Everyone Has A Secrect

Story by Linder pup on SoFurry

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#1 of EHS

The Husky stepped from his car, looking around at all the others huddled in their jackets to combat the cool, crisp air. Dew settled on the grass undisturbed by the suns' rays. He donned a short white t-shirt, his coat of fur being enough to keep him warm. His black jeans matched his splash coat that traveled down his back and arms ending at the elbows. Breathing in the air he made his way to the gym locker rooms. Early mornings were his only chance to get a workout in. With work and school taking up most of his time, this was the only open slot for a free swim. The locker room was void of any noise. Not a single soul in sight, leaving Jace to slip into his Speedo peacefully. He slammed the locker shut, locking his belongings safely inside.

Steam rose off the top of the water, the heated pool was a warm embrace from the cool air. Jace settled in, enjoying the warmth enveloping him before pulling the goggles over his eyes. He pushed off the side of the wall, sending him darting through the water. He had about an hour before the start of school, giving him enough time to practice every kind of stroke. Breaststroke, backstroke, if there's a name for it he did it. Swimming didn't only provide a workout, but it was also his time to think. Whether it is trying to solve a social problem or just random thinking this was his time. Today, his topic of choice was college. He was a senior after-all. Applications, picking a major, anything college related he thought about. Jace was just beginning to think about his rooming situation when his watch began to beep, signaling the end of 30 minutes. Sighing he finished his lap, grabbing a hold of the ledge to catch his breath. Just as he was removing his goggles a voice called out.

"If you want to lose that fat then keep swimming!" Jace rubbed his eyes that slightly stung from the chlorine water that now dripped into them. A fox mockingly waved at him, a group of five other furs laughed along.

"I'm not fat," he mumbled letting himself sink into the water to hide his face. He watched as the fox and his gang walked off into the distance, his hips swaying and tail swishing as if to mock him. What was it with him? Ever since he moved here the beginning of junior year it was if he made it his mission to make Jace feel like shit.

"You need to stop letting Taylor get to you," a familiar voice rang out to the left of him. There a cheetah, two lanes away, rested on the wall as well.

"David? When did you get here?"

"Like right after you entered the water," he removed the goggles from his head as well and tossed them over to a towel. "You seemed to be in the zone so I just let you swim."

"I thought you cheetahs only like to run," Jace smirked. The cheetah sarcastically rolled his eyes holding back a smile.

"You never get tired of that joke do you?" The two of them exited the pool, Jace second to David allowing him to get a peek at his butt. David knew he was looking, but he didn't care, the two of them had been friends with benefits for a while. Ever since they met in the pool last year the two immediately hit it off.

"I can't help but get upset," they were now in the locker room. "He's been talking shit ever since I got here. And he doesn't have the balls to face me without his squad of pets following him around hoping to get something more than a blowjob." Jace removed his Speedo, hanging the wet garment up in the locker. He snatched up his towel and headed for the showers, David closely behind. He gave Jace a quick smack on the butt, startling the husky.

"Don't do that when I'm naked!" He blushed.

"You let me do it when we're together," David winked playfully.

"Dude seriously," he glared at the cheetah. "I'm tired of his shit."

"Like I said, let it go. The only reason he still messes with you is because you react to it," David stood naked out in the open, watching Jace step into the warm shower water. "Plus you could wash clothes on those abs, you aren't anywhere close to 'fat'."

"I don't think I can just 'let it go' man," he sighed. He felt arms wrap around him.

"I can help you 'let go.' If you catch my drift." A hand wrapped around his sheath, teasing his cock out of its home. Stunned, Brad elbowed him in the gut.

"You fuckin' exhibitionist," Jace laughed listening to the cheetah wheeze. "Get your own god damn shower." David retreated to a different shower, head hung in defeat. They quickly finished their shower before anyone else arrived for first period gym, and to give their fur enough time to dry. The rest of the day was uneventful. All of his classes blurred together into a mesh of notes and assignments. Work followed not ten minutes after his last class where he worked the mind numbing task of walking around the store re-folding clothes. At work his mind began to wander again, this time he played out a more violent scenario. An all too familiar scenario, one that he has repeated many times in his head. All of which ended with Taylor on his knees, begging for forgiveness as blood escaped through the cuts on his body. He imagined every punch, every sound, and every word that sputtered from his mouth. Jace shook his head, clearing his mind. Only a few more hours until he could go home.

The night was cool, bringing with it a small breeze that entered through the open window. Only the noise of crickets chirping and his computer humming kept Jace company. He sat at his desk head in his hands, trying to figure out how to transition into the next paragraph. Essays were his mortal enemy. Once he encountered a writer's block he was stuck there for the next ten minutes. This was one of those times. He sat there mouth slightly agape as he stared blankly at the screen waiting for something to pop into his head. The familiar ping of an instant message from his computer snapped him back into the real world.

"What does he want?" Jace said aloud reading David's name in the corner. He clicked on the name not knowing what to expect. Only to be greeted by a picture of a bright red prick standing out against a background of yellow and black spots.

The message read, "All alone with nothing to do... ;)". He rolled his eyes.

"Where's the romance?"

"Oh sorry." A few minutes passed before the next message popped up. It was almost the exact same picture, only this time around a rose of the same bright red stood next to it. "Better?"

"Any other night except tonight." Jace sighed leaning back in his chair.

"Oh come on. You're always down for a late night fling!" Before Jace could respond another message popped up.

"Is this about Taylor? Why are you always such in a pissy mood whenever he says something to you? It's one person."

"I don't know what it is! It's just whenever he says something it always irks me. Ever since I moved here he's been throwing insults nonstop. I think it's because he's been doing it before I even had any friends, it brings up those times or something I don't know."

"I think he likes you:P"

"Fuck off."

"For real! Like kids. The boys are always mean to the girls they like. Maybe it's the same."

"Except we're 18, not 10."

"Same thing." Jace sat there in silence. Memories from back when he was a junior put him in a pissed off mood.

"Ok you know what. I probably shouldn't do this but I'm tired of letting him get to you." Jace perked up at this last message, ears standing up on the top of his head.

"Here's his address. I went to a few of his parties back in my early high school days. Go there, kiss and make up, kick his ass, whatever. Just don't do anything that'll get you arrested." Jace scrambled around his room grabbing a scrap of paper and a pencil. He quickly wrote down the address before sending David a quick message back.

"Thanks! I owe you one BJ." With that, he grabbed a jacket and ran out the door. Being in an excited rush, he didn't hear the last ping come from his computer.

"You didn't get it from me!"

"You're destination will be on the right in 200 feet." Jace watched out his right side window as he passed by the entrance to the apartment complex. Not wanting to park his car in the complex in fear of getting towed he kept driving until he found an open spot along the road. Once he parked and locked the car he put on his jacket pulling the hood over his face. He brought it along not for warmth, but to help conceal his face. It was cool enough that he could just see the condensation exit his mouth and nose as he breathed out. He wasn't sure exactly which one was his apartment, but he decided to take his time finding it. Thinking about what to do when he got there. What to do if his parents were there, what he would say, or how he would confront him. Now that he was out here, he became more nervous. Realizing that in his excitement, he really hadn't thought of a plan. His eyes glowing a bright blue in the night as he scanned the numbers on the walls, reflecting what light there was from the moon and porch lights. He was still formulating his plan when he heard an all too familiar laugh. Without stopping his ears lead him towards the noise. As he got closer he could hear two unfamiliar voices as well. He knew he was walking towards the pool when he could smell the chlorine in the air and hear the bubbling of a Jacuzzi. As he got closer, from a distance he could see the enclosed pool area surrounded by vertical bars with foliage surrounding the outside.

The pool was to the left of the enclosure with a building standing to the right. A door sized entrance faced the pool with a sign above it that read 'Public Showers.' It looked like it was unisex, only meant for a quick rinse once you exited the pool. It looked like the bathrooms were on the other side, or so he assumed. To the right of the building a short straight path lead his eyes toward his prize; the Jacuzzi. He watched carefully as he made his way into some bushes, watching closely the eyes of Taylor, making sure he didn't look his way. As he settled in he saw two deer sitting with the fox, coming to the conclusion that those were the other voices he heard earlier. His heart raced, all he needed was for the other two to leave and he would have his chance to confront him. He waited, patiently. As minutes ticked on by he cursed the couple for being so long.

"Come on you..." He mumbled. Finally, after what felt like half an hour, he watched the male and female deer exit the tub. Grabbing there towel before waving goodbye. "Finally," he sighed, showing a big toothy grin. Making sure his hood was pulled over; he started to the left around the barred fence. Jace treaded carefully, watching every step as he made his way around the enclosure, inching his way towards the unsuspecting fox. It helped that he had his back turned towards the fence; Jace was able to get right behind him. He was now more excited than ever. However, he still had the task of climbing the fence that stood a few feet taller than him. Carefully, he squatted slightly down, building power in his legs. Releasing the energy in his upper legs he jumped high enough to grip the top of the fence with his finger tips. He watched Taylor, who miraculously hadn't heard his shins smack into the metal bars.

Jace grimaced; his shins throbbed as he quietly used his upper body to lift himself up and over the fence. He delicately lowered himself until he was hanging by his fingers again. The husky dropped off the fence, landing softly on his feet, barely making a thud.

"There was no way he didn't hear that," he thought as he carefully turned around. Only to see the fox resting the back of his head against the concrete, eyes closed. Jace figured he must in his own little world for him not to hear him scale the fence. But he didn't care, made it easier for him. He approached the clueless fox until he was standing directly over him.

"Mind if I join you?" Taylor opened one eye, expecting to see a neighbor. Only to be greeted by Jace in dark clothing, his bright white teeth smiling down at him. Immediately both of his eyes shot open as he darted to the other side of the Jacuzzi.

"J-Jace?" Was all the frightened and confused fox could let out.

"Good," Jace replied. He unzipped his jacket and tossed it onto a nearby bench. "Cuz I was getting uncomfortable in that." His shirt soon followed after, exposing his swimmers body. He kept Taylor in the corner of his eye as he undressed, making sure he didn't make a beeline towards an exit. Next his shoes, then his socks, then his pants, until all he was left in were his tight briefs. He wasn't sure, but when he removed his pants he swore he could've saw Taylor quickly glance down at his package. Once undressed, he dipped a toe into the water testing the temperature.

"Ahh that's nice," he hummed as the rest of his body followed in. The bubbles quickly formed around him while the jets massaged his lower back. He rested his arms on the outside on the concrete. The two sat there in silence, Jace grinning while Taylor sat there stunned.

Taylor knew he was fucked. Jace was much, much stronger than him. If he tried to run Jace would catch him; if he tried to scream Jace would silence him. There was no one else around but those two, and most of the lights in the surrounding apartments were off. So they sat there with nothing but the noise of the bubbling. One waiting for the other to break the silence. Finally Taylor spoke with a shaky voice.

"I don't know how you found out where I live and I won't ask. But if you leave now, I promise I won't call the cops for trespassing. If you don't then I will, and not only that," he said with a bit more confidence, "I'll send my boys to deal with you personally." He crossed his arms, a smile on his face when he saw the frown on Jace's. Believing he had the upper hand, Taylor exited the warmth of the Jacuzzi.

"I'm glad we understand each other," he said with a bit more sass, "Now, I am going to go shower really quick. When I come back to get my towel, I expect you to be gone. Got that?" He pointed at Jace, who was now glaring at him. He had won. Taylor turned, moving his hips mockingly as he stepped up the path towards the showers.

Once in the showers he was able to breathe easier. His stomach churned, seeing the look on Jace's face when he stepped out; he had never seen him make that face. But it didn't matter now. He got his point across, he had the upper hand. The handle on the shower turned with a squeak, sending lukewarm water spraying onto the fox. He sighed, finally a bit more relaxed.

"That's not how this works," a voice echoed of the shower walls. Taylor nearly jumped out of his fur, spinning around to see Jace leaning in the doorway. He instinctively backed into the wall to get further away from the figure.

"See. For some reason, ever since I moved here, you've been throwing verbal jabs while hiding behind your wall of meat." Jace was now slowly making his way to the fox. "I never understood why it was me. At first I thought it was because I was the new kid. It made sense at first, but as the months went on you continued," he was now arms length from the fox. "But someone said something to me recently that made me think. At first I thought it was a load of shit. But the more I thought about it, the more of a possibility it became," Jace was now peering into the fearful eyes of the fox who was nearly trembling due to his much larger physique and verbal tone. Jace quickly lifted a hand causing the fox to flinch expecting a hit. But instead he took a hold of Taylor's own petite hand. Confused, Taylor watched as Jace placed his hand on his chest. Running it through the wet fur, feeling every muscle, every tone, he explored the husky's upper body with the help of Jace himself.

"You secretly have the hots for me don't you?" Jace grinned, watching Taylors face closely. But he turned away.

"S-shut up," Taylor tried to pull his hand away from the much stronger husky. Jace let it go, then immediately placed his own over Taylor's chest. Jace smirked, feeling the rapid thud of the fox's heart against his chest.

"When I first moved here you had a reputation to maintain, so you picked on me, like all the others." The fox began to shift to the side, only to be stopped by Jace who placed both of his rippling arms against the wall, trapping the small fox. "But then, as time went on, I met a certain someone who 'stole' me. Once you heard we were hooking up you stopped inviting him to your parties out of spite. Then you turned to me," Taylors cheeks became hot, "you couldn't have me, so you made fun of me. To make yourself feel better. To try and subconsciously tell yourself I wasn't attractive by saying it out loud."

"SHUT UP!" Taylor yelled much louder this time surprising Jace.

"Bingo," Jace smiled mischievously. Taylor turned his head away, trying to hide his glowing red cheeks as if Jace could see it. A mix between anger and embarrassment. "The only thing I don't understand... Is why you don't put out," Jace reached down with a hand, grabbing between the fox's legs. Instantly Taylor jumped, yipping at the sudden intrusion. Jace was almost as surprised as he was at what he felt.

"Oh?" Finally he knew. He knew why he never let guys go all the way with him. Why he never changed in the lock room.

"Let go!" Taylor squirmed, half-heartedly trying to push away. But it was too late. With a swift tug, Jace pulled down Taylor's bathing suit, exposing the bright pink folds between Taylor's legs. The pheromones in the air drove Jace mad, driving him to reach down and run a finger against his swelling labia.

"So this is what you've been keeping from everyone," Jace whispered in the whimpering fox's ear. Taylor's knees began to shake, the feeling of someone else down there brought with it excitement and arousal. "Think of this as punishment for all that time you were an ass to me," the husky continued to tease without remorse. Swirling a finger around the clitoris, he teased him, only gently brushing against it briefly to elicit a moan from him. For someone who was fighting only a second ago, he was now putty in his hands.

"J-Jace, you ass!" Taylor squealed. Music to the husky's ears.

"All you have to do is admit it," Jace slipped a finger inside the welcoming entrance. He kept up the teasing though, using his thumb to massage the now engorged clitoris. "Say you want me. Say you've always wanted me. I want to hear your pathetic voice cry out for me," he was breathing into the panting fox's ear. Taylor bit his lip trying to hold back, trying to stop himself from giving in. Sensing his tension, Jace spun him around pinning him against the wall. He watched water cascade down the fox's back and onto his rump. He returned his finger back into the warm embrace of Taylor's vagina. He bit down on one of the fox's ears while his finger explored his depths.

"Come on you slut," Jace growled. Becoming impatient he stuck another finger in, using them to spread open the wet entrance of Taylor's cunt. "Where's that big mouth of yours now?" Jace mocked.

"OK!" Taylor gasped out. "I've always thought you were hot! I've dreamed of that sculpted body carrying me off to bed! I've watched you swim; I've spied on you in the locker room, anything to give me a peek! Please fuck me I can't take it! Ram that cock in me, fill me up! I want to feel you inside me!" Jace was a bit taken aback by this sudden outburst. He had no idea Taylor actually liked him, let alone spied on him. But for now Taylor was his.

"That's it," Jace grunted, pulling down his briefs that were straining to hold in his growing member. It sprung free, slapping between Taylor's legs with a wet smack causing the fox to yell out in surprise.

"Just be careful," Taylor nervously uttered. The throbbing member between his legs continued to grow, rubbing between his slippery lips. He looked between his legs to see the tip of Jace's penis peeking out at the pinnacle of every thrust. Every time it came forward it would slightly rub against his clit, sending a shiver down his back. With his cock now fully emerged from his sheath Jace was able to take a hold of the engorged member.

"Careful? Remember this is your punishment," Jace slammed all seven inches inside the warm entrance, hilting at the expanding knot. The secretions from Taylor's vagina provided enough lubrication for the sudden intrusion. Jace moaned at the feeling of breaking in the fox; his tight vagina gripping onto his pulsating cock. Taylor yipped, standing on his toes to try and escape the pain that the abrupt thrust brought with it.

"F-fuck take it out!" Taylor wailed. The seven inch rod dwarfed all of his small toys he owned at home. His pussy clamped down hard enough to the point where he could feel every ridge, every vein along the husky's cock. He reached down to push the dog away, but Jace took a hold of his hands and pinned them against the wall.

"Stop tensing. If you relax it'll stop to hurt," Jace reassured the fox. He wanted to go slow, but his body was craving more. Right there he wanted to knot the fox, but he held back; biting his lip trying to take his mind off the warm sensation. But his animalistic impulse got the best of him. He began to thrust, quickly bringing out half his member before driving it back in.

"Gah! Stop I'm not ready!" Taylor wailed from the pain of being stretched. But his cries fell on deaf ears. Jace continued to drive in and out of him in quick successions. The running water that travelled down Taylor's ass amplified the sounds of their fucking. The loud slaps echoed off the walls, overlapping with Taylor's gasps and Jace's moans. The fox gritted his teeth, enduring the quick pounding. Large balls that churned with cum swung heavily between Jace's legs. Jace then unexpectedly changed the pace, withdrawing all the way out before slowly pushing back in. With this change of pace, Taylor began to feel the pleasure of being fucked for the first time. He didn't know why, but these deep slow thrusts replaced the pain with pleasure.

"Ohh... That's nice," Taylor's ears flattened, his tail swishing from side to side. He closed his eyes and looked up into the stream of water, letting it wash over his face. Enjoying the sensation of his pussy being filled slowly over and over again, a warm sensation began to sweep over his body. His legs began to quiver, the muscles in his vagina tightened around Jace's cock whenever it entered, pleading to be stuffed.

"F-faster, please!" Taylor pleaded. Knowing what this feeling was bringing with it. Jace, too enthralled with fucking him to answer, picked up the pace. Bringing his cock out to the point where his tip tingled Taylor's entrance before slamming back in. This fast paced deep pounding caused Taylor to yell out, this time in pleasure. The large bulbous knot that pressed against his clit was enough to bring him over the edge. His body flushed, that similar feeling of warmth overcoming his entire body. His vagina clamped and quivered around Jace's cock as his orgasm hit its peak. Wanting to cry out, all that escaped his mouth was a squeak as his body followed in the quivering. Depleted of energy, Taylor's legs gave out under him. Jace caught off-guard, was able to barely catch the fox.

"Woah, you alright?"

"Mhmm," was all the fox could mutter. He was limp in the husky's arms.

"Well I'm not done with you yet," Jace turned the fox around so that he was face to face with him. A look of bliss was plastered on Taylor's face. Using his upper body strength, Jace lifted the fox up and against the wall. His hands were under the fox's butt, using that to keep him held up. While Taylor wrapped his arms around the sculpted shoulders of the husky, using whatever strength he had to help hold himself up. Jace briefly let go of one hand to reinsert his pulsating member back into the exhausted fox, who let out a brief moan. He continued to plunge in and out of Taylor, digging his fingers into the round, plump flesh.

"You have a great ass," Jace panted between breaths. Taylor, unable to answer, sunk his teeth into the canine's shoulder. Biting down hard enough to cause Jace's fur to stand on end, but not too hard to draw blood. Having found his sweet spot, Taylor switched between nibbling and gnawing up and down his shoulder and neck. This only encouraged the husky to go harder, thrusting as fast as he could go without slipping on the wet floor.

"Oh god that's it," Taylor threw his head back, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. "I want you to fill me up. Empty those balls into me." Jace pressed his muzzle in the fox's neck, tensing up. Trying to make this last just a bit longer.

"If you keep saying things like that I won't last much longer," Jace said, muffled by the orange fur. But it was too late. With his final thrust, he pushed his knot past the tight entrance tying the two together. Jace was able to get a few more tiny humps in before he felt his balls contract, shooting thick webs of sperm deep within Taylor. This time the fox was able to let out a squeal as he began his second orgasm, the feeling of warm spunk coating his insides being enough to put him over the top. Jace growled as every quiver of Taylor's pussy sent another string of cum flying from the tip of his penis. The tight seal around his cock kept every ounce of cum inside the trembling fox. In a brief moment of ecstasy the two locked muzzles. Sharing a wet kiss as their tongues' swirled around each others. It was a fleeting moment, but it was intense. When they broke contact they stared at each other before looking away at the same time. Neither of them knew that the two of them were blushing underneath their fur.

"That was, uh, nice," Taylor cleared his throat.

"Yeah, nice," Jace agreed. They stood there in awkward silence until Taylor finally spoke up.

"You should-uh... Probably pull out know," blissfully unaware of how knots worked.

"Yeah that's not happening anytime soon," Jace said trying to tug away a few times to demonstrate.

"Well can we speed it up at all?"

"Well..." Jace looked around, "the pool might help shrink it down a bit."

"The pool?" Taylor looked over Jace's shoulder out the door. The calm pool was illuminated by a few dim lights along with the moon. "It's probably freezing."

"Well it's either that or sit here and wait for it to shrink naturally." Taylor looked over at the pool one more time before reluctantly agreeing. The shower turned off with a squeak of the handle, ending the flow of water. Jace held onto the fox tightly, not wanting to slip or drop him, which would probably end in disaster for the two of them. With the fox wrapped tightly around him, Jace awkwardly wobbled over to the pool. Taking notice of the surrounding buildings and the lack of lights that were on. He stepped onto the first step in the shallow end, wincing at how much colder it was.

"Brace yourself," Jace warned before taking the second step into the water. On the third step it looked like the both of them would be waist deep; so he carefully lowered the two into the water.

"Shit! That's ice cold!" Taylor fussed as he felt the icy water rise up to his stomach. He instinctively pressed his chest against the husky's trying to steal his warmth. His face buried into Jace's thick coat.

"So here's the deal," Jace started. He could feel the fox slightly shiver and the thump of his heartbeat against his chest. "I'm coming back over again tomorrow to discuss terms."

"Terms of what?" Taylor's ears perked up.

A knocking on the door pulled Taylor away from his thoughts. All day his mind was pre-occupied, waiting for Jace. The previous night he wanted to come over and talk; but about what? He nervously made his way to the door, his paws tapping against the hardwood floor. Upon opening the door he saw Jace standing there, grinning with his hands behind his back.

"Whatcha got there?" Taylor asked. Without answering Jace reached up and snapped something around his neck. Taylor tugged at his neck, realizing he had placed a collar around it. "What is this?"

"It's a collar silly," Jace grinned, spinning his car keys around his finger. "So these are the terms. You no longer belong to your group of thugs, you belong to me. Whenever you go out in public, you wear that. If I catch you without it you will be punished. Got it?"

"And if I refuse?" Taylor tugged at the collar a bit.

Jace smiled. "Well we wouldn't want your little secret getting out now would we?"

The fox glared at him. "You wouldn't."

"I will," Jace replied. "So you better behave yourself."

"You're an ass," Taylor stuck his tongue out. His hands firmly at his side, pouting as if he were a little cub.

"Tsk, tsk. Pets don't use that kind of language with their masters," Jace shook his head in disappointment. He stepped forward into the doorway, his large stature causing the much smaller fox to take a step back. "You have much to learn," he said entering the apartment and closing the door behind him.

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