Love burns bright in the dark

Story by Raktul on SoFurry

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Surprisingly i continues my first ARK Story with this one.

probably played too much, past days.. :,D

Mark visits his dino on a rainy day again and they both have fun.. ^^

M/F bestiality with a raptor

I tried something in this story. I made a swift personal swith on one scene. Tell me what you think about it, it'd be very nice to have a bit feedback on this try, thanks! x)

As always, have fun reading~ :3

Mark awoke very uncomfortable, his whole body shivering heavily. A tremendous thunder roared through the air and he could hear Raindrops falling on his roof. A breeze of a cold, foggy trail squeezed through the holes in his walls, leaving a ice cold and wet taste behind. "Hopefully it will stop the rain this time.." Mark thought to himself looking up, remembering the last time it was raining.

He just had a simple thatch roof back then in time of minutes, the roof was soaked through and huge amounts of water ran into the living room, flooding his whole floor. But after that storm he was smarter and decided to build up a wooden roof. It's not very secure either as the rain could easily run through the little holes. But at least it's not the whole roof that will dissolve.

Mark hadn't not much on him. Just some simple fabric clothes which weren't really warm at all. He shivered. At least his campfire place was still dry so he could make a warm place to stay all day long. No need to get out..

He moved to the place, laid in some thatch and tried to ignite the whole fun. With his shaking hands it wasn't that easy, he had to admit, but after a few minutes, the sparks caught fire and the whole thing slowly began to burn. Even if the fire wasn't that big yet, it radiated a relaxing warmth in an instant, helping Marks body to stop shaking.

For about an hour he just sat there, listening to the relaxing sound of raindrops mixed with the soft crackling sound of his fire. He thought about his life on this island. If it was all a random situation that exactly he would end up on this place or if it was all part of a big, mysterious plan, involving him in some kind of testing, of how Dinosaurs and human would get along with each other. He had no idea at all.

This thoughts led him to think about his own little raptor, he tamed all by himself. It was just like yesterday and he could still clearly see the picture of him, fighting with a female raptor, with bare hands. Mark felt like a hero back then, as she finally lost consciousness. It was a hell lot of work, though, to finally make the raptor his own, as she seemed to have a very stubborn will.

He sighed. But he never dreamed of, off actually having more body contact than just simple patting. He never thought he'd ever come to the urge of having sexual contact with a wild beast like this.. But then thought, she rather seemed like a very soft creature with love in her heart. And even if the last contact with her wasn't really wished or rather planned, Mark didn't regret any of his actions..

He started to think about her and pictured the scenario of what exactly happened last time, as he tried to plant some crops. As he was lost in thoughts, remembering his tight squeezes, he gave her scaly curves. As well as feeling the warm, slimy insides of her, pressing against his manhood, it was just like living this moment again and he could nearly feel every little sensation, he was feeling back then.

A sharp light flash lighted the whole area and seconds later another gigantic thunder went through the air, ripping Mark out of his fantasies. To his surprise, he softly began to crawl his unnoticed growing member, as he thought about his sensual incursion at his Saphin.

It took just a minute for him to decide, what he'll do next, as he sat there in the cold, recalling long gone actions. It was far too cold and wet for doing any reasonable Work but he had to do something, as the day still has 24 hours and he had to skip time before he could go to bed again.

It wasn't hard to choose, as his still twitching member called out for attention, that he decided to look outside to his stalls. Maybe they'd need some repair, he thought. After all he didn't want his raptor to get a cold or something. He cared for her and would be very sad if something bad would happen to her.

He opened the door and looked outside. Huge amounts of rain fell down from the sky. He was impressed that his simple roof was still not leaking as he felt sharp wind, blowing from all directions, shooting the rain into his face. It felt like tiny frozen drops, tearing his skin off and leaving just a trace of ice behind.

Mark sighed and ran out, trying to stay the least amount of time in the rain, heading straight to the roofed stalls, searching for shelter. It was not even a minute, he was outside, still his whole clothes were soaking wet and he was dripping like the sky itself. Thank god, he decided to build a roof on top of this place. It would be a pain for him and his raptor for sure, to stay outside in such coldness.

He opened the door slowly and a nice stream of warm air tickled his body, leaving behind a trail of goosebumps on his skin. Mark stepped into the rather warm room and closed the door behind. The floor was covered with thatch and straw, making it very soft to walk on. And the only thing, he was able to hear were the raindrops, falling on the roof atop, the severe roaring of the wind and a soft breathing, mixed with a cute, silent purring in every draw.

It was rather dark in there, so Mark moved his way forward very slowly, trying to find halt at the walls. He had to be cautious, as the soft ground made it tricky to walk on. So he felt his way slowly, along at the big wall, until he bumped into something soft. A hiss arose and Mark could feel a leathery snout, sniffing nervously at his head. After a short delay, the tension of his Raptor transformed as she recognized the scent of her Alpha, giving Mark a long lick along his neck combined with some soft purring and friendly snarling.

The human smiled and gave Saphin careful stroking at her neck, feeling the sensation of leathery skin. It was like he could feel every little bump at her hide, now that it was very dark and he had to reach back to his other senses than just the visual.

He began to crawl her, a bit stronger now, as he realized that she cared much on his caressing. She began to lick over his facial parts again as a part of contribution for his careful crawling and Mark had to giggle as the rough tongue felt very odd, especially in such dark places. But he didn't deny, that he really liked this kind of attention as he felt his own tension rising on a.. rather relaxing level.

He had to chuckle again and felt his dick rising very fast as Saphins tongue crossed his throat, trying to reach down under his clothes, to taste his breast as well. "You really like to lick things, don't you?" Mark joked and leaned his head against Saphins snout blushing a bit, receiving just a happy purr from her side.

For a short moment he wondered why his Raptor always lapped up on all things. So he reached out and gave his Saphin a good lick at her skin. It was very odd. He could feel all those little scaly bumps and her skin tasted rather dusty and not especially unique as he thought it would be. Suddenly Saphin roared out loud and Mark got shocked to his bones.

What if what he was doing, was not accepted at Raptors at all and now he would end up as a fast snack for her. He was totally undefended and had no way to flee fast from this very dark chamber. To get here this unprepared, was very lightheaded of him, he thought and terror climbed his body up and down, at this moment. Saphin suddenly bumped her head against his stomach and threw his body down at the soft ground.

Mark was still in Shock and didn't know what will happened next, as he could just hear soft growling in the dark. His body twitched as he felt a warm breath at his head, thought it would be the last thing he'll experience in life.

Then another lick crossed over his face and Mark was as surprised as he was turned on in an instant. A moment ago he thought he'd end up as a Raptor snack but now it seemed like Saphin had other plans in mind, as she sniffed and licked around his neck, trying to get rid of those nasty clothes.

With a ripping sound, she knew she reached her goal and licked her way further down, till she got to his pants. Marks heart pounded hard in his chest but he could feel that his dick was very pleased with the situation. So the first move he was doing, as he was able to move again, was to help his Raptor a bit and opened up his trousers slowly, as he realized that his Dino was in search of a very special part of his body, and he really didn't want to spare this to her.

He sighed as he felt, that his shirt was ripped apart and he knew that he had to craft another one if he didn't want to get a cold, outside. But very soon this sorrows vanished as a very special breathing moved over to his private parts.

Saphin tried to inhale all the musky scent as good as she was possible to and licked over her snout. She bumped her nose at Marks cock, feeling the rock hard member, twitching in joy of what will come next.

_The raptor didn't want to wait any longer and started to move her slimy tongue around his lower parts, licking his balls clean, moving up and down his shaft, trying to get as much scent on her as she could get.

Precum already oozed out of the little hole on top of the shaft and the female Dino was eager to get all of it as it felt very funny when strings were drawn, connecting her jaw with the very tasty manhood she was focused on. She also enjoyed the taste of what was coming out and could feel her cloaca swelling on and oozing a bit as well.

She enjoyed the sensation very much and lied down on the ground as well, as she realized that her Alpha got relaxed more with every lick she was doing. She could hear his sweat moans, leaving the odd looking human's face, telling her that she made a good job.

Saphin placed her back quarters on the humans leg, lifting her tail a bit and pressed down her still dripping cloaca on his hairy leg, rubbing it against his stiff bone, while caressing him with her slimy long tongue as good as she was able to. She made him shiver and moan out in lust and she was very pleased with it.

For a moment the two of them just lay on the ground, feeling the other ones private parts very sensual, as Mark randomly seemed to get a bit uncomfortable but didn't try to stop her. Saphin didn't stop, caressing the Precum dripping member as she could hear his human moan louder and louder every second, also feeling a warm hand, placed atop of her snout, pressing her head down, deeper into his rock hard member.

Suddenly Mark seemed to roar out and Saphin could feel hot streams of a sticky mass, filling the insides of her jaw, which she eagerly tried to swallow. It wasn't that easy as the streams didn't seem to have an end and the juice was very sticky indeed, drawing slimy strings everywhere, making it hard to coordinate the swallowing._

After a few seconds his climax got less and Mark could control the twitching of his body again. This was a very intense feeling indeed, he had to admit and was kind of overwhelmed of this sensation. He got carried away too fast and before he knew it, he already reached the top.

His Raptor was still caressing his dripping member and Mark leaned forward and gave her a delightful kiss on her forehead. The Raptor murred out and gave his face another slimy lick, leaving a trail of his own cum, combined with Dino salivary behind.

He could feel Saphins tongue, still licking his member clean, as well as his own cock started to rise again. She was still pressing her cloaca at his leg, covering his hair with a messy liquid, trying to satisfy herself as well.

The smell in the room was amazing. He didn't realized earlier but it seemed that the air was filled with the warm scent of lust and sex. It didn't take him too long to realize, that his little Dino was up for some entertainment as well. This was the least he could do for her, he thought.

Mark pulled out his body under her, and again she replied with some soft purring, asking him why he would move. Marks eyes still weren't familiarized to the dark surroundings so he tried to get to her by touching her body. He started with her face, feeling the warm breathing of her nostrils and the cum covered parts of her hide.

He moved on to her breast, feeling the excited pounding of her heart. He stroked his hands over her belly, gave her scaly stomach a good scratch and moved on, further down. Saphin knew what he was up to and purred out in joy, rolling on her back, to give him more access and rubbed her head onto his legs in enjoyment.

Mark reached her inner legs and softly stroke over them, feeling the heat of her sexual organs. He reached down a bit further and at once his fingers were covered in a slimy substance, letting him know, that he reached the right parts.

He grinned and started to massage her private parts very slowly. "How often you get the chance to massage a Dino's sexual parts" he thought to himself, laughing how lucky he must have been, not thinking about his mind being some kind of disturbed if he likes caressing wild animal with sexual thoughts..

Slowly he moved further inside and felt one of his fingers, slipping deeper into the rears of his softly snarling sub. He moved in with some more fingers and was amazed how easily he could get that deeply inside of her. He was unsure if it was that less tight the day before, as he caressed her parts as well and sorrows came up his mind, if he pounded her too strong, the last time.

For a short moment he stopped, massaging her sexual parts, receiving a hiss, telling him to continue what he was doing. Mark smiled, shoved away these dark thoughts and moved on, giving his Dino the best sensual massage she could probably dram of.

Marks cock was already hard again and was twitching impatiently, waiting for its next action. And it shouldn't wait any longer. The human finally decided to fully undress himself as it was very hot by now and he didn't have to feel ashamed, as he found out that both of them probably thought the same way.

He moved down, and sat on her big leathery tail, that was curling around on the floor, still caressing the slimy slit he was just feeling. After some more movements he decided to lean forward and gave it a good lick.

He was unsure if this action was a good idea as his whole face got covered with the slimy substance, that was dripping out. The taste, however was magnificent and he just had to continue tasting the insides of her, even if it got messier every second.

With delightful moans he sucked and licked around her cloaca, stroking his own big member with passion.

After a while he was satisfied and was ready to move on. Even if it wasn't completely new for him. His heart was still pounding like hell, and his member was twitching in joy, as he visualized what will come next.

He moved up a bit, still sitting on the tail, a hand placed around his cock, and carefully began to insert it, into the oozing slit, he was just feeling in the dark. He roared out a bit, as he felt the warmth of her insides embracing his member, as he slowly slit into her, inch by inch.

As it was half way inserted, he slowly pulled it out again, ready to put it back in again. This time a bit faster and with surprise he docked on as his cock was fully inside of her, feeling the muscles working, caressing and massaging his dick in a most delightful way.

He now sat on his knees as it was way easier of pounding her that way and he truly began to fuck her passionately in that moment. With slow but hard thrusts he began to insert his fleshy cock, trying to ram it deeper with every pound. The room was filled with moans and groans of both of them and Mark could feel that he was on his edge again.

He leaned forward at her, hugging the Dino to get a better grip at thrusting her more roughly, pressing at her leathery curves. With the best he could do, he now pressed his member inside of her with huge speed, and just leched over, on hearing the slimy smacking with every pound.

As he felt his climax level rising, he could suddenly feel Saphins tongue, licking at his face again. For a short moment he was distracted, but then used the moment and just before he gave in to the climax, he opened his moth, letting the slimy, fleshy tongue of her, entering the insides of his mouth. It felt like a passionate kiss for him and he couldn't stand the pressure any longer as he moaned out as good as he was able to with a huge tongue between his lips, shooting his next load deep inside of his Raptor.

His thights tightly pressed against her soft privat parts, he breeded her with huge amounts of semen, shooting it deep into her sexual pats.

After a few more tired thrusts, he finally collapsed on her, letting the tongue slip out of his mouth. Saphin started to lick over Marks body at once, telling him on her way, that it was a great ride. Mark just lay on her, very tired, feeling the breath in her chest.

The only thing he could hear now, was his own heartbeat beating in his throat and still the heavy raindrops on the rooftop. He totally forgot about that and as he was still lying on her, relaxing to the rain and smelling his beloved Dino under him.. He grinned, finally he was able to get her scent, he thought happily and sniffed into her, getting a very sweet smell indeed.

He knew now he'd be protected and loved by a very kind creature indeed and don't have to think about any bad moves of her at all. With this thoughts he slowly drifted away into Dreamland, having Saphin still caressing him carefully with her tongue.

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