Pokémon: Darkest Taboo, Pt42

Story by Logan Storm on SoFurry

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#43 of Pokémon - Darkest Taboo

I have to apologise for not posting part forty two of the Pokemon story, it was and is done but after re-reading it I realised it was confusing and hard to follow and I was the one who wrote it, my obvious blunder was I did not give the three Buneary names, there for calling them Buneary One, Two and Three was going to hinder any Orgy scene or three on one scene.

But having taken this long I will post it but if you good people find it hard to follow or confusing I'll take Part 42 down and re-write it so that it's only one on one and split the fun with those mischievous three Buneary's into three separate part


With the setting of the sun another day gave way to night as Jack eased in through the flaps of the tent, it felt cramped all most claustrophobic in its size but until he and his team made it to back to 'Evolution Town' it would have to do.

His hair was still wet after having a wash down by the stream, Oni had offered to give him a tongue bath so he would not have had to go so far form camp but the thought of spending the night covered in Weavile saliva was not particularly a pleasant one so he had politely refused.

Much to his surprise Toph had volunteered to escort him since Oni and Blaze really didn't want go back there for a second time, part of Jack had wondered why but eventually put it down to her wanting some peace and quiet that or catch a sneak peak of his naked body.

Whatever the reason he was glad for her company even if it was only for a brief while a smile graced his lip as he eased down over his sleeping bag, it was a warm night so he really didn't want to wake up drenched in sweat from getting to hot during the night especially since the Espeon had taken to curling up next to him when he went to sleep.

Running his fingers along the fur atop of Toph's small feline head he could hear her purr softly at his touch before yawning widely and pressing her curled up form a little close to his.

"Good Night Toph!"

He whispered closing his eyes as he felt her small rough tongue run against the bare skin of his side, seconds latter he began to ease into a dream, snapping one eye open the Espeon gave wide smile as she checked the state of the other Pokémon.

They were asleep which fitted her plans perfectly, with but a mental command Bunny and the three Buneary awoke and began heading to the rear of the tent out of sight of the others; Toph's gem began to glow faintly as if she was trying to be as quiet and discreet as possible as the zip to the tent flaps began to both silently and gradually ease up wards.

'Time for some fun my little Human!'

Toph whispered levitating the Human she deemed as her property up off of the sleeping bag and out between the tent with her sitting upon his flat undeveloped stomach as if she was piloting some kind of magic carpet, Jack slept through all of this peacefully unaware of what was to happen to him next as he floated around to the other side of the tent where privacy would be assured.

Waiting there the three Buneary could be seen bouncing about in pure excitement, the moment their small cute little eyes fell upon the Human their sweet smiles became more devilish and predatory.

"Hold on girls let Toph set things up then he's all yours!"

Bunny noted firmly with a stern tone causing all three to freeze and grumble slightly impatiently, the Lopunny could not help but give a slight chuckle at how adorable her little fan club was.

Toph gave a sigh her head shaking slightly it was a stark reminder why she never wanted young of her own they were just too much work in her consideration, the only reason she really agreed to do this was she was carouse to see if she really could cause the Buneary to evolve.

'Okay you three look at my gem, focus all your attention upon it and nothing else!'

Came the Espeon's voice directly into all three of their tiny little heads, her gem once more beginning to glow as in seconds each one of the small Rabbit like Pokémon's eyes had glazed over as they where mesmerised their minds bending to Tophs will as a subliminal command was implanted into their mind one that would last just long enough for the task at hand.

'This Human is your dearest long lost friend, your dearest most special friend that you want to mate with!'

Came Toph's telepathic voice over and over again until each one of the three Buneary began to whisper it like it was some form of mantra, turn her gaze away she turned her attention towards Jack reaching into the very pleasure centres of his mind.

Psychic tendrils of psionic energy wormed and withered their way through his brain to draw up the most deepest most hidden sexual fantasy in his mind before amplifying it tenfold.


Jack moaned slowly waking up, his briefs had started to bulge as his man-hood swell and harden, the three Buneary nearby began to come out of there trance and now looked upon the Human with wide tender eyes as if having suddenly experience a chance meeting with a beloved friend they had not seen in years.

All most at once at the same time they pounced at him wrapping their ears around him an nuzzling tear stained cheeks of joy against him, looking down Jack groaned slightly a little confused yet much to his concern extremely aroused as three female bodies ground an drubber against his sides and chest.

Their tongue licking at his skin, the one astride his chest scoot forwards bring her muzzle firmly against his mouth forcing her tiny tongue between his lips and along his own tongue.

It was a strange sensation and taste though not wholly unpleasant save the somewhat adult implications of what she was doing to him he found it adorably cute even if he didn't know why they were doing this or for that matter what he was doing outside.


One of the other two Buneary wept against him with joyous tone to her voice the other soon piped in with.

"Don't ever leave us like that again!"

Then the kiss was broken as all three began wiggle their way down along his body to his undies, there petite paw like hands eased them down enough to fish out his erect member; a gasp of awe and admiration left their tiny mouths as their looked upon it for the first time with eager anticipation.

"It's too big for you!"

Jack tried to reason with them as the last ounce of his rational mind tried to stop what was happening but a slight caress of Toph's mind against his own and all resistance was ended.

"It will fit!"

The first whispered in deep panting breaths as the desire to breed began to fog over her mind, the second still in prime position in the middle said something but it was impossible to understand with her mouth stretched around the tip of his bulbous tip, her paws had a firm hold of his shaft where she had eased his foreskin down fully to get at the thick swollen gland hidden inside.

"Well make it fit!"

The third one moaned as the flat of her tongue began running up and down his twitching fully erect shaft, Bunny meanwhile had scooted over next to Toph to get a good angle for the show that was about to begin.

Gradually lifting herself up onto the tips of her bunny like feet the second Buneary with the help of the third guides the end of Jacks boy-hood between her thighs or more precisely the mass of fluffy fur that was there before easing herself down, a short jerk and squeak came from the Trainer as he felt the sensitive bulb pass through her soft bulk of creamy fur.

A slight amount of pre-cum came to the surface as he pants deeply but any attempt to beg the small Pokémon to wait for a moment was silenced as the first planted herself down over his face parting her own bundle of fluff to so her tight lower lips where touching against his lips, as she makes huffs and gasps deeply while whispering in a desperate pleading tone of voice.

"Please Please I need it please make me cum please!"

Her voice tugged on his heart strings as he softly parts his lips easing the tip of his tongue along the groove of her lower lips before moving in a slow caressing motion, something that earned him the odd moan and squeal of pleasure as she rocked her hips in pure delight.

"It...Its going in...I...I...AHNNNNNNNNN!"

Was all the second Buneary could whimper as her tight little entrance began to stretch wider and wider the further down she pushed herself, twisting one way then the other she gradually began to force herself little by little down over his bulbous gland.

The pain was incredibly but the promise of pleasure unlike anything she had every known before combined with the thought of becoming a Lopunny egged her on, there was a sickening crunch that made every one sudden freeze as a trickle of blood rand down Jack shaft but after a brief inspection by Bunny it turned out to be the small Pokémon's hyman tearing as she lost her virginity.

"But ...mnnnnn...how..uhnnn...uhnnn!"

The first Buneary asked as she felt the thick long Human tongue slip its way ever so slightly inside of her driving her crazy.

"Y...You all way tyre the males out before...*pants deeply* my turn!"

The second replied between gasps and slight whimpers as the burning pain engulfing her entire pelvic area, easing his hands up Jack took hold of her body holding her in place so she could relax as best she could.

The third Buneary had stopped in her ministration as she too waited with a concerned expression about her face, reaching p to grab her friend's ankles she began to pull the other Buneary down.


The first screamed out in horror as the Second sobbed and screamed loudly as she was eased further down the thick swollen tip.

"She's stopped around wider section, your needs to get it all in or the pain won't ease!"

Bunny noted firmly bounding over to keep the Buneary sat astride the Humans face from interfering, stopping with a look of concern the first one sighed looking away not liking the sounds of agony coming from her friend.


The second begged tears running down her furry cheeks then with one last tug the entire bulbous end vanished up inside of her , the third Buneary let her friends ankles go as she reached up parting the cream fur puff and gently licking at the small hood where her little clity was hiding.

It took awhile but soon the small fleshy nub had been teased out from hiding and was being firmly licked at y the thirds experienced tongue as she tried to help take her friends mind of the pain she was feeling.

Minuets passed before the small impaled Buneary began to pant and gasp as her body relaxed more and more, her inner walls where growing used to being parted so wide though she still was not comfortable enough to start moving yet she was beginning to enjoy how Jack felt inside of her.

"I....I think she's...uhnnnnn!....she...she is ...enjoying it ...n.n.now!"

The first one moaned as she began to lift and drop her small hips down against the Trainers face grunting deeply as she did so, the hot intense pressure had begun to build deep in her loins as she drooled with a dreamy expression about her face.

Climbing up over Jacks body the third Buneary eased herself face up over the Human's body her small legs squeezing around the rest of his rampant muscular rod she starts to grind and slide herself against him as his pelvis began instinctively to thrust upwards pushing barely an inch more in through the Second ones tiny little opening making her yelp and gasp.

"It..it feels so good...oh Arceus...oh Arceus!"

The small Buneary gasped her muzzle wide open as she sucks in as much air a she could with every firm powerful stroke into her pert little body as she could, she felt so warm inside.

So warm and amazing as if there was a powerful glow building with in the very core of her soul, she had never felt anything so magical in her life, yes the pain was still there but it was so distant and dull now that it really didn't matter as lights sparkled before her eyes and a deep tingling sensation began to over whelm her.

The Bunearys little body was starting to glow as it changed growing in height and shape while the spectacular wonder of sinking down further along Jack's member sent shivers through her body to the point where her long elegant arms reached back against his chest as she arches her back letting out an orgasmic cry.


Then she fell forwards trembling in a heap between Jacks legs no longer a Buneary but a fully evolved Lopunny, smiling softly with a proud look about her face the third Buneary wiggled up along the Humans torso as his boy-hood slipped free still unstated to slap her creamy puff of fur.

"My Turn!"

She announces reaching down with her small paws and dipping his slick throbbing end to her own vaginal entrance, unlike her friend she was no virgin and had less trouble guiding him into place before with a grunt and a wince easing him up inside of her.

Just like with the second Buneary she could only take so much inside of her but it was enough to send ripples of pure ecstasy through her little body, with swift hungry strokes the third Buneary began to grind, wiggle and gyrate forcefully against the invading organ.

Any attempt at vocalising how she felt was lost as gibberish moans of total bliss as she grabbed at the sides of his naked body, she could feel the sheer force of her on coming climax swiftly approaching despite her desire to draw the sexual pleasure out for longer.

"Ooooooooooo she's going to evolve!"

The first Buneary moaned rocking and bouncing her hips with renewed desire as she watched her other friend start to convulse and her juices spray out in a messy climatic orgasm.

This like before Triggered the small Buneary to transform into a more larger Rabbit like Pokémon but this Lopunny didn't stop, she continued bouncing astride Jack's body eager to repay him for his gift by making him release his load deep inside of her.


She gasped and moaned as she ride shim like some cowgirl but in reverse, Jack could feel his length slipping and sliding through the folds of her lower lips as they formed a perfect 'O' around the girth of his shaft.

The Trainer gripped at the ground desperately his body trembling as the ball of burning pressure began to take shape at the very base of his over worked member as she began to pick up speed.


The Lopunny moans as she feels his hips pushing up with short sharp strokes to meet her down wards strokes, the last of the three Buneary could feel his ragged breath as she used his tongue as if trying to breed with it.


The Lopunny groans as she feels his warm sticky seed suddenly blasts against her inner walls coating them in his fertile cream, a few more bouncing strokes to make she had every last drop and she rolls off of Jack curling up in a state of sheer pleasure her eyes having glazed over.

Jack was panting now as the last of the three Buneary eased free from his face a wicked glint in her eye, crawling down she begins to lick and clean her play things reproductive organ clean.

She watched as it twitched and jerked under her touch before swelling once more looking down as he tried to catch his breath Jack watched her, looking up into his eyes she nuzzled his boy-hood like it was some Childs toy before bobbing her lips around the very tip.

"I hope you're ready because I want you to mount me and breed my brains out!"

The Buneary mused with a mischievous grin to her cute little face while giving the pouting lips at the tip of his bulbous head a firm caress; he watched her tiny warm tongue wipe away a large dribble of pre-cum a sight that would be imprinted into the back of his mind forever.

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