Pagoda Adventures

Story by Thunderdramon on SoFurry

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#28 of Story Commissions

A story commission done for FA: CrashB of himself, yours truly meeting a friend in one of his usual odd ways. Involves lots of growth and cum.

"So, why are we here? We're not going to do it in the woods, because I'm not sure I could do it in front of your relatives." Crash quipped, following Thunder out of the city limits. The eastern dragon had dragged him out here, but he hadn't bothered explaining for some reason. Whenever he did, all he did was explain that they were going to meet a friend. He never explained who or what this friend was, but he assured him that they'd be okay going this far out. Crash's mind wandered about what to expect.

Thunder's friends were a bit of an oddity, especially compared to the last few experiences. After becoming a dragon due to making a deal with a demon as well as growing extra limbs thanks to his roommate, he was on the fence about it. And yet, he enjoyed every bit of it. The larger than life heights, the levels of immobility in a lot of ways and meeting a few oddly powered folks -a plant-dragon hybrid being the oddest thing he met was quickly trumped--had him quite happy with the last few events. But Thunder's secrecy was getting on his nerves to the point that well timed quips weren't going to help.

Thunder continued walking in front of him silently, the duo eventually arriving in the forest a few yards away. Crash counted his lucky stars that the clouds were around and the weather was low or else he probably would have been scorching in his own fur and the usual summer heat. The shade of the scattered trees assisted in keeping him cool, but his hooves were starting to ache in his sneakers.

"Come on, are we almost there yet? Who are we even meeting way out here?" Crash grumbled.

"Just a friend. He has a flair for the dramatic. He didn't want me telling you until we get there." Thunder flicked his plumes of black hair to the side to get a look at Crash. He had his arms behind him with a smile on his face. If Crash didn't know any better, he would have assumed that Thunder enjoyed his mental squirms.

Crash let out a huge sigh as the traversed through the small forest. He didn't mind the environment, it was surprisingly peaceful. He half wished he didn't bother wearing sneakers so he could let the grass rustle and mix in on his hooves like Thunder. The poor guy was beyond footwear so he was forced to go either barefoot or go with sandals in this heat. For someone connected with places like these, Crash figured that he just did it on purpose and used his size as an excuse.

"But yeah, we're almost there. Take a look." Thunder pointed in the distance and stepped out of Crash's line of vision.

Just a few yards away, one of the most beautiful looking places greeted the duo. A three story Pagoda right in the center of the forest, surrounded with a moat of water and a bridge connecting the several paths to it. Crash had never seen one of these up close, but a few things came to mind. For starters, why would someone be out here? Second, who would Thunder know that lived all the way out here? Thunder didn't seem to be amazed by the place. If anything, he looked a bit off put by the appearance of it.

"Jeez, of course he goes all out. Take a look over there." Thunder mumbled. He pointed over near the entrance of the pagoda. Once the two arrived, they'd see two statues along with the twin doors. The two statues depicted a canine meditating in place with his wings folded and a bulge that filled out the space between their legs. Thunder rolled his eyes at the sight of them while Crash couldn't help but stare.

"Someone's a bit too generous about their perceived size." Crash commented.

"No, that's actually it, though I think he's being slightly modest about it." Thunder coughed. Crash glanced at him before he followed the eastern dragon inside.

The first floor of the Pagoda was rather simple. The hardwood floor had nothing but a few tables decorated by vases along with one scroll attached to the wall next to what seemed like the stairs. Several windows were the only source of light that illuminated the area. Crash and Thunder continued walking until they reached the stairs, only to find themselves blocked by something invisible. The two went tumbling back and hit the ground, almost as if they hit the wall.

"The hell was that?!" Crash yelled.

Thunder patted his nose, then his rear once he stood up. "Force field or something like that. Guess he wants to play a game while we go upstairs. Uggggh..."

The two shared a few groans for a few moments before Crash righted himself and glanced at the scroll on the wall. He could have sworn that the thing was closed before. Regardless, it was open and it seemed that someone had written on it. Upon closer inspection, Crash read out the contents.

"Hey guys, welcome to my little home. Sorry about the block, but I want the new guy to answer a few quick questions before we hang out and have some fun." Crash rose a brow at the sentence. So Thunder was right, whoever this guy was, he was up to something and wanted to get some kicks without telling anyone. Sounded like someone he knew that dragged him over here. Crash rolled his eyes and continued reading.

"So, the first question: There're many things that you can aspire to, some grand. Some not so much. What is your loftiest ambition? How high do you think it'll take you?" Crash stared at the question and slowly repeated it to himself.

Ambitions? He realized what it meant, but analyzing what you wanted in the future -or even in the now-- was incredibly difficult. Crash stood in front of the scroll, clacking his hooves in thought. Thunder stood with his back on the force field that blocked them from the stairs. It was one of those questions that everyone asked you, but you never had answer for, Crash thought. The only thing he was doing currently was his usual pursuit to the gym in hopes of getting larger and his job. His job didn't exactly fill him with joy all the time, but it was something he had to do to get money to afford the gym and live with his roommate. The gym? Maybe that was the answer? It didn't seem right to him. Crash never really delved into the reasons he was as much of a lifter as he was. It made him feel happy, energized and he was even considering springing for those really douche-y tank tops for the summer to wear around in the house. Most people assumed he was trying to lose weight due to his admittedly solid gut that stuck out from his t-shirt alongside his pectorals.

There was no choice but to at least give it a shot.

"Well, I can say that my current ambition...just enjoy the gym, enjoy my size and see how big I can get." Crash answered. In his head, it made a bit of sense. As a kid, he was always a bit on the pudgy side, but not enough to get ridiculed. With the causal "watch your weight" along with small remarks along the years, Crash settled out with the gym during high school to just keep his weight stable. Eventually, he figured something out. He loved being big. While he could make do without the belly, the perks of being large and in charge alongside the boost of self-esteem were too great of a trade-off. So what if he had to order custom shirts and pants and had to turn sideways to enter places? He'd take it with some stride and enjoy the good times that came with it.

With his answer out, the scroll emitted a bright aura and closed in on itself. It fell to the floor in front of Crash before it exploded in a puff of smoke. Crash covered his eyes as the white smoke filled the area around him. Thunder blinked in surprise, but watched from the side lines while leaning on the force field. Kaji wouldn't hurt him, right? Thunder watched on as the smoke started to fade to reveal Crash on the floor with his head up and his clothes considerably smaller than before.

No, it was the other way around. It was Crash who was getting considerably bigger. His chest puffed out with enough thickness and heft to stretch the confines of his t-shirt while his stomach didn't seem to fade for one bit. Pound after pound of muscle and fat was added to his frame as the smoke faded away, along with his ability to fit in his current set of shirt and shorts. Crash's legs took after his bovine heritage and exploded in size, his quads and glutes tearing the seams of his shorts and flooded with orange fur backed with powerful muscle.

Crash's shirt tore right down the middle which exposed his powerful chest. The orange fluffed shelves heaved with every deep breath Crash took, the peaks of his biceps obliterating the short sleeves. Before long, his shirt was nothing but tatters that hung upon his humongous form. As Crash propelled in size, he seemed to be gaining muscle and thickness much faster than his height. He'd hiccup with a few inches and sit within the realm of proportions, but that quickly faded as moments like his pecs brushing his chin or his arms sitting at his sides from the overload of muscle occurred.

It all seemed to come to an end as Crash let out a loud snort and flexed his arms and legs. The only thing that seemed to survive the onslaught of growth was a pair of bright yellow briefs, but they only needed one wrong movement to burst. The poor briefs were stretched to the brim due to Crash's gargantuan legs and the bulge that sat right in the middle and jutted out to meet his doming belly. Thunder stared for what felt like an eternity before the force field fell, causing him to fall on his back onto the stairs.

"Ow..." Thunder groaned, gripping his head as he lifted himself up. "That happened. You okay?"

Crash rolled his eyes as he stood up. He noted that his horns were close to grazing the ceiling and that he was forced to look down quite a bit. His traps had blown up in size alongside his shoulders, giving him a new broadness to his size. He could probably lift entire cars over him without a problem, but what good was that when he was unable to see nothing but fluffy orange pectorals and his belly? He couldn't even see Thunder underneath all of his beef and had to rely on his voice.

"Yah...I feel more than okay, actually. Though how am I going to fit, I must be like twelve feet. Feels like weigh a ton, too." Crash mumbled, rubbing along his belly. He assumed that with the size, it'd be a lot pudgier. In fact, it felt as solid as the rest of him! Thunder walked up to the lumbering Crash and joined in the belly rubbing and looked up at the beast for a moment -something he hadn't done in a while-.

During their moment of observation, a light click sound was heard. The wall beside the scroll opened up to reveal a much large and accommodating set of stairs for Crash. Thunder resisted a chuckle as Crash went forward while Thunder took the other set of stairs. The two soon arrived to the next floor which was an identical copy to the first, but with a few key differences. When Crash emerged, he noticed that his horns didn't hit the ceiling this time. Was this a coincidence, or was something like this planned out? He didn't exactly question the dramatic increase in size considering his last few encounters, but barely fitting in one room and then barely fitting in the next felt like it was planned. He shrugged his wide shoulders and chalked it up to coincidence.

"Alright, now where's that scroll...Ah, there we go." Thunder pointed toward the wall. Just like the last time, there was the next scroll. It was already open, too. Once Crash attempted to grab it, he grumbled. With the new size came a new level of special dimensions. The first time he tried to grab it, he almost ripped the thing with his fingers alone. The second time, he almost had his hand go through the wall. Thunder quickly plucked it from the wall after Crash apologized.

"Guess I'll read it out loud this time." Thunder grumbled. This time, he decided to lean back on Crash's exposed belly, his horns poking at the underside of his pectorals. Crash released a deep rumble, forcing Thunder to vibrate on the spot before he started.

"Okay. 'A deity's gift is best spent on one who's somewhat pure of heart. How many pleasant deeds have you done for society?'" Thunder looked at the scroll for a few moments and frowned. "Aww, he told you what I kind of wanted you to find out on your own."

Crash's eyes blinked rapidly. "wait, what? So your friend up there's a god of some sort? How do you know these people!?" He barked down at the eastern dragon settled on his stomach.

Thunder merely shrugged his shoulders in response. "I dunno, it's an odd world out there. But you've got a scroll to answer if you wanna meet him in the first place."

He had a point. But the fact that the guy up there was a was a big fact to absorb. Crash accidentally tangled with a demon before, but something like this was unheard of. If the statues outside were correct, he had an idea of what he looked like, but how did he act? Most stories told him that gods were assholes, jaded or complete sex addicts and generally not fun to hang around with. The first question was probably a fluke, just how was he supposed to answer this one?

Good deeds for the benefit of society were far and few in between. He probably meant some large feats like getting an award for figuring out a cure for some unknown disease. Crash frowned and crossed his arms in thought. If Thunder was a friend of this guy, he couldn't be all bad, right? The noodle also did say that he had a flair for the dramatic. But even then, the number of 'good deeds' that Crash had done lately were not in his favor. Was he looking for a specific number of deeds? Crash shook his head. There was no need to over think it like last time. He took a deep breath and figured out his response.

"About two? The first was spotting someone in the gym after their trainer didn't show up, and the other was helping a neighbor with their groceries. It took me all of one trip to get all the stuff in their apartment, a new record for me." Crash finished with a sharp intake of breath and closed his eyes in case the scroll exploded again. With the scroll being in Thunder's hands, he wondered what would happen now. When Crash craned his head over for any sign of the green dragon, he found the scroll on the floor and Thunder a few feet away waving at him.

"Are you serious-"

Before he could finish his sentence, the scroll exploded in a puff of white smoke like that last one. Crash coughed and took in some of the smoke, causing him to hit the floor with full force from the shock of it all. The floor quaked from his tonnage hitting the ground all at once, causing Thunder to do the same with a groan of dismay. Though like the last time, Thunder was given quite the show.

When the smoke began to fade, something started to poke and prod from the underside of Crash's arms. His back seemed to tense and flex with every poke, muscle bunching up like something was going to explode out of him. Within a few seconds, something did explode. An entirely new set of arms surged forth from under Crash's first set of arms, the new set just as packed and filled to the brim with bulk and muscle. Crash's back expanded, a new set of shoulder blades appearing alongside everything to give them movement. As Crash grunted in pain, all four of his arms curled around his titanic frame only to flex and surge with even more muscle than before. Thunder could have sworn that the peaks from those guns were larger than his entire torso! He couldn't help but stare on in confusion mixed with a bit of pleasure, the sound of ripping reaching his ears. The poor yellow briefs couldn't take the stress anymore and finally lost the battle of growth and fell to the ground in tatters. Thunder heard not one, but two thuds from something hitting the ground. With the timing between his briefs breaking and that, he connected the dots.

Crash groaned and gripped his head, shaking it for a few moments and feeling...a lot heavier than usual. He was used to the effects of growth and the like, but the sudden changes that came with it always rendered him useless for a bit. When he came to, Crash found himself barely able to see downward no thanks to his chest. That was the same since he got here, so he wasn't too concerned about that. When he stretched all of his arms, he noted the extra two and let out a yelp. He maneuvered all four arms slowly, flexing them one by one. One arm from the top set roamed along his torso, observing the new set of pectorals right underneath the first pair. His belly was a bit less rotund than it had been before, but he figured the mass might have been converted for his arms and chest. If anything, he looked like an oversized off-season bodybuilder, if one could compare him to that. Thunder stared up at him, a thin line of drool sticking from his muzzle. When Crash turned around, Thunder was still far away, but he was a lot tinier than before. There was also something else in the way.

"Someone...packing a lot down there..." Thunder mumbled for a second before shaking himself back into reality. With the new size came a lot more features than the two were expecting. With a new set of arms and chest, Crash sported a twin set of shafts that thumped against the floor. They dragged on past his quads, the head of those two monsters almost hitting his ankles. After doubling in size, possibly even more so, they looked to be bigger than Thunder at his current size, each one possibly towering overhead like their owner. Crash's face flushed pink as he attempted to stand up, the twin members flopping about alongside an overly packed set of nuts that dangled behind his shafts, the pure size of them forcing his legs to sit at an angle. Every step caused the room to quake, his horns just barely hitting the ceiling again. He had to be a lot taller this time, but he never outgrew the place in its entirety.

"Um...third room? Third room." Thunder offered meekly. Even after steeling himself for whatever came next, he still stared profusely at the tall drink of muscle and cock in front of him. A grin made its way on Crash's face as he flexed both of his chests and posed his arms in different positions.

"I dunno, maybe we could stay here for a bit, let you enjoy the view some~" Crash replied, adding a wink of eye to the suggestion. Thunder let out a deep cough and fast walked his way past Crash.

"Oh god I barely come up to his knee....let's hope the next room is tame..." Thunder mumbled to himself as he took the 'normal' set of stairs while another enlarged set of stairs opened up for Crash. The two finally arrived at the last room. This one was rather different than the other two. The room had been decorated as if someone actually lived there; a bed, a few blankets, open windows, a mini-fridge and a few well placed drains in the hardwood floor. In the middle of it all was someone reading a book and laying on their side.

"Oh, hey noodle, hey new guy. Took you long enough! Guess you liked my questions?" The someone laying on their back adjusted themselves and crossed their legs, a giant green bulge filling up the space between.

Crash rolled his eyes. He guessed those statues weren't exactly lies. The wolf in the middle of the room flared his wings for a moment, prompting the behemoth to squirm around a bit. It hadn't been his cocks rubbing against the cold floor, it was probably the gaze set upon him by the deity in front of him. He seemed to be pretty damn relaxed, as did Thunder as he just decided to flump himself on the mattress in the room face up and adjusted his pants.

"Um...yeah, I kind of do. A lot, hah." Crash rumbled, kicking his hoof along the floor nervously, noting that the action in itself was difficult due to packing a lot more than usual down south.

"Well, I'm glad! Name's Kaji, pleased to meet you." Kaji stood up from his spot and lazily flapped his wings over towards the towering Crash. He offered a hand and he returned the handshake. Meanwhile, Kaji's other arm started groping along the surface of Crash's chests, then moved onto his arms. He didn't seem to be doing anything sensual, but Crash couldn't help but purr under his touch.

"C-Crash. Same here...What are you doing?" He mumbled, squirming about as Kaji floated along his body, squeezing and massaging several parts and traveled south. He didn't seem to want to rile him up, but he just seemed interested in Crash's size. He hummed and nodded for a few moments before moving back and simply flying a few inches away from his face.

"Hmm, you seem kinda tense. Something the matter? Kick back, relax!" Kaji inquired, scratching his chin.

"Well...You're not what I was expecting? Gods and the like are usually not that sociable. I only found out this one over there was friends with you not too long ago." Crash said hesitantly, pointing over at Thunder sprawled out on the mattress. At his size, it made no sense to be scared at all. But considering that the guy in front of him was the cause of his growth, what else was he capable of?

Kaji looked at him before chuckling a bit and patting Crash's cheek. "Yeah, I get that a lot. But for real, any friend of the plant over there is a friend of mine. I also take it you haven't had a chance to get some fun with all this?" He grinned, perching himself on a broad orange shoulder. Crash nodded, prompting Kaji to poke his elbow against Crash's cheek with a grin.

"Seriously, go for it, enjoy yourself." Kaji smiled.

Well...if he didn't mind. Crash sat himself on the floor, causing the room to quake heavily. All four of his arms grabbed what he could of his twin spires, slowly pumping and stroking them with a powerful snort. Those shafts slowly climbed to life, foot after foot being stacked on with a pleasurable groan erupting from the gargantuan male. It took seconds for those two members to tower above Crash's own head and pour down with a rain of pre cum that made large puddles along the hardwood floor. Crash would have asked about possible damages, but he let himself become immersed in his shafts and his size. All four arms flexed and pumped himself continuously, his chest bunching up from every powerful movement. Kaji watched from Crash's shoulder with a smile and snapped his fingers.

In an instant, the flow of pre doubled, turning from puddles splattering on the floor into a deluge of the stuff. The room was covered in a thick load of surging pre, Crash's nuts thumping against the ground and forcing his legs to keep on going apart for the sake of space. His cocks sat atop of the over packed nuts, forcing him to keep on churning at double the rate. Thunder attempted to cover himself with the blankets, but nothing seemed to separate him from Crash's growing arousal and production.

The third floor of the pagoda was filled up to Crash's ankles with pre cum, hugging and sandwiching himself between his own cocks while Kaji watched from his shoulder with an umbrella. With every pump and stroke, the flow continued on before Crash bellowed out loud. A veritable flood of cum erupted from Crash, soaking the entire room in white within a matter of seconds. Kaji snapped his fingers, him and Thunder emerging outside of the pagoda while Crash was left to drown in his load and pleasure.

From the outside, it looked like a geyser was going off as the titanic, multi-limbed Crash blew the roof off of the pagoda and cum seeped out of the windows. With the doors to downstairs still open, it just kept on flooding until it reached the outside and covered the surrounding area. The roars of orgasm were heard for minutes at a time, several dozen feet around the pagoda smothered with Crash's cum.

Thunder and Kaji stood a good distance away from the cross fire and flooding, Kaji holding the umbrella for the two.

"So, when are you two actually going to hang out instead of making him answer questions for no reason?" Thunder asked.

Kaji shrugged his shoulders. "Probably after this. And it wasn't for no reason. We got a nice view, don't we?"

Thunder looked at Kaji with a raised brow and sighed. He was never going to get what went on in that head of his.

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