Dragons Dame Chapter Three: Settlement [M/F, Breeding, Semi-Consensual]

**Dragons Dame Chapter Three: Settlement** Illoria gasped as the second set of eggs slipped out of her vaginal canals and plopped onto the nest. The many slick vestiges and smooth crevices of the unborn drake/dragon hybrids shone out in the...

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Dragons Dame Chapter One: Living [M/F, Breeding, Semi-Consensual]

**_Dragons Dame: Chapter One_** A tug of breath coiled the female's lungs in her leap into the veil underneath the tree line. Shades of the sunlit valley and the gorge further up the hill cradled the eyesight of luxury and rest for her. The heated,...

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Dragons Dame Chapter Two: Fertility [M/F/M, Breeding, Semi-Consensual]

**_Dragons Dame Chapter Two: Fertility_** **_ _** The flight over the valley was a quick change of pace. As a female who never flown in her life, soaring in the air underneath Nightbringer's grasps came with an erratic peak of fear and anxiety. The...

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Santamos Island: The Lottery Winner

### Background: Santamos Island An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy. In order to raise cash income from "tourists", the nation's leaders in desperation pass a law -- consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other...

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Drawing a Tiger

Lack of inspiration was apparent in retrospect. The portrait lacked a notable, or even passable landscape, felt flat, two-dimensional and the tones were too gloomy for the purpose. The tiger looked a little grayish on the canvas, holding a bowl of...

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The Weight of Submission

The Weight of Submission. © Tsumi Moogle '18 Characters © Themselves. The rich, damp loam beneath his toes was in ways both soothing, and tormenting. Colt had been hiking for the better part of near two days, with his backpack lofted easily over...

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Mummerflies - A Karmic Clutch

Mummerflies - A Karmic Clutch A tale by Rix Prime Salrith let out a low moan, holding her belly tight as she felt the weight of eggs deep within her. Eggs that weren't hers, didn't belong to her. She could feel the desperate need roiling within her,...

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License Denied

# License Denied ## by A. P. Damien and Roxanne Rider **Note: Another story in this same universe, _License Revoked_, will be appearing next month.** Roxanne got off the plane from Heathrow and got into line for immigration. The line moved fairly...

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Forgotten - Intro: Naptime

#1 of forgotten non to semi-consensual diaperfur and humiliation fun set in a dystopian space age. plot, mind control, watersports, scat and cruelty; no violence or blood.

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More Than You Bargined For (Formatted to Fap!)

Its semi-consensual this one too is well over 1000 words but meh i think its the right length for the content - hope he enjoys it! circuit kept through the dark ventilation shaft. the golden fox slipped down into a dark room with a soft thud.

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