Roads Untraveled - Part XII

Story by OttersGonnaOtt on SoFurry

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#63 of Entropy Series

The gang does a little cleanup after their away mission, but somehow manage to get a lot dirtier in the process.

This chapter is the direct result of me feeling very female recently. I find I'm a lot ~friskier~ when my personality shifts more female. Give me hours of time waiting for flights and that only makes its way out in words. Boredom in a hotel room likewise doesn't help. This chapter is... hot and heavy, to say the least.

Sometimes my favorite bits show up between all the action. Everyone needs a moment of respite to relax. When people find that moment after an arduous, dangerous task is completed, I'd like to think the best comes out of them. These sorts of chapters draw out my emotional side in odd ways, so it's really fun to see where things go in the end.

As always, this story contains adult content and explicit sexual imagery. If you aren't allowed or don't wish to view such material, please stop reading immediately. To all the rest, enjoy! Comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged.

"I'm so sorry, Robyn..."

"What was that? You say something?" Elliot cringed at the sight of the body being moved about his not-soClean room, yet kept an eye on Ilaria just to be sure things went smoothly. "Please tell me you're not talking to a dead woman."

"Oh, she is. Can't blame her though." Iolvin grabbed the body by the shoulders while his sister took care of the much lighter legs. "I'm sure I'd act a little crazy if I saw Dee die over and over."

"Don't call me crazy, Yoyo." Ari took a few attempts with her bad arm, but managed to feed Robyn's legs into a body bag. "I just want to see her last wishes come true... which I guess means we need a way to put her into space without contaminating the crew. These bags are sealable, but one knick and we've got a serious issue."

Yoyo eased the deceased squirrel into the bag, then started zipping up the first seal. "The girls said they'd take care of that. They headed to their contraption in midship cargo."

"Oh... Well let me see what they're up to then." Ari pulled out her phone, not wanting to create more of a mess on the room's wall consoles. "Come on, girls. One of you has to see this thing blinking."

A single response came typed back over the textual messaging system. <Hello?>

<Chelle? Mik? That's you, right?>

<Yep! We're both idly typing.>

<Good. We're finishing up on our end.> Ari looked over as the outer shroud of the body bag zipped up and occluded her view of Robyn. <Yoyo said you've got some way to help with this? With moving Robyn around?>

<We do! We made a casket that's airtight.>

<Oh, yeah. That'll definitely do the trick. Do you need any help bringing it over here?>

The screen flickered a bit as the girls fiddled with the connection, then a gigantic, stylized graphic of smiling twin otters overlaid the top of Ari's phone screen. <We don't need to move it the normal way, mom. Besides, we risk contamination if we breach the seal of the doors.>

<Right. We barely fit two furs in that decontamination room. A casket might not fit at all.> Ari looked at the body bag and then gave the twins some info. <Robyn's on the exam table. Should we try moving her body, or bring the casket here? What do you feel more confident with?>

<We'll move her to us. We're pretty sure we can drop her right into the casket.> The graphic dissolved into a set of ponderous cartoon twins for a moment. <Actually, that would make everything easier. If we want to eject her into the void, there's loading locks near us.>

<That sounds fine, girls. Do you need any help with the portals? I could give you measurements or something.>

<Nope! As long as you didn't move the table from the default position and you stand back, we should be alright.>

"Yoyo, take a step back. The girls are doing their voodoo again." Ari waited for her brother to fulfill that request, then gave her children a green light. <All yours, pups. Be gentle.>

<Of course! We'd never be rough with mom!>

Ari cringed at the girls' regard for their false mother, but quickly stiffened in alert as the far portal opened up at Robyn's hindpaws. <Girls? I thought you'd drop her inside.>

<The flat wormholes aren't easy for us to shape quite yet. Besides, these are smaller and get us less rihzyets. Could you please slide her through?>

<Sure. I'll let you know when we're done.> Ari walked over and placed a paw on the squirrel's shoulder through the bag. "Yoyo, help me out. Nice and gentle..."

"You got it, Lulu." Yoyo followed suit, then the two started easing the body through the hole in space. "What's that on the other side? It's dark."

"A casket. See the pillows?"

"Oh... Well shit, at least they're setting her out in style." Yoyo took over as the shoulders passed through, guiding Robyn's head and the loose bits of the bag until everything was on the other side. "Damn, my paws went numb..."

"Because of time dilation in the gap. Your nerves probably have delayed response to your brain or something." Ari tossed her phone from her bad paw to the good one and gave her kids another acknowledgment. <We're done, girls. Good job this time. Practice makes perfect.>

<We didn't ~mean~ to throw her in the airlock last time! :( >

The portal closed, leaving all parties with time for a heavy sigh of relief. <I know, girls. I just want you to be careful with those portals is all. They can be dangerous if you screw up.>

<We know, mom. We'll be safe.>

<Thank you, my whelps. Keep ~her~ safe too.>

"We good? The kids get everything settled?"

Ari went to place her phone back where it came from, but after seeing the blood on her paws she settled for the device resting between her breasts in the lip of her sirat. "Yeah, we're done here. Try to wash up before we leave, and don't touch anything or anyone on the way to the bunks."

"Sounds like a plan, sis."

Ellie tapped on an intercom as the twin otters started cleaning themselves near a sink. "You guys done in there? I'm seeing one less creepy body."

"Yeah, we're done. We'll be out of your fur in a minute, hon."

"Contaminating the whole ship, I bet. You know you left bloody paw prints on my floor, right?"

Yoyo picked up a leg and inspected a hindpaw, indeed finding a bit of rabid blood to wash off. "Yeah, our bad. Guess removing our boots wasn't enough."

"Well I can clean it up safely, so don't worry about it. Maybe warn the others until I'm done though." Ellie pulled up a set of test that were nearing completion and nodded in satisfaction. "The rest of the away team looks clean, yes yes. I have a few more tests to run though so keep them locked up for now."

"Oh, we don't plan on being reckless. I'm just dying to take a shower." Ari finished her basic scrub-down and walked into the airlock for airborne decontamination. "I give you the authority over these matters, Ellie. If you're satisfied, go ahead and give the order. I might be a little preoccupied with a long bath after the hell we just went through."

"I sort of miss having a pool now." Yoyo finished on his end and proceeded to wait by the cycling airlock. "We should seek out some cool, fresh water when we get back. I'd love to see how well your swimming's coming along, Lulu."

"You'd love to see my tight ass in a bikini is more like it." Ari stepped out of the finished cycle and reset the airlock for her brother. "And to be honest, I'd love to show you right now--maybe sans-bikini, even."

Ellie sank his head into his paws at that remark. "Eww. Way to much incestuous cock in my head for my tastes right now."


"Gods damn, that was good!" Ilaria fell backwards onto her large bed, sprawling out single-armed in nothing but a robe. "That hit the spot. Some sleep and I'll be perfect."

As comfy as she was, the otter never managed to doze off. The chime for her door rang and she ignored it, but after the fourth and fifth buzz she finally forced herself to answer it. She struggled to get back to her hindpaws with only the one arm present, but found her way to her legs soon enough. She checked the video feed for the sliding hatch and found Trick on the other end. With a friendly smile she shut her robe closed and opened the door.

"Alex. You look... moist. Have a good shower as well?"

The dart frog grinned and gave Ari's chest a playful grope through the robe. "I'm an amphibian. I'm always moist."

"And ~playful~ it seems." Ari reeled out of Trick's reach and cleared the door, offering her entry. "So what's on your mind? Wondering when we're getting out of here?"

"Well that ~is~ a good question, but not why I'm here." Alex again moved close and touched the otter, this time sliding a webbed hand beneath the thick fabric of the robe. "I'm ~definitely~ feeling playful though."

"Ah, shit. I left you high and dry, didn't I?" A silent, seductive nod and a squeeze of that sticky hand was all the confirmation Ari needed. "I guess I could go for a roll in the sack myself, actually. Stress relief is the name of the game tonight."

"Well I'm definitely feeling the relief part of that." Alex peeled away Ari's robe and let it fall to the floor, her eyes bulging wide as she realized her other paw had nothing to grab. "Wow. I saw the prosthetic, but I didn't realize you lost so much."

"It could have been more. I'd gladly have given more. It saved my children." Ari tried to cover her right side with her arm, but Alex moved in and started kissing the part-scarred, part-metal, and wholly breastless section that remained. "Getting where I am today wasn't exactly free."

"Would you say it ~cost you and arm and a leg~?" Trick smiled at the joke, but quickly returned to her tender kissing when a negative look shot her way. "Touchy subject. I'll drop it."

"No, just... I lost my wife that day. I don't like to joke about it."

"You and that brain of yours, always stuck in worry mode..." Alex pulled away and undid her belt, returning to lick and kiss all over Ari's neck and breast as she shoved her pants to the floor. "Do you need another distraction, Ari? I'm dying to provide you one."

"If by distraction you mean a tight fuck, I'm game." Ilaria ran her paw over her manhood and angled it down to poke into Trick's breasts. "Looking at you better though, I'd wonder if I could even fit. You're a tiny little thing, huh?"

"Well you're gigantic for a woman, so that sort of makes us even in a way." Alex shoved Ilaria backwards onto the bed, straddling her as she practically ripped off her uniform shirt. "I don't think this'll work any other way but horizontal. I mean, I can climb anything well enough, but with cock involved?..."

"The tree of cock!" Ari went to peel Alex's panties down, but the frog shook her head. "What? Shy or something?"

"No, just feels a bit better this way. Lace and a good fuck means my clit gets rubbed raw... Plus I sort of wrapped you a gift..." Trick pulled her panties to the side, revealing that her pussy was sewn shut with a silk ribbon laced through ring piercings on her labia. She loosened a bow she'd tied to keep herself shut, then rose so Ari's manhood pressed between the ribbons. "You like it? I've always wanted to try it on a guy."

"And you still haven't. I'm not a guy, remember?" Ari bucked her hips gingerly into those tangled, sopping ribbons. "If the idea's to tease, you're doing a hell of a job with it."

"Oh, no. My aim is to ~please~." Trick didn't waste much time at all, nor was she exaggerating her moisture content. She sank down a few inches on the tip and stopped with a jerk and a chirrup. "Gods, you're fucking ~thick~!"

"I ~did~ say I had concerns." Ari reached over and tried to hold Alex by her hip, but without two paws she didn't have many options. "No need to rush it, girl. Take it easy."

"Well you haven't been daydreaming of searing hot-blooded cock all day." Alex forced herself to sink down another inch, her internal piercings starting to make things difficult. "How the hell can you be bigger than Buck?"

"Buck?" The frog froze as she realized what she'd said, but Ari only grinned and pumped her hips upward lightly. "I'm not against you having a liberal sex life, Alex. Just interesting to know I stack up against a moose now."

"Well... he's maybe a tad longer, but you're way thicker than I've ever seen."

"And you've got more surprises than I thought." Ari gyrated her hips and ground her cock around inside the frog's studded pussy. "You've got piercings on the other end? That must have hurt."

"Like a bitch. If someone ever asks if she can pierce inside your ass, run like hell." Trick forced herself down a bit more, only making it about a third of the way down Ari's length before she bumped her cervix. "Gods damn, I don't think I can move! You're in there tight!"

"And that pulsing of yours isn't helping me at all. I could blow any minute, hon." Ari bucked her hips, innately desiring to drive deeper and knot that tiny pussy. "Damn, what's that against my tip? That's driving me crazy."

"Oh... Well I had ~everything~ pierced in there, if you know what I'm saying."

"You got your womb and everything done? Damn, girl. Props on the courage for that." Ari groaned as she pressed into Alex's cervix, terribly unable to go any further and bringing out a pained hiss from the frog in response. "No entry? I'll stop and let you do the driving. Sorry."

"Well I've got industrial bars across there, so I'm pretty sure that's a dead end. You seriously fuck girls that deep though? Damn." Alex moaned as she dragged herself off that tower of cock and slowly plunged back down. "I can barely... hold myself up..."

"I'll try to hold back for you. Take your time, Alex."

Trick smirked, then dove down for a kiss. "How considerate. I think we'll be... hah... good 'sleeping partners'. Don't you?"

"Mrr... Fucking right..."

Just as Alex started getting into the perfect rhythm, the chime for the door rang her out of her pleasured stupor. "Uh... What do we...?"

"Fuck 'em. We're busy."

Trick slowed to a stop, then pulled herself off the otter. "It could be important. I'll get it, since you're... incapacitated. Besides, we might turn this into a party." The frog waddled over to the door with her weakened legs, then checked the security feed. "Aww. It's just that human girl. She seemed a bit too uptight for my tastes."

"Crap. That means Yoyo's there."

"Your ~gorgeous~ brother? Fuck yeah, I'm letting him in." Alex hid her body in case there were other passersby in the hallway and promptly opened the sliding hatch. "Why ~hello~."

"Trick!" Ari protested.

"Trick?" Iolvin stepped out from hiding to the side of the door and instead readily inspected the scantily-clad woman greeting him. "Is it not a good time? I'm just fucking around, so--"

"Damn straight, you are." Trick smiled and pulled the otter into the room by his arm. "So Ari, does that 'Gentleman's Boner' rule work both ways?"

"I... guess so?" Ari tried to sit up, but only flailed around a bit without a second arm. "Shit. Yoyo, please tell me the kids aren't with you."

"Nah. Dee's helping them with Prisma. I was getting bored with the science of it all." Yoyo beckoned for Zoë to follow and then closed the door behind her. "You've definitely got my attention though, Lulu. Sorry if we interrupted, but at least I get a nice view out of it."

"You're getting more than that. You gave me a lady-boner so you're fixing it." Trick hopped on the bed again, then repositioned herself to slowly sink back onto Ilaria's length. "So come over here and feed me that cock of yours, handsome."

"Uh... wow." Yoyo approached slowly, only to have his pants rapidly worked open by the amphibian. "What, you want to suck me off? I thought you needed to fix that lady-boner?"

"And fix it you will. Nothing's hotter to me than a load of spunk in my face." Alex gasped as she reached the same depth as before, but against Ilaria's desires she simply sat there. "You're up to bat, otter number two. Just fuck my face until you're done and let 'er rip." She looked back to Ari for a moment and confirmed her teasing's purpose. "I'm trying to make it better when I cum, so hold tight Ari."

"Not cool..."

"But effective." Yoyo pulled down his briefs and stroked his hard manhood in front of Trick's face. "So you want me to do the work? I've never really done that--"

"Ah, fuck it." Trick dove forward, engulfing half of Yoyo's length with a rippling gargle due to her tongue piercings. She tried to push further, but backed away for a breath of air after a few failed attempts. "Fuck, you just had to be twins there too..."

"Fuck no. You started this..." Yoyo reached out and grabbed the back of Alex's head, then wrenched her forward until he bumped past her throat. "...and you're finishing it!"

"Yoyo! Take it easy!"

"She looks like she wants it hard." Instead of listening to his twin, the otter forced the whole of his cock down Trick's gullet in a series of progressively harder thrusts. Trick only proved her eagerness after the help, driving her own throat along the otter's cock on her own. "See? She likes it."

"Damn... How the fuck can she just do that so quickly?

"Not a clue, but... Hrg!... but she feels fucking amazing!" Yoyo slammed himself home, trying to force his enlarging knot past the girl's lips as she actively fought against it. "She's got... Ooh... piercings all the way... Gods, I'm gonna blow if you don't slow down, hon!"

"Mnhmm!" The frog kept herself clear of that bulb on the base of Yoyo's cock just so she could pull away. "Fucking do it! Shoot that jizz all over my face!"

Iolvin let loose a primal growl on command. He gripped down hard on Alex's hair, then surprised her as he slammed his whole length back down her throat. The studded highway of her tongue set him off in an instant, disappointing Trick as his cum wastefully fired directly into her stomach. Then her tummy began to swell and hope rekindled in her eyes. Finally regaining a modicum of control, Yoyo pulled himself free and let loose a fire hose of magenta jizz all over the frog's face as requested.

"Holy--Kack!--Holy shit!" Alex greedily sucked on Yoyo's tip and drank down more of his glowing essence for a moment, only to then resume the deluge on her face. "How much do you have in there!?"

"More than you could ever hope for, Alex." Ari bucked her hips a few times to remind the woman attached to her of her teasing promise. "And trust me, we're both the same in that regard too."

Once Yoyo's climax subsided and Trick's skin and hair were sufficiently frosted, she spun around and started slamming her hips up and down. "I'm so fucking turned on right now. You ~don't even~ know how much."

"Gods, too rough! Loosen up a bit!" Ari tried to slow the frog's pace at least, but she mindlessly disregarded the plea. "You want me to keep my boner, right!?"

"I think I can help there, sis." Yoyo angled his still-hard dick to his sister's pussy, then shoved the cum-slicked rod to her core in one fluid motion. "Gods... We haven't done this in ~forever~, Lulu."

"Yoyo... don't..." Ari tried to protest, but in actuality Yoyo's plan was helping her fight through the roughness of Trick's pierced gauntlet. "Fuck it. Just give it to me, Yoyo."

"I could, but..." Yoyo slowly slid his length in and out of his twin sister's tight depths, but never committed. "It looks like she's going a bit too fast for you. Right, sis?"

"Ah!... Yeah..." Ari again futilely tried to slow the frog, then looked to her brother for assistance. "Seriously, you're rubbing me raw! Slow down!"

"What?" Trick picked up the pace, her tiny pussy barely able to even move from her internal tensing. "Hell no. I'm so damn close!"

"Well maybe you need a pace car on the other track." Yoyo casually pulled his manhood out of his sister, then used his own cum and her juices to effortlessly cram halfway into Alex's ass. "Knock, knock."

"Ooh! Fu~uck!" Trick began shaking and tightened down to a death grip on both poles of flesh buried inside her. "What the fuck!? I d-didn't say y-you could--!"

"Gentleman's Boner." Yoyo shoved the rest of his cock into the frog, stopping only because his half-inflated knot required him to do so. "Damn, you're a tight one. I knew you looked like an anal girl though."

"It's m-my first-t t-time, asshole!" Alex's ragged breath didn't match her words, pleasure welling up with every gasping stutter. "You're w-way too b-big for my first!"

"That's not what your tight ass is telling me! Fuck, I'm ready to blow again!" Yoyo pumped himself in and out of the poor frog's ass, a distinct rippling sending waves of pleasure through the thin membranes that separated him from his sister. "Those fucking piercings of yours are crazy! Fuck ~me~!"

"Gods, you did your whole ass too? How much metal you got in you, girl?" Ari started slowly thrusting into the stunned girl above her, delighting in the massage her brother was giving her cock. "I'm not sure how much longer I can last either, Alex..."

"Fuck, that's ~it~." Yoyo shoved as hard forward as he could manage, just barely forcing his knot into Alex with a loud, squelching pop. "Oh fu~uck! Take it all!"

Alex's eyes shot open wide as that knot filled her and a torrent of searing-hot cum jettisoned deep into her bowels. "G-God-ds...!" Losing all control of her legs, she fell onto Ari with all her weight until her womb started impossibly giving way. "I'm... cum...!"

Ilaria's own eyes went wild as she felt the industrials inside Trick spread around her tip, the bars of metal stretching the frog's cervix wide open. "Oh shit!"

Ari lurched forward as the tight, hard fit into Alex's untouched womb scraped her cock tip in all the right ways. After milliseconds that felt like eons of torturous bliss, she lightly kissed the back of the frog's womb and sent the amphibian screaming in pleasure. Yoyo's added pressure bloated all surrounding that baby maker and crushed the frog's womb around the spire of flesh in her deepest core, only causing the piercings to massage and grind all the harder. Finally it became far too much for Ilaria to bear. She reached out with her only paw and pulled Trick close for a passionate locking of lips, then came deep inside her lover with all her might.

"Heeeee!" Ari slathered her orange cream inside the whole of Trick's womb, the tight fit of her cervix holding it all inside and forcing her to bloat from yet another carnal source. "Fu-uck meee~!"

"Maybe if I wasn't tied!" Iolvin fell forward and around Trick's side, giving his sister a much easier kiss than the frog's without the height difference otherwise involved. "And you, Trick! You're one seriously dangerous woman!"

Ilaria shook her head and gently cradled Alex's in her modest bosom. "She's asleep, bro. We literally were too much for the girl."

"Well ~damn~. I guess we did something right." Yoyo started buckling at the knees in his awkward position behind the frog, then decided to lift the girl gently as she slept. "You're not tied to her, right?"

"No... Fuck, I wish but... she's just not deep enough." Ari winced as the multitude of metal studs and bars slid off her sensitive cock, but she stopped her brother from moving Trick too far. "Wait. She wrapped me a present, so I should do the same for her."

"What?" Yoyo watched curiously as his twin pulled the ribbons lacing Alex's pussy taught enough to stop the cum from flowing out of her, but he had to chuckle when she fumbled with tying a one-pawed bow to keep it closed. "I can take it from here, Lulu."

"Thanks, Yoyo." Ari fell flat on her back and sighed in delight, her manhood twitching and still leaking cum as the cold air of the room buffered over it. "You saw how much she loved your cum. I figured she wouldn't want to miss out on mine, either."

"How considerate of you." Yoyo laughed as he moved to Ari's couch, then gestured to her before taking a seat. "I'll take care of her for now though. Mind if we...?"

"Nah, go ahead. Make yourselves comfortable."

"In that case..." Yoyo plopped his ass down on the couch, then toppled over to his side so he and Trick spooned. "Hey Zoë, I've got a job for ya'."

The human snapped out of a daze as she stood in the corner, then pranced over to her patron shyly. "Y-Yes, Iolvin?"

"You like the way I taste, right?" Yoyo tugged on his knot, but didn't manage to budge it one bit. "Well since I can't really take her to the shower like this, how do you feel about cleaning her off with that fine tongue of yours? Even Lulu's should taste like me, so..."

"Iolvin..." Zoë slowly leaned closer to the passed out frog and inspected the mess. "Isn't she going to give me warts, or poison me...?"

"Warts are a ~toad~ myth, and with her reputation half the crew would be dead of poison by now." As he tied a simple bow knot just above her clit, Yoyo gave Alex a kiss to emphasize his point. "She's not hurting anyone. Actually, she's a bit cute like this."

"Hanging off the end of your cock?" Ari rolled to her side and faced the three. "So what's this about her reputation? Anything I should know?"

"Well she's the ship whore, though apparently of her own volition." Yoyo smiled as Zoë started licking his cooling cream from the frog's face. "That's about it though. Most of the crew's male so that tends to be the first thing you hear about."

"Oh, well I already knew ~that~. She's just really free and casual about sex." Ari watched as Alex rolled her head away from Zoë's cleaning. "Maybe that's all we've got between us, being sex buddies. She can be pretty cute though."

"I'm not blaming you if you've got the hots for another woman so soon, Lulu. Hell, you could do a lot worse than a succubus like Trick." Yoyo noticed the girl rousing from her induced slumber and made his point quickly before she awakened. "I just want to see you happy. If you like her, I'll help you two get together all I can."

"Thanks, Yoyo. I'm not so sure where we stand myself. I did need a good fuck though, so there's that much at least. I just wish we could tie." Ari pouted as she idly pawed her dick, then cheered up as Alex's eyes opened. "There she is! Have a nice dream? Was that what you were aiming for, Alex?"

"Nnn... Hey... Hey!" The frog reeled back her head and pushed Zoë away a bit. "Fuck... I'm still trembling and that isn't helping."

"Heeeee, like a vibrator." Yoyo tugged on his cock again, his knot still lodged in tightly but making progress. "It's taking everything in me not to bust another nut in you right now."

Trick freaked out a bit as she realized there indeed was a warm body behind her, and quite deep inside her ass at that. She tried to get away from him but only managed to hurt the them both. "Ouch! Fuck, my ass hurts!"

"That's not what it looked like on my end."

"Well you try taking that thing up ~your~ ass sometime, asshole!" Alex calmed down and slumped loosely, allowing Yoyo to wrap his large arms around her and to rub her bulging tummy. "Hey... wait... What the hell did you two do to me?"

"Sorry about that, Alex." Ari sped up her pace, wanting to clamp down on her knot for a more natural orgasm. "We cum a lot, and being big doesn't really let it go anywhere but ~deep~."

"My... My pussy feels so sensitive right now." Trick gave her bulge a more inquisitive rub and cringed in pleasure as her stretched passage morphed a bit, shifting her piercings in all the right ways. "It's actually pretty nice. Normally I'd be kicking your ass for dumping inside me."

"Well we can't knock you up..."

Trick bopped the otter connected to her rear. "No, I don't like the cleanup afterward. Besides, the smell and taste do more for me in my ~mouth~ than my snatch."

Ari chuckled as she reanimated her cock to full mast. "Well I'll make sure to blast your eyeballs off next time."

"No! Uh..." Alex groaned in pleasure as she pressed more forcefully on her swelled front. "I... Maybe I might make an exception for you two. It's nice if you can make it worth the effort."

"You converted another one, sis." Yoyo again tugged on his cock, barely making some progress. "And more seriously, I'm sorry about suddenly popping your anal cherry like that. I would have asked first if I'd have known."

"Well... It hurt at first, you rough idiot, but it made my puss almost explode." Alex finally found the gift tied between her legs and chuckled. "I'm not sure I'd like that most of the time, but for the two of you it might be alright. The front door takes preference though."

"And I'll bring the lube if we ever do this again. I thought my cum would be enough, but boy was I wrong."

"Yeah, he's used to shoving that huge prick up juicy asses." Ari pumped her cock more earnestly now that she was hard as a rock again, her knot slowly but surely inflating for the killing blow. "He's got a boyfriend, if that didn't make any sense. Oh, sorry bro. They're fiancés now."

"What? Shit, I didn't mean to get between any of that!"

"Oh, no! Don't worry about it!" Yoyo joined back in on rubbing that belly he'd helped in creating. "We have a very open relationship. He'd be fine if I was just joining in on my sis like that."

"Oh... Well then I guess--"

The door buzzed yet again, causing all eyes to snap to the door. Then Yoyo hunkered down around Trick and held her close. "I'm going nowhere. Probably best to just leave it."

"Iolvin, I can answer it."

"With your chin dripping my cum like that? Not likely, Zoë."

Ilaria groaned and forced herself to roll off the side of the bed, barely managing to get on her hindpaws. "No, I'll get it. A captain's always on duty." Ari found her robe and quickly pulled it over herself, the thick fabric not doing much to hide her erection. "This better be worth it."

Ari checked through the external camera, but found nobody there. She opened the door carefully to not expose the others to the outside world, quickly finding the reason for the lack of a fur in the camera feed. An ermine with pure white--maybe even albino--fur was kneeling on the floor in nothing except a bath towel. The woman was fiddling with something, picking up some kind of forearm-mounted crutch she'd dropped. Ari wanted to help, but realized she didn't have but her one arm.

The ermine girl quickly gathered herself and stood tall, or as tall as Ari's waist in any case. "Sorry! Um... Are you alright? I heard a loud scream."

Ari calmed down as she realized what was going on here. "Oh, no. We're alright. We were just... being a bit ~too~ intimate."

"Oh, well th--" The girl cringed as she realized what that meant, then again when she spotted the tent poking out her captain's robe. "~Oh~! I'm so sorry!"

"No, you did the right thing. We should have kept it down. I didn't realize these walls were so thin." Ari shifted her hips to hide her erection, though never finding a spot that really hid it well. "I should be apologizing to you. Do you... need help getting back to the crew showers?"

"Hmm? Oh, no. I'm only right next to you." The nodded and tried to scurry back to the safety of the first mate's room, but snagged her towel in the hook of a crutch. She froze for a moment as her tiny chest was exposed, then fidgeted to cover herself back up. "Shit. Sorry, ma'am."

"Fuck it, it's a thing now. Gentleman's Boner."


Even with only one arm, Ari easily managed to grab the petite ermine and drag her to the bed. "I'll make a thing of it in the morning. All you need to know is I'm fucking you right now."

"The hell you are!" The girl tried to crawl off the bed, but shook and trembled instead of making progress. "L-Let me g-go or I'll..."

"Seriously, Lulu? I thought you were joking about all that."

"Who th-the fuck is that!?"

"My brother. It's cool." Ari ripped the towel clear off the girl and tossed it on the ground with her robe. "Don't worry about him. Worry about this cock for now."

"What!? No, don't!"


"Here's the simple bit. You gave me a boner with that towel malfunction of yours, so you're fixing it." Ari crawled onto the bed as best as she could and then loomed over the newcomer. "All you have to do is lay there and enjoy it, and I'll more than make sure you ~do~ enjoy it."

"Sis, seriously..."

"But you can't!"

"Fuck yes I can. I can and I will." Ari laid over the girl and spooned her gently, nudging her manhood gently into... her balls? "What the fuck?"

"Lulu, stop! Look before you fucking leap, sis." Yoyo finally managed to pop his knot free without hurting Trick, the otter sitting upright to point at the ermine's groin. "She's... like you, I think."

Ari flipped the now-crying ermine over and inspected between her legs, finding a full cock and balls, as well as what appeared to be an artificial pussy of some kind. "No, that's not natural. Hey, what's the deal?"

"I was trying to tell you! I'm transitioning!"

"Oh. Well does that thing work or is it just for show?"

The girl, definitely an albino now that the light shone in her red eyes, looked down at her crotch and shook her head. "I'm still working on that."

"Ass it is, then." Ari rubbed some of her cum against the girl's pucker and shoved herself a few inches inside. "Gods, that's tight."

"F-Fu~uck!" The ermine groaned as she took the first six inches or so, tears pouring down her face. "I've never...!"

"Fuck, two virgins in one day?" Ari made sure she was as well-lubricated as she could manage, but refused to stop her assault. "Try to loosen up and it'll feel good soon. I can even paw you of if you want."

The ermine bit her lip as more of that monstrous cock filled her, but kept quiet as she submitted to her fate. "Just... don't go faster..."

"Lucky for you, I'm already about to pop. That's the good news." The otter eased the rest of her dick deeper with a low hiss until just the knot sat outside. "The bad news is I'm gonna need to knot you to finish myself off."

"You've got a knot!?" The girl tensed at the news, but Ari soothed her nerves somewhat as she slid out most of the way and then back inside. "Let me get used to this much, at least!"

"Oh, I won't break you. I'll be gentle enough." Ari found a good point of balance and then hovered her paw over the trans girl's hard cock. "The offer still stands, though. I'd rather you felt good as well."

The girl slowly adjusted to the hard plowing she was getting, then looked away as she placed a paw on Ari's. "Just... do what you want.".

"You're starting to like it, huh? That's cute." Ilaria began stroking the girl's decent length, almost as if she was trying to milk it for pleasure but not actually set her off. "You think you can take my knot? I'm way too close for comfort."

"I said... you should do what you want..."

Ari grinned at the embarrassed girl's roundabout admission of pleasure. "Don't hold back, either."

Ilaria shoved a little harder with each thrust, her knot wedging more and more into the poor ermine. Though she wouldn't admit it the girl was close as well, her own cock drooling a generous supply of pre all over herself from the constant stimulation on her prostate. Ari gripped a little more firmly and stroked in earnest as her hips started to smack against the girl's. Then she finally broke past the tight barrier of the ermine's ass and filled her completely. She was almost instantly ready to cum, but Ari's peak suddenly wasn't in her own control anymore.

"Sorry, Lulu." Iolvin stepped up out of nowhere and slammed his hard cock flush into his sister's nethers, knot and all, to lock with her as well. "I ~need~ to fill you."

"Oh fuck!" Ilaria curled her webbed toes at the extreme pang of pleasure that rang through her whole body. "Harder, Yoyo!"

Yoyo could only manage a few inches of movement, but drilled into his twin's pussy like a jackhammer. His knot hit her prostate in just the right ways, setting Ari off first. The little ermine slowly grew much more noticeably than Alex did, even with half the cum flooding her. It didn't take but a few seconds for the ermine to squirt out a few ropes of jizz on her own breasts and face, especially thanks to Ari's paw losing most of its sense of control and clamping down like a vice. A few dozen thrusts after that, Yoyo groaned and let loose more liquid heat into his sister than he'd ever cum before, easily granting her the largest belly of the group. Yoyo's massive, multiple gallon deposit wasn't exactly instant though, and the three collapsed sideways as he slowly emptied the contents of his nanite-augmented balls.

"Gods fucking damnit, Lulu..." Yoyo still bucked his hips in orgasm even as his stream ran dry. "My nuts hurt so ~good~. Nothing like shooting yourself dry, especially in your fucking twin sister."

"And even better when I can feel it." Ari playfully tugged on her knot, the light pang of pain hitting her brother through their WiLi connection. "Tell me it doesn't feel amazing to feel my pussy getting stuffed."

"Well it feels a bit strange, but not really foreign for some reason." Yoyo tubbed on his own knot in return, a bit of his cum managing to leak free in the process. "All of you just feels natural to me, Lulu."

"I wish... I could feel that." The white ermine finally recovered from her climax in a deep daze and groaned at the pressure and continued stimulation on her prostate. "What I really wish for is a real pussy."

"And that I didn't fuck your ass, I'm guessing?" Ari curled up close and tried to kiss the girl's head, but there was too much difference in their heights. "Sorry about that, hon. I swear the whole Gentleman's Boner thing has a purpose."

Yoyo cuddled behind his sister and incessantly nuzzled and kissed her neck. "I can't believe you really did that."

"Well I'm serious about it. I think a rule like that will better the crew. You won't slack off or let your guard down if you could get fucked up the ass at any moment, right? Besides, sexual tension is a real thing with a mixed crew like ours." Ari rubbed and kneaded her one paw on the ermine's neck and shoulder since she couldn't exactly kiss her. "Not that I mean anything by 'mixed'. Sorry about that... uh...?"

"Olivia." The ermine took Ilaria's paw and gave it a pseudo-shake. "Olivia Bloom. Sorry, I've been helping the night staff in engineering so we've never met."

"Fuck, ~you're~ Olivia?" Ari ran her paw through the girl's long hair and then resumed her light massage. "Now I'm really sorry. Carbon told me you had issues to deal with--"

"I'll be fine, ma'am. I can deal with my disabilities on my own."

Ari paused for a moment, then glided her paw down to the flaccid cock between Olivia's legs. "I was referring to this, actually. As you can see, I've had to deal with gender issues myself. If you ever need to talk about it or something, I'll be here."

"I didn't expect our captain to be a trans fur too."

"Oh, I'm not. Sorry, I didn't make that clear." Ilaria guided one of Olivia's paws down and let her explore her petals and Yoyo's manhood. "I was born sort of in between sexes."

"A real intersex fur? I thought those were rare after all the splicing three generations ago." Olivia ran her digits all along the edges of Ari's petals, then reeled back in embarrassment as she pressed against Yoyo's knot. "You're... Uh, you're lucky then. You've got a ~real~ vagina."

"Yeah, well you've got balls." That paw resumed investigating, confirming that Ari indeed was lacking the full package. "Considering you've got ~something~ like a pussy down there, I'd say you're doing better in that regard."

"Oh... yeah. I'm working on that."

"You said that before."

Olivia pulled her paw back up and yanked Ari's arm around her side, just wanting to hold onto her a bit. "I'm changing my genetic... ~huff~... structure so I'll eventually have something close enough down there. I've been... ah... transitioning for about a decade now, and without surgery it'll still take a while."

"Carbon sure wasn't kidding about your background in bio-mechanics." Ari tried to pull her knot free, but a yip from Olivia made her cease the attempt immediately. "Shit, sorry. I've done my evil deed for the day, so I'll try to get out of your fur as soon as possible."

"No... I sort of like it. Thanks for taking your time, by the way." Olivia cringed as Ari resumed her massaging, her cock starting to stand up on its own again. "So... does this Gentleman's Boner thing work both ways? I'm pretty sure you should let the women dish out the same treatment."

"I know, right?" Alex pulled Zoë out of her crotch and walked over, flopping down face-to-muzzle with the ermine. "I'd totally abuse that, but it's only fair."

"Don't worry, ladies. I'll explain it in our morning crew meeting." Ari flicked Trick on the nose playfully, then smiled as Zoë joined the huddle from behind Yoyo. "Speaking of which, why aren't you on the crew roster, Olivia?"

"I'm a civilian, ma'am. Besides, I was only assigned to you and not to the ship." Olivia tried to cover her cock from Trick's sight, but her erection wasn't making that easy. "I owed Carbon a huge favor, and he asked me to take a personal job."

"Right, he mentioned you were assigned to me." Ari slid her paw down Olivia's side, raking her claws through her fur and causing her to almost unnaturally writhe in pleasure for such a simple touch. "Well in that case, let's drop the military stuff. Just call me Ari, hon."

"Oh... Th-Then you c-can call me L-Liv..."

Ari quirked her head at the ermine's sudden stimulation. "Sure thing, Liv. Are... Are you alright though?"

Olivia pulled Ari's paw away from her and once again held it down over her chest. "Gods... Sorry. I'm just really... responsive to touch right now."

Yoyo cooed as Zoë massaged and rubbed all over his own back and sides. "I get jittery after a good fuck too, Liv. Yoyo, by the way."

"No, that's not what I mean." Liv hesitated for a moment, then reluctantly ruffled the fur behind her neck to reveal a large scar on her skin. "My brain's screwed up. I get different bouts of synesthesia quite often."

"Oof... Sorry for that." Yoyo reached out to rub the girl and comfort her, but Ari stopped him. "What?"

"You don't know what that is, do you? She's saying her brain's processing her senses incorrectly right now." Ari picked an innocent point on Liv's shoulder and pressed a dull claw into her skin just long enough to extract a moan from the girl. "Her sense of touch... is really erotic for her right now."

"And she calls ~you~ the lucky one."

"Well in that case..." Alex snickered and tried to position herself to give Liv a blowjob, but Ari yanked her shoulder to stop her. "What?"

"That might be too much for her right now, Alex." Ari draped her arm over the ermine and tried not to move much. "I'll owe you both a... 'Boner rain check' or something for getting your excited, guys."

Olivia didn't require such a gesture, instead cumming right there on the spot and landing a few small ropes of white on Trick's belly. "G-Gods..."

"Well, too late for that." Ari started getting hard again as Liv's ass clamped down on her, but she pulled her knot free before it too became an unnecessary burden. "I could probably go again now if you want, unless you're too sensitive..."

Olivia finally caught her breath, but her erection didn't falter in the least due to the constant bombardment of stimulus now coming from Ari's cum leaking out her ass. "...No... F... Fuck me again... if you want..."

The whole bed giggled and smiled at the ermine's cutest admission of pleasure yet, and Ari shoved herself back in up to the knot. "At'ta girl..."


Ilaria ducked through a small bulkhead hatch and bowed in a silly manner for Adrian. "You ~rang~?"

"Cute. I think we have a few options here. We're set up for a few of them, but..." Dee paused as his fiancé entered the small room, banging his head in the process. "Gods, Yoyo. You'd think you'd learn not to be so clumsy by now."

"Well the whole throbbing pain thing tends to dissuade me from trying again." Iolvin ducked down to give Dee a kiss, but the smaller otter bypassed the gesture in favor of checking his man's forehead. "I'm fine, babe. Just relax."

Dee noticed what he'd missed out on and smooched his man's nose. "Sorry, Yoyo. I just worry about you these days... Especially when you come back to me reeking of sex."

"Sorry. I had a thing with Lulu while we waited."

"You two are incorrigible. At least you look satisfied." Dee aimed a tad lower this time, locking lips with Yoyo for a few seconds. "Ever think your fiancé might want that treatment instead? I was going nuts every second you were out there today."

"I've got two words for you, babe. We ~tied~."

"Oh. Well in that case, by all means take my man, Ari. It's rare for me to willingly want that huge thing stretching my ass." With a large grin Dee turned his attention back to the twins and the slumped android frame they were huddled over. "I was telling Ari here that we finally came up with some options with Prisma. They didn't want to choose one unless we all agreed though."

"Probably because those gooballs think of us like parents." Ari knelt down beside her children and tapped Michelle on the shoulder to get her attention. <Hey, girls. You've got some ideas for us?>

Both twins shot their attention to their mother and latched onto her with a barrage of kisses. <Mom! We're ~so happy~ you're here!>

<Woah! Why the big welcome, girls?>

Both girls groped their mother's tits, real or otherwise. <We're hurting ~so bad~! Can we have sex first?>

"Shit. We totally forgot about the girls, Yoyo. They're burning up, if you get me..."

"Ah, fuck. How bad is it?"

<Can it wait just a bit longer? Every minute we delay, we put Prisma in more danger.>

The girls crossed their thighs and squirmed, like two small children that needed to use the restroom. <We... can't think straight by ourselves. It's even hard while Linked.> They each gave their mother a quick kiss and then slid back towards Prisma. <We can try, but we don't want to make mistakes.>

Ari sighed and tried to divert her pups' unified attention. <What options did you find for Prisma? Can't we just fix her body and switch her back on?>

The girls shook their heads and pointed to Sprite down near an open conduit. <No matter what we do, Prisma's fii can't repartition their functions. Sprite retains maintenance routines, but without her original system cores we can't reprogram Prisma's fii without wiping their memories.>

<So... what's the best options?>

<We could upgrade Sprite and merge them together, allowing them to replicate the cores over time. There's no guarantees they'll be able to clone a core though, which would prove fatal to one of them eventually.> The two girls quietly conversed through their Link, the strained looks on their faces definitely telling of their lost concentration. <Sorry, mom... Um, we also think we can integrate Prisma into the ship's AI cores. They'd be much more receptive to reprogramming, and she might be able to adapt them to match her original ones.>

<There's always a catch. What are the drawbacks?>


Ari pouted as she watched her children struggle to keep their attention. <It's alright, girls. Take your time.>

<There's already damage to Prisma's logic and memory cores. Her fii hold the information needed to rebuild those memories, but the syntax for them may not return.> For once, the girls struggled to figure out a certain word in their signing. <We... don't know how to say it, but there's a word for this condition in biological organisms.>

<Memory loss... sounds like...> Ari turned to her brother as the expert when she too failed to conjure up the term. "Yoyo, how do you say 'amnesia' in signing?"

<Amnesia, girls.>

<Thank you, Uncle Yoyo.> The twins pondered their next statement extra carefully. <Prisma's mind works with connections and relationships like ours, so if she loses those relationships she'll never be able to sort through her own memories.>

<But there's a chance she'll be alright?>

<At the very worst, she'll be nullified to her original state.>

Ari groaned as the image of a computer crashing and reformatting came to mind. <At least she'd still be around. Any other options, or are those the best?>

<The others require substantial memory cloning, which is a lossy process.>

<Then let's vote. I'm going for the ship integration if there's no other issues involved.>

Both girls shot up straight as they remembered something else. <There's another thing. This is a permanent transfer. Prisma will merge with the ship and take control of all supporting systems, permanently.>

Ari sighed and nodded through the news anyway. <Better that than to risk hurting Sprite as well. I'm still all for it.>

Yoyo seemed to make up his mind, but held off on answering until informing his fiancé first. "Dee, what's your pick? Merge the two blobs and hope they don't consume one another, or replace the ship's computer with Prisma?"

"I'd... Well I'd hate the maintenance probably, but it makes more sense to cannibalize an inert system." Dee sat on the floor with his legs crossed and stared at the struggling duo of goo creatures. "I'd strip out Prisma and put her in the computer."

"Sounds like we're agreed, then." Yoyo nodded to the girls and confirmed the unanimous choice. <We all want to mix Prisma with the ship. So, what do we do?>

<Sprite has... uh...> The pups returned their attention back to the fairy-sized slime and remembered what they were trying to say. <Sprite has already connected Prisma to the ship AI's power system to help her over-stress. We just need to feed some of this oxydium into the AI banks and Sprite can take care of the rest.>

<That sounds a bit too simple.> Ari pointed to a canister of oxydium they'd left with the girls and Yoyo moved to grab it. <Is there anything else we need to do? Any issues to watch out for?>

<Prisma will use the oxydium to convert her fii into small fiir that will cannibalize the existing AI cells.> The girls squirmed a bit, and for a moment they shared a tense expression between themselves. <Sprite will help as it's in her realm of maintenance tasks.>

<Oh, so it's just easy for ~us~ then. I wish they didn't have to fix themselves alone.> Ari slid an access panel to the side for her brother and he positioned the can next to it. <I... um... I think your part is done then, my... my whelps.>

<We could see if Dee wants to help with their ~problems~...> Yoyo fluttered his eyes as a sudden wave of relaxation washed over him, but committed back to his task and started pouring the oxydium into the ship's wetware banks. <As... hot as you two are, I'm hurting where it counts.>

<Same here, girls.> Ari wiped a bit of drool that started absent-mindedly rolling out the corner of her muzzle. <Though... maybe I could take another load or two... in my pussy.>

Dee unbuttoned the top of his shirt and started fanning himself off. "You guys getting hot in here? Is that stuff doing something to the ship?"

Ari shrugged and pulled the top of her sirat down. "Easy enough to fix." She slowly reached out and touched Mik's crotch, working her paw under her daughter's spats to brush against her triplicate nethers. "Not too sure it bothers me right now, though."

"Eh... Maybe I can still help, even if I'm on fumes." Finished with his bucket of glowing goop, Yoyo joined his sister in giving Chelle the same service below the belt. "I can... fight through the pain..."

"Michelle, Mikhaila! Stop that!" Carbon walked through the door and immediately stormed over to remove various paws from various genitalia. "Forcing your mother to do this? I thought better of you two!"

Both girls cowered at the sight of the angry hybrid, reeling backwards into a corner. <We're sorry! We just... really need some help!>

"I know, girls... Damn..." Within a few seconds the three dazed otters shook to their senses and stared questioningly at Carbon. "They can influence minds? Pheromones, remember?"

"But I didn't feel..." Ari took a good look at her brother's newly-minted erection and the way he was fighting through the pain it caused in his balls. "Oh... I guess they might have been."

<We didn't want to resort to that, but...> Both girls braced each other, their thighs rubbing back and forth as a font of dampness sprang forth. <Goddess, it's starting to ~hurt~...>

Carbon sighed and slowly closed on the twins to rub their faces in concern. "Ari, how have you been handling their needs?"

"Myself, mostly. I told Yoyo he could help too."

"About that..." Iolvin downed his head a bit and slouched for his answer. "I actually haven't slept with either of them yet. Sorry, Lulu."

"And I take it they've been without sex for at least a day now?" Carbon gave each of the girls apologetic hugs. <We'll get you fixed up soon. We just need to figure out who will help you.>

"We just had... more sex than I'd like to admit." Ilaria pointed to her brother and sighed in frustration, emphasized by the manner in which she actually felt his own pain via WiLi. "Yoyo here can't do much at all, and I'd be pressed to help as well. Dee, maybe..."

"I'd prefer ~not~ to have three huge cocks up my ass, thank you."

Carbon drooped her head and offered herself in tribute. "I'm having a bit more fun than normal myself, but it'll probably help with my heat. Oh, and maybe Zoë could pitch in here..."

"No. You've got someone now." Yoyo looked out to Zoë as she guarded the door from outside, then snapped his gaze onto his sister. "Lulu, why don't you just let them fuck?"

"Yoyo?" Ari perked up at the sudden seriousness of his words. "But... they're just kids..."

"Why all the rules? They might be less than a year old, but they're grown women all the same."

"But they don't know that much about--"

Yoyo grunted at that partial answer. "They'll learn."

"And I don't want them to--"

"What, to turn out like us? Are you ashamed that we're sexually involved?" Yoyo kept his tone firm, but much more calm and collected than normal. "Do you want to control how this part of them develops? What's the deal?"

Ari slid her eyes towards her children, letting her gaze linger. "I'm not ashamed that we have sex, Yoyo. I just... want my little girls to get to the proper age to make those sorts of decisions."

"In case you haven't noticed, they look like they're the right age as far as our tribe's concerned." Yoyo eased up on his poise and slumped back to sit on his tail. "Like it or not, sex is a major part of their lives. They need to get all the experience and help they can if you want them to succeed, Lulu."

"But do they need to fuck each other to do that?"

Yoyo pointed to the two in question and raised his voice to stress his point. "They're hurting, Lulu! You won't always be there to give them what they need, but since they're almost inseparable it makes sense if they help each other. Why let them hurt longer just because you can't do anything about it yourself?"

Ilaria huffed out steady a stream of air, settling her mind in her logical defeat. "You're not wrong, Yoyo. I just... I'm scared things might not turn out as I'd like."

"But that's life. They'll never develop into true adults until you stop babying them and let them make their own choices."

"You're... You're right..." Ari looked back to her pups and nodded to them, making sure they could read her lips. "I guess it's okay if they want to have sex with each other. I'm not about to let them go searching for others, though. And... I'd like to know about every time they fool around, just to keep track for their health."

<Really!? We can have sex!?> Both girls immediately slid paws into each other's shorts and soothed their itches even if only slightly. <Thank you, mom!>

Ari fluttered her eyes a few dozen times, struggling to keep herself upright. "I love you, pups. I'm sorry if I made the two of you... feel bad..."

"Lulu?" Yoyo barely caught his twin sister as she flopped over to her side. "Lulu, what's wrong?"

"I'm getting dizzy all of a sudden."

Carbon slid over and placed a tendril on her neck implant, but before he could check her vitals he noticed the problem poking up at him from her crotch. "Oh. She's low on blood, and that erection's not helping."

"Low on blood?" Yoyo checked his sister over for injuries he might not have known about, but Carbon stopped him. "How's she out of blood?"

"She took off her arm, right?" Carbon pointed to Prisma's body in the other corner. "Her false muscles move because of blood pumping in them, right? Well remove the arm..."

"And the blood still in it goes too." Ari slowly looked over to her kids. "Dee, help them get to their room without anyone seeing... ~that~, please."

"Hmm?" Dee looked over to the twins and shook his head in disbelief as they sloppily kissed each other. "Oh... Gods, they move fast..."

"Could you make sure they're alright doing... themselves too, babe?" Yoyo propped his sister up against his chest and checked her pulse. "I'll get Lulu back to her room if you could handle that. Please, babe?"

"Yeah... I don't much like being alone with them, especially with their dicks out..." Dee slowly stood and made his way over to the girls. "I'll do my part, though. Oh, but we need to make sure Sprite gets done."

Carbon raised her paw and disconnected from Ilaria. "I'll stay behind. Lulu looks fine, except for a lack of glucose in her system. Take care of yourselves first and I'll do the same for Prisma."

"Thank you, babe. Thanks, Carbon." Yoyo lifted his twin sister and started walking out the room. "Time to rest and chow some comfort food for you, sis."

"What? I'll be fine. I don't need you babying me."

"You don't remember when you had all these problems after losing your leg? And who took care of you then?" Iolvin bumped Zoë's shoulder and nudged his head towards the mess hall. "Let's get something to eat, Zoë."

"I guess we'll finally get to see how our chef's doing. You know who's handling the kitchen?"

"Uh... Janet, was it? The giraffe chick."

Ari furled her eye eyebrows at the news. "I thought she just took care of the ship. Do we just not have a dedicated cook or something?"

"Nope. But that girl volunteered to do it. She was saying something about liking to cook, so more power to her. I guess she gets a second paycheck out of it too." Yoyo smiled and adjusted his sister in his arms as he walked, purposefully acting like he'd drop her just for a quick scare. "In any case, you're eating whatever she's got cooking. No complaining until I'm sure you're good for the night."

"I just hope it isn't like hospital food." Ilaria rolled her head into Iolvin's chest and closed her eyes. "Thanks for looking out for me, lil' bro. You've always been sweet like that."

"Of course; you're my sister. No need to question it." The otter raised his sister for a kiss to the forehead. "I love you, Lulu."

The less-whole of the two could only smile back and wipe the beginnings of tears from her eyes as she curled up in her brother's arms. "I love you too, Yoyo."

Roads Untraveled - Part XI

Ilaria waved a paw over her head towards a church bell tower. «You two alright up there? Looks like Carbon's raring to go.» «Yeah, we're good sis.» Ari could smell the capacitors heating up on her twin's railgun rifle via their wireless Link. «Charged...

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Roads Untraveled - Part X

"Gwah!" Ilaria shot awake and pointed her pistol around randomly, then noticed Trick beside her with her hand on the otter's shoulder. "Fuck... It was just a damn nightmare. How long was I out?" Alex groaned as she handed over a microphone. "We just...

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Roads Untraveled - Part IX

"So what's different?" Ilaria pulled up some basic sensor readings, but looked over to her new science officer for clarity. "Last time the Earth hadn't gotten past Medieval times, so I'm guessing something's different here too. We getting radio...

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