier, but his latest growth spurt had brought shiny glans into his face, round and full and irresistible. With his hands he brought the pulsing member closer to his nearly trapped head before leaning forward and burying his muzzle in his drooling cumslit. Intoxicated by his own musky juices he ravenously tongued his own urethra, shoving his muzzle deep into the squirting orifice as he explored every inch of his cum tube he could reach. His lower head was broader than the upper, and his whole face nested easily in the cleft of his mushroom tip, his muzzle shoved deep in until his eyes were pressed against the cock flesh.

He guzzled down mouthfuls of cum as they bubbled up, unable to resist its salty flavor. He broke away only to take deep gulping breaths before plunging back in. The sensation of his long ursine tongue down his own shaft was like nothing he'd ever experienced, and he found himself longing for more of the hot salty taste of his own cum-bloated tunnel.

So enraptured was he with his dick that he totally failed to notice as his balls drew up close to his body in preparation for release. Suddenly he felt his body clench tight, bearing down on his impending climax as orgasm ripped through every fiber of his being. He pulled his face out of his dick and roared his pleasure to the heavens as the veins along his shaft popped even further and his shaft became even harder.

The pressure continued to build in the base of his cock, higher and higher, but relief seemed no closer. His roar weakened into a series of desperate pants and gasps, needy whines of sexual torment. Suddenly, with an audible rumble, his taut, seed-bloated balls began to expand wildly. His sac surged outward, pushing his legs apart as it practically flowed over the ground. Their incessant expansion devoured all the empty space around until they pressed against both sides of the alley, so vast they rivaled the size of his entire body, a sloshing, gurgling mountain that forced its way underneath his rump, lifting him from the ground and leaving him perched atop his own balls like some truck-sized beanbag chair.

His nuts roiled with burning-hot cum that hammered at his cock, his balls spasmed and contracted, trying desperately to force their load past whatever was blocking his release. Sitting on top of his scrotum Banaras desperately pushed his feet into the soft fur of his sac, feeling the taut testicles within, trying to massage the uncomfortably full nuts with his giant paws.

The pressure continued to build at the base of his cock, going past uncomfortable and into painful as it suddenly spiked. His cock lurched hard, and Banaras felt something shift inside his shaft. His urethra was already huge and distended by the volume of fluids pooling within it, but now a prominent new bulge formed at the base of the shaft. He gasped at the surprise appearance of this new mass, and the feeling of fullness it engendered.

His cock continued to buck in his hands, threatening to break free of his grip. With each spasm the bulge in his shaft moved further up its length, triggering a mind-numbing burst of pleasure as he clearly felt something inside his dick. His urethra became even more distended behind the obstruction, his denied cumshot blowing up huge behind it, creeping up his shaft as well.

Banaras trembled with a desperate, violent need to blow his load. His hands feverishly stroked his monster cock, tracing every vein and caressing every fold. Occasionally he'd plung his entire fist into his gaping cockslit, attempting to stimulate his orgasm from the inside. Drool and tears trickled down his face as he writhed under the agonizingly intense sensation, as his climax inched its way forward.

The bulge and the impending flood of cum behind it were now halfway up his shaft. At last, a dribble of cum started to leak from his broad glans, a tiny little bit managing to work it's way past the bulge. As the blockage continued further up, the dribble turned into a flow, short shots of jizz that were the merest fraction of his full load.

The bulge had reached to near the end of his shaft and his fat cockhead when the flow of backed up jizz broke past the obstruction and erupted with its full fury. A literal geyser burst forth from his pulsating dick, towering blasts of hot cum reaching the third or fourth story windows of the buildings around him. The spunk soared through the air in great wobbling arcs before coming down and striking the ground with thunderous crashes. Great globs exploded on impact with the ground, sending splashes of semen that coated every inch of the alley. Some shots didn't make it to the street, landing in long dripping streaks on the building walls, running down windows and block out the view. A few shots landed on top of a dumpster, actually denting the metal with the force of the impacts.

Banaras cried out to the night in his overpowering lust and almost painful ecstasy. A combination of roar and moan and almost primal scream, his voice rattled the glass around him. At that moment he had no thoughts save that of release, his whole world was nothing but cum and cumming, his universe was nothing but the next shot. The flow of semen seemed endless, the contents of his body-sized balls apparently limitless, or so it seemed to his lust-drunk brain.

A silly grin crossed his face and he cracked open his eyes, staring in dazed satisfaction at the sticky white wonderland he had created from his own fluids. As he admired his own potency and the strength of his continuing flow, he saw a change in his output. Something disrupted the stream of cum, spreading it out and scattering the juices in all directions, almost as if there was something physically in his shaft interrupting the flow.

He didn't really understand what was happening (or much of anything else for that matter), so he simply continued to watch the strange happenings. The flesh around his cumslit wriggled and then, clearly visible against the off-white stream behind it, something blue-green emerged from his urethra.

The protrusion emerged further, and quickly resolved into a translucent arm. A hand, complete with tiny nubby fingers, reached down and pressed against his cockhead. A second hand and arm then emerged, joining the first in pressing against his shaft, and with a shove more of the blue-green thing appeared from the cum flow.

A flash of recognition flashed through his mind, cutting through the haze wrapping his brain. As the thing emerged from his dick, he immediately recognized it as the spirit he was holding captive in his body. Or, at least, had been holding. But it wasn't the same as it was before.

For one thing, it was much smaller now. With his massively enlarged body, it was no bigger to him than a small teddy bear, but still it was only a few feet tall, much smaller than the huge beast it used to be. It was also shaped differently, looking more like a chibi version of itself with an overly large head and stubby arms. In every way it looked much diminished compared to fearsome beast of earlier.

The gooey spirit had finally broken his focus completely and found a means of escape. Despite the rush of fluids around it the spirit had difficulty making good its escape, perhaps the last residue of Banaras' power retarding its motions. Whatever was holding it back, it was still making progress, now free above its hips. Its translucent goo face, softer and more rounded than before, was contorted with exertion as it shoved against its fleshy prison. Banaras could feel its feet kicking against the walls of his urethra, its little goo toes slipping against his slick inner lining. The creature increased its wriggling, seemingly more desperate now, it's hips now the only remaining obstacle to freedom.

Banaras' tongue lolled out the side of his mouth as the bizarre intruder in his cock struggled to escape. Finally, with a loud wet schlorp audible even over the rush of cum, the spirit spread his urethral opening wide enough to pass its round, gelatinous hips. The creature let out a triumphant yet adorable squeal as its tapering legs and feet squirted out of Banaras' dick easily, and the spirit burst free in the night air on a tsunami of jizz.

Like a bolt of lightning and with a crack like a whip the spirit's escape was cut short as Banaras' arm shot out and snatched the spirit out of midair. He sank his wicked claws into its pudgy goo flesh, ignoring its squeals of pain. Clutched in his mighty paws, he brought the creature up to his face, staring furiously into its little eyes just a few inches away.

"You!" he snarled at the creature. "You have been a HUGE p-pain..." he was interrupted by a groan as his cock bucked " my ass all...nrgh...night! And I will be d-damned if you get ah-ah-ah away from me now!" The creature flailed wildly in terror but Banaras' grip was like steel and all the kicking and punching was in vain.

"I am a w-wonderworker of the Order of I-Intercessors, and am not thwarted." The creature had nothing to say, but continued to struggle, letting out a series of yelps and high-pitched cries in the process.

Banaras faced the problem of how to hold on to the spirit now. He had no tools, and the creature still had some energy left. But he couldn't hold on to it forever, literally and figuratively. He contemplated the creature in his hand for a moment, before mentally shrugging and deciding to go with his gut instinct. It's not like things could get any more fucked up.

Banaras gave the spirit a predatory smile. "I think I might enjoy this..."

He opened his mouth as wide as it would go, his gaping maw wet with copious saliva and nearly as big as the creature's head. Without further ado he shoved the jiggly creature into his piehole, slurping and sucking it down like a sweet treat. It tasted like, well, his own cum really. If goo had a flavor of its own he couldn't taste it over all the salty glaze.

The creature redoubled its flailing struggles as it's head disappeared into his mouth, but it was all for not. Banaras' throat rippled as he pulled the creature down to its shoulders, then proceeded to devour the rest by shoving the creature down with his hands. He pressed the creature's rump down with his palm until only the spirit's little feet stuck out past his lips, which finally disappeared with a loud slurp.

The creature formed a new bulge briefly, this time in his neck, before vanishing entirely in the muscular vastness of his torso. He could feel the creature slide down his esophagus easily, still wriggling, before settling into his stomach.

Swallowing the creature whole had been oddly satisfying in a primal sort of way, but that wasn't the whole of his plan.

Once the creature had escaped his body his mind had cleared considerably, freed of its constant attempts to distract him, and for the moment he could focus enough to call upon some of his powers. He turned his own energy inward, focusing it all on the creature sitting in the pit of his stomach. Before, the creature had been feeding him energy surreptitiously; now, he was taking the creature's remaining energy by force.

As weak as the spirit was it could no longer hide its energy reserves from him, and Banaras proceeded to methodically strip those reserves from it. As he drained its power he could feel the goo body inside him shrink, becoming smaller and smaller inside his gut as its power evaporated.

Energy surged through Banaras' body again, causing his muscles to twitch and flex, but this time the power was under his control and he felt he was quite big enough now. Still, that power had to be expended somehow, or it might return to the spirit, so Banaras picked the least bad option. He pooled the energy in his core before shoving it down deep inside, and straight into his balls.

His nuts rumbled as their production suddenly surged, a new wealth of bear batter brewing in his loins. His sac began to inflate again, pushing him higher atop his testicular throne and sending the edges of his sac flowing outward. His bloating sac had already pressed itself up against the side walls of the alley walls, which left no choice now but to expand down the alleyway instead. He could hear the sound of screeching metal as the dumpster was caught in the rolling wave of scrotum and was dragged along the brick facade.

His climax from earlier had never really finished, but as the gelatin captive inside finally dwindled down to ephemeral nothingness, his ejaculations exploded in volume, stretching his shaft wider still and leaving his cumslit gaping open as he fired shots of white seed nearly as thick as his waist.

All of its energies spent, the spirit was now truly helpless inside him, unable to escape even if Banaras did lose his mind again. Despite the torrential rush of seed issuing from his bearhood, Banaras felt relaxed. Help would arrive soon, and the spirit was thoroughly subdued. True, there was an ocean of bear jizz pouring out of the alley and flooding the parking lot, but that wasn't really his problem now.

He leaned back, settling into the comforting warmth and waterbed-like support of his colossal nutsac, and for the first time that night started truly enjoying himself. He did feel a little bit empty, though, after the spirit's physical body dissolved, so he tilted back his head and opened his mouth again, hoping to catch a few of the beachball-sized globs of spunk raining down from the sky.


Banaras sat cross-legged on his meditation cushion, eyes closed and trying to clear his mind. He was completely naked, which made matters somewhat more difficult, especially given the way his nine inch cock flopped out over his orange-sized balls. A situation he was slowly growing used to after nearly a month, but still not very conducive to placid thoughts.

His meditation cell was sparse, little more than the cushion near the door and a table on the far wall. On top of the table was a small figure, exquisitely carved from a single piece of granite and polished to bright sheen. It depicted--much to his chagrin--a hunched over muscular bear, perched on top of a set of prodigious genitals that formed the statue's base.

It wasn't his choice of idol, but a spirit, even a captive one, had the right to choose the design of its vessel. It wasn't hard to guess where his new spirit partner had gotten the idea. In theory, the Order was beyond such trivialities as prudishness. Spirits had no real concept of sexuality and if their iconography veered towards the sexual, well, that was just mortals projecting their prejudices on to alien beings.

None of which had saved poor Banaras from becoming the object of endless friendly ridicule by his peers. It had take half the manpower of the entire temple to collect him that night and clean up the mess he had made, including most of the Shapers and nearly all their Illusionists. Not to mention a flatbed tow-truck rented on short notice.

Teams were still visiting the hospital to ensure that no mental or physical traces of the episode remained.

As a result, Banaras was now, and quite possibly forever more, know to his brothers and sisters as "Gummi Bear". Even worse, the spirit had taken "Gummi" as its mortal name, only cementing his embarrassment.

He sighed, and surrendered to the impossibility of meditation for the moment. I might as well go back to work, then.

He raised his hands and made the necessary seals. "Come forth, Gummi, it is time to resume our labors." A faint blue-green shimmer rose up from the vulgar statue which was Gummi's home when not working with his partner. The shimmer gathered itself before floating over to Banaras like thin wisps of colored smoke. Unlike smoke, when the shimmer came near it dove down, towards his exposed junk before diving into the tip of his penis.

Banaras couldn't help but inhale sharply at the sensation of the spirit entering and nestling within him, even after all these weeks of partnership. The spirit curled up quietly and contentedly within his balls, causing them and his dick to swell slightly.

The spirit could inhabit him anywhere, of course, including an object carried by him, or simply choose to stay near him. Gummi like to inhabit his junk because it knew that flustered him. Spirits had no concept of sex but they definitely understood emotions like embarrassment, and Gummi loved nothing more than to tease him.

Banaras couldn't deny that they shared a bond after that night. Once in custody the formerly rogue spirit had chosen penitential service as its punishment. The tribunal had agreed, and the Abbotess herself had assigned Banaras as its partner. Banaras suspected that this was to punish him as much as the spirit for the mess they had made (despite being cleared of any wrongdoing, he might add).

He stood up, adjusted his pendulous junk, and began to dress himself. This wasn't exactly how he had wanted to gain a spirit partner. I was supposed to be a sacred bond, and expression of profound trust and mutual loyalty to be joined together, more like a marriage than a punishment. As part of its penance Gummi had been fettered, bound to Banaras' will to prevent any gross misbehavior. It was anything but profound trust. And yet, he would be lying if he claimed to have no affection for the scamp, despite everything. Maybe, one day...

There was a knock on the cell door just as Banaras was finished clothing himself.

"Enter." The door creaked open, and into the room stepped Sister Rovalis. The lithe, gray-furred rabbit was a head shorter than Banaras, and wore a deep maroon robe in contrast to Banaras' dark forest green.


"Sister. How was your latest case?" he asked.

"Nothing that you would consider eventful," she replied. Her hood was up but he could just make out a wink on her shadowed face.

"That has become a rather high bar to clear these days," he said with a slight sigh. Rovalis smiled softly.

"Don't worry, I am sure something even more spectacular will befall one of the others, and you will become yesterday's news."

"That I can only pray for." He frowned as he spoke the words. "Err, you know what I mean..."

Rovalis chuckled. "Indeed. And now if you are ready, there is a meeting for us to attend. I believe you will be given your first field assignment since...the last." She glanced down at his new endowments, not wholly hidden by his robe. The look on her face was not one of arousal, but more like the look on his mother's face when he had sprained an ankle doing something stupid as a child.

It was Banaras' turn to chuckle. He took a deep breath, and called upon Gummi's energies. His height grew by a couple inches as cords of new muscle visibly snaked their way across his chest and down his arms, his chest pushing his robe out and his shoulders swelling under the cloth, the growth in his legs invisible but clearly audible in the stretching noises coming from his pants. In an instant he had added at least 50 pounds of pure muscle.

"I believe that I am, at that."

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