Car Conveniences

"ma'am, is this your car?"

A Night in the Car

They reach their car, parked in the far end of the parking lot, near an empty lot. they climb into the car and melissa immediately turns towards kevin, and leaning over the gearshift, she begins to unbutton the fly on his jeans.

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Car Trouble

car trouble if there was one thing lorelei detested, it was cars. what she hated more were cars that broke down.

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The Abandoned Car!

#1 of ~the abandoned car!~ /a few hours earlier./ "stupid fucking cunt!"

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Doors and Cars

**doors and cars** we live in a world of doors, some open and some not. one opens sometimes, another opens hardly ever. the visitors from each unknown always different, yet some so familiar.

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Chasing Cars

In any case, i own up to my answer and merely hold his paw on the way out to his car. something about getting taken to his car makes me blush again, and i pray he doesn't notice.

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The Car Trip

Traffic started to show signs of movement, and alex hurriedly hopped back into his car. before the cars separated, alex saw the fox girl taking selfies.

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7: Skirts and Cars

The light turned green and the girl hit the pedal the car revving up and speeding off into the night.

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A car called FURR3

It was unlike any other day as today was the day i fell in love with a car, but not any car, my car, that i restored from a rusty piece of junk.

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Car meets tree

My car's engine compartment had been easily torn open by the large tree-log that had fallen off the truck ahead. but now, everything was just ringing in my head.

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The Car Ride Home

Asher slammed the brakes and the car skidded its way into a stop just behind the car in front of them. "i thought you got your license." damien said playfully as he re positioned himself in his seat. 

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Empty Train Car

**empty train car** "the next station is ..." scattered debris, kicked aside by unwary feet. scratched plastic, molded to fit. _"passengers for ..."_ abandoned seats row by row. screech of tracks, cars shunt and rattle. _"millennium line train to ...