Everyday Life With Otter Girls: Page 2

Story by LeiLani on SoFurry

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#2 of Text Comic: Everyday Life With Otter Girls

Art by Demona: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/demona69

*Panel One: *

Lani has stepped from out of the pool, dripping wet, water sloshing over her breasts, down her legs and feet. A splash of water comes from her ruddertail. She reaches for a towel, smiling good-naturedly.

Lani: Well, then I will join you.

*Panel Two: *

Lani snuggles in next to Hiyaki's side on the lounger, draped in the fluffy towel, staying somewhat modestly covered. Hiyaki's expression seems to show considerable discomfort.

Hiyaki: Um...I really don't-

Panel Three:

Close-up of Lani's leg draping over Hiyaki's.

Hiyaki: think...that's...

Panel Four:

Closer-up to Lani's webbed foot, and her toes trying to play with the boy's foot.

Hiyaki: ...necessary...?

Lani: *ChurrrRRRrrrr*

Panel Five:

Hiyaki, now in great distress, sweats profusely as he tries to continue reading the pamphlet in his hands. His eyes are wide and aware as he comes to a passage on the current page.

Panel Six:

Close-up of pamphlet page, and the heading "Sexual Indulgence" followed by a caption.

Caption: On Earth, the Lutraina is in a state of almost constant arousal. Their home planet Lutra takes three Earth years to make a complete rotation around its sun. Due to the shortened orbit, the season period, otherwise known as "in heat", lasts ten months out of the entire Earth year. It is important therefore to allow for your Lutraina to indulge in sexual pleasure at this time, whenever possible. However, as the Intergalactic Alliance for Goodwill (IAG) has stated, and because the Lutra race is blessed with an adaptive genealogy, (meaning they can reproduce with any species) it is unlawful for a human and a Lutraina to engage in actual sexual relations, citing fears mixing alien genes with human ones, as well as an over-population of Lutrainas on Earth. If your Lutraina goes into heat, simply keep the alien close to you, and allow it to use your body warmth in some way to relieve needs. Kissing, touching, stroking, and other means of non-sexual contact is allowed. However, direct penetration is forbidden by law. Individuals that partake in sexual relations can be prosecuted, fined, and imprisoned for up to ten years for each occurrence.

Panel Seven:

Hiyaki grows more restless against Lani as the Lutraina continues rubbing his leg and presses her muzzle along his cheek to lick.

Hiyaki: So...um...d-did you enjoy your...s-swim?

Lani: Mmm-hmm. The water is amazing. Just like my owner.

Hiyaki: You mean, your host representative...

Lani: Tomato, tomatoe.

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