i had to find the reatest pokemon

Story by mugman on SoFurry

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longest story by me? well i hope you enjoy it

"GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID BUG!" Was what was heard in the pokemon forest area as pidey's and spearows fled from the sound of this. A trainer ran into the bushes then jumped out looking for the pokemon, he had found a rare pokemon a pokemon that is very limited and is very hard to find a shiny weedle. The trainer had looked up how to find a shiny pokemon and had also asked trainers how they'd caught there's. Some said by pure luck, others though breeding or from trades. After this he went out to find his own shiny pokemon but found nothing just common pokemon until suddenly a shiny weedle appear from behind a bush but only after he was giving up hope. The normal weedle body is yellow with orange rings around its body making it look like a caterpillar this pokemon was the other way round making it a shiny. The trainer used his net catching it with ease but the pokemon ate though the soft fabric. This net was only meant for butterflies or very small none teeth bug pokemon. The weedle once free ran away the trainer in hot pursuit but only when he felt the net get lighter as well as hearing the ripping of fabric. "I'm going to get you even if I have to stay out here in the forest all the time!" Said Jim our pokemon trainer, well I say trainer more get rich quick kid. He was the kind of kid that would buy loads of basic easy to get hold of pokemon that no one wanted or that were easy to get. Then he'd find a gullible kid that had no idea or very little know age on pokemon and sell them the item telling that it was a pokemon that would be there friend and that they needed this pokemon. He would then do the same thing again but with other pokemon as well as items. Sometimes even doing the old trade trick, trading a no good item for a very super rare item or a not that easy to find item. That was when he was 10 years old, now 20 he was trying to find basic shiny pokemon and sell them for a huge profit. The only problem was shiny pokemon aren't easy to find or trade, people only want good shiny pokemon, but with some slick words and a good selling face he could sell them and make a good profit. As he wandered around the forest looking for the weedle that now seemed to have blended into the forest which was rare for a shiny pokemon, he came to a big opening. There was no long grass only short trimmed grass, no big blocking trees or bits of grass that needed to be cut. Looking around from behind a bush he saw loads of oddish dancing and doing something to the trees. Tree sap was being taken from the trees and put into a pile of leaves then the oddish would use some water to get the tree sap more watery. From the looks of it, it was being made into some kind of cream but what for Jim thought looking on from behind the bush. Jim watched then there was a gust of wind from above the oddish jumped and cheered as the wind stopped. Jim watched from the bushes wondering where that gust came from, then from the sky came a figure of a pokemon, not just any pokemon a lugia. The lugia was the rarest pokemon of them all it was only ever seen in the sea but this one seemed to be more ground like or not sea based, the other thing about this pokemon was what it was a shiny. The normal lugia colours are a white body and blue tail tips with wings bits of the same colour. This pokemon the colour was swished, so its whole body was blue and the tips of it wings and tail white making it the rarest of all rare pokemon. Jim couldn't believe his luck he no longer cared for that stupid weedle now he had his eyes set on this pokemon. The shiny weedle could be worth about 400 pokemon money but this pokemon was worth a mint this pokemon if caught could make him so rich he would employ others to do what he did. The lugia landed and then lay down on its belly the oddish then attacked it but they used a special attack called sunny day this had no attack power but did make it bright. The sun beamed down onto the lugia's body making it shine from its slick smooth skin. It let out a growl and then lay down fully letting the oddish walk over it all the while they picked up some of the watery sap and poured it over the lugia's body. Jim looked and thought, is it? It is! It's having a sun tan, oh this is perfect! He said to himself going a little away from the bush then getting out something from his bag. He pulled out a pokemon costume a mister mime one, he knew that in order to get a good sun tan you needed to spread the oil or cream around. He put it on and made sure that he had an ultra ball with him, he then went back still the lugia was there getting covered in cream, some of it pooling around it. Jim stepped out the oddish looking at the pokemon, they then kept on going as it was no threat to them, Jim got close to the lugia then going to its side put its hands on the pokemon, then before the pokemon could move or bite or flee, he started to rub the cream in. The lugia had noticed the pokemon come from the bushes and ignored it, then it felt it on its body but rather then re-act it felt what the other pokemon was doing, it then spread itself out to let the mister mime make sure all of the cream was evenly on its body. Jim was now rubbing the lugia's back then to its lower back then onto its legs, then as he got lower he looked at the pokemon's sex, he was wondering which sex it was, when moved onto the legs and tail he got his answer, it was female. "It's a female?!" He said looking at her sex, so big and soft looking "Why have you stopped?" It asked turning it long neck back to the pokemon "Mime, mime, mime," Was what Jim said but the lugia looked at him confused "You can speak normal; I can understand all pokemon thanks to my psychic powers" She said still looking "Oh sorry, I was um wondering if you let me, kind mam, to um rub the cream over you sex area, only don't want you to get brunt down there" He said blushing on the inside "Go right ahead, the oddish seem to know how to rub the cream into my other areas, you may take my sex seeing as you asked" She said raising her tail up to let him get a good look at it Jim gulped and looked at the big sex, it was as big as him, he then carefully pushed him hands onto the lugia's soft butt it was soft but ferm. He blushed as he moved his hands in circles feeling the big right butt check, his cock was now very hard and pointing out from the costume. The lugia was now feeling very relaxed she let out bird like sounds that were very relaxing to Jim. After he had rubbed the right butt check he moved to the left, again soft but ferm all the while he stared at her sex, it was just a little wet, some juices leaking out, he didn't know if it was from the rubbing or from the sun tan. He then stopped and gulped; he carefully moved to her sex and started to rub the cream around her lips. The lugia stopped for a moment as she felt him on her sex, she smiled feeling the pokemon rub carefully trying not to touch her in a sexual way. Jim groaned he really wanted to just rub his costume off and fuck her, but he knew that was out of the question, soon after about an hour had passed the shiny lugia was now coated in a very creamy substance, the oddish left waving as they exited into the forest. Jim stood there still looking at the pokemon's sex. "You are free to go now, pokemon friend, um why are you staring at my sex area?" She asked a small blush on her face "Oh sorry I was um making sure it looked covered enough don't want any patches" He said blushing and trying to hide the tent poking out from the costume. "I can see from rubbing my lovely big round sex butt you have been turned on, seeing as you did a good job on not just taking advantage of me I'll let you look as much as you want at it, "Just don't poke, probe, or lick it, ok?" She said the pokemon nodded Jim sat down looking at the big pokemon, she towered above him he was only 5'4 she must have been at least 20'7 maybe taller. Either way just to look at the sex of this pokemon was enough to get him to 2nd thought his plan. As time passed Jim noticed the lugia had gone to sleep, the pokemon was asleep, resting and not doing much, Jim carefully removed his head and gasped, it was hot under there and the sunny day attack the oddish had done wasn't helping. Now able to breath he looked in better detail at the lugia's sex, it was twice as tall as him it was pink and looked smooth as well as soft. He groaned as his cock throbbed, he then decided to let off some of his own cream. Looking to make sure no trainers or pokemon were around he carefully leaned on the pokemon's thigh still in view of that sex. He then pulled the pants down of his costume as well as his own his man hood throbbed out, all eight inches. He started to rub it slowly wanting to view the pokemon's sex forever. He stroked his cock rubbing it up and down thinking of how soft the butt was when he touched it, then thinking about what it would be like to be sat on by her, her big butt covering him. As he rubbed pre leaked out, he though of ways to become a shiny male lugia and to fuck her, breeding her and making more shiny pokemon, or even better shiny eggs. As he rubbed more the forest started to stir, the lugia heard the trees and bushes rustle, she turned her head behind her but saw the pokemon pleasing himself, this turned her own but then just as she was about to cough or to watch the pokemon pleasure himself a buzzing noise came from behind her. Out from the forest charged a load of weedle followed by beedrill. Jim gasped pulling up his pants and putting his head back on. "Crap, that shiny weedle must have told the others of its kind what has happened, but wait, "I'm safe I'm in my mister mime costume, it'll never notice oh shit!" Jim said remembering that's how he'd found the shiny weedle, he would put on the costume and start to cry, fake crying of course then any pokemon that would come out shiny or not he would cry some more when he looked up from his hands he would either run away or cry some more. This is how he'd gotten the weedle in the first place, he then befriended it and then tried to catch it but the weedle dodged the ball then using a poison sting knocked his head off. Jim looked at the pokemon, the pokemon then ran away him going after it (see the start of this story). Jim looked worried no shiny beedrills but loads of them he then pushed backwards into the lugia's sex, she got up and spread her wings, Jim hiding behind the big legs of her. "Who disturbs my sun bathing?" She said looking at the pokemon they stopped but were angry "The beedrills and weedles, we are after one trainer that tried to capture our only shiny son, "It takes get joy of this forest to know that there is a pokemon that rare in here, the trainer tried to capture it, "Now we find the trainer was last seen here" The pokemon all looked around but they only saw a mister mime and a lugia "Seems your mistaken, I'm only here with my other friend who has been with me all the time, "Come show yourself to them friend" She said lifting her leg showing the cowering pokemon The pokemon looked up and smiled trying to look very innocent, he came out from under the leg and waved to the other pokemon. Then the shiny weedle said something and the beedrills started to swarm. "Why are you swarming?" She asked looking at them "Our son says that that pokemon was the one that tried to capture him" They said starting to swarm more viscously. "This pokemon here *she said looking at him* that's not true pokemon have no idea how to use a pokemon ball, you are wrong little shiny one" The lugia said Jim gasped knowing he was safe or so he thought, The shiny weedle once again shoot a poison sting at the head of the pokemon and knocked it off, Jim looked the lugia gasped but then the beedrill swarmed. The dived, needles drawn they flew towards the trainer. Jim turned and ran he gasped for breath, he could hear the angry pokemon behind him, he ran more then felt himself running but looking down his feet were leaving the ground, he looked up and saw the lugia holding him, she then put him onto his back and started to fly. The beedrills though they couldn't catch up had another plan, they picked up some weedles and carried them into the sky's then they fired there poison stings at the pokemon and trainer. They hit but only really did a little HP damage then one hit make the lugia feel sick the poison had taken its toll on the pokemon, it flew down crashing though the trees and crash landing. Jim watched as the pokemon crashed though the trees his costume getting ripped by the flying branches and the odd pokemon, soon after three rough bumps they stopped. Jim groaned he felt like he had just been choked slammed by one of the string fighting type pokemon. He got off the back of the lugia, he then went to her, she groaned the poison from the stingers slowly taking there effect, then came a buzzing. The trainer now sorry for the lugia deiced to stand up, no more running. The beedrills stopped and looked the trainer stepped forth and stood there blocking them from the lugia. "Beedrills, I'm here, leave her alone, it's me you want, not her, "Come on! I'm here let her go or give her the antidote so she can go, its me you want not her!" He stood there as the weedles came in there groups, The lugia still listening heard what the trainer said, as the beedrills started to swarm then charge the lugia turn and batted them away with her wing. Jim gasped as she did this, then the lugia using whatever energy it had left used a hyper beam, this hyper beam cleared everything the white light blew the beedrills away any left over fled. The weedles did the same not waiting to attack more any more, the lugia after doing this panted and gasped the poison now getting worse. Jim looked then saw the hyper beam he gasped shielding his eyes from the blinding white light, afterwards he looked and saw the lugia on her back, the poison now almost finished with his victim. "Hold on lugia, I have some antidote in my backpack" He said going to get it but it wasn't there, The pokemon then used its psychic powers to teleport them away, the white glow lasting a few moments then turning into normal colours. Jim opened his eyes and saw he was in a cave, he then saw light and went to it, they were on top of a mountain, Jim then heard a low cry, he ran back to see the lugia in pain, she then shoot a ball of psychic power down the cave, in a corner was a load of items. Jim ran to them and grabbed as many antidotes as he could find in total twenty. He then poured the contents of them all into a bowel and put it in front of the lugia. The lugia lifted its head and drank, more lapped at the pink fluid; she then gasped and started to drink more, then more until it was all gone. She then groaned her head falling to the floor, she was better but her HP was low. Jim went back to the pile but only found crap items, poke balls, TM's but he then found a poison, okay it would only restore 20HP but it should be enough. He ran back and sprayed lugia or sprayed her tail area, she hissed at the pain but soon felt better. "Thank you trainer, but I must rest now to gain more HP back, I'll talk to you once I am fully healed, if you run, your be eaten by the flying types around here, "Try to escape though the cave without flash and your be lost forever in the maze" She said before closing her eyes and going to sleep. Jim just nodded, he looked around the cave, there wasn't much there, other then the pile of items, this pokemon was either a collector or had a thing for shiny items. Jim looked though the pile, finding quite a few rare items, a few rare candies, loads of TM's and a very rare HM, he then found a bike, and a few master balls. Were did she get all this? Is this really what people and trainers drop? Jim thought a while wile the pokemon lugia slept, he kept looking at her butt it was so soft and groupeble. He then heard wings at the cave entrance. Jim dived behind the items and looked, it was another pokemon, another lugia, but this one was different as well, it was all black and had a white belly with white wing tips and little spikes on the tail end. "A dark lugia!?! How the hell do I go from losing a shiny weedle to finding two rare lugia?" Jim said as he watched the other lugia run to her "Sister! Oh no what happened!? You're all poisoned and hurt and asleep, you've been half healed?" The dark lugia said looking over her "Yes, a trainer helped, but it was his fault, I need to rest though" The shiny lugia said going back to sleep "Oh a trainer, oh goody a new play thing" The dark lugia said smiling and looking around Jim hid he didn't know what play thing meant he could be played with like a skitty, by batting a toy around or another pokemon. He stayed quite and hidden not wanting to be seen or heard; he looked over at the dark pokemon looking around trying to find the trainer. "Well where is he or she? Oh I hope it is a she, that'll be a fun time" It said smiling and clapping its hands or wings Jim pounded, if he was going to did he may as well go out with a bang, after all pokemon if they catch there prey like to give them one last request, and the only exception is not letting them go. He got up and crawled over the items making a noise as coins and items rolled away. "Here I am, I'm the trainer that hurt your sister, I was after a shiny weedle, it found me and a big fight broke out" Jim said standing there still in his tattered pokemon suit his shorts and top also cut, the poison hadn't hit him but the needles had "Oh you're a male well that's okay, but why are you looking like a battle scared mister mime?" It said looking at him and picking bits off of his body "Well I like to befriend pokemon before I catch and then sell them, this is or was my costume, it's no good now other then scarps" Jim said removing it and shivering at the cold "Aw, poor human he has no fat to keep him warm, I know" The dark pokemon picked him up and then put him some were he wasn't expecting to be put Jim was picked up and then placed into the other lugia's breasts, or right in between them, he sank down but instead of fighting he just let it happened, two female lugia this was either a good dream or that a poison sting had hit him and he was dead and this was heaven. The breasts around him were soft and warm, they felt so nice. He stayed there getting a grip his head and shoulders still above the big pokemon's bust. "Comfy?" She said smiling Jim nodded he was, it was like two soft pillows two live soft pillows were hugging him. He stroked them hearing a purr come from the pokemon as he did. The pokemon then went into the cave more, it was dark she then used her fire and light up some bits of wood on the wall. The cave was big, it was wonderfully big, it had a lava flow, it also had a hot spring, as well as a rock bed that was covered in leaves. Jim looked and was shocked this wasn't what he was expecting. The lugia moved her beasts moving left and right making Jim blush as his cock throbbed hoping the pokemon wouldn't feel it, but she did. "What do you humans eat again? We only have berries but there um different, some we can eat but you can't, some we can't eat but you can" She said smiling "If that makes any sense, we usually help only help pokemon trainers that have lost there way in the maze or are lost hikers" She said getting out some small red berries; she then placed them lightly in front of Jim "Thanks" Jim said grabbing the fruit and taking a bite it was sweet and juicy. The lugia then moved and sat on the bed, then came a roar, her sister had woken. There was a vomiting sound followed by coughing then in walked the shiny pokemon. "That feels better, oh I see you've meet my friend, or pokemon seller" She said looking at Jim who tried to get into the other pokemon's bust more. "Leave him alone, besides, you want to be a mum don't you? Well stop being mean and go get ready" The lugia smiled and exited "Ready? Ready for what?" Jim said yawning that berry must have been a powerful sleeping berry "Oh nothing, but you look tried, you go and rest on our bed, for once you have rest you feel much different" She said pulling him out of her breasts and putting him on the bed putting a leaf over him Jim yawning and trying not to sleep tried to talk but all that came out was a yawn, the leaf was like a blanket it covered him and he felt like a weight was on his eye lids closing them. He soon feel asleep, the dark lugia smiled and clapped her wings. "At last a human that hasn't run away, we'll be mothers soon" She said exiting and finding her sister, Jim just kept on sleeping. Both pokemon then waited and then the ritual started, they stood over him and held wings, they then started to sing a psychic power started to come from there body. It was absorbed by Jim, who was still asleep, as he slept his body started to change he go bigger, longer body his arms started to thicken then they turned into white wings, his legs shorted but they too turned thick and white, his clothes ripped as his body grew to the size of the two pokemon. His tail came next popping out and growing, then his head changed, his face melted away only leaving his mouth and nose, hair ears and chin gone. His neck then grew both pokemon kept on saying some old pokemon words, words only the oldest of pokemon knew, jims body then grew again to there size, he was now filling the bed nicely. The two pokemon then said some words there eyes glowing brought as the final part came. Both watched, his once eight inch cock started to throb and grow it lost its skin then the base grew as the tip became a tip. His balls went inside of him were his cock body area once was now a slit was there. All the while he just groaned and snored then the lugia eyes grew dim as the magic transformation had ended, both pokemon gasped and panted that had taken a lot of energy out of them. Both of them looked at the male lugia that was once a trainer but now was a pokemon like them. They left him to wake up and see what he thought; they also left some food and water for him which he might need. After about an hour of sleeping Jim came to, he yawned and rubbed his head but instead of rubbing it he slapped it. "Ow, what the hell hand?" He said looking at it but only seeing a lugia wing, "Huh? That's odd" He said looking at wing he then moved it and then looked over himself "AHH I'M A LUGIA WHAT HOW WHY?!" He said he then got up but stumbled and fell backwards onto the floor with a thud. He got up then saw the berries and water, he picked them up and ate them, they tasted sweet but the wrong kind of sweet almost like child's cough mixture but more sweeter. He then looked at himself in the water; it was true he was a lugia. He then heard two voices behind him; he turned and saw the two lugia's looking at him. "Well he is better looking now then he was as a human" Said the shiny lugia "Oh yes, that little transforming spell worked well on him" Said the dark one "So I presume now that you going to leave me like this? Great, life as a lugia, goodbye money hello life as a pokemon" Jim said sitting down "Oh? Sounds like you're looking on the bad side" Said the dark lugia "I think he is sister, such a shame too" The shiny lugia said "Why is it a shame? I'm a lugia, a big hoping I'm still male lugia" Jim said turning to look at the two "Yes, a male alone in a cave" Said the dark lugia "With two horny female lugia's one of which you made horny from rubbing her butt and sex" Said the shiny "So it dose seem a shame that your looking on the bad side, after all, you're the only male here that can please us" They both said "So you turned me into one of you too breed?" Jim said now looking more interested now "oh yes, its been years since we meet the last male lugia, he since gone under water, sadly at the time we weren't in season, "But we are now and we need seed to give us eggs, so we can be mommies" They said looking at him lustfully "You sure you want me? I'm just a simple pokemon money maker" He said but his cock was out rock hard and throbbing a bead of pre on the tip shone "Seems your friend knows what it wants, plus you wanted me, I saw you pleasing yourself, before the attack" The shiny lugia said walking around him and using her tail rubbed his cock head with it "T-true but only because you looked great, and now in this form you smell great and look great and, and" He said watching as she lay on her belly raising her tail and showing off her sex "Well go on then, make me a mommy and breed me!" She said with a loud roar Jim blushed he got behind her and lifted her tail he then pushed his cock into her tight sex, he and her moaned, the dark lugia watched pleasing herself with her wings. Jim thrusted and started to mate, but his cock just slipped out only going in a few inches hardly enough to get a grip from her wet inner walls. "This isn't working, I'll get on my back that way your be able to mate better with me" She said getting on her back Jim now got on top of her and thrusted in fully, both pokemon moaned loudly each one feeling pleasure, Jim thrusted in and out of the wet warm sex, her inner walls clamped down on the cock in a needy way. She moaned bucking her strong back legs into his thrust, feeling so much pleasure she never wanted it to end. Jim too was feeling great his cock throbbed inside her rubbing her inner wall g spot, the top going into her womb ready to be injected with seed. He thrusted fully into her both there sex lip holes touched, the shiny lugia moaned she then leaned up and kissed him. This caught Jim off guard but he kissed back there big tongues licking and sliding off each other. Soon though all this pleasure came to a climax, the shiny lugia screamed out in a loud roar of pleasure as her inner walls clamped tightly onto the cock as she orgasmed, her body twitched and shuddered as her juices leaked out onto the cold stone floor. Jim felt and heard the roar, his cock throbbed wildly and he too roared as his cock tip exploded warm seed into the needy pokemon's womb, he panted as he filled her with his seed. "How was it sister?" The dark one asked as she fingered her sex ready to go "W-wonderful, I can feel his cock making me pregnant, he cum's in a great load, but it's the way he thrusts, he's not like others he takes his time, I think my pussy is broken" She said gasping and moaning from the afterglow "Your pussy felt great, so soft and warm I'm still hard, I suppose that's good?" Jim said unsure after all he was a few moments ago a trainer now a lugia and knocking up two of the rarest known pokemon "Oh that means it's my turn, c'mon sister, let his cock go I want to scream out like you did too!" The dark one said looking at her The shiny lugia got off and sighed, cum dripped from her sex she moved a finger to it and inserted it then pulled it out cum on it she then put it in her mouth moaning. The dark lugia got into the same position as her sister and made sure her sex was nice and wet. Jim just smiled and thrusted into her, she was a lot tighter then the shiny one. He thrusted into her and they both moaned, she thrusted into him moaning and pushing on his back this one really was needing to be laid, Jim just thrusted into her like a piston in out in out. The dark pokemon moaned it was too much for her she came quickly her juices spayed Jim's crouch he just thrusted not done yet as his cock was still hard only dripping some seed into her mostly the off cast from mating with the other one. Jim moaned he was close but he never wanted this to end, thrusting more he roared out as he came his cock sank fully into the dark pokemon's sex, she then roared feeling his cum hit the back of her womb like a water jet from a water pokemon. His cock throbbed his inner balls emptying into her he then gasped laying on her panting. "Oh gods sister you were right, this has been the best the male ever" She said gasping as she pulled off of Jim "Yes indeed I think we'll be keeping this one, if he wants to stay" She said looking at him "I enjoyed that but, I would like to go back to being a human, after all this was fun but I want to be a trainer, so please change me back" He said gasping and getting up "Aw, well it wears off soon, in fact I think it's about too, we timed that just right then" They said looking A white flash of light came from Jim's body, like he was evolving but he couldn't, instead his arms legs body shank, he was turning back into a human trainer. Soon the glow was gone, he gasped and fell to the floor, his normal human was tried he had sex with two pokemon so for his body that was like having to run all the way around the pokemon world. The dark one picked him up and cuddled him into her flat chest, she then carried him onto the bed, the shiny lugia joined them they both kissed him and yawned then they started to go to sleep. Jim sighed and cuddled into them he felt safe, he hadn't caught them but instead had gotten something much better then catching them. As he slept the evening sun set all three asleep in the cave. When Jim woke he wasn't in the cave, he was in a grassy field, he looked around it was the field where he'd first seen the lugia. Was it a dream? Did he really see the two rarest pokemon or did his brain play an evil trick on him? He looked around but saw nothing he picked up his back pack and walked out of the forest. He then found a town and rested even if it was a trick he was still tried. A few weeks later as he was walking into a grassy area, trying to find more rare pokemon when something made a noise from the air, looking up he saw a shape heading towards him. He looked and saw it was an egg, he caught it and gasped, he then looked up and saw the two lugia pokemon circling, it wasn't a trick or a dream he really did mate with them. One flew down and landed. "Thank you for breeding us, you were very productive, between us we've each got twelve eggs, here is one, a thank you for doing that" She said smiling and taking flight, the shadow one then landed "We will be needing you again later on in the year, think you can do it again?" She said smiling stroking his crotch area with an evil grin She then flew up and joined her sister, they both made a call to him and flew off he just smiled and waved as they disappeared into the horizon. He looked at the egg and wondered what one he would get a dark or shiny? He put the egg in his back pack and walked on, a few more steps and the egg started to crack. Jim opened the back pack and pulled the cracking egg out, he watched as it burst free from the shell, the light fading there was a shiny lugia, it had the same colours as its mum. Now he had his own shiny pokemon, instead of how much he could get for it, he hugged it and would now become a real trainer, not a pokemon money maker. He smiled as he walked on the shiny lugia on his head chirping happily he thought about there next encounter, after all they did say they wanted him again, and this time maybe the spell they used could last longer. All that though was for another time, for now he was just happy being himself. ~the end~

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