Pulled over for speeding.

Story by Naia on SoFurry

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After a bachelor party, Edward lets his thoughts wander on the long drive home only to find himself pulled over for speeding.

"Man, what a night." I thought to myself as I drove down a long stretch of road. I had just left my friend's bachelor party and heading home. It would be another four hours before I would see anything that resembled civilization. Once ever half-hour I would see another car pass me on this two-lane road heading to who knows where. Off in the distance I saw the mountains surrounded by rain clouds. It would be another hour before I reached the mountains and have to worry about the rain. The clouds must have passed through here recently. It smelled that earthy sage smell deserts usually get after a rain. Now the sky was clear above me and I saw all the stars and constellations.

I tried the radio dial again trying to find any radio station even though I knew it was useless. Static on both the AM and FM side. I really needed a distraction since this drive is so long and boring. I just wish I had taken the time to install a new car stereo with a working CD player before I left. My mind started to think back to the events from earlier at the bachelor party.

My friend, Curtis, would be marrying his long-time boyfriend, Randall, tomorrow. Now that same-sex marriage was legal in his state, it was time to make it official. They are a perfect couple, Curtis with his big strong wolf physique and grey fur from head to toe and tail. He has strong chiseled abs, back you just want to rub, big powerful paws and arms, and the tail meets at the top of a most wonderful split bubble butt. Randall looked good himself, but smaller since he was a fox. Shorter than most foxes, skinny, toned but not muscular. It makes sense because Curtis was always into smaller canines and liked twinks as well.

Another car zipped past and pulled me out of my day dream. I realized that I had been thinking about my friend for too long and made myself hard. I admit I have always had a crush on him and secretly always wished something would happen between us, but I knew it never would. He doesn't go for skunks. I thought some more about the times I saw him naked in the gym. His shealth was so big and full and just below a couple of big round orbs to hold and squeeze gently. I unzipped my pants and slipped a paw into my underwear. I thought about Curtis some more and the time I "accidentally" walked in on Curtis and Randall mating when I was staying over. His knot was so huge and I couldn't imaging that small little fox being able to take it. I wonder what it would feel like to be bred by Curtis and to feel his knot tie deep inside my tail hole. I squeezed out some of my pre and began stroking my rock hard skunkhood. I fantasized more about being filled again and again by this big powerful wolf. I thought about his smell and imagined him pulling my tail high as he bent me over to get better access. The feel of his tip crashing into my prostate with each stroke and his fleshy bulb pushing into my entrance trying to break through with each stroke. Soon he would bite my neck and drive himself into my backside as hard as he can forcing his knot through to ensure we would tie. Soon I was shooting my own spunk all over my pants, paw, and steering wheel and I started to pant. Another car zipped by but this one turned around and started to follow me.

I panicked a bit and licked off all my cum from my paw and zipped up my pants and tried to act casually and then my heart sank as I saw the flashing red and blue lights. I thought about trying to outrun the officer behind me, but came to my senses and pulled over to the shoulder and shut off the car. The officer pointed his spot light into my car and I just waited for him to come over. I heard his cruiser's car door open and he walked slowly toward my car. The gravel below him making a crunching sound with each step he took. I rolled down my window and before he could even ask for it I handed him my license and registration.

Lt. Metcalf was on the name plate on his uniform. He was tall and had to crouch down a bit to peer into my vehicle to see me. When he did I got a better look at my officer and here before me was another wolf. Not as built as Curtis, but taller. His tight uniform also left very little to the imagination and I could feel my sheath start to swell again.

"Sir, please remove your keys from the ignition, hold them in your left paw out the window, open the door and slowly step out while keeping your hands visible."

I got really scared at this point and didn't know why I was being pulled over. I did as he commanded and slowly stepped out of my car.

"Now face away from me and walk backwards towards my voice until I tell you to stop."

I complied and turned around then began walking backwards. My heart was beating so fast and hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there.


I stopped and felt his paws on my wrist and my right paw was placed into the cold shackles and then my left paw. He walked me to the back of his cruiser and placed me in the back seat. Then he pulled his cruiser up to the left-rear side of my car, as if he was going to do the pit maneuver then stopped his car and stepped out and opened up the door keeping me in his car.

"Edward, The reason why I pulled you over is you were traveling more than 30 miles over the speed limit and swerving all over the road. When I approached your vehicle I noticed your fast breathing, sweating, and dilated pupils. I also smell a suspicious odor in your car and I see white splotches on your pants. I believe your have recently taken a controlled substance."

"N-no, I wasn't officer. I have never done drugs in my life. I don't remember swerving and speeding. P-please, I didn't do anything wrong."

"I understand that you believe you did nothing wrong, but I have enough probable cause to search your vehicle and your person for any illegal substances."

"Ok." I said, thinking when he finds nothing then he will let me go.

He walked towards my car and opened the driver's side door and began to search my vehicle. He checked around the visor, the dashboard, under the seats, and he stopped a moment when he placed a paw on my steering wheel. He rubbed his pads along the surface and brought it to his nose and then tasted it. My eyes went wide at what I just saw. He tasted my cum which was on the steering wheel. "I am screwed" I thought. Either he thinks they are drugs and takes me in for drug possession or he knows that its my seed and he takes me in for indecent exposure or something.

He didn't continue searching the vehicle and closed the door then proceeded to walk back towards me.

"Stand up" he commanded and I stood up and was shaking a bit with fear. He then went to the trunk of his cruiser and opened up a case. I saw him put on a pair of latex gloves and wondered what he was going to do with those. He grabbed my elbow and walked me around the back of his car and then to the back of my car. He pushed my upper body onto the trunk of my car.

"I am going to do a standard pat-down search. Before I begin, are you concealing anything which may cause injury to myself or your person?"

I shook my head

"Ok. Please spread your legs."

I did and he immediately began feeling along my arms, sides, back, waist, then my worst fear started to happen. He started to feel around my crotch, groin, and my sheath. I was quickly being turned on by this and becoming hard again. I don't think he noticed though since he didn't stop or change his process.

"I didn't find you to be concealing anything on your person, but now I am going to have to perform a body cavity search."

"You're going to do what!?" I screamed

"Please try to relax." and I heard the sound of flatus emanating from a squeeze bottle. He lifted my tail high and spread some of the liquid, lube, on my tail hole and rubbed it around. I was already in a state of arousal and this wasn't helping. I started to let out small mew sounds and lightly rocked my hips back and forth. When I felt the tip of one of his digits against my hole I instinctively pushed back. He pushed in just as hard and started to rub around my insides. I couldn't help myself. I started to hump back against his paw pad tip. Soon he added another and worked at loosening me up. I was humping against him faster now and he added two more paw pad tips and stretched me out even more.

Soon his entire paw was up in my insides feeling around. All I could do was mew and churr at feeling so stretched. He pushed in a bit more and found my prostate. I froze when he found this and he pushed down around it, squeezing it as much as he could and I shot a long string of pre from my cock. He squeezed it a few more time and with each squeeze I spurted more of my pre.

I was close to coming again, but he stopped and pulled his paw out of my rear.

"I guess you're not hiding any drugs. But before I let you go, there's just one more thing I need to do."

He put his paws on my shoulders and I felt his tip at my tail hole. I turned slightly to look at him and nodded. He let out a low growl and shoved his entire length into my ass. I let out a shiver and squealed feeling his length enter me in one long stroke. He held it there for just a moment and his knot pressed against my tail hole.

He pulled himself all the way out and shoved all the way back in. This caused me to shoot more of my own skunk pre onto my car. His own cock was so big and thick. Each time he pulled out I had an overwhelming feeling of emptiness which was soon replaced by the sensation of being filled as he shoved back in. Each stroke sending shivers throughout. All I could do was whimper and hiss through my teeth as his thrusts increased in speed.

He was soon working up a steady pace, thrusting in and out of my tail hole. Each time he'd thrust in I felt his knot push a little more into me. He started to caress my chest and found each of my nipples. Each time he pulled out, he would give my nipples a little pinch. I was now leaking a steady stream of pre down my cock and sheath. Sometimes it would spurt out onto the back of my car. Every time Officer Metcalf would tweak one of my nipples, I would let out a hiss.

He started to get closer as his thrusts became shorter and more forceful. His knot was pushing harder and harder into my barrier trying to tie us. I was close as well and tried to relax my tail hole and with one perfectly timed backwards thrust, his knot pushed past my entrance tying us together. He pulled my hips back against him hard and let out a howl as he began unloading his wolf cum deep inside. I was also shooting my skunk cum onto my fur and car. I squeezed down hard around his knot causing him to shiver and shoot even harder into me. I felt my insides begin to fill with his essence but the knot kept it from leaking out.

He slumped over me and panted. In between breaths he said; "My name is Rotlin. My brother, Curtis, says Hi and that we should go out some time."

I smiled and felt relieved knowing I wasn't actually going to jail.

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