Pleasurable Depths

Story by Aurem on SoFurry

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Pleasurable Depths

By: Tryan

The skies over Olivine City were clear and almost too bright to look at for any normal person or Pokemon. Flygon ignored that due to the tinted domes that were used to protect his eyes from the harshness of a desert. To him the day was as clear and precise as it could be. There wasn't a speck of sand in the air and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Like his trainer oft said, 'It's going to be a great day.'

Thinking of his trainer caused Flygon to bank, eyes leaving the clear sky and scanning the waves again. That's right, he was on a mission. A mission to... Flygon sighed. "Stupid trainer. I'm a highly trained battle Pokemon. Why does he have me out doing... Doing this!" he complained to the air.

Earlier in the day a wave had swept away the beach ball that Jeremy, his trainer, and his friends had been playing with. Of course they couldn't have given a Ratata's ass at that point in time but hours later they decided they wanted to play with it again and it was at_that_ point that Flygon had been released from his ball, ready for a battle.

"Flygon will get it!" Jeremy had declared, making his new friends ooh and ahh over a strong and rare Pokemon.

Of course Flygon soaked up the attention. He may be a battler but as a young Trapinch he had dreamed of being a contest Pokemon. Now those Pokemon were respected and treated right, he decided. They were pampered, taken care of to look their best, and the battle were all about style. The ground dragon smirked at the thought and stretched his wings, lifting himself higher on the warm day's thermals.

He gave a cursory glance from on high. "Nope, no beach ball. Too bad, eh?" With a chuckle he twirled, wings pulling in tight and then turning into a barrel roll. He snapped his wings out and luxuriated in the feeling that showing off gave him. His scales were as polished as he could get them and reflected the light in a million small fractals.

Envy overcame him as he imagined the Flygon that he had fought once. The male's scales had been treated with such care that the light reflected in rainbows. More than anything, Flygon wanted to take that Pokemon's place.

With a shake of his head to pull his attention back, Flygon scouted again, still not spotting the brightly colored ball he had been sent after. At this point he hoped that he didn't find it until it was sunset just to spite his trainer for the menial task. In fact, by now the ball could be half way to Dewford in Hoenn!

Just as he was thinking this a slight move caught his attention. Turning, he spotted the obtrusive love ball shaped beach ball. "Dang-it. Couldn't I have stayed out just a bit longer?" He whined softly, then leaned his wings back, allowing for a slow decent. Flygon let his mind wander until he was ten feet above the water before he looked around again.

"Where the heck did it go?" He muttered, flapping his wings to stay airborne and claws raking the top of his head. His bewilderment only grew as he started flying over the area, thinking it might be in the well of a wave.

"Did the thing pop when I was coming down for it?" Flygon now grumbled, landing on a gray rock to let his wings relax. He noticed his mistake only a second too late as the 'rock' squished slightly and tentacles shot from the water, wrapping him too tight to escape. He gasped in surprise and then was pulled underwater all at once.

The tentacles around him shifted, pulling him under the Tentacruel that he had foolishly landed on. As the Pokemon sped away with its catch, Flygon noticed that the Pokemon also had one tentacle wrapped around a bright pink beach ball. In fact, it was the bright pink beach ball that he had swooped down for!

Tentacruel smiled to himself in his glee. Today was a good day to start with, but now he had a new toy and a new Pokemon to play with! He sped on happily, headed to his underwater cave home. He didn't recognize the green Pokemon that he had ensnared but it most likely needed to breath. As long as it was breathing, he could have all the fun with it that he wanted!

Flygon was starting to struggle, his face losing its color as his oxygen supply dwindled. He was sure that he was going to pass out and drown any second, but then there was air! Sweet, delicious, life giving air!

He gasped breath after breath of the cold air, swearing that it was the tastiest he had ever had the pleasure of bringing into his lungs.

"That good, huh?" Tentacruel asked, his voice deep and bubbly at the same time. He floated at the edge of the rock shore inside his home. He was lifted just enough for his eyes to carefully watch his new guest and bide his time until the other gave an opening. For being nearly drowned, the other gave few openings.

"Yeah, but I guess I may only think that because someone decided that almost drowning me would be a great addition to today's agenda." Flygon snapped, strutting away from the water and sitting against the cave wall. He looked around, seeing a few piles of human trash that had been stacked lovingly. Whoever this Tentacruel was, he had some serious issues.

The water Pokemon smirked and swam a little. "Well I just wanted a new guest. It's been a while since I've had company." He replied with an attempt at a purr. Flygon shuddered at the noise. "So what's your name."

"Conversation starters, greaaaat." Flygon replied, rolling his eyes. "I'm a Flygon, no special name."

"Hello Flygon. I'm Tentacruel. Just Tentacruel. And this is my home!" A few tentacles jutted from the water, indicating the spacious cave and the many items scattered around it.

Flygon nodded and let down his guard, looking at the few areas his initial observations had not gotten to. The ceiling was cracked slightly, indicating that the air may be coming from there. Possibly it was a part of the Whirl Islands. Something not attached to the main caves, at that.

The ground dragon cried out as tentacles again grabbed him. His eyes snapped away from the ceiling to see that Tentacruel had crawled onto the rock bed and now had a tentacle on each of his limbs, including one around his neck. "W-what are you doing!?" Flygon cried.

"Giving you a nice warm welcome." Tentacruel replied, sliding close and pressing himself against Flygon's body. He nibbled gently at the polished scales, the rest of his tentacles exploring the males body and eliciting an unwanted moan from the male.

"S-stop. Let me go now!" Flygon cried. He started to feel an uncomfortable warmth in his body and shivered as the tentacles started to slither over his body. They explored every inch, starting from his head and slowly making their ways downwards.

A gasp escaped Flygon's lips as one of the tentacles slid up under his tail, rubbing the area where his slit was. "Oh Arceus no." he whimpered. His slit slowly reacted to the assault and swelled up, allowing the questing tentacle to find the opening that much easier.

"A female?" Tentacruel asked. Flygon glared at the other male as the very tip of his penis peaked from his slit, blatantly stating that Flygon was, in fact, a male. "Oh, how fun! Hopefully there's more." He said, trying to purr again.

Flygon shuddered and squirmed as the tentacle slowly eased into his slit below his penis. If Tentacruel kept going any further he would hit... Flygon cried out as his sphincter was pressed against by the warm and slimy appendage. A flush found its way to his face and he moaned, body writhing.

"Oh, you like that, hmm?" Tentacruel asked, voice now husky. He pulled the tentacle back less than an inch then press it forward, letting it bump into Flygon's ass again. He watched with interest as Flygon's prick slid free, revealing itself to be a hemipenes. Both twitched in sync. Starting to drip a natural lubricant as the sphincter was teased and stretched.

Despite his dripping cocks, Flygon struggled, panting hard. His body shivered involuntarily, all but pressing back on the tentacle that was in his slit. "Please no, I don't want this!" he called, squirming and trying to tug free with all his might.

"But you're so hard." Tentacruel replied, smirking. "Your body wants this so badly, and I think I'll let it have more." With that, Flygon felt his cherry pop, the tentacle entering his virgin hole. He moaned and cried out in lust as he was quickly filled, his prostate the first target of Tentacruel. Tears budded in Flygon's eyes as he squirmed.

With a soft moan, Flygon's body gave in, clenching and relaxing on the invader in time with the throbbing of his cocks. He blushed and let his tongue hang out as he panted, looking up to meet Tentacruel's eyes. The water Pokemon nodded and smiled, another tentacle wrapping around the twin shafts. He started stroking the twins slowly, letting the pre drip onto the ground.

"Please." Flygon uttered, giving Tentacruel a pleading look. The water type smiled and nodded, laying Flygon on his back. Flygon smiled, thinking the ordeal was coming to an end. His relief was interrupted as his panting mouth was filled with a salty tasting length. His eyes went wide and lips closed tight as he realized that Tentacruel had thought he was asking for his cock.

Using his tongue, Flygon tried to push the invader from his mouth. This backfired, eliciting a large shot of pre to fill his mouth. He gagged on the taste, but Tentacruel had wrapped a tentacle around his snout, leaving no room to spit.

Tentacruel moaned happily as Flygon swallowed the shot of pre, easing more of himself into the warm mouth, loving every second of the tongue lashing he received. "Oh so good!" he cried. "You deserve a reward." The tentacles holding Flygon's legs released, joining the assault on cock and slit. One slid slowly in, stretching Flygon's ass out to accept the second appendage. The dragon groaned out, shaking and trying to struggle. He couldn't do anything now, though, wrapped and pinned as he was.

The tentacles kept up their assault, driving Flygon mad with lust. His body shook and pressed back with every thrust and eventually he succumbed to the haze of sex and lust, his eyes closing as he began sucking on the salty prick. His hips humped against the stroking tentacles as well now, coaxing even more of the natural lube out.

After a few minutes Tentacruel pulled out of Flygon's mouth. He gave the male a kiss and then moved down, listening to the dragon panting. He slowly pulled the two tentacles free of the slit, looking at his handiwork with a soft smile.

Flygon looked down and moaned, seeing how his slit stayed spread open below his cocks. His ass was on display, the ring of muscle throbbing in need. A need that Tentacruel was all too willing to fill. Flygon layed his head back against the wall of the cave, watching as Tentacruel lowered his body, prick rubbing on his slit and then pressing in slowly.

"Fuck." Flygon whispered, clenching his eyes shut s Tentacruel entered him, then filled him with a hard thrust. A moan escaped im as the water type started rocking back and forth, then really hammering his hole. "More!"

Tentacruel smiled and nodded, releasing Flygon's cocks to rub on his body. He used all of his tentacles to steady himself as he fucked, mating his guest with reckless abandon. Flygon moaned and groaned in lust, his internal balls starting to draw up until, finally, his orgasm hit.

With a lustful cry, Flygon grabbed hold of Tentacruel's body, rolling over to be on top of the other male. He bounced his hips hard, crying out again and again until his ass clenched and his cum flew. The first shot coated Tentacruel fully, the following shots spurting much farther and mostly hitting the rock wall he had been leaning against a short time ago.

Tentacruel was taken by surprise for a second then adjusted to the new position. He thrusted up to meet the bouncing Pokemon on top of him. The clenching and cum bath across his face was the last straw to break the proverbial Camerupt's back and the water type cried out with Flygon, filling the dragon hole with shot after shot of cum.

The two eased away from their orgasms, laying together for a short time. Tentacruel leaned up and kissed Flygon's cheek. The dragon half heartedly returned the action, his mind in turmoil before falling asleep, the water Pokemon still buried in him.


That New Gym Smell

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