An Ordinary Hypnofurs Day

Story by AnubusKiren on SoFurry

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It really speaks volumes for a group when stuff like this is considered normal. Hypnotic pleasure-torment, domineering she-wolves, and mindless boys desperate for their next orgasm... Yeah, that sounds about right.

A little thing I did for a Skype room I'm part of. :3 Lots of naughty hypnostuff to be found in here, as per usual~

Story and Ildac (c) AnubusKiren

Majorra (c) Majorra

Loca (c) ursusarctoslocaha

Feri (c) feriasterras

Tsuki (c) Tsukigato

Arki (c) ...Fuck, what IS his FA?

Kram (c) OldManGunda

Fin (c) finwolfsky

The sound of the door opening brought momentary awareness to the figures tightly bound to chairs at the opposite end of the room. Majorra scanned across the row of boys in the darkened room, a faint light slipping through the gaps between their faces and the visors strapped around their heads. The tall grey wolf flicked on the light and smiled, walking inside and shutting the door, eyes darting quickly from one subject to the next. Seven chairs, seven slumped, occasionally squirming bodies. No escapees this time. She casually checked her watch; 9:30. Perfect timing.

The wolfess started at the leftmost subject, a white-furred fox with large, black feathered wings hanging loose at his back. The nameplate for his visor read, "Ildac". Like the others, the tall, toned male seemed unaware of Maj's presence; and like the others, he was completely naked. The visor fastened to his head flashed and swirled with hypnotic colors and subliminal commands, and the speakers on the sides hummed with a droning white noise. A machine similar to a milker sat beside the fox, the milking tube snugly fitted around his cock, rhythmically squeezing and tugging with a slick suckling sound. The entranced male's body twitched and writhed occasionally, but his slumped posture and unresisting staring into the visor's screen made it evident that he'd spent all his thrashing and bucking strength hours ago.

"Good thing I got you a metal chair." Maj said as she reached around to unclasp the ball gag in the fox's mouth, freeing his gaping maw up to quietly moan and whimper. "Angelic strength, and all. Not that it means much for you now..." A sly grin spread over her lips. The devious wolf pressed her fingers to the captive angel's tummy and tickled, immediately feeling his abs tense up. She giggled with delight as faint, helpless laughter trickled out through his lips; for however muted his reaction was, she knew the pleasurable torment it brought was a hundredfold, at least. She tickled him for a solid two minutes before deciding to give him mercy. There'd be plenty of time to play later.

For now, she left the fox to his milker, leaving his gag off to let him moan freely for a while. She went on to the next boy in line: a notably larger, more stocky man. A large brown bear, seated much the same as Ildac, with the same type of milker on his shaft and visor on his head, the nameplate reading, "Loca". He seemed no more lucid than the fox before him, his breaths coming in long, relaxed draws and leaving his lips as quiet moans as Maj removed his gag.

"Two for two. Such good boys I have." the wolfess smirked and reached down to cup the bear's balls, causing his entire body to jolt and tense up, then relax again. Nice and heavy, full of seed. "As full as they can be." she said to herself. "Considering how long you boys have been down here."

Majorra checked the bear's restraints; much like Ildac, Loca was a fair bit stronger than the smaller boys she'd taken. Any particularly ecstatic writhing could have broken the ropes. Or the chair, as she'd found out before. Luckily, it would seem as if she'd managed to solve that problem, as Loca's seat and ropes were still nice and sturdy. "Good thing, too." she smiled. "Bear seed's not cheap."

She gave his balls another quick teasing, then continued on down the line of seats. A colorful pair of a fox and a tiger sat beside one another, equally tranced out and just as deviously bound to their chairs. The purple and blue fox, tagged as "Feri" on his visor, had never given any resistance in the past, and this time was no exception. His seat had barely moved an inch, and the knots in his ropes were just as tight as they'd been yesterday. As far as ease of capture went, he was about equal with Ildac; a real hypnoslut. Maj unclasped his gag and stuck a finger in its place, giggling deviously as the feminine boy suckled the offered digit. "Someone's been craving something to suck."

Feri gave only an incoherent mumble in response, his bright blue tongue swirling around the wolf's finger. His hips slowly swiveled in place, trying fruitlessly to buck into the tube around his cock. There was a sense of helpless desperation in how he sucked that finger, like he'd been aching to cum for the longest time.

"Don't worry, fox. Not much longer." Maj retrieved her wet finger and left Feri to his programming. The rainbow-striped tiger, labeled as "Tsuki", had apparently put up more of a fight; his chair had moved back half a foot, and he'd almost managed to work the strap off his visor before succumbing to the overpowering hypnotic lights. The resistance was probably playful in nature... but it hardly mattered now! Majorra readjusted the visor and, as with the others, removed his gag. "Changed your mind about escaping, hmm?"

The tiger's reply came out in a droning, almost whispered, "Yessss..."

"Thought so." She playfully squeezed the suction tube around his shaft, causing the bound-up tiger to arch in place. "Stay right there, now!"

The line grew shorter and shorter. Only three boys remained to check; a snowmew with a colorful head of hair, his visor reading "Arki"; a tall, muscular wolf, "Kram"; and a more lean wolf/husky mix, "Fin". Majorra licked her lips and checked her watch. 9:45.

"You're next, snow cat." the wolfess unclipped Arki's gag and tickled under his chin. "You like to act all non-sexual. A little trance goes a long way, hmm?"

Vacant purrs and soft moans were all she'd get in response. A little trickle of drool had made its way down the snowmew's chin, his now-freed lips curled into a dumb smile. Climax after mind-shattering climax had broken down his defenses until he was just like all the others: an obedient milk boy. Much like Feri, he looked as if he was ready for another go, his hips mindlessly thrusting back and forth.

"Don't worry. You'll be done soon." Maj pet his ears as she slipped away to the next victim. Kram was the last of her "you're likely to break your chair" captives, so she checked his restraints before anything else. "No rope snaps today. I guess that means you all get to cum on time!" The removal of Kram's gag brought a ragged gasp from the larger wolf's lips, his tongue hanging almost comically from his mouth. Maj grinned and patted his chest. "As one of the two in here who might remotely pass for a switch, I figured you'd be harder to get. But nope. I could have just lifted my shirt and you'd be putty..."

All that comment got was a mindless little murmur of agreement. No back-talk, no dissent. He was a slave to the visor, just like the others. His canine shaft throbbed hard in anticipation for the promised climax, though none of the bound-up boys could tell when it would be granted. Their sense of time had been among the first things that vanished under a maelstrom of colors.

Majorra petted the big wolf's ears and moved to the last boy in the row. Fin's slender, athletic body leaned back on his chair, his back arched as he rode on what seemed to be the almost unbearable edge of his impending climax. He was huffing and moaning through his gag, and upon glancing back to the line and taking a quick listen, Maj could see that they were all getting pretty pent up. Just five minutes to the hour... No wonder they were so close! She giggled and removed Fin's gag, brushing her fingers down his chest and tummy. He was an interesting one; it wasn't common for a male to have more than one set of nipples, and this wolfsky was sporting four pairs! More to tease, as far as the domineering wolfess was concerned, her fingers flicking over each sensitive nub. "Someone's ready, I see..."

"Yeh...eeeeesss..." Fin's mouth hung ajar, a trickle of drool slipping down his cheek. The milker around his shaft idly suckled, tugging moan after meek, helpless moan from his lips. He'd fared no better than the other susceptible boys; no sign of a struggle, no loose knots in his ropes. Just another eager trance slut, happy to fall under and obey.

"Good." Maj grinned and stepped back, observing all seven of her captive boys and licking her lips. "How do you all feel, hmm?"

Seven variations of desperate, pleasured murmurings of, "Good, Mistress" rang out, coupled with an ambient droning of needy moaning and whimpering.

"Very good. And since you've all behaved well enough, I don't think I'll have to delay your reward this time!" She produced a remote control from her pocket and flipped it in her hand. A quick press of a button, and the boys all contorted in pleasure, filling the room with their lewd vocalizations. The wolfess laughed, sticking the remote back into her pocket and checking her watch again. "So easily controlled, once someone's there to lead you along by your cocks. But that's what's so endearing about you boys."

The minutes ticked away. For the boys, it must have been an eternity of edging, of denial of their most desperate need in those lingering moments. Three minutes ticked away to two, to one, to thirty eternal seconds. Majorra smirked and watched each one tick past until the final few, then turned her eyes upward to watch as all seven of her captive boys climaxed. The subliminal commands within the visors demanded that they release that pressure building within, and they did so with enthusiasm! Chair legs creaked and scraped across the floor, and ropes tugged tight as seven distinct cries of pleasure rang out in unison. Their cocks throbbed, spurting thick ropes of seed into the milking tubes, ensuring their seed could be properly collected once again.

Maj squeezed her thighs together, crooning with delight at the lewd scene playing out before her eyes. They'd definitely become more receptive to the subliminals since she'd rounded them up two days ago. Even the regular breaks in between each day's session had done little to lessen their effects! She watched as their climaxes tapered off into tiny dribbles, their bodies slumping in place, chests rising and falling rapidly as they caught their breath.

"Good boys." she purred, wandering along the line to gently pet each one of her playthings. "Don't worry, now. You're almost done. Just two more loads, and I think we can safely say I won this little bet, right?"

A labored "yes Mistress" came in response, the tired, mindfucked boys savoring their momentary respite from the nearly endless assault of the milkers. Their dulled, all-attentive eyes stared straight ahead into the whirling colors, soaking in the subliminal commands without resistance. Even seven to one, they stood no chance against her wiles.

"I thought so." Maj turned on her heels and plucked the remote from her pocket again, rewarding her boys with another jolt of pleasure before heading to the door. "Be good, now. Just four hours left to endure. I'd hate to have to keep you here for another full day."

The door shut, and the sound of slick, mechanical suckling began once more...

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