Uncomfortably Happy [12]

Story by Pawsroloc on SoFurry

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#12 of Uncomfortably Happy

A series about a young fox who finds himself thrown into the midst of a crazy household. How will Danny adapt to this new lifestyle? Find out for yourself!

This is it guys! I can't believe I'm actually finishing a pornographic story on SoFurry! I really hope you enjoy this ending!



The Beginning of Something New

by pawsroloc

Danny loved how slowly the dragon's paw traveled through his chest fur. His touch was so calming. The fox knew he couldn't stay in bed with the dragon all day but he wanted to. He wanted to feel this way all day.

The fox bit his lip as the budding feelings in his stomach intensified. When Danny was with

Julius it was just so... different from when he was with anyone else.

Danny reflected on Seamus' words. "Trust me when I say that you'll know when you've found the one. It's so much different. He's going to give you everything I can't."

But... had Julius really done anything different than his other roommates? Sure, Danny had spent quite a bit of time on the dragon's bed, but was he taking things too quickly. The fox's ears folded forward as his mind rambled.

"Hey Julius?" The hand on his chest halted as the fox spoke.

"Yes?" The dragon said softly.

"I..." Danny opened his mouth, trying to find the words that would fit what he was feeling.

It was far too soon to announce any resemblance of love for the dragon, but he wanted to tell the man how he felt.

"You..?" Julius mimicked, pulling himself closer to the small fox.

"I just wanted to tell you that... I just really... you're..." Danny sighed as he grasped for the right words. The dragon waited patiently for the fox to continue.

Frustrated, Danny gave up on elegance altogether. "I like you." The fox blurted out. He closed his eyes, clutching at the dragon's bedding as he spoke.

"And I like you too." The dragon said casually. Danny could feel the dragon's bulge press against his legs. Danny frowned as he slowly opened his eyes.

"N-no. I don't think you understand. I really like you." Danny said, pulling away to face the dragon. "And I know this is really sudden and I don't know that much about you but... I want to."

The dragon smiled at the nervous fox before leaning in for a kiss. "Oh, Danny. I knew exactly what you meant."

"R-really?" Danny asked, his heart racing.

Julius nodded, placing a hand on Danny's waist. "And I don't know much about you either but... I'd like to."

Their lips met once more, sheathes brushing up against each other's bodies as their hips ground into one another's.

Danny was first to break away. "So then... what is this?"

Julius smiled as he wormed his fingers between the fox's thighs. "I don't know. It's far too soon for anything official. For now, we will just have to... play it by ear?"

"And the others?" Danny giggled, feeling the large dragon's hands begin to play with his groin.

"Tell them whatever you like. However I don't think it would be healthy for the house if we stayed... exclusive." Julius rumbled.

Danny nodded. Some part of him didn't want to give up what the others offered... at least not yet.

The dragon pressed his thumb against the fox's taint, his palm caressing Danny's soft package. "Now then... how about we hit the showers first before-"

A loud rapping noise came from outside the room. The two quickly spun their heads towards the door.

"Hey is Danny in there!?" Mark's voice called out.

"Yeah! What do you want?" Julius said, his hand idly fondling the fox's balls as he shouted.

"It's gym time! C'mon the others are waiting!" Mark huffed.

Julius turned back towards Danny expectantly.

"I uh... I should probably go with them." Danny said.

"I know." Julius sighed, slowly pulling himself out of bed. "I'll see you later."

"Yeah. See you soon." Danny said, walking towards the door as he hiked last night's swim suit back up over his ass.

As the fox opened the door, a large pair of arms wrapped around his chest. Danny stumbled at first as he was pulled backwards into the dragon's hug. Julius let out a deep rumble from behind Danny. They stood like that for a while, each not willing to pull away from one another.

Eventually the dragon let go. Danny turned around to look up at Julius. "I'm glad you're here." Julius said, his voice barely a whisper.

Danny smiled as a wave of emotions passed over him. "Me too."

"So you never really told us." Mark grunted, adjusting the weights on the machine as he spoke.

"Don't know what you're talking about." Philly grumbled, muscles swelling as he heaved a dumbbell over his head.

"Hey I set you two up! If anyone here deserves details it's me." Seamus pouted.

Danny watched the three talk from afar. The fox was far too busy struggling against the leg machine beneath him to bother talking. The four were in one of the three private rooms at the back of the gym. Supposedly you had to sign up weeks ahead to secure one of these, but the dogs had made it a tradition to work out together on Sunday mornings.

Eventually the dobie gave in to their demands. "Alright! Alright! So after the pool we went back to the room and took a shower." He set down his weights as he spoke.

"Together?" Mark asked.

Philly shook his head. "Nah I wanted to be all... gentlemanly about it. Take my time getting into it."

Mark huffed. "Alright your loss... then what? He takes a shower and then-?"

"Then I took a shower. You know, just a quickie. And I'm still a little wet cuz I'm getting impatient and I walk into the bedroom and low and behold this kitty is already stripped and rearing to go. And I mean 'rearing' to go. This guy's got his ass hiked into the air before I can even finish a sentence."

"Yeah... that sounds like Mattie." Seamus sighed.

"So then?" Mark asked, practically drooling as he operated his machine.

"I prepped him up. Gave him a little rim. Then I fucked him. But uh... it was a little weird at first. The kitty barely made a noise. Wouldn't have known he was so into it if not for his throbbing little cat prick."

"So were your expectations a little blown out of proportion?" Seamus asked. cocking his head.

"Well..." Philly had to think about that for a bit. "Don't get me wrong tigers have always

been my thing... but... I dunno. I never fucked someone who hasn't been screaming in bliss before."

"Maybe you weren't pushing all of his buttons." Mark offered.

"Oh trust me, I pushed his buttons so hard he came before I did." Philly chuckled. "Just wished he'd say something."

"I've known plenty of quiet lays Philly. It's nothing out of the ordinary." Mark said.

"Yeah... I just... The tiger part was doing wonders for me but... Matt himself? I felt like he was doing nothing at all." Philly sighed, looking towards the husky. "Sorry Shay."

"Why are you apologizing?" Seamus said, setting his weights on the floor. "I did what I set out to do. And hey! You fucked a tiger! Good job!"

The two high fived. Danny clambered out of the weight machine. His legs felt like jelly after all those reps.

"How you feeling Danny?" Mark called out, stepping away from his own machine.

"G... good." Danny huffed. To be honest all the exercise had really taking its toll on him. The fox could barely stand without shaking like a leaf.

"Well that's good." Mark grunted.

Danny yelped as he was hoisted into the air. As quickly as he was lifted into the air he was set back down. The bench beneath him was still warm as he pressed his sweaty back onto the padded mat.

Before the fox could ask what Mark was doing, he felt the wolf's hands tug at his shorts.

"Can't have you tuckering out before the main event." Mark licked his lips as he tossed the fox's shorts to the gym floor. The gym air felt cool against his exposed ass.

"You're wearing one of my jocks. Nice choice, Danny." Mark licked his lips as he watched the fox try and prop himself up on the bench.

Danny practically jumped in shock as he felt a new pair of paws push him back down onto the bench. Danny looked up to see Philly smiling down at him.

"Sorry for surprising you like this little buddy. Probably should've warned you that these rooms aren't just for working our muscles." Philly grinned, hands still pressing Danny down into the bench. The fox didn't find any reason to resist, the large doberman could easily overpower him if he tried to get up.

"It's another part of our tradition. I guess you could call this an initiation." Seamus said, walking up to the side of the bench.

The three dogs grinned down at their prey. The fox looked stunned, eyes darting between each of the dogs as they convened on him.

Suddenly, Danny's expression changed. The fox smirked before erupting into laughter. The dog's glanced at one another in confusion.

Danny did his best to control his laughter. "God, how did I not see this coming?" He giggled once more before grinning up at his captors. "So what do I have to do?"

The fox met Mark's eyes as he spoke. He caught that familiar glint of mischief in the wolf's eyes. The wolf had one hand in a duffle bag. He held his other hand up, one finger pointed to the ceiling.

"Rule number one. No touching yourself. Philly here will make sure of that." Mark began, tossing something over the fox's head as he spoke. The fox could feel something thin being wrapped around his left wrist.

"Rule number two. No loud noise. We may have blinds... which reminds me..." Mark nodded in the husky's direction. Seamus quickly rushed over to the still-open blinds. "... but we've got thin walls. Me and Shay learned that the hard way."

"And is there a rule three?" Danny asked, biting his lip as he watched the wolf rummage through the duffle bag near his feet. Meanwhile, the doberman had finished tying the fox's arm down to the bench's leg and had already begun work on the other hand.

The wolf grinned wider as he pulled out another piece of fabric. "Rule three is simple... you don't leave until we're done with you."

Danny nodded, watched as the wolf leaned over him, red bandanna held taut in his grip. The fox could feel his heart race as the fabric was placed over his eyes.

It wasn't long until the fox was completely tied down, his ass hanging off the side of the bench. The only part of his body that hadn't been restricted was his legs.

Danny was relieved that the three had stopped there. The fox didn't know if he could handle being bound and gagged.

"How you doing Danny?" Seamus asked. Danny could only assume that the hand petting his stomach also belonged to the husky.

"A little uncomfortable... but I'm pretty sure that's just because I'm tied down to a piece of gym equipment." Danny grinned.

"Cheeky." The wolf tutted. The fox could feel Mark's hands slowly spreading his legs. Danny gasped as he felt a cold and wet finger press against his asshole. The lubed finger gently prodded against his anus.

While Seamus' paw idly played with the fox's fur, Danny could feel the husky's panting breathes against his chest.

As Danny was wondering what was getting the husky so worked up, the finger pressed against his asshole suddenly slipped its way inside. The fox gasped as he felt himself accept the invading digit.

"Damn Danny, you've been busy." Mark muttered to himself, quickly inserting two more fingers into Danny's rear.

The fox bucked against the bench, holding back a sharp gasp of pleasure as the wolf hilted his fingers inside Danny. He could feel his sheathe begin to swell as the pleasure began to mount. The tip of his cock was already pressing against his jock.

"Wow he's more than fucking ready." Mark huffed, pulling his slickened fingers out of the fox's ass.

"You think?" Philly let out a whine from close by. "We can still start him with something smaller. Like the beads?"

"T-too late for those." Seamus panted, his hand now groping Danny's growing bulge. "Unless you want to pull 'em out of me."

"Well fuck, let's just pop this sucker in right away then." Philly barked.

Danny bit his lip as he felt the shaft press against his winking asshole. The fox braced himself against his restraints, trying to relax himself as much as possible before-

"FFFFfffffuuuuuu~" Danny groaned, biting back his moans as he felt himself open up once more. His entire bottom half was shaking as he felt the immense dildo spread his cheeks. Danny had no clue how large the shaft was, but that only made it feel bigger.

"God, look at him shake." Philly chuckled. "How you holding up Danny?"

"G-g-great." Danny said through gritted teeth. The fox had no doubt now. This was by far the largest thing he had ever taken.

"Keep it up Danny, you're about a quarter of the way done." Mark chuckled.

Danny cursed to himself, his hips involuntarily thrusting into the air. Each buck caused the massive shaft to rub against his prostate. The fox wanted so badly to scream in pleasure. To let them all know how much he was loving this. But Danny didn't want to find out what would happen if someone found them in here with a massive fake cock up his ass.

He could hear them all laughing. The hand pressed against his shaft slowly rocked the strained bulge back and forth. The husky's breathing was getting more and more erratic now.

"Oh... oh... oh... I'm g-gonna..." The dog warned.

The hand wrapped around his shaft suddenly squeezed tightly as Seamus hit climax. The husky let out a whine of relief above Danny. The fox instinctively closed his eyes as the warm cum splattered across his fur. The tight grip around his knot combined with the immense pressure of his spreading cheeks was almost enough to bring the fox over the edge.

Danny clenched his teeth, his back arching as much as his bindings could allow as he fought for release. He ground his shaft into the husky's palm as he frantically bucked.

He was so close... so close...

"Please... let me..." Danny whimpered, body falling limp against the bench.

"No can do Danny boy. Gotta remember rule number one, Danny. And Shay... let go of the poor guy's cock. You're getting him all riled up." Mark chastised.

"No... wait..." Danny begged, squirming against his restraints as spoke. "I just-"

The fox practically yelped as the cock was pressed further up his ass. It felt like he was being split apart. Danny could no longer hold himself back. He didn't care if the rest of the gym heard him, he needed to say it.

"FUCK! J-just... please!" The fox begged. The husky's spent seed was beginning to roll down his sides as he squirmed. He needed release, and he knew that the only way they were going to give it to him was through his ass.

"What was that Danny? Got something to say?" Philly asked.

"Fuck me!" Danny pleaded. "J-just fucking stick it all in!"

"Hey that's not my call. That sounds like a request for the guy that's got a dick in your ass." Philly chuckled.

"T-then Mark! Just... do it! Fuck me! Please I... I..." Danny panted, his body trembling with fatigue.

"Who me? Not me either buddy." Mark laughed.

"W-what? S-Shay?" Danny called out, turning his head to face where he thought Seamus had been.

The husky giggled by his ear. "Nope! Try again."

The large cock pressed even further into his cavity. Danny bit his lip as he felt another inch slowly sink inside of him.

"B-but that's everyone." Danny whined. Had he gone insane? Were they just toying with him?

"Not everyone." A familiar voice said.

No. It couldn't be. Danny rolled his hips against the huge cock inside him.

"This isn't... you're..." Danny said.

The bandana was suddenly pulled off his eyes. There were four naked figures surrounding him. Philly and Mark each held one of his legs in the air. To his side was Seamus, clutching the bandana in a cum soaked hand. Danny smiled as he recognized the final person. The fox let out an exhausted laugh as he realized just what, or rather WHO, had been shoved up his ass.

"Julius!" Danny giggled, looking up at the tall dragon.

The large man smiled down at him. "You've done a hell of a job, fox."

"I can't believe he didn't realize that wasn't silicone." Seamus added.

"Not everyone has had as much rubber shoved up your ass, Shay." Philly chastised.

"He got more in than I thought he could." Mark huffed.

"H-how much?" Danny asked.

"About half. There's still a lot of work but... the dogs thought this'd be a fun way to test your limits." Julius admitted.

"And I think he's hit it, guys. Well I'm sure he could fit another inch in there if he really wanted, but I'd really like a chance to knot this kid." Mark grinned.

"Hey, me first. My knot doesn't last nearly as long." Philly added.

"Well first I'm going to have to get this sucker out of you." Julius blushed. "I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you if I keep going."

The four kept talking between themselves. Danny closed his eyes and let his head fall limp onto the mat, a goofy smile plastered on his face. He was exhausted... the bindings were beginning to dig into his sides... but Danny wouldn't trade this moment for anything.

Well that's the end. I might write future one offs with these characters, but I think their story is over. If you enjoyed this series, leave me a comment or send me a message. I love responding to you guys and it means a lot. As always, critiques are always welcome.


In other news... I have two new series in the works. I hope to start my next story after the fourth installment of What's Gotten Into You.

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