After the Storm - Part 29 [The Face of Terror]

Story by umbratenebris on SoFurry

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#31 of After the Storm

Under normal circumstances, this would've had that "description" thing that I've been doing recently. But seeing as this is my second attempt at trying to upload this, I completely forgot what I wrote a while ago and I'm too tired to try and write another one... what I do remember is that I stated that college kept me busier than I though seeing as I forgot to upload this last week. Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy. :3NOTE: I was too tired to proofread this so there may be grammatical and/or continuity errors with regards to the latest edit.NOTENOTE: Rated adult because of blood and gore.

"How the hell did Lucius hack our systems!?" the Charizard demanded as the Luxray's face came into view even in the monitor in the war room.

"I... uh... I don't know, sir." The Toxicroak soldier said nervously, intimidated by the furious Charizard.

"Well get your ass down at the comms center and tell them to get him out of our faces!" the Charizard roared out as the frightened soldier bolted down the hall and disappeared at the next turn.

His companions, the Blaziken, Blastoise, Sceptile and the Garchomp remained silent as they stared at the monitor before them with mixed emotions. The Blastoise was taken aback, completely surprised by the sudden appearance of the Luxray and the fact that he was able to hack into Avalon's systems. The Sceptile bore the expression of curiosity and amazement. As much as he hated this man for all the terror that he is spreading, he couldn't help but feel impressed at the feats he's accomplished.

Aiden, on the other hand, had a rather complicated cocktail of emotions brewing up inside him. There was a part of him that was happy to see his friend once more, there was another than wanted to rip out every organ of the Luxray out of his body and beat him senseless with them, there was a part of him that was saddened to see that his friend was on the other side of both the screen and the war, and there's that part of him that just doesn't know what to do anymore.

"Well well..." the Luxray spoke in a soft, menacing voice amplified by the fact that every monitor in the Military District displayed the broadcast. "I'm glad you guys handled that explosion incident rather well. I love what you've done to the place."

"That bastard..." the Charizard growled.

"How was he able to hack our system?" the Blastoise asked, and it seems that the Sceptile's expression hardened as he wondered the same.

"People of Avalon's Military District, I bid you all a pleasant afternoon." The Luxray spoke joyfully through the monitors and the speakers. "Some of your senior soldiers may remember me as Lucius Brooke, the assassin that escaped twenty years ago. But right now, all you need to know about me is that I am the man behind all those attacks four months ago."

"So it was him..." Charlie said with a low growl.

Wrapped around the Charmeleon's left arm was his lover, Veronica (Vex), now a Ninetails, and beside them was a Grovyle, Leaf. The three of them stood just outside the Academy's gates, watching the Luxray's broadcast from the jumbo screen. The Charmeleon arrived there moments ago to meet up with his girlfriend, but seeing as Leaf was Vex's assigned partner, he decided to tag along to annoy the Charmeleon.

"Do you know him, Charlie?" the Ninetails asked.

"No. But I've heard of him."

"Someone get him out of our systems now!" the Charizard demanded, slamming his fist against the doorframe as he barked his commands outside the room. Only to step aside as the two Gallades and the Lucario enter the room.

"Aiden, I heard--" the Lucario was about to tell her husband that she heard the Luxray's voice, only to have her sentence cut short by the image she sees on the screen. "oh my gods..."

"So that's the man we're after?" the younger Gallade mumbled under his breath.

"Ignatius, I request that you do not interfere with that broadcast." The older Gallade said. "I can use it to try and locate where the signal is coming from."

"Good idea." The Sceptile said, glancing over to the Charizard to "force" out his approval.

The Charizard let out a grunt of annoyance, but seeing as these two geniuses see it as the best course of action right now, he agreed. He walked over to his desk and grabbed the phone connected to the Academy's line. "Have all hands belay the order to stop the broadcast. Instead, all hands are to work on securing our files and making sure that the terrorist does not damage our systems." He said as he put down the phone.

"Harrison, go down there and assist them." The Sceptile said.

The Garchomp gave him a nod and left the room.

The group was then startled by the Luxray's chuckling from the monitor. "Forgive me, it's just that I find it adorable: your struggling to find out who's behind the attacks, struggling to hunt them down. In the end, I got so bored of all the waiting that I told myself 'They've captured one of your best men. They're bound to learn something from him. If they don't find out about your schemes in the next four months, heck, just show yourself anyway.'" The Luxray paused and shook his head. "You guys really, really disappointed me, you know that?"

"I... I think he's referring to us." the younger Gallade said.

"Yes, captain obvious. I am." The Luxray said sarcastically.

Everyone in the room turned to each other in shock and disbelief. 'He can hear us?' the Blaziken mouth his sentence so that everyone knows what he said without him having to utter a sound.

"Wait, why are we looking at the others?" the Kirlia asked as the scene on the TV changed from the Luxray's face into what she assumed was the office of the Charizard. She could see within the room her father and brother, the others that were in the meeting room before, and a Lucario that she could only assume was Jason's mother.

"That's the feed from the security camera." Jason said in shock. "He's hacked into our security system."

"That bastard!" the Charmeleon growled as he released his arm from the Ninetails. "I'm going in there!" he exclaimed as his legs kicked against the ground, sending him into a sprint. No sooner than his next step touched the ground, grass suddenly burst out from the ground where his foot touched and wrapped around his ankle tightly, causing him to stop in his tracks and trip.

The Charmeleon may have been capable of breaking his own fall, but the Grovyle quickly took hold of his arm and pulled him back to his feet. "You're gonna run in there and then what?" demanded the Grovyle. "Scream at the Luxray until he collapses from your stupidity?"


"The Luxray isn't in there, Charlie!" the Grovyle exclaimed. "I thought you were at least capable of some intelligence. What we're looking at right now is being broadcasted from who knows where."

"You don't understand, Anderson." The Charmeleon replied. "Avalon's security system is... ugh... I don't know the techy term they used but as far as I understood, it's a closed system. It can only be accessed directly and from the inside. For him to have hacked it--"

"He has to have HAD access to the inside." The Grovyle interrupted. "For all we know, he could've done it when he left twenty years ago, or during the assault four months ago. There is no certainty where he really is right now."

"Last I checked, there's nothing wrong with going in there." The Charmeleon said angrily, determined to try and provide his father with whatever aid he can give.

"Go in there through conventional means while the enemy has access to our security system and he can kill you literally with just a thought." The Grovyle said. "Right now, if you're really dead set on getting in there, I suggest you find a way around our security."

"Gr..." the Charmeleon growled as he shifted his gaze from the Grovyle to the Academy. Something felt really wrong in there other than the broadcast, he can feel it. But as much as he hated it, the Grovyle was right yet again. He can't just rush in there blindly when the enemy has hold of their security system. A flip of a switch and the Luxray could have the automated turrets firing at them. "So, what do you suggest we do? Wait it out like and let him do what he wishes like cowards?"

"You go to Jason's house and keep him safe." The Grovyle said. "Veronica and I will look for a way inside with the least resistance."

"Is all of this really about Jason?"

The Garchomp ran through the halls of the Academy. Lucius has become an even greater threat than they anticipated, and now he seems to have access to Avalon's systems. He had to move quickly if he was to salvage as many as possible. Although, something was amiss: he hasn't come across a single pokemon in his haste. Could they all have been in rooms, watching the broadcast... no... they had to have at least tried to do something.

Turning to the hallway to his left, the Garchomp was greeted by the gruesome answer to his previous query. At the end of the hall where the archives room was, the floor and walls were stained with blood and burn marks. Littered across the floor were guts and body parts that looked like they were viciously ripped from the poor victim. The strong smell of the blood and guts invaded his nostrils and threatened to make him throw up. Even holding his breath couldn't stop that "aftersmell" that lingered. But he had to steel his nerves, this was nothing compared to whoever or whatever it was that did this in the first place.

Harrison prepared himself for the worst as he inched forward as silently as he could. He reached the entrance of the archives room and he pressed his body against the wall, preparing himself to enter and encounter whatever or whoever it was inside. He swiftly turned his body and sidestepped, his blades glowing purple indicating his activation of dragon claw. What he saw inside the room made his heart stop as he stared forwards, unable to get himself to make a move. Inside the room was a rather burly Garchomp, his body riddled with cuts and scars probably several of years old. His most distinct features were his blind right eye, his cut off dorsal fin and his amputated left arm.

But the intimidating appearance of the large Garchomp, nor the blood that stained his maw and arm, weren't what held Harrison in place. It was far worse than that... "N... no... this isn't possible..."

"What's the matter, kid?" the old Garchomp asked as he took his battle stance, his right claw and fin glowing purple as well. "Is that really how you greet your old man when he's been away for all those years?" the older Garchomp roared his battle cry and lunged for the terrified Harrison.

"Lucius, why are you doing this?" the Blaziken asked.

"Why?" the Luxray paused, looking more annoyed. "Aiden... out of all the people in that room, you have got to be my biggest disappointment." The words ripped through the Blaziken's heart like shards of broken glass, but he remained quiet and his expression unchanged. "And everyone... these have been the most boring four months of my entire life."

"Why don't you come here so I can beat your face in!?" the Charizard roared furiously, streaks of flames escaping the sides of his mouth and his nostrils. "Maybe then you wouldn't be bored!"

"Maybe someday, master would meet you in person."

All those present turned around in surprise at the unknown voice that spoke behind them. The Sceptile, however, seemed to be familiar with the voice as he glared at the pokemon that stood on the doorway. Freed from his shackles and suppressive attire, the Hypno stood smugly by the doorframe.

"So you escaped." The Sceptile said menacingly amidst his calm demeanor.

The Blastoise didn't wait for anyone's signal when he readied to blast the Hypno with an ice beam. The Sceptile also readied frenzy plant from the seeds on his back to bind the Hypno. But the Hypno acted faster than anyone in the room. The mere glow of his eyes was the only thing that indicated his use of his psychic energy and immediately the pokemon in the room felt its powerful grip keeping them still. Both the Blastoise and the Sceptile tried to cast their moves but were thwarted with surprising ease. Even the psychic type visitors were held in place by the Hypno's powerful psychic grip.

"Gh... you bastard!" the Sceptile cursed as his body seemed to shiver in the attempt to even move.

"I didn't appreciate being strangled by your plants and being kept frozen for months." The Hypno snarled back. "You're just lucky master--"

"Don't you have a Riolu that needs collecting?" the Luxray cut him off with a stern tone and a piercing stare.

The Hypno didn't give it a moment's notice. Immediately after he was reminded of his duties, he suspended all thoughts of getting back at the Sceptile and Blastoise and nodded his head. "Of course, sir, he'll be with you shortly."

A flash of light erupted in the room, dazing the Hypno momentarily. His vision cleared just in time to see the glowing palm of a Lucario slam against his face, cutting his lip against his front teeth, shattering his front teeth, and breaking his nose. Immediately after that, the Lucario chained the first force palm with several others directed towards the vital organs of the Hypno's body.

"Like hell I'll let you lay a finger on my son!" the Lucario roared in fury as she laid strike upon strike of her powerful force palms on the Hypno's midsection.

"You annoying bitch!" the Hypno yelled as he rolled to the side to avoid the Lucario's attack then, using his psychic power, pulled the Blastoise towards them and slammed him against the Lucario's body at what they could assume was a hundred kilometers per hour. The two pokemon slammed against the reinforced steel wall with enough force to dent it. Both the Blastoise and the Lucario fell off the wall unconscious, with the Lucario in bad condition. "Guh... I hate it when their aura does that!"

"Natalie!" both the Blaziken and the older Gallade exclaimed simultaneously but were still paralyzed to rush to her aid. In the end, they were all helpless to stop the Hypno from leaving to fulfil his mission.

"Don't be so sad, Aiden." The Luxray spoke from the screen. "This wouldn't be the first time you've lost your wife and son."

Rage boiled from deep within the Blaziken as he writhed and thrashed, trying to shake free from the Hypno's psychic grip, but all his body visibly did was shake a little bit. The Gallades may have had more progress as they could ever so slowly move their body, but that was about all they could do. "Lucius, you bastard!"

"Aiden, I honestly do wish you and I can meet face to face once more." The Luxray said with a surprisingly sorrowful tone. "Please do survive this little parting gift."

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped as purple circles began appearing on the walls. Shiny crystals soon appeared from the purple followed by the wide smiles of the several Sableye that phased through the walls.

"The Sableyes!" the young Gallade gasped.

As much as they wondered how the Sableye managed to escape, let alone be able to phase through the protected walls, but all those questions were immediately set aside as the ghost types began bloating. Their heads started inflating and their eyes changed from those light bluish gems into bright orange ones.

"Remember, Aiden," the Luxray spoke as the image was slowly dissolving into static. "...surivive."

And with that, the bloated Sabeleyes exploded into a large explosion of unknown purple energy.

"Dad, I thought you were dead!" Harrison exclaimed as be parried and dodged the massive Garchomp's powerful strikes and slashes.

"There is no easier way to hide than making the world think you've passed on." The older Garchomp snickered wildly before roaring out a powerful wave of white hot dragon fire. Without even waiting for the flames to subside or even get a visual, he charged forward to slash at his own son.

Harrison knew better than to face the dragon breath head on so he quickly rolled to the side to avoid the attack. From there, he could see his dad charging blindly into his own inferno only to realize that his target has dodged out of the way. But even with all that weight and momentum, the older Garchomp stomped hard on the ground with clawed feet, a deafening shriek echoing across the hall as his claws skid across the ground, and brought him to a grinding halt and lunging towards the younger Garchomp.

Even with only one arm, the older Garchomp spun around to constantly keep that arm swinging at Harrison, who had a very hard time parrying each attack. Dodging the attack wasn't the best option either as the larger Garchomp can use his weight and momentum of having to chase him to easily multiply the strength of his swing. Even sharp turns weren't a challenge for his father, and Harrison was left with very little options and that occasional slither of an opening.

"Father, please, I don't want to fight you!" Harrison pleaded as he used his ground type affinity to shift the concrete beneath him causing him to quickly slide away, creating a large gap between them.

"Such a shame..." the older Garchomp said disappointedly as he dropped his arm. For a moment, Harrison might have lowered his guard assuming that his father had stopped attack. But with a powerful stomp, the older Garchomp immediately collapsed the floor beneath them causing the two dragon types to fall to the floor below.

Harrison was very much capable of controlling his descent and landing safely, but the slightest glance towards the ground during landing was enough for the large Garchomp to charge at him and slam his foot into his son's chest, sending him flying and crashing into the wall behind him.

Harrison groaned as intense waves of pain coursed through his body as the kick was strong enough to shatter a couple of ribs. He was just grateful that it hadn't ruptured any vital organs. The metallic taste of blood filled his mouth as he began coughing out drops of blood. Every time he took in air to let out another cough, his chest would burn in agony as his lungs pushed against his broken ribs. Still, this was no time to pause and catch his breath. He had an enemy to deal with... he just hoped that neither of them had to die to end it. "D... dad..." the Garchomp croaked. "Why are you doing this? You're supposed to be a good man... I looked up to you... we all waited for you to come home... we mourned your death... you were my hero..!" tear began streaming down his face as joyful memories with his father flashed in his mind.

The rugged Garchomp before him, riddled with battle scars and injuries, did not feel the same way. "Good and evil is a matter of perspective..." he said grimly as he charged forward once more, his claw and fin glowing purple and poised to kill.

Harrison had no choice but to reciprocate, but this did not mean that he would stop trying to convince his father to stand down. "Father, please..." the Garchomp pleaded as he two employed his father's spinning manoeuver to use his momentum to better his chances of parrying his father's vicious attacks properly.

"Enough!" the older Garchomp roared as he slammed his right foot against Harrison's left knee, dislocating the bones entirely causing his son to howl in pain. "I didn't raise you to be such a weak..." he slashed upward at his son's face, his claw raking up his left cheek all the way to the forehead, severely cutting Harrison's left eye. "...soft-hearted fool..." he immediately brought down his arm and his glowing fin hacked off Harrison's right arm. "...who can't even stand up to his old man!" he ended his vicious combo with another powerful kick at the Garchomp's chest causing him to crash all the way through that wall and into the room behind it.

Harrison's consciousness hung on a thread as sharp, agonizing pain gripped his body. His father's brutal assaults left him almost as damaged as he was: blind on one eye and missing an arm... now he really was a spitting image of his old man. With his left leg broken, five ribs broken, right arm cut off as well as his left eye, he was far too injured and lost too much blood to keep going. If he just laid there perhaps he'd survive maybe at most thirty minutes, but with his father looming over him... "W... why?"

There was no response from his father, nor did he attack him. Harrison decided that he should just lie there and wait it out. He doubted anyone would arrive in time to patch him up and even if someone did, they'd most likely get ripped to shreds by the heartless monster that stood over him. Harrison closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable. All of a sudden a large and powerful explosion ripped through the silence and the darkness of the Garchomp's mind as he was jolted back into reality. The who building shook violently at the potency of the blast and the Garchomp tried his very best to keep his heart rate steady lest he lose even more blood.

Glancing up weekly to see what has happened to his opponent, Harrison was surprised, so surprised in fact that his vision cleared up, to see his father trembling before him. A steady stream of tears ran down his face and Harrison could hear soft whimpers coming out of the older Garchomp's mouth. The older Garchomp collapsed on his knees and leaned forward, wrapped his only arm around his son and pulled him close for a tight hug. "Oh my gods... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry..." the older Garchomp said repeatedly, sniffling every now and then as he cried.

A lump formed in the younger Garchomp's throat as he too began crying. His left arm wrapped itself around his father as he hugged him as well. "Dad... why are you doing this?"

With the position of the hug, Harrison couldn't see what his father was doing. All he could see was his father's back and all the scars and injuries that were there. His father has clearly been through so much pain in the past... much much more than he shared with his family... "I'm so sorry..." Harrison heard his dad repeat once more. "Please... forgive me." Without warning, Harrison felt the older Garchomp's hand leave his back followed by the sound of a gun cocking and then BANG!

The Garchomp stared ahead in horror as his father's body grew heavier in the hug. With only one arm left and all of his energy drained, he wasn't strong enough to keep his father lifted as the body of the older Garchomp slumped down to the floor beside him with a smoking hole on his forehead. Back then, when Harrison first learned of his father's apparent death, he'd fantasized about how heroic his father went down, how many villains he slayed and brought with him to the grave... never in his wildest dreams could he imagine his father committing suicide after almost brutally murdering his own son.

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