Extinction Prevention Protocols

Story by Serathin on SoFurry

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Hey everyone, just something that I've been working on to try and get back into the swing of things. Just knocking the rust off with this little story, not sure if I'm going to actually continue on it but I guess we'll see.

Jared could feel his entire body shake as he headed towards the back of the space station where all the new arrivals were quarantined until they could be cleared by an official customs agent, something that he regretted he had become the second he had stepped foot on the station. Even though it was a good job that gave him decent amenities while on the station's outpost deployment he wasn't fond of the potential dangers that came with it. The leopard had spent his entire first week training with a veteran that had told him everything from the time he had gotten shot by a marauder that had tried to slip in to the time he was almost dissolved by a strange creature's means of saying hello. While it was extremely informative it did nothing to alleviate the feline's anxiety as he prepared to go into his first solo interview.

When he opened the door Jared was mildly surprised to find that it was a fairly normal looking alien behind the table, at least as alien standards go. He was humanoid in shape with reddish purple skin adorned with patches of smooth scale of a similar coloration. If it wasn't for that and his reptilian eyes, slight fangs, and flared ears he could have passed for human, something that made it a little easier for the leopard to acclimate to. The alien also wore only a vest that left little to the imagination, his chiseled abs and chest similar to most of the humanoids on this station as well. "Mr. Varenti Shirish?" Jared asked, to which the alien nodded. "It says according to your immigration papers that you can speak our common tongue, is that correct?"

"That is correct." The alien replied, even her tone very normal and masculine with only an unusual hiss to accompany it. "I can also speak with you telepathically if you prefer."

"Oh no, I'm afraid you can't." Jared replied as he tapped a small card with electronic circuitry clipped to his shirt. "This integrates with the sensors in our clothing and projects an anti-psychic field so that agents can't be tampered with. While it keeps us safe I'm afraid it also blocks out beneficial abilities such as that. Luckily though this shouldn't take long, all I need to do is go through your immigration paperwork with you, and then a check of your luggage and you're good to go. The only thing I don't recognize on your papers is your species which means I'll have to do a search, and if your race isn't in our database we may have to bring in a team in order to register you as a new alien race if you're the first of our kind to come here."

"I see, how very professional for someone as new as you." The alien creature said before he pointed to his psionic blocker. "The only thing I have to point out is that the circuitry is supposed be going in the reverse direction... you have it upside down."

"Upside down?" Jared replied as he looked down and unclipped the badge from his shirt to examine it. "I put it on exactly how they showed-"

The leopard realized his rookie mistake before he even finished his sentence, one of the first things his trainer told him was to never unpin his protective tech from his body. He tried to hastily put it back on but he found his arm frozen in place, and after a brief struggle he found that the rest of him had followed suit as he heard the creature chuckle. From his paralyzed position he could see the male raise himself up from the desk, exposing his very serpentine lower body that began to slither in his direction. All Jared could do was breath as the thick, muscular coils began to wrap around him until his entire body was enveloped in the warm scales of the creature and he was eye to eye with the serpentine creature's face.

"Listen very closely my little pet." The alien said as he leaned in and whispered into the leopard's ear close enough that the feline could feel the creature's tongue inside it almost. "You're going to let me pass through with my luggage and tell them that everything is fine, then you are going to wait for my call. You will not tell anyone about our encounter and what I can do and even when you put your psionic blocker back on your shirt you will still be compelled to do everything that I say. If you understand then say 'yes Master' and we can continue."

Even though Jared tried to fight it he could feel every word sink into his brain, rewriting it like a computer as a quiet "Yes... Master..." escaped from his lips. For the next few minutes the creature continued to talk to him, the leopard's eyes grew half-lidded as his brain was awash with the alien's psychic power. He had never even heard of such mental strength before and yet as he stood there he found his body had become limp, save for one particular aspect of his anatomy. As the naga reinforced his commands he spiked them with 'good boy' and 'it feels pleasure to serve' until he could feel his member begin to tent his pants and press against the supple alien flesh of the coils around him.

"There we are, I believe that will do for now." The naga said with a wicked grin as he unfurled himself from the leopard, still bracing the dazed male as he leaned in and gave the feline a kiss on the muzzle. "To make things easier for you I'm going to bury this all deep in your mind." Jared groaned as he felt a clawed hand press against the engorged rod beneath the fabric of his pants. "Just listen to me and relax..."


A few hours later Jared walked out of the customs office in his street clothes. He had a decent day for his first time alone, no one really caused him any trouble and he didn't have to call security which was always a good indicator. He had originally intended to head down to the arcade and play a game or two but he had begun to feel a pressing arousal that had lingered all day. It was strange that he had such a need, there hadn't been a decent female alien in the bunch to get him riled up and there was no one of a similar persuasion he had planned to see. Nevertheless it took all his willpower to not have an erection even in public which made him dash home even faster.

Before he could reach his living quarters he bumped into one of his friends, a lizardman named Selios who had made the journey up in space with him in the first place. "Hey dude, what's the rush?" Selios asked with a grin as he held the leopard by his shoulders. "You that anxious for our first match-up since we came to this station?"

Jared was about to ask what he meant when he remembered he had challenged the lizard to a game of basketball in the leisure center, something that he had been looking forward to until he plain forgot. At first he was about to cancel when a nagging voice in the back of his mind told him that it wouldn't be right to miss their first game due to something as silly as a sexual frustration. He nodded and told his friend that he had to grab something from his room before they began, which seemed a good enough excuse for the lizard who smiled at him. After about a minute or two of small talk Jared excused himself and continued his journey to his domicile, undoing his pants the second the metal door slid open and allowed him inside.

"Well that's a good start." A smooth, somewhat-familiar voice said to his side as the feline nearly jumped out of his fur. In the kitchen nook of his somewhat small apartment was the red-scaled naga coiled up on his floor, two glasses of water in his hand as he slithered up to the leopard. Jared tried to shout and threaten this unknown intruder in his home be he found himself unable to do anything, his body growing tired and heavy with every second that he looked at the creature. Thankfully the naga was very quick and caught him before he crumbled to the floor, lifting him up and setting him on the chair.

"Ohh, sorry, the sudden return of a psychic collar can be jarring to someone unused to it." Varenti said as he put the glass of water to Jared's lips and tipped it back, forcing him to drink down the clear liquid. "Don't worry my pet, those feelings will pass in time. I do have to thank you for getting my luggage through customs, it would have been a real bother for you to have checked everything... especially one piece in particular. You were such a good boy I thought you deserved a treat, so I brought it with me tonight."

Jared's gaze was brought to a solid steel crate that sat firmly in the middle of his living room. As he continued to watch the naga went up to it and undid the latches, then backed up and let the sides fall away. Even though he wasn't the most technologically savvy citizen the leopard knew from his training that he was staring at a cryogenic containment capsule. His psychically-shackled mind raced to think of what horror this alien possibly brought with him, but even as adrenaline pumped through his body he found his thoughts had begun to grow a bit hazy like the fog that surrounded the machine.

"I bet you're wondering what's in here." The naga said with a wicked grin. "Why don't you be a good boy and get undressed while I release the stasis mechanisms and wake our mutual friend up."

Jared found himself slowly standing up and removing his pants and underwear, his already half-hard cock sprung out which caused the reptilian alien to chuckle a bit. Even though he knew it was really bad to follow Varenti... his master's orders it felt so good every time he did it. A small moan escaped his lips as he slipped his shirt off, revealing his rather lanky, skinny frame before he sat down on the couch once more completely naked. "Such a good boy..." the naga hissed, which only caused Jared's cock to throb even harder as he stared blankly at the machine in front of him.

"Alright, everything is all set." Varenti announced as he slithered to the door, grabbing Jared's clothes along the way. "I'll be loosening your mental collar but keeping your leash on you for now, I'm afraid I must be going as this could get rather unpredictable and I'd rather not be here just in case. Hope you two have fun!"

As the mechanisms slowly began to open Jared could hear the door close behind him and he suddenly found he had movement in his limbs once more. His freedom wasn't absolute though, as soon as he tried to call for help or activate his comm panel his arms and tongue grew heavier then lead and he found himself rapidly fatigued. By the time he dragged himself back to the couch the large container had completely opened its lid and cryogenic vapor spilled out of it. Every horrible possibility ran through the leopard's mind as he waited anxiously until finally a single, scaly hand reached up and out of the pod.

It certainly wasn't what Jared had expected, especially when the rest of the large, naked draconic being finally dragged himself out and onto his floor. It took the leopard a few seconds before he realized that the dragon creature was in distress and walked over to help him up. "Ung... where am I?" The creature asked as he looked around. "Who are you?"

"Um... my name is Jared." The leopard replied, grateful the creature spoke a common tongue and wasn't some sort of native. "You're on a research station about twenty light years away from a bright red planet he call Rubian. Not the most creative of names but scientists aren't exactly known for that. Why were you in that pod?"

"Pod?" The dragon said with a groan as he looked back. "I don't know, I'm a professor of xenobiology on one of the United Frontier planets and last thing I remember is talking to someone about species of aliens that were thought to be extinct hundreds of years... hundreds... years..." the dragon's eyes grew unfocused as he trailed off and Jared had to grab and shake him in order to snap him out of it. As the leopard gripped the scaly hide of the alien creature he felt it had some give under his fingers, like he was trying to grip a water balloon as the dragon regained his thoughts.

"Ah yes, there was a naga, he asked about a particularly rare species that we had only found remnants of." The dragon continued, Jared attempting to hide a frown at the mention of his new master as the creature let out a burp. "Sorry... probably part of the unfreezing process. Anyway he said he had found what could very well be the last surviving egg of the species and wondered what to do with it, so I-" he paused he let out another loud belch, Jared began to wonder if the dragon was going to throw up "-I told him that the species he insinuated he had was like a virus, the only way it could survive and reproduce was to gra... a..."

Jared watched as the dragon's eyes went wide, his entire body beginning to shake as his hands went to his throat. At first the leopard thought he was having some sort of medical emergency due to the pod but as the alien fell to his knees black veins started to appear around his eyes and a shiny black substance began to leak out of his mouth and nose. The dragon let out one last gasp before his head snapped back and two shiny, rubbery tentacles pushed their way out of his mouth. The leopard was frozen in place as the scales of the dragon's head began to slough away or become converted in the pitch-like substance as several smaller tendrils erupted from his muzzle and head while his horns seemed to soften and wiggle of their own accord.

When the leopard finally got his composure he turned to run, only to feel something wrap around his leg and bring him to his stomach with a loud thud. He let out a gasp and flipped himself over, only to see a pair of thick, prehensile appendages with three large, wiggling fingers that had the remains of the dragon's scales left on them. It started to drag him over with unnatural strength before it doubled over, Jared's view just good enough to see half a dozen more tentacles burst out of the blackening skin of the dragon and writhe in the air before they darted forward and wrapped around the leopard's torso, arms, and neck. He tried to fight it but what little strength he had seemed to get sapped from him as he was drawn up mere inches away from the solid dark, semi-solid, rubbery looking skin of the transforming alien.

Suddenly as he took a deep breath to struggle once more Jared's eyes suddenly opened wide, his pupils dilating as a sweet smell saturated his nose to the point he could taste it. By now the dragon was a pale representation of its former self, his tongue had joined the other two tentacles in his maw by lengthening and turning black as the changes continued to progress down his body. Instead of fighting all Jared could do was watch as the changes reached the male's groin, the already erect member nestled between rapidly disappearing scales grew even longer and more tapered before it also began to wiggle around. Behind the huge, rubbery creature the thick reptilian tail grew even longer before a split appeared at the tip, dividing down the middle twice before it had four more tentacles just above its tailhole as his legs thickened and his toes merged into a similar configuration as his fingers.

Even as Jared continued to get drawn upwards towards the creature he found his fear draining away and being replaced with a growing sense of adoration towards the strange creature. Part of him realized that this could be the naga's doing, though it was unnecessary as thick, shiny tentacles bound his arms behind his back and his legs from his ankles to his knees. It wasn't like his psychic leash though, he thought rather calmly as he was maneuvered into a standing position and his head was brought a few inches away from the tentacle rubber dragon's maw, he wasn't compelled to be near the creature as much as... as much as he wanted to be with it. The feel of tentacles under his fur went from creepy to arousing as they almost rhythmically tightened and loosened against his body.

As the alien creature leaned forward its maw tentacles went from wrapping around its own muzzle to sliding around Jared's, which only caused the feline to grow harder as his view continued to grow warped and distorted with each breath. It wasn't long before Jared slowly nodded his head once to the rubber dragon and opened his mouth and allowed the 'tongue' tentacle to push its way inside and slather its thick saliva in the open maw. At the same time the other two tentacles surprised the leopard and pushed their way into his nostrils; at first he was scared that he was about to suffocate but as the latex pushed its way down into his throat he felt his lungs receive even more of the sweet air he had grown addicted too as his neck bulged out where the tentacle pressed against it.

"Fantastic, I knew he would take to you my sweet pet." Jared heard the naga's voice in the distance, though with the fog of lust and his increased need it was more like background noise as he humped the air while the tentacle continued to slither into his body. Even though the leopard knew that the serpent was continuing to talk he found himself unable to comprehend the words anymore as the tentacles that had been wrapped around his body unfurled for a brief second before they pinned him to the creature's chest, the thick tongue still buried deeply in his throat and halfway to his stomach as he felt something prod against his tailhole. Once more as soon as he felt the latex appendage press against the virgin opening he wanted it more than anything in his entire life, his brain completely fogged over by the combination of whatever was flooding his system and the sheer lust from the situation.

Jared's eyes widened in surprise as the tapered end of the mutated rubber cock began to slide into him, his drug addled body unable to do anything but twitch in his bondage as his anal walls were slowly spread open. The penetration of his rear seemed to trigger a response in the tongue tentacle and he suddenly felt something flood into his stomach. Had his hands not been restrained they would have darted towards his belly as it was filled with the mystery liquid while he felt the entirety of the thick rod beneath push into his body. What was left of his rational mind knew that taking in such a large object should have hurt but all he could feel was bliss and pleasure as his body relaxed into the tentacles that held him up. His eyelids slowly began to flutter shut as the lust began to overwhelm his senses, his vision began to darken just as he felt another tentacle wrap around his own hard cock and began to slide against the sensitive flesh...


Jared's eyes snapped open and he bolted up on the couch, looking around in the darkness before he commanded the lights to turn on. He winced slightly as the light came on full blast, putting an arm over his eyes as he looked around his apartment. When he realized it was empty he sighed and flopped back down on the cushions, looking down at his throbbing hard cock as the images of what he assumed was a dream began to evaporate from his memory. He was about to reach a hand down to take care of his problem when his phone rang, looking over he saw the picture of Selios and the time beneath it which caused him to curse. As soon as he could reorient himself he grabbed his clothes and got up, nearly tripping several times before his body was covered enough for him to shoot out the door.

When he arrived at the entertainment center a few minutes later he was greeted with the angry face of his friend, all Jared could do was grin to compensate before they walked inside. As they ventured further in the leopard started to feel strange, like there was something he needed to do while they walked into the crowded entrance. Even though he chalked it up to not eating much during the day and the stress of being late he began to feel like he shouldn't be there in the first place. It was almost like anxiety, his body telling him to run even though there was nothing wrong. The feline shrugged it off and when he pushed the thoughts back he felt fine, a second wind returning to him as he and his friend played on the virtual court.

They played together for about an hour and the game ended with Jared in victory, the leopard celebrating as his friend just shrugged and congratulated him. "Come on, your hot-dogging is causing everyone to look." Selios said once the leopard came back around to him. "I guess I'm buying drinks, meet you at the usual spot after you're done changing at your place?"

"Actually, I'm going to change here." Jared said, though even as the words left his mouth he felt unsure about them. "Water's the same as it is in my place."

"Really?" Selios asked as he raised an eyeridge at the feline. He had known his friend for quite some time and he knew the other male was not fond of the public locker rooms normally. "I didn't even realize you brought a change of clothes but alright then, I'm going to go log our equipment in and join you in a few minutes."

Jared nodded and began to walk over to the door that separated the playing fields from the locker rooms. The closer he got to it the more his body began to feel numb, as though he wasn't even in control of his limbs as he walked. He shook his head of the silly notion and walked with purpose into the tiled intermediary area. As he walked further into the room proper he could hear the sounds of the other guys that had decided to use the facility and his ears perked up, as though the noise strangely attracted him. His nose also went into overdrive as well as it picked up the odors of the other males which caused his body to shudder.

When the leopard entered into the changing area he began to strip off his clothes, his eyes glancing over the half-naked and one or two completely nude anthros which nearly caused his mouth to water. He had never thought of himself as gay before but all he wanted to do was pounce on one or two of them and pleasure them more than any woman he had ever been with. Before long he realized he had started to get hard and it snapped him back to reality, especially when he found himself already completely naked himself. The others merely glanced at him as he grabbed his towel and used it to cover his nethers before he ran into the communal shower area. A small part of him wondered why he just didn't get dressed and leave but it was quickly drowned out by the need to be in the steamy shower room; had he glanced at the mirror as he passed he would have noticed that his eyes looked completely dilated to the point where the black had begun to leak out into the iris itself.

Once Jared reached the stall he found the steam was rather thick, an added feature of the facility's shower system that provided a small amount of privacy and served as added relaxation. The stream wasn't what he smelt though, it was the German Shepard that stood under the cascade of water as his hands were braced against the wall. Though it was hazy the leopard could clearly see the well-toned muscles of the other male, a strong body that was exactly what he needed for... for what? The thought confused the feline as he went to one of the other showerheads, turning it on as he tried to make some sense of what he was doing.

The longer Jared stood there the more he realized that he hadn't been prepared at all for this; not only did he not have a fresh pair of clothes to change into but he also didn't have soap, shampoo, or even a cloth. None of that seemed to matter though, all he could focus on was the water that rushed down his fur as he closed his eyes to try and get a handle on himself. Strangely enough whenever he turned his focus inward instead of the normal fear and preoccupied thoughts that he normally had all he could find was... peace, peace and serenity. It was like his whole life he had struggled to find where he fit in life and suddenly, in a men's locker room of all places, everything seemed to finally come together perfectly.

"Um, hey there." A voice next to him said that snapped him out of his reverie, Jared looked up to see the German Shepard standing only a few inches away from him. "I was wondering if you could... uh, get my back for me?"

"Are you sure that's what you're here for?" Jared replied with words that didn't feel like were his own. "Or did you come over to me for something else entirely?"

"I... I'm not gay or anything like that." The canine replied with a blush, though as they both looked down they could see that their groins had become similarly flush with arousal. "I just... you smell so good, and ever since you got into the shower I can't take my mind off of you. I just want to feel your tongue... my mouth..."

Jared decided not to let the flustered male continue to flounder and brought his arms around him. As soon as their lips met the feline felt an explosion of pleasure race through his entire body like he had just touched a live circuit, before he knew it he had his tongue rapped around the German Shepard's and began to push in deeper. Had ether male had their eyes open they would have seen the leopard's tongue begin to turn shiny and black as it pushed in unnaturally deeper. The canine's eyes rolled back into his head as they kissed as deeply as possible, Jared's muzzle began to lose its fur as the skin at the corners of his mouth began to split and open wider.

Before they could get too deep into their makeout session Jared pulled away, his extremely long tongue slithered out of the stranger's throat before the leopard pushed him down to his knees in front of his hard cock. Already the flesh of his member had begun to turn a deeper red as it gained an unnatural shine and leaked a drop of greyish black pre. The German Shepard didn't even flinch before he dove on the thickening meat, his already slime-lubed throat eager to be filled once more. Jared let out a moan as his tongue began to lick around his mouth, its movement completely independent to the feline's thought as he braced himself against the tile wall.

As the canine continued to muzzle-fuck himself on the still growing cock Jared looked up to see a lion and a hawk anthro staring at them with wide eyes. At first the leopard thought they would run but instead the two males began to step closer, their eyes completely dilated as they breathed in the potent alien pheromone cocktail that his body exuded. The sight of more flesh seemed to drive the leopard's corrupted body into overdrive, his head snapped back and forth as the muzzle widened even more, the fur sloughed off into the drain which revealed shiny black rubber underneath as his already long tongue grew more. Just as the two got up close to him the stretched appendage split at the tip and the divide shot all the way down to the root of his mouth as two long, black and red streaked tongues wiggled past Jared's lips. The two new males eagerly grabbed one each and shoved it into their maws like starving men, each of them letting the slickened tentacle slide into their mouths and down their throats before they slid up and began to make out with the transforming male.

Jared could feel his skin writhe underneath his fur as the tile beneath his back began to crack, his hips thrusting forward and causing the canine between his legs to gag slightly as several more tentacles began to erupt from his back. All the feline could do was moan and slide against the wet wall as he penetrated the three male's mouths with his dick and tongues, black veins beginning to appear on the German's Shepard's lips as they slid up and down his massive pole. Soon another male, this one a panther, walked into the shower room but before he could even look surprised a horny, stupefied look came over his face. Jared could feel the alien muscles of his back shift as one of his new back tentacles slid forward, this time wrapping around the other feline's strong, muscular leg before it slithered up underneath the towel he wore. Even though he couldn't see it Jared could feel the tip press against the male's tight anal ring before the slick appendage pushed in and began to invade the other male's body. The panther fell to his knees and let the towel fall away, which revealed his thick cock and the tentacle lodged firmly in his backside as inch after inch of the black rubber slid inside him.

Suddenly with his newly heightened senses Jared could hear the voices of the other males in the locker room, some of them had already started to masturbate as the cloud of invisible pheromones flooded the room while others had started to wander over towards the shower. The leopard's body seemed to respond to the new arrivals, his rubberized form thickening with muscle as he felt his tail split into thirds as they thickened into proper tentacles. What was left of the old Jared was burned away by the lustful alien instincts of his new body, his eyes burning a bright gold as his bigger maw curled up in a grin as he lured more and more to his fold... their fold...

To be continued...


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