Bound by Destiny 4½

Story by Talon Stormclaw on SoFurry

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A poor girl is about to have her life turning for the worst when two angels shows up to save her. But is there more to these angels than what the girl sees at first?

This story IS connected to actual lore.

Magea, Sasha and Story ©

Jane © SashaWS and Veedway on FA

Leona © (Co-author)

Length: 2,244 words. 11,949 characters.

Time used to type: 1 hours 10 minutes (with corrections and cleaning)

Bound by Destiny 4½ - Angels of Desolate Roads

This story is copyrighted to SashaWS/ArtisticEastern, containing characters owned by various people used with permission.

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The sound of a hard slap was heard as an ocelot girl was struck down by the open palm of a male wolf, standing with a grin on his face as his fox, rhino, tiger, crocodile, bear and dragon companions, all of them males, stood around and cheered him on, "You unthankful bitch. You are a female and that means you are meant to pleasure males. Know your place." The wolf began to undo his pants, the other males doing the same while the ocelot girl tried to get away, only to feel her head being hit by the foot of the tiger, "Do not move, bitch!" She whimpered as she held her head, whimpering as she felt the hands being pulled away and her head getting forced to look forward, her eyes widening upon seeing the male's erection in front of her face before two hands forced her maw open for him to thrust right in.

"Hehe, now you know your place, bitch." The wolf grinned as his hips began to move and the ocelot girl whimpered as his companions began to tear off her clothes, leaving them in shreds around her before the bear and tiger leaned in to eagerly grope her breasts and suck on her nipples, making her purr softly, but whimper as she had no chance to speak with the wolf's rod fucking her maw. Her eyes shot open when she felt something poking at her pussy and soon another poking at her pussy before her eyes closed shut and tears began to form as her womanhood slowly got violated upon the two massive erections entering her at the same time, the bear and tiger having laid down on the sides to enable them to fuck her while sucking on her nipples, "You are not going to get away from us until you become our breeding bitch!" The wolf triumphed before he fucked her maw harder, leaving the poor ocelot to just whimper and pray for a miracle to happen.

She had only wanted to get lift to the next town and by her unluck, she had ended up being forced by this gang of rapists into this act, and from the sound of it, they were not going to let her go that easily. There wasn't any other sound around her other than the males enjoying her body, a sudden sour taste of the wolf cumming in her maw before his spot was taken by a rhino who held nothing back, even going as far as to punch her nose if she didn't follow his orders, causing her to bleed while crying as she sucked on his dick and hating her bad luck for bringing her to this. A sudden relief was as the two males pulled out of her pussy, only to wanting to scream out as she was soon having a dragon thrusting himself up her ass and a fox thrusting up into her pussy, making her cry before her face was covered in the seed from the bear and tiger, both of them grinning, "She will be perfect to sell for a good money for others to fuck." The other males agreed and didn't notice that something was coming down the nearby road, but the ocelot girl picked it up and kept wishing for a miracle.

Just at that point, the sound of a drifting car could be heard and a clear female voice called out, "Get off her, you wretched mongrels!" The males turned to look at a tall bunny girl and a shorter fox girl standing a bit away next to a Dodge Viper, the bear and tiger running over towards them with wide grins as the wolf male called out, "Fetch those bitches! Seems like we gonna have more slaves." The bunny girl quickly opened up the trunk to retrieve a wrench and other tools as the fox girl assumed a stance before they both made their way towards the males.

The bunny girl was the first to be approached by the bear, quickly avoiding punches from him before hitting him in the head with the wrench, kicking him right in the crotch before tossing him over at the tiger that was trying to hit the vixen, only for her to dodge until she saw him getting knocked down by her friend tossing the bear, "Nice one, Jane." Jane smirked before the wolf male came charging in, trying to deliver a punch towards her, Jane just grabbing the fist before striking him in the face with the wrench, next putting one of his claws in the wrench, twisting it until the wolf gave out a yelp of pain from how she had just broken one of his fingers and also torn out one of his claws, the wrench hitting him in the face again before Jane continued to do this with all of the fingers, looking at him with a rather dark grin.

While Jane was enjoying herself, her friend Magea was deflecting every blow the bear and tiger attempted, completely ignorant of their friend getting injured by Jane, if only one of them was caught it would be enough for a retreat. Magea however was not easy to catch as whenever one charged in, she quickly moved aside or led them down to the ground, before she assumed the same stance as before, moving in quickly when the bear stood up as the strikes from her palms began to rain on him, "Magnitude Six." The bear began to growl in pain as every palm striking him applied a massive force within his body, the areas struck showing the blood vessels slowly appearing as Magea had closed off his blood stream at certain points until he felt her palm on his chest, right where his heart was, his eyes focusing on hers before she nodded, "Magnitude Ten." The sudden blast of pressure made his eyes go white as the blood vessels exploded from the pressure of having massive amounts of blood being fired into them and also his heart exploding.

The tiger watched as the bear just slumped over dead, grinning to himself before getting up and trying to grab Magea, who quickly danced around him to strike right at his knees and shattering them before her next strike hit his right shoulder and then the left one, making him growl in pain as they shattered too, his face writhing in agony before he heard a loud scream of pain nearby, turning his head to watch how Jane had stabbed two screwdrivers into the balls of the wolf before the wrench was wrapped around his dick, right under the knot as she twisted it hard and the loud yelp of pain was too much for the tiger who quickly looked at Magea, "Please, I do not wanna die!" Magea merely looking at him before her palm landed on his ribcage and his eyes went wide, "Magnitude Five." The last sound the tiger heard was his ribs breaking and impaling his lungs and heart at the same time as the wolf died from the pain he was in.

The crocodile, dragon and rhino just watched all this and had soon gotten up when seeing how their friends had died so easily to the two girls. Jane pulled the screwdrivers from the balls of the wolf before looking at the dragon and rhino, "Come on, are you two being pussies now?" The two males grunted in anger before charging in like their friends had, watching how Jane brought out a battery-driven saw, jumping right at the rhino first to get to work on sawing off his precious horn, Magea kicking the dragon away with a soft smirk, "No no, it is not your turn yet." The rhino was screaming from all the pain of having his entire skull vibrating from the work of the saw while Jane was thrashing his balls over and over again to keep him calm until the horn came loose and she took it, examining it carefully with a smirk, "I always wondered why these were so dangerous. Perhaps you can help me find out." The rhino was confused and in pain before he gave off a loud painful scream when Jane impaled the horn into his skull and through the brain.

Magea during the time had been dealing with keeping the dragon and crocodile occupied until Jane called for her to bring the next one in, a quick strike from her foot sending the dragon over to Jane who swung the saw right across his gut, the organs spilling out before Magea kicked the crocodile down and pulled them over to the organ pile, the dragon trying to pull them all in, only for Jane to cut off his arms and legs, the crocodile whimpering as Magea was forcing him to eat his friend's own organs, the dragon coughing up blood as he could only watch the friend eating his organs until death's embrace came for him. Jane was watching the crocodile eating the organs with a small smile before her saw met his head and split it wide-open, giving Magea the chance to move over to the girl, who was now alone, "Are you okay, miss?" The ocelot girl just cried and pulled herself up to Magea to hold her closely before Jane asked, "Where did the fox go?"

A few meters down the road, the fox male was running for his life, his pants left behind as the mind was only set to survival now, "Shit, it is not my time yet!" He kept running until he heard a soft whistle and slowed down to look around, "Hey handsome, over here!" He looked around confused before noticing a huge tent standing hidden under a rock shelf, and inside the tent was a naked, beautiful kitsune girl, beckoning him over with a finger, "Come here. I wanna have some fun with you." His mind was already clouded by her beauty, the golden fur, her skyblue hair, those gorgeous green eyes. She was a goddess in his eyes and he was not going to let this opportunity go to waste. Murring to himself, he made his way over to her, watching her spreading her swollen folds for him. So she was in heat too, he was truly lucky.

He murred and stepped into the tent, hearing the zipper shutting behind him before he moved closer, his erection standing proud before she pulled him in, kissing him deeply before she could feel him thrusting against her treasure, her soft voice whispering in his ear, "You are now mine." The next moment he was gasping out in fear as she had bitten his throat and was savoring the taste of his blood while his erection was slipping into her and she murred happily, watching how by every suck, his life was slowly ending and like the candle near them, it was soon dead, just like he was.

Back near the rape site, Jane and Magea was comforting the ocelot girl who was crying into Jane's shoulder right now, Magea doing her best to help out before Jane nodded, "The fox is no longer a burden. Someone took care of him." Magea nodded as a reply, understanding who it was that she referred to, watching as Jane stood up with the ocelot girl in her arms, carrying her over to the Dodge before Magea sat down and soon had the girl in her lap, holding her tightly as Jane put the tools back into the trunk of her car and stepped into the driver's seat, turning the ignition to let the loud growl of the engine fill the air, working the clutch quickly before changing to first gear and turning back towards where she had come, quickly accelerating before shifting up the gear, until they were next to the tent where the kitsune was now walking from, her body shifting into a dragoness before she snapped her claws to bring forth a Camaro, opening the door before getting the beast working and gave Jane the look that she knew very well, especially from her own mother, "You are on, mom!"

Sasha grinned at Jane's reply before both lined up their cars and the roaring cars soon blasted away on the road, racing down the desolate area before Magea finally remembered the politeness, "Oh sorry, we have not introduced ourselves. I am Magea Foxen. The reckless driver there is Jane Constantine-Angeria. The other one who is recklessly driving next to us is her mother Alexis W.S, but we call her Sasha. What is yours?" The ocelot girl looked up at her under tears, but gave a very soft lick on her chin before replying, "Leona... Leona Ozaki."

Jane smiled and soon heard Leona slowly falling asleep against Magea before the sun was setting in and the only sound was now an ocelot snoring, two cars speeding down the road and a meaningful meeting for Leona. A meeting bound by destiny for her to meet these angels of desolate roads, and she couldn't be happier at any other moment.

The End.

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