Nicks capture.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#10 of Secret Lovers.

Nick is finally caught! I know this one is short. I didn't want to do it all in one go with this. :3 I will have the perfect happy ending for Jayce and Isabelle though. Anyway. Enjoy this short little one. The next one will but eventually XD

Time moved by for the tribe. Isabelle and Monica healed well from the wounds they had gotten while in the hands of the feline tribe. Isabelle was now very pregnant and grumpy from carrying the infant inside her as well as the heat. Summer was in full swing by now. The tribe had opted for hunting at night when it was cooler. Isabelle and Monica were sitting outside in some shade with their backs against each other. Jayce and Koda soon walked up after returning from patrol and sending out the next group for patrols. Jayce had been paranoid, with good reason, since saving Isabelle and Monica. He made sure there were constant patrols of his boarders with the help of Kirk and Zak. Jayce moved to Isabelle and sat down beside her, putting his hands on her stomach to feel the infant moving around. Jayce grinned and looked at Isabelle before kissing her forehead softly. " How are you doing?" Isabelle murred softly as she watched him with a small smile before nuzzling her muzzle against his for a moment. Monica shifted and turned her head to glance at them with a small smile while Koda lifted her up away from Isabelle before sitting down with her in his lap. Isabelle chuckled a bit then sighed. " I'm and grumpy but ok..." Jayce twitched his ears and looked around. Everyone in the village was in the shade and resting, even the cubs were lounging with the others instead of playing. He looked back to Isabelle and grinned. " Come on...lets go to the lake and get cooled off.." Isabelle blinked and looked at him as he stood up and grabbed her hands, gently lifting her up onto her feet. Koda stood up after Monica got up and the four of them walked slowly to the lake. When they reached it Monica and Isabelle sat in the shallows with soft groans coming from them. Koda moved into the deeper part of the water with a groan of his own. "We complain it is hot now...we will be bitching when it gets to cold." Jayce laughed as he nodded some, sitting behind Isabelle and beginning to rub along her lower back softly, kneading his finger tips into her skin slowly.

Isabelle let out soft little groans from his rubbing as she leaned forward a bit with her eyes closed before she mumbled. " You carry an infant for however long it has been while it is hot then your can bitch freely." Koda chuckled as he moved to the shallows with them, his tail wagging as he nuzzled into Monica who murred softly to him. Jayce smiled then sighed some. " They have reported sightings of Nick near by at the edge of the feline boarders...but we don't know where he is is making me edgy knowing he is still around here." Isabelle lowered her ears a bit before she nodded in agreement. Her dreams and nightmares had gotten worse since she had been kidnapped, often waking up screaming or having Jayce wake her up due to her whimpering in her sleep. Isabelle took a deep breathe and turned her body a bit, looking at Jayce over her shoulder for a moment before smiling faintly to him. "He will get his punishment...but we don't need to think on it right now." Jayce stood his ears up and nodded a bit then nuzzled his head against hers softly, gently pulling her against him. Isabelle murred and smiled before leaning into him and closing her eyes. With the water cooling her body she let out a yawn. Jayce gently licked her cheek and sat there, letting her fall asleep against him.

Jayce relaxed there with Isabelle asleep against him. He thought back on the last few months. The farther into her pregnancy that Isabelle got the stranger her behavior. Some days she would be snappy and in a constant bad mood, others she would be loving and clingy then the days where she was horny as hell and jumping him more then once through the day then the cravings for food at odd hours. He only grinned as he thought of it, gently running his fingers through her hair while his other was gently rubbing over her stomach while the infant inside was kicking at his hand. Jayce looked down to Isabelle and wagged his tail a bit, even with all the hell they had gone through since their relationship had been discovered he was very happy to be with her. Koda shifted some in the water and looked to Jayce as he spoke softly. " Your going ot have to stay close to her now...the healer checks on her constantly now and thinks she is close to giving birth." Jayce stood his ears up and looked at his brother before nodding some and smiling a bit. " Seems odd doesn't it? The fact she is pregnant still seems kinda like a dream...that I do not want to wake up from." Koda grinned and chuckled as he leaned back some while Monica was in the deeper parts of the water cleaning her fur with him watching her intently. " One day I will know the feeling...for now I just want the tribe to be safe and I know we won't feel it until Nick is dead." Jayce nodded in agreement and let out a soft yawn. Isabelle shifted some and groaned a bit, opening her eyes soon after with a sigh. Jayce looked at her and gently rubbed his thumb along her cheek softly as she mumbled. " This kid won't stop kicking...can't sleep with the heat and can't sleep with him or her moving around all the time." Jayce and Koda both chuckled softly. Jayce helped Isabelle up and smiled. " Come on...lets go back to the village and rest in the hut. I know it is hot but you need to be laying down and resting as much as you can." Isabelle blushed lightly and smiled as she nodded a bit. Jayce left with Isabelle, leaving Koda behind with Monica.

Monica smiled as she watched them leave before moving to Koda, slowly crawling up to him when she was in the shallows. Koda stood his ears up as he watched her with his head tilted to the side before blushing lightly when she began licking at his sheath slowly. " M..Monica?" The vixen murred softly as she continued her licking until Koda's cock began peaking out from his sheath. The wolf let out a soft groan as she began licking at his cock as it continued to grow in front of her. Koda was large, his cock was ten and a half inches in length and thick. Monica shifted and took his cock into her mouth, sucking on him slowly as she swirled her tongue around on him slowly. Koda growled and put his hand on the back of her head, gently petting her as she began bobbing her head along him slowly with a soft groan coming from her. Monica closed her eyes as she took more of his cock into her mouth until she finally took him into her throat. Koda let out a gasp and gripped at her hair in his hand. Monica slowly pulled her mouth off of him, licking his tip slowly before climbing into his lap. Koda wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply, his tongue pushing into her mouth. Monica began grinding her pussy along his cock as she returned the kiss, her tongue swirling around against his own. Koda gripped her hips and growled into the kiss as he pushed her down, his cock pushing into her pussy slowly as he lowered her down. Monica gripped his shoulders and pulled back from the kiss with a soft moan coming from her.

Koda growled softly and pressed his head to hers as he lowered her until her hips met his own. He gently rubbed his fingers into her hips slowly as he smiled to her. Monica took a deep breathe or two as she sat there before she began moving her hips, pulling herself up a few inches before dropping back down. She let her movements go slow and gentle as her fingers ran through the fur along his shoulders and down his chest. She murred between soft moans as she nuzzled her nose to his, smiling a bit when he hugged her against him. Koda let out little groans and growls as Monica rode him, her pace starting to increase as she gripped the fur on his chest. Her moans became more frequent now as she got rougher, her pussy clenching and rubbing his cock as she moved on him. Koda soon rolled them over so he was on top of her, sitting up on his knees to look down at her. She grinned up at him as her hands gripped at the sand under her in the shallows. Monica arched her back up when koda gripped her thighs in his hands, beginning to thrust his hips into her hard, the sound of the shallow water around the moving and splashing could be heard mixed with his growls and her moans. Monica laid her head back and panted a bit as Koda began getting harder, his hand reaching down to grope one of her bouncing breasts. Koda grinned as he watched her moaning and wiggling under her as he kneading his fingers into her breasts while his fingers pinched and twisted her nipple. Koda felt his knot forming and let go of her breasts, gripping her hips now as he began slamming his cock into her, his cock throbbing hard now as he felt close to cumming. Monica bit her bottom lip hard before letting out a loud moan, her pussy tightening around his cock as she grew closer and closer. The fox tried her best to fight off her orgasm but failed when Koda slammed into her, his knot popping into her and sending her over the edge, her juices washing over his cock as she cried out in pleasure. Koda shuddered, keeping his hips pressed firmly into hers as he came, filling her quickly while his cock throbbed hard with each shot of cum. He went still and leaned over her, both panting heavily as she grinned. Koda pressed his lips to hers, kissing her deeply before pulling her up to sit in his lap when he sat back, both chuckling softly soon after. " It is hot as hell and you jump my cock.." Monica laughed more and laid her head against his chest as she murred heavily. "You loved it."

Later that evening as it cooled down Koda and Monica were laying out in the grass in the village resting after having eaten. The cubs were starting to become active and the sounds of them running and growling with each other as they wrestled filled the air. The hunting groupd began heading out to check traps and nets while the rest of the village began moving around as the temperature dropped enough to not be killer for them. Jayce was walking around the village with Isabelle, the two eventually walking into the forest as he held onto her hand, their fingers laced together as they walked slowly. One of the fighters from Kirks tribe walked behind them to keep watch. That was a smart thing on the fighters part. A half hour into their walk Nick attacked Jayce, jumping out of the shadows and knocking the wolf to the ground after his grip loosened from Isabelles hand. Isabelle let out a yelp of surprise and stumbled back, falling onto her ass only to get a sharp pain run through her body making her yell out. Jayce snarled as he rolled around in the grass with the fox before knocking him back, looking to the fighter and yelling at him. " Get her out of here!" The fighter nodded and quickly scooped Isabelle up into his arms, running back to the village with her. Jayce whirled around in time to see Nick lunging at him again. Jayce grabbed his wrists and slammed his body down against the ground, knocking the window out of the fox. Nick snarled as he jerked one of his hands free from Jayces grasp, punching the wolf hard in the face. Jayce let out a grunt only to return the punch before grabbing the foxes neck, squeezing tighter and tighter as Nick struggled under him, clawing at his face and arms until the fox blacked out. Jayce panted and let go of him right as Koda appeared, skidding to a halt to look at Jayce. " Isabelle is in labor...get back there!" Jayce jumped up and ran off to the village while Koda grabbed Nick and swung the foxes unconsious body over his shoulder and ran back. Once there Koda threw the fox down and bound his hands behind his back tightly then bound his muzzle shut to keep him silent when he woke up before leaving him with some fighter from the three tribes to keep watch on him. Jayce was outside the healers hut, the females refusing to allow him inside to see Isabelle. Jayce lowered his ears and sighed, knowing better then to fight them. That was when he turned his attention to Nick who was starting the stir with a growl.

Isabelle's Rescue.

Jayce stared in shock at the feline in front of him before suddenly grabbing her by the shoulders and holding her still. " Tell me where she is! Is she alright?!" The girl let out a little yelp of shock then lowered her ears a bit while Koda moved up...

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Isabelle's Hell.

A few weeks went by and the tribe was growing. A few female wolves that had been pregnant when the fox tribe arrived had given birth and the village was buzzing over the new arrivals. By then Isabelle had a tall tale baby bump on her but wasn't really...

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Making Allies.

Zak sat in cold silence as he listened to Sonja speaking to him while his hands gripped a cup of water. " Chief Zak...a week ago our home was attack...the feline tribe attacked us before dawn. They set fire to the huts and took us all by surprise. Our...

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